Keep up the festive spirit
Jasmine Singh

Diwali is one festival when everybody yearns to be with his or her family. So, are stars from the region lucky enough this time round?

If there is anything that can get the globetrotting community back at least once or twice a year, it is the festivals. The pull of festivals and the thought of coming back home are for sure unbeatable. All the same, not everyone is lucky enough to take the first flight home. On Diwali, we check out celebrities who could make it home and those who despite strong yearning, have to make-do with lighting candles in their flats.

North is north

I don't think any other state in India celebrates Diwali the way Chandigarh or Punjab does. I would have loved to come home for Diwali, but as I am only getting a day off I am not coming back. As a solace I have relatives from Chandigarh visiting us for Diwali, which means we will be celebrating Diwali in North Indian style. I have bought crackers, but I don't want to create any mess with them. So, I will be celebrating the festival in style without damaging the environment.

— Amit Tandon, television actor

Not the same

Vishal Karwal I am stuck in Mumbai with work, but I would have loved to celebrate Diwali with my sister and niece. I would be enjoying with my friends but this is nothing closer to the fun that I had in Chandigarh. It would be a grand affair, which would start days before Diwali. Crackers, sweets, relatives and shopping…it was crazy. I would miss it in Mumbai.

— Vishal Karwal, TV actor

Longing heart

Don't even remind me about the great time I had on Diwali in Chandigarh. I miss it terribly. In Mumbai, Diwali is a different affair, you wouldn't find neighbours bursting crackers or dancing till wee hours. I miss lighting up my house with candles ands diyas.

— Karishma Randeva, television actor

Closer home

Sudeepa Singh I can't come back to Punjab for Diwali, so I would be going to Delhi for it. Diwali in North India is amazing; it is a treat to watch people in high spirits, lighting candles and diyas.

— Sudeepa Singh, TV actor

Missing the fun

Mahie Gill I was abroad shooting for a film and have just returned to Mumbai. I really wanted to come to Chandigarh for Diwali, but I couldn't and I am not feeling good about it. Diwali in North India is different unlike Mumbai where people are not very enthusiastic about the festival.

— Mahie Gill, actor

Home bound

I have announced it to the world that I am returning to my home for Diwali, and you better look forward to it. It has been a while that I have spent exclusive time with my family, so on Diwali it is chit-chatting with friends and cooking special dishes with my father. Diwali is Chandigarh is incomparable — light, traffic, friends dropping in with gifts, crackers, the paraphernalia is amazing. This Diwali is special and I am going to have a blast. I couldn't have stayed away from home.

— Yami Gautam, actor

Luxurious blessings
Vasudha Gupta

The essence of Diwali lies in the family worshipping Ganesh and Lakshmi on the auspicious day. As everything goes luxury-based, so do the humble idols.

The Radha-Krishna idol.
The Radha-Krishna idol. Photo: S Chandan

The magic of Diwali just tends to grow year after year. As the Diwali day dawns again today, the houses look perfect, the rangoli is set, the lights dance and the family readies itself for the very pious puja in the evening. The hatri occupies an integral place and is filled with rice puffs. Ganesh and Lakshmi wear a decorative look with the tikka. The real meaning of Diwali is in this very moment — praying for the happiness and bliss in the family as well as warding off all evil from the house.

If you are one of those who haven't had a look at the idols available in the market, here is a round up. A walk down Sectors 15, 19 and 22, and you have a host of options to choose from. Take your pick from the simple version to the more dressy versions of the Gods. "Rs 80 for both, but I will give it to you for 70," smiles a roadside vendor, showing off her handmade earthen Ganesh-Lakshmi. Sitting pretty in red, they are a perfect option if you are planning a more traditional puja in the evening.

If not, walk in to any store round the corner and be in awe of the varieties, forms, shapes and sizes of the elephant lord. Walk in to any silver store and choose from idols you want your house to have this Diwali. Available by weight and by piece, the options are limitless.

If you are ready to splurge this Diwali and bring home a little bit more expensive option, Ethos Swiss Watch Studio offers the most exquisite collection of Lladro idols. Mesmerised by the Indian culture, they have customised pieces and special figures of the reverred gods and goddesses, including Shiva Natraj, Veena Ganesh, Bansuri Ganesh, Dancing Ganesh, Radha Krishan and the limited edition Goddess Lakshmi. "All Lladro pieces are meticulously created to preserve the traditional craft skill. Undoubtedly, the gods and goddesses collection has been very popular in this Diwali season as well," says Sandeep Dutta, area manager of the exclusive store.

If you believe in the divinity of gold and silver, the recently opened Maya Jewellers has just that to offer. Lord Ganesha, Lakshmi, Shiva and Sai Baba have been created with precision and highlighted with gold and silver plating. Looking adorable in various forms, Ganesha has been made in several colour options as well. In blue, grey and white, the gold crowns, necklaces, ladoos, have been delicately highlighted with the plating. "This is more of a lifestyle purchase. The sales have already seen a phenomenal response. They are an exquisite collection of Alder 'n' Rot," says Sanjiv K Jain, owner of the store. The small silver mouse sitting besides Ganesha is sure to usher in happiness in a faster and sweeter way!

So if it is divinity in style you wish for, this Diwali bring in the favourite god home!

Tooth and nail!
Sabia Talwar

French dental technician Julian Bory is an expert on a worldwide mission

FRENCH CONNECTION: Julian Bory. Photo: S Chandan

Julian Bory, a French dental technician by profession and an adventure-seeker by passion, started his so-called professional adventure in 2007 from France and crossed several countries before reaching his target destination — Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Shares Julian, "During the trip I wanted to discover the world, especially dental universities, schools and laboratories and improve the situation in other countries." Julian travelled in the interiors of the country by taking free lifts and got them easily, as people were keen to know about his adventure. Were people warm enough? "Yes, they talked to me and even invited me to stay at their places and meet their families," says Julian.

And when he did not get any lift, he would just be a wanderer with an open-mind and would welcome any situation coming his way. So sleeping in the open, in forests, fields and river-sides was not odd for Julian. "I never lost hope in any kind of situation and saw positivity in everything. The adventure was a learning experience and a challenge too." He wrote articles for dental magazines during his enlightening journey and even wrote a book talking of both his adventure and professional angles of his trip.

Despite being Julian's fifth visit to India, he has fond memories of the first visit. "Earlier, I had only read about India in books, but reality can't be experienced by just reading. I still remember the flight from Dubai to Delhi - it was an easy experience till I reached Paharganj, where I got to know the real India - beggars, dirt, dust, people lying on streets." However, coming here again and again, he started loving all things that he hated about the country at first. "I did not choose the country, India chose me." Julian's first trip to India without any specific purpose in mind except dental service, "I did not have a set plan; just knew that Chitrakoot was my ultimate destination. I did not visit tourist places rather just sat on the streets and tried to notice people." Julian even landed up sleeping at a cremation ground in Benaras!

On his way back to Delhi, Julian finally visited the Taj Mahal. "It was like you hear about a movie being great but when you actually see it, there is nothing much impressive. Seeing Taj Mahal, I felt the same." But subsequent visits to the Taj made him realize the intricate details involved with the monument and its structure.

The French man, though a vegetarian, has egg and fish at times. Shares Julian, "When I came to India it was such a relief as I easily got vegetarian food to eat unlike in Iran, Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. And I don't feel eating eggs makes you a non-vegetarian as you don't kill animals for eggs." He adds, "I relished different sweets prepared from milk and vegetarian thalis. Eating with hands increased the flavour of the food." Continuing with his connection with India, Julian now looks forward to learning something new each time.

Enter the big world
Mukesh Kharbanda

Just a few years ago, we all were mesmerised by the refreshing feel of "My Daddy's Big Car" campaign by Maruti Esteem. Owning a sedan was a luxury, a status symbol in those days.

Times have surely changed and sphere of sedan ownership is increasing with each passing day. Automobile giants have made it possible for even the bourgeois to have the big car feel and realise the dreams that fit their pockets. Entry level sedan category has flourished and has gathered a huge market share for itself in quick succession.

With every major automobile company exploring the segment, consumers have been bestowed with a lot of choice. The price range from Rs 5.5-6.5 lakh which offers the consumers a whole lot of options to fulfill their dream of owning a big car - Ford Fiesta Classic, Maruti Swift Dezire, Hyundai Accent and Chevrolet Aveo being the most popular wheels.

Although, Aveo and Accent have formed a niche for themselves in the segment, still the two major players with their marked presence and sustained growth in the entry level sedan segment are Desire and Fiesta Classic.

Desire has created a buzz since the day it was launched and has been accepted by the Indian Buyers with the Suzuki smile. On the other hand, Fiesta boasts of a proud and loyal customer base of over 1,00,000 customers. Even though Desire takes its Swift success forward and is known for a smooth drive with dependable engine, but still re-invented Fiesta Classic does take an edge over it with all new aesthetic interiors, the best-in-class fuel efficiency and that Classic feel factor.

The elegant Fiesta Classic got a refreshingly classy new interior with Ebony and Jasper blue coloured instrument panel, a new centre and floor console finished in graphic metallic, new seats with soft feel fabric and enhanced dual-tone door trims that undoubtedly beat the competition in the segment, making it a perfect value for money.

Both the cars come around the same price range and offer satisfaction to the customers. However, thrilling performance and fuel efficiency are signature attributes of the Fiesta Classic, which have led to Fiesta being ranked highest by TNS for Customer Satisfaction in the `Midsize Segment', in their latest Automotive 2010 India Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) study.

Making the competition fiercer, apart from the established cars in the segment, new entrants include Toyota Etios, Nissan Sunny and soon to be launched Skoda Rapid. With companies realising the importance of this segment, more variants and launches are bound to happen making it more difficult for you to opt for the best buy. So, with a lot to offer and to make you realise your dream, your big car awaits you!

(Kharbanda is a Chandigarh-based auto expert)

Chatter box
Health concerns

Surekha Sikri aka Dadisa of Colors’ Balika Vadhu is not feeling well these days. She was hospitalised for fatigue and weakness. She is back at home resting. The creative head has changed the story to accommodate her absence. Due to her age and health reasons she will need proper rest before she joins shooting again. To keep her away from the current story, she will be shown going out of town.

Second innings

The good mom: Shweta Tewari

Ulka Gupta, who became a star post her fiery role in Jhansi Ki Rani, will now play her age in a contemporary story setting. She will appear on Sony’s new show called Parvarish. She will play Shweta Tiwari and Vivek Mushran’s daughter on the show Ginni. The show is about parenting experiences in one big family with two daughter-in-laws.

Time to switch

Anuj Sachdeva

Flattered: Kritika Kamra

Anuj Sachdeva of serial Sabki Laadli Bebo fame is looking at films instead of serials. He has been a model since a while and done television but he feels it is time to go to the next level.

Kritika’s got a fan

Kritika Kamra aka Dr Nidhi of Sony’s Kuch Toh Log Kahenge was amused to hear that Kamaal R Khan has been tweeting about her regularly. He has been complimenting her and she finds them sweet. She felt flattered and glad to have a fan in KRK. Perhaps the bubbly Kritika is hoping Shah Rukh Khan compliments her and is fine basking in the adulation of other fans till then.

Tough call

British actor Dominic West has vowed never to play a serial killer again because he finds it to be all-consuming. The 42-year-old portrayed British murderer Fred West in the UK TV serial Appropriate Adult, which centred around the interviews he gave to cops after his arrest in 1994.

Monkey menace

Deepika SamsonColors’ Sasural Simar Ka went to Vaishno Devi recently for the show. When people realised that the actors were in the area, they all gathered for a dekko. Actors Deepika Samson (Simar) and Shoaib Ibrahim (Prem) interacted with fans but when the monkeys in the area tried to get too close, Deepika got scared as they would snatch away food and other eatables from cast and crew. Later Shoaib came to her rescue and she became comfortable with them around. She even ended up giving a cold drink to a monkey who relished it.

Making friends: Deepika Samson

New Releases

Ra. One

Director: Anubhav Sinha

One of the most eagerly awaited film of 2011 Ra. One releases on Diwali today all over with 3000 prints. Kareena Kapoor, the hottest actor teams up with the super star Shahrukh Khan in the super hero adventure.

This sci-fi drama depicts the relationship between a scientist and his son. Trade pundits say, “It is a simple, comic-action film. Ra. One has a new story-telling thought. The message of film is be careful what you wish for. If wishes are bad, you will pay heavily for them. Don’t sell your soul to the devil. Goodness always triumphs over evil.

Insiders who have seen the film swear it is going to take your breath away. Chinese American actor Tom Wu is also a part of the film. Rapper Akon has rendered two songs for it and a Hollywood team was hired to execute the special effects.

Ra.One has guest appearances by Rajnikanth, Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra. The film also has a narration by Amitabh Bachchan.

Clearly no stone is being left unturned. The viewers are holding their breath for the release of this film in which Arjun Rampal and Armaan Verma also stars.

Tell Me O Kkhuda

Director: Hema Malini

Hema Malini, the maker of Dil Aashna Hai is back with her second movie Tell Me O Kkhuda which marks the return of Esha Deol to the big screen after a hiatus of three years. Shot in Turkey, Goa and Rajasthan, the film, which is a girl’s quest to find her roots in the much anticipated movie. Apart from Arjan Bajwa, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Madhoo, Richa Pallod and Sudhanshu Pandey, veteran actors like Farooque Sheikh, Deepti Naval, Vinod Khanna and Rishi Kapoor will also be seen in this film.

This is the first time Dharmendra will also be seen with daughter Esha and has worked under the direction of wife Hema Malini. The buzz is that Tell Me O Kkhuda is inspired from Dil Aashna Hai and Hollywood movie Maama Mia.


Director: Swapna Waghmare

Damadam has generated curiosity among the viewers for its star cast. The film earlier titled Ishq unplugged will be competing with big budget SRK’s Ra.One. It is a touted as a romantic comedy in trade circles. The promos are good. Himesh Reshmmiya, Sonal Sehgal and Purbi Joshi play lead roles. The film promises to be a good rom com.

— Dharam Pal

It's official!

Designer Ritu Kumar is India's representative at the World Fashion Week.

Known for her ethnic Indian wear, veteran designer Ritu Kumar is to participate in the first edition of World Fashion Week (WFW) next September as India's official entry. The ace designer says she has reached a milestone with this participation.

"It is good to be part of the Indian fashion phenomenon. It feels like one has reached a milestone with this participation," said Kumar who was selected by WFW for the event. "The WFW is not a fashion week where collections are shown for business. The event is a platform to offer the richness of Indian couture, along with all countries and this makes it very special," she added.

The event, which is scheduled for September next year, will see designers from more then 50 countries showcasing their collection.

The preview show has been scheduled for Nov 11 this year at The Cipriani, New York. — IANS

The D-day
Here is what your favourite stars are doing this Diwali

Home away from home

Katrina Kaif: She is in Turkey shooting for Ek Tha Tiger with Salman Khan and it will be a while before she returns to Mumbai.

Break time

Bipasha Basu: She is in Greece shooting for Shaadi Fast Forward with R Madhavan. She is rumoured to be dating Shahid Kapoor and he might meet her there.

Low key affair

Kareena Kapoor: She is busy attending the premieres of Ra.One in Dubai and Toronto and also has to shoot with Aamir Khan for Reema Kagti’s thriller. Her family might join her in the UK for low-key celebrations.

For the record

Priyanka Chopra: She is in Los Angeles recording her album and will fly to Canada to watch Ra.One with SRK and the team of the film.

Shooting star

Aamir Khan: Aamir is going to be in the United Kingdom and will shoot for Reema Kagti’s romantic thriller with Kareena Kapoor.

Far from the madding crowd

Shahid Kapoor: He is in Europe on a ten-day long holiday with his male friends and is having a blast. It is his first break in five years. He is back-packing.

Dedicated to Ra.One

SRK: Shah Rukh’s most ambitious film Ra.One releases this Diwali so he is busy with the premieres in Dubai and Toronto and taking feedback from audiences. This Diwali is very special for him. — HRM

Neha: I love Diwali

Diwali is a very popular festival in India and everybody’s festive mood is evident. Neha Dhupia loves it too and she talks about the festive mood, food, crackers, family time, fashion and more.

Festive mood

I love festivals and I feel happy without reason during this time. I see everyone happy around me. Even if you step out you will see people in a good mood and smiling so that is called festive mood.

Family time

Diwali for me is family time. And I and my brother both of us stay away from home so we make sure that both us are at home during Diwali. And this year my relatives have come down from abroad so we will be celebrating all together. Diwali means happiness so spreading happiness and love is something I believe in.

True blue foodie

Thank fully I am blessed with high metabolism rate so even if I eat more it’s easy for me to burn all the fat. And I love festivals because I eat so much. I focus on desserts more than anything else. My mom cooks Indian sweets during Diwali and I literally hog on halwa, gulab jamun, jalebis. Once the festival is over I will shed those few kilos.

Fashion forward

Being a celeb, I have to dress up all the time but I am used to it because even when I was not a celeb I was very keen on looking good and dressing well. I would suggest you wear something glittery, get a nice hair do, and wear ornaments but don’t go over the top; keep it minimal. I used to wear sarees earlier but nowadays I like wearing traditional outfits like salwar-kameez.

Celebrating with peace

I am not so keen on bursting crackers since school days but my family does burst them. I don’t like the noise it makes and as I am a pet lover I can see my dog getting scared. It’s a festival of lights but you can also celebrate it by just putting diyas, lighting your house and making rangoli. I don’t see the need to burst crackers. It is also harmful to the environment.

Friends forever

This is the time of celebration and meeting your friends and relatives and when at home I make sure I am meeting my childhood friends and college friends. It’s always like a nostalgic time because we share all our old memories. I love this time of the year: it’s cold, everyone is smiling, and everyone dresses well. — HRM

Trend setter
In her comfort zone

Short circuit: Sweena Suman
Short circuit: Sweena Suman

Every person has a sense of style in his own right. Yet, there are only a few who’d attract the second glances, who have the power to make the camera go zoom on them. It could be tousled hair, it could be torn jeans. Our this week’s face in the crowd, Sweena Suman, a fashion designing student who prefers for comfort over trends.

Your sense of style is…

I’m neither a fashion freak nor do I follow fashion blindly. Comfort factor is my all time guide for dressing up. At times, I don’t even bother with what’s in vogue, if it’s comfortable and if it suits me, it’s on me. And yeah…I love shorts.

Latest addition in the wardrobe…

Animal prints, in various ways and styles. They are classy, have always been in and add that wild touch to any wardrobe.

Brand freak or street smart?

Brands and fashion houses have very limited designs and looks to offer. I like going street smart as that’s where your individuality reflects.

Choose one: Sporty, glamorous or chic

Love going glam, as I’m very girlish and feminine. Sporty and other looks don’t suit me much.

My style icon …

Lady Gaga… She’s very individualistic, doesn’t copy anybody and believes in what she wears. I think in an era of clones, she’s admirable.

Who’s the worst dressed celebrity around?

Gul Panag… May be something’s wrong with what she wears, or her hair.

One fashion trend you don’t understand…

Ripped jeans…. Especially when your knees and other parts are visible. It might be a big fashion trend but I still don’t get it.

Your take on accessories

I like to keep it minimal. For me accessories mean just earrings or a necklace.

One thing that boosts your confidence

A good pair of heels, lift you up any time, any day. Plus good dresses lift up your look.

I would love to be dressed up by….

Indian designers Manish Malhotra and Neeta Lulla, for the obvious reasons. Their designs spell creativity and class at the same time.

(As told to Manpriya Khurana)

(If you think you too fit the profile, get in touch with us at We’ll sift the best from the rest)

Burfi basic

Say what you will but mithaai at Diwali is a must. As usual, sparks of a different kind are flying about the purity of ingredients being used in the commercially prepared sweets that are selling like hot sweets! We happily resort to buying bright, beribboned boxes of sweets, closing our eyes to the age old tradition of “do-it-yourself” sweets. It seems too cumbersome to gather the ingredients and spend time at the kitchen counter instead of the card table. A note of warning to my readers, please keep away from all the colourful mithaais lined up like little soldiers in the sweet shops. Remember that these carry lethal weapons— harmful and carcinogenic colouring! I bring you a recipe of besan burfi, a delightful mithaai which will not require you to rush to the market with a half a mile long list of ingredients!

Besan Burfi

1 cup besan

1 cup sugar powder

½ cup ghee

½ tsp cardamom powder

Nuts to garnish (optional)


Heat up a heavy pan or kadhaai on low flame.

Add besan and stir fry quickly until it gives out aroma. Ensure that it does not brown but make sure it is really well roasted. Add ghee and continue to stir till there are no lumps. Add sugar and mix well. Remove from heat and stir in cardamom powder. Smear some oil on the bottom and sides of a shallow tray or thaali. Pour the mixture and spread out to a one inch thickness. Sprinkle nuts to garnish, pressing them in gently with a rolling pin. Allow the mixture to set, then cut into small squares or diamonds. You can fill the warm mixture into small round moulds or heart-shaped ones.

(Nijjhowne is a Chandigarh-based culinary expert)

Celeb point
It’s time for giving, time for receiving…
Divya Dutta

The festive mood is all around. The city is all lit up, people shopping away and of course, not to forget the pre-Diwali parties. I’ve always steered clear from partying hard. But this Diwali is different.

I remember I got back home tired from a shoot and told mom, “This Diwali my friends are having get togethers, I am going to go for sure.” And this time not one or two, but all my friends decided to have parties at their places. So, for the past one week it’s been work in the day, and Diwali party at night. Only thing that’s sacrificed is sleep. But I guess it’s been so worth it and my first time ever like this. One night with friends playing guitar singing songs, the other night cooking with another group and playing Uno. And then a chit-chat session with another group.

It’s lovely catching up with friends you have not met for so long because of our hectic schedules. Also, the lovely looking people in their dressed-up avatars! I wore a sari and a big bindi and gajra. Bus yun hi! You just feel like dressing up in Diwali. And love the heads turn.

And then I broke all records. I was with my best friends singing and chatting, who I met after long. Dancing, masti continued and I saw the sunrise. For the first time ever for me a party was like, ‘is raat ki subah nahi’! Felt odd returning home in my formal wear, when the world was waking up to start the day.

Odd it might be, but an experience to remember. The few moments in life you look back and say, I lived a moment! And this Diwali I did.

As I get ready to start my day, a little late in the day though, working and visiting people, I feel rich. With the wealth of such lovely friends around me and this festive season, a reason to just be with them. Kyuki har ik friend zaruri hota hai. A very happy Diwali all!

(Dutta is a Bollywood actor)

Over to small screen

Esha Deol made her debut in 2002 with Koi Mere Dil Se Poochhe opposite Aftab Shivdasani. She has been part of hit films such as Dhoom, Yuva, No Entry and a few others. She is a star kid but she has not had it easy. She is back on the big screen with Tell Me Oh Khuda.

Story worth telling

We don’t have that much of money that my mother would make a film just for me. It was a good story and she wanted to cast me as she saw me in that character. It’s a story which she thought she should tell everyone.

Comeback time

I was not doing films but I always wanted to do some character based roles and I got involved in the scripting of Tell Me Oh Khuda three years back. I just didn’t learn acting during the making of this film, I learnt a lot about production work too.

Daddy dearest

My mother may look strict, but she is my best friend and a great support. On the other hand, my dad is one person whom I love the most. He makes me feel like I am the most precious person in the world as he takes very good care of me. He may be a he-man to others but he is a very soft hearted person for me.

Production plans

I am looking forward to venturing into TV. It’s a good business and people want to watch something different these days so I thought I’d give it a try. — HRM

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Joint resources could be under extra pressure. The temptation to help a friend financially should be discussed with your partner first. Today you can become conscious of your fears . Tarot message: Prevent people from making their own conclusions. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 32.

TAURUS: Your boss supports you. It’s right time to purchase something that adds to the value of your house. Working toward your goals may seem a harder. Take a few deep breaths then start doing the work. Tarot message: Don’t be dismissive of advice from youthful origin. Lucky colour: Sea green. Magic number: 52.

GEMINI: Consult experts when cash questions come up. Finalise plans early as romance becomes a priority. Daydreaming could inspire creative ideas and you might become quite inventive on the job. Tarot message: Use your instinct to get into the top circle of power. Lucky colour: Red. Magic number: 64.

CANCER: The day is promises all comforts. Spare time for family and children. It should be much easier for you to meet your challenges. Don’t neglect your work and you will be much wiser. Tarot message: Set the unpleasant set of events out of motion. Lucky colour: Turquoise. Magic number: 53.

LEO: Tension builds and tempers can fray. An irritating co-worker can push you to your limits. A desire to retreat to the comfort of your house could be overwhelming. Leave the rigorous pace of the outside world for inner peace. Tarot message: Must learn to accept responsibility for self and others. Lucky colour: Crimson. Magic number: 40.

VIRGO: Emotional setback is indicated. Stick to what you know and understand. Money problem will still prevail. Trouble with a female family member can cause some tension. Practice meditation to stay calm. Tarot message: Your determination to succeed will pay dividends. Lucky colour: Orange. Magic number: 61.

LIBRA: At work colleague steers you in a new direction. Love stars are behind the clouds. A small celebration at home is likely.  Take some flowers to cheer up a family member who is not feeling well. Tarot message: Work could pose certain minor difficulties but don’t worry. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 26.

SCORPIO: Get cracking early. What you need now is energy. You must push yourself harder. Women shoppers may spend heavily. An irresistible attraction to someone you know can override your common sense. Tarot message: Plan your life to avoid delays that come your way. Lucky colour: Mauve. Magic number: 47.

SAGITTARIUS: Your card reveals inner strength. Arguments may arise with your spouse because of money. Make the most of the relationship, kindness and support that comes your way early. Tarot message: Don’t forsake a new learning opportunity because of pride. Lucky colour: Rainbow pastels. Magic number: 65.

CAPRICORN: Health problems can be attended to. Personal plans are likely to progress without too much opposition. Be straight when dealing with employment affairs. Issue over finances can cause upsets in your important relationship. Tarot message: Emphasis on spiritual needs. Lucky colour: Saffron. Magic number: 50.

AQUARIUS: Business is likely between you and your associates. Long term benefits can be gained. Attempt to improve your health will be successful. You feel you need time to understand the changes taking place in your psyche. Tarot message: Balance in all aspects is recommended. Lucky colour: Ebony. Magic number: 62.

PISCES: Entrepreneurs will go through an anxious period. Those in love will find the day exciting. Students: Success in sports is assured. A lot of energy will be expended on communication today. Tarot message: Do not divest assets or transact in uncertain matters. Lucky colour: Aqua blue. Magic number: 45.

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is October 26...
A very memorable birthday falling on Diwali ensures lot of gifts from near and dear ones. Do worship Goddess Lakshmi today. Positive stars will mean you’ll act intelligently and promptly; great opportunities for extra earning are on the cards if you are self-employed. Just make the most of this period to grow as a person. You may encounter some temporary restraints while working on a project. Try not to let them dampen your spirits. By staying on the course, you should be able to finish up your work in time. Cutting expenses or getting a part-time job could also speed you toward your goal. You just need to get started. What you thought was a fair deal turns out to have hidden costs. You might have to take it as a learning lesson. Clearly define your goals and you will obtain them with strength. All will complement one another. The stars advise you to pay attention particularly to money aspects, if you do not wish to take a huge risk. Remain calm in the face of any family announcements, especially if it involves relationships, pregnancies or behavior issues. Lucky colours: Ivory, light cyan. Lucky days: Saturday and Sunday. Lucky numbers: 6, 19, 24, 56, 69. Lucky Flower: Yellow Guldaudi. Lucky Gem: Triangular coral.

Raveena Tandon (October 26, 1974, Mumbai) is a frequent visitor to Chandigarh. She entered Bollywood with Patthar Ke Phool but commercial successes came with Mohra and Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi. In June 2006, Raveena contributed to the Lotus Eye Hospital in Mumbai for underprivileged children. Besides TV shows, she appears in promotional programmes. Due to her Rahu Dasha Raveena’s career will slow down in time to come.


Hot and happening

Former Hollywood couple Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have been voted as the most fit over 40 stars. The duo who parted ways after being married for five years were named so by a survey conducted by a fitness magazine and Yahoo OMG, reported a magazine.

The former couple beat out Halle Berry and Will Smith among other hot-bodied celebrities. Aniston also took the Most-Wanted Celebrity Body and Most-Wanted Celebrity Body Part title. Pitt's current partner Angelina Jolie was absent from any of the categories, which also included Best Body After Baby won by Jennifer Lopez and Hottest Celeb Couple given to David and Victoria Beckham. Kim Kardashian topped in the category of bodies that have lost their lustre. — PTI

Roll of honour

Hollywood star Johnny Depp has received an acting award at the Austin Film Festival in Texas. The 48-year-old actor accepted the event's inaugural Extraordinary Contribution to Film - Acting prize at a glitzy ceremony and said that he has built his career of 20 years on failures, reported a website online. Depp told the crowd of his surprise at his extraordinary success.

"I've built a career on 20 years of failures," he said. At the event, Depp also handed out a prize to screenwriter Caroline Thompson, his longtime friend who wrote the script for his 1990 movie Edward Scissorhands, while Bones star David Boreanaz was on hand to give an award to the show's writer Hart Hanson. Depp concluded the day by putting on a musical set for guests later that evening. — PTI

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