Off to foreign shores
Nowadays, a trip to Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand, costs more or less the same as one to Goa or Kerala
Jigyasa Kapoor Chimra

December is here and so is the holiday season. But changing the concept of vacations from 'in the country' (read Goa, Kerela and apna Himachal) to going abroad, it's the idea of a holiday off shore that got us talking to people about the idea of a perfect getaway.

Say Gagan and Nazia Slathia, who are going for a holiday to Phuket, Thailand, on Christmas, "We searched the Internet for many destinations but Thailand was economical." Adds Gagan, "Holiday to Kerela or Rajasthan is as expensive as a trip to Thailand. So, if one gets to visit a different country in almost the same amount, why not bag the deal?"

Ramandeep Kalson from Globe Planners in Sector 22 says, "People are definitely going to destinations like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The travelling cost to these countries is cheaper. Other than that, formalities like visa processing are not too cumbersome."

For Malvika and Gagan Lakhanpal, who went for a holiday to Sri Lanka recently, "A country like Sri Lanka is less explored and they are more than keen to develop it into a travel destination, so holiday here is equivalent to going to Cochin or Kanyakumari."

Says Manu Sood from Travel Himdarshan in Shimla, "For foreigners as well as Indians, India now is much more than Rajasthan, Goa or Kerala. People want to explore the unexplored and go to places that have not lost their natural touch. Northeast is one hot destination, so is Spiti, Kinnaur and Leh." Ask him what about overseas and he says, "Apart from Malaysia and Singapore, Dubai is a hot destination these days."

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Coming of age
Director Navaniat Singh shares what it takes to make a good Punjabi movie
Jasmine Singh

Hope is the best thing, probably one of the finest things, and no good thing ever dies.' Almost 15 minutes in conversation with this 30-year-old director Navaniat Singh, who is already three movies old, brings out the Tim Robbins of Shawshank Redemption.

Strangely, this man, calling the shots on the sets of his Punjabi flick Dharti, is planning an escape of a different kind— an escape from the clichés that chain the growth of Punjabi cinema. He hopes that the cinema with which he opened his career, his new chapter of life, walks on the path of transition. Shooting at Tau Devi Lal stadium, Panchkula, Navaniat Singh shares how he contributes his bit to realise this hope and dream.

Navaniat opened his innings with Tera Mera Ki Rishta, went on to direct a superhit Mel Kara Dey Rabba, and is now busy focusing on his third venture Dharti. "I assisted Manmohan Singh in various films before I took to direction myself. This explains why I chose Punjabi cinema and why am I attached to it. I want to see it grow; changing for better," explains Navaniat.

Change begins with a thought and a step. "I am trying to change the audiences' perspective with the kind of films that I am making. I want people to see for themselves that Punjabi cinema is not just jatti, saag, jatt da badla," says Navaniat on how the film Dharti is another step in this change. "After Mel Kara Dey Rabba I am ready for experimentation. Dharti is a political drama starring Jimmy Shergill, Surveen Chawla, Rannvijay, Prem Chopra, Randeep Arya and more. It has nothing to with the politics of Punjab, the script just reads a drama with a base in politics."

Do we see the director 'playing safe' with the script, given the fact that Dharti has to be served to a Punjabi audience? "On the contrary, I am doing certain bold things with the topic," Navaniat is quick to reply. Experimentation is Navaniat word. "The good thing about movie-making is that I can experiment with it as much as I want. The market for Punjabi cinema is also growing," adds Navaniat. Bollywood could be of some help in this regard. The director understands what we are hinting at — Dharti stars Bollywood actors too! "In terms of technical advancement, Bollywood is an inspiration. About Bollywood actors working in Punjabi cinema, it is only good for us. There would be a time when we would have our own established lot, but till that time we should be okay with the scenario," clarifies Navaniat, who thinks commercialisation is the answer to what stops Punjabi cinema from growing. "Punjabi movie needs a good release. It again boils down to the subject, if it is not good which banner in Mumbai will release it? Marketing, publicity can make a lot of difference."

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Actor Returns

Internationally acclaimed Indian film and television star Kabir Bedi is everywhere. Very shortly he will be seen with Harbhajan Maan in a Punjabi film. After Doordarshan's Bible ki Kahaniyaan in 1995, Kabir's first big show which explores how the ones in power exploit the people in the name of religion. Ganga Ki Dheej presented by Harry Baweja, Shabbir Ahluwalia, Anil V. Kumar and Sakett Sawhney is doing well on Sahara One Television. Kabir who started his career in Indian theatre and then moved on to Bollywood, and later Hollywood tells us what brought him back to television in India after 15 years.

What made you to come back to television?

The timing was good. I have done television before but today this medium has totally changed. In India Ganga Ki Dheej is my first big show. The concept is pretty good.

What made you zero in on this show?

I have a very powerful character of Dadabhai Thakur, a self-proclaimed landlord. My character has both negative and positive shades. The show highlights the restrictions of various rituals and customs laid down by the village landlord.

Will the viewers see the real actor in you?

Yes, the audience will see a real actor in this show. I am doing my best. I hope my fans response would be good.

What kind of viewers do you have in mind for Ganga Ki Dheej?

We are expecting all kinds of viewers to watch this serial.

How is your rapport with the co-stars?

I have a nice rapport with my co-stars Leena Jhumani, Ashwini Kalsekar and Mohit Raina. We work like a team, with everyone contributing their bit.

Tell us about your career?

I have acted in over 60 Bollywood films. James Bond Film Octopussy, Columbia Pictures The Beast of War, critically acclaimed Italian film Andata Ritorno are my favourite foreign films. As a stage actor, I have performed in Shakespear's Othello as well as portrayed a mad historical Indian king, Tughlaq and a self-destructive archeological in the Vultures.

What are the other roles that you would want to do?

Almost all kinds of roles. I am doing a Punjabi film with Harbhajan Maan. My projects with director Tigmanshu Dhulia and Tanveer Azmi are different and keenly awaited. I am also planning to produce a Hindi film next year. — Dharam Pal

Anushka waits for Band Baaja…

She made her much-talked about debut opposite the Badshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan, but it is her third and upcoming film Band Baaja Baarat which is the most important movie in her career, says actor Anushka Sharma.

The actor who shot to instant fame with her role in the 2008 hit Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, says that she was a lot more involved in the making of her latest film.

"This is one film which I have thought about a lot. When compared to my first two films, there is too much of me out here, which only makes it further special and important.

Right through it's making, my mind was constantly occupied just with this film," the 22-year-old said.

Anushka plays Shruti, an enterprising wedding planner in the film which marks the debut of Ranveer Singh, who plays her partner Bittu.

"The entire experience of working on this film has gone so deep down in my psyche that I can anything about it now; I am so clear about every aspect of it," said Anushka who is hoping to score a hat trick of hits with the film.

Band Baaja... is her third film with Yash Raj banner after her debut effort Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and more recently Badmaash Company.

"The very title Band Bajaa Baaraat represents the whole energy and fervour of the film. The film has a backdrop of wedding planners, the characters which are played by Ranveer and myself. The film is also coming at just the right time this festive season," said the actor who began her career as a ramp model.

Over the last few months, quite a few romcoms have hit the screen though they have all met with diverse results. I Hate Luv Storys was the most successful of all, Anjaana Anjaani proved to be an average affair, Aisha came and went while Break Ke Baad is currently struggling to find an audience.

Band Baaja.., Anushka says has all the ingredients of a great rom-com.

"You will see that very emotion is quite well packed in Band Bajaa Baaraat. The scenes are pretty light and even serious moments are conveyed in a lighter tone. We are not trying to make people cry. The film stays sweet throughout and you would come out with a with a smile on your face. Rest assured, our film has everything that you can expect in a rom-com," said the actor.

The film written by Habib Faisal and directed by Maneesh Sharma releases on December 10. — PTI 

Imran loves love stories

Imran Khan is very much the Bollywood chocolate boy and he's happy that his fans adore him in romantic movies like "Break Ke Baad", but the actor wants to experiment with other genres.

"I am open to all kinds of roles. I would want to experiment with different genres of cinema. In some I will succeed and in some I may not, but that doesn't stop me from experimenting," Imran said.

"People have loved me in love stories; so that is something I will continue to do but will also try to do different roles," he said.

Although Imran, who is superstar Aamir Khan's nephew, had a stint with showbiz as a child star in films like "Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak" and "Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander", he stepped into Bollywood as a leading man in the 2008 romantic comedy "Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na" directed by Abbas Tyrewala and produced by Aamir.

The film received rave reviews from critics and proved to be one of the biggest hits of the year. He later went on to do films like "Kidnap" with Sanjay Dutt and Minissha Lamba, "Luck" with Shruti Haasan and more recently "I Hate Luv Storys" with Sonam Kapoor and "Break Ke Baad" with Deepika Padukone.

While the 27-year-old's romantic ventures set cash registers ringing at the box office, his action stints failed to pull off. Imran, however, has managed to create a huge fan base and has made a mark in the industry.

With every success, does he feel more pressurised as an actor?

"Pressure on any actor, I feel, is always there even after 10 films. As actors, we all want our audience to like our work; so even if you ask me this question after five years I will say yes I want to work harder and harder to be loved by my audience," he added.

Another facet that Imran's career graph shows is his association with mainly debutant directors.

Right now the actor is happy with the positive reviews his recent film Break Ke Baad has got. —IANS

Hilary loves hiking

Oscar-winning actor Hilary Swank gets inspired whenever she goes hiking with her dogs as she has nothing else to think about then.The Million Dollar Baby often goes climbing in the Hollywood Hills with her dogs which helps her to have a clear mind and come up with good ideas.

"When I climb, I sometimes get good ideas. I'm not supposed to be doing anything else, so things pop up. It's interesting," said the 36-year-old actor.

Swank, who grew up in a trailer park says she is determined to succeed in whatever she does and isn't afraid to make risky choices.

"I think you can change your fate. Everyone, every day, can make a choice in how they want to live their life.

I'm all about making choices," she said.

Swank also insisted that her upbringing played a vital role which made her to appreciate the good things in life and not let the bad times bring her down.

"You hear people say, 'Oh, I didn't get that bonus,' or, 'I got fired.' And look, I've experienced not getting that bonus and I've gotten fired. I feel it and say, 'That sucks.' I get depressed. I cry. I have feelings. I don't gloss over them. But then, after that, I pick myself up, brush myself off and say,' Why did this happen? What am I supposed to learn?'," she added. — PTI

Mansion not!
Reese Witherspoon buys Steven Seagal's mansion for $ 7 million

Hollywood actor Reese Witherspoon has reportedly splurged $ 7 million to purchase action star Steven Seagal's mansion.The Oscar-winning actor, who divorced Ryan Phillippe in 2007, will be moving out of the marital home she shared with the actor and their two children.

The Legally Blonde star along with daughter Ava, 11 and son Deacon, 7, will move into the seven bedroom, nine bathroom home in a gated community in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles.

The 6,125 sq ft traditional property is located at the end of a discreet private driveway and surrounded by mature trees.

The 34-year-old actor's new neighbours will include talk show host Chelsea Handler, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, and retiring California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Along with huge amounts of interior space, the house also boasts a swimming pool, acres of plush land and even a Buddhist temple, where The Patriot star Seagal, a known Buddhist, apparently spent many hours meditating. — PTI 

Is Jake dating Swift?

Jake Gyllenhaal just gave a smile when he was recently asked about his rumoured romance with Taylor Swift. 

The Hollywood hottie flew into Sydney with actor Anne Hathaway this weekend for the premiere of their new movie Love & Other Drugs.

The Brokeback Mountain star is rumoured to be dating the attractive country music singer, who allegedly cancelled Thanksgiving plans with her parents to spend some quality time with her alleged new boyfriend's family.

But Gyllenhaal remained tight-lipped about his five-week-old relationship, only smiling when faced with a barrage of questions from the waiting media and adoring fans. — ANI

Lush green
Pradeep and Anu Goel’s house in Panchkula is a marvel in wood and green

This beautiful home changes style every season, courtesy the amazing collection of plants. Anu and Pradeep Goyal's one-kanal house in Panchkula has been adjudged the 'best garden in home' by the Haryana administration for quite a number of years now. One visit, and you know why!

Rows of flowers and greenery in planters adjusted in different levels, baskets hanging from ceiling, 'purdah bel' covering the windows and garden seating, indeed a serene dreamland.

"This 'purdah bel' that covers windows keeps the indoors cool in summer. In winter, we trim it to let the sunshine in," says Anu, who sure has a green thumb.

A white fence has red petunias hanging in small baskets. Yellow, red and white rows of chrysanthemums line the way to back garden that offers Zen-like feeling. Each of the window sill has pretty forest bonsais. Nestled amongst the bamboos is a well-manicured back lawn with Osho's Beyond Psychology, along with a coffee mug lying on a table. "This is my favourite place and also my friends'. We love to have get-togethers here," shares Anu.

If plants take precedence on the outside, it is wood inside. Simple and staid interiors lend grandeur to the home that uses lots of wood. The living room is almost all glass. Seating done in off-white and gold is dressed up only in subdued lights. Heavy, huge pieces of Kuber adorn this room that has very few embellishments, including one crystal tortoise. This room is all coordinated in gold, even the light switches.

The lobby has a big portrait of the family including the dearest of all - two-year-old pug - Joey. In fact, it's he who owns the place and leads one to different corners. A wooden pillar with mirror slabs and spiral staircase lends warmth to this place. A heavy, huge bookshelf is full with Osho's literature. "I feel blessed to have come in touch with Osho," smiles Anu.

The ground has sprawling guest bedroom that overlooks the front garden. The family resides in the upper storey in three bedrooms. The lobby with fibre dome keeps the home well lit. A pool table occupies the space just underneath it. The family loves to play pool together. A magnificent chest in wood and a Ganesha portrait decorate this place.

Bedrooms are all classy. Wooden cupboards take everything in. Huge beds with bright bedspreads add grandeur to otherwise unadorned rooms.

"I love plants and my husband wants everything spic and span," says Anu. No wonder they have a marvellous pad!

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Get glowing

So what is your resolution for the New Year? Lose weight? Exercise more? Quit junk food? Those are certainly the traditional ones that we have all made in the past. Why not try something different this year? A resolution that will make you happy each and every time you look in the mirror! This December, Kaya Skin Clinic presents Radiant Resolutions a month-long offer which will help you hold firm on your skin care vows. Kaya makes it even more special by offering their entire range of services at never-seen-before prices.

Everyday Radiance and the newly-introduced Aqua Radiance service are available at Rs 990 only. Just for the month of December, these services are available at a discount of 50 per cent, against the regular price of Rs 2,000. Also avail of single sessions of services like laser hair reduction, acne and pigmentation solutions and select anti-ageing services at Rs 990. Products too are given a discount of 20 per cent. And that's not all! You can get up to 30 per cent off if you sign up for a package. — TNS 

Signature style

As the winter sets in, it's time to take out your woollens and get cozy in the warmth of those knitty knots. Liven up this winter with edgy styling, fashionable fits and playful detailing as John Players lines up an array of outerwear range from formal suits, casual jackets, to blazers and pullovers.

Presenting a new kind of style that is youthful, vibrant and above all playful; the formal suits offer a mix of patterns and textures in a plethora of shades, providing an eclectic and an appealing look. Casual denim heavy washed jackets are fit for every mood and occasion this season. Reversible polyester half jackets in tones of browns and olive green with multiple pockets, metal zippers are an absolute 'must have' for this season. What's more, the new range of quilt jackets in colors like black, brown and military green will surely help beat the chill this season. And if that's not all, one can choose from a range of sweaters and pullovers which are available in contemporary patterns.

According to Mr. Atul Chand, Divisional Chief Executive, ITC Lifestyle Retailing Business, "With meticulous use of different fabrics like cotton, velvet, satin, polyviscous, wool and various stylized patterns, the entire collection is high on parameters of style, comfort and affordability."

The range is priced at Rs 799 upwards and is available at all John Players' exclusive stores and multi-brand outlets across the country. — TNS 

Spade work
Rosy picture

Living in the city of roses, with Asia's biggest rose garden, I wish the proud residents should have the basic information about roses. It is the time and season for thinking about this flower. Rose is not just another flower; it is the queen of flowers. But there are some aspects of roses that have not been touched as yet. When we talk about roses the only picture that we see is the half opened singular bud borne on a shrub. But roses have many other kinds.

Roses are available in many forms. First of all let us talk about its basic form ie the wild rose that is also used as a root stock. There are a few types that are used as roots for the exotic types as those cannot 'live long and disease-free' on their own feet. These are called as gulukand rose, puja rose etc. and as the name implies, are used for such purposes. Some gardeners also use such types to extract rose water by simply process of distillation and condensation. You can also find such roses growing in the wild, Himalayas and the foothills support many of such types and the ones that you see in the garden are those that have been introduced after selection. These are fragrant too. These are the types on which the exotic types are budded.

Hybrid Teas (HT) are the ones with which the gardeners are normally introduced. These are the medium to big showy bloom types and are borne singularly on long stems. There are thousands of such varieties that have been evolved by breeding and budded on wild rootstocks. Emphasis now, however, is to introduce the HT roses with fragrance. They are available in almost all the thinkable colours. These are grown as standard and half standard roses too, meaning the budding on the rootstock is done at three feet and one and a half feet, respectively.

Second most popular kind is the Floribunda. The flowers in this kind of roses are borne on the terminals in bunches. A bunch may contain as many as 20 blooms. Most of these, however, have less number of petals and the life is not as long as in case of Hybrid Teas, one of their parents. But this deficiency is made up due to the mass display of flowers at the top that fills the bed more than the Hybrid Teas.

Then comes another type, the Grandifloras. This is the Class that falls between Hybrid Teas and Floribundas. The flowers are borne in clusters but are smaller in size than the HT roses. They grow very high and could be used for background planting.

Another interesting class is the miniatures. The plants are too dwarfing, rarely growing more than one and a half foot high. The leaves are also very small and so are the flowers. In this class too, there are singularly bearing and those that bear in clusters like Floribundas. Roses have climbers too. They have weak stems that need support and can be taken to any heights. Most of these bear in clusters and when it is the flowering time, you really know why rose is called the queen of flowers.

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Myth of the week
Full bloom

Roses bear flowers only in winter and then for the rest of the year it is a dry bush. No, there are varieties that bear flowers almost all the year round and these are there in all the different kind of roses mentioned above.

Bits about Bytes
Time to give
Roopinder Singh

Narayana Murthy
Narayana Murthy

We are all proud because of the charitable act of one - Wipro chairman, Azim Premji, who is said to be India’s third-richest man, has committed $2 billion to charity, to education specifically.Premji has long and fairly silently been involved in various initiatives to help education of children. Now, he has upped the ante and given what is estimated to be about nine per cent of his personal wealth to the cause. The point to note is that he has given his personal wealth, not funds generated out of his company profits.

Is he alone? Not at all. Let’s look at the following instances that have been in the news recently:

The Tata Group gave $50 million to Harvard Business School.

Infosys co-founder Naryana Murthy and his wife Sudha gave $5.2 million to Harvard University. Murthy’s alma mater, Cornell, was the recipient of his largess earlier.

Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani and wife Rohini gave $5 million for the Yale India Initiative.

HCL founder Shiv Nadar has promised to give one-tenth of his wealth for charity. He is worth $4 billion.

Azim Premji
Azim Premji

You have, of course, realised that the the examples given above are of people who earn their living from computers, either by using them or by making them in the last case. While IT has, by no means, a monopoly on large-scale charitable donations, it has been in the news recently, and certainly in the public eye, nothing can match what Bill Gates has done in donating billions and billions of dollars for a number of charitable causes.

By no means are the IT barons alone in this, India has a long history of businessmen giving back to society, mostly for religious, educational and medical charities. Prominent among them have been the Tatas and the Birlas, but others like the Bajaj family, and near home the Modis and the Thapars have set up various educational institutions for the public. Earlier, the Mahrajas gave liberally to educational institutions far away from their own kingdoms. Patiala was a big contributor to Aligarh Muslim University; Khalsa College, Amritsar, had various wings dedicated to the states that had contributed liberally to its construction, and so on. Even now, various alumni organisations, notably the Patiala Health Foundation, set up by Patiala Medical College alumni, contribute materially and otherwise, to their alma mater.

There is, however, a significant difference. The IT entrepreneurs are basically first generation, and they did not come from wealth. They have made money, and have demonstrated social responsibility by dipping into their personal fortunes and giving out of them.

IT has turned out to be one field where ethical, enterprising, bright and hard-working people can realise their dreams and more. Since setting up an IT enterprise is not as capital intensive as other industries, IT has also helped many bright people with ordinary middle-class economic backgrounds achieve success. A culture of giving back to society has been nurtured in the industry and although as compared to Western standards Indians do not contribute much to charity, the IT industry as a whole has made a great positive contribution in giving back to society.

IT is slowly transforming the way things are done. Just go to an e-sampark kendra in Chandigarh and you will see how easy it has become for time-strapped people to take care of their chores, like paying bills and requesting various government departments for services, including passports. Every time a result is announced, everyone makes a beeline for the Internet, because all results are today, as a matter of course, posted online. A decade ago, this was revolutionary, and a decade before that it was unheard of. The digitisation of land records may finally help us get rid of the notorious patwaris who have a stronghold on all property matters.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

However, in matters of donating personal wealth, there is still a degree of reluctance, perhaps because of a feeling that there is overall corruption and no one wants to give money unless he or she knows that it will be used well. However, here too, the change is welcome, especially when one sees it among the rank and file of IT companies.

During a visit to the Chandigarh IT Park, we saw a group of young employees teaching older people. We were told that they had taken it upon themselves to teach the security guards, employed by a contractor, to brush up their reading and writing skills. It was heartening to see the mutual respect with which people from different socio-economic backgrounds and age were treating one another.

As one sees IT transforming life, the extent of intangible differences that are coming about in our life because of IT are becoming even more obvious. And the best part is that the people at the top are leading the way, as they should.

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Music to the ear

Sony is all set to add vividness in your life with the ultra chic and super stylish range of E-Series Walkman. Available in delightful colours like gold, red and black, this innovative product is designed for the young and the young at heart. Combining fun, form and function, this Walkman delivers a rich audio performance with clarity and precision and has an easy user interface. With the new E-series, consumers will be constantly entertained as the player offers up to 50 hours of audio and 10 hours of video playback time on a single charge.

The E-series features five of Sony’s proprietary sound technologies, which deliver crisp and clear sound quality. Newly integrated is Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) that creates more natural tones that stay true to the original recording. The new walkman range from Sony sports an improved user interface, making it easier for users to navigate and enjoy music and videos. Scroll through music albums simply with large views of album artwork on its clear 2.0-inch QVGA LCD screen. The Walkman also comes with a handy Bookmark function which lets users create, add to or edit up to five personalised playlists on the walkman itself. The convenient Drag & Drop Transfer system enables you to easily transfer data to and from your walkman.

Complementing this feature is the Karaoke Mode, which automatically reduces the volume of original performer’s vocals, allowing users to hear the backing audio easily. The key of the song can also be adjusted to match their natural pitch without affecting playback speed. New SensMe channels automatically analyse and categorise the music library with Sony’s 12 Tone Analysis technologies, creating a series of themed playlists. With this feature, users can simply pick a music channel to suit his current mood, be it upbeat or mellow. It comes with a built-in FM radio with which you can enjoy your favourite music station anytime anywhere. - — TNS 

Know your POSITION
Amitpal Singh Grewal

Global Positioning System (GPS) is new to our country and not understood very well as of now, but GPS forms the base of most of the wonderful gadgets that we boast of today.The GPS uses satellite navigation system, which helps us reach unknown locations without seeking directions. It has been used by the Armed forces all around the world, as also by the automotive industry.

Sales of cars with GPS devices have more than doubled over the past few years. With better and brighter colour screens, improved accuracy, and added features such as traffic alerts, speed limit reminder etc, GPS is a veritable boom for the automotive industry.

Handheld GPS units have dramatically changed outdoor travel experience, replacing map and compass with moving digital maps and other data. These hand-held devices let you enter ‘waypoints’ for a favourite fishing spot, safe passage across a stream, a campsite etc. These can also ensure security by makes the possibility of ‘getting lost’ almost negligible.

Some manufacturers offer GPS products specifically for cycling or running. In cycling, for example, a GPS unit can be attached to a conventional cycle handle bar front carrier, which helps in route mapping, reveals the heart rate etc. Specialised golf GPS receivers provide precise yardage and other useful information, and can be preloaded with your favourite courses.

GPS has been a boon for recreational and commercial boaters. Moving-map displays and navigation overlays are incredibly convenient, easy to use, and dramatically enhanced all-weather gadgets. Portable marine GPS navigators often come loaded with detailed coastal maps and many additional maps for the earth’s topography. Some of the features can be downloaded from the Internet as well.

Portable aviation units offer intuitive, moving-map views with navigation overlays; map page, terrain page, route page, position data page, direct to navigation, airport information etc.

A GPS is a good buy for those who like to travel, as it works anywhere in the world.

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Power TV

Toshiba, a global leader in advanced technology, today revolutionized the LCD TV market in India with the launch of the world’s first Led TVs with integrated battery back-up. In addition, the company also launched a flagship Led TV and its first ever 3D Led TV for the Indian market, strengthening its existing line-up of flat panel TVs with the addition of 10 new models across LED & LCD technologies.

According to Shigenori Tokumitsu, vice president, Visual Products Company, Toshiba Corporation, “India is a key strategic market for us, and with these technologically advanced products, especially the Power TV range of flat panel TVs specifically designed to meet the needs and demands of the Indian market and our new Flagship LED model, we are looking to enhance our market leadership position in India as well.”

The new product launches will be well complemented by a 360-degree marketing campaign involving ATL & BTL promotions. The company will be leveraging its association with Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar to promote the new range additions, expecting that synchronization of Sachin’s uncompromising effort and Toshiba’s philosophy of developing technology will move peoples’ hearts.

Toshiba 3D LED TV

The WL700 series of ultra-slim 3D LED TVs marks the launch of Toshiba’s first ever-3D LED TV for the Indian market. Designed in a collaboration between Toshiba’s in-house design team and Jacob Jensen Design, one of Europe’s leading design studios in high-end electronics, the WL700 series stands out for a minimalist design in glass and metal, both elegant and sophisticated at the same time, with an ultra-slim profile, only 29mm deep, and a bezel-free screen.

 The new 55-inch and 46-inch Full HD TVs feature high-contrast Edge LED backlight panels, 3D Resolution+ - the upscaling technology for 2D and for 3D images. With the brilliant Edge LED backlight panel, which offers a dynamic contrast of 7,000,000:1, 200Hz motion-enhancement technology, and ClearScan 200 Pro, the WL700 series offers bright, clear pictures free of motion blur.

At only 29mm thick, the WL700 series feature an integrated sub-woofer that adds body to bass that provides a natural and vibrant sound. The integrated *Audyssey EQ® provides clear, accurate and natural sound right out of the box. Together, these technologies ensure an audio experience as rich and satisfying as the video. — TNS

Haute pick

Charged upCharge any phone with this little pocket emergency charger, which works with a 1.5 volt AA size battery, just insert a AA battery into the charger and attach it to your phone.

This charger is equipped with two white LEDs, which helps you use it as an emergency flashlight. It costs anywhere between Rs 100 to 170.

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