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Four trains cancelled, 12 diverted
Renovation at New Delhi rly station from Sept 6-14
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, August 24
As the Northern Railway authorities plan to carry out remodelling work at the New Delhi railway station from September 6 to 14 to enhance train operational facilities, the railway station will remain inaccessible during this period.

As a result, train services on the Ludhiana-New Delhi section will be hit with cancellation or diversion of some trains or change in the originating or destination points on this route.

According to information provided by railway authorities, four pairs of trains (up and down), which include New Delhi-Jammu Rajdhani Express, Amritsar-Hazrat Nizamuddin Shan-e-Punjab Express, Jalandhar-New Delhi Intercity Express and Pathankot-New Delhi Dhauladhar Express, will remain cancelled from September 6 to 15.

Similarly, Amritsar-New Delhi Shatabdi Express (morning Shatabdi), Swarn Shatabdi (evening Shatabdi) and Jammu-New Delhi Sampark Kranti Express will terminate at Delhi Sarai Rohilla and originate from the same station during the period.

Also, Amritsar-New Delhi Intercity Express will terminate at Panipat and originate from the same place during this period, while Jammu-New Delhi Shalimar Express will terminate at Meerut and originate from the same place from September 9 to 15.

During the work at the New Delhi railway station, at least 12 pairs of up and down trains running through Ludhiana will be diverted.

According to the authorities, Garib Rath between Amrtisar and Saharsa will not touch New Delhi and revert to Ambala-Saharanpur-Moradabad route from September 8 to 11.

Other trains that will stay away from New Delhi and run from diverted routes during this period are Jammu-Pune Jhelum Express, Jammu-Mumbai Swaraj Express, Jammu-Ahmedabad Sarvodaya Express, Jammu-Hapa Superfast Express, Jammu-Jamnagar Superfast Express, Amritsar-Nanded Sachkhand Express, Jammu-Indore Malwa Express, Jammu-Kanyakumari Himsagar Express, Jammu-Mangalore Navyug Express, Jammu-Andaman Express, Amritsar-Bandra Pashchim Express, Amritsar-Dadar Express and Jammu-Ajmer Express.

The railways has asked passengers to obtain detailed information on cancellation, change in points of origin and diversion in train routes from railway enquiry counters or computerised railway enquiry before reservation of their tickets for journeys during September 5 to 16 to avoid inconvenience.

Trains cancelled

2425-26 New Delhi-Jammu Tawi Rajdhani Express

4681-82 New Delhi-Jalandhar Intercity Express

2497-98 Hazrat Nizamuddin-Amritsar

Shane-Punjab Express

4035-36 Delhi-Pathankot Dhauladhar Express

Change in origin/destination point

2445-46 Jammu-New Delhi Sampark Kranti Express

2013-14 Amritsar-New Delhi Shatabdi Express

2029-30 New Delhi-Amrtisar Swarn Shatabdi Express

4645-46 New Delhi-Jammu Shalimar Express

2459-60 New Delhi-Amrtisar Intercity Express

Trains diverted

2203-4 Garib Rath Express

1077-78 Jhelum Express

2471-72 Swaraj Express

2473-74 Sarvodaya Express

2475-76 Hapa-Jammu Tawi Superfast

2477-78 Jamnagar-Jammu Superfast Express

2715-16 Sachkhand Express

2919-20 Malwa Express

6031-32 Andaman Express

6317-18 Himsagar Express

6687-88 Navyug Express

2025-26 Pashchim Express

1057-58 Dadar Express

2413-14 Ajmer-Jammu Express


GADVASU incident takes political hue
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 24
The unfortunate incident that took place at Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) on August 13 in which the belongings of a former student of university were "thrown out" from hostel room and the warden concerned was "manhandled", seems to have taken political turn with leaders from various political parties coming in support of former student Dr Amritpal Singh Sekhon.

Condemning the incident Jasdeep Singh Konke, propaganda secretary, Youth Akali Dal, said Dr B.S. Sandhu, warden of hostel No. 8, had shown disrespect to the turban and religious book belonging to Dr Sekhon by "throwing it near the shoes".

"Youth Akali Dal will never tolerate this. Legal action should be taken against those found guilty," he said.

Konke also said a memorandum demanding action against the warden would be submitted to SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar in the evening today.

Gurcharan Singh Grewal, president, Sikh Students' Federation (Grewal), had extended his support to Sekhon yesterday. He alleged that the warden was biased as no action had been taken against those who had been staying in the hostel since long. Why only Dr Sekhon was targeted?. "Even if his room had to be evacuated, Sekhon should have been warned first," he added.

An eyewitness to the entire incident and newly-elected president of GADVASU students' union Mani Singla has even come out in Sekhon's support.The warden wasn't manhandled, he added.

The students along with their leaders have decided to submit another memorandum to vice-chancellor V.K.Taneja tomorrow.

Meanwhile, K.S.Sandhu, director, students' welfare, GADVASU, said today that the warden of hostel No. 8 B.S.Sandhu showed no disrespect to any religious book or belongings of Sekhon.

He said students were flag-bearers of the university and the entire incident was unfortunate. 



Gyaspura: No lessons learnt
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Filth and garbage heaps are a common sight in Gyaspura.
Filth and garbage heaps are a common sight in Gyaspura. Photo: Inderjeet Verma 

Ludhiana, August 24
The outbreak of gastroenteritis which has claimed one life and left several others ill in Gyaspura, has once again proved that the area, represented by mayor Hakam Singh Gyaspura is a chronic source of water and vector-borne diseases.

Every year, residents, mostly migrants, die of gastroenteritis or malaria in Gyaspura, but no lessons are learnt. The administration wakes up after the outbreak of a disease. Officials then make rounds of the area with lime powder and chlorine tablets and garbage is removed.

“How can the mayor look after the city if he cannot do anything about his own ward? And there is a lot that can be done,” Ram Sarup, a resident, said.

The stink in the area is unbearable and heaps of garbage and repulsive living conditions best describe Gyaspura. It gets even worse during monsoon. Still, the authorities wait for an outbreak to do something about it. No measures are taken beforehand to keep the surroundings clean and check the outbreak of diseases.

Instead of learning lessons, the authorities begin to pass the buck. Illegal water connections are blamed, but nobody takes action against violators throughout the year.

“Vehras” are the real hell-holes, where several people stay in a single room. As many as 100 migrants use one toilet. Most of these houses are owned by some MC councillors and officials.

“We are not going to be silent now. We have been falling prey to diseases thanks to the lax attitude of the authorities. They have to wake up now,” Rajwinder Singh of the Naujwan Bharat Sabha said.

Mayor Hakam Singh Gyaspura today announced action against owners of "vehras" for giving these to migrants. The mayor visited the area along with councillor Jaspal Singh Gyaspura, joint commissioner B.K. Gupta and MC officials. He later issued a press note wherein he held "vehras" responsible for the outbreak. He said the problem had not arisen due to MC's water, as it was found to be clean. He said the MC had been carrying out fogging operations in the city regularly. 



3 fresh cases of gastro
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 24
Three more gastroenteritis cases were reported from the area at a private hospital today. Patients had all the symptoms of gastroenteritis, but their condition is stable, a doctor said.

An employee working at the civil surgeon’s office, on the condition of anonymity, said senior officials ordered subordinate staff to visit disease-prone areas on the weekend, irrespective of the gravity of the situation.

Patients are left with no option, but to visit private hospitals. Poor facilities at government dispensaries force illiterate people to go to quacks, who endanger the lives of patients.

An epidemiologist, when asked about preventive measures taken by the district health authorities, expressed ignorance about the death caused by gastroenteritis yesterday and the visit of health officials.

Udham Singh Nagar and areas adjoining the Sua road are among the worst affected due to the insanitary conditions prevailing there.



Tribune Impact
Debris removed from highway
Our Correspondent

Doraha, August 24
The NHAI has finally removed structures and debris from the national highway here.

The plight of commuters was highlighted in the Tribune on August 17 as toll employees had failed to clear raised platforms that were supporting their cabins.

“It is good that the authorities are recarpeting the road and removing big stones that were a virtual death trap for drivers,” a commuter said.

People have also demand the restoration of lights in the area where toll plaza existed before it was shifted.



Gold regains its shine
Shveta Pathak
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 24
After going through months of a dull phase, gold is once again attracting small buyers. The recent downward trend in bullion rates has brought buyers back to the market.

For jewellers, who suffered a major setback with more than 50 per cent fall in demand, it is a time to celebrate as fresh buyers are making a beeline for jewellery shops.

Amid steep price rise, commodity trading in gold was continuing, but the demand had been hit. Budget allocations for jewellery (for weddings and festivals) had shrunk. In the past over a week, the demand has picked up again. Buyers are not only going to jewellers to make their purchases, they are also flocking banks.

“We are happy that the demand is picking up. Price rise had almost halved the demand. But for the past week or so, we have been getting buyers again. As it has happened around the festive season, we are hoping for a brisk business this season,” Vinit Dhanda of the Ludhiana Jewellers Association said.

Jewellers had been trying to devise methods, including discounts, to attract buyers, and were unhappy with commodity trading in gold. Buyers had started opting for other investment options like mutual funds.

“A few years ago when gold rates were within the reach of middle class, we used to prefer gifting gold ornaments on special occasions. Now, it has become impossible to buy gold within a limited budget.

Even as market experts say rates would reduce further, I do not want to let go of this opportunity. I have already started buying it,” Savita Sharma, a resident, said.

Initially, the steep hike in gold prices saw people selling gold, but market demand soon fell.



Youth murdered, body thrown on track
Our Correspondent

Sahnewal, August 24
The railway police recovered a body bearing deep cuts on the head and arms near the station here early this morning.

The deceased has been identified as Mukesh (22) of Prem Colony, Nandpur. Sources said Mukesh was last seen with his neighbour and friend, Kala, near his house at 1.30 am. He was found dead in the morning.

The body was thrown on the track to give the impression of suicide, turn police sources said Mukesh was hit on the head and later thrown on the track.

As the reason behind the murder is yet to be ascertained, the police has registered a case under Section 174 of the CrPC.

It has been learnt that the victim had an altercation with some people two days ago.

The police has taken into custody some residents of the colony and of Jugiana village for preliminary investigations.

“They may give some clue regarding the murder of the victim,” SI Harbans Singh said.



City Concerns

Ever increasing number of vehicles continue to choke city roads. Every 33rd hour, the roads witness a fatal accident. The mismanaged traffic can be seen flouting the traffic rules, openly. Two-wheeler drivers are largely without helmets, majority vehicles don't follow lane rules, traffic lights are largely skipped and ruthless honking continues unabated.

Ludhiana Tribune is seeking public opinion as to what changes can be introduced in the traffic management system to allow free flow of traffic and provide some relief to the harried commuters, who battle this in sweltering summer months, torrid rains and even during chilling winters.

Is a workable community transport system in the city to reduce the traffic flow of private vehicles, at least to the places of work, feasible? What can be done to ensure that people follow traffic rules and respect the rights of other drivers? What is lacking in the present set up and is the Municipal Corporation and the traffic police doing their job earnestly to make the city roads safer?

Ludhiana Tribune invites its readers to write their opinion on this issue. Responses, in not more than 200 words, can be emailed to lud hianaconcerns@tribunemail.com or sent to our City Office at Bhadaur House, Ludhiana.

— City Editor



Steep hike in solvent
Dry cleaners threaten to shut shops
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, August 24
Dry cleaners and dyers of the local town and surrounding areas have threatened to close down their establishments in case hike in prices of MTO (mineral turpentine oil), a petroleum product that is used for cleaning woollen and silky clothes, is not withdrawn.

In a communiqué addressed to the Prime Minister and the Union minister for petroleum and natural gas, dyers and dry cleaners, led by Mali Ram and Pawan Kumar, have urged the authorities to review the hike in prices of the mineral turpentine oil, which according to them had increased during the past a few months. Representation was handed over to office-bearers of the state body of the union at a meeting held here today.

Pawan Kumar, a member of the Punjab dry cleaners and dyers association, rued that all their appeals to save establishments from collapsing had fallen on deaf years and at least six dry cleaners had closed their shops after the oil prices were hiked to Rs 80 per litre. Last year the solvent was available for Rs 37 per litre.

“As petrol is being sold for Rs 54 per litre in the state, our customers think that the mineral turpentine oil used by us is also available at similar price. Thus, we cannot provide quality service to our customers without charging at least Rs 150 per woollen suit, which the customers are even ready to pay,” reads a paragraph of representation sent through the state body of the union. Till last years, dry cleaners used to charge Rs 100 per suit.

Apprehending further increase in price of the, dry cleaners have now threatened to close down their shops in case the prices were not reduced.

Accusing successive governments of showing unconcern, Rajiv Kanaujia, state general secretary, maintained that a large number of shops had to be closed due to the hike in prices of the solvent. Demanding special quota of the solvent for the cottage industry, which is on verge of collapse, Kanaujia urged that the state government should given exempt it from taxes. Santokh Singh Ahluwalia, state president, Prit Pal Singh, chief advisor, and Tirlok Chand were also present on the occasion. 



Janamashtami celebrated with fervour
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, August 24
Janamashtami was celebrated in various temples of the town and surrounding villages. Celebrations started with parbaht pheris organised by members of the Har Har Mahadev Sewa Sangathan and Shri Ram Mandir committee.

Devotees thronged the local Shri Ram Mandir,Shiv Mandir,Sat Narayan Mandir,Laxmi Narayan Mandir,Geeta Bhawan and Shiv Mandir at Pohir,Chhapar,Barundi and Kanganwal villages.

Flower bedecked cradles were set up at all temples. Special prayers were organised on the occasion.Young boys and girls were in great demand. Boys were dressed up as little Krishna and girls as Radha and Gopis.

The cruelty of maternal uncle Kans and birth of Krishna was depicted in tableau exhibited at majority of temples.

Vasudeva and Devki in prison and the birth of Lord Krishna at Ram Mandir Mandir remained centre of attraction.

Devotional songs were sung by professional artistes. Various cultural items like "Manbassia oh Kanha," and "Brij ke Nandlala" were presented on the occasion.

Besides making elaborate security arrangements outside temples, the police had intensified patrolling in areas around the temples to ensure hassle-free passage to the devotees who would be returning home well past midnight.



Lakhowal lays stone of 2 link roads
Tribune News Service

Mehlon (Ludhiana), August 24
Ajmer Singh Lakhowal, chairman, Punjab Mandi Board, laid the foundation stone of two link roads at Mehlon village near kohara here today. Sharanjit Singh Dhillon, MP, presided over the function and Inder Iqbal Singh Atwal, a former MLA of Koom Kalan, was the guest of honour.

Those residing in Mehlon and near by villages like Paharuwal, Lakhowal, Budewal and Dhanansu will have to cover less distance for reaching Kohara and Sahnewal, the nearest towns. The Kohara-Lakhowal road to Mehlon, which is 2.28 km, will cost approximately Rs 45 lakh and the other road connecting Mehlon village to Shamshanghat will cost around Rs 20 lakh, approximately.

Speaking on the occasion, Lakhowal said the government had decided to construct new roads in every constituency and the process is likely to be finalised soon. Sharanjit Singh Dhillon said due to this, 172 km roads had been approved for widening and upgradation of the district under the Pardhan Mantri Gram Sarak Yojna. Rs 105 crore has already been sanctioned and work is likely to start in the next few days.



Keepers of tradition
Manav Ghuman

Ludhiana, August 24
Every Janamashtmi Brindaban come calling to Ludhiana. While people out here are known for their style and opulence but at the same time they are religious to the core. Every year clothes, jewellery and artifacts related to Lord Krishna are directly flown in from Brindaban at Krishna Mandir, Model Town, and Govind Dham Mandir.

This tradition dates back to June 13, 1970. Since then Basant Kumar and Sanjay Dhamija, city businessmen, are carrying on the ritual of bringing clothes from Brindaban, the birth place of Lord Krishna.

"We are great followers of Krishna so as a custom every year we order the clothes and jewellery from Bipin Mukut Wala from Brindaban. We jointly create a theme and then accordingly order clothes and jewellery", they added.

This year the background was kept dark while the clothes of Radha-Krishna were light in colour. The idol of Radha-Krishna was placed in front of a giant peacock feather while their dresses were in white colour with patches of pink and blue. Matching jewellery in pink and blue gave an aesthetic look.

Since Lord Krishna loved green colour, a special green and flowery look was created around the idol. Fresh and artificial flowers hanging from umbrellas transport one to a different world. In the evening the entire temple is showered with fresh flowers. Tableaus depicting the life of Lord Krishna are another attraction.

Meanwhile, Janamashtmi was also celebrated at Govind Dham Temple, Krishna Temple, Durga Mata Temple, and Lakshmi Narayan Temple. 



Vajpayee still PM on govt website!
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, August 24
If documents on the official website of Government of India are to be believed then Atal Behari Vajpayee is still the Prime Minister and Dr Murli Manohar Joshi heads the human resources department of the union government.

Prof Rita Verma has been shown minister of state in HRD department in the website.

When a related link — “The Indian Child: A profile” — on http://www.india.gov.in/knowindia/kids.php is opened, a message from Atal Behari Vajpayee is flashed as Prime Minister. Other messages are from Dr Murli Manohar Joshi, Prof Rita Verma and a preface by Dr R.V. Vaidyanatha Ayyar, secretary, department of women and child development.

Though the document seems to be launched in 2002, it was made available for children on Kids corner in www.punjabpoliceindia.org, the official website of the Punjab Police, recently.

As users of the link are mostly children, they can easily get bewildered about contents displayed on the site.

Besides five pages of messages and acknowledgments by the dignitaries, the organisers have provided one page each for profile of India, states and Union Territories, demography, health, nutrition, education and literacy, children in difficult circumstances and indicators for monitoring progress at the end-decade towards achievement of goals of the World Summit for children (2002).

Dharam Pal Sharma, a social activist of the area, has urged the authorities in the ministry of human resources department to impress upon the officials of the department of women and child development to update the site.



Society told to stop construction on parking land
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 24
The secretary cooperation (appeals) of Punjab has ordered the Satluj Cooperative House Building Society, Chandigarh Road, to stop construction of houses in the area meant for parking of the society. The arbitrator has been directed to decide upon the case within one month.

A revision petition was filed by Kewal Aggarwal, a resident of Mall Road, urging the cooperation to vacate the stay granted by the joint registrar, earlier.

It has been argued in the case that “the managing committee of the Satluj Cooperative House Building Society illegally carved certain plots in the area meant for parking of the society”. No approval was sought from the general body of the society.

The order reads: “In my view the matter is required to be decided on merits by the arbitrator.”

He said the case be decided upon by the arbitrator within one month and “till then no construction shall take place on the land of the society under dispute where the plots have been carved out later on the area meant for parking”. 



On the move against female foeticide
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 24
A “one-man army” against female foeticide, Harbans Singh Brahmpuri from Brahmpur village, near Lotbaddi, has been going around villages and towns and preaching people against the social evil since 1999.

He is on the move on the roads with boards fixed on the front and rear of his moped that read: “Say no to female foeticide and build a better future for the people of Punjab”.

Another message is for mothers to put up a brave front to save their daughters in the womb.

Having covered several villages in Ludhiana, Barnala and Sangrur district, Brahmpuri 
is all set to take his awareness campaign to other parts of the state.

“I was shocked to see the attitude of people in my state towards the birth of girls and started a battle against the ‘orthodox’ mindset. But that made me all the more determined to battle for ‘Punjab dian unjamiyan dhian’ (unborn daughters of Punjab),” stated Brahmpuri.

Relentless is the word that defines the efforts made by this man in his 60s, as he keeps alive his spirits to work for the cause despite all odds.

From rural dispensaries to hospitals, village schools to panchayats meetings and even small social gatherings, Brahmpuri has made his presence felt by narrating valour tales of brave Punjabi women. 



Mini bus policy cheers operators
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 24
The mini bus policy declared by the Punjab government has brought cheer to mini bus operators.

Under the policy, a new permit would be given only after due assessment. “Earlier, anyone could get a permit. Now, it would be assessed. This would regulate things and help mini bus operators who were already going through a tough phase,” Jaswinder Grewal, senior vice-president (Patiala region) of the Punjab Mini Bus Union, said.

He said the government had also restricted the route length to 25 km for new operators and had asked mini buses to function within the limits of single corporation only.



125 animals examined at camp
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 24
Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) organised an animal welfare camp at Gurreh village (Ludhiana) here recently.

This village was adopted by the university on August 15, 2007 to provide quality treatment to animals of the surrounding area.

Around 125 animals were examined and treated. Of these, 37 were cases of gynae, 81 of medicine and seven of surgery. The animals included cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goats, dogs, etc.

Most cases pertained to diseases like diarrhoea, simple indigestion and tick infestation, etc.

Along with these, cases of anestrus, repeat breeding, pregnancy diagnosis, teat blockade, castration and mastitis, etc. were treated.

An ultrasound machine, procured last month to diagnose reproduction, pregnancy and anestrus related problems, was also used at the camp.

After diagnosis, the experts treated animals on the spot and instructed farmers for better care and hygiene of the animals.

They advised them to keep in touch with the university or welfare centre at the village for advice.

Addressing livestock farmers, Dr Onkar Singh Parmar, director of extension education, said the farmers should form clubs of different animals.

He added that training would be provided at the centre.

Dr Parmar said farmers needed to keep record of all animals so that a computerised data bank was maintained.

He said if clean ponds were provided in villages, the university would give fish farming training to farmers in these ponds. Dr R.S. Sahota said regular vaccination and deworming was a must for animals.



Speeding bus kills pedestrian
Tribune News Service

Khanna, August 24
A resident of the city who was hit by a speeding bus at Uttam Nagar died on the spot today morning. The bus has been impounded and a case registered in this connection. The victim has been identified as 53 years old Rajpal Singh, a resident of Uttam Nagar, who hails from Bijnaur district in Uttar Pradesh.

Rajpal was on his way to buy some vegetables, not far away from his house, when a speeding bus coming from the opposite direction hit him. Onlookers said the bumper of the bus hit him hard in this chest while it was trying to overtake another vehicle. The victim was rushed to the local civil hospital where he was declared brought dead. Police officials said the bus, which belongs to Dhillon Bus Service, has been impounded. The bus driver is absconding.

A case in this connection has been registered against the bus driver at the city police station on the complaint lodged by Manoj Kumar, victim’s son.



20 kg poppy husk seized, 1 held
Tribune News Service

Khanna, August 24
The local police today arrested a resident of Chakohi village and seized 20 kg of poppy husk from near Issru village.

The accused has been identified as Neeta (29). He was coming from Sangrur on a bike (PB-26-D-4364) but was nabbed by the police after he tried to escape. A case in this connection has been registered at the Sadar Police Station. 



MBD Group to construct hotel
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 24
MBD Group has formally inked a pact with Radisson International for its Ludhiana venture slated to come up later this year. 

The proposed hotel would have 110 rooms with wi-fi connectivity apart from other amenities. It would also have facilities like a night club, salon and a spa along with a lifestyle and fitness club. Banquet and conference halls,large enough to accommodate more than 2,000 people with breakaway halls and separate entrances for high-profile events and marriages, would also be constructed. MBD Neopolis would also have shopping mall, multiplex and a five star hotel under one roof. 



Janmashtami celebrations take centre stage at GGPS
Our Correspondent

Doraha, August 24
Green Grove Public School, Mohanpur, celebrated Janmashtami with fervour today in the school premises. The show was presided over by the president of the school, J.P.S. Jolly. ‘Raslila’ was performed to recreate incidents from the life of Lord Krishna and commemorate his love for Radha.

Enactments of various episodes of Lord Krishna’s life, in the form of dance were the main attractions of the event.

The kids came attired in costumes imitating the mythological characters, Krishna, Radha, Yashodha, Vasudeva, Balrama and Kansa. ‘Gopis’ also danced to the tune of “Radha kaise na jale”, “Who kisna hai”, and “Maiya Yasodha, yeh tera Kanahiya”.

Sukhneer of class VIII anchored the show. The students of class I competed with each other for the coveted title of the Best Dressed Radha and Krishna.

The function concluded with an Inter-house solo Bhajan singing competition. Priya Sharma of class V in the junior group while Kiran of class VIII and Jaskirat of class VII in the senior group, presented spiritual numbers on the stage.

The show ended with greetings from the school president and principal.



Excursion for bright students soon
Tribune news Service

Ludhiana, August 24
Brilliant students from different schools of the state are all set to embark on an educational tour to different parts of the region, including Delhi and neighbouring states.

Certain important destinations include Amritsar, Chandigarh, Science City, Kapurthala and all places of historical importance in and around Delhi.

Three such students of each class up to Class VI and top three in each subject at the senior secondary level from all schools will be touring in different batches. The local schools have already started compiling the lists to be forwarded to the Sarv Siksha Abhyan (SSA) office. The entire expenditure will be borne by the government.

The selection of the students will be based on their performance in the previous academic session. The government is working out details of visits to other historical places in the state, including Ropar, Anandpur Sahib, Sirhind and Amritsar, besides others.

As a part of the state-level touring sessions, the SSA will also organise a special quiz, concentrating mainly on the history. Director education Krishan Kumar, who is also the project coordinator of the SSA, has directed all district education officers to form a team of invigilators to keep proper check on the implementation of this project.

To improve the standard of education in government school, the director has ordered every DEO to visit at least 20 schools every month to check the proceeding of the project. These surprise visits will be conducted separately by the DEO and the district science supervisor.

Giving details about the progress of this project Sudesh Bajaj, DEO (secondary), Ludhiana, said, “We have informed the authorities to make the detail list of the brilliant students of their school. District science officer Pardeep Kapoor will form an investigative team, which will pay surprise checks.”

Ramanjit Singh, a teacher, said, “The tours are also making an attempt at showing students latest developments in the field of science. In order to give practical exposure to students, we are exploring the possibility of taking them to showcase latest scientific, industries and IT centres.”



Viren, Aanchal are Mr & Ms Fresher
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 24
The senior students of Sportking Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT) welcomed their juniors at the freshers’ party “Aagaz 2008” organised here last evening. Joy, fun, laughter and cheer were not the only words that could be used to describe the feelings experienced in the party.

A cake cutting ceremony was held in which students joined hands with the guests to initiate the celebrations. Cultural items were presented by the students, which enthralled one and all. Sporting glitters, colourful clothes and amusing accessories were seen on more than 50 students who participated in freshers’ contest.

Pairs of girls and boys sashayed down the ramp in elegant dresses. First round was to check the dressing sense, cat walk and confidence level while second and last rounds were introduction-cum-question-answer round. Viren Malhotra was chosen Mr Fresher while Aanchal Puri grabbed the crown of Miss Fresher.

The dance floor was open to all. Registrar Dr Surbhi Mahajan appreciated the hard work put in by the students and concluded the event with a vote of thanks.



Declamation contest at BCM
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 24
An Inter-house declamation contest was held at BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Shastri Nagar, for Class IV to V. The students expressed views on various topics, including “reality shows pros and cons”, “water is precious”, “global warming” and “spare the rod and improve the child.”

The principal and judges appreciated the efforts of the participants. Pahul Sharma, Puranjit Singh, Akansha Wadhwa, Muskan Jaggi and Meheep Ishar Singh Chawla were the winners from Class V. Winners from Class IV included Jaspreet Kaur, Shubrika Bhalla, Arnav Jain, Sonal Sharma and Mohika Bansal.

Fancy dress pageant: A colourful fancy dress pageant was organised at GRD Academy. Students from the junior and senior wing participated in the contest. Students dressed as various characters like fairies, angels, cops, soldiers, tree-men, wild- men, aborigines, milkmen, panjabans, president, Hanuman, Krishna, Ganesha, Shiva and doctors were judged by the school staff. Navjot, Sanjana and Bhanu were adjudged first, second and third respectively in the junior wing category.



Quiz contest
Tribune News Service

Khanna, August 24
A quiz contest was organised by A.S. College for Women, Khanna, wherein nine students of BCom participated.

Three teams were formed after the qualifying round and three students each formed a team. The students went through five rounds, including general knowledge, commerce, current affairs, miscellaneous and audio visuals.

Neha Gupta - Bcom III, Priya - BCom II and Meena - BCom I won the contest. College principal Dr Rekha Bhardwaj motivated the children at the end of the quiz and also gave away prizes to them.



Spring Dale students excel
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 24
The students of Spring Dale School proved their supremacy in various religious and sports activities organised by the Parbandhak Committee of Gurdwara Flahi Sahib on the occasion of Jathedar Santokh Singh Ji Margind anniversary. They brought laurels to the school by winning 19 medals and cash prizes in the various events.

On this occasion competitions like Gurbani kanth, poetry recitation, declamation, shabad gyan, dastarbandi and various sports events were organised.As many as 25 schools and colleges from the district and the adjoining areas participated in these competitions. Avinash Kaur Walia, director of the school, Sandeep Raikhi, principal, congratulated the winning students for their performances in the respective competitions.



Divisional round of NNF quiz at DMCH
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Ludhiana, August 24
The department of paediatrics at DMCH (Dayanand Medical College and Hospital) today organised the divisional round of National Neonatology Faculty (NNF) PG and nursing quiz. The quiz was held under the aegis of NNF, Punjab state branch. The teams from PGIMER, Chandigarh, CMC Ludhiana, DMC Ludhiana, GMC Patiala and GMC Amritsar participated in the quiz.

Professor and head of paediatrics at DMCH Dr H.S. Bains while introducing the teams said such quiz programmes enhance the knowledge of students.

Dr Daljit Singh, principal and professor of paediatrics at DMCH welcomed the audience and extended his wishes to the participating teams. He emphasised that the objective for conducting NNF quiz is to encourage and advance the knowledge, study and practise of the science of neonatology in the country.

The function was inaugurated by Prem Kumar Gupta, secretary of DMCH Managing Society. Dr Harmesh Singh Bains conducted the quiz for PG students and Dr Sarwinder Singh, president of NNF, Punjab conducted the nursing quiz.

The winners of the PG quiz were Nishath Ahmed and Satvinder from PGIMER, Chandigarh, and CMC, Ludhiana, in the nursing section.

Among those present on the occasion were Dr Pankaj Paul, secretary, NNF Punjab, Dr Praveen C. Sobti, Dr Puneet Aulakh Pooni, Dr Deepak Bhat, Dr G.S. Dhooria and Dr Siddharth Bhargav.



MGMN School clinch cricket title
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, August 24
The zonal Under-19 Cricket Tournament concluded at Bhogiwal village near here recently. The teams of the local MGMN Senior Secondary School and Government Senior Secondary School, Kanganwal, were the winner and runners-up, respectively.

Kanganwal team scored 42 runs in 7 overs, by loosing all wickets, while MGMN team that was headed by Ali Akbar, equalised within 4 overs.

The winner team lost only one wicket. Performance of Harash, Sherry and Lovish Sharda was appreciated by all.

The winner and runners-up team reached finals after defeating Government Senior Secondary School, Bhogiwal, and Sita Grammar Public School, Malerkotla, in semi-finals.

Kedar Nath Kapila, manager, and Rajnish Sharma, president of the school management committee, applauded the players.



Vicky leads Clearing Champs to cup
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, August 24
A fine all-round performance by Vicky enabled the Clearing Champs XI to score an easy 49-run victory over the Seas Masters XI to emerge champions in the AR Cricket Cup Tournament organised at Punjab Agricultural University campus ground here today. He hammered 82 runs off just 28 balls and also scalped three wickets for 24 runs to steer his team to win.

The tournament was organised to celebrate the 11th year of the A R Shipping (Custom House Agents) in which matches of 11 overs each side were played. Four teams, namely Sea Masters XI, Sea Hawks XI, Clearing Champs and A R Kings XI comprising of players from shipping line agents and those from custom house agents competed.

In the first match, played between the Clearing Champs XI and the Sea Hawks XI in which the former came out triumphant while in the second match, the Sea Masters XI defeated the A R Kings XI to settle for the title clash encounter.

In the final match, the Clearing Champs XI won the toss and chose to bat. In the allotted 11 overs, they hoisted a total of 153 runs for the loss of three wickets. The main contributor was Vicky who faced just 28 deliveries and scored 82 runs with the help of 9 sixes and two boundaries. Ashish Saini, also made a quick fire of 29 runs off 16 balls.

Chasing the target, the Sea Masters XI could muster 104 runs with main contributions coming through Mukesh and skipper, Anand who chipped in with 31 and 20 runs, respectively.

For the winners, Vicky was pick of bowlers who grabbed three wickets after conceding 24 runs. For his outstanding contribution with bat and ball, Vicky was adjudged the man of the match.

While, Ashish, Veer Singh, Anand, Avtar and Narinder Prabhakar captured one wicket each to help the Clearing Champs XI to wrap up the issue quite comfortably.

The Additional Commissioner, Customs and Central Excise, Sandeep Puri was the chief guest at the prize distribution function while Vinod Bhatia, general manager, Container Corporation of India Limited was the guest of honour.



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