When fusion means fashion 
Fashion designers are picking up elements from the ethnic as well as Western outfits and coming up with innovative designs 
Ashima Batish

Style check:
A saree draped with jeans by Nida Mahmood 

That's how fashion has been — moving ahead, coming back, evolving, retreating…it follows a cycle. At the most, it experiments; with whatever has been invented by the forerunners of fashion. Someone like Karl Lagerfield of Chanel also draws inspiration from existing trends to come up with interesting creations — he added length to the Nehru jackets to transform them into long coats at a fashion show held in Paris in December last year. The collection was rightly titled Paris-Bombay collection. Exactly what fusion of fashion means!

Back home, examples are aplenty. Troy Costa draped sarees on his models in the shape of gowns, truly complying with the concept of fusion of fashion. A lot has been done with the six-yard cloth. Initially, it was split into three parts; first to be draped around the waist, second to be used as pleats and third to be used as dupatta. Now, designers are further using it in different forms. "To me, gown saree sounded the most interesting variation of a regular saree. If we want our designs to be appreciated the world over, it is important to add international cuts and silhouettes to the designs." When designers in the West are readily picking up Indian designs, there is no reason why our own designers should not be doing it.

Anarkali kaftan by Niket and jainee

Jean Paul Gaultier, back in 2008, had come up with the ensemble of saree gowns, which even flaunted the traditional Indian embellishments. In addition to sarees, the latest outfit to be picked up by designers and customized for international buyers is Anarkali suit. The flair is kept intact and only length is added to make it look like a flowing gown. "In fact, it is the biggest contribution that the Indian designers have made to the fashion scene in the West," says Parvesh of Jai and Parvesh designer duo. They too have come up with a collection that has done exceedingly well in the markets abroad. Popularly knows as the Indo-Western gowns, the Anarkali gowns are fast becoming a part of trousseau wear. "It adds variety to the trousseau. Girls certainly want more than sarees and Anarkali suits when it comes to formals," says Parvesh. And add a long trail to the Anarkali gown to give it the real feel.

Adding to the length of the Anarkali suit is one thing, but experimenting with the upper part of it is the actual challenge. Niket and Jainee created some real fusion fashion when they replaced the structured upper part with a kaftan. Asymmetrical Anarkali kaftan can be best worn as a one-piece dress. "Fusion is the future of fashion, wherein you can pick elements of different garments and intersperse them, to give them a brand new look," says Niket Mishra. The inspiration has been drawn from the costumes of middle-east. Now, this is called fusion, when a Western outfit is constructed from the traditional wear of India and the middle-east.

Designer Nida Mahmood came out with a collection of jean sarees. She panels the five-and-a-half metre cloth in a way that it becomes easy to drape. The demand for the unusual gear, she says, is gradually increasing. "Women have taken to the new concepts at the Page 3 parties. The grace of saree and the slender cut of denims make for a great appearance." And if at all another confirmation of the trend is needed, then Versace saree gowns have already become a rage in the international fashion circuit. Fusion of fashion for sure!


If you will… 
Jammu-based theatre person Mushtaq Kak believes the beauty of adapting literary classics on to stage is unparalleled
Nonika Singh

Ek Aadat Si Bana Li Hai Tumne to Munir Apni, Jis Shehar Mein Rehna Uktaaye Hue Rehna …

With this couplet, well-known theatre person Mushtaq Kak dismisses the grouses of those who bemoan the challenges en route the world of theatre. "I fail to understand why theatre practitioners rave and rant about the difficulties they face. None of us have chosen theatre under any compulsion or pressure," he says. Rather he feels that theatre is more than a fulfilling experience. Moreso when he adapts the works of literary greats like Shakespeare, Chekov and Tagore, on whose writing his play Daakghar is based and which he brought to Chandigarh for the ongoing Natyanjali, which is being organised by Sangeet Natak Akademi in association with Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Akademi.

Of course, he agrees that in today's milieu classics can't be translated on to the stage as it is and the setting has to be changed. So in Oma, which is based on Othello, he brings in contemporary issues like land mafia; in the Dogri play Daakghar the young boy is none other than a Kashmiri who hopes against hope, expecting a feedback from the civil society or the administration.

Hailing from the troubled state of J&K, it is obvious that the turmoil of his state often colours his dramatic narratives, sometimes subtly and often directly as in plays like Kali Baraf, which incidentally is also a tele-serial. A filmmaker who has his own production house, invariably his plays become his films and often the money that he makes through commissioned projects funds his theatre. Doing theatre in Jammu, where he is currently based, he reveals, "is not so difficult, as people make it out to be." He asserts that things have certainly changed for the better in his home state.

In Bollywood, where he has forayed every once in a while, things are not likely to change much though; so there is always an attempt to typecast this chief villain of movies like Hijack. He laughs, "Of course, each time they want a character fitting into the role of a Kashmiri or a terrorist, they think of me." It doesn't bother him, though he is considering a few offers by big banners, Mumbai is not his target. Nor does he think his theatre audiences come to watch his plays for he is a film actor. "Thank god, they know me as a theatre director."

And one prolific director he is who has till date directed nearly 100 plays, over 35 during his ten-year-long stint with Shri Ram Centre Repertory, New Delhi. Looking back, he recalls how he was told by the late GN Kaushal, "This is your pitch...now bat on it." And he did with aplomb, creating meaningful plays like Devyani, Mahabrahman and Delhi 6. More recently he has directed Gair Zaroori Log, which is based on Manto’s short story. "Nothing can beat the intoxicating power of directing literary works," he opines.

Sloganeering, according to him, is not theatre for, "message has to be subtle like a sugar-coated pill." Spurred by the poetic wisdom of Kaun kehta hai ke aasman mein suraakh nahi hota, Ek pathar to tabiyat se uchalo yaaro, he believes nothing is impossible provided you have the intent and dreams of setting up an art centre in J&K.

nonika @tribunemail.com

Thought in action
Actor Ashu Sharma pours out his heart in a play titled Ad Maker, which he has also directed 
Jasmine Singh

The next best thing after cribbing about your problems is to address them. Ashu Sharma, a theatre actor who moved to Mumbai almost a year back realised this was 'the' thing to do. Some good meaty roles in Teen Patti (with Amitabh Bachchan), No One Killed Jessica; Ashu now pours his ideas, thoughts and problems in a play he directs — Ad Maker. There are no disillusionments, only a thought that he addresses through the play.

"A part of the reason why I am doing this play is because as an actor I have somewhere down the line faced the frustration and challenges of moving to a big place, Mumbai, from a small town," says Ashu, answering his thought himself. "I realised the best thing is to keep fighting and express the problem. Ad Maker is one way to deal with this thought."

Ashu plays Abhay, an ad-maker, who wants to be a film-maker. "My character is about this ad-maker with dreams who wants to create some different work, but because his boss is busy using his chair he cannot do what he wants," he says, talking on a serious note.

Ashu is supported by Aditi Khanna in this play. She plays Ashu's wife, a lecturer who has a balanced approached in life. Aditi, a television actor, chose this play as a challenge. "I have done theatre in Mumbai and the scene is pretty good there. Chandigarh too has enough scope for ticketed plays, it just needs to be tapped properly," she adds.

Having done his Masters in Dramatics from Panjab University, Ashu is well-qualified to talk about the theatre scene, "Chandigarh always had good theatre and now it is getting even better. The bottom-line is create your own style," he smiles. "I don't want to be a Shah Rukh Khan, but at the same time I would want to create my own style and if people love me for it, nothing better. I had the chance to work with Amitabh Bachchan and got to learn a lot from him," says this actor who is busy with the television series Sasural Simar Ka.


Towards infinity…
Manpriya Singh

Every fashion student dreams of the applauding crowd, a celebrated showstopper, a front row to write home about. But much before all of that, they dream of taking part in one of the two prestigious fashion weeks.

For the INIFD students, Manoj Kumar and Vinod Bhardwaj, it’s a debut of their dreams. To say they are excited to be showcasing their collection at the inaugural show of the upcoming Lakme Fashion Week starting on March 2, would be an understatement.

Shares Vinod, “We will be showcasing our collection Infinity at the inaugural show, thus sharing the platform with some of the biggest names in the fashion fraternity.” It’s been close to a year that the two final year students of three-year-fashion design degree have been working on the collection. He adds, “The theme Infinity is around which we have worked our entire collection. The banyan tree came to be the inspiration and everything has been worked around it. We had been travelling a lot, seeing places and somehow trees in themselves appeared to be inspiring; they symbolise life.”

Out came the collection comprising 10 garments. “It took us six months to finish the sketches which we sent to the jury. From there on, they selected two garments after which we worked on our theme.” Says Vinod, “We two are the only ones to be selected from Chandigarh and all over India there are seven entries out of three hundred that finally made to the show.”

Needless to add, they are excited and nervous too. “It’s not just for the first time we will be showcasing our collections there but it is also for the first time we will be attending the fashion week.” The unique blend of theme and garments is probably what got them through.

“We have made jute rope garments with wooden carvings attached to them. The draping also has wooden carvings. There’s a generous use of malmal cloth.” A banyan tree stands for endless energy and dynamism. This is what they wanted to convey in the garments.

Back to the collection, the colours are as close as possible to the theme. “We’ve used a lot of greens and browns, off-whites, coupled with tie and dye technique.” As of now, they can’t wait to be Mumbai bound all the while thanking the faculty and their folks, one and all.


The child woman
Divya Dutta

I have my own fundas in life and the biggest is - be what I am. I've always been called a child woman! Never realised why that was so initially, but gradually I did. The child in me never grew up though I did. I lived in the materialistic world, going about my day-to-day life, reading scripts, shooting, representing brands, being a spokesperson, a strong woman of the world for quite a few. But very few, only those who know me well, know the child in me, who refuses to follow the rules of the world; who has her own mind!

I love playing pranks on the sets. I remember Salman and I played a prank on a unit member and we were partners in crime. Then I played pranks with Abhishek as a partner in Dilli 6. The best was during the shooting of Welcome to Sajjanpur, I did not know Shreyas Talpade at all. To break the ice, I changed my voice into a male voice, called him and posed as a male fan who wanted an autograph. The sweetheart that he is, he obliged but I kept playing hide and seek! When I told him and Shyam Benegal that it was me, they did not believe it till I spoke in that voice again.

Then while shooting in a village in Rajasthan, I became sick of the food that we were eating. So I went up to one house and asked the owners what they had cooked. They were really surprised, “Aap mazaak kar rahe ho? Hamare saath khaoge?” (Are you joking? Will you eat with us?) I said yes, sat down on the ground beside the chullah and had a very sumptuous meal. I later ensured that they became the chefs for the entire unit! I think I've done all that because of the child in me!

Dressed in my shooting attire, I once picked up a cycle in Rajasthan and travelled the bylanes in search of imli and aampapad! Of course there were bodyguards at a distance, but the ride was real fun! Having hot, fresh gur from the fields, playing cricket and dumb charades with the unit; I have never let the child in me die!

Just took my mother out to the beach yesterday and I waved to this group of little boys who were flying kites. They were very shy, but I asked them – “Mai udaoon patang?” (Can I fly the kite?) And the next few minutes we were a group of ten-year-olds having a blast!

We had a building renovation meeting today and they are increasing the height of the walls! They asked me if it was good enough and I said – “Yes, now I can’t jump over it any more.” The old building secretary blurted “Yes, I have seen you jump across the wall when the watchman doesn't open the gate! Are you an actress or a child?” “Well, both uncle and I enjoy the best of both—being a child woman,” I smiled.

(Dutta is a Bollywood actor)

Clock wise
Now, alarm clock that won’t turn off until you get out of bed. And mind you, Ramos alarm clock is completely cheat-proof 

Inventors have come up with a unique alarm clock to get even the heaviest sleeper out of bed. The Ramos Alarm Clock, designed by Paul Sammut, is so stubborn that it won’t turn off until the slumbering victim physically leave bed and enter a pin code into a wireless panel to silence the buzzer.

If you are thinking that you can merely fly out of bed, hit any old number, and retreat back under the warm covers, then you are wrong.

The pin code has to be entered correctly - and, in a custom version, could be programmed so that the code had to be entered a number of times - or the buzzer will merrily continue to wake up the entire house.

The unusual clock comes in three models: a standard desk-top LED Ramos (100 pounds) in sustainably-harvested birch box; a vertically mounted teak clock with USSR-style nixie tubes for around 200 pounds; and the custom-made version (to your own warped specifications) starting at around 500 pounds.

Each version is wirelessly paired with a ‘defuse panel’, powered by a 9-volt battery and featuring a 12-digit push-button keypad. Each morning, the sleepy customer will be asked to enter the day’s date into the keypad.

The clocks can also be programmed to flash up an ever-changing four-digit code on the LED - forcing the foggy brain to work harder and subsequently get into gear quicker.

A long-range version of the clocks mean that the panel can be placed 100ft away.

Sammut has even found a solution to those who habitually wake up before their alarm goes off, and change the alarm time for a longer lie in.

The Ramos can be programmed to feature a lock-down mode, where the clock will no longer permit any alteration to the alarm settings 30 minutes before the pre-set time - unless its owner types in a code at the defuse panel. — ANI

Highs and lows
Simmi Waraich

I am 30 and live on my own in Chandigarh. I started drinking with my friend. Now, I find that I feel like having a drink daily. I had an occassion when I did not remember what I did that night, though my friends told me that I was behaving alright. Could I be getting dependent on alcohol? I feel I should quit but end up drinking again at night.

Sheena, Chandigarh

If you have told yourself you would never drink again or not drink that day — but found yourself doing that, chances are your drinking falls into the category of alcohol abuse, at the very least. Many people, who experience problems with drinking, simply quit. They have one particularly painful or embarrassing drinking incident, wake up the next morning and tell themselves, "Never again!" and that's it. They stop drinking; but with many it becomes a problem. It seems you had a blackout where one does not recall what one did the previous night. This again indicates dependence and a sign that you need to cut down.

Women are more likely to get addicted faster and it causes more damage, including memory problems, liver enlargement and an increased risk of breast cancer. Make a plan. See what is the time you drink and in what situation. Then plan alternatives like going for a walk before going home in the evening. Having a coffee first or a glass of milk. Eat early. Delay the urge to drink when it occurs by telling yourself—"I’ll wait for half an hour." The urge is like a wave—it peaks and passes off. Visualise the urge as a wave and visualise it ebbing away. Do some deep breathing. Talk to a friend about your decision to quit. That reinforces it too.

I was married with my parents consent to a boy that I liked. He had problems with his mother and brother who lived with him. At times he would fly into a rage over some small matter and then keep brooding for hours. He didn’t want me to work, and on one instance after an argument insisted on driving me to my parent’s house at 1 in the morning saying he couldn’t keep me anymore. I turned into an anxious, nail-biting woman. My parents told me to call the wedding off. Finally after two years, I decided to go ahead. However, it wasn’t easy. Even saying the word divorce was painful, I began to feel nauseated, my weight fell and I have palpitations. I have been going for meditation. I feel low most of the time but I am going through the divorce now.

Anita, Ambala

Divorce is a painful decision often taken after much deliberation. It is akin to the death of a relationship and people may grieve over the demise of the relationship as they grieve over the death of a close family member or friend. This may last for up to two years.

It is important to remember:

n That one is going through a phase and that it will pass.

n That we all make mistakes in life and perhaps you did too - but there is always a tomorrow.

n Identify your social support network. Meet friends even if you don’t feel like it; don’t isolate yourself.

n Do yoga or learn some meditation techniques to relax and unwind.

n That it's okay to be who you are, you know yourself and only you can decide how you want to live. Write down your priorities. People will always have other opinions. Make your decision and stick by it. No one is perfect. Doing that is not easy so be kind to yourself. Don’t dwell on it or continue to blame the partner. Let it go and move on, focus on what you can change.

(Dr Waraich is a Chandigarh-based consultant psychiatrist. Shoot your problems to lifestyletribune@gmail.com or write to Troubleshooter, Life+Style, The Tribune, Sector 29, Chandigarh)

Drink to this!

Moderate consumption of coffee - four to five cups of coffee a day - may lower the chances of developing type 2 diabetes compared with those drinking it occasionally or not at all, say researchers.

A major European investigation into the effects of diet and lifestyle on health, found a cut in risk of around 30 per cent from regular consumption of coffee - whether it was caffeinated or decaffeinated.

The findings also reveal that coffee drinking does not appear to increase the risk of heart disease or cancer.

In total 42,659 people took part in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) Germany study, and were followed up for almost nine years on average.

During that time, there were 1,432 cases of type 2 diabetes diagnosed, 394 heart attacks, 310 strokes cases and 1,801 cancer cases. Drinking more than four cups of coffee a day - caffeinated and decaffeinated compared with less than one cup was not linked to a higher risk of developing a chronic disease.

A lower risk of 20-30 per cent of developing type 2 diabetes was linked to moderate consumption of both kinds of coffee.

Although caffeine is known to act as a stimulant, it has been unclear how much a driver needs to keep alert during long journeys.The latest study, carried out by scientists at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, says a single cup of coffee is all it takes to boost alertness midway through a four-hour motorway drive.—ANI

Classic cut

Striving to be in style while keeping track of the latest trends was earlier considered a prerogative of affluent few who could spare time and money. But now the scenario has changed.  We see professionals too giving attention to their attire so what we get is a deadly combination with brawn and brain. A MBBS graduate, Dr Anshul Mahajan  defines style---

Your sense of style…

Simple and sophisticated style that evokes confidence is what I admire. An individual must dress in the manner to convey the feeling that he is in total control of himself.

Latest addition to your treasure of clothing or accessories…

A pair of Diesel jeans and long coat from Gadoni.

Brand crazy or street pick-ups?

Depends on the occasion, but generally in certain items of clothing only brands work!

Your style icon would be…

Hrithik Roshan. He looks good in everything he wears!

Who do you think is the worst dressed celebrity?

Govinda for sure!

Which look would your prefer – sporty, chic or glamorous

Glamorous for me!

One fashion trend that goes beyond your comprehension…

Piercing of tongue and tattoos for the sake of fashion are beyond my comprehension.

Your take on accessories?

Only a classy watch and a belt.

What gives you a high on the confidence level…….

When I feel that I am getting second glances and feel I am looking ‘dashing’, it sure boosts up my confidence level.

(As told to Ponnam Bindra)

star track
Comedy crackers
Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi are again set to pair opposite each other in an upcoming comedy

After the super success of The Dirty Picture, Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi will be seen together in a comedy titled Ghanchakkar.

Emraan has tried comedy with Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji and Vidya has not done comedy before. They are very excited to work together again as they are quite comfortable with each other now. Ghanchakkar is a mad cap comedy directed by Rajkumar Gupta of Aamir and No One Killed Jessica fame. This is his second film with Vidya Balan and third film with UTV.

Vidya says, “This is my first comedy movie which is a genre I always wanted to try. I have done Hey Babyy and Bhool Bhulaiya but I had serious roles in them. I chose the movie because I loved the script and I have a great working equation with both Emraan and Rajkumar. I took nearly eight months to say yes to this movie because I was very busy with The Dirty Picture and Kahaani. Now, I am excited about shooting for this film. It is a light film for me after ages!”

Emraan says, “I am happy that I am getting different roles and I enjoy comedy. This film is a smart comedy. I play a con man or gangster who loves the finer things in life and Vidya plays my wife. So you can call this a comic caper. It will be great to work with Vidya again and our pairing is completely different from The Dirty Picture.” Ghanchakkar will release later this year.

High hopes
B-town actor Neha Dhupia wants to work with Rituparno Ghosh whom she counts as her favourite director

Hindi film actress Neha Dhupia wants to work with Rituparno Ghosh whom she counts as one of the very talented moviemakers from Bengal. Language would not be a bar with her if she got to work under her ‘favourite’ director whose Chokher Bali she had seen and liked, Dhupia said.

“From Rituparno Ghosh’s rich oeuvre and from what I have known about him, he is one director from Bengal, a land of creative people, I shall undoubtedly love to work with,” the Kyaa Kool Hai Hum actor told said.

Dhupia, the Femina Miss India winner in 2002, was in town to inaugurate a new lounge here recently.

Neha, whose performance in Shootout at Lokhandwala was praised by critics, said she was open to offers from other directors as well from Bengal from where so many big names came to the world of cinema, provided they were good.

About her upcoming Bollywood projects, Neha said she was enthusiastic about the Kabeer Kaushik film Maximum with Sonu Sood and Raftaar 24x7 with Imran Hasmi. “I am now counting on these two movies which are very different in treatment and execution, and both will be released by this year,” she said. Besides Sood, Maximum, an action drama centering two supercops, features Naseeruddin Shah, Vinay Pathak, Mohan Agashe among others. In Shamim Desai’s Raftaar 24X7, based on the life of a famed journalist, Neha is paired opposite Emraan Hashmi, she disclosed. Neha, who had also come up as Eva Braun in the film Dear Friend Hitler on the life of Mahatma Gandhi, rated Kolkata’s party scene as very happening and very cosmopolitan reflecting good culture as evident in the selection of songs by DJs. Neha inaugurated a poolside lounge Inferno at The Chrome Hotel, a new entrant in the Kolkata party circuit. —PTI

Leading lady

For actress Aditi Rao Hydari, the transition from being a supporting actor in Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s Delhi 6 and Sudhir Mishra’s Yeh Saali Zindagi to being a leading lady in London Paris New York is all due to destiny and now she would like to do more of lead roles only.

Ask her about the transition from a supporting actor to a solo lead, Aditi, says, “I feel it is all because of destiny. Lots of people were saying they wanted to see me in a lead role. But I can do nothing as I had no contacts, I did not know anybody. One can sit in chair and say she is talented but not do anything about it. It takes a leap of faith for a producer to say we will take her. So I feel its destiny that I got this film.” Aditi, who would be seen in Goldie Behl’s upcoming film, London Paris New York opposite Pakistani actor-singer Ali Zafar, says this time she would like to stick her guns to lead roles.

“When I started my film career, I never thought of any difference between lead and supporting characters. I feel supporting roles gives a window into a particular aspect of a character while leading roles let you live the full life of a character,” Aditi said. “I would like to do lead roles. I feel that I can give a lot to a lead role. And there are some really good offers that have come my way. Now, if I just accept to do only second lead roles then I feel I would get slotted. And I would not like the industry to slot me into anything. I don’t want this to happen,” she said.

The actress feels that lead roles provide more scope for an actor to do a lot of things in one go. “In a lead role, you get to do so much on several fronts— be it emotions, pain, happy and sad stuff, sing, dance etc...you get to live a life, which is very satisfying. I always wanted to do that and this is where I want to be,” Aditi said. — PTI

Love trio

Yash Chopra is directing a movie which has Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Anushka Sharma in a love triangle. The most surprising thing is that none of the actors know who they will end up with. It is being kept as a secret.

Ranbir replaces SRK

Shah Rukh Khan has been replaced by Ranbir Kapoor in the adaptation of Two States. The film is co-produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and Karan Johar. The director has also been changed. More details later!



Safe distance

While Ranbir and Deepika stick together like glue, Deepika Padukone is maintaining safe distance from former beau Siddharth Mallya. They attended the same event recently but steered clear of each other.



Sequel moment

Soha Ali Khan has joined the cast of the sequel to Sahib Biwi aur Gangster. She will play Irrfan Khan’s tormented wife and has a mysterious character.

Fingers crossed

Saif Ali Khan is thrilled about Agent Vinod, releasing March 23. He says that movie has the potential to cross Rs 100 crore and become a blockbuster.

Too good to be true

Actress Kristen Stewart says she had trouble with her transition from Twilight’s Bella Swan to perfect princess Snow White. The 21-year-old actress says she found her goody-goody character in Snow White and the Huntsman difficult to relate to, reported a website. “It’s strange playing a character that you could never truly embody. I can’t have Snow White’s effect on people and I can’t actually be completely selfless. Nobody is. It’s strange to claim that. She’s very far-fetched from the reality that we live,” she said. — PTI 

Pregnancy rumours 
Is Drew expecting a child with her fiance? 

Actress Drew Barrymore has sparked pregnancy rumours after being spotted with sonogram report in her hand. Barrymore recently got engaged to art dealer Will Kopelman. The actress, who is turning 37 on February 22, was leaving a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills accompanied by her fiance. Her representative refused to comment on the baby speculations. Barrymore became engaged to Kopelman over the 2011 holidays. He reportedly asked the actress for her hand in marriage while they vacationed in Sun Valley, Idaho. — PTI 

Feeling fine 

Legally Blonde star Reese Witherspoon says she would love to extend her family and have a baby with her husband Jim Toth. The 35-year-old actress already has two children, Ava, 12, and eight-year-old Deacon, with her first husband Ryan Phillippe but she would love to have a baby with her talent agent spouse Toth, who she married last year, reported a magazine.

“I’d love that. I feel really good and I’m at a really good place in my life,” she said. During one scene in her latest movie This Means War, Witherspoon has to sing and dance around the kitchen and she admits she often embarrasses her children when she does just that around the her own home. “It’s usually country music and my kids just plug their ears and pray for the song to end! The other day I was dancing around the house when they came in and literally stared at me like, ‘Oh my God, that’s so embarrassing.’ But I didn’t stop. You can’t stop dancing,” she added. —PTI

chatter box
How generous!

Rubina Dilaik of Zee’s Chhoti Bahu, who played the character of Radhika (a human) and Kanha (the God) simultaneously, has been inundated with calls and emails from people in the industry for her fabulous acting. Her new admirer is Kratika Sengar aka Aarti of Zee’s Punar Vivaah. In this dog-eat-dog world where lead actresses of rival shows are forever getting into ugly catfights, it’s heart-warming and endearing to hear words of praise from one lead actress for her counterpart.

Claim to frame

After winning KBC's five crore jackpot, now the winner Sushil Kumar will be seen in a documentary. Earlier, it was reported that he was approached by a British director but now news is a Netherlands-based film team will shoot a documentary titled Bihar to Bengaluru in his home.



In the danger zone

Sangram Singh’s leading lady is posing danger for him while he is fighting for survival on Star Plus’ show Survivor India. Payal is openly claiming that she will do anything to see her boyfriend in top three, making him look weak. Now, not only the fittest but also the smartest will make it to the top there. Two strong players, JD Majethia and Rohit Narang, are playing mind games and ruling their mutiny.

Party time

The team of Imagine’s Haarjeet celebrated the completion of 100 episodes with a gala party. The show had not been faring well since the leap and after the twist of both sisters marrying the hero; it seems the audiences are getting hooked. The lead, Neha Sargam danced away to glory on the dance floor.

When fan gets rowdy

While shooting in Agra along with rest of the cast of show, including Neha Janpandit and Rakesh Bedi for his new show Sony’s Shubh Vivaah, actor Eijaz Khan was mobbed. Eijaz, who was seen in Tanu Weds Manu, found he had a good fan base in the city. The shooting apparently had to be disrupted to appease the fans.


Play full

Rakesh Paswan's show Afsar Biitiya on Zee has Kinshuk Mahajan and Yash Sinha turning into pranksters. They play on-screen brothers and their latest victim was Neeraj Sood aka BaldeBihari Raj. He was convinced by the duo that his role and character demanded a canary yellow safari suit! The creative team too joined them and Sood began wearing a yellow safari suit. Later, when he realised it was a joke, nothing could be done as continuity had to be maintained.

Playing the opposite

He returned to TV after a hiatus with Sajda Tere Pyar Mein on Star Plus and Shaleen Bhanot couldn’t be happier. But buying a car for his wife on Valentine’s Day made him happier.

Tell us about your new show Sajda Tere Pyar Mein

It is a beautiful story with a different plot. There is a love triangle between a boy and a girl and his duty towards the nation. The youth of our country will love it.

What is your character?

My character is called Ranvir and there is a huge suspense around him. I chose the role as it wasn’t me at all. When I heard it, I didn’t want to know about the show. I was hooked on. I love the entry with long hair and jewellery. There are many layers to this role and I am working hard in the show.  

How is it working with newbie Debolina?

She is good as an actor. She is new but her acting doesn’t show that. She is hard working and we share a good comfort level. People say our chemistry is already working on the show.

How does it feel now that both of you are now on Star?

We are the star couple now (laughs). We did Nach Baliye earlier and we have been together on star earlier too. So it will be fun.

Tell us about gifting a car to your wife Daljeet.

I gave her a surprise a car Cruise as she was eyeing at it for a while. It took me a while to figure out which car she wanted and I was happy to see she loved the surprise. — HRM

Foot fall

Dushyant Wagh, who plays the right hand to Mohan (Kunal Kapoor) in Colors’ Na Bole Tum Na Maine Juch Kaha, got hurt while he was carrying a trishul which accidentally fell on his leg. It happened by mistake and everyone was worried to see blood oozing. Aakanksha Singh aka Megha Vyas is a physiotherapist and quickly tied a bandage to the injured area.

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is February 23...

Beware when signing new contracts or working with new firms; be prudent and cautious in general. If you are in a relationship, you'll have an excellent opportunity to choose important dates for your future together.

This is a good year for harmony in which peace, concordance and success reign. If you wish to prosper and be lucky, you will have to maintain this state. Seek help from someone who is capable of stabilising this situation. On another level, this signals towards the start of some profound changes within you, possibly inaugurated by an event which was completely unexpected and out of control. Rather than fearing change, try to keep an open attitude. Now, it is easy for you to concentrate on your work or distracting you from what you really need to do. You have the self-control and discipline to apply yourself to tasks that you may have been avoiding.

Your desire for pleasure, ease, and affection is in the front, and may interfere with work or complicate situations. Your mood will be conciliatory, and your need for approval will be heightened. Social gatherings will be favoured, but you must caution yourself against spending too much on food, drinks or other merrymaking.

You should discuss the details of your new venture with a key person in a large organisation who may be able to help you with all necessary infrastructure. You'll help a co-worker who is having problems and will act with great discretion. Your intuition may play off in a risky gamble, which can bring in modest profits. Speculation in the stock market will not prove beneficial and you should not be tempted even if you have been given an inside tip. You will be able to achieve more through your routine job or business.

This 2012-13 would bless you with mixed bag of results in almost all spheres of life, a period of ups and downs. Love is not earned by putting up with unrelenting criticism. Be helpful to others, if that's what you want to do, as long as you are treated with the respect that you deserve. Mood: Emotional but happy. Compatible signs: Cancer, Scorpio. Lucky colours: Orange, panther black. Lucky days: Wednesday and Sunday. Lucky numbers: 4, 8, 17, 22, 48. Lucky gem: Tourmaline - The Rainbow Gemstone. Lucky flower: Siroi Lily. 

Suggestion on birthday: Donate green vegetables or green Moong pulse or cloth in a religious place.

Bhagyashree (February 23, 1969, Mumbai) started her acting career with Kachhi Dhoop — a TV serial by Amol Palekar. The serial did well and later on she had roles in Honi Anhoni and Kisse Miya Biwi Ke. She shot in fame with the super-hit movie Maine Pyaar Kiya with Salman Khan.She is the promoter of a media company called Shrishti Entertainment and joint promoter is her husband.



Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Your card brings a gracious and aesthetic influence in your life. You are likely to face several interruptions which will make it difficult for you to stay on schedule. Tarot message: Don’t reveal your plans to your competitors. Lucky colour: Ebony. Magic number: 27

TAURUS: Your card invokes mental power and intelligence to achieve professional goals. Work will be a smooth sail and your analysis of current projects will be appreciated by colleagues. Tarot message: You shall prevent a lot of trouble by taking timely action. Lucky colour: Deep red. Magic number: 35

GEMINI: You are awakened and energised by fiery Knight of Wands. Your creative abilities will be at peak. Romantic relationships can benefit from honest communication. A relaxed evening ahead. Tarot message: Don’t reveal your plan of action to anyone. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 27

CANCER: The Ace of Pentacles leads to actualisation of personal and professional plans. You may be restless and could be contemplating making changes to your routine but you need time to do that. Tarot message: Don’t do anything at the cost of health. Lucky colour: Jade. Magic number: 29

LEO: The Lovers inspire you with love and creativity today. If you have spent time finalising the details of your pet projects, you can take initiative now. Romantic relationships can be intense. Tarot message: Make compromises with the outside world. Lucky colour: Golden yellow. Magic number: 46

VIRGO: You may be in an irritable mood and could react aggressively when faced with dissenting views. Have some time to add special touches around your house. Tarot message: Take one step at a time and avoid being hurried and over-anxious. Lucky colour: Purple. Magic number: 55 

LIBRA: You draw The Ace of Wands which puts you through a transforming personal experience. Control your emotions on sensitive issues. You are in for a surpise. Health is good. Tarot message: Do not swing away from the course you have charted so far. Lucky colour: Sea green. Magic number: 26

SCORPIO: Applying for a dream job? You might just get it with qualifications. Networking and making an effort to seek out people with similar career interests could lead to new opportunities. Your love life will be good. Tarot message: Do not expect too much from others. Lucky colour: White. Magic number: 52

SAGITTARIUS: The Wheel of Fortune spins in some good fortune. You may be unable to concentrate on your tasks. Try to avoid making important business decisions. You may risk your hard earned money. Tarot message: Lack of confidence can leave you in losses. Lucky colour: Forest green. Magic number: 43

CAPRICORN: You card gives you a good feeling about yourself today. Your ability to get things done will be appreciated by colleagues. Clear the air to create a better ground for love. Tarot message: Don't make hasty decisions as it could lead to a waste of time and money. Lucky colour: Deep red. Magic number: 41

AQUARIUS: Be careful not to let the public opinion go against you. You will be enthusiastic about developments at work but take out time to listen to colleagues. Almost all your activity will be delightful. Tarot message: Dare to accomplish the tasks which normally take up a lot of time. Lucky colour: Bottle green. Magic number: 32

PISCES: Your card hints at lot of changes in life whether you want or not. You may feel irritable and restless and could lose your temper very fast. You are bored of your routine. Tarot message: You will receive a useful tip regarding your finances. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 44

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