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With policemen on toes city turns haven
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
The imposition of the model code of conduct, daily checking of vehicles by the police and the dip in the temperature has proved to be a blessing in disguise for people as this led to the decline in the crime rate in the city.

Only one incident of snatching has been reported in the past one week, which testifies how the crime-prone city has suddenly changed into a safe heaven.

“The presence of police personnel is an encouraging sign for the residents. The daily checking of vehicles has also proved to be a boon as robbers who, till now, were operating in cars are nowhere to be seen,” said Prof TS Anand.

A large number of checkpoints in different parts of the city are playing a pivotal role in generating fear psychosis in the mind of motorcycle- borne snatchers.

The chilly weather, too, seems to have dampened the snatchers’ spirit. The police department, which was struggling to keep a tab on rise in number of snatching incidents, feels relived, as the chilly weather seems to have dampened the spirit of the snatchers.

Nearly five to 10 cases of snatchings were being reported in different parts of the city every day, especially in Haibowal, Chander Nagar, Model Town, Sarabha Nagar and Ghumar Mandi.

Snatching cases have declined as women are in habit of covering themselves properly with winter wears before leaving their homes. This leaves no room for thieves to snatch ornaments worn by them.

A large number of women prefer shopping during the day and don’t venture to markets late in the evening during the winter, a senior police officer added.

Observation made by senior police official seems valid, as snatchings that took place in the past 15 days were committed in the evening.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Ashish Chaudhry while praising the police personnel said, “Only one case of snatching has been reported so far. People should cover themselves properly before leaving their houses.”.

Snatching incidents

Dec 21: Youth travelling in a car snatched earrings and a chain of Raj Rani (75).
Dec 25: A city resident claimed that two motorcycle-borne youths snatched his mobile phone.


Labours suffer as industry pinch pennies
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
The crackdown of police on industrialists travelling with over Rs 2.5 lakh cash has devastated the New Year celebration plans of thousands of migrant workers working in various industrial houses of the city. The police is carryout strict vigil in the old city area and checking the vehicles suspected to be carrying cash. The sudden action has led the hosiery owners, who are afraid that their money will be seized by the police if they are found carrying a heavy amount, has refused to pay salaries to their workers.

The labour community has condemned the Election Commission’s order of seizing the money of the industrialists. They rue that the confiscating of money has a bearing on their household.

“We have travelled thousands of kilometers to earn two-square meals a day. But due the crackdown on industrialist we have not received salaries for the past one-week. We have already exhausted our savings and left with little money. If the situation will remain the same then we have to leave the city to find job elsewhere,” said Hari Ram, a worker at a factory unit. Chitranjan Singh, a labour leader in Shepur Chowk, said he had received several complaints of labourers not being paid salaries due to the sudden crackdown of police on carrying cash.

“Strange are the ways of the police department, when robbers are fleeing with the money of industrialists the police is nowhere to be seen, but now they are present at all most every nook and corner of the city targeting industrialists carrying cash,” said Chitranjan.

He said the police action of targeting industrialists returning from the bank with cash was uncalled for. After the large-scale seizing of money by the police, the industrialists have held the salaries of the workers.

Liaquat Ali, another labour leader, said, “The situation of Industry in the city is already dwindling. The action of EC and the police would further lead to an exodus of migrant workers from the city.”

The hosiery manufacturers at Jodewal Basti and Noor Wala Road complained that instead of putting checkpoints on the highways, the police are laying trap in narrow street to target businessmen returning from bank with cash.

Vicky Kumar, a hosiery manufacturer at Kali Sarak while slamming the action of EC, said, “The searching of vehicles is just an eyewash. You are mistaken if you think supporters of politicians are ferrying party funds in broad daylight. All such persons are operating at night, the time when the police is nowhere to been seen.”

Salaries withheld

Large-scale seizing of money by the police on the direction of the Election Commission has led hosiery owners to hold back salaries of workers, who are afraid that their money will be seized if they are found carrying it.



40,000 weapons in city, but no place to store
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
The Election Commission’s order for surrendering all licensed weapon in the nearby police station and gun houses has put arms dealer and the police in a fix.

With no space or strong room the weapon dealers and the cops are in a quandary as where to house the huge cache of weapons.

The surrender of around 40,000 licensed weapons has come as an eye opener for senior police officers. Some of the cops have termed the situation as alarming and said the city was virtually sitting on a powder keg.

“Just imagine if so many people join together and form an organised militia. Having so many licensed weapon holders in a city is not a positive sign,” said a senior police official.

There are 52 weapons dealers in the city. According to the government guidelines, every weapons dealer has been allotted with a quota of keeping weapons in a gun house.

But the weapon dealers are hard pressed these days as residents are thronging in their shops requesting them to keep the weapons in safe custody.

The residents complained that the cops deployed in the police stations are expressing unwillingness to safeguard their costly rifles and pistols.

“If we follow the guidelines laid down by the government then 1,000 weapons could be kept with weapons dealers in the city. What about 39,000 weapons,” asked an arms dealer? The gun house owner rue that they are already overburdened with existing weapons and cannot afford to safeguard more weapons.

“The weapons of residents died in an incident are kept with us. The pistols and gun of those who are facing trial are also lying in our shops. Further the weapons of those persons whose license has been canceled are also lying in our establishments. According to rules such weapons could be kept only for a year after that the allotted time the weapons goes in the government treasury, but there are weapons which have been lying in our shops for decades and the police has simply forgotten to dump these in the treasury,” said another weapon dealer.

The weapons dealers have asked the government to allow them to keep the weapon more than their allotted quota and provide security.



ECI increases cash-carrying limit to Rs 2.5 lakh
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
Chief Election Commissioner of India Dr SY Quraishi has increased the cash-carrying limit from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2.5 lakh. District Election Officer-cum-Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari said today that, “This step has been taken to facilitate the businessmen so that they may not face any difficulty.”

Tiwari said: “A person will be allowed to carry Rs 2.5 lakh if he produces documents related to it. The amount will not be seized once the details of that person are noted down. The surveillance team will fill up the details of that cash amount in a performa issued by the Election Commission and send it to the Income Tax department for the further investigations.”

He further said, “If a person is found carrying more than Rs 2.5 lakh, the amount will be seized and send to the income tax department. The police will register a case and take strict legal action if a person is caught with any election material along with the cash.”

The District Election Officer urged all residents of the district to avoid carrying more cash till January 30. About 5,275 hoardings, banners and posters have been removed after the implementation of the election code of conduct and the parties will have to pay for the amount spent by the administration for removing these, he added.

Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari said, “Surveillance teams of the civil and police departments have seized Rs 3.5 crore from those who failed to divulge the source of money they were carrying.”



Commissioner of Police transferred
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
In a major development Commissioner of Police Dr SS Chauhan has been transferred following the orders of the Election Commission for allegedly favouring the ruling SAD- BJP government in Assembly elections scheduled to be held on January 30.

He was transferred today evening after the Election Commission took strong view of the complaints pertaining to the alleged favours extended to the SAD government.

Dr SS Chauhan is the first top bass IPS officer of the state to be transferred.

Dr SS Chauhan said: “I have not received any transfer orders and would not like to comment the issue.”

The Commissioner of Police assumed the charge in July 22 from the city's first Commissioner of Police Ishwar Singh.

Dr SS Chauhan gained popularity for criticising the malpractices in the police department.

Soon after assuming the charge he suspended a few cops for dereliction of duty.

He also took keen interest in solving the city’s traffic problem.



Rail overbridge
Rlys to start piling work from Jan 2
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, December 30
Even as the approaches of the under construction railway overbridge (ROB) in place of the now dismantled Lakkar Pul from old city and Civil Lines side are ready for the past three months, and the structure of the erstwhile foot overbridge also stands dismantled, the construction wing of the Northern Railway will take in hand the piling work (for construction of foundations and erection of supporting pillars) from January 2, 2012.

Senior railway officials said today that the operational wing of the Northern Railway divisional headquarters had permitted a block (stoppage of rail traffic) on platform No. 4 for 20 days starting January 2, thereafter on platform No. 5 for another 15 days, and finally on both platforms for 12 days.

“Hopefully, the piling work for pillars to support the horizontal structure of the ROB should be completed in one-and-a-half month (block of 47 days) but the exact timeframe would be known when the digging work starts on Monday. As per the drawings of the piling work, the foundation has to be constructed for the pillars some 27 meters below the track level,” officials of the construction wing said.

The construction agency and the skilled technical staff of the Railways were fully prepared to commence the piling work, and only a go ahead from the operational wing (partial block) was awaited which has now been granted. “If the digging and construction of piling work progresses as per schedule, the portion of the ROB over the railway tracks should be completed by March 31 and the bridge will be thrown open to the public,” they added.

Station superintendent RK Sharma while confirming that the partial block (at platform Nos 4 and 5) has been allowed, asserted that routine rail traffic passing through Ludhiana would not be much affected and berthing of certain trains would temporarily be shifted to other platforms which would remain fully operational during this period.



Bains brothers to field more candidates
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
After Bains brothers announced that they would be fielding three more independent candidates from Ludhiana East, Ludhiana West and Gill constituencies, the permutations and combinations within local political circles have already started. Several local leaders have already started approaching Simarjit Singh Bains and Balwinder Singh Bains, a former SGPC member, for support.

Things are likely to become clear after the Congress announces its list of candidates as some Congress councillors are already in contact with Simarjit Singh Bains.

One such Congress councillor, who did not wish to be identified, said that he would be contesting in the upcoming Assembly elections from the Ludhiana West constituency at any cost. “If I fail to get a party ticket, I will certainly like to join hands with Bains brothers, as they have good hold in some parts of the city. Moreover, he is like a brother to me and we will support each other in the elections,” said the Congress councillor, who was camping in Delhi right now.

While speaking to The Tribune today, Simarjit Singh Bains confirmed that he was in talks with some Congress leaders, who were willing to contest as Independents if denied party tickets. “I will support only those leaders who are not corrupt and are acceptable to people. But I can assure you that in the coming days, you will see fireworks in the local political circles,” said a visibly confident Simarjit.

He said that the people of these five constituencies will themselves clean the “Koora Karkat (Garbage)” of corruption, by supporting our candidates. “Gabria lived in a 35-sq yard house and owned no business. Now he is owner of property worth crores. From where did this property come? Is this not corruption?,” he said.

Bains claimed that in the next couple of days, he would announce names of the candidates fielded by the group from Ludhiana East, Ludhiana West and Gill constituencies.



Search on for Balwinders’ replacement
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
Ever since SGPC member Balwinder Singh Bains was expelled from Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal), the party has started looking for a suitable candidate from Ludhiana (South) constituency.When the party issued its first list of candidates, Bains was the party candidate from Ludhiana South, but after his younger brother Simarjit Singh Bains announced his candidature as an independent against Cabinet Minister Hira Singh Gabria from Atam Nagar, both the brothers were expelled from the party and Balwinder’s ticket cancelled.

The front runners of party ticket from this constituency are Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura, his son Jaspal Singh Giaspura, former minister Mahesh Inder Singh Grewal, besides some others.

Wards of both Hakam Singh Giaspura as well as his son Jaspal Singh Giaspura fall in the Ludhiana South constituency, so it is likely that either one of them will be fielded by the party from this constituency. Besides, Giaspura’s has always remained at loggerheads with Bains brothers and that is why, their chances of getting the ticket are bright. Balwinder Singh Bains has already announced that he will be contesting election as an independent from here.

Hakam Singh Giaspura had earlier also lobbied hard for getting a ticket from Ludhiana South, but the party showed interest in Balwinder Singh Bains.

While taking a dig at Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura, Simarjit Singh Bains today said that the Mayor’s popularity levels could be known from the fact that during the recently held SGPC elections, his brother Balwinder Singh Bains got just 116 votes. “So one can very well imagine the Mayor’s popularity in his own ward,” he said.

Ever since the Ludhiana West constituency, from where former Akali minister Mahesh Inder Singh Grewal was most likely to contest, has been swapped with the BJP, Grewal is eyeing this constituency. He is even trying from the Ludhiana East constituency. But due to his proximity with the Badals, Grewal might be fielded from one of these two seats.



Freezers out of order at Civil Hospital
Unclaimed bodies being kept in the open

Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
Freezers installed by Samvedna Trust, an NGO, in Lord Mahavir Civil Hospital, Ludhiana, are out of order for the past two days. The trust had got six freezers installed in June due to the lack of facilities in the mortuary.

Harbans Singh Kaire, manager of the trust, said, “ We told mechanics to repair the machines. They have handed over the list of spare parts to be replaced after visiting the mortuary. I hope the freezers will become operational by tomorrow morning.”

“The trust is responsible for the upkeep of these machines. Some technical arose during the warranty period and we got the machines repaired even then. No one from the hospital came forward to get the fault rectified.”

The hospital’s mortuary has the capacity of keeping more than 10 bodies at a time, but only six freezers are working. Sources said,“ Rest of the bodies is being kept in open. These emit foul smell, especially when unidentified bodies are kept for days together.”

Two to three freezers, which were earlier installed by the civil hospital a year ago, had stopped working and are lying defunct till date.

We have sought more freezers for the mortuary from higher authorities. Had we been informed about it by NGO, we could have helped them in getting these repaired. — Dr Karanveer Goel, SMO, Lord Mahavir Civil Hospital, Ludhiana



Demand for park a major poll plank
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, December 30
With the political atmosphere warming up for the ensuing assembly elections, the common park has emerged as another major demand for the supporters of probable candidates to be launched by all the political parties in the Amargarh constituency.

Besides projecting their demand through posters and advertisements, the residents have started exploiting social network sites for the purpose. They have even threatened to oppose the candidates in the assembly elections whose supporters had been opposing their demand to develop a park in the town.

Interestingly, senior political leaders, who had to get their demands implemented, have also become members of groups demanding establishment of a spacious park in the town.

Residents led by Dr Mankar Garg, a social activist, alleged that successive governments had been ignoring their demand to establish a park in the town. Though a spacious park used to be maintained by the local civic body, the same had been eroded by office bearers of bodies constituted later.

Office bearers of certain organisations led by Tarsem Garg had earlier approached the higher authorities in the Northern Railway to seek permission for the development of a park in vacant area belonging to the Indian railways.

Though the authorities had agreed to allow work on the proposal yet the officials at civic body did not agree to initiate work until ownership rights were transferred on their name.

Residents have urged the higher authorities to impress upon the officials of the local civic body to coordinate with authorities in the railway department for materialising proposal to establish park on the land lying vacant, near the railway station.

Justifying the demand, Jagwant Singh Jaggie, a SAD leader and former vice-president of the municipal council said Iqbal Singh Jhoondan MLA Dhuri and secretary general SAD Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa had assured to implement their demand.



From schools
Gurpurb celebrations

Ludhiana: Students of Kiddies' Paradise School celebrated Guru Gobind Singh, Avtar Purab. The campus was decorated with flowers and "Gurbani Tukka". Five students dressed up as panj pyares and a few as guru ki fauj led the Parbhat Pheri. Guru ka langar was also served.

Penguin Castle

Penguin Castle Preschool, Udham Singh Nagar, celebrated Gurpurab. All the little students were attired in traditional dresses.

Bhartiya Vidya Mandir

Bhartiya Vidya Mandir organised ‘shabad gayan’ competition at the school to celebrate the Gurpurab. Swastik, a class twelfth student was adjudged first in the shabad gaayan.

Flower-arrangement competition

An inter-house flower arrangement competition was organised at Guru Nanak Public School, Sarabha Nagar. There were many kinds of arrangements made by the competitors.

Annual function

The annual prize distribution function and Martydom Day of four sahibzadas were celebrated at the Amrit Indo-Canadian Academy. Recitation of shabads, kavaishri and poems on the life of Guru Gobind Singh and four Sahibzadas by the students of various classes took place. About 180 students were awarded for their meritorious achievements in the academics, cultural activities, sports and various co-curricular activities. Principal of the school read out the annual report of the school. She advised the students to choose the world of peace harmony and forgiveness.

Annual Sports Day

Everest Public School conducted its Annual Sports Day for junior and senior classes. Students from LKG to class eighth took part in it. Principal, Asha Sharma, distributed prizes among the winners.

NSS camp concludes

An NSS camp in RS Model School and BCM School, Focal point, concluded here on Friday at RS Model School. The camp report was presented by a volunteer. Patriotic feelings were presented by the volunteers through a song. The volunteers also sang a song on female foeticide.



Lewd Punjabi songs lowering moral standards, say city women
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
City women are up in arms against lewd Punjabi songs. They said such songs encouraged sexual harassment of women. They are incensed at the obscene songs that are being churned out by singers like Daljit Dosanjh, Geeta Jaildar and Honey Singh. “The lyrics are explicitly lewd in some of the songs or have vulgar insinuations in the others,” said the city women.

“Such songs instigate eve-teasing and lead to lowering of moral standards,” said Lovleen, a BA student. Her sentiments were echoed by her friends, who said such songs were against the dignity of women.

“This is not only leading to degradation of our values, but also presents a bad picture of our rich culture,” said Mukhtiar Singh, a teacher. “We have a rich cultural heritage. Instead of cherishing our culture and follow the right path, such music is inciting youngsters towards immorality and senselessness,” he said.

“It actually leads to viewing of women as objects,” said Sudha Walia, a city resident. Such forms of entertainment, be it music or movies must be strictly banned,” she said.

"Recently even Daler Mehandi sang a song called Sheela ho ya Munni....," said Lovleen, adding, “Such songs are not expected from such noted singers," she said.

“Why can’t we have songs that promote respect for women? In fact, singers can play a very positive role here,” said a homemaker. She added, “The singers are singing songs that don’t relate to Punjabi culture. For instance, inna vi na dope/ shop…..song, in a way, promotes drug-addiction. It’s unfortunate.”

“If singers say they sing what people like, they need to get their facts straight. There is a sizeable chunk of population that likes songs that are meaningful. At least, very few people go for songs that are vulgar. If at all they like such songs, it’s because of their catchy beats,” added a young professional.



Diaries with eco-friendly themes in
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
New Year diaries and planners are sporting new themes. Diaries with the themes of green energy and eco-friendliness are exchanging hands as gifts before the dawn of New Year.

There were times when good brands of diaries were not sporting any themes with pictures. “But now with the increasing global concern about environment, there is a lot of demand for such themes,” said Daljit Singh, a stationery dealer.

Environment enthusiasts said, “It is a good initiative as calendars and diaries are very personal and tend to stay with an individual throughout the year. Therefore, in order to inculcate these values of saving the environment, or opting for green energy or adopting eco-friendly measures, it is a good step and should be encouraged. Such themes are also being chosen by some of the institutes and colleges as well.”

“Such theme-based diaries have been in the market for the past four years, but these are being favoured more now, said Amit Syal, a shopkeeper. Diaries with themes on environment are being favoured particularly by the local hosiery manufacturers because these themes have global relevance and also stand them in good stead for promoting their brand value as environment-friendly and non-polluting manufacturers,” he said.



Vet varsity gets 3 research projects
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) has bagged three projects from the department of science and technology (DST), Government of India, to augment research facilities, under prestigious “Fund for Improvement of Science and Technology Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions (FIST) Programme-2011”.

The School of Animal Biotechnology and departments of veterinary, microbiology, veterinary gynaecology and obstetrics have been identified for support in level 1 category based on the recommendations of FIST advisory board.

The presentations for the competitive grant were made in September, 2011, at University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangaluru. The FIST scheme is open to all branches of science, including basic, engineering, medical and applied.

Under the level 1 grant, the DST has identified 35 departments/schools from across the country, of which 8.6 per cent have been garnered by GADVASU alone.

And out of the four projects, which have been allotted to Veterinary and Animal Science Colleges/Universities, 75 per cent have been bagged by GADVASU.

Dr VK Taneja, Vice-Chancellor, GADVASU, and Dr SNS Randhawa, director of research, GADVASU, lauded the efforts and congratulated Dr GS Brah, director, School of Animal Biotechnology; Dr NS. Sharma, head, department of veterinary microbiology; and Dr VK Gandotra, head, department of veterinary gynaecology and obstetrics, on the outstanding achievement.

Dr Randhawa said the sanctioned amount for the three projects was Rs 185 lakh which would be used for the purchase of high-end equipment, setting up of computer, networking and bioinformatics labs; renovation of existing labs and purchase of books. In addition, the DST would be providing support for the maintenance of equipment and labs, Dr Randhawa added.



PAU notes
Regular watering of seasonal plants must, say experts

Ludhiana: Floriculturists of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) have advised farmers and general public to protect seasonal plants from cold injury by shifting them to sunny and protected spots. Dr Kushal Singh, head, department of floriculture and landscaping, PAU, said most of the varieties of winter season annuals had started flowering. “Tall growing annuals like dahlia may require support of stakes for an upright growth. Regular watering and occasional weeding of the annuals should be done,” he added.

Referring to chrysanthemum, Dr Singh said flowering of almost all varieties was over. He said faded roses and suckers should be removed for improving the quality of new blooms. “Propagation of new plants can be carried out, but the rate of growth will be quite low. The potted plants are required to be protected from cold injury, particularly at night,” he stated.

He told farmers to water plants regularly.

PAU completes 50 years

Established in 1962, Punjab Agricultural University will be completing 50 years of its existence on January 2. A function will be held on the day.

PAU Vice-Chancellor Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon will honour former VCs of the university Dr SS Johl, Dr Khem Singh Gill, Dr AS Khera, Dr GS Kalkat, Dr KS Aulakh and Dr Manjit Singh Kang. Registrar Dr RK Mahey said the VCs would plant saplings near the administrative block and Dr Kalkat would release the “Golden Jubilee Logo”. Besides, eight publications brought out by the Centre for Communication and International Linkages will be released, along with farm magazines Changi Kheti and Progressive Farming, Agricultural Hand Book-2012 and PAU wall calendar. Various activities/programmes, including symposia, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, lectures and farmer fairs, will be held throughout the year.

Additional Director, communication, Dr Jagtar Singh Dhiman said Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon would deliver a live television talk on 50 years of PAU from Doordarshan Kendra, Jalandhar, on January 1. — TNS



Gabria cashes in on development
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 30
Punjab Minister for Jails, Tourism and Cultural Affairs Hira Singh Gabria, the official candidate of the SAD-BJP from the Atam Nagar Assembly segment, appears to be unfazed from the rebellion that he is facing from within his own party, and specifically from district president of the Youth Akali Dal Simarjit Singh Bains, who has announced to contest as an independent candidate against the official nominee of the party.

Formally starting his election campaign through a series of meetings in New Janta Nagar, Daba road, Waheguru road, Dugri Urban Estate, Phase I, and Parbhat Nagar, Gabria focused on the development that had taken place under the SAD-BJP regime and asked the electorate to extend their support to him if they desired that the development continued at the same pace.

“I am seeking your votes in the name of development,” he repeatedly stated this during the election meetings.

Taking a dig at Bains without naming him, Gabria asked those who were opposing him at the behest of the Congress party, to introspect and assess as to what they had done for the welfare of people. He claimed that the voters of the Atam Nagar segment would not be misguided by such unscrupulous elements, and would give yet another clear verdict in favour of the SAD-BJP coalition.



Winter break
Off to Dubai this vacation
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
They are already dreaming of sand dunes and high-rise buildings of Dubai with smiles on their faces. As winter break is about to commence, and the weather getting colder, some schoolchildren are already packing their bags for the warmer weather of Dubai away from the colder climes here.

Around 33 students from Kundan Vidya Mandir and 14 from BCM Arya Model School are heading for Dubai this winter vacation. The itinerary will include the famous landmarks of Dubai, including Burj Al Arab Hotel, Wild Wadi Park, Dubai Mall, Snow Park, Dragon World and Meena Bazaar.

Many of the students are excited for they have heard about Dubai’s opulence. For some, it is the maiden foreign trip. “I am looking forward to see Burj Al Arab, Snow Park,” says Somya, a Class IX student. Shivam wants to pick up some electronic gadgets as Dubai shopping festival is under way.

“My parents have been there and they told me that it is a good place. Now, I have got an opportunity to visit the place with my schoolmates,” he said. Chaitanya wants to see the Dubai airport. “I have heard about Dubai’s shopping festival. I hope to see some good products and get a mobile handset,” he added.



Ludhiana scan
New branches of Allahabad bank

Ludhiana: The Allahabad bank opened its three new branches at the Gill Road and Shivpuri in Ludhiana city and at Goindwal Sahib in Tarantaran district, under the Punjab zone here on Friday. The branches were opened to provide better banking services to the people at their doorstep. While inaugurating the city branches. The DGM, Ludhiana Zone, said that the Ludhiana Zone has 96 branches and it would cross 100 branches mark very soon. The banking in business in the zone is touching Rs 7500 crore.

Prof Puran Singh Dhami awards

Prof Puran Singh Dhami annual awards for the year will be presented to 10 renowned personalities at a function, to be held at Punjabi Bhawan on January 1,2012. Each award will carry a cash prize of Rs 5100, a doshala, silver medal, citation, memento and a set of books. Dr Sarup Singh Alag, chairman, Alag Shabad Yug Trust, said the recipients of the awards are Dr Kirpal Singh Aulakh, Tirath Singh Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla, Bhai Palwinder Singh, Prof Amarjit Singh, PS Thind, Dr Kewal Dhir, Dr Dhanwant Kaur, BS Bir and Satnam Singh Salhopuri.



Sale of cars goes up
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
There has been an increase in the sale of cars during the past couple of months following discounts offered by various companies ahead of New Year. The local dealers said they felt that there had been a spurt in sales. “As fuel prices have been rising continuously, diesel variants of the cars have apparently seen an increase,” they added.

There has been an increase of 20 per cent this month, said Vivek Arora, a local dealer. “We are out of stock for quite a few models,” he said.

Auto experts said fear of possible increase in prices next month because of unstable market abroad in addition to weak rupee threatening to increase the cost of import had led to the increase.

Sarandeep Singh, who recently bought a hatchback for his son, said he had been waiting for the year-end schemes to get the car. “I could save around Rs 40,000,” he said.



‘Reconstructive surgery can change patient’s life’
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
Dr Bhupinder R Gupta, reconstructive plastic surgeon from Columbia Hospital, Florida (USA), visited DMCH to deliver a talk on reconstructive options in complex trauma.

Dr Bhupinder R Gupta said some of the most common types of injuries that they treated in the USA were the ones sustained during motor vehicle accidents.

“Such injuries affect various parts of the body, including head, neck and back,” Dr Gupta added.

Reconstructive plastic surgery, in such accidental cases, can change a patient’s life by correcting or restoring both form and function, besides saving his or her life.

Dr Sanjeev Uppal, HOD, plastic surgery, recommended following suggestions to avoid road accidents.

  • Obey traffic rules
  • Never try to jump red light
  • Don’t drive after consuming alcohol
  • Always wear a seatbelt



Rally by NSS volunteers
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
The National Service Scheme (NSS) volunteers from SCD Government College organised an awareness rally against social evils. The rally was the part of a seven-day camp that is currently underway at Partap Singh Wala village on the theme health, public sanitation, and personal hygiene.

The rally was flagged off by the college principal Jasbir Kaur Makkar, camp coordinators prof Nachhatar Singh and prof BS Wadhwa. About 110 volunteers participated in the rally spreading a message against the social evils through slogans like ‘say no to drugs’, ‘save girl child’, ‘Nasha ik current hai, maut da warrant hai,’ etc. On the occasion, the college principal said that the drugs had trapped the state badly so they campaigned against the drugs through this rally.



NSS camp concludes
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, December 30
A seven-day NSS camp organised by the RIMT College of Education at Majri Sodian and Sangatpur Sodian villages concluded here today.

During the closing ceremony, a team of doctors from the Civil Hospital briefed the villagers about health problems.

A free eye check-camp was also organised. The Baba Farid Welfare Society Amloh president motivated the villagers and the volunteers to eradicate the social evils of drug-addiction, dowry system and female feticide prevailing in the society.



NCC cadets apprise commuters of traffic rules
Tribune News Service

NCC cadets spread awareness on traffic rules at the Bharat Nagar Chowk in Ludhiana on Friday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, December 30
NCC Cadets of 3 Punjab Girls battalion created awareness about traffic rules at the Bharat Nagar Chowk here today.

Sixty cadets participated in the drive under a slogan “Safe Drive, Stay Alive”.

An NCC trainer spoke on traffic rules at length.

Following which the cadets spread awareness on the same.

More than 4,000 pamphlets were distributed.

“Our cadets did a good job. Even they learnt new things,” said Commanding Officer Col Subash.



Thief nabbed, stolen truck impounded
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
The city police has nabbed a thief and impounded a stolen truck full of iron rods. The incident took place last evening when the police party led by Salem Tabri ,SHO Ravinder Kumar stopped a truck near Jalandhar Bypass.

Ravinder said while we were checking the documents, we received an intimation that the truck (PB- 10- BR- 9425) was stolen few hours ago. The suspects identified as Bal Krishan of MP was nabbed. The accused have been booked under Sections 379 and 411.



Proclaimed offender nabbed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
The city police today nabbed a proclaimed offender (PO) who was evading arrest for the past five years.

Karamjit Singh, alias Gora, a resident of Khassi Khurd, has been on the run since September 20, 2006, for inflicting grievous injuries on a youth.

He was booked under Sections 326, 324 and 148 of the IPC and declared a proclaimed offender by a court. The Tajpur police nabbed Gora from a check post near Sanjay Gandhi Colony today. He was produced before the court and sent to a jail.



Anmol guides SDP academy to victory in cricket meet
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, December 30
Anmol Chugh remained unbeaten on 104 runs to enable SDP Cricket Academy to register a 62-run victory over Centre for Excellence, PAU, in the fifth Sanjiv Kaushik Memorial Cricket Tournament (boys U-14) being played at Don Bosco High School ground, Jhande village, on the Ludhiana-Ferozepur road here.

Three teams namely, SDP Cricket Academy and Centre for Excellence, PAU, besides hosts Don Bosco School are competing in the annual tournament in which matches of 20 overs each side are being played.

Dr TS Nagpal, executive director, Don Bosco High School, inaugurated the tournament.

SDP Cricket Academy won the toss and chose to bat first. In the stipulated 20 overs, they scored 184 runs after losing six wickets.

Anmol Chugh played a swash-buckling innings of 104 runs. He faced 58 balls and hit 13 boundaries, four sixes and remained unconquered. Other notable contributors were Pawan Kumar and Iqbal Singh, who chipped in with 36 and 30 runs, respectively.

For the Centre for Excellence, Rahul sent down four overs and claimed two wickets for 30 runs, while Gurjot Singh and Ishan scalped one victim each. The losing side also conceded as many as 30 extras.

Defending the total, SDP Cricket Academy bowlers did a commendable job by restricting the Centre for Excellence to 122 runs in the allotted 20 overs.

Gurjot Singh top scored with 42 runs which came off 32 balls with the help of eight fours and one six, while Ishan and Shourya made 14 runs each but that was not enough to overhaul the opponents’ total of 184 runs.

For the winning side, Prabhjot Singh was the most successful bowler, who grabbed three wickets for 19 runs in two overs. Dharmpreet captured two wickets for just two runs while Iqbal Singh took one for 19.



Amandeep eyes gold in nationals
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 30
Amandeep Kaur has clinched three medals in the Punjab State School Games which were organised at Guru Nanak Dev Stadium here recently. Amandeep has won gold medal in three km cross-country race, silver medal in 3,000 meter track event and a silver medal in 4x400 relay.

Amandeep Kaur said, "I had begun practicing in my native village but I found that the grass track was not good enough. Then I decided to move to Ludhiana on the advice of one of my aunt for better prospects. My decision was a good one as I won medals in the state-level games and also selected for school nationals".

Amandeep, is practicing more than five hour a day at Guru Nanak Stadium under coach Gurmeet Singh. "My father, Iqbal Singh motivated me to take up athletics around three years ago. A gold medal in state level games has boosted my morale and now I am focusing on school national games so that I can win more medals for the state" Amandeep said.

Gurmeet Singh said, "Aman works very hard and I think that hard work is the biggest strength of any sportsperson. I hope she will bring gold in the National School Games.



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