Dawn of a social era
Jigyasa Kapoor Chimra

After the movie The Social Network that has bagged four Golden Globe Awards, the knowledge about popular social networking site Facebook has grown manifold

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

For generation Facebook — which begins its day with who's doing what on Facebook to calling it a day with 'had a long tiring day' or 'had a blast today — the good news is that the movie The Social Network bags four Golden Globe Awards, including the one for best drama.

Although the movie is almost worthy of the credit, it isn't just a film of the moment. It is cinema du jour, and proves that controversies, debates and discussions might have sprung on the use of social networking sites, but Facebook is a real success story. And so is the movie, although the film has certain element of fiction that recounts the story of the founding of social networking site Facebook — an international phenomenon with 600 million users — that was started in a college dormitory by founder, billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. The film revolves around his rise from being an undergraduate to one of the richest person on the planet and also goes into the periphery of hacking, lawsuits and deceit.


  • Facebook is a social network service and website launched in February 2004, which is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc.
  • Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow computer science students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.[10]
  • The website's membership was initially limited by the founders to Harvard students, but was expanded to other colleges in the Boston area, the Ivy League and Stanford University. It gradually added support for students at various other universities before opening up to high school students, and, finally, to anyone aged 13 and over.
  • Facebook has had its set of controversies. It has been blocked intermittently in several countries including the People's Republic of China, Vietnam, Iran, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Syria, and Bangladesh on different bases. For example, on the basis of anti-Islamic and religious discrimination content allowed by Facebook, it was banned in many countries of the world.
  • It has also been banned at many workplaces to prevent wastage of employees' time.

(Courtsey: Internet)

The film would appeal more to anyone who uses Facebook, but it is a creation that has been a phenomenon because it has changed the way the world communicates and relates to each other.

"I saw this movie online," says Ashutosh Kapoor, a telecom employee from Mohali. While mentioning that the movie captures the spirit and essence of a generation, he adds, "This movie has done what The Graduate did for the late-1960s. (If you don't know about the movie, The Graduate was a cultural touchstone as the movie touched the topic of a young man falling for an older woman. This was also the time when the term 'generation gap' was coined, as there was a stark difference in the thinking of people in their 20's and 50's.) The Social Network is interesting not because it depicts how Facebook was founded, but how an idea was born and the story behind it."

Showcased for almost two weeks in the city multiplexes, the movie did fairly well with our city folks. Having watched the movie first-day-first-show, Ankit Sood, a computer engineer says, "Everyone I know liked the movie. And it's not because the movie is about Facebook, but because it reveals what led to the creation of Facebook. Most of the people did not know about Mark Zuckerberg and it was after the film that they got to know about him. The best thing about the movie is that it does not talk only of positive things, but also shows Mark in a negative light and how he stole the idea." Calling it a well-deserved win, he adds, "Facebook has become a part of our daily life, but the movie showcases the past and not the present."

"I found the movie touching as one could relate to it. The hardwork behind the idea was showcased well and the actors did their job well. In fact, the lead actor (Jesse Eisenberg) who played Mark did his job really well," says Jaspreet Waraich, teacher at Vivek High School, Sector 38. "Since Facebook is a rage these days and has become the lifeline of teenagers, it was great to see how it came into being. After watching the movie, I can relate better to what my teenage son is talking about," she adds.

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Say it with a petrol bottle!
Ashima Sehajpal

With the latest increase, petrol prices have hit the roof. Time is not far when people would prefer to gift petrol to their loved ones

Wish we could have availed this rare opportunity before Christmas; even better if the wisdom had dawned upon us before Diwali. It's better late than never though, let's pledge to make the most of this Valentine's Day - buy your loved one a gift of utility and going by the state of affairs, what better than a bottle of Rs 60 (almost) a litre petrol! The liquid gold is now the ideal replacement for the yellow metal.

Please don't get an empty soft drink bottle filled from a petrol pump as a gift, that's so tacky. We are sure that with prices rising fortnightly; the gift shops will make it available across the counters very soon. Just like the way there're designer perfume bottles, we will have designer containers for petrol! Chances are that the men in business might also employ the best of the artists to paint the containers.

Advertisements would read something like this - 'gift your beloved a rose scented petrol bottle this Valentine's Day or 'ensure that your love keeps going; fill petrol in your car with a colourful pipe'! Designer petrol handles, designer pipes will be a rage. Car companies might consider a transparent, glass petrol tank for the car. The litres of petrol visible to all will eventually decide the strata of society one belongs to.

The part of society that will be affected the most by the steep rise in prices of petrol are the ones often seen on the Geri Route! The bumper-to-bumper car traffic would be a thing of the past. Traffic will trickle to a car or two in a day. Only in the sale season, boys and girls will relive their golden moments.

Any vehicle that runs on petrol will have the mandatory social message written on it - 'don't mix drinking and driving'. As the SMS joke goes, "It's official, beer is cheaper than petrol", driving will become riskier. Petrol is expected to become such a prized possession that the biannual one-crore lotteries will be done away with lifelong subscription of petrol! Cash prizes will be replaced by petrol prizes. For example, the next winner of 'Bigg Boss' will win 10,000 litres of petrol. Banks will offer insurance against rise in petrol prices for a fixed period of time, depending on the scheme and premium you can afford. Don't miss the 'conditions apply' warning message and make sure to seek guidance from a petroleum accountant, who like chartered accountants will advise how to best invest in petrol!

Those like us will have no choice but to go back to bicycles. The environment ministry will be applauded for near-zero pollution levels, which in fact will become possible only with sincere efforts of the petroleum ministry and companies. Things are seldom fair in India! The few enthusiasts supporting the cause of 'equality of petrol' will only be able to make their voice reach the corridors of power by taking out candlelight vigils. That has helped in a few serious cases in the past. Till then, we will be mute spectators to the ever-rising petrol prices.

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Golden moments

The Social Network won four Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, including best drama, making it a front-runner in Hollywood's Oscar race after sweeping several honours from critics and industry groups in recent weeks.

The Social Network also won the best director award for David Fincher, best screenplay for writer Aaron Sorkin and best musical score, written by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

Dressed to kill

Glamorous actors in colourful dresses and shimmering jewels paraded down the red carpet. Natalie Portman, wore a light pink Viktor and Rolf dress with a red flower across the front, and Nicole Kidman donned a cream-colored, off-the-shoulder dress by Prada. Michael Douglas, fresh from treatment for throat cancer, and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones turned out for the show. Douglas presented the trophy for best film drama and received a standing ovation.

The film recounts the story of the founder of the social networking site Facebook, billionaire Mark Zuckerberg.

The Facebook founder did not cooperate with the movie's makers, and the film is a piece of fiction. Nevertheless,producer Scott Rudin and Sorkin pointed out that Zuckerberg's creation has been a phenomenon that has changed the way the world communicates. Another big Golden Globe winner was The Kids Are All Right, which featured two lesbian parents whose children search for their sperm donor father. Kids also picked up the award for best actor in a film comedy for its star Annette Bening, who portrayed one of the mothers in the film.

British actor Colin Firth was named best actor in a film drama for his portrayal of stuttering King George VI in The King's Speech, while Natalie Portman took home the Golden Globe trophy for best actor in a drama with Black Swan. Backstage, Firth was asked about his chances for an Oscar in the same role, but all the actor said he could do was get through his big night on Sunday.

Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman

In other Golden Globe movie honours, Paul Giamatti won the prize for best actor in a comedy film for his role as a caustic man in Barney's Version. Boxing drama The Fighter picked up two Golden Globes for Christian Bale as supporting actor portraying a drug-addicted fighter and for Melissa Leo as supporting actor playing the mother of Christian Bale's character.

Toy Story 3 was named best animated movie for what director Lee Unkrich called "an animated movie that beat with a human heart." And Denmark's "In a Better World" was named best foreign language film.

Host, comedian Ricky Gervais, got the show off to a start by poking fun at movies like "The Tourist" and actor Charlie Sheen, who in recent weeks has been reported partying wildly, causing concern at the CBS television network that airs his comedy, "Two and a Half Men."

Gervais also referenced a scandal that has rocked the HFPA this year. A former publicist sued the group claiming its members received favours in exchange for nominations from movie studios.

"There's just got to be an easier way to get a standing ovation," he said. "Thank you all very much. Needless to say, I'm very, very, very happy to be here tonight. Unlike the Oscars, Golden Globe voters also honour TV programmes and actors. HBO crime series Boardwalk Empire was named best TV drama. Its star, Steve Buscemi, won best actor in a TV drama.

Musical Glee picked up three honors: best TV comedy, best supporting actor for Chris Colfer who plays a gay high school student and for Jane Lynch, a scheming cheerleading coach.

Carlos was named best made-for-TV movie. Al Pacino took the Golden Globe for best actor in a TV movie or mini-series for You Don't Know Jack, and Claire Danes won best actor in a TV movie or mini-series with Temple Grandin.

— Reuters

Spade work
Private corner
Satish Narula

The gardening work never stops. It's a dynamic process and cold is no excuse for complacence because there are certain garden operations that are confined to this period only; for example planting of deciduous plants.

Most of the time we get queries from gardeners that they have just finished with the construction work and now they want to start the garden. The gardeners are concerned about fast-growing species as plants provide privacy, especially in the area from the gate to the lawn where there is every scope of road mongers or the peeping Toms to show interest in your private sitting areas. Normally, the plants take time to grow, which in case of most of these, is about two years. It is because of this reason that the gardeners take the camouflage with the help of bamboo fence, jaafri etc to be removed later once the plants grow.

However, there are quick-growing plants too that form the screen in a few months. One such plant is Manihot, also called tapioca or cassava. We are talking about this plant now as this is the only time of the year when it is dormant and can be multiplied or planted as cuttings.

The plant has thick swollen shakarkandi type starch base and the flour is used for making preparations. The growth of the plant is very fast and it is ornamental. The leaves have a long attachment (petiole) with plant and the colour of petiole is red. In this region, two species are available, one with completely green leaves and in case of other species, it is with yellow variegation. The leaves are bold, lobed and open-hand-and-fingers like. These are thickly placed and when planted closely, they make a good cover in no time. The cuttings are planted now. For this, 10 inches long cuttings should be taken and planted two thirds in the soil. Keep the soil moist. These will sprout as the weather warms up. A word of caution; the emerging bud is so placed on the protrudence on a cutting that one may take it as upside down and in this confusion may plant the cutting upside down. Make sure you do it the right way.

Chandigarh has the symbol of open hand and with that comes open view of some of the houses that are placed in a T-fashion. The first floor residents may have a direct gaze in your lawn. For this, one has to depend upon high-rise plants for privacy. But at the same time space is also a constraint as to now allow tall trees. However, with judicious planting plan and upkeep of the plants in future, one could achieve this easily. Most of the time I have seen people going in for Ashok (pendula) but when this plant overgrows above a certain height, it starts bending on one or the other side. For this, the plant needs pruning at ten feet height. The plant after some time attains its original pendulam shape. [email protected]

Myth of the week
Tree taboo

Some of the people consider kathal tree as taboo. This is wrong. In fact, it is the tree that spreads like barh tree, has excellent shade and plenty of fruit and can be recommended for plantation at village chaupals. I wonder how could any tree or vegetation be associated with evil. It is also surprising that sister strains of same species are at times worshiped. Do not forget, all the trees are God's best creations for the welfare of mankind and other life on this planet. Shed your fears for once and go in for them uninhibited.

Sale-ing away
Jigyasa Kapoor Chimra

Grab your purse, pick up your shopping bag and go out…the sale season has struck, and it has struck big

Shopping is the last thing that comes to mind in this cold weather, but when we say 'It's on sale', most of us would grab our handbags, step into a comfortable pair of shoes and head straight to Sector 17 for some serious retail therapy. And making the most of the best deals on clothes, shoes and much more, the shopoholics wouldn't leave any stone unturned (read shop) for the best bargain.

While we know what triggers the shopping bug in us, we check out what makes the brands go on sale, which is as hefty as 40 and 50 per cent.

Offering up to 20 per cent plus five for their privileged customers, Rajnish Jain from Meena Bazaar says, "No doubt sale attracts a lot of customers but our sale is for a limited period. And we offer clothes from the fresh lot." Ask him about the economics of sale and he says, "Most of the showrooms offer sales to liquidate the old stock. No one would pick up the same clothes next season. Though sales are not always profitable, another reason to put the merchandise on sale is the change of season. One has to stock new clothes for a fresh shelf value."

Talking about genuine and the overvalued sales, he says, "Customers are no fools. If the shopkeeper manipulates and puts higher MRP, the customer wouldn't go and pick those stuff. Only a genuine sale would attract customers."

Talk about the harsh winter this time and its effect on sale season, he says, "Due to the cold weather the sale has been pushed one week ahead this year. Woollens had also gone out of stock in Ludhiana."

Though the consumers bite the sale bait quite enthusiastically, Geet Sethi, regional manager, Esprit, says, "We are offering up to 45 per cent off and the sale is likely to go up." Offering discounts on knitwear and most of the items that are showcased, she says, "We have a new collection every month so we have to clear up the old stock. Other than that sales mostly have the slow movers of the season and the target audience is definitely different." Don't the regular customers object? "Yes, our members do come and see the sales just to check out what's on offer and it's amazing to hear when they say, "we just came to see that only those things are on sale what we have already worn."

However, with brands like Adidas, Arrow and Louis Philippe going on sale, people can actually have their fill. Ask the consumers what they look for when they go 'sale shopping'. Says Gurpreet Dhillon, a business woman from Phase VII Mohali, "A discount up to 50 per cent is what attracts me. But before one ventures out to buy during the sale you must keep in mind that the dress you are buying is for the next season."

Well, if you are the one who wants to have the best of all brands, than French Connection UK (FCUK), Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein too are offering discount. Here you can treat yourself with the Autumn Winter's finest collection at a fabulous price.

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No blues on the move
Jasmine Singh

The use of Bluetooth technology in vehicles still does not go down well with many

More than often, we tend to ignore the biggest blessing - life - till the time something comes as a sudden jolt to make us sit and notice; something like a road accident. The mobile phone rings, without thinking for a second you jump to take the call, least acknowledging the unpredictability of traffic. Boom, there you go! A two-minute call could cost Rs 2,000 or even Rs 20,000, not to mention the life at stake.

Throw in 'our' word, technology and the nearest that comes to mind, to ensure safety in cars is Bluetooth. While most users feel this has reduced the chances of accidents, while others think it is not a comfortable proposition to communicate through Bluetooth in cars with someone sitting besides you. Of course, all conversations are not to be heard! What good is the invention then? Is the technology a blessing in disguise or not really?

Vivek Gohil, manager for service, Mercedes, talks about the Blue-Fi technology being offered by all Mercedes dealers wherein if you have Bluetooth on your mobile when you enter the agency, you can get all technical specifications of all models of cars on your phone. You can download the information if you want. When it comes to using Bluetooth in cars, Vivek has seen people going in for the same, but they have second thoughts as well. "Driving while talking on the phone is anyway not safe. But the new technology enables the customers to put the phone on Bluetooth and talk without any hindrance. At the same time, it is not always comfortable to talk when someone is sitting with you in the car. You wouldn't want someone else hearing your conversation," he says.

Interestingly, Bluetooth technology is much more prevalent in cars in the US than mobile phones. The solution allows drivers to keep both hands on the steering wheel while simultaneously talking on the cell phone. Despite the goodness, the technology doesn't have many takers. Hear out Janish Mittal, director, Snow View, Shimla, "It is present in top-end variants. We cannot ignore other features that are present in the hi-end models, which the customers would like to go in for." He adds, "Of course, most customers are not comfortable talking on speakers. Using Bluetooth headphone is a better option." Bluetooth wireless handset connects to your Bluetooth cellphone, but you still need to dial the number on the cell phone. The good part is that incoming calls can be answered with the push of a button.

How can we forget that everything comes with a price and so does this one! After-market kits installed by professionals are another option. Despite this, people prefer the credibility of factory-installed Bluetooth kit. The problem persists. Raj Naresh Singh, managing director Bhagat Ford, answers in a lighter vein. "Talking on phone does distract you any which way, whether you use Bluetooth or don't. But if one feels awkward talking on Bluetooth, it can always be put on private mode." At the same time, Raj Naresh Singh does not deny the benefit of technology on long routes. Why talk on phone while travelling in the first place we believe? "It is difficult to practise what you preach," he laughs. 'Road habits' die hard, what say?

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Bits about bytes
Build Internet’s Vishavkosh
Roopinder Singh

In 1930, the first definitive encyclopaedia in Punjabi, Gurshabad Ratnakar Mahankosh, was published. Written by Bhai Kahan Singh of Nabha, it was one of the earliest works of its kind, and is still the standard reference book consulted by all serious researchers, who wish to know more about Sikh religion, customs, heritage and ethos. Today we can access this encyclopaedia online and a PDF version of the volume can be downloaded at http://www.rarasahib.com/ downloads.htm.

We all know that the most accessed online encyclopaedia is Wikipedia, and on January 15 it celebrated its 10 years. Wikipedia is accessed by millions of users; the site has grown from nothing to around 1.7 crore articles. Out of this, 35 lakh are in English.

Wikipedia is making a major push to add more Indian content and it has you know, there are only 67,171 articles in Hindi. Though Punjabi was an early entrant (since 2003) it is yet to make a significant presence. As of now, there are 2,803 users and 1,949 articles, but only 27 contributors to the Punjabi wiki. By the way, there are close to 1,500 articles in Sanskrit.

Why? We really can't say, but let's make the effort to make a difference this time by writing for Wikipedia in Punjabi and Hindi. We must generate more content that people can use and be enlightened about. The procedure for adding content is rather simple, and you will have the 'early-bird' advantage. Please log on at http://pa.wikipedia.org/wiki to see the Punjabi and at http://hi.wikipedia.org/wiki for the Hindi home page.

While the quality of the Wikipedia articles is not consistent, there is no doubt that the encyclopaedia is consistently the top resource for those who are looking for information. In fact, this is where you can help, you contribute to sharing your knowledge with others, and for this you get their gratitude and the pride of a job well done.

I would also appeal to various educational institutions, schools, colleges and universities, to get the students and the faculty involved in contributing to Wikipedia, in English as well as in the other languages.

Punjabi University, Patiala, is one of the few universities in the world to be named after a language. It has an excellent Advanced Centre for Technical Development of Punjabi. The department has done significant work in taking Punjabi to the world of computers.

Now, we have competence in Punjabi computing. Along with it there is a commitment to the Punjabi language, which is the core of the charter of Punjabi University, Patiala. It is thus only fitting that the intellectual resources of this university should now be harnessed to publish more informative articles, in Punjabi for the online world. The university has been working on a project to translate Gurshabad Ratnakar Mahankosh, and thus from a Mahankosh to an online Vishavkosh is a natural progression.

The Mahankosh and the Wikipedia models are very different, but represent significant attempts to share knowledge with the world and enlighten readers. If we want to to be recognized by the world, we must share what we have, so that they can appreciate it.

No doubt there will be problems adjusting to a democratic resource where anyone can challenge and change what you write, but then, this particular Wikipedia attribute has stood the test of time, and has proved again and again how even if someone mischievously changes some information, others correct it and eventually the collaborative effort brings forth objectivity and transparency.

By the way, even as far as revision is concerned, even Bhai Kahan Singh revised Gurshabad Ratnakar Mahankosh, himself, before publishing the next edition.

By contributing to Wikipedia, we will learn much ourselves and also put online knowledge about ourselves to the rest of the world. Will it make the world a better place? Let's wait and watch!

[email protected]

Frame by frame

Samsung announced the launch of NX10 - its first foray into the mirror-less interchangeable lens camera segment. The Samsung NX10 has the heart of a DSLR embedded inside the compact frame of a digital camera, successfully integrating the APS-C size CMOS sensor with a mirrorless interchangeable lens, in a small, light and ergonomically designed body that ensure maximum portability for users. With the launch of its flagship, next generation NX10 camera model, Samsung is looking to establish itself as an innovator in digital still camera market.

The NX10 incorporates a fast and decisive auto focus (AF), 14.6 MP APS-C size CMOS sensor and unique, large 3.0" AMOLED screen, allowing users to easily view their images, even in bright sunlight. The 3.0" AMOLED screen facilitates by providing easier viewing in bright sunshine or at acute viewing angles, meaning users no longer need to shield their screen with their hand. The AMOLED screen also provides 30,000 times faster response rate than conventional LCDs, has lower power consumption and a higher contrast ratio - 100,000:1 vs. 500:1.

According to Ravinder Zutshi, deputy managing director, Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. "The new Samsung NX10 marks the start of the next generation of cameras. For the first time in the market, Samsung has successfully integrated an APS-C size sensor into a compact body by eliminating the mirror box, meaning that our users can now be as creative as they want to be on the move without having to compromise on image quality,"

The NX10 also contains a range of intelligent features to put professional quality images within reach of the amateur photographer. First with an 18-55mm lens kit (Rs 42,990) and second with 30mm Pan Cake lens (Rs. 44,990). With the addition of this new model, Samsung's Digital Still Cameras range now comprises a total of 31 models priced between Rs. 6,990 to Rs. 44,990. — TNS

Time to PLAY
Amitpal Singh Grewal

Every generation has a hit gadget, but in our case we have super hi-tech gadgets and that also so many that pointing out one is really difficult!

However, out of all, MP3 players are really popular. With all due respect to the DVD player and GPS, MP3 is clearly the favourite.

Before the MP3 player, people had to purchase portable cassette or CD players. Not only were these devices much heavier and less portable, they could only play one CD or cassette at a time. Users would only have access to ten or twelve songs at a time. In comparison, even a small MP3 player can hold a few hundred songs. MP3 players also give the users the ability to purchase only the songs they like. So, instead of paying for a full CD with two or three hit songs, they can simply download songs from the Internet for free or at a minimal price. Like any innovative new technology, the MP3 player actually saves people a lot of money.

When choosing an MP3 player, probably the most important consideration is of usage. Regardless of the manufacturer, the price and size of an MP3 player is often determined by its memory. As a general rule, the larger the player, the more memory it will have. The size of the player is very important when you use it to work out or while travelling.

One of the most common mistakes new MP3 player owners make is that they purchase one that is too big. Larger, heavier and more expensive units can store thousands of songs, but so much storage is not required if one uses an MP3 for just 40 to 45 minutes a day. For this purpose you would want a smaller, lighter player that can hold an adequate number of songs. Moreover, even the smallest of MP3 devices can store multiple albums. For example, a player with 1 GB of storage can hold as many as 240 good quality songs.

Millions of drivers across the world are connecting their MP3 players or memory sticks to car stereos. This simple and inexpensive accessory is very convenient. A 4-GB memory is more than enough for the car. If your car stereo doesn't have a USB port to connect your player to the audio system, you will need an FM transmitter, a Bluetooth transmitter or an iPod dock that is compatible with your car stereo.

Haute pick
Lighting up

The LED rechargeable emergency lamp can be used as a light bulb, which can be attached directly to the standard type light bulb holder. It can be used as an emergency backup; once connected to the holder it will automatically light up when there is no electricity. The lamp provides 5-6 hours back-up light when fully charged. The lamp can also be removed from the holder and still be used as an emergency light or an inspection lamp in workshops or even while one is camping.


Connecter: Standard bulb type holder

Back-up time: 8 to 12 hours

Charging time: 8 hours (20 hours for a dead battery)

Model NO.: YITENG YT-9181

Standard: 23LEDs

Origin: China

Material: Plastic

Installation Mode: Handle

Bulb Type: LED

Battery Type: 4.0V/600 MA

Cost - 100 to 140 INR

Blame the fame

Javier Bardem Hollywood actor Javier Bardem compares his fame to being like a zoo animal. The Spanish actor who is married to Penelope Cruz finds hard to deal with the star status because people recognise him wherever he goes. “My job is to try to portray behaviour. But I can’t watch behaviour because people are watching me. You feel absurd, and that’s not natural. You are in a zoo.

“You go to a shop and people look at you. That’s the only thing that gets me a little nervous,” said the No Country For Old Men star. The 41-year-old star admits that he took up acting to express himself and not to be famous. “People think actors want to be famous - but no! Well, some of them, yes - but I’m doing this job because it’s my way of expressing something. I need to do it,” Bardem added. The Oscar winner was last seen in the Spanish movie Biutiful which released last year. — PTI

Guest appearance

Anne Hathway
Anne Hathway

Hollywood actor Anne Hathaway is also set to make a cameo on hit TV musical ‘Glee’, confirmed the show’s creator Ryan Murphy, who is also planning to use songs by Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga in upcoming episodes. The 28-year-old ‘Princess Diaries’ star will play the lesbian aunt of Chris Colfer’s character Kurt. “The thing that’s great about Anne Hathaway is that she created her own character and we just ran into her and we said ‘Really?’ So we’re going to do that. We love her,” said Murphy. Meanwhile, Amber Riley, who also stars in the show revealed that two Justin Bieber songs have been planned into the script.

“There’s gonna be two Bieber songs, and I think ‘Baby’ is one. I think that’s correct. ‘Somebody to Love’... I think ... those are the two songs,” said Riley, who plays Mercedes Jones. “Bieber comes up in episode 13 as a small plot point.

Another Lady Gaga episode is in the works,” confirms Murphy. The superstar’s unreleased single ‘Born This Way’ will be used to highlight the plight of school bully Karofsky, played by Max Adler, who the show has hinted might be gay. — PTI

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