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PM’s integrity beyond reproach

The editorial “Pushed hard by scams” (Feb 17) has rightly opined that by responding to questions with his characteristics candour and earnestness, Dr Manmohan Singh has indeed re-established his credentials as a well-meaning leader. I cannot recollect any other Prime Minister of India who can match the clean image of Dr Manmohan Singh. The only other example that comes to mind is that of the late Lal Bahadur Shastri.

If a man of Dr Singh’s integrity says that he is bogged down due to compulsions of the coalition government, we should believe him. What we see instead is the Opposition scoffing at him and even ridiculing him by saying that he is the weakest Prime Minister.

No doubt, Dr Singh is a man of few words but when he gives his word he keeps it. It has already been announced that the government has annulled the ISRO’s deal on S-band with Devos. A Raja is facing trial and let us hope that guilty persons will not be spared. Similarly, scams relating to the Commonwealth Games and the Adarsh Society are being probed and the process of punishing the guilty has begun.

If our judicial system is agonisingly slow what can the Prime Minister alone do? The only flaw of Dr Singh, if we can deem it as one, is that he is soft- spoken and sincere. He does his work sincerely and believes that other ministers will follow suit. It is indeed sad to note that politics in our country has touched an all-time low.

Politics has taken the shape of corporate world and most of our parliamentarians are out there to make a fast buck. This malaise is prevalent in all political parties and if our political leaders do not take any step to check it, the day is nor far off when the credibility of our politicians, which is already at its lowest ebb, will be lost forever.

ARUN HASTIR, Babehali, Gurdaspur


No doubt, during his interaction with the media, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spoke candidly on scams but the common man does not feel satisfied. It is true the Prime Minister is an honest and upright person but, sadly, he failed to check his deviant minister, A Raja, who tarnished the image of the UPA government. It is strange the Prime Minister of the country remained in the dark about his minister’s wrongdoings.

The lessons to control and combat corruption need to be learnt from whatever has happened. Ms Sonia Gandhi and her team should create a mechanism in the Congress to keep a tab on the unethical activities of the leaders and ministers belonging to the party. All the issues pertaining to the coalition partners should be tackled at the party-level.

Spearhead a campaign to cleanse the administration. Ensure people’s participation in making the administration efficient, transparent, accountable and humane. Feudal lords and money sharks should be tackled with the strong arm of the law. Devise ways to curb the generation of black money. The UPA government, if it wants to rule with its head held high must stand by the common people and take all socio-economic measures to improve their quality of life. Economic growth must be inclusive. No government can be run under compulsion. Expose the culprits behind the scams.



The editorial portrayed Dr. Manmohan Singh in the right perspective. It is clear that Dr Singh is an honest man. His candour and combativeness to get rid of corrupt elements has also been proven. Dr Singh should pay more heed to effective governance. 


Encourage cyclists

To the news report, “Uphill ride for Indian cyclists” (Feb 4), I would like to add that cycle racing is a very tough competition and requires months rather years of continuous hard work for getting ready for the races at the international level. It is an event which India must promote at all levels to be able to win a few medals next year at the  London Olympics. 


Control mafias

To the letter “Time to check oil mafia” (Feb 1), I would like to add that apart from oil mafia there are so many other mafias working in almost every field or trade. So it is not the oil mafia alone but all sorts of mafias that need to be checked.


Guests or refugees?

Tibetans along with their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, have been staying in McLeodganj for a long time (editorial, “Firmness pays: Tibetans pipe down protests”, Feb 5). They may consider themselves as refugees or guests. Tibetans while staying as guests must follow the ethics of guests and not get involved in deeds detrimental to their host nation.

For long, India has suffered from cross border terrorism. Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister, Prem Kumar Dhumal’s assertion to deal firmly with the Karmapa and the protest marchers is true to the law of the land and a sign of good governance.

IQBAL SINGH, Bijhari, Hamirpur


I strongly support the bold step taken by Prof. PK Dhumal, Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh. He is right in asserting that since Tibetans are staying here, they have to follow the law of the land. The Centre should clarify the stand of India on Tibetans as to how long will they stay in here in India and what is there status — guests or refugees.

J R AZAD, Shimla

Tiger moms

Hail the Tiger mom! She seems to be back with a vengeance. I belong to this category and I am proud of the fact that I am a strict mother and now we are getting our due recognition though somewhat belatedly. Mothers have been forcefully placed on pedestals and are expected to be stereotypically soft and wishy-washy as far as the upbringing of their kids is considered.

Known for giving in to the demands of the kids at the drop of a hat, consistent cajoling by them and emotional blackmail, the results have been disastrous what with a number of young boys and girls leaving academics for something as frivolous as parties, outings, staying at friends places and sleepovers.

The list of distractions is never ending. With the result, you have wayward adolescents and teenagers who are no asset to their parents, leave aside the nation or the cause of humanity. Schools are strictly forbidden to punish them when it should have been the other way round. The schools should have punished them strictly.

It is time we as parents realised that our love for our children was making us blind to their faults and that to excel in their chosen fields, they needed to have a strict upbringing. They must be forced to pay utmost attention to their academics to make their future secure in this highly unstable world. Otherwise these same kids when they grow up will blame us by saying, “Mom, we were young but you were wise, why didn’t you guide us?”

MINI SAPRA, Ambala City



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