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Living with a hostile neighbour

Surendra Kumar has explicitly detailed the pros and cons of a dialogue with our hostile neighbour in his article ‘Dialogue with Pakistan: The opponents must revise their opinion’ (December 3). But the feelings across the fence are full of venom so much so that no tangible results are obtained even on points agreed upon during previous talks. The ISI is the boss of the extremists and radical elements who have a strong say in internal and external policies of Pakistan. This situation needs reversal to establish mutually favourable relations.

US-Pak ties are at an all-time low and therefore Pakistan is getting inclined towards China for closer cooperation in all fields, including strategic military affairs. With not so happy Indo-China relations, both would try to irk India in many possible ways. The suggestion of utilising social networks for improving relations is appreciable. A wise and calm reaction from India would help in changing the mindset of Pakistani youth. Peace talks should continue and simultaneously our defence should be made impregnable to curb any attempt to disturb peace in our country.

SC VAID, Greater Noida


The thought-provoking article by Surendra Kumar was illustrative and informative. I beg to differ with the writer. It has been the soft and weak policies of the successive Indian governments towards Pakistan which have failed to yield any positive results at any given time. The attitude of the Pakistani regime towards India has always been hostile. The phrase ‘nod to the wise and a rod to the foolish’ sums it up succinctly. Unless the Indian government does not adopt a tough attitude towards Pakistan, the latter won’t mend its ways. Why did India return the captured areas in wars to Pakistan? India should completely severe all relations with Pakistan, including diplomatic, cultural and busines ties. Can’t India do without Pakistan? India will have to learn to pay in the same coin.

DP JINDAL, Mandi Gobindgarh

Honour killings

With reference to the editorial ‘Dealing with honour killings’ (December 2), I want to ask Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda that if existing laws are sufficient, then why have the culprits not been booked yet? Secondly, this shows Mr Hooda’s shortsightedness. He wants to reap only short-term benefits by appeasing the khap panchayats’ vote bank. On the contrary, the reality is that the vote bank comprising the youth is much more powerful than that of the khap panchayat. Thirdly, it is high time for social reform. Reform movements do not acknowledge the difference in wealth, caste and creed. Reform in social fabric too is necessary because the evil of honour killings cannot last long.

USHA TANEJA, Fatehabad

Curb adulteration

The middle ‘Adulteration lessons’ has prompted me to add that despite the Indian Food Adulteration Act, adulteration of food products is going on unabated, be it ‘khoya’, ‘paneer’, milk, LPG, medicines, sweets, etc. China has death sentence as punishment for adulteration in consumer products. The health of the young generation of people is at stake.


Mobile phone addiction

Recently two precious lives were lost because of the laxity in crossing a railway track with mobiles glued to their ears. They were crushed by the passing train as they were completely absorbed in conversation. There is no denying the fact that mobiles are a boon, but addiction to this gadget is a bane if used recklessly. Due to attention deficit, a perfect recipe of a disaster is cooking all the time.

In advanced countries, use of mobiles while driving is strictly prohibited. It is an offence with very heavy penalty. This explains why there are very few violations there on this count.


‘Know AIDS, No AIDS’

This is with reference to your article ’Tackling AIDS — The key is awareness about safe sex’. The first step in tackling the disease lies in knowing it. `Know AIDS, No AIDS’ is the best slogan for creating awareness about the disease. Death due to AIDS means death due to ignorance. If we keep our eyes open, our eyes will not close due to AIDS. Any deviation in maintaining morality in married life is one of the important reasons for causing AIDS. Keeping in mind the high esteem associated with the institutions of marriage and family can help in keeping AIDS at bay.




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