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Officers shy away from taking decisions

The Prime Minister is very forthright in saying that there is a growing perception that the moral fibre of our civil servants in general is not as strong as it used to be some decades ago (news report “Don't be indecisive: PM to Babus”, April 21).

It is heartening to note that the PM fully understands that surfacing of scams in the recent past and an air of general mistrust of the public has started taking its toll in the form of general avoidance on the part of officers to take decisions. This is a grave situation in which implementation of policies of the government is likely to be hit and the objective of good governance will be defeated.

S C CHABBA, Panchkula


The DM’s abduction in Odisha is not the first of its kind that has come to light.  However, it is significant because of the fact that April 21 is also celebrated as the Civil Services Day.  Earlier there was news of a young IPS officer killed by the mafia in Madhya Pradesh. There was a time when civil servants enjoyed enormous power but today these officers live in fear.  If not themselves, their families surely do. 


‘Mysterious’ politics

It was very surprising to see that three chief ministers -- J Jayalalitha, Narendra Modi and Naveen Patnaik held separate parleys during the chief ministers’ meeting with the Prime Minister. They had serious reservations on NCTC issue. UPA’s own ally Mamata Banerjee did not attend the meeting called by the PM.

You have rightly observed in your editorial New Political games (April 18) that in the ‘mysterious’ politics that prevails today there is no guarantee of the durability of such a tenuous arrangement.


Mission Milk

The National Dairy Plan (NDP) envisages the doubling of India's milk production through scientifically planned multi-state initiative under ‘Mission Milk’. As the plan is to be implemented in co-operation with the states, it will be an uphill task to usher in a second White Revolution in view of a plethora of problems. The major hurdle being availability of milk.

In most of the states, micro dairy farmers are being virtually eliminated due to increasing cost of milch cattle, their maintenance and availability of fodder at low price as well as marketing problems.

A village dairy farmer has to sell his milk at less than half the price to the middle man, whereas it is sold at more than double the price after processing in the urban centres.  Besides focusing on scientific and systematic processes, NDP should also work towards making milk processing technology available to the small farmers. Our dairy researchers and engineers should work on such a model.

B B GOYAL, Ludhiana 

Aggressive kids

The rebellious nature of children these days has become a common phenomenon. Most of the times, parents do not have the time to know the aptitude and interest of their children. Rather we impose our desires on them. A child’s psyche is never tested, his capacities and capabilities are never judged and we simply put him through a series of tests, make him go through particular syllabi and want him to become a man of our dreams. Psychologically no two individuals are alike.

For a child, good habits start in his mother’s lap. The outside environment shapes his tender mind and if a child gets spoilt no one but the parents and society at large are responsible. Non-obeying sons are dreaded the most by parents.


‘Dog ponds’

The menace of stray dogs has never been viewed seriously, temporary solutions don’t really help. People in India, consider it their religious duty to feed stray dogs. They should either chain one stray dog in their house or stop the practice of feeding the dogs with left-over bread.

Also, the government can develop demarcated areas in forest area as ‘dog ponds’ and keep sterilised stray dogs there. The ponds should be fenced with high-pillared barbered wires. The enclosures should have an open water tank and shady tress. A thatched shed may also be provided in each pond to save the dogs from sun and rain.

MR BATTA, Chandigarh

After life

In one of the ‘letters to the editor’ (Transmigration of souls”, April 20), a reader conveyed that there have been many cases where small children have revealed their previous births. The reason for this, as explained in many books, is that the child remains in touch with the ‘spirit’ world after its birth and until he or she starts speaking. After that, the sub-conscious mind no longer allows the physical mind to have any memories of the ‘spirit’ world (Page 177 of Khorshed Bhavnagri’s book “The laws of the spirit world”).


Sick mentality

It is a paradox that heinous crimes are being committed on women, when some top positions in Indian politics are occupied by women and the country is proud of worshipping girls as goddesses.

Curbs on the movement of girls beyond certain hours in the evening should not mean that women are a problem (middle “Traumatic questions” (March 26). The problem lies with sick minds. No laws, however stringent or comprehensive can check crimes against women unless men are taught to behave themselves.

ML KOHLI, Gurgaon

Fathers as heroes

As we grow old, we love to narrate interesting instances of our life history to our children. We always love to recount happy, brave and achievement-filled incidents. After all, every child loves to see a hero in his/her father. That is possible provided we have filled our heydays with good deeds and not wasted our time in useless gossip and negativity. We hardly realise this when young or while growing up.

Thanks to our parents and our school, who taught us to have our own identity and lead a life of purpose. I still follow a rule my parents taught me ‘Do at least one good deed a day, and enjoy many blessings”.

Col R D SINGH (retd), Ambala Cantt 



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