A Gandhi of our times
Reviewed by Uttam Sengupta
Nelson Mandela: Conversations with Myself
Pan Macmillan.
Pages 454.
` 999.

T is often the insignificant detail that provides illuminating insights about significant people like the time when Nelson Mandela was sent back to his hotel from a conference in New York. It was at the United Nations and far too many people wanted to shake hands with him.


Basic urban issues under spotlight
Reviewed by Kanwalpreet
Contemporary Indian Urban Society: Ethnicity, Gender and Governance
By Rajesh Gill.
Bookwell, New Delhi.
Pages 377.
` 845. 
THE contemporary Indian society is in a flux. In fact, the rural as well as urban societies are undergoing changes that need to be understood. Rajesh Gill has tried to do exactly the same through this book, which consists of deliberations on various problems faced by people living in the periphery of urban areas.

Cairo agenda and beyond
Reviewed by Rajesh Kumar Aggarwal
Markets and Malthus: Population, Gender and Health in Neo-liberal Times
Eds Mohan Rao and Sarah Sexton.
Sage. Pages 350.
` 795.
WAS the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) held at Cairo in 1994 a paradigm shift or was it just another population control strategy in a new avatar? Can it be termed as a marriage of multinational feminism with international debt?

The great divide
Reviewed by Sumit Alhawat
India Divided
By Rajendra Prasad.
Penguin Books.
Pages 565.
` 499.
INDIA Divided is a very important historical document, prepared by Dr Rajendra Prasad who later on became India’s first President. In a nutshell, the book covers his approach and his fundamental opposition to the proposal for Partition.

Single state
Humra Quraishi
Author Sushmita Bose brings out the ups and downs of a singleton’s life
USHMITA Bose’s weekly column in a national daily — ' Single In the City' — was a hit with not just not the singletons but also with the much married, for it revealed their highs and lows. Well, now the entire series has been put together in a book of the same name, Single In The City (Om Books).

Advocating art
Nonika Singh
RT shouldn’t be all sugar and sweet. It must stir within." So believes well-known photographer and filmmaker Samar S Jodha. Any wonder, his art project at the India Art Summit 2011, titled ‘Bhopal: A Silent Picture’, relived the world’s worst environmental and industrial disaster.

Short Takes
Complex society, amusing anecdotes
Reviewed by Randeep Wadehra
New Understanding of Indian Society 
by S. R. Mehta. 
Indian Institute of Advanced Studies. 
Pages 658.

  • Madhouse
    Ed. Urmilla Deshpande & Bakul Desai.
    Pages xx+335.

  • Mall Watch
    By Rajbir Deswal.
    DK’s Books for All.
    Pages xviii+201.

New Bond novel
Rob Sharp
he world's most debonair spy is to swap Monte Carlo's casinos for the sun-scorched souks of the Middle East. The next James Bond book is to be called Carte Blanche and will see 007 face down peril among the chintzy nightclubs and towering skyscrapers of Dubai.