Joint in the FAMILY
What looks like a trend reversal, the joint family system seems to be a popular choice of many youngsters today

What do you prefer - a home full of people from different generations or a quiet den with not many around?

Well, a recent survey from one of the leading online matrimonial sites about its members' matrimonial attitudes gave some fascinating results.

It reveals, "Fifty four per cent of women prefer living in a joint family after marriage — alongside parents and siblings - whereas only 21 per cent want to be in a nuclear set-up."

What is it that springs up this reverse trend? We check out with city folks.

Neerajna Joshi, a homemaker from Sector 37, did not get to choose between the two. In fact, she did not consider it (she has had an arranged marriage), but she is happy to have her parents-in-law staying with her. "I am glad with the set up. The work responsibilities get divided, my daughter Bhargavi (3) gets her share of attention and I feel secure even when my husband is away on tours," shares Neerajana. As for any problems of being in a joint family, Neerajanaa casually brushes them aside, "See, when there are so many positives, few negatives are manageable."

Just like Neerajana, Jyoti, a teacher on sabbatical (she is a new mum), is all for a joint family as well, although she is in a nuclear set-up. "Working and managing children on one's own is not easy. It helps to have in-laws around. For example, just this Sunday, I could go out with my hubby for some shopping just because my visiting in-laws looked after my baby. One doesn't have that luxury when alone," she says.

There are more advantages. "Even financially, one is better off if staying together" she says. Any hiccups? "For some, having in-laws is a burden as freedom is curtailed, but this can be dealt with very well. It is in the hands of in-laws not to bind children," she says.

Anubhav Rana is another supporter of big families. His reasons are different though. "Home is empty without parents. Half of the times it's my wife who is home alone, other times it's me," he shares. This couple works in different shifts, owing to professional commitments. "Sharing time with family is way better than staring at the walls," he points out.

Garima, mother to 13 year old Vivfal and 10-year-old Tejal, who resides in Sector 48, laughs once we put the question across. "I answered the very same question for my philosophy paper," she shares. "I am all in favour of a joint family. If anything has to be blamed for the lack of patience, fellow feeling and caring attitude, it is the disintegration of joint family system," she says. "Home is a child's first school. It is here that a child learns values such as sharing and caring. In a nuclear set-up, things are different. One has one's way and that also shapes them as human being."

Also, joint family system is much more secure. "I couldn't have given my exams, for which I have to go to Patiala, if I did not have caring neighbours. Values like sacrifice and adjustment, which are becoming extinct, can only be restored through the joint family system only," she emphasises.

However, all are not thinking on the same plane. Anil Kumar, ex-army personnel, is finding it difficult to adjust to his own household. "I guess I have been out for too long," says Anil, who was on field almost always whereas his wife stayed with his parents and sister. Now back, Anil finds it difficult to strike a balance. "I want some freedom with my own family. To be able to lead life on my own pace," he rues.

Seconds Karuna, a working mother. "Things are not easy at all. Balancing work, home and a baby in tow sometimes gets maddening but I wouldn't trade my freedom for anything. I want to bring up my child in my own way, however, difficult it is," she says.

With changes that modern life has brought about, more and more people are feeling the heat of being in a nuclear family. Families staying in two-floor arrangements, one for parents and another for married children, is a trend that is being witnessed more now.

(Some of the names have been changed to protect identity)

Changed set-up

"Staying together suits both parents as well as children, but I would not romanticise the idea," says Sherry Sabbarwal, professor of Sociology from Chandigarh. The choice is more practical than emotional. "Nowadays, when most women are working, it is better if family members look after home and children. It helps elders, for they have psychologically security of having children home. Also, staying together is financially more viable than running two different homes," she points out. Even if the families start living together, this is going to be different set-up. "In the new scenario, the younger generation would retain its independence. Earlier staying with parents meant following their system, I don't think younger generation would do that," says Sabbarwal.

Thread of tradition
Traditionally done on khaddar, phulkari has been reinvented and now makes an elegant fashion statement
Vasudha Gupta
BRIDE-TO-BE: Ina Singla
BRIDE-TO-BE: Ina Singla

DECKED UP: Schrinal Chaddha
DECKED UP: Schrinal Chaddha

Bright colours of Punjab interweave themselves into the web of an intricate phulkari, a beautiful art, the origin of which dates back to the 15th century. Phulkaris today are finding their way from grandmother heirloom into the wardrobes of all young brides.

Kaki Ghai, a boutique owner in Sector 9, shares her experience of a theme wedding she has done in phulkari. "My client, based out of London, was to bring home a bride. So for the son's wedding, we did the entire theme for the 'sangeet' in phulkari. The mother and the groom's sister wore the same colour combination," she says.

Since for Punjab, phulkaris tend to become a quintessential part of the trousseau, a precious phulkari was used during the Anad Karaj as well. "A bagh was made for use during the wedding ceremony," she quips. Not only for weddings, phulkaris are also a treasured collection for a few. "This is the one that my grandmother's mother-in-law passed on and now it's with me," Schrinal Chaddha shows off her exquisite phulkari dupatta.

"Earlier, phulkaris were not done on crepes and chiffons. They were done on a very thin variety of cotton called 'tool', even the designing was different as earlier an ideal phulkari depicted wheat and barley designs. Now, it's on lighter fabrics and more geometric. Moreover, the emotional connect with a phulkari was more as the women of the family would gift a hand-made phulkari to the bride. It had a sense of warmth and sanctity of blessings," she beams.

Another bride-to-be, Ina Singla, who has a prized phulkari collection, is also curious about what her in-laws will give her. "I have always loved phulkaris and now that I am getting married in a Sikh family, I am excited about what will be gifted to me," she shares.

We reached out to the roots of the stitch and traced it to Tripri village in Patiala. Women sit out in the lane and embroider the fabric with expertise. Savitri Devi, who has perfected the art, talks about her experience when she started making dupattas and suits. "It's been 60 years," she recounts. "In our times, education for women was never a priority and I had to run the family, so gradually I learnt phulkari," she says. "Since that day, I have been involved in this and today, we have shopkeepers who come to us and place orders. If the orders are huge, we all get together to make one phulkari," she shares.

BRUSH with genius


ART MART: A painting by Jatin Das
ART MART: A painting by Jatin Das

The Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi will organise an exhibition of oil paintings, water colour paintings and drawings by internationally acclaimed artist Jatin Das from May 20-29, 2011, at the galleries of Punjab Arts Council, Sector 16, Rose Garden, Chandigarh. This is going to be a rare opportunity for art lovers of northern region to view the works done by Jatin Das in the last 10 years.

The exhibition will be opened in the presence of the artist at 5.30 pm on May 20 and as many as 100 artworks will be on display during this exhibition. The exhibition will be open every day between 11:30 am and 8:00 pm

CLKA has brought some very prestigious art shows to the city in the last three years, including famous landscape artist Paramjit Singh, renowned photographer Raghu Rai, acclaimed French artist Giai-Miniet, collections from National Lalit Kala Akademi and Garhi Studios, Delhi to name a few. The exhibition is being sponsored by Web Portal, Indian Art

Jatin Das is a contemporary Indian artist, originally from the erstwhile princely state of Mayurbhanj, Orissa. He is one of the most prolific figurative painters and also a graphic artist, sculptor, muralist and a poet. He was born in 1941 and studied painting at Sir JJ School of Art in Bombay (1957-62). A tirelessly innovative explorer of dynamic human figures in terms of linear structuration and breezy brushwork, Jatin Das focuses mainly on man-woman relationships in varying moments of crises, contacts, revelation, and emotional tension. There is monumentality in his treatment of human forms, which is retained even when the forms are energised by way of rhythmic discontinuities of color-planes and rushing lines. A sensitive colourist who refuses to treat his imagery in 3-D volumes, Jatin charges his palette with emotional nuances.

Jatin draws with conte, paints with oil and water colour, engraves on zinc and copper plates. He has been commissioned to execute many murals in India, including the large one for the Indian parliament in New Delhi "Mohenjodaro to Mahatma Gandhi: Five Thousand Years of India." He has also executed steel sculptural installations in India. He has held more than 55 one-man shows in India and overseas, and participated in National and International group shows, such as Paris Biennale, Venice Biennale, Tokyo Biennale and India Triennale.

Take it easy
Simmi Waraich

I am 22-year-old girl in a relationship. My boyfriend loves me very much and I feel the same. But my problem lies in the fact that I am unable to forget my ex. I keep comparing my boyfriend to him. I know its wrong but I am unable to change. I am planning to have a great future with my boyfriend but afraid that this will ruin our relationship. Please help.

M, Chandigarh.

If you just recently broke up with your ex, then it is possible that not enough time has passed to allow you to forget him. The thing is we tend to think in a certain way so when you catch yourself thinking about him, analyse what you are thinking. See what is another way of looking at it?

For instance “Oh, I miss how he used to do this” needs to be changed to “I miss how he did this but he also had a few faults that I just could not have put up with.” or “I miss that but at times he was nasty and I do not have to take that from anyone.” Sometimes we tend to focus on one or two aspects and not the other. If you learn how to analyse and modify your thoughts, slowly your mind starts doing that automatically.

I am 19-year-old guy from Patiala. I don’t have the courage to speak before people. I don’t have any self-confidence. I want to gain confidence and I am not able to smile how I can make my life better?

B, Patiala

Firstly, you are thinking in absolute terms for example, “I don’t have any self-confidence.” You need to learn to change that to “At times, I lack self confidence but that’s okay, I am working on it and I have a lot of strong points as well.” Using absolute words like can not, do not, never, always creates problems. Secondly, when you find yourself criticising yourself also learn to remind yourself that – It is ok, I also have strong points. And that anyone can have weaknesses. Praise yourself for small changes such as talking to a person you would normally avoid because you fear their response. Set small goals, keep encouraging yourself. Change comes slowly. At the end of the day, remind yourself what you enjoyed that day and make a plan for the next day. Keep reminding yourself- “take it easy, you are doing well. That was not that bad.” Or take a self-esteem enhancing course with a psychologist.

(Dr Waraich is a Chandigarh-based consultant psychiatrist. Shoot your problems to or write to Troubleshooter, Life+Style, The Tribune, Sector 29, Chandigarh)

Future Shock
Enter a ROBO chauffeur
Mukesh Kharbanda

Your dearest driver Sahib is on yet another leave for his fourth wedding and has gone to his bibijis ancestral house, yet again! Madam Sharma is bound to request her dear hubby to take her shopping or buy veggies or even better… a trip to her parental house.

Here comes the magic news to the rescue of all 'bechare' hubbbies. How about hiring a robo-chauffeur, someone who would just need battery charging once a week and no vacations? Imagine no one will have to listen to all your wife has to brag about, this with the biggest possible mechanical smile on his cute Robo face.

If you find it a bit hard to believe, I won't blame you at all. The hopes of the self-driven road crafts have been promised time and again and we are known for meeting our over extended timelines, especially when the intelligent techies come into the frame! An automatic driving machine was promised first by popular mechanics in America in 1940. At World Fair held in US in 1960, people witnessed an unbelievable sight of cars speeding 100 miles per hour with electronic guidance. Safe driving distance was shown to be maintained by automatic radio signal control.

A glimpse into the future, it was hard to believe then…and so is now. Today we have cars with automatic cruise control that slows down the speed on its own with radar or laser detecting the vehicle tailgating.

These proposed super smart cars still have a long way to go to make it happen, but amazing progress has been made in the past several years. During the first grand challenge for driverless cars by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in 2004, none of the cars made it beyond seven miles. Darpa’s next Grand Challenge in 2005 witnessed five cars making it to 132 miles to the finish. Around three years back, in 2007, during Darpa's urban challenge, six cars completed a 60-mile course. They also had to deal with the traffic along the way. With no human cells on the driving wheel, these cars not only covered the distance at 30 mph but also obeyed traffic rules and found parking spots.

Though there was one accident and a few close edges, still engineers were so overwhelmed with the performance that the plans of next Darpa challenge were made on the Grand Prix course. The three breath taking challenges have inspired two Dutch organisations to propose a Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge in September 2011.

With the technology scaling greater heights everyday, even taking into account our strict timelines past records, our newlywed lucky hubbies can hope to witness the driverless cars during their lifetime at least! And hopefully dream to escape from driving your better half to the nearest jewellery/ handicraft/ cotton/ furnishing/ exhibition again.

(Writer is a city- based auto expert)

Comfort is style


Style is what makes one stand out and noticed, it may not be recognised by brands or being dressed a la mode. Petite and winsome, Dr Nurpur Uppal has the instinct to be trendy though being a professional.

Your sense of style is …..

My sense of style is to do with comfort and elegance. My priority is to look graceful in whatever I don.

Latest addition to your treasure of clothing or accessories…

It’s a pink and white kurta from Fabindia, which I feel I can carry of well.

Brand crazy or street pick ups?

I am comfortable in both but of course brands give me a high.

My style icon would be…….

Preity Zinta. She dresses appropriately for all events whether it is an IPL match or a film premiere.

Who do you think is the worst dressed celebrity?

Vidya Balan. I think she should understand that she can’t carry western attire.

Which look would your prefer – sporty, chic or glamorous

Glamorous, whenever my profession allows.

One fashion trend that goes beyond your comprehension…..

Over-exposing is one irritating fashion trend.

Take on accessories?

Accessories, of course, are vital for any effective attire. I specially go in for bangles and earrings.

What gives you a high on the confidence level……..

Compliments give a flip to my ego.

(As told to Poonam Bindra)

it’s rocking
The party anthem

It might not be on the numero uno slot anymore, but it’s the most played track in any party everywhere. The DJs simply love the song for its peppy, fast music and lyrics that mirror the attitude of youngsters. Char Baj Gaye from the film, F.A.L.T.U. is a party anthem now. Choreographed by the director of the movie, Remo, the song is still among the first five songs on the charts even after one month of its release.

Repeat value

Usually in such songs, lyrics don’t make any sense. The song, however, has set different standards. You feel like listening to the song several times just to enjoy its lyrics. My favourite line from the song is, “Mere daddy hain naaraz, lekin party abhi baki hai.’ It’s a song for party lovers and won’t phase out ever I believe. For me, it like party anthem. The track inspires to continue the party till the wee hours of morning.

Harjit Shergill, a PU student

Fun feel

Be it the lyrics, the way it has been sung or the video, Char Baj Gaye has it all that makes me feel like partying every time I hear it. Hard Kaur has done the rap really well. Even in the genre, in which there is not much scope to experiment, she manages to bring in freshness. The video of the party scene in Goa is well shot and youngsters can connect with it pretty well.

Karan Sharma, Student, DAV College

Word wise

Taare ghir gaye, lekin party abhi baaki hai, we haven’t had this wacky lyrics for a long time. There is a difference between clever and lewd lyrics and this song is a great example of the former. The remixes of the song have come out even better, making it a perfect party song. The choreography by Remo has given some new dance steps to party hoppers.

Abhishek Gupta, a private firm employee

(As told to Ashima Sehajpal)

Shades of happiness

Happiness shouldn’t be thought of as a good thing and even pursuing it too much can make people feel worse, said the authors of a review article published in the journal ‘Perspectives on Psychological Science’.

The tools often suggested for making yourself happy aren’t necessarily bad like taking time every day to think about things you are happy about or grateful for, or setting up situations that are likely to make you happy.

“But when you’re doing it with the motivation or expectation that these things ought to make you happy, that can lead to disappointment and decreased happiness,” said June Gruber of Yale University, who co-authored the research with Iris Mauss of the University of Denver and Maya Tamir of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

It is one of the many downsides of happiness — people who strive for happiness may end up worse off than when they started, Gruber said.

Too much happiness can also be a problem, said the researchers, citing a study that followed children from the 1920s to old age and found that those who died younger were rated as highly cheerful by their teachers.

The researchers also found that people who are feeling extreme amounts of happiness may not think as creatively and also tend to take more risks. For example, people who have mania, such as in bipolar disorder, have an excess degree of positive emotions that can lead them to take risks, like substance abuse, driving too fast, or spending their life savings. — PTI

Ready for Asin

Bollywood actress Asin who made her debut with Aamir Khan in Ghajini will now be doing her third Bollywood film Ready with Salman Khan. She has worked with him in London Dreams but she seems quite excited about this film too, which is releasing on July 3

All set?

Yes, I am totally ready for a comeback in Ready. I am very excited about the film. It’s a romantic action film which reminds me of Bollywood masala films.

Playing Sanjana

I play the role of Sanjana Singh who is a vivacious, bubbly young girl, who has come to India to fulfill her parents’ last wish but gets stuck in a mess due to her family history.

Then she meets her dream man and falls in love with him.

I will call Ready a romantic action film.

Salman Khan

It’s always a pleasure to work with Salman as he is one of the biggest stars in Bollywood and since childhood I had a big crush on him. But Salman Khan as an actor or as human being is a great person. Working with him in Ready was really nice as we gelled well even the whole cast and unit were great and had fun during shooting. Salman used to make us laugh throughout the day, he was the best.

Favourite song

I love “Character Dheela”. I just can’t stop listening to it. It’s one of the most foot taping songs of this year and of course Salman Khan and Zarine Khan have done a great job in the video. Niraj Shridhar has one of the best voices in the industry, which is so different and has made the song very catchy.

Anees Bazmee

He is one of the most polite directors I have worked with. He was so chilled out and very welcoming towards us. He listens to his actors and gives them space. I have watched his film Welcome and still laugh even after watching it more than 10 times.

Talk show queen’s last hurrah
Oprah Winfrey kicked off one of her last-ever national talk show with hugs from Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and Madonna in a packed Chicago arena.


“She's a self-made woman who's been at the top of her game for over 25 years — and she's still kicking ass,” Madonna told a delighted audience of about 13,000 as a stunned-looking Winfrey stood beside her on stage.

The show, being taped on Tuesday for airing on May 23 and 24, is billed as "Oprah's Surprise Spectacular" because not even the talk show queen was said to have known who would be appearing.

Winfrey's final original “Oprah Winfrey Show”, whose contents are still under wraps, will air on May 25, bringing to a close 25 years of the most-watched daytime talk show on the US television. Winfrey, regarded as the most influential woman on US television, is wrapping the final season of her syndicated Chicago-based show to devote more energy to her fledgling OWN cable network, which launched in January. Winfrey announced in November 2009 that she would end her talk show, which airs five days a week in some 140 countries.

“Your show has turned surprise into an art form,” Hanks told Winfrey on Tuesday. “Oprah Winfrey, today you are surrounded by nothing but love. Your studio was not big enough to hold it all, so here we are," Hanks said, gesturing around the glittering basketball arena and concert venue.

Shortly after, Madonna walked onstage and praised Winfrey for her courage. “It’s no secret that millions of people are inspired by Oprah,”she said. “I am one of those people ... She fights for things she believes in, even if it makes her unpopular ... I have learned so much from her."

A beaming Cruise told Winfrey it was an honor to have been on her show 12 times since 1988. R&B singer Beyonce prefaced a song and dance performance for Oprah.

The features Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry and singer-actress Queen Latifah. Josh Groban and Patti LaBelle sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and comedy stars Tina Fey and Steve Carell sent in video-taped tributes. — Reuters

chatter box

Shweta is no bikini babe


When Shweta Tiwari accepted Chandrakant's Bin Bulaye Baarati she didn't expect much hassle. But director Chandrakant has been trying his best to get her into daringly sexy outfits in the film.

After shooting her in a daring low choli in a song, he wanted her to wear a white saree- Mandakini style. But smart girl Shweta wore it like a skirt which looked sexy and not vulgar. But she got really angry when the director suggested she wear a bikini for a shot in the film. However, Shweta stuck to her stand.


Pratigya bonds over lunch

Star Plus’ prime time show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya's Ammaji (Thakurain) and Pratigya might fight on screen but are good friends off screen.

The two share their lunch everyday as Ammaji gets something special. The friends have their meal together in either of their vanity vans and when they are on roll they turn hostile again.


GOLDEN MAN: Vikas Kalantri
GOLDEN MAN: Vikas Kalantri

Gold Awards are back

First Global Indian Television Awards- Gold Awards will be held in India this year, after going to Dubai and Mauritius in the last two years. This year a charity organization called Gold Charity Trust will be formed to help people from the television industry. Vikas Kalantari, the organiser of Gold Awards will also arrange a cricket match for charity. The judges this year include popular actors Mahima Chowdhary, Prachi Desai, Rati Agnihotri, Shekhar Suman alongside eminent producers of television serials Dheeraj Kumar and BP Singh.

Veena is hurt

Attention seeker Pakistani actor Veena Malik who has been trying to land big and bigger projects in India post her Bigg Boss appearance, was injured in a car accident in Pakistan. Veena was travelling from Islamabad to Lahore. After her India tv assignment commenting on cricket, she shot for a bridal collection in Mumbai as well as appearing at numerous events to stay in the limelight.

LOVE GURUS: Rashmi and Nandish
LOVE GURUS: Rashmi and Nandish

Terrance has a heart

Terrance Lewis created a buzz with his off-beat clothes he wore as a judge on two dance reality shows that he judged. Lewis is now going to auction his Dance India Dance (DID) and Chak Dhoom Dhoom (CDD) clothes for a social cause. The actor will auction his clothes that he wore on the reality shows and donate the money to charity.

Playing Cupid

Hot couple Nandish Sandhu and Rashmi Desai participated in Swayamvar Season 3 — Ratan Ka Rishta in Jaipur. The recently married jodi was present to encourage Ratan Rajput in her endeavour to find the perfect groom. They will feature as Ratan's friends who will give tips and gyaan to the 16 men wooing Ratan. Lookslike it's raining celebs in Ratan Ka Rishta.


Siddhant in Balaji’s next

Siddhant Karnick, aka the evil Siddharth in Balaji's Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani is in line to bag Balaji's next big show on Colors.

Based on two middle class Maharashtrian families, the leads will be lawyers by profession who fall in love and get married.

The buzz is that Siddhant has been finalized as lead, Priyamvada Sawant of Meri Doli Tere Angana fame is touted to be the heroine.

Ask Siddhant and he admits to have given an audition for the show. Perhaps he is waiting for a nod from Ekta Kapoor. — HRM


astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Control emotions. Partners disagree. Don't put money at stake. You have a positive outlook on life. Be realistic. A childhood dream might be close to becoming a reality. You get admission into an educational institution of choice. Joint finances and interest rates could cause worry. Tarot message: Take care of interests and portfolios of your work. Lucky colour: Orange. Magic number: 42.

TAURUS: Concentrate on career. Be flexible in your thinking. Look at a problem from different angles for a solution. Your popularity is an asset. Don't neglect your home and family. A windfall can give cause for celebration. Tarot message: Dare to accomplish those tasks, which normally take up a lot of time. Lucky colour: Rainbow Pestles. Magic number: 39.

GEMINI: Attention is around home, property, family and long range decisions. Money rolls after lunch. You will have to modify your plans. Friends' company stimulates you. Your determination and thoroughness brings success. A colleague may ask for a loan. Set boundaries. Take care of your stomach. Tarot message: Hard work bears fruit. Lucky colour: Black. Magic number: 27.

CANCER: Hopes fill your heart. A good offer on house comes your way. Patience & hard work pays. Focus on leadership and inspiration. Be prepared for unusual invitations and expectations. You make new acquaintances and visit new places. Loved ones are likely to be agreeable. An unexpected surprise could change your plans. Tarot message: Relax. Lucky colour: Purple. Magic number: 61.

LEO: Surprising events can lead to a major rethink on what you are doing with your life. Love and romance are highlighted. Avoid alcohol and drugs. Renovating home on the cards, speak to your partner. Pay attention to the foundations and plumbing before buying property. Tarot message: Involve yourself as much as possible in new project. Lucky colour: Burgundy. Magic number: 58.

VIRGO: Enjoy a quiet morning and get into any artistic projects around the home. Let your imagination run free. Rent movies and enjoy relaxing while letting your mind travel. Good day for planning. Luck will be with you. Cash crisis resolves after 3 pm. Tarot message: Work could pose certain minor difficulties but don't worry. Lucky colour: Green. Magic number: 33.

LIBRA: Today you will find people generally hard to pin down. Buying & selling is a salient feature. Don't bury disturbing emotions but work through them. Recharge your batteries. Discuss money matters. Reach an agreement with your partner over joint finances. Tarot message: Get a clear perspective and balance your energy. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 51.

SCORPIO: "The Sword" signifies that enduring relationships can be formed with new people who live at a distance. Stick to your regular job. Don't take anything personally. Pay hike and improvement in working conditions are in store. Be happy for the things you do have. Tarot message: Don't play into the hands of a shrewd set of colleagues. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 34.

SAGITTARIUS: Vent your talent. Think with the future in mind. Discuss investment. Real estate matters may suffer. You gain in confidence. Your ideas receive a positive response. An overbearing competitor challenges you. Meditate. Romance is on the cards. Tarot message: It's the thought that counts and not the price tag. Lucky colour: Saffron. Magic number: 45.

CAPRICORN: A good day for romance. Avoid gossip. Sportsmen: exercise. Think long term. A friendly vibe helps resolve pending issues. A colleague may be causing unrest through harassing and abusive behaviour. It could be easy for you to overextend on a loan. Be realistic. Tarot message: Grab financial opportunities. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 47.

AQUARIUS: Get things off your chest. Go along with the wishes of your family. Don't be too demanding. Discussion could clear the air. Pay hike likely. You gain in confidence. You meet an attractive stranger, someone with whom you can relax all night long. Tarot message: Don't leave things to chance. Lucky colour: Deep Red. Magic number: 32.

PISCES: A sensitive day for marital relationship. Pay attention to your health. Don't miss any important calls. Romance can call via poetic text messages, but monitor how much time you spend on such dalliance. Tarot message: Use your judgment and be firm in extracting a commitment. Lucky colour: Crimson. Magic number: 29.

the year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is May 19...

If in a joint family or a combined business, you will be determined to become independent towards the end of 2011. Go ahead even if it creates problems on the family front. Your friends are poised to support you through thick and thin. Turn to them for emotional support. You'll find some great deals on import and export.

A date, job interview, or audition will go extremely well. People will be receptive to your charm. December brings a good opportunity to pay back a loan or settle a credit problem. Joining a new club or society gives you confidence.

Girish Raghunath KarnadBe mature about it if you don’t get your way till March 2012. When your ruling planet Venus meets insatiable Moon, some charming personality would help you out. Being generous is always good but being overgenerous is not. Be careful.

Girish Raghunath Karnad (May 19, 1938, Matheran) is a contemporary writer, playwright, actor and movie director in Kannada language. He is the latest of seven recipients of Jnanpith Award for Kannada. He was conferred the Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan. His Hindi movies include Utsav, Godhuli and Pukar. He has also been the voice of APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India, in the audiobook of Kalam's autobiography by Charkha Audiobooks Wings of Fire. Having number one as his basic digit, Girish has always remained number one in the field of film writing. 2011-12 may not prove as glorious as previous years.

beat it
DJ Sameer

DJ Sameer’s song of the dayGenre: Progressive House

Song: Teardrop

Singer: Andrea Bertolini

Andrea Bertolini is an Italian DJ cum producer who started djing at a very young age of 14 and at almost the same time showed interest in music production as well. The track teardrop is very well made track. Every element used in this track is heard properly right from the the pads to lead to melody and finally to the bassline. The vocalist, miss motif, has a beautiful voice which makes you listen to the track again and again.

(As told to Jasmine Singh)

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