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Village panchayat teaches a lesson or two

It was very heartening to read that a village in Karnal district of Haryana has taken a socially progressive decision to put a cap on unbridled celebrations (“Band baaja baraat”, April 7). Weddings and other celebrations of the ilk involve huge expenditure in Indian culture.

To celebrate an occasion without much fanfare is considered almost akin to committing a crime. Those who resist the traditional mode of celebrations are treated as out-castes. They earn the wrath of their community and are often subjected to unusual barbs. The wise decision of the village panchayat will go a long way to rein in those who in the name of tradition and customs create disharmony in the society.

The decision will provide tremendous relief to the parents of brides who otherwise succumb to the whims and fancies of the bridegroom’s side.

This path-breaking decision can ensure food security for millions of poor and dignity to a girl child if it is replicated in other parts of the country too. Padha village should be given the title of a model village for its commendable initiative.

Prof RAJAN KAPOOR, Nakodar


The village has become a harbinger of social change by stopping service of liquor and playing of DJ in weddings. If local bodies do their lot, they can help the government in curbing social evils. The panchayat of my village, Bawwa, has also banned the playing of DJ publicly.


Elite club

The recent incident of cash seizure in Jharkhand, being allegedly used to influence Rajya Sabha polls, has put a question mark on the very sanctity of the Upper House. Is the Rajya Sabha fast becoming a farce? Over a decade or so, the Upper House has been populated by opportunists, famous personalities and people who see this as an exclusive club where one can rub shoulders with ministers and elite politicians.

The idea behind the Upper House was formation of a dignified house of intellectual people, which would balance out the populist mindset through logical debate. The motive is losing steam with more and more businessmen joining in without any motive of bringing out any constructive change in the Indian political, social and economic system.


Utopian thought

Kuldeep Nayar’s suggestion of opening borders between PoK and J&k and jointly letting the people govern themselves, except defence and foreign affairs, is more dangerous than even the disease itself.

Kashmir is not the cause but a means for Pakistan to express their hatred for India. In the light of the 'Instrument of Accession' signed by Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan has no right, whatsoever, on Kashmir. It is illegally occupying parts of Kashmir for which Jawahar Lal Nehru is responsible. Indira Gandhi’s generosity in bartering occupied Kashmir for 93,000 Pakistani PoWs  in 1972 was a bad decision.

It is the Pakistani army which calls the shots in Pakistan and not the Prime Minister, as such his statement is meaningless.

AK SHARMA, Chandigarh.


We need to take UN on board since some disputed territory has been passed on to China by Pakistan. All concerned quarters need to put in their best as far as statesmanship is concerned. Jingoism must be avoided and the same follies should not be committed again. The people should benefit from the hydel and mineral wealth of Indus and Chenab.

Lt Gen GS DHILLON (retd), Sri Ganganagar

Unfair to Everest climber

The state as well as the Centre has failed to provide job as well as any cash reward to Sunita, Mt Everest climber ("Job hunt tires Haryana's Everest climber", April 6). She has been given step motherly treatment as another Everest climber Mamta Sodha has been given a cash reward and the post of DSP in Haryana Police. The Haryana government has failed to recognise the feat of a well-educated girl who belongs to a backward place and is from a low middle class Gujjar family.


Convenient, but unhealthy

The young generation is inclined more towards processed forms of food and ignore their harmful effects (“Mind your food”, April 4). The more the food is processed, the more it lacks sufficient fibre and nutrients. They contain harmful preservatives that are injurious to health. Any kind of ready-to-eat food in the packets is just a convenience but not healthy. The study conducted by Centre for Science and Environment should be taken seriously, keeping in mind the popularity of these foods among children and the youth, who are at a greater health risk.


Unfulfilled desires

Dreams and wishes are nothing more than desires which become stronger when supported by direction, dedication, determination, discipline and clear thinking (Bharat Hiteshi’s middle “Chasing Dreams”, March 31). WB Yeats has rightly remarked, “I have spread my dreams under your feet, /tread softly because you treat on my dreams”. And Elias Canetti beautifully reminds us, “All the things one has forgotten scream for help in dreams”.

Generally speaking, realisation of a dream is not the destination. After a man realises one dream, he goes on to the next and the next and so on. There are no specific, ideal and perfect circumstances to realise dreams. There is no magic wand but only doers, who chase and realise dreams. It took Noah Webster 36 years to compile the Webster’s dictionary. Milton rose every morning at 4 am to write “Paradise lost”.


What did you drink?

Rajneesh Watts’s ‘Bordeaux in Bathinda (April 7) was intoxicatingly delightful and interesting for it took the readers to ‘a draught of vintage that has been cooled a long age… and a beaker full of the warm South (France)…with beaded bubbles winking at the brim’(Keats)

Some of the grandiose brand names playfully coined by the writer might actually appear on green bottles marketed by enthusiasts from among the Punjabi diaspora, now palpably visible in liquor marketing.

In fact, a brand name like ‘kuchh nahi’ (meaning nothing), distilled and bottled in Scotland,  is already very popular amongst our brethren settled in the UK and is available in India too. Adding to the wit, their ad proudly persuades the consumers to swear on oath that you took ‘kuchh nahi’.

Prof MOHAN SINGH, Amritsar



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