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Terrorists deserve no mercy

KAMLENDRA KANWAR’s article, “Taming the terrorists: Poor deterrence and delays are today’s realities” (Jan 2), was very interesting and informative. It rightly depicts the inadequate and corrupt judicial system where “cases drag on for years and years and often end up in acquitals because of witnesses unwilling to come forward and depose against dreaded gangsters and terrorists”. Clearly, we must act in the manner Americans do where justice is swift, decisive and deterring.

It is the mockery of the Indian judicial system where even those convicted and awarded death sentence go on living the life of opulence and grandeur. Sadly, not even a single death sentence awarded to a terrorist has been executed.

Surely, India is soft on hardened criminals and terrorists. The system of “claiming clemency from the President” should be done away with as mercy petitions are kept pending for years and are never cleared. A strong will power is needed to execute the death sentences so that the fear psychosis of hardened criminals is eradicated from the minds of the witnesses in future. The government should act fast in this regard.

R K.KAPOOR, Chandigarh

Fight it out

The Ruchika case has stirred the nation’s conscience. Our moral strength, weakened in recent years, is in dire need of rejuvenation. Our women should play a leading role in this regard. Aradhana is a noble example of a friend. She took up the cudgels against the all-powerful molester of her innocent friend. Her parents stood by her and fought the battle for 19 long years against heavy odds created by the tyrant who was supported by unscrupulous bureaucrats and politicians.

All praise for the worthy family which chose to suffer immensely to uphold human values. Equally praiseworthy is the role of lawyer Pankaj Bhardwaj who fought the case all through without charging any fee. Let his shining example be a lesson for all law-defenders. Fighting for a noble cause is rewarding in itself. Yes, the fight is not yet over. Much more needs to be done. Justice must and will triumph.

Dr P.S. CHANANA, Patiala


The six-month jail for Rathore is a mockery of the law particularly when the court had concluded that the offence has been proved to the hilt. Six-month imprisonment is imposed even if a dog is culled under the Prevention of Cruelty Towards Animal Act or if a tree is felled under the environment law.Thus, there is a strong case for re-trial of the case so that justice prevails.

G.D. GUPTA, Jagadhri


It is clear case of system failure and not individual aberration. It shows the total failure of the judiciary, the police and the investigating agencies like the CBI. Where were the so-called awakened citizens and NGOs?

When all these cases were being reported in the media, Indians don’t react but overreact and be cautious while reporting. To check this crime, exemplary punishment should be given to the guilty, however high and powerful they may be.



The amendment of the Criminal Procedure Code providing for speedy trial of culprits in sexual offences is welcome. We must ensure that this is implemented in letter and spirit. The government should also spread general awareness on these new amendments. It remains to be seen whether this measure will bring down the crime level in the country.



Many women don’t file cases of molestation or rape for the simple reason that there is no chance of getting justice. Ruchika lost her life and the accused had been living with dignity and promotion! The whole country is shocked at the verdict.

As the media, the general public, the judiciary and top politicians have risen to the occasion, there is some ray of hope that justice will finally triumph and that Rathore will be given exemplary punishment.


Cops on the mat

The suspension of five police officers, including two IPS officers, on charge of partying with the associates of underworld don Chota Rajan proves that the Mumbai Police Commissioner has prima facie evidence of their guilt. It is extremely serious since the law enforcing authorities have become a part of the gang of lawbreakers.

Disciplinary proceedings should be launched immediately and completed swiftly. On being found guilty, the accused should be awarded exemplary punishment. No political interference on their behalf or mercy pleas for lenient punishment should be entertained to make it a lesson for others. There can be no compromise on maintaining the highest possible standards of probity in the police department.

R.J. KHURANA, Bhopal 

Threat to national integrity

JL. Gupta’s article, “Integrate, do not divide states” (Dec 31) sounds quite right when he says that Americans are simply proud Americans with no separate identity based on antecedents. The situation in India has become quite alarming as there is a clamour for many new states. It has posed a great threat to national integrity. India is a developing country where problems like illiteracy, poverty and unemployment need immediate attention.

Some politicians demand bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh on the ground that a small state can be governed efficiently. But they do not know the huge financial burden it would impose on the common man. Every citizen should only think as an Indian first and rise above parochialism. I appeal to the people not to suffer from any identity crisis but feel proud to be Indians like proud Americans. This is the only way for the all-round development of our country. 

Prof SHIV SETHI, Ferozepur City



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