With the rain playing hide ‘n’ seek and no let up in the humidity, a rain dance party would be a wonderful way to beat the heat
Jasmine Singh

When that I was and 
a little tiny boy,
With hey, ho, the wind 
and the rain,
A foolish thing was but 
a toy,
For the rain it raineth 
every day…

Well, William Shakespeare seemingly saw a fairly long rainy season. And our good old grandparents back home too. Scream out global warming, we wouldn’t know what it means to see rain splashing on the window panes for days together, we wouldn’t know what it means to sit in the verandah observing the little drops making varied shaped puddles.

Now that you know Shakespearean days will not come back and rains continue to play hide and seek, how about dancing in artificial rain for fun? Look who is dancing in the rain and how!

Nishant Bateja, Chandigarh-based businessman and his friends, organised a rain dance party at his lawn last week, and is ready for another one. “I wasn’t really comfortable with the idea of rain dance because of certain dos and don’ts that need to be followed. But all went well and everyone had great fun. In this heat, this is the best way to party. And who has the patience to wait for rain so that we can enjoy a dance in it,” he says.

Indeed, life isn’t about waiting. It is about making things happen, and rain dance is just one of the few good things that you can do. So if have enough space in your house you can throw a rain dance party with everyone singing their own rain hymn! Just kidding! Angad Sood organised a happening rain dance party at Lodhi Club in Ludhiana and he has received requests to organise the same elsewhere. “Of course you can’t do a rain dance in winter. This is just the right time for it,” he shares. Angad will not deny that rain dance is not a popular concept in Punjab and Chandigarh. “Like any other party, one needs to follow certain etiquettes. Rain dance doesn’t mean you need to all go berserk,” he laughs. We seem to be finally arriving at a consensus on what should be a hit at the dance party and what shouldn’t be.

Dilpreet Kaur Ghuman, a final-year textile designing student from Mohali, shares quick tips on her experience at a rain dance party she attended in Delhi. “No white clothes, and no sneakers, this is the foremost thing. No make up is the best thing, but if you feel incomplete without a kiss of pancake, wear water-proof cosmetics.” As for the last bit, Dilpreet suggests, “It is not important to stick to only rain songs, general foot-tapping ones can set the floor on fire…oops water!

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Spring in step
Chandigarh-based Dinanath Singh has made it to Star Plus's dance reality show Just Dance
Jasmine Singh

The biggest damage that you can do to yourself is when you stop dreaming. And then there are those who would never give up, for all they have is dreams and a heart that never gives up on them. Dinanath Singh, one of finalists who has made it to Star Plus’s dance reality show Just Dance, is a contestant from the ‘never-give-up-on-dreams’ category! This fruit seller from Chandigarh is all set to give a shape to his dreams as he prepares for the reality show.

“I auditioned for Just Dance in Chandigarh, it was a surprise for me that I made it through the auditions,” shares Dinanath, already a celebrity among his friends and family. Nothing could deter this dance freak.

“I never had enough money to take dance lessons. At the same time, I had to balance my family, work and my passion for dancing,” says the contestant as he gears up for some tough competition ahead. “I do feel a little out of place with so many trained contestants. He pauses, smiles, “I am as good as they are. With time I will learn new things. This show will teach me new things, and I will experience from the gurus on the show,” adds Dinanath who has picked the free style form of dancing by watching various actors jerk and move on television. “Honestly, I don’t know exactly what form of dance I do. I ‘just dance’ that too with all the passion and energy I have. I sell fruits the whole day, whatever little time I get I watch films and learn styles from it. ”

If everything goes well for Dinanath, he would want to shift to Mumbai. “If I win the show, I would move to Mumbai and be a dancer or work in movies. But this is a distant dream, I am trying to work hard on this dream though.”

Dinanath owes his determination to his wish to be a successful dancer, and a good human being as well!

Heavenly solitude
Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu

RIVER VIEW: Batal by the river Chandra

Our plan to complete the circuit from Shimla to Manali via Kinnaur and Lahaul Spiti was entirely dependent on Mother Nature. Incessant rain at the onset had suggested snow in the upper reaches of Himachal Pradesh and closure of Kunzum La, the pass that takes us to Lahaul. We decided to take our chances, nonetheless, and plunged ahead to Kaza from Tabo.

Along the way, we made the acquaintance of a thousand year old Buddhist monastery, the Dhankar Gompa, perched at a height of 12,774 feet. One of the major attractions of the monastery is the statue of Vairochana (Dhayan Buddha), consisting of four figures seated back to back. It also houses a collection of crumbling old thankas. The spectacular view of the confluence of the Spiti and Pin rivers from this lofty point, however, was what indelibly etched itself on my mind. The refreshing aqua of the Pin waters inviting a quick detour to its beautiful Valley.

Best Season: 
May through October
Chandigarh to Shimla – 117km; Shimla to Kaza–421km; Kaza to Manali – 200km; Manali to Chandigarh – 320 km
Chandigarh-Shimla-Rampur- Sumdo-Tabo-Kaza-Losar- Kunzum-Gramphu-Manali

The administrative hub of Spiti came as a bit of a surprise. It displayed all the signs of apathy that follow commercial success; its natural splendour overwhelmed. Haphazard construction, an influx of dubious businesses, inflated tariffs and rude outsiders! The food was disappointing to say the least; relief came our way in the guise of a delicious mutton thukpa at Kibber. At 14,200 feet, it sits atop a summit of limestone rock and was once said to be the highest inhabited village. Located slightly lower, not too far from here, is the dominating edifice of the Ki monastery, Spiti’s largest and oldest. Both places make for a worthy day-excursion from Kaza.

On our return, the travelers’ grapevine was abuzz with news of the Kunzum Pass being thrown open for light vehicles. A little later we heard the unanticipated avalanche at Batal (30 schoolchildren stranded here were airlifted just a few days prior to our visit) had also been cut through. Heartened at this, we prepared to embark early the following day for our ambitious 12-hour journey to Manali. The 200-km drive was astounding.

Losar, where we stopped for breakfast is the last checkpoint before Kunzum, a snowy landscape at 15000 feet; its eerie isolation marked by prayer flags, stupas. After a quick chai stop at a makeshift dhaba in Batal on the banks of the Chandra River, we broke for lunch at Chhattru. Our final lap began with the ascent to the Rohtang Pass at 13,000 feet through the narrow paths flanked by high walls of snow. Soon after, alpine green replaced rocky brown. Our holiday was definitely over when we heard the traffic!

(Sidhu is a wanderer and an author and blogger)

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Treasure trove
Sanghol offers a journey back in time to the rich cultural heritage that we belong to

Old world charm: Ruins of the Buddhist Stupa and the monastery

If you thought stupas were present only in Sarnath or Sanchi, you sure have not visited Sanghol, which is not even an hour’s drive from Chandigarh. How about a journey back to Harappan times this Saturday?

Around 45 kilometres from the city, on Chandigarh-Ludhiana highway, two of the sites maintained by Archaeological Survey of India are breathtaking, just out of the history textbooks. A regular drive on the highway and a Gujjar caravan on the move, do not prepare one for what’s in the offing! Nestled amid the green fields of Punjab, one is surprised to see the remains of a Buddhist Stupa. Burnt brick mounds, a crisscross of circles, with two gates, one on East and the other on the West, they present a chapter right out of history books.

The museum at Sanghol
Past PRESERVED: The museum at Sanghol

A board here dates it back to a sequence of six periods from late Harrapan times to the Gupta period. ‘The site has also yielded evidence of a fortification with the three moats as prescribed in the Arthashastra, it reads. A closer look, as one carefully treads on the ancient bricks, the centre has a small pit. “It’s to keep Buddha’s ashes,” as one is busy closely observing, one is startled by Teja Singh, attendant at the site. This man’s knowledge of history is immaculate; he quotes the periods and characteristics associated with that flawlessly.

In the project since 1968, Teja Singh has been part of the excavations. The central structure has a Jantar Mantar kind of bhul bhulaiya (labyrinth), though smaller. A few steps from the stupa are the ruins of the quarters. Neat lines show a typical quarter structure with a proper drainage system.

Know the stupa

A place of worship for Buddhists, stupas are mound-like structures. Simple mounds earlier, these held Buddha's ashes after he achieved nirvana. Stupas of Sanchi and Sarnath are embellishments on the earlier ones. In the third century BC, , emperor Asoka had the original stupas re-opened and distributed the remains among the several thousand stupas he had built.

Not far from this side, there are remains of another smaller stupa and monastery. A boundary wall that separates this site from the freshly ploughed fields is a reminder of ever-changing, fleeting life. Archaeologists date these ruins back to 1st and 2nd century AD. As one steps on this soil, small shrubs bearing flowers on a side, one is transported to the times when Buddhist disciples chanted mantras here. This region, that has been witness to largescale movements, has been a blend of people and their culture.

The valuable relics of history acquired through various archaeological excavations and explorations at Sanghol are carefully preserved at the Sanghol museum. The stone sculptures, pottery specimens, seals, coins, moulds, beads, terracotta toys, bangles and ivory objects are all evidence of the past cultures that thrived.

Red stone sculptures discovered from Sanghol, motifs carved on pillars and narrative descriptions are worth a sight. The relics from the historical periods of the Mauryas, Sungas, Guptas and Muslim culture also find a proud place here.

Up for a walk amongst the ruins?

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Shades of the city
Jasmine Singh

The photo exhibition at Raffles Millennium International, Chandigarh

If you live in Chandigarh, you have enough reasons to talk, write and discuss about City Beautiful.

Students at the Department of Interior Design of Raffles Millennium International too had Chandigarh on their mind when they unveiled its unique model for a modern flat and also organised a photo exhibition on Chandigarh and its marvelous architecture titled ‘Chandigarh - The City of Contrasts’.

The photo exhibition has been put into shape by the first year students of Interior designing department of Raffles Millennium International under the guidance of Maija Berzina, head, Interior Design, Raffles Millenium International, Chandigarh.

In addition to depicting various landmarks, monuments and important buildings of Chandigarh in a different light, the exhibition also tries to glimpse the mind of Le Corbusier as an architect and the thought process behind the planning for Chandigarh.

With great excitement and thrill the students showed around the work they had accomplished. KL Sim, campus director, Raffles Millennium International, Chandigarh, puts in, “It is important to the future of the design industry that international standards meet or exceed those same standards. I look forward to more such innovations in the coming few months.”

The students also unveiled a modern flat model, conceptualised, designed and drafted from scratch by the first year students. The model showcases a modern one-room flat with all latest amenities.

In comic vein
Ashima Sehajpal

Retro effect

The complete song, Jaa Churail, of the movie Delhi Belly is picturised on Vir Das. He is sporting a retro disco look in the song. Tracks like DK Bose and Nukkadwale Disco are making news for its bold lyrics. Vir adds, “The song has very casual lyrics, which is the language of the youth. The idea is to entertain, if such lyrics and Ram Sampath’s music can do that, then why not.”

Original story

Delhi Belly is considered the Indian version of Hollywood hit series, American Pie. Vir Das, however, denies any connection, "It's an original story. Never in Bollywood before, a flick like this has been attempted. We initially thought of only online release for the movie, but the buzz got the promotions and proper big screen release going." And with Aamir Khan making special appearances in the promos, the movie is sure to create some records.

Love it, hate it, but you just can’t ignore it. You might debate on whether it should be banned or not, whether it’s bordering on the vulgar or has crossed the line, one thing is for sure…you will talk about DK Bose. So, when Vir Das gets candid over the phone about his upcoming flick, Delhi Belly, we can’t help but begin with the controversial track. And Vir takes no time to come to the defense of the song. “We didn’t invent any phrase; these have been there ever since, we only used it creatively.”

Vir doesn’t make a false claim when he says that the song has fetched the flick immediate attention. “The music is like a prelude to the film, which promises to be different and a dark comedy. The song has made the younger audience connect with the film as well.” He is all praises for the music composer, Ram Sampath. As he says, “Not every film offers music from every genre like Delhi Belly. There is a rap track, a rock song, a qawwali and a usual Bollywood number.”

He is playing the character of a graphic designer in an ad agency, who fails at everything he does. “Horrible things happen with me in the movie. I even go bald at some point of time. It’s an unusual role for me since I am playing the unhappiest character in the film, not expected from a comedian.” About his experience of being a part of the Aamir Khan Productions, he says that for any actor it’s a learning experience. “From acting, marketing, publicising, there’s everything to learn from Aamir Khan.

Even after he has three films to his credit, two with the biggest production houses (Badmash Company with Yash Raj Films and Delhi Belly under Aamir Khan productions), he still prefers to introduce himself as a comedian. “People ask me if I am first an actor or a comedian. They get surprised when I say the latter. I don’t want to forget that stand up comedy has made me earn a lot of fame, which in turn helped me get films.” Continuing with the same, he plans to go on a national and a world tour later this year and Chandigarh is one of the destinations. Now eager to experiment with his acting talent, he has signed a Tanuja Chandra’s project, which is a serious film based in Bhopal. “The comedian in me will still survive and flourish,” he chips in. Way to go!

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Twice the fun

A still from the movie Cars 2
Reel magic: A still from the movie Cars 2

This Friday opened to two sequels Double Dhamaal and Cars 2. While the first one is tale of four losers, Roy (Riteish Deshmukh), Adi (Arshad Warsi), Manav (Jaaved Jaffrey) and Boman (Aashish Chaudhry) trying to be millionaire overnight, Cars 2 is a journey of Race car Lightning McQueen and tow truck Mater. While critics gave a mixed response to Double Dhamaal, some calling it 'uproarious situational comedy', others lambasted it for an 'overdose' of it. Cars 2 gets thumbs up from the critics who label it 'exhilarating'. The beauty of it being that it stands on its own despite being a sequel. Double Dhamaal opened to packed theatres in Chandigarh. Here's how the city cine-goers rate it:

Paisa vasool
Incredibly funny, the movie is great so is Jalebi Bai's act. A sure paisa vasool (value for money).
— Karanpreet Saini, IT professional

Sanjay rocks
Incredibly funny, I loved the movie largely for Sanjay Dutt. His act as an 'akru' funny man is uproarious! Dhamaal rocks!
— Kanav Krishan Sharma, B Tech student

Funny to the core
A fun-packed flick; better than its first installment. The movie starts where the first one ends, waiting for the money right at the road. They have been waiting for two years. I loved Ritesh, the joker.
— Harsimrat Singh, class 10 student

Go for it
Enjoyed the movie very much. Great situations, scene after scene evokes laughter. The four funny men and their dreams are superb.
— Abhijit Singh Kohli, student, St Joseph, Chandigarh

Best comedy ever
I haven't seen a better comedy ever. It's just awesome; especially the scene in which a 'gunda' (rogue) turned godman mixes up Ramayana with Mahabharata.
— Mohan Sharma, class twelfth student

— Compiled by Mona

Star track
B-town takes a leaf from South

There is a spate of South-Indian films being remade successfully in Bollywood. The trend started with Ghajini. Take a look at past and upcoming remakes of South-Indian films and made by directors from down South.

Ghajini: Till he did Ghajini, Aamir had not done downright commercial and mindless films that changed with Ghajini. The film, directed AR Murugadoss, is the Hindi remake of a South-Indian film of the same name. Both films are copies of Christopher Nolan’s memento. The film is one of the biggest blockbusters in Indian history.

Ready: Salman did Wanted, then came Dabanng and Ready is the third in his series of South-Indian inspired films. This completes his hat-trick of hit movies. The plot was outdated and mindless but the movie did well solely because of Salman and Asin. It is also the first hit Anees Bazmee has had since Singh is Kinng. It was a little like Welcome. The film was a remake of a Telugu film of the same name. Thanks to Salman’s charisma and the fact that it is a “family entertainer”, the film was a hit!

Wanted: The stupendous and unexpected success of the film in 2009 took the world by storm! This is the best and the smartest film from Salman’s trilogy of successful South-Indian remakes. It also has repeat value.

Dabangg: Arbaaz Khan’s maiden production was hyped and lived up to it. Abhinav Kashyap’s directorial debut was South-Indian in its execution with unrealistic stunts and one guy beating up a dozen bad guys. It was not a remake but it will be remade in the South. The film depended on Salman’s star power and pull and he is responsible for its success. Sonakshi made her debut in this film and she was voluptuous and clad in desi clothes like most South-Indian heroines. We don’t know why it became the blockbuster it did and there is a sequel coming up as well. We hope Sonu Sood makes it in the sequel.

Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap: The film is directed by Puri Jagannadh, a director from the South. Amitabh Bachchan is doing what Salman has done in his last three films. The style icon looks great in his outrageously loud clothes and only he can do the stunts and pull off the attitude in the movie. We are looking forward to this one. It seems like a big comeback for Bachchan Senior and solo film in a while.

Bodyguard: Starring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor, the film is directed by newcomer Siddique and produced by Atul Agnihotri. The film is a remake of Siddique’s own Malayalam film, of the same name, made in 2010. You can just imagine how typically masaledaar and mindless it will be. Eid belongs to Salman and this one is releasing on August 31. Expect it to be a blockbuster guys.

Singham: Ajay Devgn looks good and it is great that he is playing a no-nonsense cop after a while. Rohit Shetty is doing something other than comedy and the both of them are going back to their Zameer days. But why did it have to be so shamelessly South-Indian and mindless in its execution. The trend has to stop! Singham is the remake of a Tamil film of the same name and will release on July 22.

Big B to sing in 5 languages

Amitabh Bachchan is super excited for his upcoming film Bbuddah-Hoga Terra Baap. The superstar is on a promotion blitzkrieg to make sure that he creates maximum hype and hoopla around his film!

The dialogues are generating a buzz already and now Big B seems to be taking TV promotions to a whole new level. Word is that the legend will be dubbing the new promo of ‘Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap’ in not one, not two but in five different languages!’

Never been attempted by a Bollywood star before, Amitabh will be recording a special promo of the film in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri and Bengali! For example, in the Marathi promo, the star will be saying on screen, ‘1 July la…mee yet aahe…..Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap’. 

Mr Bachchan, known to be good with several Indian languages, has often displayed his linguistic skills on Twitter where he frequently greets fans from across the country in their local languages. Taking cue from this, the producers AB Corp & Viacom18 came up with the idea of recording a promo in multiple Indian languages to cater to varied audiences across India.

Well, when it comes to promoting his film, Mr Bachchan has once again proved that this ‘Bbuddah’ is everyone’s ‘Baap’!


Shah Rukh Khan is very keen on doing ‘2 States’ with Vishal Bhardwaj. They were unable to find a heroine so he has zeroed in on Priyanka Chopra. The Bareilly girl needs to work on her accent and make it South-Indian. Earlier, he had problems with the casting of PC but now he wants her back in the film that will go on the floor next year.

Pregnant Heroine

Madhur Bhandarkar with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Wait begins: Madhur Bhandarkar with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Madhur Bhandarkar may stall the shooting of Heroine indefinitely because Ash has become pregnant. She was supposed to lose weight as the shooting progressed but that is not possible now. He had a meeting with UTV and the shooting is most likely to be stalled. Looks like the film is jinxed! Watch this space for more updates.

Clooney is single again

George Clooney Hollywood star George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis have parted ways after dating for over a year. The 50-year-old actor, who has previously dated British beauty Lisa Snowdon and was married to actress Talia Balsam for four years, has released a joint statement with Canalis confirming the split. “We are not together anymore. We can’t say we didn’t see this coming. It’s very difficult and very personal, and we hope everyone can respect our privacy,” they said in the statement.
Hot & available: George Clooney

The 32-year-old Italian actress and model recently said she had no plans to live the bachelorette life forever and knew that she wanted to be married at some point, a revelation that most likely sent Clooney, who has vowed to never marry again, running. After more than a year together, the couple was last seen together last month as they celebrated Clooney’s 50th birthday. — PTI

Up, close & personal

Mallika Sherawat
President’s girl: Mallika Sherawat

This one never misses a golden chance. After getting clicked with US President Barack Obama, Indian actress Mallika Sherawat was seen in conversation with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty at the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) extravaganza.

The actress, who has made a name for herself in the international press thanks to her appearance with Jackie Chan at the Cannes International Film Festival for the Chinese film “The Myth”, is here for the premiere of her forthcoming movie “Double Dhamaal” and to promote her international project “Politics of Love”.

“This is my first time at the IIFA awards. I just want to enjoy and have a great time,” said Mallika, who will also groove to Bollywood tracks at the awards night on Saturday.

Unusually dressed in a sari, with a simple blouse, Mallika was among a host of Bollywood celebrities like Anil Kapoor, Dia Mirza, Bipasha Basu, Boman Irani, Riteish Deshmukh, Anupam Kher, Subhash Ghai, Satish Kaushik and Sonu Niigaam, who were invited on stage for the inaugural press conference for the three-day IIFA Weekend and Awards. While all the actors moved down the stage, Mallika chose to stay on and engaged the Premier in some animated conversation, inviting several clicks from the paparazzi in the bargain. Surprisingly, this was the same Mallika, who was hiding away from the media, and refused to talk to mediapersons at a midnight market here on Wednesday night. “Mallika was throwing a lot of tantrums. She refused to speak to the media, and took trolleys full of clothes to try at The Bay (a store) so that she could avoid the media,” a source said. And apparently, she was “jetlagged” after a flight from Los Angeles to Toronto! — IANS

Demi documents Nepal

Demi Moore
Conscientious beauty: Demi Moore

Hollywood star Demi Moore has filmed a documentary in Nepal to raise awareness about human trafficking in the country.

Moore (48), an outspoken activist against slavery and trafficking, has teamed up with husband Ashton Kutcher to form Demi and Ashton (DNA) Foundation which aims to stop the practice. For the documentary, Moore visited last year’s CNN Hero of the Year, Anuradha Koirala, to discuss how she was helping women who have been forced into prostitution. The documentary is titled “Nepal’s Stolen Children”.

In the TV special, which was made in partnership with the CNN Freedom Project, the actress meets a number of victims of trafficking. The programme is due for a worldwide premiere. — PTI

B-town magic

Singer Jermaine Jackson says Bollywood has been an inspiration ever since he and his brothers began their musical journey with the pop group ‘The Jackson 5’ during the seventies.

The 56-year-old brother of ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson was here to attend the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) and said the song and dance in Hindi films has been entertaining them over the years.

“We have been entertained by Bollywood since we came to California and started Jackson 5. Its costumes and dances have always inspired us. Hence, coming for IIFA and being part of it is a dream come true,” Jermaine said.

The singer will perform with Sonu Nigam at the IIFA awards function on Saturday to mark Michael’s second death anniversary. Beginning with ‘Can You Feel It’, Jermaine will be singing Sonu’s composition of ‘This Is It’ as a tribute to the pop icon. “It is a song that I had composed a year-and-a-half ago and Jermaine was kind enough to be part of it,” Sonu said, adding that the second performance will be a mix of two genres of rock and qawwali. — PTI

Sallu not fond of desi girl

Salman Khan gets along fabulously with his Bodyguard co-star Kareena Kapoor but he is not too fond of Priyanka Chopra. He has said Bebo is the original ‘desi girl’. Priyanka is one with the hit song of the same name. What will she say to this?


Director Kabir Khan has a penchant for dangerous locations. After shooting Kabul Express in the war-torn Afghanistan a few years ago, he will now shoot Ek Tha Tiger in Iraq. He is going there in a few days to scout for locations. Salman is eager to go to the new location. Ek Tha Tiger will be the first Hindi film to be shot there.

Chatter box
Ayushman's film debut

Ayushman Khurana
role change: Ayushman Khurana

Ayushman Khurana, the witty anchor of Just Dance, is now all set to debut on the big screen. An Indya source claims, "The movie has not been titled yet but it is the love story of a guy from Delhi and a girl hailing from Bengal. Ayushman plays the lead and the actress has not been finalised."

Ayushman, when contacted, confirms, "Yes, I have signed Sujit Sarkar's third film. His first movie was the critically acclaimed Yahaan, starring Jimmy Shergill and Minissha Lamba, his second film has not released yet but will probably release before my film. We will start shooting for it in the third week of September and the hunt for the actress, who will star opposite me is on. We are looking for a Bengali girl who is familiar with the language." Revealing a little about the plot, Ayushman says, "I play a guy from Delhi so I can identify with the role as I belong to Chandigarh. I used to work as a radio jockey in Delhi and also did theatre there."

However, Ayushman is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that he plays the character perfectly. — HRM

Ratan's wedding trousseau

Ratan Rajpoot
The perfect bride: Ratan Rajpoot

Swayamvar-3's Ratan Rajpoot is getting closer to her D day and with the last leg of the show going on, the preparations for the haldi, sangeet, mehndi and wedding are on in full vigour. Imagine TV is leaving no stone unturned and Ratan has got Bollywood's best designer Neeta Lulla to design her wedding trousseau. Ratan wants a traditional lehenga in light green for the finale. She also wants the lehenga to be light not heavy yet look classy.

Grooming stars

Shubhangi Aatre Producer Rajan Shahi is known for picking out the best in talent. He turned newcomers Sara Khan, Parul Chauhan and Hina Khan into stars and now he is busy training and grooming Ekta Kapoor's find, Shubhangi Aatre, of Kasturi fame, for his new show titled Havan. Shubhangi is the lead in the show and Rajan believes the right look of the lead helps the show catch the audiences attention.

On trials:
Shubhangi Aatre

Gauri-Jagya's first night

Shashank & Pratyusha In Balika Vadhu, Gauri has made a place for herself in the house and got her way with the puja and permission to stay in Jagya's room. No wonder she is giddy with joy. Upcoming in the show is the first night of the newly married, much in love couple Gauri and Jagya. Anjum Farooki who plays Gauri was worried about the intimate scenes and a bit uncomfortable too. Yet after a chat with the director and costar Shashank, she felt better and went ahead with the shoot.

all’s not well: Shashank & Pratyusha

Vivan Dsena loses weight

Vivan Dsena, aka Abhay of Star One's Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani, relished the interim break he got from shooting of his serial recently. He made most of his time off by working out. "I enjoyed the break as ever since we started shooting PKYEK, I hadn't got one. I had been working non-stop, so this break was welcome. I chilled out, enjoyed playing football and even gymming. I haven't been to the gym since past eight months now and even put on bit of weight. With hectic shooting schedules, I never got any spare time to go to the gym, so during this break, I worked out and lost the extra weight."

Simi Garewal's Freida encounter

Simi Garewal's new chat show Simi Selects: India's Most Desirable on Star World, has already seen Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. Meanwhile, Freida Pinto too stars in the show. She wowed one and all with her charm. She won over everyone's heart when she got chocolates for the entire unit.

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: An interesting & stimulating day. Businessmen: profits come your way. Steady efforts will help you out in line for promotion. Children's activities delight parents. Love stars need help; devote time to beloved. Respect your thoughts and emotions. Tarot Message: Take limited risks; don't jeopardize your long term capitals. Lucky colour: Forest green. Magic Number: 57

TAURUS: New projects begin to pay off. Matters connected with government agencies are a headache. Curb the impulse to criticize people. Watch your temper also. You'll have opportunities to improve your life in the coming days. Tarot Message: You have well-wishers around at the time who will give you sound. advice.Lucky colour: Pink. Magic Number: 30

GEMINI: Youngsters need to curb their outdoor activities. Stay at home and eat healthy. This is the right time to ask for a raise, you might just get it. A creative project can get financial backing to go ahead. Tarot Message: Open up new doors that could lead you in a lucrative direction. Lucky colour: Golden Brown. Magic Number: 54

CANCER: There are many false starts at work. Love life is not satisfactory. Delay in travel plan is indicated. It might be hard for you to find a balance between individuality and teamwork. You may have windfalls as well as unexpected expenses coming up. Tarot Message: Avoid gossip at work place. Lucky colour: Silver. Magic Number: 26.

LEO: The accent is on business dealings. Do not to allow others to influence your decision. Loved ones will be touchy. You possess inspiration and enthusiasm for new ideas. Those of you wishing to start a family might be in luck today.Tarot Message: Stabilize your financial position by making property investments. Lucky colour: Purple. Magic Number: 63

VIRGO: Leisure & pleasure activities are satisfactory. Decisive action needed at home. Be careful with your health, eat healthy and do some exercise. Shady deals and pushy salespeople can also do you harm. If singles? It would be wise to stay home.Tarot Message: Over optimism could lead to mistakes.
Lucky colour: Royal Blue
Magic Number: 27

LIBRA: Happy moments are to be enjoyed at home. Escape from the everyday routine is likely to have a strong influence on your thinking. Add some playtime to your daily schedule by going on an outing once the work is done. Spend time with your family to feel better. Tarot Message: Do not overspend just to impress others. Lucky Colour: Golden.Magic Number: 25

SCORPIO: A comfortable day for bizfolk. A visit of a friend will make you readjust your plans. High levels of stress can push you to try harder. Don't keep all the worry to yourself, share it with your friends and family and that will make you feel better. Tarot Message: You will get the help you need, if you ask for it. Lucky colour: Black.
Magic Number: 37

SAGITTARIUS: The heavens are smiling on you today, and you are likely to benefit from the good fortune of another. A romantic attachment can grow into something special. The lesson for you is take responsibility for your actions. Relationship will get stronger. Tarot Message: Wait a while everything will get sorted out on its own. Lucky colour: Saffron. Magic Number: 47

CAPRICORN: Diplomacy is the key word for today. Family issues are likely to enable a good discussionYour star is on the rise, so volunteer for any positions with extra authority and you will get promotion. Love and friendship can go hand in hand this evening. Tarot Message: You need to be creative if you want to retain your grip over your business. Lucky colour: Red. Magic Number: 59.

AQUARIUS: Impulsive people may ruin your plans. A hard day for folks working away from home. Take notice of the advice coming from someone, who has your best interests at heart. Watch your generous nature, don't let colleagues to take your advantage.
Tarot Message: Leave things open ended for best results. Lucky colour: Peach Magic Number: 33.

PISCES: Cash may be tight. Get your plans for the festive season under way. Misunderstandings and delays will clear away also. You may run into someone from the past and renew ties. Enjoy this time with them. Tarot Message: Health of elderly member at home will need looking after.
Lucky colour: Deep crimson
Magic Number: 54.

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is June 25...

Ruled by Neptune (Ketu), 7 is a spiritual vibration. These people are not very attached to material things, are introspective, and generally quiet. Your birth on the 25th day of June modifies your life path by giving you some special interest in technical, scientific, or other complex and often hard to understand subjects. You are inventive. Your impressive creative powers hold even more potential; don't waste it. The stars will help you, giving you great mental strength. Dynamism, courage can produce excellent results. CYou will fail if you cannot be focused.You may have to save for spouse andchildren. But soon your financial condition will improve. Sale of land or vehicle is also foreseen. Friends know you well enough to read what easily may be behind your actions or comments

State of Mind: Self reliant. Compatible Signs: Sagittarius, Aquarius. Lucky Colors: Maroon, Khaki. Your lucky days will be Friday and Saturday. Lucky Numbers: 2, 5, 11, 15, 52.

Karisma Kapoor (June 25, 1974, Mumbai) debut in 1991, became most popular actresses of her generation. Raja Hindustani being the most notable of them which got her first Filmfare Best Actress Award. She surprised with her performances in art films such as Fiza and Zubeidaa for which she earned a Best Actress and Best Actress (Critics) awards at the Filmfare ceremony.

Grand daughter of Raj Kapoor, daughter of Randhir Kapoor, and actress Babita and sister of Kareena she married industrialist Sanjay Kapur. Her horoscope does not promise further career growth in films.

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