TUNE of the young brigade
The musical tastes of youngsters today range from hip-hop, blue rap, rap, RnB to the good old Bollywood numbers as well as ghazals 
Manpriya Khurana

Disc jockeys, who often cite complaints of being tired of playing Bollywood, actually made us delve into the musical tastes of youngsters. How often do they download and update their song lists? Any genre that is a cult hit? As of now, what the young and the restless are tuning to is nowhere near B-town!
Rap Time: N-Gritz
HARD ROCK: Anmol Dhingra
Play List: Dipesh Kumar

And is hip-hop the new mainstream? "Hip hop is all-pervading. You'll see a lot of Punjabi and even Hindi tracks, not to forget the remixes incorporated in their tracks," says Dipesh Kumar, student, DAV College. As for his favourites, they remain the true blue rap artists, "Bohemia, Li'l Wayne, Florida…and Bollywood for me is maybe AR Rahman." Do we see anyone inching beyond the Rap and Rhythm, and Blues and their sister genres. Perhaps not! "Rap and RnB remain my all time favourites. There is this new artist from America's X-factor scene, Chris Rene, who's increasingly gaining in popularity," shares Shanti Swaroop, aviation and hospitality student. Err… whatever happened to Bollywood and the artists originating in from there? He adds, "I'd count Sufi songs among the ones that never go old." His other preferences include the rap crew Bone Thugs n Harmony.

"You see, the problem with mainstream commercial music is that you play it in your car if you're travelling with friends and everyone jokes around; nobody lets you listen to it," opines Anmol Dhingra, law student, Panjab University. "I'm a hardcore hard-rock and heavy metal fan. The kind of music I was introduced to during my high school days. David Guetta and Usher are part of my evergreen collection. And maybe once in a while it's Jagjit Singh or Ghulam Ali, if you are in the mood for it," he adds while recalling his guitar-playing days at St. Xaviers.

How often do they update and make a change of musical plans? "I change and add to my play-list almost every twenty days." For the others, either strong recommendations work or as soon as they hear a good rhythm. Adds Dipesh, "As soon as I hear a good song I update it and share it with my friends. Or usually my friends drop a link on the Facebook account. That's how most of the songs these days are shared and become popular."

It may be the acquired taste or the inborn; the hardcore beats coupled with aggressive lyrics connect with most youngsters. Rap artist N-Gritz' music collection is spread over a wide spectrum of genres, but is certainly dotted with the likes of Metallica, Shakira and Akon. He says, "My music collection is somewhat enigmatic, you won't find similar type of tracks but collection of all kinds of numbers." I Need a Doctor from Eminem is a permanent fixture in his current play-list. "But you'll find old numbers, ghazals, rap, rock, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan — all rubbing shoulders with each other." Well said!


Cheat code

A body language expert has revealed four most common ways to detect if someone is lying, with some slightly obvious answers. Men's Health non-verbal behaviour expert Marc Salem asks-Is your boyfriend staring a bit too hard into your eyes as you ask him about a lipstick stain on his shirt? Or, does your fidgety co-worker sit still at night when you inquire what happened to his soda kept in the fridge?

Both of these unusual reactions could be more telling than either of their answers, Salem said, adding that in addition to a steady gaze or displays of inconsistent behaviour, the other two give-aways get reflected through your smile or the lack of one.

Salem further said that covering your mouth while talking or coughing an inordinate amount for a healthy person -- both could be ways to cover more than just one's smile. If someone tries to hide his or her mouth, it may be an inadvertent tell that he or she is hiding the truth. On the other side, if someone smiles too quickly or does so under unusual circumstances, they may be trying to cover up a bad behaviour.

"A genuine smile changes a person's whole face," Salem said in his article. "Their eyes light up, and their cheeks and eyebrows rise along with the corners of their mouth."

Salem says that a common symptom throughout is that any changes in someone's typical behaviour should serve as a warning that something is up. — IANS

Dance with him…
Bollywood beats have brought celebrated choreographer Alexandre Magno to the magical world of Mumbai

Alexandre Magno has choreographed shows for the likes of Britney Spears, Madonna and Yanni. Part of shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars, Alexandre's latest one is Zee TV's Dance India Dance Season 3.

Alexandre MagnoAlexandre talks about what pulled him to Mumbai from his 'demanding' world. "Everything happens at a certain time. I wanted to be a part of DID since Season 1. I approached the show producers and it clicked this season, as I was on a short break and could take out time to be in Mumbai," says Alexandre.

The two weeks that Alexandre slotted for DID have been amazing fun so far. "The contestants on the show surely have the potential to prove that they are born to dance. I see many future stars," says Alexandre whose style has been shaped from a variety of disciplines and cultural influences.

Not just a choreographer, Alexandre is a short film-maker, producer and a director as well. "In the US, the choreographer does not have the same liberty as I have experienced in India," he says.

Counting the highs in life, Alexandre puts two of Madonna's Drowned World Tour (2001) and The Girlie Show World Tour (1994); The Pussycat Dolls Sway, Britney Spears Breathe On Me and Academy Awards show, as closest to his heart.

"What I do is more of fusion of Hip-hop, Jazz, Ballet, Samba, Flamenco, Tango, Salsa, Martial Arts and more," says Alexandre who easily moves between theatre, television and films. A master story-teller based out of Los Angeles, he has been giving superlative work for the last two decades and continues to do so. "I create because my soul needs to expand beyond my body...it needs to be free and that freedom only comes with work."


India unearthed

Alexandre Magno is smitten by his India experience, "I value India for its ancient and rich culture. There are layers and layers of tradition. It's fascinating for an artiste. I am overwhelmed with the beauty as well as the huge opportunity to learn." 

Brazilian roots

A Brazilian by birth, music and dancing is second nature to Alexandre. Having lived half of his life in Brazil and the other half in Los Angeles, Brazilian influence is marked in his work. "Music and dance is an integral part of our day-to-day life, eating, drinking and thinking. It runs in our veins. It's just not possible to be in Brazil and not be exposed to music. So being a choreographer was just a step ahead of my basic nature." 

Lens eye
The 6th Milestone National Photo Galleria showcases some colourful pictures from around the globe

If you can't travel to all the places you wanted to, well, the 6th Milestone National Photo Galleria brings the world to you.

On at the Government Museum & Art Gallery-10, this photo exhibition brings work of 17 lensmen in 39 frames. Right from City Beautiful to cobbled streets of Spanish towns, each of the pictures displayed here unfolds a charming story.

"Gone the days when one believed 'bigger the machine better the quality'," says Vinayak Pawaskar, photography instructor who travels with Milestone group that consists of amateur lensmen from different walks of life. His own frames on display are from Olympic Mirror lens camera. "The future of photography is going to be very different. Today's compact cameras give the option of lens change, making things way easier," says Vinayak. "Though I teach rules and grammar of photography, I also believe in breaking them once in a while," says Vinayak pointing towards his frames that capture an innocent Ladakhi woman and a stately Buddha idol.

Beautiful play of light and shadow makes Sarabjit Pandher's shot of cobbled Spanish street as well as Sathyaprasad Yachendra's photo of a monastery on a hill top mesmerising. Bull-fighting may be banned in Barcelona now, but make for a colourful shot. Nature and its creatures find way in different shots at the exhibition.

Women and children from Bhutan, deep blue Andaman, spectacular Spiti, a lovely shot of blooming bougainvillea garden from Chandigarh to breathtaking Nubra valley - all mingle here for a wonderful visual treat.

(On till December 18)

High on life

Stylish, unconventional, full of glamour— Chandigarh’s first Cointreau party at S Lounge-26 was high on all three.

FUN TIME: Cointreau party makes an entry in Chandigarh World’s most famous Orange Liqueur Cointreau found perfect hostess in April Sher Bhaimika, a versatile creative consultant from the city. “It’s an honour to be a Cointreau hostess and I used the occasion to have fun with friends,” says April, the unconventional wedding photography consultant and entrepreneur.

Cointreau, best known as being a key ingredient in the most popular cocktails like Margarita and Cosmopolitan, finds favour with women (thanks to Desperate Housewives) as well men. — Mona

FUN TIME: Cointreau party makes an entry in Chandigarh 

Back in action

Although A-list actors, including Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn, are busy outdoing each other on the action territory—initially created by Akshay Kumar in Bollywood - the actor himself says there is no race as such for the action hero title.

Off late, Salman has emerged as the new action hero with some power packed action-masala films like Wanted, Dabangg and Bodyguard. Even Ajay Devgn flexed his muscles and punched baddies in Singham followed by John Abraham in Force.

Asked if there is any fight among superstars for the title of being the ultimate action hero, Akshay said, “I don’t think there is any fight for being an action hero. We are not like horses in a race course to contend for it. There are over 150 films made every year and every actor has three-four films every year. I feel there are sufficient amount of films releasing of every actor... so there’s no need to fight for any title,” he said.

It was Akshay, 44, who in the 1990s made action genre popular with his Khiladi series films. He then changed gears and started doing comedy and light hearted movies.

With films like Dabangg, Bodyguard, Singham and Force making hay at the box office, Akshay too wants to jump into the action bandwagon and make success.

Now, after a gap of six years, he would be seen in Prabhu Deva directed action film, Rowdy Rathore. He would also return to the Khiladi series of movies with Khiladi 786, which is an action-comedy.

“I want to do action films now. It’s been six years I have been away from action. It is all a new start for me,” said the actor, who was here to announce his association with ‘Sonic’ channel, dedicated to action for youth. Akshay said he prefers doing his stunts on his own and never uses duplicates. “Before doing stunts I say Gayatri Mantra,” he said. Asked him what really scares him and he says on a jovial note, he said, “I am scared of my wife in all ways.” — PTI

Karan’s gift to Bebo! 

Karan Johar’s film was titled Short Term Shaadi but it was changed to Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu. Though the producers are saying that it was done as they wanted a complete Hindi title there may be more to it than meets the eye. It seems that Kareena’s engagement and possibly her marriage would be around that period and it would have been socially incorrect move to have a film titled Short Term Shaadi releasing during that period which stars Kareena in the lead role.

Even though the film is about a one night marriage and the title Short Term Shaadi was an apt one for the film, it was changed to Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu.

It would have been an embarrassment for Kareena Kapoor if Short Term Shaadi was the name of the film and it would have released so close to her engagement/marriage period.

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu is about a fun filled night in which the boy and the girl get married only to realise in the morning the seriousness of it. Kareena was not even consulted in this whole thing and the title of the film was changed from Short Term Shaadi to Ek Main aur Ekk Tu. 

Ek Main Ek Tu directed by Shakun Batra, a Valentine Day release sees the youngest Khan (Imran) pairing with Kareena Kapoor for the first time.

Genelia and Riteish are set for a February wedding 

Genelia D’souza and Riteish Deshmukh are getting married after an eight-year-long courtship. Here are the details of the wedding that is happening in Mumbai in early February.
Riteish Deshmukh
Genelia D’souza

The wedding ceremonies are happening on February 3, 4, 5 and 6 starting with mehendi celebration to sangeet to the wedding, and the reception. However, the dates might be changed to February 1, 2, 3, and 4. The wedding cards have not been printed yet. The families are very busy setting the dates and making preparations. Two suburban five-stars have already been booked for the functions.

The honeymoon details have been kept hush-hush but both Genelia and Riteish have taken time off from their working schedules. Their honeymoon or time off from work will be for two months. They are very happy to get married.

The guest list includes Imran Khan, the Bachchan parivaar, and people both Genelia and Riteish have worked with from Bollywood and down South.

We wish the couple all the love and success in the world.

Expensive affair 

Hrithik Roshan Hrithik Roshan is training for the Krrishh sequel and it costs him Rs 20 lakh a month. That is because the trainers are American and he has put them up at Oakwood Premiere plush residential apartments in suburban Mumbai.


Salman Khan Prem once again

Salman Khan will reunite with Sooraj Barjatya, maker of hit family films like Maine Pyaar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hai Kaun and he will play Prem. 

No sequel to K3G

Karan Johar was planning a sequel to K3G but has now announced that he is going to let his family blockbuster just be. Good idea!

Friends again

Raveena Tandon went to congratulate Shilpa Shetty on her pregnancy. They both were dating Akshay Kumar and things went wrong but all is well now and they both are married to other people, as is Akshay.

All’s well

Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan are now on good terms. They swapped rights on a couple of films quite amicably. 


Ajay Devgn starrer Son of Sardar also has roles for Kajol’s mother Tanujaa and her sister Tanishaa. It is all in the family.

Family business

Ajay Devgn starrer Son of Sardar also has roles for Kajol’s mother Tanujaa and her sister Tanishaa. It is all in the family.


Searching for Sunny

Porn star Sunny Leone has been crowned India’s most googled celebrity, beating Bollywood divas Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. It is believed that her stint inside the Bigg Boss house has helped her to top the charts with fans searching for her five times more than Kaif, twice as many as Bachchan and nine times more than Kapoor.

Data collected from Google Trends reveals that her biggest fans are based in Noida where surfers have clocked up the most number of searches downloading photos and videos followed by Bhubaneswar, Ludhiana and Bhopal.

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who had met the star inside the house and offered her a role in his next film, Jism 2, said that he was not surprised by her popularity.

“This is not a sudden phenomenon. The world has a sweet tooth for sex and it has been happening since the dawn of time,” he said.

“She is a woman of rare integrity who is in the driving seat of life and is not apologetic about what she does,” he added.


Anushka uncut 

Anushka Sharma has it all— looks, smile, hair, talent, body, and attitude. She shares some tips on maintaining the same with us.

I have good hair genetically and I take care of it by cleaning and oiling it and only using products that suit my hair.

I don’t wear make-up when I am not shooting. I only use the best products and I sleep well which reflects on my skin.

I love myself and I am very comfortable in my skin and that gives me confidence. I am a very real person and I am okay without the attention a star gets. That is what keeps me grounded. I am a secure person.

I wear what suits me, in films and outside films. I like Indian and Western clothes and I like colour. I will wear something if I feel comfortable and confident in it.

I can only work with people I respect and so far I have been lucky. I am used to making my own decisions and I like my life. I am close to my family and my old friends. All this keeps me level-headed.

Dream of a calendar girl 

Indian Brazilian model Nathalia Pinheiro, who has won the Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2012 title, is eyeing Bollywood and wants to a carve a niche for herself in the Hindi film industry. She also hopes to work with her favourite actor, Shah Rukh Khan. “I am a big fan of Bollywood movies and I want to see myself becoming one of the known names, but before that I want to polish my acting, dancing and diction skills because these three things are very essential to establish a foothold in the industry,” Nathalia said soon after winning the title Wednesday.

She has already signed a southern movie and is in talks to become a poster girl for one of the most elite international brands.

“Yes, I did sign a southern film, but I don’t want to discuss about that as currently I want to enjoy the moment. I can see myself flying with such a big achievement,” she said.

Nathalia’s had an Indian grandfather and a Portuguese grandmother. Her mother is Portuguese and her father is half Punjabi and half Portuguese. Born in Rio De Jinero, she has been in India for the past eight months.

She has a huge crush on Shah Rukh and wants share screen space with the Bollywood superstar.

“I really aspire to work with Shah Rukh Khan one day. He is the man to die for. He is one person who can enact every role so effortlessly, so yes, sharing screen space with him will be a true pleasure for me. Among actresses, I find Kareena Kapoor superb, she has amazing face and great personality.”

Item numbers are also on her wish list, but her way of performing the song will be different from other actresses.

“Dancing is an essential requirement for any Bollywood movie. One should know at least the basic steps. I don’t mind doing Bollywood item numbers, but yes I want to do it in a nice manner with a touch of sophistication. I don’t want to sign any item number for the sake of money,” said the 21-year-old.

Nathalia, fondly called Nathy, started modelling at the age of 14, feels that the Kingfisher talent hunt helped her in getting recognition.

“I started modelling at the age of 14 with commercial and print ads, but I was not known to the world. I believe that until and unless you don’t get a better platform, nobody will recognise you and Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar 2012 did the same thing for me.” — IANS

Sachin’s Bigg Boss experience

As every housemate in Colors’ Bigg Boss got an opportunity to meet their family members and loved ones, Sachin Shroff who met his wife Juhi Parmar in the house came away with some experiences.

Though none of them interacted with others yet he could feel the pressure and tension in the house. He was glad to see Juhi coping so well and handling situations maturely.

Musical treat
SD Sharma

The Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Akademi is all set to present the best songs immortalised by legendary singers in its sixth edition of the musical bonanza Yaadon ki Kasak. The annual programme, dedicated to senior citizens, is their endeavour to pay tributes to the legends of the music world.

Says Akademi chairman Kamal Tewari, who is also a musician and an actor, “In this fast-paced era, preferences of the elderly are often ignored. The Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Akademi has introduced this concept keeping them in mind. It is not only an endeavour to please the senior citizens, but also an effort to introduce these old melodies to the younger generation. This evening is now an annual feature.”

Some of the legendary singers whose songs would be showcased by upcoming artistes include KL Saigal, Pankaj Mullick, Talat Mahmood, Mohammad Rafi, Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar, Noor Jahan, Geeta Dutt, Hemant Kumar and Jagjit Singh. Noted composer Varinder Bachan and Dr Arun Kant would provide the music.

This year’s programme is especially dedicated to the memory of Jagjit Singh, Bhupen Hazarika, Shammi Kapoor and Dev Anand.

(At the Tagore Theatre, Sector 18, on December 16 from 6:30 pm onwards)

chatter box
Soumya will dance again

Television actress-cum-anchor Soumya Tandon, who became famous post her role of Kareena Kapoor’s sister in the super-hit film Jab We Met, has been sticking to hosting shows on television. This Punjabi kudi is happy to be back on small screen with Zee TV’s upcoming dance reality show Dance India Dance Season 3. She will be anchoring the show with her naughty co-host Jay Bhanushali.

An excited Soumya Tandon reveals, “I am happy to be back after a gap of two years with the original team of Dance India Dance with Season 3. I am glad to meet everyone from the spot boys, to technicians to the judges and my co-host. It’s a like a homecoming for me. This show has given me a lot, I made my mark as a host with this show and therefore I regard DID as the biggest turning point in my career. I never imagined that audiences will love me so much as a host.”

What does she enjoy the most about hosting or acting in a daily soap? “I really don’t enjoy much of the fictional shows as they don’t entertain me. I am fine with hosting seasonal shows rather than working for more than 12 hours for a fiction show.”

As a host she has faced many challenges in every season. “I have hosted eight shows, and more often than now, as the show progresses, we improve in our job. It is a challenge but you also learn about your limitations and grow with each one. I feel every show has its own challenges and I enjoy the process.”

What kept you busy in the last two years? “I hosted Zor Ka Jhatka with SRK on Imagine and then I did my first Punjabi film Welcome to Punjab as lead. I later hosted two seasons of a cookery show on Colors called Mallika-e-Kitchen.”

Tune in to watch beautiful Soumya Tandon with her co-host Jay Bhanushali this December 24 every Saturday and Sunday only on Zee TV.

A quiet love story

Aasiya Kazi Buzz is that quite and shy Aasiya Kazi has been dating Shakeb Syed for over two years but has kept her relationship under wraps. They met during the shooting of Imagine’s Balaji production Bandini where he was a production head. Now that they are serious about each other, their families too have given them their blessing. Admit your love to the world, Asiya!

Secret affair: Aasiya Kazi

Jhalak of success

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa won the award for Best Entertainment Programme at the 16th annual Asian Television Awards. The Indian version of BBC Worldwide's international bestseller Dancing with the Stars no doubt worked the best in its fourth season, especially with celebrity judges such as Madhuri Dixit, Malaika Arora Khan and Remo D'Souza.

New Releases
Pappu Can't Dance Saala

Producers: Ravindra Singh, Sameer Nair
Director: Saurabh Shukla
A still from Pappu Can't Dance Saala!
A still from Pappu Can't Dance Saala!

The success of Dasvidaniya seems to have given us just a hint of the calibre of actor Vinay Pathak. It is his charisma that makes him the focus of attention in R-vision India Pvt Ltd's romantic comedy Pappu Can't Dance Saala! Neha Dhupia, known for films like Mithya Dasvidaniya and Phas Gaye Re Obama, plays the role of an independent feisty city girl trying to prove a point always. Vinay Pathak, who has broken the mould and made a name for himself, plays a powerful role. He comes from Benaras to Mumbai and settles in an apartment, which he later shares with Neha Dhupia, his co-star in the film. Rajat Kapoor also plays an important character. Naseeruddin Shah makes a guest appearance in the film. Pappu Can't Dance Saala has been written and directed by Saurabh Shukla. Amitabh Bhattacharya and Saurabh Shukla have penned the lyrics for composer Malhar.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Producers: Tom Cruise, Bryan Burk, JJ Abrams
Director: Brad Bird

After Mission Impossible III, Hollywood's top actor Tom Cruise once again teams up with JJ Abrams for the lead role of Ethan Hunt in the fourth installment of the series, which has more thrills and dare-devil action scenes. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol has been shot at beautiful locations of Moscow, Vancouver, Prague and Dubai. Anil Kapoor essays the role of a business tycoon in this film, which also stars Paula Pattan, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Michael Nyquist and Vladimir Mashkov. — Dharam Pal

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is December 16...

On this birthday, make arrangements for your long-term financial future. Set up a retirement plan or savings account. Seek the help of a money manager, who will make the right choices for you. You fare best with an enthusiastic, open-minded professional who asks you lots of questions about your priorities. Remember, this is about what you want. Your stars will favour you; you’ll meet important people, make positive choices and improve your life.

Great force of spirit and physical power is hidden inside you. Even if you don’t always notice it, this potential is present and you must simply learn to cultivate and discipline it. This is the right moment for using what lies inside you…you’re set in your ways, which makes it difficult to work with a group. Instead of insisting on using a certain methodology, be flexible. You’ll learn at least one valuable skill. If it becomes evident that the current arrangement isn’t working, you can swoop in and save the day. Don’t be surprised when you’re put in charge of the team’s resources. You have a knack for finding bargains and getting tremendous returns on your investments.

You’ll be very coherent and decisive when dealing with problems. You’ll organise a short trip, which you’ve wanted to go on for quite some time now and your loved one will accompany you. The year 2012 is favourable for getting good results. Your knowledge would increase further. Joint ventures will make steady progress. Destiny would bless you with better professional opportunities and you would be able to earn well. Your professional skills and competence will bring you financial profits. You’ll suffer from some stiffness that could lead to muscular strains and backache. State of Mind: Impatient at times.

Compatible signs: Aries, Taurus.

Lucky colours: Golden, Sea-green.

Lucky days: Monday and Friday.

Lucky numbers: 2, 4, 5, 17, 44.

Lucky gem: Azurite 

Harshdeep Kaur Harshdeep Kaur (December 16, 1986, New Delhi) is a popular playback singer. She is the first female to win two reality show titles. Harshdeep won the singing competition Junoon kuch kar dikhaane ka on NDTV. She competed from the Sufi Ke Sultan genre with Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan as her mentor. She was declared the Sufi Ki Sultana by Amitabh Bachchan, who was the chief guest in the grand finale. The show was a competition between three genres— Sufi, folk and Bollywood. 

Astro Turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Fresh strategies are in the offing. Household task can be done in record time. Speculation would be most unwise. No problem should arise in romance. Models, admirers will stick to you like bees. Be careful. Tarot message: Capitalise on your strength and do not trust others. Lucky colour: Orange. Magic number: 60

TAURUS: You will be popular with both sexes today. Boring routine jobs can be made more bearable through teamwork. A level of stress may be building, especially if financial issues are weighing on your mind. Tarot message: Focus on better to mitigate the bitter.

Lucky colour: Black.

Magic number: 59

GEMINI: Many of you will scurry to be on time, frantically trying to complete all the tasks on to-do lists before the day is out. Make extra efforts to conclude pending projects. Do not aim for spectacular results. Tarot message: Wait and watch Impatience will lead to failure. Lucky colour: Cream. Magic number: 54

CANCER: Caring conversations and heart-to-heart talks flow easily. Keep confidence that are entrusted to you. Health problem can be successfully handled. A good day for both buying and selling property. Tarot message: Unfinished business will unleash new problems. Lucky colour: Grey. Magic number: 39

LEO: A burst of domestic enthusiasm can sweep into cleaning and decorating your home. Senior bureaucrats should focus on secret files and documents. Married will enjoy an evening out. Tarot message: You need to cultivate understanding and humility. Lucky colour: Ebony.

Magic number: 63

VIRGO: Differences of opinion within the family could reach the boiling point. A stubborn response on your part won't help. Do not compromise on financial issues. Love life runs into trouble. Tarot message: If you are tempted to travel overseas don't waste money by financing the trip yourself. Lucky color: Saffron. Magic number: 27

LIBRA: If you are not okay about a relationship, finance or career issues, take positive action rather than stewing about it. The employed will have to work overtime. Keep a low profile. Tarot message: Dare to accomplish those tasks which normally take up a lot of time. Lucky colour: Camelish. Magic number: 40

SCORPIO: Check newspaper and Internet guides for what is on in your area. Family life is charged with tension. Financially the first half of the day is rather expensive. Writers will find their work in print. Tarot message: Do not swing away from the course you have charted so far. Lucky colour: Mauve. 
Magic number: 49

SAGITTARIUS: Those who are more spiritually inclined or who want to stay calm are likely to be in search of solitude. A feel good humour and cosmic wisdom will weave into your affairs. Tarot message: Be positive and think carefully before taking action.

Lucky colour: Turquoise. 
Magic number: 42

CAPRICORN: Your card The Universe favours good progress in your profession and business. Be wary of a situation where it would be easy to make a mistake. Distant affairs will become more favourable. Tarot message: Do not let anyone get the better of you. Lucky colour: Bottle green. 
Magic number: 25

AQUARIUS: You card The Moon reveals a romantic interest. Fortune can smile on you from the least expected sources. Don't rely on luck alone, though. Health problem can be satisfactorily treated. Tarot message: Don't be too certain about obtaining a clearance. Lucky colour: Purple. Magic number: 38

PISCES: You are in for a pleasant surprise. An unexpected bonus could appear in your paycheck. Dress to make a great impression on employers. Enjoy being noticed and acknowledged. Tarot message: Do not swing away from the course you have charted so far.

Lucky colour: Yellow. 
Magic number: 29

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