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Science: China overtaking India not surprising

This is with reference to news item ‘China has overtaken India in science: PM’ (January 4). It is not a surprising observation since most of the people appointed to run national science agencies have dubious scientific credentials. Awards and fellowships are bestowed upon people not based on scientific achievements but on political and other considerations.

Unless the existing Indian science mafia is shown the door, there is a little hope of achieving credible and quality scientific progress in the country in the near future.

DR AKHTAR, Chandigarh

Bureaucratic rigmarole

I read with interest the report with the headline ‘Fund crunch over; CSD car sales to normalise’ (January 3). The so-called fund crunch is a creation of bureaucrats. As reported in the news item, money for purchase of Against Firm Demand (AFD) items is first paid through a draft and only then does the CSD Depot ‘sanction’ the delivery of item.

Now, the bureaucratic rigmarole starts. The money is credited to the Consolidated Fund of India but not released to the CSD till over 9 to 10 months of every financial year have elapsed, thus denying to the defence forces a small privilege for the immense sacrifices made by them. At the same time, many state police services have permitted their personnel to avail of the CSD facilities from Army canteens. Policemen have been buying cars through the CSDs while our servicemen have been denied. With such an insensitive treatment, I don’t think there will be many who will opt for a career in armed forces.


Reconsider decision

This is with reference to editorial ‘EC on right path: Banning booths and curbing cash flow’ (December 30). I share the EC’s point of view but only partially. The booths put up on the polling day by political parties prove to be a boon for the voters as these facilitate them in casting their votes. Banning them would inflict a lot of hardship/inconvenience on the voters. Though the EC has taken the responsibility on its shoulders, the task is too gigantic. In my view, the aforesaid part of the directive merits reconsideration.

Effective step to curb “cash flow” during the period, however, is urgently called for and must be sternly implemented.


Free power

This refers to the editorial ‘Cold and powerless’ (December 30). I agree that Punjab’s politicians have ruined the financial health of the power board by giving free electricity, first to the farmers and then to the poorer section of society without adequately compensating the board. This has resulted in heavy losses to the board and even banks have refused to extend further loans.

This step of the Punjab Government has created problems for the Chief Minister of Haryana, who has been compelled to raise the power tariff to meet the demand of farmers and other sections of society where Punjab is giving free power.

Besides this, dwindling coal supply coupled with rise in prices has hit thermal plants countrywide. Our politicians should not think of their vote banks only. They should take decisions while keeping in mind the financial health of their states.


Girls’ Lohri

To balance the declining sex ratio, now is the time to celebrate Lohri for newborn girls as we celebrate it for boys. In our country, thousands of unborn girls are killed in the womb to have boys. But nowadays girls are not only competing with boys in every field but they are also leading the boys in many areas.

We should celebrate girls’ Lohri with the same gaiety as we do it for our boys. In Mansa, an NGO is celebrating Lohri for newborn girls for the past seven years. Moreover, they also honour the parents who are satisfied with one or two daughters. Let us come forward for this social movement to balance the gender ratio by changing the mindset of people.


Be positive

Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Yes, it is, for most of us. Well, the middle ‘Where less is more!’ (December 27) by Ram Varma was very inspiring and has rightly elucidated that we need to be satisfied with what we have. We all want more and more. Our hunger for materialistic needs never comes to an end.

Our wishes take birth every moment. We hardly thank God for what he has given us and always think of what others have. For all this, we remain unhappy and dissatisfied.

The day we give up our materialistic attitude and adopt the concept of simple living and high thinking, we can certainly achieve mental satisfaction and contentment in our lives. We need to understand the true meaning of life.

Life is much beyond our materialistic attitude and lifestyle. It is in our hands to make our life happy or unhappy. Well, the grass on our side may be much greener than others. So, let us be positive and happy with what we have.




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