Button up for royalty
Designer Amitabh Chandel launches his exclusive range of diamond and gold embedded contemporary collection for men’s shirts
Jasmine Singh

Designer Amitabh Chandel(centre) with models
CUT-TO-CUT: Designer Amitabh Chandel(centre) with models

All talks about women liberation takes a breather for a while, even as handsome, lean and mean bodies of men flaunt the latest designs in fashion. Finally, we have something on equal ground for men and women — but of course, fashion. If designers work and exhaust their creative juices to come up with sexy designs for women, then they are spending the same time in creating chic, traditional, royal and formal designs for men.

When Amitabh Chandel launches his exclusive range of diamond and gold-embedded contemporary collection for men's shirts, we take a fashion scan on what makes them cool this season.

Done up in zari border with gold and silver lace, the shirts by Amitabh have a royal touch of gold and diamond on them. As Amitabh, who created these shirts, says, "Every parent treats his son like a king; my collection is something like an extension of this thought. The earlier royal dresses for men used to be achkans, bandgalas, kurtas with intricate work; these shirts carry the same royal touch," he shares. Amitabh's premium range of shirts can be worn on formal and other functions. Starting from Rs 50,000 they go up to 50 lakh. A shirt for 50 lakhs, are you kidding! "I know people wonder what makes the shirt so expensive; it is the diamonds, solitaries and gold buttons and the work that makes it costly as well as royal."
Zulfi Syed and Shawar Ali
Zulfi Syed and Shawar Ali

The shirts are not at all gaudy; they are subtle and are wearable too. If you want to feel royalty closer to you, Amitabh gives you an option of hand-stitched stuff that will be made by the direct descendants of those who used to make shirts for Nawab Wajid Ali of Lucknow. If you still haven't got over the price, Amitabh attaches a social cause to it. "We would donate money to the Blind Association of India."

And these shirts will be delivered at the customer's doorstep. "In addition, anybody going for a shirt above Rs 1 lakh will be given the special honour of a dedicated person going to his place to take measurements. If you want you can place your orders online as well," adds Amitabh, who wants people to connect to royalty with these shirts!

Men in style

We catch up with leading male models, Shawar Ali and Zulfi Syed, who walk the ramp at Fort Ramgarh, near Chandigarh, where Amitabh showcases his collection in a fashion show. Shawar is first in the row. "Men's fashion is changing but not as fast as women's. There are interesting designs and styles that have come up for men," says Shawar. "The Amitabh shirts are wonderful and different. A lot of men are wearing gold and diamond these days, so these shirts are in vogue." As for Zulfi Syed, "I was at a fashion show in Dubai where men were wearing diamonds, gold and solitaires on clothes. In India the concept is new, but it will soon catch up." Zulfi would like to wear these shirts at royal weddings or maybe parties.


Access baggage
Fashion trends change every season. Here's checking out the latest accessories for this winter
Jigyasa Kapoor Chimra

After several months of neutral and nude tones, it seems the time has come to shift towards colour and accessory. Although the catwalks have already seen plenty of show from designers showcasing their latest wares, not for the Autumn/Winter collections, but they have already moved on to Fall/Winter 2011/2012 and clearly determined the fashion trends for this season.

Trend talk

Talking colour, blue is a hot colour for the fall/winter accessory collection. Present as a single hue, it was not only found in handbags and shoes but was also seen on straps, trims and edges of accessories. But looking at the biggest trend for the season, we must say it's the return of leather and fur. Seen on the cuff, caps, mufflers and even socks, fur is riding high on the fashion trend. And for leather it's no longer venturing on the biker, masculine look but this season it's about an ultra-feminine look. Says designer Sabah Khan, "Expect to see ultra-short leather jackets, leather leggings and of course long skirts coming into play during Fall/Winter 2011/2012. Other than that, gloves are going to be a hot trend this winter."

Hand full

Handbags are one practical accessory for all the months and considering winter and layering, it does not mean they need no attention. In Fall/Winter 2011/2012, watch out for a mix of leather and lace. Swati Mehrotra, footwear designer, says, "For the winter, the handbag style of choice will be the envelope clutch (remember the festive season is close). It is great for parties and big enough to carry everything you want. Another choice is the satchel, which will be making a comeback for the winter months as well. This trend is a good investment as you can use this piece through several seasons." "Sling bags are going to be one big hit this season, so slide along a smart leather bag for that trendy look," says Sabah.

Belt up

Accessories like belts are a must. This winter is all about added accessories and belts. "We have belts as an added accessory in sweaters, coats and even jackets. However, they are not the plain belts. Mixed with lace, sequins and even ropes, belts are there to jazz up the entire outfit," says an employee of Just Casuals.

Foot note

Socks are an important garment for the winter. Leave behind the regular cotton; woollen socks and visit the market for crochet-knit, multi-coloured socks. These are available in varied prints and designs.

Not selling Beti B's pictures: Big B

Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh Bachchan

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has denied reports that he is planning to sell pictures of his son Abhishek and daughter-in-law Aishwarya's first child.

"Media organistions are trying to build up the story of sale of baby picture...ha ha ha ... good try media, it will never happen...," Amitabh posted on micro-blogging site Twitter, following reports that the family will follow Hollywood's trend of selling baby pictures.

Aishwarya gave birth to a baby girl November 16, and the Bachchan's brought the daughter home November 22.

The family is yet to decide on a name for its bundle of joy. — IANS

Mime maestro Niranjan Goswami, who has been working relentlessly in the field for last five decades, has the infectious enthusiasm of a beginner

Taking mime from being a trivial part of theatre to a full-fledged discipline, Padma Shri Niranjan Goswami's long journey has been replete with accomplishments.

He started exploring mime in childhood and some five decades later, Niranjan, director, Indian Mime Theatre, is about to finalise the first national mime academy and his book Methods of Mime Acting.

"It fills my heart with pride to see mime restored to the place it deserves. When I started, mime was just one trivial part of acting. Today, I get so many requests from theatre people for workshops that I cannot accommodate all," says Niranjan in Chandigarh to hold workshops with school children at the invitation of Community Theatre Workshop supported by Sangeet Natak Akademy, Delhi.

"People waste their lives —some in work, others in gambling or racing — I tried doing that in mime, but life has been going good so far," says Niranjan, who has not only been successful, but has also changed lives of many that have come in contact with him. "Though I work with many age groups, working with children refreshes me the most," says Niranjan in all simplicity. "I owe a lot to mime. Not only it got me recognition, I travelled to various parts of India as well as abroad," he adds.

Not only theatre artistes, even dancers have been increasingly turning towards Niranjan for guidance. By setting up the mime academy in Kolkata, he wishes to set a benchmark in mime training. "It is going to be state-of-the-art institution with well-stocked library as well as accommodation for the learners," says Niranjan.

Part of our day-to-day life, acting without words paves way for mime theatre that Niranjan is the guru of and he advises the theatre artistes, "On stage when there are no dialogues, it is mime that makes you stand out as an artiste. Learn mime and make your mark as an actor."


Deep verses
Chandan Dass, in Chandigarh to take part in the ongoing Pinjore Heritage Festival, feels 'popcorn' culture is no threat to a genre like ghazal

Chandan Dass
TUNED IN: Chandan Dass

"Life will keep bringing its own challenges, one needs to tackle them at each step," says Chandan Dass, noted ghazal singer. In Chandigarh as part of the ongoing Pinjore Heritage Festival on Friday, Chandan Dass shares notes from his life.

"I was just two when I lost my mother. Still I consider her the greatest influence in shaping my destiny," says Chandan Dass. With some 30 albums to his credit, Dass has continued the hardwork that's required to be a true artiste. "Each morning I start the day with riyaaz. If on occasions I miss it, the day doesn't go well," says the singer. Ups and downs are part of everyone's life; Dass has taken them in his stride.

"I have never worked for name. I have only strived to become a singer. Accompanying name and fame has been blessings of the almighty. Whenever the album has not done well, I have tried to find the shortcomings, worked harder to make sure that the very best reaches the audience," he says. Today's popcorn generation and popcorn culture is no threat to a genre like ghazal. "Most of what one sees on TV or in cinemas has a fleeting influence. It's never going to the effect the clout of Chaudavin Ka Chand Ho Ya, Raha Gardishon Main Hardam Yun Hasraton Ke Daag…some of the songs that we admire even fifty years after they were first sung," says Dass. And what's his advice for the upcoming singers? "Put your hundred per cent hardwork in whatever you do and success is yours for sure," he says.

His latest album Judai has garnered a good response; he is working on a few more and for live shows he travels a lot, which is something he enjoys. "Apart from making music and singing, I enjoy the travel, especially to hill stations. Spending time alone is another thing that I love," says Dass.

Reality shows have provided some good singers such as Shreya Ghoshal, but the impact these shows have on young children worries Dass. "TV reality shows turn kids into stars overnight, but that stardom is very brief. The need is to give such talented kids training in the fine art that music is," he says with concern.

Kolavari Di pheneomenon? "I have heard the song and liked it. But, sadly, like today's music it's a hit till the movie is released. Soon its place would be taken by another song almost as instantly as it became a hit," says Dass. He adds that lack of melody is the reason why such music does not become classic. mona@tribunemail.com

Living history
Vasudha Gupta

G S Cheema
Past perfect: G S Cheema

History never looks like history when you are living through it.
— John W Gardner

GS Cheema is one of those handful, who has made the effort to draw a line between the eastern and the western world for a comparative study.

His book, titled, Our History, Their History, launches in the garden of his plush home amidst his collection of antique engravings, woodcuts and lithographs. Talking about his book, he says, "The book is broadly the result of my interest in history," he says. Marking the differences and similarities, he says, "Most of the boundaries of the western world have very limited changes, where as in India, there really are no internal boundaries."

Another prominent aspect of the book is the constant feeling of pride among Indians regarding the long trail of bloodline, when it really is fogged with non availability of data. "If you look at western cultures, they can easily trace their predecessors till the 10th century," he adds.

The book also talks about the fact that much like India, several other nations, at one point of time, were ruled by other nations, particularly Danish and Germans. Another highlight of the book is the inheritance of property by women. "It is only now that Indian women inherit property. Earlier, in the western nations women were reining queens," he says.

One for the artist!
Creators, a group comprising eminent artists from the region, have displayed their works at the Government Museum & Art Gallery-10

The Creators have their works displayed at the Government Museum & Art Gallery-10, Chandigarh. Together since 1981, this group comprises eminent painters, sculptors and applied artists from the region. The exhibition opens with some marvellous sculpture models by celebrated artist Shiv Singh. Black, bronze and silver - metal takes varied shapes and colours to signify books, the airport, open spaces and communication. Roop Chand, the pioneer of modern movement of art, has some works from his Bindu collection on display. The 'dot', signifying the beginning of life in its myriad forms, is the theme of his oil on canvas paintings.

Bright reds and sublime greens catch the attention in Formations by Harjit Singh Purewal. It's Ram Binod's portraits and Raj Gopal Sharma's portrayal of women that evokes interest. It's love that women are searching for and also criticising in Raj's Urvashi collection.

Kurukshetra's Randhir Singh Pathania and Ravinder Singh Gusain's paintings bring out human interactions in vivid colours. Chandigarh Village by Ravinder brings alive various facets of the city.

BC Prasad's Showcase and Window turns children's toys into art. Colourful balls make one frame and 'Window' is representation of childhood memories. Chandigarh and its neatly divided sectors make their presence felt in Dalvinder Singh's works. His acrylic on canvas works show nature in so much discipline that even trees are in neat rows! Beautiful colours of different seasons find expression in this artist's works.

Nature and insects make for striking steel figures in Narinderjeet Singh Maloya's works. "Humans appreciate wood when it takes the form of sofas and beds; not the natural trees. But tiny insects appreciate nature in its raw form," says Narinder and his works put that across effectively.

(On till December 4)


Weight watch
Rate of gain
Swapana Singla

One term that's often used in the context of healthy weight is the basic metabolic rate (BMR). And you will quite often hear about weight related to individual BMR. This is how it's abbreviated…

Basal metabolism: Body utilises energy for its day to day activity such as breathing, cardiac activity, blood circulation, digestion, excretion of waste products and any minimal physical activity like getting up, brushing, cooking , going for work so on..

High BMR leads to weight loss: Now that sounds interesting, so how can one increase his or her BMR. To know this we have to know what the factors that affect it:

Body composition: All tissues are metabolically active like muscle, glands and organs are more active compared to bones and fat/adipose tissue. Metabolically active means, these consume oxygen per unit of weight and produce heat. So the more muscle mass you have compared to fat, your BMR is high.

Physical activity and lifestyle: A marketing representative will have a higher BMR compared to an accountant or executive. A construction worker would have higher BMR than a tailor or a cobbler.

Gender: Females have 10 per cent lower BMR from men since their fat stores are more 23-32 per cent of the total body weight. Women need to have fat stores around the hip line to protect their reproductive organ, mainly uterus and ovaries.

Hormones: Testosterone, thyroid hormones, epinephrine (adrenaline rush) causer high BMR. Hormones causing ovulation leads to decreased BMR. Hence hormonal contraceptives can cause weight gain or weakness and lethargy that cause weight gain.

Age: BMR is highest during the first two years of life and it declines gradually till childhood and then accelerates during adolescence. After the age of 21 it decreases 2 per cent per decade.

Sleep: A good sleep with minimum tossing and turning causes 10 per cent drop in BMR. So sleeping immediately after meals is a blunder if you don't want that tummy to pop out.

Body temperature: 1C rise in body temperature increases the BMR to 13 per cent. That is why we lose weight during infection and fever.

Environmental temperature and climatic conditions: People living in places with extreme climates have higher BMR, since the body has to maintain its temperature at 37C. People living in extremely cold climate have 10 per cent higher BMR. So during winters you can hog on fatty foods and expect it to be utilised by your body due to extremely dropped temperature.

How to increase your BMR:

n Daily high intensity small exercise, like 100 counts that is 4 sets of 25 counts of abs, legs, sides, on alternate day basis.
n Plan body building for the winter.
n Increase raw vegetables in your diet, the body metabolises it slowly but better.
n Lemon water with a dash of honey increases metabolism.
n Avoid sleeping immediately after meals.
n Hit the disc at weekends and avoid alcohol and food.
n Try to increase physical activity by climbing up the stairs Yoga increases BMR.
n Drinking warm water as often increases BMR

(Dr Singla is a Zirakpur-based cosmetologist and obesity consultant)

Blame it on chromosome
It’s official: women are born to be bitchy towards sexier females

A study by researchers, including an Indian origin one, has found that nearly all women feel threatened by an attractive peer due to which their reaction towards the woman can range from a simple sneer to name calling. Psychologist Tracy Vaillancourt, from the University of Ottawa and Dr Aanchal Sharma of McMaster University in Canada, conducted studies to find out just how hostile women are to an attractive member of her own sex.

Sharma assembled a group of women in a room. They knew they were there to take part in a scientific study, but not what it entailed. All the participants were being secretly filmed. As they waited, an attractive blonde woman dressed in a short skirt and a cleavage-flashing top, came in and asked the group about the study. Later, she sent the same woman into the group, but this time she was unrecognisable as her hair was scraped back and she was wearing khaki trousers, flat shoes and a high-neck T-shirt. The different reactions the woman received were staggering. —ANI

star track
Ek Kareena aur Ek Imran
The cast and director of Ek Main Aur Ekk Tuu share their take on the film

Kareena on Imran

I think Imran is a really sweet guy and he is very nice to be around. He is the youngest Khan I have worked with. I think he doesn’t have a sense of humour. He is not funny; even his friends and wife thinks so! He is very good-looking. It was so nice of the team of this film to wait for me as they wanted me in the movie. I think this will be one of the best performances of my career.

Imran on Kareena

I have been a fan of her work and have loved watching her on screen. I have wanted to work with her since the day I joined this industry. Aisha and Shakun wrote the script and I got involved in it too. They both are my friends. We knew from day one that only Kareena Kapoor could play this character. There was no second choice. The character is over-the-top and crazy, spunky, spontaneous so only she could play it. The role is performance oriented even though the film is a romantic comedy. We are so happy that we made the film with our original choice of cast members. We had to wait for Kareena but it was worth it.

Clearing the air

Karan Johar says, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tuu is nothing like What Happens in Vegas. The only similarity, if I may call it that, is that this couple gets drunk and gets married in Vegas and this happens pretty often anyway. This only one aspect of the film and there is a lot more to it. Our film is completely different and it is our first Valentine release and second date flick post I Hate Luv Storys. When you see the film you will know. There is not a page of similarity between the films. If I wanted to remake it, I would have officially bought the rights and done it as I have done in the past. The cast and crew of the film are so young that I felt like an old uncle.”

Twist in the title

Karan says, “We didn’t have a title till two months ago. We all liked it. The film is about these two people are their chemistry, their conversations, their acceptance of each other, and the like. That is why the title suits the film. I have to thank Ramesh Taurani for giving us the title.”

Glipmse of Shakun

Shakun Batra was an assistant director on Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Na and he also appeared in the song Pappu can’t dance saala. Shakun says, “I was an AD on the film and we didn’t have an actor for that character in the song. So Abbas demanded that I get into the costume and be part of the song. I had no choice. I have no acting ambitions.”

Imran Khan says, “Actually few people know that Pappu is Shakun’s second film appearance. He played the paanwala in Khaike pan Benaraswala from the new Don.”

Shakun says, “I have had a great time shooting for the film. I couldn’t have asked for more as I have great actors and the best producer around.”

Between art and commerce

Chitrangada Singh
Crossing over: Chitrangada Singh

She was compared to Smita Patil in her first film but when she made her commercial debut in Desi Boyz. She got a mixed response. Chitrangada Singh is happy that she has been accepted in commercial cinema and here she talks about success of Desi Boyz.

Career shift

It was not a decision. I was happy with the roles I was doing and I am still happy with them. I got many offers after Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi but I waited for the right ones. Being an Indian, I love watching Bollywood masala films. And when I started getting offers for commercial films and the roles were strong, so I thought why not give it a chance? And according to me there is no difference in cinema. An actor is supposed to do all kind of roles. Today you will see many offbeat directors are making films with commercial stars because they are good actors.

My kind of movies

I want to do all kinds of roles from Mughal-e-Azam to comedy to serious roles. I have to see the other side of acting too. It's not easy to face the camera because you have to do and be something which you are not but still you have to make it look convincing. Acting is not an easy job.

Favourite actors

You know why I said yes to Desi Boyz? I was getting to work with Akshay Kumar. I didn't give it a second thought I knew I will get to share the screen with one of the biggest stars who is ruling the BO since so long. And now I have all the Khans in my wish list I hope I get to work with them very soon.

Among actresses I like Kajol, Rani Mukherjee and Preity Zinta. And from the new lot I am a fan of Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra. And I think Vidya Balan is one of the best actresses we have today. — HRM

Spider man...

Neil Nitin Mukesh is back with Players and the star is very excited to be part of such a film which is so thrilling and exciting. He shares his views—

Neil Nitin Mukesh
Playing around: Neil Nitin Mukesh

Being a Player

The title suggests what the film is about. It’s about people who dare to play games and how each one cheats the other. It’s one of the most entertaining films I have done ever. My character’s name is Spider in the film. Players is the official remake of the old Italian Job but Abbas-Mustan have introduced many characters and scenes to the film. And my character is totally new in it.

Dynamic duo

I have always loved movies made by Abbas-Mustan. They are so good at making a suspense movie, I have not seen any director making such films in India which holds the audience till the end with what will happen now. Abbas and Mustan are the only directors who create suspense so well.

Loving it

It was one of the most enjoyable moments for me to shoot for Players as we went to so many places to shoot and I loved Russia. But what I enjoyed the most was working with Abhishek. You don’t need anything else as he is very entertaining. I bonded well with Bipasha, Sonam, Omi and Sikander also. We all had great fun while shooting. After wrap up we used to chat for so long and once the shooting was over I really missed them.

Action and reaction

I broke a finger... I had fractures at least four times during the making of the film. But all is fine now. Even on a regular day if a person falls on the road, he gets hurt. Here we were doing stunts. The action is so great that I gave my cent per cent to it.


If you have noticed I have always tried to do something different. Some different characters from Johnny Gaddaar, Lafangey Parindey, New York, Jail and now Players. But I haven’t done a comedy film yet so I when offered Shortcut Romeo by Susi Ganeshan I took it up as it’s a comedy film and when I watched the Tamil version of it Thiruttu Payale I was just laughing out. For the first time I will be working with Ameesha Patel so I am really looking forward to it.

Green stamp
PETA launches stamps on celeb vegans

Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and former Price is Right host Bob Barker teamed up to launch a new stamp range by PETA featuring the 20 most famous vegetarians of all-time.

The 44-year-old beauty and the TV legend were at the Hollywood Post Office to unveil the postage for the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) campaign.

Anderson has been a spokesperson for the animal rights organisation for several years and has been a committed vegan for over two decades.

Other vegetarian stars who have agreed to put their faces to the stamps include Paul McCartney, Natalie Portman, Ellen DeGeneres, Morrissey, Woody Harrelson and Leona Lewis.

"These are very influential people, and not everyone knows that these folks are vegetarian," said Lisa Lange, vice president of PETA. — PTIPitbull

Bolly bash for Pit

A big Bollywood bash is being held for Pitbull in South Mumbai, near Gateway of India. The theme is white and Pitbull is getting a white suit made for the occasion.

white house: Pitbull

Randeep Hooda Randeep in the race

Randeep Hooda will compete in the national horse show jumping competition. He is practicing regularly at the race course in the evenings with his horses Simply Supreme and Ranji. The competition will be on December 18, 2011. Teams from Indian army and police will also participate amongst others. One can see that competitive Randeep Hooda doesn’t want to cut a sorry figure.

On the trot:
Randeep Hooda

The dirty laugh

At the recent launch of Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, Karan Johar was at his funniest and cheekiest best. He said that Siddharth Roy Kapur looked like “a dirty picture” and “Siddharth is very excited because he has a release coming up this Friday.” He had the media in splits!

chatter box
Shweta for daily drama

Shweta Kawatra Post the hit show Bade Achhe Lagte Hain many senior actors, who were missing from our television screens for lack of good work, are inspired to return to daily soaps. Shweta Kawatra, who worked with Sakshi in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, feels Sakshi’s comeback now is pushing her to give daily soaps another shot. She is eager to play the lead once again after doing cameo roles in Phulwa and Adaalat.

work hours: Shweta Kawatra

Final touches

After news that Archana (Ankita Lokhande) will deliver twin girls before the 18 year leap in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta, reports are that the grownup kids have been finalised. Rithvik Dhanjani and Mrinalini Tyagi are in talks with Balaji to play Archana and Manav’s kids. Post leap there will be six children – the twin girls, Sachin and Soham among others. Rithvik became popular post his role of Jeh in Star One’s Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani.Sara Khan

Problem in parlour

After reports that Sara Khan’s salon was demolished by BMC, she explains her stance. “They didn’t demolish my parlour. My landlord had been given notice about the land he grabbed but he didn’t do anything about it. So, BMC took it back. Now, my parlour is too small and we can’t function there. So, I will be moving my parlour to another place.” She started the salon post her breakup with Ali Merchant and her maternal uncle used to take care of it. Let’s talk about moving on in life after a romantic trip. Who so ever said a rebound was the only option did not consider taking up a new business venture. Sara is currently seen as Mona in Zee TV’s Preet Se Bandhi Ye Dori Ram Milaayi Jodi.

Broken dreams:
Sara Khan

Aditya Redij It’s not working out for Redji!

Actor Aditya Redij is a handsome dude and he maintains himself by working out. But more often than not he hurts himself as he is accident prone and it’s not only the gym but he injures himself on sets too. Which is why Aditya enjoys sports which are not only fun but provide him with the exercise he needs.

accident prone: Aditya Redji

Aastha Chaudhary Aastha the cameo queen

Aastha Chaudhary is becoming the cameo queen after Uttaran. She has now signed up to do a cameo in producer Yash Patnaik’s next show for a popular channel. She will play an important character opposite hero Sudhanshu Pandey. The other actors on the show are Shagufta Ali and Sneha Wagh.

Special role: Aastha Chaudhary

Kushal in love

Kushal Tandon aka Virat of Star Plus’ Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain is not single. He has been dating Elene Boeva for a year now. They met at the New York Film Academy and fell in love. Though distance keeps them apart, they try to catch up whenever possible.  Elene is an actress and a model in New York. But this 26-year-old lad is in no hurry to get married.


first-day-first show
The Dirty shines

The Dirty Picture

A still from The Dirty Picture
A still from The Dirty Picture

The Dirty Picture is based on the life of the South Indian siren Silk Smitha. Imagine a make-up girl who became an extra and then the most wanted heroine of the early 80s. Chronicling the meteoric rise and steep fall of her career, The Dirty Picture is set against the colorful and entertaining backdrop of the South Film Industry of the 80s. The quintessential siren, Silk, knew her audiences, and it didn't seem like anything would stop the fiercely ambitious starlet, till it did, in the shape of unrequited love. To the world, she was the queen of sensuality. But at heart, Silk was just another woman craving true love. An unfortunate encounter with deceit and infidelity led to dire consequences!

Starring: Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin Shah, Tusshar Kapoor and Emraan Hashmi

Sizzling performance

Vidya Balan looks sizzling hot and this movie is definitely her best performance till date. The movie stands true to its promise and it is a complete entertainer. It is worth watching because of the remarkable performances of the star cast.

-Shobha Doad, law student, PU

Star attraction

It is a Vidya Balan's picture all the way. She is bold, she is sensuous and the centre of attraction. Vidya has carried her role very confidently which is evident on screen and is fun to see.

-Raman Sandhu, bank employee

Naughty flavour

Emraan Hashmi, Tusshar Kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah have meagre roles but are not over shadowed. The naughty dialogues add immense flavour to the movie. It is a quite a bold movie and the credit goes to Vidya.

Shruti Desai, housewife


I Am Singh portrays the trials and tribulations of men whose stories were never highlighted. After the 9/11 tragedy in America, the Sikhs were targeted all over and were the victims of mistaken identity. The film highlights what happened to few such people and their fights against it, never losing the faith in the American judicial system. This story is about a young Sikh named Ranveer Singh. Ranveer's elder brothers are citizens of America. Ranveer's life takes a turn when he receives a call and he comes to know that one of his brothers is dead, his father is seriously injured and his other brother is missing.

Starring: Tulip Joshi, Puneet Issar, Gulzar Inder Chahal, Brooke Johnston, Rizwan Haider and Amy Rasimas.

Poor screenplay

Though the story brings forward a serious and a strong issue but fails to impress with its weak screen play. Gulzar Inder Chahal just overacts and his poor acting skills take away the seriousness of the movie.

Pradeep Singla, student, GGDSD College

Strong dialogues

The dialogues are very impactful and pass around the message of peace very elegantly. Puneet Issar's acting is amazing.

Jeena Jain, B Com, MCM DAV College

(As told to Sabia Talwar)

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: The Emperor gets you in touch with you leadership qualities. Today your best approach is not to confront people but to go about your own tasks with a great dedication. There is much to learn. Tarot message: Use your judgments and be firm in extracting a commitment. Lucky colour: Crimson. Magic number: 29.

TAURUS: You will have a renewed sense of enthusiasm in projects that means a lot to you. Keep away from another Taurus person at work who is arrogant and conceited. A good day to spend with your friends. Tarot message: Do not leave things up to chance. Lucky colour: Deep red. Magic number: 32.

GEMINI: The Moon takes you through a difficult Karmic situation today. You must address them even though there is a dark underside to them. Whatever your faith may be, you will come to value it as a guiding principle. Tarot message: Try to be active in catching financial opportunities. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 47

CANCER: You draw The Ace of Cups which brings beauty, pleasure and happiness. Subtle pressure within organisations or friends is necessary to get things done. You should also pay attention to your motives. Tarot message: Remember it is the thought that counts and not the price tag. Lucky colour: Saffron. Magic number: 45

LEO: The Lovers inspire you to climb new heights and actualise creative ideas. There are shakeups in relationships today; the challenge is to control. Tarot message: It is best to get a clear perspective and balance your energy before making important decisions. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 51.

VIRGO: You make an impact and shine like The Star. You may take the lead today; set the pace and control the emotional agenda. You are likely to work closely with children or have much to do with pets. Tarot message: Yet work could pose certain minor difficulties but don’t worry. Lucky colour: Green. Magic number: 33.

LIBRA: The Wheel of Fortune spins some good fortune. Today you are capable of handling more than two or three situations at the same time. A partner can be a stabilising influence; listen to practical advisors. Tarot message: Involve yourself in a new project as much as possible. Lucky colour: Burgundy. Magic number: 58.

SCORPIO: The Priests usher in a pure, exalted and gracious influence. Shut down the Internet leave e-mail and social net-working for another day. You are in a confused situation. Tarot message: Try to relax in the middle of the week and put your cares to one side. Lucky colour: Purple. Magic number: 61.

SAGITTARIUS: Nine Golden Cups greets you with happiness. After an active night, you might appreciate a restful day. You’re in a position to stir things up but be careful about the reaction. Love adds flavour. Tarot message: You will be happier if you retain the fruit of your hard work. Lucky colour: Black. Magic number: 27.

CAPRICORN: The Queen of Wands allows you to achieve professional success. You can blend logic to come up with new directions. You’re adaptable to changing circumstances. Tarot message: Dare to accomplish those tasks which normally take up a lot of time. Lucky colour: Rainbow.pastels. Magic number: 39.

AQUARIUS: The Queen of Swords brings mental clarity and perspective in a chaotic situation. You work best with people who share a common vision. You focus on what you want and ignore what does not interest you. Tarot message: Take care of interests and portfolios of your work. Lucky color: Orange. Magic number: 42

PISCES: Three Wands representing the universal that is Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh greet you today. You are able to expand in new directions. A social event will be fun especially with pals . Tarot message: Do not play into the hands of a shrewd set of colleagues. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 34.

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is December 3...

Listen to what your internal voice suggests and go ahead doing things you feel are right. Do not act for a particular aim, hoping for financial rewards. Listen to your profound being. Antagonists will be defenseless and everyone will be aware of your strong, decisive character. March will be a very pleasant period with your beloved. You could even prolong what started off as a fling. A lengthy pleasure trip is on the cards in December. Enjoying a beautiful vista from a secluded perch will fill you with peace. If you’re single, you’ll find romance on this trip. You’ll be captivated by their dry wit, and they’ll appreciate your nurturing instincts. The long-term prospects for this relationship look good. You need to keep your eyes wide open and put your strategies in full throttle in your career.

Mood: Cheerful and easily ‘excited’. Compatible signs: Libra, Scorpio and Pisces. Lucky colours: Light cyan and Beige. Lucky days: Friday. Lucky numbers: 6, 8, 15, 21, 26. Lucky gem: Emerald. Lucky flower: Daisy.

Konkona Sen Sharma (Kôngkôna Shen Shôrma, December 3, 1979, New Delhi) daughter of filmmaker Aparna Sen, gathered attention with the English-language film Mr and Mrs Iyer in 2002, directed by her mother, and received the National Film Award for Best Actress for her performance in the film. Her appearance in Page 3 got her wider recognition , and she has since starred in a number of films, most of which have garnered her critical praise rather than commercial success.

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