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Create favourable conditions to woo NRIs

It was a very inspiring and emotional moment for me when I read the editorial, “Return of the NRIs” (October 11). The editorial has rightly pointed out that things have improved so that the Indians, who are staying abroad, can be motivated to come back to their home country. But conditions have not improved enough to make them feel at home. The moment I finished reading the editorial, I started thinking about Shahrukh Khan's movie, ‘Swades’ which throws light on the problem of brain-drain.

It is true that no place can be better than one’s home in this world and we do not leave our country till everything remains normal for us here. People leave their motherland when they have no opportunities in their own country. This has been happening in our country. Only the corrupt manage to get good jobs leaving the deserved ones disappointed. 

In some cases, one goes abroad for education with the wish that after completing one’s studies, one may get better opportunities back home. Unfortunately, after coming back to one’s country, one finds there are hardly any opportunities. Some of my friends, who came back to India after finishing their studies, have gone back disillusioned.

In short, the government must make efforts to ensure that those who deserve get opportunities at the right time. It is time to follow the editorial’s message, "We need them more than their dollars.”



Your editorial, “Return of the NRIs” (October 11), ends with a big ‘If’ and rightly so. If only the administration treated citizens with dignity and sensitivity as a rule and not as an exception, even dollars would have failed to lure the sons of the soil to sally forth to unknown lands.

The basic difference lies in approach of the ruling class towards the ruled. In India, one is taken to be fundamentally a liar till a documentary proof of honesty is produced. For that matter, even currency notes become important documents most of the times! However, it is just the opposite in the developed world. You are generally taken to be truthful, unless there is strong evidence to the contrary.

In India, you have to literally beg for your rights, whereas there, it is the duty of the State to deliver at your doorsteps what belongs to you as a right.

There are many Indians living abroad, who miss India badly and want to die in their own land. But will India ever welcome them, rather than their dollars? Perhaps never!


Staying honest — an arduous task

This refers to the middle, “Is honesty the best policy?” by Rachna Singh (October 7). Practically speaking, today’s generation considers that policy as the ‘best’ which helps in serving their purpose-- it may be honesty, it may be dishonesty. Secondly, the question can be answered by referring to another generally held belief, “Why do sinners always prosper?”, the title of a poem by G.M. Hopkins. But, one thing is certainly true, evils like corruption and dishonesty can’t be eradicated from the society very easily. It has to be a long and continuous struggle in the right direction. One cannot just be contented with the saying: ‘It is honesty that triumphs in the end.’ In fact,

“Honesty is that beautiful bird which looks beautiful only in the cage;

You open it, you will find it as ugly and as dirty as the beard of a smiling sage.”

S P VERMA, Assistant Professor, Kaithal

Women’s rights

This refers to the editorial, “Women Nobel laureates” (October 10). It is really heartening to learn that three women from Africa and the Arab world have been awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for their exemplary courage and determination in fighting for the women’s rights against the repressive and autocratic rulers of their respective countries.

Their achievements have certainly awakened not only their own countrymen, but also the whole world, especially the womenfolk.

But the saddest part of the ugly reality is that women throughout the world are more abused than respected. Crimes against women, especially in India, are rising with each passing moment. Women in India are widely abused and manipulated. Our women need to fight for their rights and liberty with determination. Men also should change their mindset and look upon women as their equal partners in every sphere of life. Only then women will find their right place in a male-dominated society.

R K KAPOOR, Chandigarh


It is a matter of pride for every human being that three women have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Unless women get their due share in all spheres of life, no society or country in the world can progress.

We must keep it in mind that most women are emotional and creative. Young women are making their contributions in every field of human endeavour. Women throughout the world have proved themselves as successful business leaders. They are not confined to their homes any longer. They fought for their ‘liberation’ and they won it. They are competing successfully with their male counterparts. Today, they are happy and leading a successful and independent life. We only hope when women come forward to face new challenges, the State and its agencies would help them in achieving success.

M KUMAR, New Delhi

Healthcare policy

This refers to the editorial, “Dengue in Punjab” (October 13). It is really surprising that nothing effective has been done so far to prevent the spread of diseases like malaria and dengue. It is the same story every year. People would not have to die of avoidable causes, if only the government and other agencies were doing their homework.

We talk of becoming a developed country, but are still unable to control diseases which do not bother the developed countries of the world. Should the government not spend more on healthcare?

It has been debated so many times. But it seems the corporate lobby that influences government’s decisions, does not feel that the basic problems of the people must be solved before initiating other ‘important’ projects. If corruption is an issue, so is healthcare. It is imperative that the government understands this and formulates a robust healthcare policy.




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