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EC: Keep an eye on absentee voters
Presiding officers told to be careful on polling day
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 23
The Election Commission (EC) has decided to keep an eye on absentee voters this time. The EC has told the Deputy Commissioners-cum-District Election Officers (DEOs) that the absentee voter lists must be kept in the election bag of each presiding officer.

He also directed the presiding officers to keep a check on absentee voters on the day of polling. An absentee voter would be one whose name appears on the electoral list, but he or she does not stay at the place where the voter card has been made.

The EC has also got conducted a survey through the booth-level officers (BLOs) to find out voters whose names existed on the list for the Vidhan Sabha elections, but were not staying at their given addresses.

The BLOs have prepared a list of such absentee voters. The lists have already been sent to the returning officers (ROs) who will place them in kit bags, which are being prepared for presiding officers.

The presiding officers have been told that on the day of polling if any absentee voter comes to vote, before allowing him to vote, the presiding officer must check whether he or she has voted elsewhere. “The EC’s directions will help check impersonation as well as multiple voting by mischievous elements,” said a presiding officer.


Govt offices to remain open on Jan 29
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 23
Keeping in view Punjab Vidhan Sabha elections scheduled for January 30, Rahul Tiwari, Deputy Commissioner-cum-District Magistrate-cum-District Election Officer, said all government and semi-government (Central or state government or government funded) offices of the district administration would remain open on January 29 from 9 am to 9 pm.

He issued these orders under Section 144 of the CrPC.



Focus on work, observers warn videographers, policemen
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 23
Observers (senior IAS, IPS and IRS officials) appointed by the Election Commission to ensure fair and transparent elections in the district have once again made it clear that videographers or teams appointed by the Election Commission to monitor the activities of candidates must concentrate on their work only.

The observers have warned that the police officials, videographers or members of other election monitoring machinery, who try to be “pally” with the contestants or accept food or tea at political rallies, will be punished sternly.

The District Election Officer, Rahul Tewari, today sent a letter to the Commissioner of Police Ludhiana, SSP Rural, SSP Khanna and all returning officers saying it had been brought to his notice that at times during the political rallies, some officials from the police department or certain officials from other election monitoring machinery were offered tea and food by the candidates. And they had tea or food that was offered at rallies and meetings, which was not the right thing to do.

In the letter, the DEO has reportedly asked the above mentioned officials to ensure that those on election duty (police and civil) must not take such favours, and if found guilty, the officials would be punished.

Meanwhile, Sanjay Pratap Singh, a senior IAS officer and one of the general observers, said the election monitoring machinery (videographers and observers) could not accept any favours from the candidates or their supporters. “We are going to pull up such officials. They are there to monitor or record the activities of candidates and they must concentrate on their work,” Sanjay Pratap Singh added. 



Weddings to be a dry affair
EC bans buying, selling or serving of liquor
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 23
The couples, who are getting married between January 28 and 30, will be witnessing a dry wedding as the Election Commission (EC) has banned on serving liquor on these days due to the Vidhan Sabha elections.

The ban on the flow of liquor will be implemented from January 28 from 5 pm onwards and will continue till January 30 till 5 pm.

Aviraj, a resident, is getting married on January 28. As it will not be possible to serve liquor in the party that day, his family has planned a reception party on January 31. "Party, without drinks will be futile. Earlier, this month we came to know about the dry days so we planned the reception party on January 31," said Aviraj.

Jagmeet Singh whose son Param is getting married on January 29 is little bit disappointed due to the dry days. "My son's marriage was fixed six months before. We never knew that the elections will also be held during this time. All the bookings have already been done. Now we can do nothing about it. All our friends and relatives are fond of drinks," added he.

Hema Aggarwal is relaxed about January 28-30 being dry days. Her daughter Isha is getting married on January 29 but since the venue of the marriage is in Delhi, the dry days will not have affect over their celebrations. "Since groom’s family is from Delhi so we have chosen the wedding venue in Delhi. Had it been in Ludhiana, it would have been a problem for us as both of our families are fond of drinks," she said.

Teams formed

On the directions of the Elecion Commission, the excise and taxation department has constituted nine teams to keep a check on the flow of liquor in the city. The teams will send reports to the Election Commission everyday. Since, January 28 to January 30 have been declared as dry days. There will be a strict check on the consumption and serving of liquor. Liquor will not be allowed to be sold, bought, publically consumed or served on these three days.



Over 20 cases of property defacement registered
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 23
The police today registered over 20 cases of property defacement in various parts of the city. A number of complaints pertaining to property defacement by the SAD, Congress and Independent candidates had poured in.

The police received complaints from Atam Nagar and Ludhiana South, where Congress candidates Malkit Singh Birmi, Ashok Prashar, SAD candidates Hira Singh, Hakam Singh Giaspura, Independent candidates Balwinder and his younger brother Simarjit Singh Bains are in the fray.

Interestingly, none of the candidates has been booked for the violation. Cases have been registered against unidentified persons.

The district election officer has initiated a probe into the matter and a video-recording team has been called to collect the evidence against erring candidates. If found guilty, the cost of posters will be included in the candidates’ expenditure during the elections and the guilty would also face legal action.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Ashish Chaudhry said the defacement of property would not be tolerated. The police was taking serious view of such complaints and action would be taken against the culprits.

How to prove the offence

The police said it would not be possible to implicate a candidate in the property defacement case as the latter might claim innocence stating that his or her rival might have pasted the poster.

Police cracks whip

Sources in the police said cases in bulk were registered to spread fear psychosis among the SAD and Bains groups who were indulging in frequent fights. Supporters of SAD candidate Hira Singh Gabria and Independent candidate Simarjit Singh Bains had recently exchanged blows at Model Town and Shimlapuri area over the tearing of posters.



Gabria refutes allegations levelled by trader
Was accused of sheltering swindler involved in a fraud case
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 23
Barely a week before the elections, a city-based businessman accused Jail Minister Hira Singh Gabria of sheltering a swindler. Gurarpan Singh Chohan, a resident of Gill Road, alleged that Gabria had freed an accused involved in a fraud case.

Gurarpan Singh, owner of a scrap factory, said Rajinder Kumar, one of his employees, was booked in a fraud case under Sections 420 and 406 of the IPC following his complaint on October 15.

Gurarpan Singh claimed that Rajinder had siphoned off lakhs of rupees by encashing cheques and fled with a motorcycle. Singh alleged that the Shimlapuri Police had registered a case against the suspect following a thorough investigation.

“It was not an easy task to get the case registered. As Rajinder enjoyed a close proximity with Jail Minister’s personal assistant, no police officials wanted to intervene in the issue. It took the police nearly two months to register the case,” said Gurarpan Singh.

It was after the matter was brought to the notice of DCP Ashish Chaudhry that a case was registered against Rajinder and the accused was nabbed, claimed Gurarpan.

Gurarpan Singh said Gabria got rattled at the arrest of Rajinder. The minister along with his close aides reached the police station and got Rajinder freed. Gurarpan claimed that he kept mum all this while because he was threatened of dire consequences by Gabria’s men.

On the other hand, Hira Singh Gabria refuted the allegations. He said it was yet another cheap tactic by his rivals to defame him before the Assembly elections.

“You tell me why I would help a person whom I do not even know,” claimed Gabria. 



Road safety missing from candidates’ manifestos
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 23
While political parties have been promising moon to voters, they seem to have forgotten the ground reality. The increasing deaths in road accidents have failed to draw the attention of politicians towards the issue of road safety which has failed to find a place in the manifestos released by political parties.

Kamaljit Soi, a city-based road safety expert, said, “Politicians in our state are not concerned about the safety of people.”

“The politicians, who always manage to put up a face assuring to stand shoulder to shoulder with devastated families of road accident victims, have yet again proved that they have no intention to take proactive measures to curb the menace, otherwise the issue would have figured in the poll manifestos,” said Soi.

He said in the last decade, the state had gone to the polls in 2002 and 2007.

“Both the years have recorded a number of road accidents. “Even 2010 and 2011 have witnessed fatal mishaps. I was hoping that the issue would figure in the manifestos, but unfortunately this did not happen,” Soi added.



Watch online what your ward is doing in school
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 23
Parents can now monitor online the activities of their wards while they are in play school. The facility has been introduced in The Olive Kid school. Parents would get a password and can see their children online as they take part in various activities.

"We want parents to see for themselves what we say and practice," says Manju Ahluwalia, director, The Olive Kid.

"Parents are very sensitive about kids of this age group. So they can watch online what their children are doing through web-streaming from anywhere. We believe in total transparency and have an open-door policy so that there is no apprehension. They can watch their kids learn new things," says Aarti from the same organisation.

"It is particularly important to take care of small kids. This is a tender age for kids, and I feel concerned whenever, I send my three-year-old daughter to pre-school. Every pre-school should offer the facility of watching kids online," said Rinita Wadhwa, another resident of the Green Park area.

"Every parent wants their kids, particularly, in the growing age to learn quickly. For working parents, preschool-cum-daycare centres have become essential as the children can spend time learning new things before they head to school," said Rohan Jain, a banker.

Although the technology is not new, using it in pre-schools is a novel idea and can be very effective, said Arjun Sharma, an IT consultant.



Teaching standards need to improve: Experts

Ludhiana, January 23
Educationists in the city feel that there is a need to upgrade the infrastructure at school-level for improving the aptitude of students in science and maths.

In a test conducted under the Programme for International Student Assessment by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development recently, Indian students fared very poorly. Experts say that the performance of Indian students will improve, but there is a need to improve infrastructure at the school level first. "I think what is missing in our system of education, for maths and science in particular, is that we teach the subjects in the manner social sciences are taught. Linking the curriculum with real life situations is very important for making students relate to science and maths," says Mona Singh, principal, Guru Nanak Public School. "Things will improve with steps like the CCE, but we would have to wait for about five years to see the real change in our education system," she said. Instead of just covering the syllabus, teachers need to ‘discover’ the syllabus for their students.

Students get acquainted with the practical application of scientific concepts only at the higher level. They need to see it at the school level also in order to develop interest in them. "We hear stories that students abroad develop website at the age of five, or school students make watches, but in our country we have not even taken steps to set up engineering labs at the school level," said Gurbir Singh, a mathematics teacher. — TNS



Students face language problem
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 23
Children in Punjab are finding it difficult to understand the EDUSAT programmes telecast on television as the language used is of a dialect different from their own. Often, the language spoken in the programmes is Taksali, which is difficult for students to understand who are conversant with the Malwai dialect.

“Slight differences in the dialect make it difficult for us to understand. For example, the expression ‘Es tarah hunda hai’ would sound a little alien to ears more attuned to ‘eida hunda wa’,” said a teacher.

“In the city, the language spoken is more standard. But in far-flung areas and villages, the language is more colloquial and has an accent. So it is natural for students to face this difficulty," said Gurmel Singh, a teacher from a government school.

For maths and science, it isn't much of a problem, but for subjects like social studies it tends to become slightly difficult for students and we have to help them out when they miss the points during the EDUSAT classes spoken in the standard Punjabi language.

“With the expansion of media, standard Punjabi is gaining more and more parlance, but in the 
interiors of Punjab, dialects like Malwai, Doabi, Majhi continue to be spoken," said Tarsem Singh, another teacher.



poll Code
Traders hit as orders down by 30% 
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 23
The number of orders businessmen from the city have been receiving in the past has decreased by nearly 25-30 per cent due to the imposition of the election code of conduct.

Even the raw material and general goods, which were brought from the city in bulk, have shrunk.

“Punjab is an agricultural state and people do not use credit cards much and make cash payment. As the limit has been imposed on carrying cash, the orders received by my firm have decreased,” said Amarpreet, dealing in printing and packaging.

Narinder Kumar, a dealer in wholesale of spices, sugar and other goods, said: “Wholesalers and retailers from nearby cities come to buy goods from us. Since the election code of conduct has been imposed, they have are not taking bulk orders as they do not want to get involved in any controversy. Carrying large sums of money is a major problem,” he said.

“The number of orders received by us has gone down considerably as the other party cannot make advance payment of orders. Most of my clients are from neighbouring states and due to the code of conduct, they avoid coming to Punjab with huge cash. I am just waiting for the elections to get over so that my business can run smoothly,” said Jagtar Singh.

“We cannot carry a lot of cash and drafts above a certain limit are not encashed. In such a situation, I don’t know what to do to carry forward my business. Traders from neighbouring states have stopped coming to Punjab. The trading community is only waiting for the elections to get over,” added Darshan Singh, a dealer in auto parts.



FDP inaugurated at RIMT
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, January 23
One week faculty development program on ‘Understanding & Implementation of Technology in Teaching’ sponsored by Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, was organised at RIMT-Institute of Engineering and Technology, Mandi Gobindgarh. As many as 30 faculty members from the engineering and management branches participated in the event. RIMT Group vice-chairman Vijayant Bansal was the chief guest of the function.

He said that RIMT Group is committed to providing the latest educational methodologies to the faculty members. Campus director Dr Harsh Sadawarti expressed his view on the need of training and development in the academic sector.

He also said that teachers are the best source of motivation and guidance to the young generation and they should fulfill this responsibility.

He further expressed his satisfaction on the selection of RIMT-IET for AICTE sponsored staff development programme, sanctioned by the AICTE. Dr Bimal Anjum, head of the management department, and convener of FDP proposed the vote of thanks. Prof JPS Sibia, Dr Mohinder Singh, director, academic staff, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Dr D R Vij , Educationist , Dr.A.K.Vishist, Professor Sanjay Kaushik, University Business School, Punjab University, Chandigarh, Dr Brij Pal, Dr R K Uppal, Dr Sandhya Mehta, Dr Roshan Lal, Dr Ashok Khurana, Dr Heera Lal , Dr Balbir Singh, Rakesh Mohan, Dean Academics, Mr Sachin Sharma, Ms Kavita Sharma, Ms Shubhreet Kaur & Ms. Uma Kashyap also shared their views with the participants.

109 students selected at placement drive

An extensive placement drive was held at the RIMT for the placement of MCA, MBA and B Tech students. More than 700 students participated in the recruitment process which saw the participation of companies such as Jaro Education, Eureka Forbes, You 2 Move, Shaurya Travels, India Bulls, Ionnor Solutions and Momentum Infotech.

The students performed commendably during the interactions, interviews, group discussions and tests, resulting in placement of 109 students on packages ranging up to Rs 5.25 lakhs per annum.

RIMT Group chairman Dr Hukam Chand Bansal complimented the students and assured the officials from the participating companies that RIMT students will prove to be dedicated employees.

Director general Dr BS Bhatia thanked the company officials and wished the students good luck for their future. Regional Institute of Management and Computer Technology principal Dr SN Panda and director Dr Vivek Inder Kochhar were also present at the concluding session. 



Chain fast by rly employees
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, January 23
Led by activists of the northern railwaymen union (NRMU), railway employees today commenced a 24-hour chain fast at the railway station here in the next phase of the ongoing agitation at Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Ferozepur, Pathankot and Jammu railway stations from January 16.

Addressing a rally, the divisional secretary of the union, Daljit Singh, said railway quarters in the entire division were lying in a state of neglect and poor upkeep and sanitation level in the complexes as well as residential areas was pathetic. “Despite repeated representations made by the staff, the sweeping and cleaning remained among the least of the priorities of the railway authorities,” he said.

Their other pending demands are setting up of an intensive care unit, providing an ambulance, adequate medical and paramedical staff at the sub-divisional health unit, extension of facility of referral system and treatment in a private medical institution, and payment of overtime to employees putting in 12 hours or more duty in a day.



Egg prices drop to Rs 3, courtesy snowfall 
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 23
A downward trend has been witnessed in egg prices due to incessant snowfall in hilly areas. Eggs from the city are sent to J&K and Himachal by road. As roads leading to Himachal and J&K have been blocked for the past one week, the supply of eggs has been cut off.

A few weeks ago the rate of one egg in the retail market had gone up to Rs 5, but now it has come down to Rs 3. Consumers are happy but it is the poultry owners who are going through a tough phase due to the fall in prices.

“Eggs are sent to states like J&K and Himachal, but for the past one week there has been no supply to these states due to heavy snowfall there. The demand in the local market has gained momentum, but there has been no increase in the prices due to surplus eggs in the state,” said Mahinder Arora, general secretary of the North India Poultry Farmers Association.

This has not only affected the retail market, but also wholesalers.

“Today the price of eggs in the wholesale market is Rs 285 per 100 eggs while one week ago it was Rs 345 per 100 eggs. We hope that the snow is cleared at the earliest,” added Sanjeev Bassi, a poultry farm owner.

The decline in prices has cheered customers. “Last time when I brought an egg crate it cost me around Rs 120 while today I was charged only Rs 90 for the same,” said Amarpreet, a resident.



Campaign trail : Ludhiana West 
Impressing voters with nukkad, door-to-door meetings
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 23
In Ludhiana West constituency, Congress candidate Bharat Bhushan Ashu , who is a Congress councillor, is pitted against BJP candidate professor Rajinder Bhandari. The Akali-BJP has fielded Bhandari, who is also a former state BJP president and vice-chairman of the Punjab Planning Board.
Ludhiana West BJP candidate Rajinder Bhandari seeks support from residents of Haibwal in Ludhiana.
Ludhiana West BJP candidate Rajinder Bhandari seeks support from residents of Haibwal in Ludhiana. Tribune photo: Himanshu Mahajan

The style of campaigning of these main contestants in this constituency is different from one another. Bhandari is going from door-to-door and shop-to-shop on his campaign trail, while Ashu is addressing nukkad and mohalla meetings in his constituency. Both the candidates exude confidence while the former tries to impress people with his knowledge and cordiality, the latter (Ashu) seeks support on the work done as a councillor.

The morning hours when people love to enjoy hot tea, the candidates start their campaign trail which ends late in the night. It is 8:30 am and many passersby at Pakhowal Road are on way to their destination Ashu along with his supporters is busy addressing a meeting of residents at HIG flats of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar. No loudspeakers just a simple meeting goes on which comes to end after half an hour. At sharp 9am, the cavalcade proceeds towards the Model Gram Extension. Here he addresses another gathering of residents of Samporan colony and Model Gram Extension. His style of campaigning is sober as he says, “All of you know what I have done for you and it is because of you that I am going to contest the elections again.” Lajpal Bains, an area resident, says, “The meeting was very cordial and people love his style of communication.”

To catch the businessmen perhaps morning is the best time and Ashu catches them at Joginder Singh Pruthi’s house at Model Town Extension. In Pruthi’s dining hall the residents are seated comfortably and Ashu addresses them with folded hands and says, “I am like your family member and I hope you will accept me with all my merits and demerits.” As he completes this sentence he concludes his speech and takes a break of 10 minutes. On asking as to where he was to move now, he says with a smile,” Going to meet Dr Sobti” Are you going to address a similar meeting there, trying to evade the query, he says, “I will see as to who I meet over there,” and leaves for his next destination.

Supporters who accompany him include Balkar Singh, Sumit Asdhir, Sunny Bhalla and Manpreet Singh etc. And the campaign goes on.

Bhandari on the other hand is punctual as he reaches well in time at Ghumar Mandi at 1:30pm. The procession starts at 1:40pm from Aarti Chowk with “dhol wala’ beating dhol in the traditional style and some youngsters carrying the BJP flags in their hands along with placards conveying the message “Give your vote to Bhandari”. It is Bhandari who leads the pack along with advocate Rajesh Kashyap, his personal attendant Harsh and some other BJP workers and supporters. As he steps in to a shop, the shopkeeper comes with a garland in his hands and says, “Welcome Bhandari ji.” And after a brief introduction he moves forward and meets every passerby very enthusiastically. As Bhandari is busy meeting shopkeepers, his supporters handover pamphlets to each one present there. Rajan Kumar, a migrant, said, “I am very happy as he met me with warmth.” And around 2:15 pm he concludes this procession with thanks to all present there.

Bhandari along with his candidates moves towards Kochar market and Jawahar Nagar camp to hold meetings with area residents. And here he is greeted by SAD leader Mahesh Inder Singh Grewal, Gurbachan Singh Handa etc and campaign begins around 2:45 pm. After going door-to-door Bhandari concluded his campaign here after an hour and proceeds towards his next destination.

Like Ashu, he also began his campaign around 9 am from Joshi near Haibowal. While interacting with residents here he is acquainted with the problem of potholes on roads during the rainy season. After holding nukkad meetings with residents he also holds meetings with his supporters and workers in between. Around 6 pm he holds a nukkar meeting with residents of X, Y and Z blocks of Rishi Nagar at Hambran Road where SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar, former MLA Harish Rai Dhanda, Dr Sukhdev Singh etc join him. Throughout his campaign he is accompanied by mandal presidents and workers of the SAD and BJP and the campaign comes to an end late in the night after conducting many nukkad meetings.



Cong, SAD candidates trade allegations
Minna Zutshi
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 23
With barely a week left for the Assembly polls, the allegations and counter-allegations traded between the SAD (B) and the Congress candidates from the Dakha Assembly constituency are flying thick and fast.

Firing the latest salvo, the SAD (B) candidate Manpreet Singh Ayali has levelled allegations pertaining to the Congress candidate Jassi Khangura's Macro Dairy Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Khangura, while dismissing the allegations as false and baseless, has charged Ayali of resorting to "cheap tactics", a charge vehemently denied by Ayali.

Earlier in the day, during an interaction with media persons, Prem Inder Kumar Goga, former president, Nagar Panchayat, Mullanpur Dakha, had also levelled allegations that pertained to Khangura's dairy venture.

AyaIi and Khangura have been levelling allegations against each other since the day their candidature was announced. Earlier, Ayali had alleged that Khangura's supporters were promising jobs to women in villages. The complaint was submitted to the District Election Officer (DEO), Rahul Tewari, who on inquiry, had found the exercise carried out by Khangura's employees to be a routine activity. "The Returning Officer of the constituency has stated that it's part of a routine exercise. However, the routine exercise carried out during this time could lead to confusion. So we have written to the Election Commission for further guidelines," said Tewari. Tewari added that the Dakha constituency was among the constituencies from which the DEO was receiving the maximum number of complaints. 



BJP MLA from Bihar comes calling to woo migrants
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 23
To woo the migrant vote bank ahead of the state Assembly elections, a Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) MLA from Patna in Bihar, Nitin Nabin, is in the city. Nitin Nabin said he was basically targeting the Bihari migrants as well as the youth living in Ludhiana and other parts of the state.

Being the industrial hub of the state, Ludhiana is home to a large number of migrant labourers from states such as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa and others.

As per rough estimates, presently there are around 2 lakh migrants who are registered as voters in Ludhiana district, which is why, political parties don’t want to leave anything to chance and are making all efforts to woo them.

This is 32-year-old Nitin Nabin’s second trip to the state. “I am not only an MLA, but also national general secretary of the Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha. So my duty in Punjab is to focus on the migrant population as well as the youth, as both will play an important role in the Assembly elections,” said Nabin, a two-time MLA from Patna.

Nabin has already toured Pathankot and after Ludhiana he will be visiting Jalandhar and Amritsar.

“Most of the Bihari migrants residing in Ludhiana are from Kishanganj, Lakhisarai and Chhapra districts of Bihar. Yesterday, I along with Arunesh Mishra, state executive member of the BJP, addressed five meetings in Ludhiana Central, Ludhiana North and Ludhiana West. Today also, I will be addressing meetings in other constituencies where migrants reside,” said Nitin Nabin.



Sukhbir dismisses poll surveys
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, January 23
Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal today claimed that the SAD-BJP alliance would win more than 90 seats in the state and form the government again.

“The alliance will win more than 50 seats in the Malwa region alone, which has the maximum of 68 constituencies in the 117-member Punjab Assembly,” he claimed while addressing a rally in support of the SAD-BJP candidate from the Jagraon Assembly segment, Shiv Ram Kaler, here today.

Brushing aside poll surveys of various news channels and media houses, he said the people of Punjab would again elect the alliance to power for the massive development carried out by the present government. Busy with heavy campaigning, Sukhbir Badal looked in a hurry. Immediately after addressing the gathering, the stage secretary announced his felicitation by Youth Congress workers, but till then, Sukhbir Badal had already started walking down the stage. 



Ludhiana East
Seeking Gujjars’ support for Cong
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, January 23
As the election draws closer, the contenders are leaving no stone unturned to mobilise voters in their favour. This was evident when Congress MP from Faridabad in Haryana Avtar Singh Bhadana, who is also the national president of All-India Gujjar Maha Sabha, played the caste card to canvass for party nominee Gurmel Singh Pehalwan in Ludhiana East Assembly segment here.

Addressing a series of "nukkad" meetings at Rahon Road and elsewhere in the constituency, Bhadana made an impassioned appeal to the members of "Gujjar" community to extend their support to the Congress candidate. "The Gujjar community in the city is all prepared to fight a decisive battle against the incumbent SAD-BJP government which had done nothing during the last four and half years except for befooling and misleading the people by their false claims." Bhadana maintained that whatever little development had taken place in Punjab during the tenure of the SAD-BJP combine, it was made possible through various Centrally funded schemes aimed at providing employment to the rural people, urban infrastructure development and expansion of health care services. "Even the funds released by the Centre under these schemes were diverted and misappropriated by the state government," he alleged.

The Congress MP exhorted the electorate to vote against the ruling coalition on January 30.



Seminar on medicine

A seminar on the topic ‘In silico approach for drug target identification and drug discovery’ was organised by the department of bioinformatics, and PG department of biotechnology here today. Principal, Dr Charanjit Mahal, welcomed the resource person, Deepak Singla and said that such seminars provided a platform wherein new ideas emerged. She also stressed upon the importance of bioinformatics and biotechnological tools for discovering novel compounds and drugs to cure diseases. Bioinformatics is an upcoming science, particularly useful in various fields of medicine, particularly in discovering drugs. Deepak Singla provided the audience an in-depth knowledge about discovering drug targets, their validation, and designing drugs against these targets. The audience raised several queries related to computer-aided drug discovery which were answered by the speaker.

Workshop on garments

Guru Nanak Institute of Design and Technology (GNIDT), Gujarkhan Campus, Model Town, organised a seminar on garment stitching techniques. Draping and creating paper patterns of different costumes, dart manipulation etc were also discussed. Meenakshi Behal, a senior fashion lecturer from Ivanna, IFT, conducted the seminar. Her inputs on the issue were greatly appreciated by the students. Giving a power point presentation, she explained in detail the draping of garments to the students, and told them about the need of controlling the darts and maintaining the fit throughout. She also explained how to form a pattern with the draft created on muslin. Different types of fabrics and their falls were also discussed at the seminar.

Classical music camp

A three-day workshop was organised by the department of music vocal at Master Tara Singh Memorial College for Women, Ludhiana, from Jan 18-20. Kapil Sharma, a student of eminent classical musicians like Pt Ashok Chancal and Girja Devi, graced the occasion. Kapil Sharma received his post-graduation degree from Ravindra Bharti University, Kolkata. He shared his views on the fast-dissapearing trends of music like Thumri, Dadra and Tappa etc. The students greatly appreciated his inputs on the issue. Harminder Kaur, head of the department of music vocal, thanked him for his visit. College principle Dr Parveen Kaur Chawla praised the event and asked the students to make full use of such opportunities.

Project writing event

Guru Nanak Institute of Management and Technology organised a one-day workshop on ‘Research Methodology on Project Writing’. Dr Upinder Kaur and Sandeep Kaur were the key speakers. Both the speakers gave vital inputs on conducting research techniques to management students. The basic objective of organising the workshop was to help budding entrepreneurs gain research orientation. Various topics related to research techniques were discussed at the event. Sandeep Kaur spoke on frequency distribution, cross tabulation, measures of location, variability, and shape, along with the application of parametric and non-parametric tests in hypothesis testing. Dr Upinder instructed on the practical usage of statistical softwares like SPSS, STATA and Excel sheets. Students gained a lot from the valuable methodologies and techniques discussed by the instructors. — TNS



national school games
Kerala lift overall trophy
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 23
Kerala won the overall trophy and Punjab stood second in the medal tally in the 57th National School Athletic Championship held at Guru Nanak Stadium. Kerala accumulated 270 points to top the games while Punjab secured 99. Haryana got the third position with 81 points.

Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari was the chief guest of this mega event on its concluding day.

The main attraction of the concluding ceremony was an excellent bhangra and giddha presentation by school children. The athletes also participated in a march past. Officials of the education department, Punjab, and a large number of students from different schools of Ludhiana were present on the occasion.

Final results

U19 Boys (Cross Country): Rajendra Bind, West Bengal (first), Ranjeet Kumar Patel, Chattisgarh (Second), Ajay, Haryana (Third)

U 19 Girls (Cross Country): Thara, Kerala (First), Preeti Mehta,Uttarakhand (Second), Jyoti Saini, Punjab (Third)

U 14 Boys (600 meters): Ram Chandra Hansdan, Orissa (First), RamChand Singh, NVS (Second), Maniki Shndi, Orissa (Third)

U 14 Girls (600 meters): Babitha C, Kerala (First), Harmilan Bains, Punjab (Second), Pushpa Chahar, Rajasthan(Third)

U 19 boys (4X100 relay): Kerala (first), Delhi (Second), Karnataka (Third)

U 19 girls (4X400 relay): Kerala (first), West Bengal (Second), Maharashtra (Third)

U 17 girls (Pole Vault): Mariya Jaison, Kerela (first), Gopika, Kerala Second), Jaya Shree, Karnataka (Third)

U 19 girls (Pole Vault): Sinju Prakash, Kerala (First), Melby Mandal, Kerala (Second), Preethi, Karnataka (Third)

Team points

U 19 boys: Kerala- 54 points, Punjab-35 points, Delhi-31 points.

U 17 boys: Kerala-34 points, Delhi-31 points, Haryana-26 points.

U 14 boys: Andhra Pradesh-21 points, Haryana-18 points, West Bengal- 15 points

U 19 girls: Kerala-84 points, Punjab-38 points, Karnataka-27 points

U 17 girls: Kerala-62 points, Maharashtra-26.5 points, Karnataka-07 points



Jashanjot eyes gold in Olympics
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 23
Jashanjot Singh has set a record in the U-19 110m hurdles event during the 57th National School Games at the Guru Nanak Stadium. It is the fourth gold medal that Jashanjot has clinched in the last one year.
Jashanjot Singh who set a record in the 110m hurdles with 14.5 seconds in the National School Games.
Jashanjot Singh who set a record in the 110m hurdles with 14.5 seconds in the National School Games. A Tribune photograph

With this he has broken the record of Pinto Mathew of Kerala.

Jashanjot Singh has also won a gold medal in the Junior National Games held at Ranchi and Inter-Zone Athletics Championship organised in Bhopal last year.

Seventeen-year-old Jashan, belongs to an agricultural family, and is studying in Class XII at Guru Teg Bahadur Public School, Mastuana (Sangrur). Jashan is also good in studies.

“I am happy with my performance. I did not perform well in the beginning but in the last two hurdles, I ran fast and finished first. Now, I want to win a gold medal in the Olympics ,” said Jashanjot Singh. Rameshpal Sharma, coach, Sports Authority of India, Mastuana centre, said, “Jashan is a good athlete. He started participating in the event three years ago. He is improving his timings every month. I want him to win a medal in the Olympics.”

Jashan’s father Balbir Singh said he wanted his son to perform well in the Olympics. He added that he would love to see his son winning a gold medal in the games.



Winners 15th time in a row
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 23
Scientific mode of training, government aid and healthy diet have been the mantra behind Kerala winning the National School Games meet for 15 years on the trot. By winning the 57th National School Athletics Meet, Kerala clinched the overall championship trophy yet again.

The yawning gap between their level and that of the other teams can be gauged simply from the points. While Kerala has maintained the top spot by securing 270 points, Punjab came a distant second with 99 points and Haryana managed the third position with 81 points.

The reason behind the exceptional performance of Kerala athletes is the scientific mode of training given to the players by the sports authorities of the state. Besides the interest of the government in the promotion of sports has played a major role in the uplift of the morale of the sportspersons of the state.

The state sports organiser of Kerala, Dr Chako Joseph, attributes the success of the teams to continuous training and emphasis on sports. “This victory is not a result of our overnight efforts. We have been maintaining the standards for the last 15 years. Government aid is a major factor in this achievement. Our government spends a lot on sports infrastructure and to provide the facilities to our sportspersons,” he said.

“We adopt the latest techniques and equipment to improve the performance of athletes. Our department has been updating technology and technical information,” he added.

Making a comparison between Punjab and Kerala, he said: “I think diet plays a major role in the performance of an athlete. I saw that most of the Punjabi youths are consuming junk food. Our players take rice and fish and salad in diet. I think it is a very healthy and balanced diet.”



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