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Hotelier shot at, 3 booked
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 2
Three persons allegedly shot at a city-based hotelier on the Sector 34/44 dividing road late last night. The victim, Darshan Singh, owner of Monarch Hotel in Sector 35, sustained splinter injuries in his arm and had a narrow escape.

The police has booked three persons, including the senior director of a leading immigration firm WWICS, in an attempt to murder case. A property dispute is said to be the reason behind the attack. However, the police is verifying the claims of the complainant.

The incident occurred at 12.30 am when Darshan Singh was returning to his sector 44 residence. A white jeep following him and blocked his way as he took a turn on the slip road from the South End roundabout in Sector 35. Occupants of the jeep then attacked him and fired three shots, one of which swept past the victim giving him splinter injuries. Another gunshot smashed the windowpane of his Skoda car, the third was fired in the air.

“There were three occupants in the jeep and one of them got down and began to argue with me as to why I overtook their vehicle. As in confronted him, two more persons got down from the vehicle and each of them had a revolver. One of them fired a shot, which hit the rear windowpane of my car. The second shot was fired at me and as I bent, the bullet swept past my left arm. I ran for my life and they again fired in the air and fled,” Darshan Singh told Chandigarh Tribune.

Darshan Singh then called the police control room and a PCR van rushed him to the Government Medical College and Hospital Sector 32, where he is currently admitted.

The victim later identified the accused as Davinder Sandhu, senior director of immigration firm WWICS and Rajiv Bajaj and Gurvinder Bains. A case of attempt to murder has been registered against them at the Sector 34 police station. All three have joined investigation and pleaded innocence and said they were never at the spot of crime.

Darshan Singh claimed that he was attacked by the three as he had as an ongoing property dispute case over a piece of land in Nayagaon with the accused. “We have a matter pending and they had threatened me earlier too,” said Darshan Singh.

“We are verifying both sides of the story”- police

We have an ongoing property dispute case of a land in Nayagaon and I have lodged a case against Darshan with the Mohali police as he is accused of land grabbing. He has been booked in similar cases in the past too on my complaint with Mohali police. The story that we fired at him is a totally concocted one and I have evidence to prove that I was never present at the spot where he claims gunshots were fired. I have joined investigation and submitted all relevant records and my cellphone details with the police for them to verify my tower location. No such incident occurred and Darshan is using pressure tactics to gain mileage in the property dispute case we are fighting in court

— Devinder Sandhu, senior director, WWICS

We have registered a case acting on the complaint of the injured but his claims are to be verified. All three persons named in the FIR have joined investigation. Devinder Sanhu is claming that he was at Taj Hotel at the time of the incident and we are scrutinising CCTV footage of the hotel to ascertain his claims and of the other two named in ther FIR

Inspector Kirpal Singh, SHO, Sector 34 police station



75 pc names go missing
Review list of BPL families in P’kula dist
Arun Sharma
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, November 2
A staggering 80 per cent names have vanished from the list of below poverty line (BPL) families in certain pockets of Panchkula district. These cards had been, issued to ineligible people, instead.

The names have been found missing from the list prepared under a review ordered by the Punjab and Haryana High Court following a writ petition by a Jind district resident in Haryana. The list of the BPL families in the town alone has witnessed 72 per cent names missing.

The figures of the survey completed last month showed that in urban areas of the district, which comprised municipal limits of Panchkula, Pinjore and Kalka, only 3,706 applicants out of the 13,181, who had been accorded the BPL status by the administration were actually genuine. The authorities have now sought that as many as 9,475 families be deleted from the list of BPL card holders.

Tabulating separately, as many as 5,632 families were found to be ineligible in Panchkula, 1,733 were found ineligible in Kalka and 2,110 in Pinjore. The officials figures put the number of registered card holders in Panchkula at 8,289. In Kalka and Pinjore, as many as 2,218 and 2,674 families, respectively, own such cards.

The situation in the rural areas of Barwala, and Raipur Rani is no different. Out of 13,514, only 6,411 cardholders were found to have been issued to eligible families. The BPL cards, interestingly, are also being procured by the rich and the affluent for obtaining ration cards. These cards not just provide an official identity but also permit purchasing wheat, sugar and kerosene oil at subsidised rates, besides access to health facilities.

Card holders’ entitlement

A BPL card holder family is entitled to get 33 kg of wheat or wheat flour at a price of Rs 2.10 per kg. Every card holder is entitled to get 2 kg of sugar at a price of Rs 13.50 per kg and 9 litres of kerosene at Rs 9.25 per litre. These families are also entitled to free medical facilities, including costly surgeries in the state.

Written undertaking

One had to give an undertaking about his or her living condition as well as educational and employment status while applying for such a card. These are marked on different accounts, including the condition of house and locality where they lived. Anyone who had 77 marks was eligible for the card. A family which does not have water supply at their home gets 100 marks and a family living in a house with a muddy floor gets 80 marks. 

Figures at a glance in urban areas

Area Total BPL cards Deletions suggested

1- Panchkula 8,289 5,632

2- Kalka 2,218 1,733

3- Pinjore 2,674 2,110 



‘Missing’ money credited into RLA account!
Akash Ghai
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 2
In a strange development, an unidentified person is learnt to have deposited about Rs 5.60 lakh in the UT Administration’s Treasury, which is the same amount that was discovered missing during an inquiry into the accounts of the Registration and Licensing Authority (RLA).

The financial discrepancy dates to the five-month period from April 1 to August 30 this year.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, an RLA official told Chandigarh Tribune that he was aware of the development. “We have asked for the challans and are waiting for them, following which matters would be cleared,” said the official.

The irregularity was detected by former UT Additional Deputy Commissioner ML Sharma while conducting the inquiry. The amount had not been deposited in the local treasury by certain officials. In his report, Sharma had recommended lodging of an FIR, a thorough inquiry of the entire accounts and transfer of those officials who had been serving in the department for so many years. Meanwhile, KK Sharma, Adviser, UT Administration, said decision on what action was to be taken would be announced tomorrow.



Census teams to revisit locked houses
Akash Ghai
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 2
The UT Administration and Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) will try to “look for” about 1.25 lakh city residents who have apparently “disappeared” as per the projected report of the caste-based census, which was released just six months after the 2011 India census report was made public in February this year.

The “hunt” will begin from November 4 and the deadline for completion is set for November 13.

“We have prepared a ‘Supervisory Module’ in which all houses, which were earlier found locked or vacated, would be re-visited by our officials. This would definitely help us in filling the gap,” said Prerna Puri, Nodal Officer of Caste-based Census in Municipal Area, UT.

The discrepancy has arisen with BEL putting the population at 9,25,000 in a caste and religion-based census they conducted last month. This is far less than the 2011 Census report of February, which put the provisional figure of the city’s population at 1,054,000.

The issue was highlighted in these columns on October 4.

A review meeting was held by the UT Deputy Commissioner two days ago in which a decision was taken to revisit the enumerated houses under the ‘Supervisory Module’.

When asked what was the final figure of the UT’s population in the caste-based census, Puri said the data was still being uploaded by the agency. “Only after completion of the ‘supervisory module’ will the final tally of the figures be done,” said Puri, who is currently holding additional charge as the municipal commissioner.

A senior UT Administration official said that even though they had provided 521 enumerators for the exercise, “the vendor could not arrange the required number of data entry operators, which has led to the delay in releasing the census report”.



A locally made winning Formula
4 PEC techies design miniature 800 cc formula car that reaches 180 km/hr
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 2
Four final year mechanical engineering students of Punjab Engineering College (PEC) here have designed a miniature 800 cc formula car that can speed up to 180 km an hour.

It may not be as fast or branded as Formula One cars competing in international events, but this locally designed car by the students in their early 20s is a first step towards to a possible F1 car.

The four enthusiastic inventors, Madhur Popli, Sanchit Arora, Hitesh Singla and Kirti Kumar, have named the car “Red Griffin”.

The students, who were sponsored by Maruti and have used state-of-the-art equipment and employed advanced engineering techniques to build the car, sounded enthused by expressions such as “power” and “attenuator and pneumatic suspension”.

The students admitted that they launched their quest to build one of the fastest miniature Formula One racing cars with minimum weight.

Madhur Popli said the main feature that differentiated their vehicle from other speeding cars was the adjustable dynamics of the vehicle that other cars in the same class lacked. “Our vehicle has pneumatic suspension, which enables the team to adjust the suspension, the ground clearance and the traction of the vehicle to suit the track. Other vehicles use hydraulic and spring suspension, which cannot be adjusted,” said Madhur.

The vehicle, which weighs 260 kg has a top speed of 180 km per hour per hour with just an 800 cc engine at a total cost of Rs 8 lakh.

Describing the vehicle, Madhur said the vehicle also incorporates a single piece AL7075 upright, which makes the total weight of the uprights an astonishing mere 900-gram each. Other vehicles usually have uprights of over 3 kg each. An upright is joined to the pedals, steering and shockers. “This reduces the unsprung mass and increases the acceleration,” said Madhur.

The team boasts of a fibre body used in accordance with aerodynamic testing, which makes it lighter.

The team had recently showcased its car in the SUPRA SAE India competition held in Chennai, where it won the third prize in he static competition and first prize in the ‘power to weight’ category.

“Conceiving, designing and building a formula race car and then competing it in a race is exciting. It is a demonstration of creativity, engineering expertise and motor racing skills,” said all four team members. 


Weight: 260 kg

Top speed: 180 km per hour

Engine: 800 cc

Cost: Rs 8 lakh

Body material: Glass fibre

The Inventors

Madhur Popli (age) 21

Home place: Ludhiana

Family background: Father is a businessmen

Ambition: To study further in automobiles

Achievements: To be a captain of the team that designed the vehicle.


Sanchit Arora (age) 21

Home place: Ludhiana

Family Background: Father is a businessmen

Ambition: To serve country as an engineer

Achievement : Scoring 95 % in class X.


Hitesh Singla (age) 20

Home place: Chandigarh

Family Background: Father is a civil engineer

Ambition: To be a well-known and successful engineer Achievement: Being a member of team that designed the car and getting campus placement.


Kirti Kumar (age) 21

Home place: Mohali

Family Background: Both parents are government employees

Ambition: To be a design engineer

Achievement: Participation in Formula SUPRA SAE event. 


MHA seeks deputationists’ list from UT administration
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune news service

Chandigarh, November 2
Taking a tough stand on the number of employees on deputation from the three neighbouring states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh posted here on deputation in various departments of the UT Administration for the past many years, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has asked the UT Administration to provide a complete list of all such deputationists while demanding an explanation for “overstaying” by these employees.

There are currently a total of 1,623 persons on deputation to the UT Administration, which includes 44 on deputation to various boards and corporations of the Chandigarh Administration. In all, the UT Administration has a total 34,775 employees, which includes 5,830 posted with various boards and corporations according to an affidavit submitted in the Punjab and Haryana High Court last year.

The MHA has received a number of representations and complaints from associations representing UT cadre employees on this issue, pointing out that employees of the UT cadre were being severely disadvantaged by these deputations. “This has affected the service interest of the UT cadre employees,” said UT Cadre Educational Employees Union president Swarn Singh Kamboj.

For example, there are some employees who have been on deputation for over two decades. In addition, there are many who have retired from the UT.

In the education department alone, the UT has more than 200 teachers on deputation from Punjab and Haryana, besides certain teachers from Himachal Pradesh who have exceeded a period of stay of more than five years in Chandigarh. In the health department, there are many doctors who are here on deputation in Chandigarh for the past over 10 years.

No official info yet

I have come to know about the development, but my office has not received any such communication till now.~

KK Sharma, Adviser to the UT Administrator



Proposed list of poll stations out
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 2
The State Election Commission today released the proposed list of the polling stations for ward Nos. 17, 18, 19 and 20 for the forthcoming MC elections in the city.

The verification of sites of all polling stations located in ward No. 17, consisting of Sectors 18, 19 and 21; ward No. 18, consisting of Sectors 27, 28 and 30; ward No. 19, consisting of Sector 26, 26-E, Bapu Dham, Camp II Phase II, Sector 26-E, EWS Housing Board, Bapu Dham Transit Camp-I, Phase I, Bapu Dham, camp III, Phase III and Madrasi Colony (huts); and ward No. 20, consisting of Sector 29, Industrial Area, Phase I, Industrial Area, Phase I, Sanjay Colony (slum), Industrial Area, Phase I, and Industrial Area (Phase I Colony No. 4) for the conduct of the municipal corporation elections on December 17 has been completed.

The proposed lists of these polling stations has been placed on the notice board at the office of Director Public Relations-cum-Returning Officer, Deluxe Building, Sector 9.



Daily Duronto from tomorrow
Sanjay Bumbroo
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 2
The much-hyped Duronto Express running between Amritsar and Chandigarh five days a week will now ply on all seven days from November 4.

The chief public relations officer (CPRO) of the Indian Railways, New Delhi, SK Sharma, said a decision to this effect had been taken by the authorities after the train received good response from public during the past two months.

However, contrary to the claims of the authorities, the train was losing steam as only around 10,600 passengers have travelled from the city to Amritsar during the past 70 days.

And a similar number of passengers has travelled from Amritsar to Chandigarh in the train, which was launched amid much fanfare on August 24, during the same period.

Only 46 passengers travelled from the city on the train on October 26, contrary to the claims of the officials of the Ambala division that there was a gradual increase in the number of passengers during the past few weeks.

Senior divisional commercial manager, Ferozepur, in a communiqué to the Railway Division, Ambala, had banned unreserved current bookings from September 12, resulting in a further decline in the number of passengers travelling from the city.

As a result, the railway has been suffering a loss of lakhs of rupees every day, as around Rs 4 lakh is being spent by the railways daily to run this express train, the sources say.

Sharma said the railways was closely monitoring the occupancy on the train and further steps would be taken to create awareness among public about the train.

People in the region have been demanding the renaming of the train to Shatabdi Express so that more stoppages can be included into its schedule.



Another case against Healthyway owner

Chandigarh, November 2
A day after Amit Kakkar was bailed out in three of the 10 cases of fraud registered against him, the Special Investigating Team (SIT) of the UT police slapped another case of cheating on the owner of Healthyway Immigration today. The accused is currently in judicial custody. 

The police has lodged the FIR acting on complaints made by 40 persons who were duped by the firm on false promises of easy overseas migration. Pramjit Singh, a resident of Samrai village in Jalandhar, and 39 other complainants had reported that Kakkar had taken Rs 4 lakh from him to send his son Mandeep Singh abroad. However, his visa application was rejected as the documents submitted by the firm were forged. TNS



Sector 71 devoid of basic amenities
Tribune News Service

Mohali, November 2
Stinking garbage dumps, unkempt parks and stray dogs welcome visitors to one of the newly developed sectors of Mohali, Sector 71, located next to Matour village.

Ever since the sector was conceived, its open spaces have been used to dump debris as there is no agency to own the area. Neither the municipal corporation nor the GMADA properly maintains the sector.

Ramandeep Singh, who has been living in the sector for the past nine years, said no proper market, post office or community centre has been set up for the convenience of residents.

The sector is bereft of basic amenities. A village pond between Sectors 70 and 71 is being used to dump \garbage and debris.

The pathetic condition of the Kargil Park, which has been in disrepair, has irked residents.

The park, dedicated to Kargil martyrs, had been uprooted for the laying of storm water drain.

An open space adjacent to the park has been converted into a garbage dump. The internal roads of the sector are full of potholes.

Mankirat, a resident of the area, said there the park was devoid of public conveniences.

The musical fountain in the park is lying in disuse. Stray cattle and dogs have taken over the sector and the corporation has failed to control the menace.

GMADA has failed to repair the Kargil Park, the only green space in the sector.

— Col HS Sambhi

The presence of stray dogs has increased the risk of dog bites in the area.

— RS Grewal

There is no mechanism for maintaining sanitation in the area. No one comes to clean the roads for days together.

— JPS Kalra

Wild growth has taken over the open spaces. No one from municipal corporation turns up to clean the roads.

— Dr Nivedita Ravjit Singh



Police remand for Commando Caterers owner
Our Correspondent

Mohali, November 2
The owner of Commando Caterers, Kamaljit Singh Walia, was remanded in two-day police custody by a local court in a case of accepting bribe on behalf of a government official and preparing fake documents, here today.

He was medically examined before being produced in Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate Ajaib Singh’s court.

The Punjab Vigilance Bureau had sought a five-day remand but Walia was remanded in police custody for just two days. He will be produced before the Ilaqa Magistrate on November 4.

The court proceedings came to a standstill for some time after Walia collapsed in the courtroom. He was attended to and given water.

The bureau had yesterday arrested Walia for allegedly accepting bribe on behalf of a government official and preparing fake ILETS documents.

A case was registered against him under Sections 420, 467 and 471 of the IPC and under the relevant Sections of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Kamaljit Singh’s family had earlier alleged that he had filed a police complaint against BIS Chahal, former media adviser to Capt Amarinder Singh, but later withdrew it. Owing to this, the SAD government had been allegedly harassing Kamaljit Singh.



Encroachment, poor sanitation & broken streetlights

An abandoned truck parked in a green belt in Sector 24, Chandigarh
An abandoned truck parked in a green belt in Sector 24, Chandigarh. Tribune photos: Manoj Mahajan

Ward No. 4, which comprises three oldest Sectors - 23, 24 and 36 - has got nothing much to boast of in terms of development in the past five years. Besides a few new green belts, nothing has been added to the area’s infrastructure. No steps have been taken to improve the basic civic amenities, maintain internal parks or ensure proper functioning of streetlights. In fact, encroachment in this ward has mushroomed manifold


Residents have been demanding the setting up of e-sampark centres in the ward but except for the one set up in Sector 23 a long time ago, the other two sectors have failed to get the approval of the authorities for the setting up of the centre.

Garbage piled up along roadside in Sector 23 and (right) road awaits re-carpeting in Sector 36.  

Internal parks

A majority of green belts in this ward where work had started a long time ago for the repair or change of old railings has not been completed yet. As a result, most of the parks are in a disarray. Even the old iron benches installed in the parks have been stolen and no action has been taken by the authorities to curb this practice. In Sector 36, the councillor had assured residents of setting up a fountain in the Fragrance Garden, but nothing concrete has been done so far.


Sector 23 continues to depend on garbage bins at various sites for the disposal of garbage, as the area is yet to have the door-to-door garbage collection system. Even in areas where this system has been introduced, sweepers often stay away from work. As a result, residents use open spaces to dump garbage in the sector. Piles of garbage can often be seen lying in the sector, as it is not lifted regularly by the sanitation staff.


While the Bamboo Valley Park adds to the beauty of Sector 23, lack of maintenance of N-choe by the UT administration ruins the ambiance of the area. Residents complain that due to the failure of authorities to manage the problem of N-choe, people have been unable to use the nearby parks due to the presence of foul smell in the area.


Streetlights installed along the roads and in the parks across the ward are not in working condition even though a number of complaints have been made to the departments concerned. Except for false assurances, nothing concrete has been done by the authorities so far. Broken streetlights have led to a spurt in crime in the area. Also, shopkeepers of Sectors 24 and 36 have made representations numerous times for the installation of high-mast lights in the market, but the area councillor has failed to put forth a proposal in this regard.


There is no check on the mushrooming of encroachment in the ward. Shopkeepers claim that the MC staff deputed in the ward to check the menace have failed to take action against offenders. They allege that the offenders who are challaned by the enforcement staff during special drives resurface in the area soon after these are over.

Residents speak

With an increase in petty crimes, residents do not feel safe in the area any longer. This reflects poorly on the authorities, who have failed to provide security to residents

— Kapil Vashisth, resident of Sector 23

This area is one of the most neglected wards of the city. The lack of basic civic amenities in the area is an ample proof of this

— Rakesh Kanojia, resident of Sector 24

The residents only get assurances of getting their work done by the councillor. However, not even a single demand of the residents has been fulfilled

— Kamal Gupta, resident of Sector 36

‘Facing acute staff crunch’

The MC’s sanitation department handles the cleanliness of the ward, as the work has not been outsourced yet. As the department is facing an acute staff crunch, the services are not up to the mark in the ward

— Surinder K Jagota, ward councillor

MC Ward Woes

Voter Population

Sector 23 8,000

Sector 24 2,500

Sector 36 8,000


Surinder K Jagota

(first-time councillor) BJP

Ward development fund?

Out of Rs 130 lakh allotted in the past five years, Rs 141.12 lakh had been spent till March, 2011

Question asked in the House in 2010

He has never participated in the General House to table any question.


Sehaj Safai Kendra in Sector 23

Water feature in Sectors 23 and 24

Got paver blocks laid in the ward



I-T officials on ‘non-cooperation’ within department
Staff shortage, cadre restructuring

Anuja Jaiswal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 2
Gandhigiri seems to have caught on with income tax officers (ITOs) who have launched a "non-cooperation" movement within their department to protest against the inordinate delay in filling vacancies for the post of 600 Assistant Commissioners and cadre restructuring.

Though this “non-cooperation” has been going on for the past one week, since October 25, various vital operations of the department, including surveys, searches and TDS verification, are likely to be affected from tomorrow as the agitating staff has decided to intensify the stir. The ITOs have even threatened to strike work if their demands aren't met soon.

Talking to The Tribune, Satish Bhalla, general secretary of the Income tax Gazetted Officers Association (ITGOA), North West Region, said 350 promotee ITOs (Assistant Commissioner, deputy commissioners, Joint Commissioners, Additional Commissioners), in north west region, which includes the UT too, have not been cooperating with the department since October 25. "So far, they were not doing statistical work but from tomorrow, they will not participate in any search and surveys also," he said.

Bhalla said they would wear black badges to work from tomorrow and hold a candle light procession in front of Aaykar Bhawan in the evening to highlight their plight. He said if their demands weren't met, they would go on strike and woud stage a "mass walkout" on November 15.

A senior official of the income tax (investigation) wing claimed that the agitation would not to have much impact as they had sufficient direct recruited staff.

According to the ITGOA, vacancies for 2010-11 and 2011-12 had not been filled and there has been a delay of almost 17 months. They said the department was facing an acute shortage of manpower both at the staff and officer levels, which was affecting efficiency.

"These vacant positions are being shared by the existing officers, by holding additional charge. The acute shortage of staff is putting unmanageable workload on others and causing disruption in tax payer service and revenue collection," said an official.

Last year also, no raids or surveys were conducted for 40 days when officers went on strike on July 20. Almost 1,000 officers and 3,000 staff from this region, including income tax officers and assistant and deputy commissioners, were on strike during that period.



Kathak dancer enthrals audience
SD Sharma

Chandigarh, November 2
Emulating her mentor Guru Shobha Koser, the versatile and vivacious Samira Koser gave a magical spell of Kathak dance during a special programme, organised by the Pracheen Kala Kendra, at the Tagore Theatre here today.

Blooming with confidence, Samira depicted the finer nuances of the art as an aesthetically trained virtuoso in the grammar and complexities of the Jaipur Gharana School of Kathak Dance both as an avid performer and a choreographer par excellence.

Holding a doctorate degree in Psychology, Dr Samira is a dancer of national eminence.

She started her recital with a beautiful invocatory piece Krishna stuthi “Bali Bali Mohini Murat….” paying obeisance to the Lord Krishna.

It was followed by pure Kathak dance sequences. Her traditional nritya items like “Thaat”, “Upaj”, “Uthaan”, “Paran”, “Aamad”, “Tode”, “Tukde”, “Chakradar Paran”, “Tihais”, “Pairon Ki Ladi” and “Jhulna Paran” were effortless and bore the stamp of beauty and sophistication.

She was impressive in her high speed “tatkar and chakkar”. Her sawaal-jawaab with the tabla was a rare piece to watch, which received applauses.

She then moved on to present “Chaturang” featuring “Sargam and Tarana”.

In the abhinaya segment, Dr Samira presented a Thumri - “chado chedo na Kanhayee”, depicting playful teasing between Radha and Krishna.

The dancer’s abhinaya had a pleasant blend of devotion and traces of shringar. Samira concluded her recital with a bhajan - “Meri Suno Nath” - amid thunderous applause.

The father-son duo Guru Brij Mohan Gangani and Mahesh Gangani, Fateh Singh Gangani, Ramesh Parihar and Vijay Sharma on sitar, Mehmood Khan on tabla and Veval Sharma on flute were brilliant on their respective instruments.

Meanwhile, noted film and TV actor Girja Shanker, who immortalised the role of King Dhritrashtra in the Mahabharata, graced the occasion. Kendra registrar Shobha Koser welcomed chief guests Vijay Sabharwal and SK Monga, IAS (retd), who honoured the artistes.

Earlier, kendra secretary Sajal Koser welcomed the guests.



Tricity Scan

26 stray cattle impounded:
At least 26 stray cattle were impounded during a special drive conducted by the cattle catching cell of the Municipal Corporation on Wednesday. The drive was carried out in Sectors 55, 56, 29, 26, 26, 20, Colony No. 4, Colony No. 5, Ram Darbar, Kajheri, Maloya and Dhanas during the past two days. As many as 12 cattle catchers and two trucks of the MC were deployed during the drive. City residents have been asked to inform the authorities on phone no 9872511284 in case they wanted to complain about stray cattle.

Power tariff hike: In a joint statement issued by DS Chahal, president, and SK Khosla, general secretary, respectively, of the Chandigarh Residents’ Social Welfare Federation flayed the approach of the JERC in deciding the power tariff from April 1, 2011, for residents of the city. They said that their Federation had already been seized over the matter since the issue relating to revision of the power tariff and a deputation of their federation pleaded before the JERC during its personal hearing session held on May 6. The residents will receive a serious jolt in the coming months when they will receive their enhanced electricity bills effective from April 1, 2011. It was further brought to the notice of the JERC that the bills are issued bio-monthly but the tariff is charged on a monthly basis, which has hardly have any justification as per supply code.

Defaulters challaned: In a special anti-encroachment drive, the Municipal Corporation has lifted four trucks, 14 cars, three motorcycles, three scooters being repaired by motor mechanics in various motor markets of city, including Sectors 7, 21, 28 and Manimajra on Wednesday. There were complaints regarding the repairing of vehicles adjoining motor markets in these sectors time and again upon the Municipal land.

Campus placements: HCL Technologies, Mohali, on Wednesday visited GGDSD College, Sector-32, for campus placements of MSc IT IInd year students. On Tuesday, Lowe Lintas, the biggest name in advertising in the country, had shortlisted 15 students for their next HR round in Mumbai.

Science exhibition: The 37th State Science Exhibition, organised by the State Institute of Education in collaboration with the NCERT, was inaugurated on Wednesday by the adviser to the administrator KK Sharma. The exhibition is held every year to popularise science amongst children, teachers and the public. It is designed to make students think about the need to understand linkages between local and global issues.

‘Project Shakti’: Three city NGOs - the Society for Support to Voluntary Agencies (SOSVA), the Chandigarh Senior Citizens’ Association (CSCA) and the Yuvsatta - joined hands on Wednesday to adopt 100 girls residing in Bapu Dham Colony under the “Project Shakti”, a programme designed to promote health, hygiene and empowerment of young girls and women. Under the programme, girls will be given regular medical check up and free sanitary napkins as well as medicines like calcium, multi-vitamin and de-worming tablets as recommended by doctors. The plan also envisages forming the girls into teams headed by peer leaders and organising yoga, games and hobby classes like candle making, mehndi application, food preservation for them, which could, later become a source of their income. In addition, assistance will be provided to find for them regular or seasonal jobs.

Meeting held:
A meeting of the action committee of the CWA was held under the chairmanship of SK Nayar, chairman-cum-president of the CWA. The main agenda of the meeting included clarifying the role of RWAs, keeping a check on clearing of the garbage in their areas and demand for underpasses, besides others.

Fortis Hospital on Wednesday claimed that through an intricate, complicated and timely surgery, the life of Harjeet Singh, a gunshot victim, had been saved. Harjeet, an NRI now living in Australia, was in India on a vacation when he was accidentally hit by a bullet in the abdomen at point blank range. — Tribune Reporters



PUSU calls off fast as PU agrees to demands
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 2
The indefinite fast by members of the Panjab University Student Union (PUSU) was called off today after the university authorities agreed to hike the TA-DA offered to sportspersons from Rs 120 to Rs 190. The university bowing down to protesting students also agreed to other demands raised by them.

Sumit Goklaney, one of the students who was on a fast after calling off the strike, said: “Our major demand to hike the TA-DA given to sportsperson has been accepted and it has been increased from Rs 125 to Rs 190 making it a major rise of Rs 65.

He further said the re-soiling and fencing of the respective grounds of hockey, football and 400-meter rack would be done one by one starting with one ground from next week and it would be monitored monthly by the authority and we would be kept informed about the progress. However, on the purchase committee for sports kits, an attractive tender would be put into place to attract the best manufacturers.

Sukhjit Singh Brar, president, PUSU, said: “Though most of our demands are met, this is an issue which cannot be left for the coming months as we know the tendency of the authorities to remain active for sometime and then going into a slumber mode as what we have seen with the construction of the shooting range, which had started around 18 months ago and is still nowhere near to completion.”He added that they would monitor the progress of the work so that the projects were not left in between.



Soch-11 kicks off amidst fanfare
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, November 2
“Soch 2011”, an annual media event of the School of Communication Studies (SCS), kicked off today with a series of events like creative writing, ad mad, graffiti, street play and documentary screening among several others, in which participants showcased their talent and creativity.

The special guest of the event, Punjabi singer Jasbir Jassi rocked the crowd with his voice and made them groove to his tunes, “Heer akhdi jogiya jhooth bol.”

The secretary, organising committee and one of the faculty members of SCS, Jayanth Narayan Petkhar, extended the vote of thanks and encouraged participants by saying, “SOCH, the media fest, challenges students to go beyond the precincts of classroom and showcase their talent in the activities that test their creativity, ingenuity and intellectual capabilities. This time also, we promise a perfect blend where talent meets opportunity.”

After the warm inaugural session, the events began with great exuberance and enthusiasm. Students across the nation from different colleges participated in various events. About 110 participants registered on the first day thereby marking the popularity of the fest. Rang De (graffiti), Freaking Frequency (radio programming), Mind on Fire (creative writing), Mouth Play (mute commentary), Diffusion of Innovation (ad making), and Shor Gali (street play) took place on the first day.

The themes for all events were related to 3G (get guts going). The street play not only threw light on the social issues but also pulled the crowd. In the evening, a cultural night, Dancing Shoes, was organised and a special performance by showstoppers of the India’s Got Talent Season 3 fame was the main attraction of the evening.



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