Future design
Jasmine Singh

Student designers of INIFD are set to showcase their garments at the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai

Velvet is expected to dominate the fashion scene this winter
Velvet is expected to dominate the fashion scene this winter

Looking at the number of fashion shows the country hosts, the day isn't far when we would have them earmarked on the calendar! As the designers work towards achieving this target, we wonder what good are these shows.

Yes, they bring back a lot of 'out-of-work' celebrities back into limelight; they showcase some strange combos, leaving a lady sitting in front of the TV wondering what and where of the garment! But this isn't all grey as it sounds, these fashions shows do serve a purpose. At INIFD, a bunch of students smile and get excited at the mention of a fashion show. There, we see some positive angle to the mushrooming fashion shows.

We soon find the reason behind the excitement - 61 student designers of INIFD from across India are set to showcase their garments at the INIFD stall at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2020, to be held from September 17-21 at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. Now, we understand why the word, 'fashion week' brings in smiles and twinkle in the eyes!

For the students, this is nothing short of a lifetime opportunity that will give them a platform and exposure, the two much sought after things of this generation. Nimisha Gupta, centre head, shares how opportunity and platform find stage during the fashion week. "INIFD stall at Lakme Fashion Week will give a sneak peek into a designer's creation, providing a first look at the creation. Student designers will showcase 125 garments, western and Indo-western, inspired by various concepts along with the likes of Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, Neeta Lulla, Malini Ramani, Satya Paul and more." This definitely is one helluva of a platform!

"We asked students to work around the theme of Winter Festive 2010, given to us by Lakme Fashion Week and they came up with different creations. The panel selected the best, which will be displayed at the stall," says Nimisha.

Theoretical knowledge without practical know-how is nothing. Lakme Fashion Week will give students an opportunity to showcase their work in a biggger arena.

The aspirants definitely have a reason to rejoice. And Arun Dhall and Rachita Sood can barely sit easy. They want us to take a good look at their creation 'Motley Magic', which is inspired by the maple leaf. This designer duo is already eyeing the prospects at being at a show like this. "The idea of putting our collection on display at Lakme Fashion Week sounds very prestigious," they share. In addition, the fact that they might come back with a good business proposition and a few orders for designing excites them more. "Who's who of the fashion fraternity will be a part of this Fashion Week. You never knows when we get our one minute of fame."

Pankaj Prabhakar's F3 collection stands next to Arun's collection. The feeling of enthusiasm is same. "Tomorrow, when I start my own fashion brand, I would require contacts. Before this, I need confidence to initiate my project. This comes from exposure that we get at shows like this." Now, we wouldn't rule out fashion shows as being just glamourous…they have an inspiration angle attached to them as well! jasmine@tribunemail.com

To kill a Non-Mocking bird!
Vikram Jit Singh

There is a startling shower of burgundy bougainvillea just off the second hole tee at the Chandigarh Golf Club (CGC) — a mammoth growth of two interlocked bushes, dark as night underneath, and which can virtually stash away a platoon of pythons! Club golfers' mis-cueing drives often lose their balls in its cavernous depths but since I was reporting a professional championship, it was something else that I noticed from the corner of my eye.

A stray dog playing around with a bird, which looked like a drongo from far. I could see the bird fighting back. The dog was tossing it about as a child would so to a frisbee. I was caught in a dilemma. Do I attempt to rescue the hapless bird? Or, should I desist from interfering in the ways of nature? I had recently watched in silence a shikra eat the heart out of a common mynah fledgling in the roughs further up the second hole. I decided that stray dogs have no business gobbling wild birds, as they are not ordained as predators in the natural food chain. I rushed towards the dog, which I recognised — an impish fellow, small but gutsy and used to frequenting the adjoining 16th fairway. This mongrel had on numerous occasions mock-charged us golfers, creating quite a terror, and resulting in the frenetic waving of 460 cc titanium drivers and hysterical ‘shoo-shooing' by some very ‘brave' golfers!

There were numerous crows. These were cawing loudly at the terrorising of the bird, just as a crowd might click tongues at a gory road accident. I recognised from close the stricken bird as a juvenile common moorhen. The dog ran off, intimidated no doubt by my righteous demeanour...not to forget the huge Callaway golf umbrella in my hand. The look in the moorhen's eyes will never leave me. Its long legs that had tiptoed so delicately amongst bougainvillea showers, had completely given away. It lay on its back on a bed of its own ripped feathers. A handful of feathers drifted away in the Monsoon breeze, like fairweather friends ridding themselves of a doomed acquaintance.

I decided to nudge the moorhen gently with my umbrella to deep under the bougainvillea bushes, which seemed to be its sanctuary. For all my Christian mercy and neglect of reportage, all I got were some nasty, indignant pecks on my expensive umbrella! I left the bougainvillea bastion. The crows seemed to acknowledge my act. They were not looking at me angrily or getting hysterical at my sight. It was a far cry from my childhood days when I had indulged in wanton killing of crows with a powerful BSA Meteor 177 air rifle.

In those days, whenever I used to step out of our bungalow in Sector 7, crows hounded me like a seething, impotent mob. They never sat on a tree when I was outside. That was, not unless the tree was at least 300 yards away. Anyways, times and roles have changed! Back to the moorhen. As I walked away, the dog sneaked back. It snuggled into the bougainvillea and after a couple of minutes came back with a limp moorhen. This time, the clever fellow did not play with the bird. The dog knew I was not far away. The mongrel ran for his life with the moorhen firmly in its teeth and plunged into dense undergrowth a hundred yards from the bougainvillea.

I did not attempt a second rescue. The dog had worked hard and got its prize. The cunning fellow was also probably habituated to mocking humans! Packs of dogs are more sinister. These well-appointed monsters of canines and fleet-foot are deer hunters at the CGC, its adjoining reserve forests and at the Shiwalik Golf Course (SGC), Chandimandir. Dogs have ripped apart so many sambhar fawns and females that the reserve forest is left only with handsome, sad stags. Dog packs have bloodied waterholes at the SGC in dry seasons. "Dogs are creating havoc with wildlife, especially the young of the species. While playing at the 8th hole of the SGC, I found a dog making away with a red junglefowl rooster. I managed to free it from the dog's clutches but it was dead,'' says author and ornithologist, Lt Gen (retd) Baljit Singh.

But it’s not that dogs are not loved at the CGC. Former Punjab chief secretary RS Mann has abandoned a lifetime of maintaining Labradors so pedigreed as to warrant a mention in Burke's Peerage! Mann now prefers looking after these four-legged urchins lurking on the fringes of the fairways. Mann — a very regular golfer — brings food for his waifs. To be fair, not all mongrels are 'shikaris'. Lacking the killer instinct, these mongrels multiply on the wages of charity - doodh roti - and aspire to the Gandhian ideals of vegetarianism and non-violence!

A reason to smile
Now, you can get a designer smile

Visit to a dentist is no more painful," says Dr Gary Sandhu, vice-president, Beyond Smile, the official dental and smile partner of just concluded Gladrags Mega Model and Manhunt Contest 2010.

This model-cum-doctor from the city is a postgraduate in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics and has walked the ramp for designers like Arjun Khanna, Rohit Verma and Manish Malhotra.

A 'smile doctor', Dr Gary joined the fashion world to know the specifics. "There are lots of options available today, we had to be different. So, I walked the ramp, experienced and interacted with models as well as judges to know what is it that is actually looked for at the ramp," says Dr Gary.

Not only models, 'looking good' is one concern that tops list of one and all. And to satisfy that, Dr Gary designs smiles. "We have special software that determines the best smile according to the golden proportion based on one's face cut, hair and eye colour," says the doctor. And then there is distinction between Hollywood and Bollywood smile. While the first one is broad, the latter is more understated. From guiding oral hygiene to work on teeth, gums and how to wear a smile, today's smile doctors provide all solutions. "A smile is the best indicator of one's confidence level, be it a job interview or ramp," avers Dr Gary. And to get that one needn't undergo any painful procedures. "Dentistry has progressed a lot. We at our clinic don't even give you an injection for anaesthesia," says Dr Gary. Their concidination chair itself costs half a crore and it's a total spa experience that one goes through.

For getting that perfect smile, the early one starts the better. "It's important to get a child examined early because if the treatment is started around six or seven, we can change the facial profile with special procedures. However, for adults one has to opt for surgery," he adds.

However, one needn't worry. Modern dentistry makes sure one's look is not compromised during the treatment. "A major section of our clientele is models and we use procedures that do not make you look bad at all," says Dr Gary.

A model for brands like Pantaloons, Westside, Mark n Spencers and Nautika, Dr Gary plans to stick to both his fields, "For me modelling and being a dentist are complimentary to each other and I'll carry on the both."

Based in Mumbai, Pune, Goa and Delhi, Beyond Smile caters to foreign clients as well. "With medical tourism booming, some of our clients take two sittings say in Mumbai, another two in Goa and few in Delhi. With all details stores in softwares, it's easy to send them," says this doctor. And, he has plans to come up with a clinic in his hometown Chandigarh as well.

"I work in association with Dr Pankaj Chitwe and Dr Hetal. When it comes to dentistry due to issues like hygiene, we have to keep standards high and also train doctors in advanced procedures. We plan to be in Chandigarh by the year end but wouldn't mind extending it till we make sure everything is in place," he smiles!


Spade work
Down to earth
Satish Narula

In gardening there is lot of scope for improvisation and to that we call using imagination. That is done to give your garden a new look, different from others. But there are certain things that you must keep in mind and when you still do that I call it a mistake or horticultural blunder.

One essential ingredient of any garden is privacy and for that we plant some screening trees. That tree has to be a columnar tree as small space cannot accommodate large or spreading trees. It should be understood for all times that if you do not want to clip a tree, then it should never be Ashok (pendula), the straight up growing tree. This tree is sure to bend after attaining some height. It changes its characteristic growth pattern and starts bending on one side. The lopsided growth may result in its breaking anytime. However, if you are ready to head it back after attaining a height of 10 feet or so then it will attain its original shape after some time and you will not even be able to make out it was ever clipped at the top. The best time to carry out this operation is the month of December. You will get minimum of fungal infections.

Myth of the week

Chrys-cross: The winter is the time when you can enjoy the best of chrysanthemum and flowering annuals in beds in the home gardens. Yes, you can but only when the chrysanthemums are grown in pots and the winter annuals in pots or in beds in soil. The flowering in case of chrysanthemum starts in December and continues till the end of month. After the chrysanthemums are over, it is too late for transplanting winter annuals and if you do, you will never get a full bed or quality blooms. The plants will be stunted and sickly.

Another tree that has a similar growth pattern is Araucaria cooki, commonly called the Christmas tree. This tree also bends after a few years of growth. The reason for its bending on one side could be due to the fact that this plant being an ornamental plant is first grown in pot for a few years as indoor plant and when it overgrows in pots we normally plant it outside. There is pot bound rooting system of the plant, which cannot match the growth over the ground with the result that it bends on one side due to weak anchorage. Never plant this tree near entrance to any premises or at public places.

This aspect of gardening should never be taken lightly. This may lead to the loss of life and property. The incidences of accidents are more common during the monsoon season. You must identify the cause of bend, which could either be temporary or permanent; temporary due to fruit weight and permanent due to the lopsided growth of the tree. The lopsided growth should be removed and pruning should be done to balance the tree. These operations are also advised to be carried out during winter months but whenever the danger is imminent, immediately go in for the correction.

The author is the senior horticulturist at PAU.


Get animated

Here is yet another addition to almost a dozen animation institutes in the city that offer the usual animation courses. The only exception in case of National School of Media (NSM) is that it will offer courses in mass communication as well!

Now, don't go by the name, NSM is city-based, with only one centre at present, only in Chandigarh. If Baljinder S Mahant, co-founder, is to be believed, "In the next few years, we are planning to have a centre in Delhi and Patiala." He along with Manjit Hans, co-founder and Vivek Atray, senior advisor, KPMG, announced a two-day free seminar and workshop on 3D animation, VFX and stop-motion, beginning this Wednesday.

Professionals from production houses like Pixion, The Crest, Animation Xpress and The Animation Garage will teach nuances of animation to aspiring students. "Youth is showing interest in media and animation sectors, which have ample job vacancies." And in case one doesn't find a job, Mahant has a solution for that as well. "My production house is making a series on Sikhiya (Sikh stories). We are also working on a Punjabi superhero series, which means we can also place our students. As for the faculty in the institute, Mahant says, "We will only have visiting faculty in the institute; media professionals from channels like Channel Divya and animation house, Footprints Media etc."

— Ashima Sehajpal

Winter style

ITC's Wills Lifestyle announces the launch of their Autumn-Winter 2010 Collection. The nationwide chain of specialty stores offers a complete fashion wardrobe comprising Wills Signature Designer wear, Wills Classic formal wear, Wills Sport relaxed wear, Wills Clublife evening wear and fashion accessories for both men and women.

Wills Lifestyle Autumn-Winter Collection is a classy expression of avant-garde styles in harmony with the global fashion mood. Internationally, this Autumn-Winter season is marked by a lively demonstration of stylish interplay of various textured patterns and weaves on ensembles. The season lays emphasis on the English heritage collection, elegant and feminine styles and the Luxuria range.

Reflecting the onset of celebratory and festive season, this collection introduces innovative vibrant color story. The colours of the season range between simple shades to vibrant tints. The season's influence has been encapsulated in the garments worldwide in a riot of colours.

Wills Classic collection for men pays homage to the grandeur of the season with rich fabrics such as Marino wool, premium Egyptian cotton and Beaver Mélange amongst others. In deep shades to suit the sobriety of the season, this range offers an array of colours from maroon, deep purple, medieval blue, cappuccino, peacock green and teal.

Wills Sport Autumn Winter line for men plays to the city rancher and the highlander look. Design elements inspired by the English heritage, infused the sporty look; and blend of fabrics define the current collection. A dazzling gamut of colors, with palette ranging from black and blues, this is the most experimental range catering to men this season. Wills Sport women's collection blends Casual Street, and heritage design elements together into a country rock mood. The look Trims such as lace, crochet lend a softer touch to the garments but structures and elements such as chunky knits, cables and ruffles give the collection a slightly rugged dimension. Accessories such as ties, belts, bags, stoles, scarves, shoes will accentuate this Autumn-Winter collection. Wills Lifestyle ensembles are priced between Rs 1,299 - Rs 14,999 and available exclusively at leading Wills Lifestyle stores. — TNS

DIG time!

The prelude to the play was an interesting advertisement on a TV channel in Canada, which promised 10,000 dollars to any spiritual guru who could prove his divine powers. A satire on the multiplying numbers of deras and their babas, the play, Naughty Baba in Town' had 12 'housefull' shows in Canada!

"The initial schedule was of six shows, but on public demand the number of shows were increased," informs Binnu Dhillon, writer and director of the play, who along with the cast and crew was in the city on Monday to stage the play.

He finds it appalling that even well-educated people from urban India fall into trap of self-professed gurus. "The number of impersonators is increasing because public is blindly following them, without realising the simple fact that they are all humans like us." The three-hour play is a mixture of comedy and tragedy. "There are scenes that can leave people in tears. The comedy is outstanding and keeps people hooked on to the story." Nine actors play all the 27 characters in the play. "The actors play the role of preachers, followers, singers, beggars and every character that has to do with deras," Binnu adds. — TNS

Jasmine Singh

The 3D home entertainment solutions are set to spice up the idiot box

If you consider sitting in front of the idiot box as the last option of the day, maybe this little piece of information can change the way you look at television. The new buzz word is 3D home entertainment solutions and the idiot box, with this new technology, sounds a little more intelligent and enticing.

Now, enjoy 3D movies, (Though there aren't many, Avatar or House of Wax is something to watch out on a 3D TV), and jump on the whole experinece of characters moving left, right and centre with heightened effects!

You must be wondering (let's admit we can't keep pace with the latest in technology) how adding a numeral 3, and alphabet D can change the whole TV watching experience? So, here it is. A 3D television is a set that employs techniques of 3D presentation, such as stereoscopic capture, multi-view capture, or 2 D plus depths, and a 3D display, a special viewing device, to project a television programme in a realistic, three-dimensional field. The 3D TV sets can operate in a 3D, along with the regular 2D mode, using a set top box and LCD shutter glasses, where the TV tells the glasses which eye should set image being exhibited at that particular moment, thereby creating a stereoscopic image.

Companies like Panasonic, Samsung, Sony offer various options for 3D home entertainment. Satish Samant, a software engineer from Mohali, looks at 3D entertainment as the next big thing in technology. "Earlier, we had to go to the cinema hall to watch a 3D movie, but now we can have this facility at home. We have HD (high definition) viewing that has brought about quite a change. Better clarity, surround sound adds a new dimesion to TV viewing."

Satish is also of the view that there aren't many 3D movies. "But it is also about luxury and experience. Why do we forget the adrenaline-pumping 3D games. In due course of time, when this technology finds acceptance with the masses, TV channels will also start producing 3D serials as well."

Redefining the industry, Samsung brought in 3D TV in India and are betting high on this space. Globally, it has seen strong initial acceptance with around 6,00,000 3D TVs sold in the first six months (Mar-Aug 2010). It is targeting 3D TV sale of 30,000 units in the entire year. About 20 per cent of Hollywood movies will be shot in 3D format by 2014.

According to Samsung spokesperson, "Samsung launched series 9000 3D TVs in India, which not only has ultra-slim design (7.9 mm) but is also the first 3D TV to be assembled at Samsung's Noida facility. Samsung aims to sell 30,000 3D TVs by the end of this year."

Samsung also presents a complete 3D home entertainment ecosystem, which includes 3D Blu-ray player, 3D home theatre system, 3D active glasses and 3D content Monsters vs Aliens through a strategic alliance with DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. Samsung 3D TVs allow users to wirelessly connect their TV with compatible mobile devices, which means that users can share movies, photos and music through a single device — the Samsung 3D TV!

In addition, celebrating the launch of 3D technology in India, Sony has also introduced its 3D TVs in attractive package offers and also some exciting software/hardware bundle opportunities for 3D Blu-ray products.

Entertainment is one field that is witnessing a lot of changes, whether it is about latest technologies in home appliances or movie-making. Nisha Sharma, an animator, is in favour of the unique 3D imaging and see the difference from the otherwise routine 2D viewing. "Due to changes in digital technology, 3D movies are catching the fancy of production houses, bettering 3D television standards."


Bits about Bytes
Roopinder Singh

Not all of us are proficient at the keyboard. Since my initiation into the world of computers was on a Mac and not a DoS machine, the most painful things about learning how to use the computer was to learn how to type. I had no formal training, and had to learn from Tarsem Singh, who was a trained steno-typist.

He could not find work similar to what he had done in India before he migrated to New York. He thus changed his job and was a building superintendent when I met him. It was under his tutelage that I practiced my 'Quick Brown Fox…', and to him I owe my ability to type at a reasonable speed.

I used an electric typewriter to practise, and like most users, learnt on the typical QWERTY keyboard, which was designed by Christopher Latham Sholes in 1873 for the Sholes and Glidden typewriter. Remington bought it the same year, and since then it has been the standard for all Remington typewriters. The keyboard is named after the first six characters in the far left of its top row of letters.

The main reason for designing this layout of keys was to prevent the typebars of various letters from clashing with each other as the typist typed them. We have all seen such typewriters, and can still see them outside courts and other such institutions.

Now, in the case of computers, the original reasoning did not hold good because of change of technology, but since this was the standard keyboard, most people continue with it, especially since the jury is still out on whether alternatives give very significant advantages.

There is, however, truth in the statement that since when the QWERTY keyboard was designed, the primary requirement was to prevent jams while typing fast. Thus, decisions on the layout of keys were taken to distance commonly used pairs of letter, and this, in effect, slowed down typing.

While the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard is considered technically superior and easier to learn, there are very few keyboards that use it. However, you can map it in many computers, using a special mode setting. The Dovark keyboard, however, has a small, devoted and vocal following. It is not too small, over a lakh at least, but not big enough to have any impact.

The latest buzz these days is Google Instant, a new search enhancement that shows results as you type. It uses Google's "black magic" algorithms to offer predictions based on what you type, and as you input more letters, the predictions become better. Google had gone to town on the time saved, which is measured in nanoseconds for many of us, and no matter what the hype is, I really don't see how these nanoseconds add up to a discernable saving of time.

Now saving effort is another thing and that's where Instant really scores! Since the predictive mode works reasonably well, we can scroll down the choices and our query to the search engine faster. For slow typists, such predictive help is a tangible gain.

All of us who use mobile phones have got used to the T9, named after the nine keys available for inputting data on a mobile phone. Nokia, LG, Samsung, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Sanyo, Sagem and many others use this system, which has rivals like Motorola's iTap. BlackBerry's SureType is a system that combines a traditional phone keypad with the computer-type QWERTY-based keyboard quite innovatively.

What about computers? In my expanding search for ways to avoid typing every word, I visited the site that often gives us answers - Google! Their ongoing efforts to improve their performance have resulted in various experiments, which have been performed in Google Labs. The Google Scribe feature is described by Google as 'a text completion service'. Using information from what you have already typed in a document, Google Scribe provides related word or phrase completion suggestions. In addition to saving keystrokes, Google Scribe's suggestions indicate 'correct' or 'popular phrases to use'.

I typed out the preceding paragraph in Google scribe, and in spite of a reasonably fast Internet connection, I found that I was typing much faster than the Scribe, which was offering alternatives. Tarsem Singh had taught me too well!

When I slowed down, I realised that around 50 per cent of the options were the correct ones, just what I wanted. I also found it distracting. While I opted against it for the moment, there is no doubt in my mind that it will be refined more and at some time in the future, I would be using it.

I am sure that it will be of major help when used on mobile phones, even for those youngsters whose thumbs seem to have specially evolved for typing on those small keypads. As technologies evolve, so do we…of course, our demands increase, too, and that spurs additional effort to meet them. I love having a ringside seat in this fast-paced electronic evolution, don't you?


Net BOOKed
Amitpal Singh Grewal

The E-book reader is a gadget invented for only one purpose - Reading. As the name suggests, this is a device for saving and displaying books and magazines in a digital format.

Now, E-book readers have several advantages over netbooks or portable computers, as some devices will easily fit into a pocket or handbag. E-book devices have screens that are very reader-friendly, even when there is sun on the screen! With a very long battery life, these can be taken on a trip without having to bear the weight of the standard printed volumes. You can choose from a comprehensive list of titles and get a new book quickly, while still on the road!

When you are purchasing a digital book reader, some of the things to look for are the book inventories that are accessible in the format used by the specific reader. If you want a digital reader that feels more like a print book, look for a touch screen that allows you to turn the page. The size of the screen will affect its readability in some instances. Look for long battery life and simple controls.

This gadget also makes it easier to read e-books. There are many electronic book readers available and some of them allow access to unlimited books online.

One of the reasons why you should have an electronic book reader in the house or around is because the updates on the e-book reader are good and in keeping with the latest trends. The version is not harmful for the eyes and they look like as if they have been made out of original paper-pen quality.

There are different varieties available for different users. There are special ones for those who wish to read in the dark! Then there are the ones for those who are always in a rush. The touch screen abilities on the reader now enable size compatibility and portable features as well.

Colour digital comic readers with images are also on the anvil, but it would be a more refined and thin version of the digital photo frame.

Haute pick

The 3D optical ring mouse with USB port is perfect for on-the-move user. It is ergonomically designed to reduce user fatigue and can be used for long hours. It does not need a mouse pad, so you can slide it from corner to corner on any flat surface. It comes with a scroll wheel that completely supports the wheel operating functions of Windows OS as well as Mac OS.


  • Compact (L x H x W) - 60 x 30 x 25 mm
  • 3D Internet wheel
  • No mouse pad required
  • Digital encoder technology
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS

No action replay

Raima SenActor Raima Sen has dismissed rumours that she is slated to play her grandmother Suchitra Sen's role in an upcoming film by Rituparno Ghosh, insisting she is against stepping into the shoes of the legendary star.

"I do not want to play her role on screen. She is a legend and her memories are still alive in everybody's minds.

It makes no sense to do that," Raima said.

Suchitra, who lives a secluded life and has not appeared in public for over 30 years now, was one of the biggest stars in Bengali cinema with numerous hits in her kitty.

She received a National Award for her performance in the 1955 Hindi film Devdas and is the first Indian actor to be awarded at an international film festival - best actor award for the movie Saat Paake Bandha in 1963 Moscow film festival.

But after her 1978 movie Pronoy Pasha with Soumitra Chatterjee flopped, the actress disappeared from the public eye and even refused the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2005 preferring not to make a public appearance.

"She lives a very private life and doesn't come before the camera. So I think everyone should respect her privacy," said Raima, after walking the ramp at the Kolkata leg of the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour last night.

The 79-year-old screen icon was hospitalised twice in the last few months but is in in good health now, said Raima, who has found a strong footing in Bollywood with films like Daman, Parineeta and Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd. Interestingly, Suchitra still pays for the saris that grand daughter wears each year during the Bengali festival of Durga Puja.

"My mom (Moon Moon Sen) buys me saris and grandma pays for them each year. This puja also she will buy me," said Raima, adding that unlike every year, she is not sure whether she would be able to attend the festivities in the city next month.

"If I am in Kolkata this time, I will go out pandal- hopping with my mother," she added. — PTI

It's a boy

Bollywood actors Kajol and Ajay Devgn on Monday became proud parents of a baby boy. The actor delivered her second child this morning at the Lilavati Hospital here.

Sources close to the couple said the mother and the baby were doing fine.

Nysa, the couple's elder child is seven years old. Good wishes poured in from B-town for the star couple on the arrival of their second child.

Director Madhur Bhandarkar who is directing Ajay in the Dil To Baccha Hai Ji tweeted, "Congratulations Ajay and Kajol on the birth of your baby boy. Ganpati baapa moraya..." Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol's good friend and co-star in many hit movies, wrote, "Bringing life on earth is the most beautiful gift of God. Allah bless Ajay and Kajol with happiness & health...Son of a Devgn... Wow masha allah." Priyanka Chopra too congratulated the couple, "It's amazing when a new life comes into the world.

"Congrats Ajay and Kajol on the birth of ur baby boy," she tweeted. Riteish Deshmukh said, "Congratulations Ajay and Kajol - a baby boy arrives." Year 2010 has been professionally heartening for the Devgn couple. Kajol's film My Name is Khan earlier this year did well at the box office and her latest We Are Family brought her accolades, while Ajay is basking in the success of his latest film Once upon a time in Mumbai.


Soar high

You seem to think your iPad is pretty cool? Wait for a new chip that will help make even more advanced generation of 'super smartphones'. ARM Holdings, the UK microchip unit behind the success of Apple's mobile devices, said its new chip, code-named Eagle, would allow Apple and other mobile phone makers, to create phones with five times the brain power of current models. Ian Drew, ARM's marketing director, said the new chip would help develop phones with "five times better content and five times better performance" by 2013.

"It will be like carrying a computer around in your pocket, but it will only be the size of a phone and will have the battery life to last all day," he said. Drew said the new Cortex A15 chip would allow mobile phone application designers to let their imagination soar to create a new generation of games and tools.

Apple's iPhone4 and iPad are based on ARM's current Cortex A8 chip. ARM's designs are used in almost all of the world's mobile phones. ARM has signed initial agreements with Texas Instruments, ST-Ericson and Samsung, and the vast majority of mobile phone makers are expected to follow suit.

The new low-power design will also help ARM break into computer servers and TVs.


Is she, isn't she?

Hollywood beauty Penelope Cruz has sparked pregnancy rumours after she was photographed with what looked like a baby bump on the sets of the latest Pirates Of The Caribbean movie.

The actor who married fellow Oscar winner Javier Bardem in July, was resting in between filming scenes with co-star Johnny Depp in the West Indies.

The 36-year-old Spanish actor has been plagued by pregnancy rumours ever since she started dating Bardem in 2007, but the couple have never addressed the reports.

Cruz and Bardem, 41, who are known to be protective about their private lives, had began dating after playing an estranged husband and wife on the set of Vicky Christina Barcelona back in 2007.Cruz, is currently filming the fourth film in the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, which follows Captain Jack Sparrow on his quest to find the fountain of youth.

On his quest he runs into Angelica, played by Cruz, a mysterious woman from his past, who ends up forcing him aboard Blackbeard's ship Queen Anne's Revenge, where he discovers the woman and her father are after the same treasure. — PTI

Back to business

After a stint in jail and rehab, Hollywood beauty Lindsay Lohan will step back into the spotlight at the MTV Video Music Awards. The extravaganza will be attended by film and music A-listers and Lohan has been roped in as a presenter. The 25-year-old was spotted at the venue yesterday during rehearsals for the show, which is due to include performances by Kanye West, Mary J Blige and Justin Bieber.

The Mean Girls star is also expected to address, in some manner, her recent news making troubles with the law. Lohan, who has recently reverted back to her original red hair colour, was sentenced to serve 90 days in county jail after violating her probation conditions from a 2007 arrest for driving under the influence. She ended up serving just 13 days before being sent to the UCLA medical center for court ordered residential rehab where she stayed for 23 days. Before heading to the Nokia Theatre for rehearsals, Lohan went to a scheduled appointment with her probation officer and she underwent a drug test. — PTI

Love scene

Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpai will be seen playing the role of a goldsmith in quirky new comedy Dus Tola, inspired by folk tales.

Dus Tola tells the story of a quaint little town Sonapur where Shankar (Manoj), the local goldsmith, is head-over-heels in love with his neighbour's daughter Suvarnalata (Aarti Chhabria) much to the chagrin of her father Daya Shastri (Dilip Prabahvalkar).

Shastri is bent upon finding her a suitable groom from Dubai and cover her with gold at the wedding, which will help him climb up the social ladder. Armed with nothing but a heart of pure gold, Shankar sets out to overcome the obstacles of devious plots and heartache.

The film, directed by debutant director Ajoy, also stars Siddharth Makkar, Govind Namdeo, Asrani, Ninad Kamath, Bharti Achrekar and newcomer Pallavi Sharda. — IANS

Just friends!

Josh Hopkins

Actor Josh Hopkins has laughed off reports that he is dating actress Jennifer Aniston insisting they are just friends.

"No, no, we're just friends - just friends having dinner," he said.

Rumours started off after the two were spotted enjoying dinner together at Madeo in Beverly Hills.

Hopkins, who says he's single, worked with Aniston during her recent stint on Cougar Town and although they had met before, Hopkins is still in awe of the dynamic between her and co-star Courteney Cox.

"They are both such iconic TV figures and actors. Any time I see them (together) ... all the Friends stuff showers over (you) - and they act so well together," he said.

He added: "They are like best friends so (filming) was such a joy and I know they were having so much fun." — IANS

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