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Men, too, jumping on beauty bandwagon
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 5
Gone are the days when one would find only shaving cream, soap and aftershave lotion as grooming products in a man’s closet. The urban Indian man today is as conscious about the way he looks, as perhaps is his wife, girlfriend or sister. And, when men the world over are thronging beauty saloons to enhance their looks, city’s young and not-so-young lads are not the ones to lag behind.

Regular “beauty parlour” visits have become as important for them as attending the oh-so-important meeting with the boss. So much so that chitchatting about and planning the next visit to the saloon with friends is now the hottest topic among guys.

And quite expectedly, during every “man talk”, manicures, pedicures, bleach and facials walk away with more talk time than the once important bikes, cars and latest gizmos.

“It is important to look good and groomed. I feel no shame in admitting that I visit the beauty parlour as often as my wife, probably even more. I get my hands and feet manicured and pedicured every 15 days, and so does my son. Though my wife jokes about us being feminine, I don’t mind as long as it makes me feel good about myself,” said Mohinder Singh Makkar, a shop owner.

Entrepreneur Abhishek Kumar chips in, “I like pampering myself every now and then and saloon is the perfect place. A light massage, facial clean-up followed by a soothing cucumber pack is refreshing as well as helps me look groomed.”

“Facial care is more than just a haircut and shave. I regularly get a facial done as per my skin type besides a bleach and manicure. A well-kempt body and face gives me immense confidence,” says J Singh. His wife laughs jokingly, “He visits the parlour more than I do and our dressing table has more men’s products than women’s.”

Not quite surprisingly, saloons across the city are cashing in on the craze among men and doing a brisk business by offering specialised beauty services.

“The modern day men are very conscious about the way they look. They are willing to use cosmetics to improve their overall look. Groom’s make up is another big thing these days,” revealed Indra Ahluwalia, chief managing director of a beauty clinic.

She added, “Fifty per cent of our clientele is men. They ask for facials, bleaches, waxing, threading and even acne, ozone and thermolisis treatments. They are definitely much more informed than five years ago. Male grooming industry is estimated to grow rapidly.”

Service options

HAIR: Haircut is every man’s birthright. However, hair colouring, straightening, rebonding, curling, extensions are the latest hair services gaining rapid popularity among males

EYEBROWS: In shape and tidy - there’s nothing girly about this! Stray hair removed, hair trimmed to leave the brows looking and sitting tidy is the in-thing among stylish men today

MASSAGE: Relaxing with massages and spas is also catching up fast

MANICURE: More and more men are going in for manicures these days. They like pampering their hands with nail soak and shaping, cuticle removal, hand and arm massage and buff for a high shine, finishing off with cuticle oil and hydrating hand cream

FOOT MAINTENANCE: Pedicures, too, also attract the beauty conscious men. Peppermint or fruit foot spa exfoliation, toenails clipping and shaping, cuticles removed, foot and leg massage, finishing with cuticle oil to nourish and protect surely gives them oodles of confidence

GROOM GROOMING: For the soon-to-be-wedded boy, there are options galore - from gold, diamond, pearl and chocolate facial for that perfect glow on the D-Day to special wedding packages, including special pedicure, manicure, waxing, threading, hair colouring, hair cut, body polishing, spa and even groom make-up


Blue Star Anniv: Security beefed up
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 5
Heavy police posse was in place at key locations of the city to avoid any untoward incident in the wake of Ghallughara Diwas to be observed by several radical organisations here tomorrow.

The arrangements were reportedly made in the wake of intelligence inputs that extremists are joining hand with the Naxals to revive militancy in the state.

Several units of commandos were deployed at different locations of the city. Besides, the police searched the vehicles entering the city.

Further, the city police conducted a special check at railway station and several other crowded places. Cops also frisked several people.

In the meantime, few self-proclaimed politicians tried to take advantage of peoples’ sentiments and put up hoardings on key intersections of the city to support the Operation Blue Star.

In the evening a tension build up was reported from the Jagraon bridge when two different radical organisations put up posters of General Arun Shreedhar Vaidya and Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale by terming them martyrs.

The police ordered a heavy security on the bridge and prevented the situation from turning ugly. No action was, however, taken on the hoardings, which continued to dot the city till the filing of this report.

‘Everything under control’

The arrangements were reportedly made in the wake of intelligence inputs that extremists are joining hand with the Naxals to revive militancy in the state. However, Police Commissioner Ishwar Singh said the additional police was deployed for security purpose due to weekend and not for the anniversary of the Operation Blue Star. He said there was no need to panic as everything was under control



Courting Trouble
Bureaucrat’s son gets it for eve teasing
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 5
Son of a senior official of district administration was thrashed for eve teasing at city’s posh Sargodha colony area near the Pakhowal road here late last evening.

The incident took place around 8.30 pm when the youth, driving a white Ford Endeavor, was spotted honking outside the house of a girl.

Irked by the disturbance, some area residents surrounded the vehicle and asked the youth to step down from the vehicle.

It is leant that the youth was following the girl from the market and started making rounds of her house since evening.

Residents complained that as the youth was driving a car with tainted windscreens, it raised suspicion following which they told him to alight from the car.

The youth refused to step down from the vehicle, which led to a heated argument between him and residents.

The relatives of the girl arrived at the spot and thrashed the youth.

In the meantime, accomplices of the youth, equipped with sharp edged weapons, reached the spot. Residents informed the police about the incident. Sensing trouble, the youth disclosed his identity and told the people that he was a son of a senior administrator.

The bureaucrat also came to know about the incident and rushed to the spot. The administrator apologised to the residents and the family of the girl for his son’s misdeed.

Later, he publicly reprimanded his son and requested the residents not to report the matter to the police.

Police officials confirmed the incident and said the matter was resolved and no case was registered.



Indoor Stadium
Record, info officer differ on release of advance
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 5
Either the measurement book of the municipal corporation (MC) is showing wrong entries or the statement submitted by officials to the Assistant Public Information Officer (APIO), Project, under the RTI, is false. But whatever the reason, the fact remains that the indoor stadium at the Pakhowal road continues to be mired in controversies.

As per information gathered by Kuldeep Singh Khaira of the Vigilant Citizens Forum under the RTI, the record of the measurement book of the MC states that the entry mobilisation advance for the construction of the stadium worth Rs 98 lakh was made to the contractor concerned on January 20, 2004, (a copy of which is with The Tribune).

However, the information submitted by the executive engineer and the SDO to APIO Hakam Singh, vide a letter dated July 5, 2009, states that “no mobilisation advance had been given to the contractor”.

In his reply to the State Information Commission, Punjab, the APIO said a certificate regarding the payment for Rs 98 lakh was to be taken from the accounts branch, if at all it was made. This would be produced on the next date of hearing.

In case of any missing record, the commission has directed that the PIO would file an affidavit that no record was missing relating to the case. “He will also mention that the technical bid is not available in the record or it was not prepared by the MC when the tenders were opened and processed in the department for allotment,” the commission stated.

The next date of hearing in the case is July 22 at Chandigarh.

The stadium has been surrounded by controversies over the past decade. The MC decided to construct the stadium, but the Sports Authority of India did not approve it. Later, the civic body decided to come up with a shopping complex instead, but that too did not come up.

Haven’t got money yet: Contractor

The contractor, Deepak Singhal, claimed that the bill for Rs 98 lakh (mobilisation advance) was made by the MC in 2004, but it was not cleared by the then Commissioner, SK Sharma, due to certain reasons. “I was not paid any mobilisation advance for the construction of the stadium,” he said.



Toiling in Vain
Gardeners go without wages for months
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 5
Over 100 gardeners and field workers at the nurseries of the forest department of Ludhiana division have not received their wages for the past three months. Hopeful of getting their dues on World Environment Day today, their hopes were dashed as there wages were not released. They have been with the nurseries for decades and get Rs 130 everyday. They are not on regular payrolls and usually, there is inordinate delay in the release of their wages.

Amarjit Kaur from Barewal lamented: “In the absence of wages, I have to borrow money from relatives and friends. We even go without meals on some days.”

Gurmail Singh, working as a caretaker at the nursery near Baddowal, said he had been on the job for the past 25 years. “I started working as a young man, but despite my hard work, there has been no change in my status. All I earn is Rs 3,400,” he stated.

Similarly, nursery workers from Hambran, Mullanpur, Sidhwan, Jagraon and Pakhowal continue to toil, but nothing really changes for them. “It is my wish to go home one day and tell my children that the government has finally acknowledged my work and made me a regular employee,” Paramjit Kaur remarked.

There is hope

District Forest Officer (DFO) Vishal Chauhan said the case of keeping nursery workers on regular payrolls had already been taken up with the government. “There is a delay in the release of their wages due to the non-availability of funds, but we have forwarded the request to the department,” he said.



Thieves target 6 places in single ward
Our Correspondent

Khamano June 5
In a spate of thefts, thieves struck at six places in ward No. 1 and decamped with cash and valuables worth Rs 50,000 here last night. According to sources, the thieves struck at three shops and three houses. The owner of Chakal Telecom situated on the Mansurpur road stated that 15 mobiles were stolen from his shop after thieves broke open the shutter.

Jarnail Singh, owner of a welding shop, alleged that an iron grill worth Rs 5,000 was stolen from his shop.

Another shopkeeper Bahadur Singh also alleged that a mobile and Rs 3,000 in cash were stolen from his shop.

The thieves also took away some valuables from three houses in this ward.

The police said investigation was on into the incidents.



10 jail inmates released

Ludhiana, June 5
Following the announcement of Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal to remit the jail term of inmates during the tricentenary birth celebrations of Banda Singh Bahadur in Fathegarh Sahib on May 11, the Central Jail authorities released 10 jail inmates last night.

Those released include Hazari Singh, Palwinder Singh, Dev Raj, Amritpal Singh, Gurmeet Singh, Sham Lal, Ashok Kumar, Pardeep, Jaspal, Lakhwinder Singh. — TNS



Complaint centres only in name
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 5
Unanswered phone calls by Powercom officials is annoying residents, who despite trying the numbers of the area complaint centre, nodal complaint centre and the officials concerned, were unable to get their complaints registered last evening.

The low-velocity dust storm and light showers damaged electricity wires in various areas, causing inconvenience to people, but it was the “casual” attitude of Powercom officials that irked residents as they failed to get any response from the officials.

Garima, a resident of Rani Jhansi road, said: “It is a sorry state of affairs as far as the customer care of Powercom goes. Despite calling up officials and linemen throughout the night, the power was not restored. The officials kept giving numbers while telephones at the complaint centres kept ringing without any response,” she said.

Another resident said her husband and daughter had high fever and the inverter lasted only for some hours. “I was helpless as no action was taken on our complaints,” she stated.

The problem is not just restricted to stormy weather. Power disruption has become a regular feature as the load on transformers has increased manifold.

Better Times Ahead

The deputy chief engineer, Powercom Ludhiana, Rashpal Singh, said: “Powercom is installing transformers in all areas to lessen the load on the existing transformers. This will check the problem of tripping to a large extent.” Also, due to the increased use of air-conditioners, the demand for power had gone up. “However, things should look up in the view of power agreements and forecast of a good monsoon,” he said. Asked about the unanswered calls at complaint centres, he said Powercom would give special helpline numbers to people for direct assistance.



Eagle fledglings rescued
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 5
Two eagle fledglings were rescued from Rakhbagh by members of the Pakshi Sewa Samiti, an NGO working for the welfare of birds, following heavy downpour late last evening.

The two-month-old birds were unable to fly or eat on their own.

Vipin Bhatia of the Pakshi Sewa Samiti said: “We got a call informing us about the fledglings. A team of three members reached the scene and rescued the birds.”

He added that the birds were too young to eat on their own and had to be fed by hand.

“They had apparently fallen from their nest due to heavy rain and landed on road,” Bhatia said.

Samiti members have informed the district forest officer about the birds and are awaiting response.

The rescued fledglings are stated to be healthy and have been kept at the samiti office.



In-laws booked for forcible abortion, dowry
Our Correspondent

Mullanpur Dakha, June 5
The Jodhan police has booked five members of the in-law’s family of a woman for allegedly seeking dowry and carrying out forcible abortion on her.

In her complaint on June 1, Sarabjit Kaur stated to the police that she was a resident of Ludhiana and was married to Gurjit Singh of Dhaipai village, near here, two and half years ago, having a daughter from the wedlock.

Her in-laws allegedly used to harass her for dowry. Some months ago, she conceived but her in-laws managed to conduct an ultrasound done on her and learned that she was carrying a girl child. They pressured her to get the pregnancy aborted to which she refused.

On May 20, her husband along with his father Iqbal Singh, his mother Swaranjit Kaur, his brother Mandeep Singh and his married sister Kirandeep Kaur allegedly thrashed her.

They kept her in illegal confinement for three days and did not give her anything to eat or drink. They hit her in the stomach after which she passed out. They then took her to an unknown hospital and got the abortion done against her wishes. SHO Inderjit Singh said Sarabjit Kaur had lodged a complaint but before they could initiate action, her family members asked him to wait as some compromise between the two families was being worked out. Yesterday, the talks on compromise failed and after preliminary investigation the police booked the five under Sections 341, 342, 328, 313, 324, 498A, 506, 148, 149 and 120B, IPC. The accused are at large.



National Athletics
Arpinder, Yesu Raj on a roll
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, June 5
Two upcoming athletes from Ludhiana, Arpinder Singh and Yesu Raj, brought laurels for the state as well as for their coach Sukhdev Singh Pannu by winning a gold and a silver medal, respectively, in the Junior Athletics Federation Cup, held at Vishakapatnam, recently.

Arpinder Singh stamped his class in the triple jump event. With a leap of 15.66 mts, Arpinder bagged a gold medal. On the basis of his performance at Vishakapatnam, Arpinder has been selected to represent the country in two international athletic meets slated to be held next month.

He will participate in the Asian Junior Athletics Championship to be held in Vietnam from July 1 to 4 and will also take part in the World Junior Athletics Championship scheduled to be held from July 15 to 25 in Canada.

In the last edition of the Junior Federation Cup held at Madurai, Arpinder had won a gold to prove his mettle and was selected to represent India in the World Youth Athletics Tournament held in Italy.

Similarly, Yesu Raj made his presence felt in the Junior Athletics Federation Cup at Vishakapatnam. He clocked 22.70 seconds to win a silver medal in 200-m race. Amay Malik of Orissa took 22.40 seconds to clinch gold in this event.

Senior athletics coach Sukhdev Singh Pannu appreciated the outstanding performance by his trainees. “The boys have a plenty of talent and are set to excel at the international arena,” opined Pannu.



U-22 Cricket Tournament
Patiala humble Ludhiana for title
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, June 5
Patiala beat Ludhiana comprehensively on the basis of first innings lead of 225 runs to emerge as champions in the Punjab State Inter-District U-22 Cricket Tournament, organised by the Punjab Cricket Association, which concluded at the PCA Stadium, Mohali today.

On the last day of the four-day final, Patiala resumed the proceedings at 403 for five in 91 overs yesterday and went on to pile up a mammoth 715 in 168.5 overs. Besides, Kunwar Raina (188), two other batsmen hit tons today. Amitoj and Mohit Mahindra smashed 123 and 121 runs, respectively. For Ludhiana, Jashan Sidhu was the most successful bowler, capturing seven wickets for 245 runs. Deepak Bansal, Rahul Singla and Bharat Malhotra accounted for one wicket each.

Brief scores: Patiala (first innings): 405 all out in 111.3 overs ( Preet Kamal 147, Amninder Singh 49, Robin Dhillon 45, Amrinder Singh 25, Vikram Ditt 25 and Kunwar Raina 24; Deepak Bansal 3 for 128, Jashan Sidhu 2 for 66, Baltej Singh 2 for 77, Bharat Malhotra 1 for 26, Rahul Singla 1 for 51 and Gagandeep Singh 1 for 41).

Ludhiana (first innings): 180 all out in 77.1 overs (Bharat Malhotra 50, Gagandeep Singh 30, Sunny Pandey 31; Amninder Singh 3 for 27, Kunwar Raina 3 for 23 and Robin Dhillon 2 for 43).

Patiala (second innings): 715 all out in 168.5 overs (Kunwar Raina 188, Amitoj 123, Mohit Mahindra 121 n.o., Jeewan Jot 74, Perry Goel 37, Himanshu Chawla 56 and Robin Dhillon 27; Jashan Sidhu 7 for 245, Deepak Bansal 1 for 48, Bharat Malhotra 1 for 60 and Rahul Singla 1 for 189).



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