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Why US economy is ailing

Jayshree Sengupta in her article “Economic woes of the US” (May 14) has rightly projected and presented the real concerns of the US economy. The changing economic scenario and new equations are certainly going to affect the developed economies. Lack of support on the demand front is the root cause of economic ailments in the developed countries. Marginal Propensity to Consume (MPC) i.e. the ratio of change in consumption due to change in income happens to be low in such countries, as most of the demands of the people of such countries are already satisfied. That is why the much desired boost from demand sector is missing which leaves the economy sans any inducement to invest.

The entrepreneurs on their part naturally look towards developing countries which have comparatively higher level of MPC and try to market their products in such countries. This results in shift of economic activities and their concentration. The income flow from other countries thus continues.

But the main problem confronting such countries is not the dearth of income but of areas where consumers are ready to spend. Expenditure on defence activities and also in other countries aggravates the already grim position. The only way of coming out of such a situation seems to be innovations, inventions and developing new areas of consumer spending which can further improve their standard of living and overall economic welfare. Learning even from the economic activities of the developing nations can bring in the desired results and improve the overall economic strength of developed nations.


Letters to the Editor

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— Editor-in-Chief

Summer’s delights

The middle “Summer gifts” (May 9) by Rajbir Deswal was interesting. When summer comes, it brings several pleasures with it, but it also brings some problems. Summers are tiring and drain out our energy more than ever. Our body loses water and sodium in the form of sweat. So it is important to drink water in abundance.

Drinks like thandae made of crushed almonds and black pepper in sweetened milk, lassi, aam paana, goond kateera, jal jeera, pudina paani, kanji paani, nimboo paani, falooda, etc, are the special gifts of summer that can boost our energy level.

ANJU DANAND, Chambaghat

Date of birth

I wonder if so frequent and misplaced media coverage of an irrelevant issue “Date of birth of Army Chief” is of any importance to the nation at large where armed forces as a career is not very high on an individual’s mind. It is beginning to sound like any other recent national scam and sooner or later affect the image of the Chief of Army Staff as an institution, as also morale of the armed forces that he heads. I am sure that Gen VK Singh has not fudged any information or misled the MoD on this issue.

There is absolutely no doubt that he was to be the Chief, whether it was 1950 or 1951. The only other two relevant issues are: his retirement plans and choice of successor, in that order. The first one is a personal matter and the second one is for the Government to decide. So, where is the need to make a national issue out of this? It will be unfair to the organisation, as well to the government, to curtail his tenure to just two years and three months i.e. up to May 2012.

To utilise his competence, professionalism, integrity and continuity in office for three years in national interest, MoD should not get bogged down in babudom and numerous chains of succession that may be working out for the near and mid future

Brig BS GILL, Chandigarh

Media hype

There has been undue media hype over the error in inclusion of Wazhul Qamar Khan in the list of 50 most wanted terrorists that India handed over to Pakistan. Yes, it is a serious goof -up, but does it call for such condemnation and media coverage? By doing so, we are undermining our own nation.

This error in no way reflects on our operational capability or preparedness or national will. The error has been accepted, regretted, and those guilty will be punished. That is the end of it. Why make an issue of it, at our own cost, and give a chance to other countries to use it against us. Have you seen anything similar happening in Pakistan even after Osama bin Laden has been found and killed by the US in their country? Let us maintain balance in media coverage.

Col R D SINGH, via email

Key to happiness

The middle “75, still batting’’ (May 11) by Shriniwas Joshi warned us about the eleven fielders. But there are seven shots which if you practice and master will make your innings (life) smooth and while playing these shots you can even hit a six.

These seven shots are love, gratitude, hope, joy, passion, happiness and satisfaction. By love I do not mean loving your spouse or materialistic possessions because many a times others may not reciprocate your feelings. No matter how hard you try you cannot control other people even if those people are very close to you. So first start loving yourself.

If you don’t want to be with yourself no one will want your company. Besides, be grateful to whatever you have, no matter how small that thing is. Joy and happiness come from within you. Learn to live in an environment that will make you feel joyful. Be passionate about what you do and always hope that things will improve.




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