When Glamour Meets Grace
Jasmine Singh

Thankfully for once and after a long time, we hear someone say, rather strongly put across, why one shouldn’t dream of Bollywood. Though she has contributed stars to tinselville, though she is everything that glamour can stand for, Maureen Wadia has a clear, candid and a healthy way of looking at dreaming-about-Bollywood concept.

Much like how she wants her contestants to be. In Chandigarh for the auditions of Gladrags Little Miss and Master India and Gladrags Mrs India North Zone 2012, the model maker still moves around with grace and style, which makes the contestants take a 360 degree look at her.

Bollywood dreams, why and why not? We begin with someone that she has been waiting to talk about! “I always say that one should give studies more importance than anything else. It is not bad to think about getting into the film line, but not on the cost of education,” says Maureen Wadia smiling elegantly.

Coming from a woman who keeps giving the industry new faces almost every year, a dose on education can’t be taken lightly. “It is difficult to get into Bollywood. Actor John Abraham was wise enough to finish his MBA before getting into movies. First, finish your studies, secure your future and then get into modelling or anything else,” she adds.

But who would want to think about studies after wining a Miss Beautiful title? She looks at us for a moment. She has to put her point vehemently now. “Winning a title at a beauty pageant does not mean you have won a big thing. Being a model is comparatively easier, but not being a film star. Work on yourself and your language essentially. Dino Morea was liked in movies but language can be a problem.” All the Mrs listening with rapt attention, Maureen looks at them. “Do you know I find out that the women appearing in Mrs Gladrags have better figure than other girls,” she winks making all the contestants around laugh.

This lady has a charm and the art to say things beautifully. IPL, we drop the word with a doubtful look. “It is discussed in the family, we often talk about matches. In fact, I was very hopeful that we would win the last match, but we lost it,” adds Maureen zeroing in on the criteria for selection. “For the children, I am absolutely clear—I don’t want to put any pressure on them. I would judge them on the basis of their natural talent. As for the Mrs Gladrags, I see it is a complete family participation where the in-laws, friends, husband and even kids are involved. I see the participant as someone who has tarvelled her journey from home to this level.” Maureen sees the rush growing. She has a commitment and she gets back to it.

All smiles

Garry Sandhu, orthodontist and vice president Beyond Smile and Candy Brar, supermodel from Chandigarh were the two other judges on the panel along with Maureen Wadia. “We are looking for confident contestants who can please with their smile and personality,” put across both of them.

Coming from the glamour world both understand the pressures that the contestants go through. “Nevertheless, it is important to have a strong basic education, a degree if you are planning to be a model,” they add.

Dil ki kalam se...
At 88 years of age, lyricist Neeraj has the enthusiasm of a young boy. Poetry keeps him going, verses nourish him and words keep his heart beating

Words of wisdom: Neeraj

So impressive were his lyrics that directors made movies for his songs! The writer behind eternal hits Phoolon ke rang se dil ki kalam se, Khilte hain gul yahaan khile ke bikharne ko, Likhe jo khat tujhe and many more, is a picture of poise and inspiration.

Neeraj (Gopaldas Saxena), recipient of the Padma Bhushan Award in 2007, was in Chandigarh on the invite of Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi on Saturday. The face-to-face session, part of the ongoing Chandigarh Art and Heritage Festival, was a huge hit with poetry lovers who couldn’t but praise the legendary writer not only for his impeccable writings, but also his remarkable memory. For two hours, the 88-year-old poet enthralled the young and old with his creations, spread across various topics and times.

The road to success is seldom easy. “I lost my father when I was a six-year-old. I worked hard – I dived in Yamuna for coins, drove a tonga, sold pan supari on the roadside, taught tuitions — and, I am proud of that for I believe in the dignity of work,” says Neeraj.

Neeraj read Harivansh Rai Bachchan, but soon branched out into different areas. His poems have been his philosophy. Probably, the best known poet of Hindi literature, he has been hugely successful as a lyricist as well.

E bhai zara dekh ke chalo has been a pretty unconventional, yet famous song. His eyes light up, “I wrote that after Raj Kapoor asked me too. When Shankar Jaikishan said he can’t compose music for it, I made the ‘dhun’.” Having fond memories of the time, Neeraj says, “Yes, those were the days when movies were made for beautiful songs.”

Though he stopped writing lyrics for the films, he has continued writing till date. “I wrote a lot for Shankar-Jaikishan and SD Burman. When they left for their heavenly abode, I also lost much of my association with Bollywood.”

Does he wake up to pen down a poem when it strikes him, even if at odd hours? “It remains in the mind,” says Neeraj. And, one wonders as he recites lines after lines from the poems he wrote before Partition, Main vidrohi hun to modern times, Yeh kaisa mausam aaya, panchi gana bhul gaye. So which one has been his favourite tune? “They are all my children, all equal, but, yes, Karawan guzar gaya, ghubar daykhtay rahay has probably been the closest to my heart.”

With times, literature has taken a back-seat, agrees Neeraj. Society is getting farther from thinking. And, he puts the blame on growing materialism. “There are so many temptations — TV, mobile phones and countless others. And, one needs money for all that. In the age of materialism, thinking and literature become secondary,” he says.

Having written poems, songs, ghazals and even Haiku, Neeraj has kept up with times in his own way. “It’s important to keep abreast with the latest,” he stresses. Poems have been his philosophy and to date he pours out his thoughts and impressions into his writings. And, they are still so meaningful, only if someone stops to read and reflect!

Neeraj, who finds life in ‘writing’ (likhna nahi to kya jeena he believes), signs off in his own style— Diyon ko sury bana lun to chalun…


In the print
Summer is the only season where prints are in huge demand, but not everyone can flaunt them in style. We extend some help…
Sabia Talwar

A summer wardrobe without a dash of printed clothes is definitely dull. Whereas one waits for the warm season to go all bright in terms of colour, there is yet another side that can be equally interesting—prints! Right from the stylish western tops and one-piece dresses, to the comfortable summerish cotton suits; one just needs to decide what kind of prints to sport.

There is a sea full of prints ranging from bold floral to animal prints, stripes to polka dots, abstract prints to tie and dies. Phew! So many that one is bound to get confused. We check out the right kind of prints for you.

Says Varsha Khanna, Panchkula-based stylist, “For cotton fabrics, flowery prints work the best, and for georgettes and crepes, digital prints give a pretty formal look.” This season one can also go bold and colourful with the Pakistani prints in lawn material. “As for western-wear, chiffon is one fabric that gels with every kind of print. Vertical stripes should be worn by shorter people and horizontal stripes by the taller ones,” adds Varsha.

Well, one can cut down on the accessorising part and just flaunt chic slippers and smart handbags with them. One can have fun with prints, but should be careful of not over-indulging in them. Says Neelanjan Ghosh, a well-known fashion designer, “Overall prints should be avoided; so one can wear printed shirts with plain-coloured linen trousers or printed tunics with single coloured slacks.”

Abstract take: A model sports a short dress with floral pattern.

This summer, fresh colours like watermelon-red or ice-candy yellow are also popular. “Earlier one used to just think of florals in terms of prints, but nowadays there are so many funkier options available such as two cherries with leaves can be repeated all over,” adds Neelanjan. And what about the much talked about animal prints? “Animal prints have their own set of loyal clientele, so these prints will never go out of fashion,” quips Neelanjan.

The recent Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 saw Nida Mahmood play around with tribal prints inspired by the puppetry of Rajasthan; what trends does she predict? “I feel Indian symbols have a strong influence this season, so one can experiment with the tricolour in a tie-and-die effect.

Also, it depends from person-to-person whether to go over-the-top with prints or tone down their effect,” says Nida. The single repeat prints and those with vibrant details are set to rule the roost. “Although not too much experimentation can be done with Indian wear, more prints can be fitted in western wear,” adds Nida. A printed word definitely has weight, what about printed silhouettes this summer!


Tea off with green
Jigyasa Kapoor Chimra

A warm cup of tea in the morning is a necessity of most Indians, but apart from the regular tea that we all love, we are also waking up to the trend of drinking green tea, whose healthbenefits have been spoken at length now.

“Green tea contains high levels of antioxidants and studies show that drinking it protects the body from illness, heart disease, high cholesterol and even some forms of cancer,” says Nalini, diet consultant from Panchkula. Even the restaurants are serving green tea these days. “Green tea is fast becoming a favourite. it’s the flavoured, scented and herbal teas that are a huge hit. Various flowers, herbs and fruits are becoming among tea drinkers,” says an employee of Fabindia.

The mind’s eye
In Chandigarh, Landscape after Battle - Nature in Transit, as part of the Chandigarh Arts and Heritage Festival 2012, Johny ML talks about the changing definitions of landscape
Vasudha Gupta

A strong believer in the theory that images enter the mind of an audience through pictorial effect, Johny ML is not the conventional definition of an artist. His real hunger for art and literature comes alive when one finds out that Johny completed post-graduation courses in Creative Curating from the University of London, Art History and Criticism from MS University, Baroda, and English Language and Literature from the University of Kerala.

For this artist, who grew up in the rich and vibrant culture of arts and literature in Kerala, Facebook is the new landscape. “So many times I run into people and the only connection with them is Facebook, where they are small stamp-sized pictures,” he shares with us and receives a rather amused response. The reason for choosing landscape is strong, “today, landscape is facing a major crisis situation. It is all about grabbing and holding power,” he says.

A collection of several artists and photographers, the lecture provides an in-depth correlation between landscapes and changing mindsets. Anurag Sharma’s photographs of Delhi present the modern outlook of a landscape. The photograph shows a canvas of roads and the metro bridge atop. “This is more of a cityscape and the road shows the change in general topography,” he explains. Indicating as to how the city landscape is being defined by metros, Johny takes us through Gigi Scaria’s works.

A maze-like representation of the city talks about the change of urban spaces. Keep the City Clean travels through the artist’s interpretation by removing people and keeping the architectural spaces clean. “This basically poses a question at the political ideology,” Johny elucidates. The idea moves forward through Dilli Mall. A pyramid of Jantar Mantar, Qutub Minar and several such monuments of Delhi fitted in a single structure shows the consolidation into a single space. “The formulation of new landscape has constantly excluded certain activities, which is treating landscape like in political structures. This aspect of landscape is demystified through Vicky Roy’s photographs. “Since he ran away from home and lived as a rag-picker, his works take us through the voyage of his life and create a relation with what the political structures want to hide from the world. Going back into time, Johny talks about the 18th century Company School paintings. “They extensively documented the landscape of India and made it a strong school of control,” he says. Changing landscape then moves on to focus on female presence. Raja Ravi Verma’s Here Comes Papa ushers the new family structure. “The work shows the transition from matriarchy to patriarchy, another change in landscape” he adds.

Proceeding to landscape in the social field, Johny directs towards Bhupen Khakhar’s works. Talking about Bhupen’s Man, Boy and Donkey Johny says, “His was the time when such concepts were still in the closet and such works hinted towards the same.” An interesting work of art by Vibha Galhotra shows the digitally multiplied urban slums. “The US Marines have been camouflaged with the thought that they too mix in the society like terrorists,” the artist says as the lecture concludes.

Interpretation and justification of landscape from political milieus, religious connotations and social settings can only be done by an expert. Johny ML does just that!


Child’s play!
A competition which encourages kids to shop on their own, with their own choice is something interesting and an eye opener to what the kids of today are exposed to…
Sabia Talwar

Twelve-year-old Sharnaya says she loves wearing long tops with jeans, eleven-year-old Mehr thinks that polka dots are really in and this colour combination should not be restricted to only Christmas time…confused? Don’t be. This is the younger generation for you…the kids of today! And their sense of style was amply showcased at the ‘create a look’ competition organised by 612 Ivy League, a kid’s casual apparel store in Sector-17, on Saturday.

There were some kids on special invitations and some got themselves registered; the task was simple enough and high on fun - they had to pick up their outfits and accessories according to their choice and fashion sense. If the girls had fun with colourful dresses, the boys also sported t-shirts, some of which were dedicated to soccer, with shorts and printed capris. Kids sure know their fashion!

“There is a certain look that the kids like to sport and while they are shopping, they want zero interference from their parent’s side,” says Mohita Indrayan, owner of the store and a pass-out from NIFT, Delhi.

The scene was a treat to the eye, as kids between 4-12 years were busy forming their permutations and combinations. We wonder where the idea came from! “We as a brand want to know the thought process of the kids of today.

Nowadays, kids are very well-informed and influenced by celebrities, video games and television, they know what looks best on them,” adds Mohita. And shop-owners have decided to hold such type of a competition at least once a month.

Chandigarh-based fashion designer Prabhdeep Brar and Aruna Bhardwaj, principal of Gurukul Vidyapeeth, were there to judge the little ones. Says Prabhdeep, “Even parents give a free hand to the kids because they will wear only what they think is good.” What parameters will she keep in mind while judging? “It all depends on the upper and lower combination, whether the outfit is suiting the child and the innovativeness of the kid,” says Prabhdeep. 

tune in
Trance-mitting happiness
Manpriya Singh

It could be psychedelic, progressive or minimal. At the end of the day, it all falls within trance and at the start of the day, it all emanated from electronic music. No matter what the upcoming or the established DJs claim, we do not expect the Tom, Jack, Harry or Henry to know about trance as well as they do rock.

The form of music that developed as late as the 90s, first got associated with the rave scene, found its way around the world and is now only a matter of time before Bollywood trance becomes a wedding must play.

For the yet uninitiated, trance is a sub-genre within electronic music strictly characterized by long repetitive hypnotic beats preferably within a tempo of about 125 to 150 beats per minute.

Shares Jasmeet Randhawa, chemical engineering student, PU, “When it comes to trance music, it further has a lot of other sub-genres. Psychedelic trance is what first comes to most minds when spoken to about the form of music.”

Who made it big

This is where the beats come first, the bands come way later. Nevertheless it’s the beats that are doing the rounds and artistes in the genre still remain largely unheard of. Infected Musrooms are what spread on the scene with their breakthrough debut album The Gathering. The album featured a dark, hypnotic and rhythmic song Psycho, which not only garnered acclaim but also popularity. This perhaps introduced Israeli psytrance to mainstream. Year 2000 and the duo released one of their well recognized albums till today, Classical Mushrooms.

Somewhere the growing popularity worldwide could also be attributed to the GMS (Growling Mad Scientists), the Dutch psychedelic trance duo that entered the scene early 90s. Then many ardent fans will have us write about the psytrance music project Talamasca based in Paris. As one even quips, “Talamasca is to psytrance what Coke Studio once was to fusion.” Then the psychedelic trance discussion would be incomplete without Skazi, the DJ group yet again from Israel. Or, the 1200 Micrograms, renowned for their party hit Acid For Nothing.

Young opinion

It’s just a perception or a misconception that the form of music is closely linked to the rave parties. Given the increasing interest of the people in new and experimental genres and fusion music, that image if long gone now,” nods Mehtab Singh, drummer from the Ludhiana based band Loud & Live. That could have a lot to do with the overhaul. The form has increasingly become more vocal, melodious in contrast to earlier. Says Jasmeet, “Some of my favourite bands would be Alien Project, the psychedelic trance artiste from Israel. His beats and sounds are recognizable.”


Master Chef
Southern delight
Ajay Mathur

Baigan Mirch Ka Salan is a famous Hyderabadi dish which is eaten with biriyani.


Clean and cut capsicum into ½” x 2.5” long juliennes. Fry and keep it aside. Clean and cut eggplant into four half. Fry eggplant and whole green chillies and keep it aside. Roast sesame seed, cashew nut & peanut, whole peppercorns together and make a fine paste.Peel and clean ginger & garlic and make a fine paste. Soak the tamarind with some water, remove the seed and strain the tamarind pulp .


Heat vegetable oil in a pan, put whole fenugreek seeds and wait till it start crackling . *Add ginger and garlic paste and saute well. Add coriander powder, red chilli powder , turmeric powder , cumin seed powder , curd and cook well . Add paste of sesame seed , peanut , cashew nut and pepper corn to the above masala and saute properly . Add apromimately 500 ml of water and cook well. Add fried eggplant , capsicum and green chilly and tamarind pulp to the above gravy and adjust seasoning. Temper whole dry red chilli and whole mustard seed and add to the prepared dish . Serve hot.

(Mathur is a Panchkula-based chef)

Baigan Mirch ka Salan

No. of portion: 4

Ingredients quantity

l Small baby egg plant 600 gm

l Capsicum 200 gm

l Green chilliy whole 50 gm

l Oil for frying

l Desicated coconut 25 gm

l Corriander powder 10 gm

l Cumin seed powder 5 gm

l Whole pepper corn 5 gm

l Red chilli powder 5 gm

l Turmeric powder 5 gm

l All spice powder 5 gm

l Ginger 10 gm

l Garlic 10 gm

l Sesame seed 15 gm

l Cashewnut 25 gm

l Peanut 20 gm

l Tamarind 20 gm

l Curd 200 gm

l Fenugreek seeds 5 gm

l Whole mustard 3 gm

l Whole red chilli 8-10 no.

l Salt to taste

In town
Creative link
Manpriya Singh

When it’s a designer duo from Pakistan, the questions are more or less steeped in curiosity about the fashion scenario and women’s outfits in the neighbouring country. “Pakistani women, I feel, are more fashionable,” designer Zebu Nisa, while showcasing her collection at Poshak, refreshingly doesn’t play the diplomatic card and goes onto elaborate why. “We do not follow Bollywood though but every fashion and every style reaches immediately to Pakistan.” The palazzos that India borrowed from Hina Rabbani, being a case in point.

“But I would say that lifestyle media in India is way more advanced. There we have active journalism but that’s restricted to politics, defence and crime,” shares Asif Mohammad, the chief executive of their label, Zardozi.

Coming back to the collection, every conceivable question finds its way back to the vis-à-vis exercise. “We have been into this profession ever since we were born. We are the second generation of designers and have inherited this craft.” The process of creating garments has nevertheless changed many a shades, being more of an endeavour to strike a balance between the conventional and the contemporary.

“We have our in-house studio; where everything right from the conception to the creation happens. We call for fashion magazines from throughout the world. For sampling I personally travel all across and then we come up with our collection which reflects our design philosophies and yet is very modern and wearable,” shares Muhammad Asif. He adds, “Cotton is what we are most comfortable working with. Apart from the motifs, that can be traditional or geometrical, the fabric is our USP.” That’s not it. “We come up with three colours for every design and experiment a lot with colours.”

The fashion industry in Pakistan may not have gone viral but it’s expanding exponentially. There is not much they take inspiration from in terms of the names here.

“We just hear about the big fashion designers from here. If you ask for names then there wouldn’t be many. Probably Sabyasachi is heard of. And Bollywood is not followed.” As of now, he’s happy to be doing the fashion forecast for Indian women. “Colours will be big this season. Think solid colours, bright and shining hues.”

star track
Foreign bombshells & Bollywood

hot babes: Nathalia Kaur and Jacqueline Fernandez 

Arab Brazilian model Bruna Abdullah generated quite a buzz with I Hate Love Storys alongside Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor, while Welsh model Lisa Lazarus impressed in Veer. Swedish-Iranian model and dancer Maryam Zakaria got a chance to shake a leg with Kareena Kapoor in Agent Vinod; that too for a mujra number.

Half-Sri Lankan half-Malaysian beauty Jacqueline Fernandez has been managing to bag quite a few movies like Housefull, Murder 2, Housefull 2 and Aladin, co-starring megastar Amitabh Bachchan.

Half-Czech half-Pakistani American fashion model and actress Nargis Fakhri became a sensation of sorts opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar, while South African Playboy model Candice Boucher romanced dashing debutant Sachiin Joshi in Aazaan. Not to forget the Uruguayan-Mexican actress and model Barbara Mori who starred opposite Hrithik Roshan in Kites.

That’s not all! There has been another Brazilian model Giselle Monteiro in Love Aaj Kal, Canadian model Mia Uyeda in Blood Money, British-born Amy Jackson in Ekk Deewana Tha, Irish-born British granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, Kiera Chaplin in Chaurahen, Russian model Era Tsariova in Cigarette Ki Tarah and Indian Brazilian model Nathalia Kaur in Department.

way to go: Evelyn Sharma

And as if so many foreign beauties weren’t enough, the latest to join the firang-babes bandwagon is the stunningly beautiful half-German half-Indian international model Evelyn Sharma, who has managed to bag more than three movies even before her first release.

Her impressive line-up includes Manish Tiwary’s Issaq opposite Prateik Babbar, veteran filmmaker Pramod Chakravorty’s grandson Prateek Chakravorty’s debut film From Sydney With Love, and a pivotal role in Ayan Mukerji’s Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani; the Ranbir Kapoor-Deepika Padukone starrer under Karan Johar’s banner Dharma Productions.

So what makes Evelyn so special than all the other hotties? A surprising fact is that the girl has already completed over a hundred assignments in India in the last few months, since migrating here! Plus, inspite of her half-foreign origins, she dubs in Hindi for herself! Way to go girl!


Hollywood’s offer

The movie has the Hollywood making, desi backing and an interesting story – Love Lies And Seeta will release in India on May 18.

The movie is directed, produced and written by Chandra Pemmaraju. “We want to get the movie out in India and US around the same time, so this change of date will give us some more time to promote the movie, do some focused marketing and accommodate the schedules in both places,” says Chandra Pemmaraju on changing the release date.

The film is a new-age romantic comedy set in New York and revolves around the idea of love, friendship and Seeta in particular. “The idea was simple –to make the first of its kind — fun, young urban romantic comedy in an extremely low budget yet with international standards. The movie took a year and half to make. I enjoyed the process of writing the story as well as making the movie, and I hope the Indian audience will like the movie as much as I liked making it,” says Chandra.

Shot in more than 50 different locations in just 28 days, using the revolutionary red camera, the film is shot completely in Manhattan and Brooklyn NY with an ensemble cast of Indian - American and American actors, the movie aims to appeals to the hipster generation of moviegoers as well as all the audience. 

chatter box
A promising season

Hugs & kisses: Contestants and judges of DID Li’l Matsres have fun at the set.

Following the success of the first season of DID Li’l Masters, Zee TV is back with a second season of DID Li’l Masters airing every weekend. Master Geeta Kapur and Marzi Pestonji have been roped in to co-judge the dance reality show, while the talented children this year will be mentored, groomed and choreographed by popular contestants from the previous seasons of Dance India Dance who will step in as ‘Skippers’ on the show.

They are Raghav aka Crockroaz, the “Prince” of Locking and Popping from Season 1 of Dance India Dance, Neerav Bavlecha, the quintessential chocolate boy of DID Season 3 and Kruti Mahesh, the exceptionally gifted classical dancer from Season 2. The Grandmaster of the DID family Mithun Da will make surprise appearances on the show.

Speaking of the talent unearthed, Master Geeta said, “I think the children this season will do things that will put us elders to shame ... if the auditions I have judged are anything to go by, the children are nothing short of a bomb of talent just waiting to detonate!” Master Marzi said, “It’s a pleasure to be back on DID. It was sheer joy to just experience the energy and enthusiasm with which the kids burst forth on stage at the auditions. We have spotted some absolute gems who will set new benchmarks of dance for DID L’il Masters in the coming season. I can barely wait for the season to begin!”

Kushal Punjabi back with a bang

On a roll: Kushal Punjabi

Handsome hunk Kushal Punjabi will be starring in Aasman Se Aagey on Life Ok. Apurva Agnihotri and Ojaswi Oberoi will also star in the show. “After rejecting some TV shows due to the unsatisfying storyline, I finally got a call from a very interesting and hatke TV series which is based on a dance reality show. It is a show that will actually reveal the truth behind the reality shows. I will be playing the character named Alan who is the main choreographer and is full of life and have a positive attitude,” says Kushal. “I love doing reality shows as I have to play myself in it and not another character, though this show is a bit hatke so I accepted it with a big smile,” he added. After the success of his last movie Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal, now he is working on his upcoming movie Rock The Shaadi produced by Ekta Kapoor co-starring Genelia and Abhay Deol. 

The other side of reality

Talented actor Apurva Agnihotri is back on the tube as a tyrant boss in Life Ok’s newly- launched show Aasman Se Aagey. Excited about his new role and grey shades, Apurva talks about the show, reality TV and more.

Post Bidaai, why did you choose this show?

Aasman Se Aagey is about a reality TV world and the price contestants pay for success. It is the journey of a talented dancer Meenaxi who dreams big. I chose the show as it has a variety of shades. Simply working on TV, doing show after show is not something I want but I would rather wait for one good show and a meaty role.  

What’s your role in show?

It will be the role of the producer and director of the show called DC. He manipulates things around him to get better drama and higher TRPs for his show. He is dominating, and manipulative. It is a gray role.

Sounds like the boss you played in earlier show Jassi.

No Armaan in Jassi was not grey but he lived on his own terms. While DC is a tough, manipulative boss.

You have a new look in the show

Yes the look is cool with glasses, jelled hair and suits.

What kind of depiction of reality TV can we expect?

We will give the viewers a glimpse of behind the scenes of a reality show. We will focus on how things work – good and bad. We have even got references to some real life moments.

Veer Shivaji to end

Ever since the historical show Veer Shivaji took a generation leap, the show has been slipping on the TRP ladder. Therefore the channel has decided to end it.

“After the generation leap, the audience has lost their interest in the show. Hence, the makers have decided to end it. The show will breathe its last by the end of May,” informed a source from the industry. The production house claims it to be a reasonable end.

A filmi trip with Anupama

Film buff: Anupama Chopra (L)

Star World’s film review show titled The Front Row with Anupama Chopra is on. The show promises to be a film lovers’ weekly peep into the world of entertainment with fun, film reviews, sneak-peeks and a whole new level of interaction and interviews with the biggest stars from Bollywood and Hollywood. The Front Row’s unique format brings forth not just the critic’s view but also establish the viewers’ opinion about a film.

Commenting on the show Anupama Chopra says “The Front Row celebrates cinema - Bollywood, Hollywood and everything in-between.  The show has an exciting format and aims to capture all that is new and buzzing in the movies each week.  We will present reviews, exclusive interviews, panel discussions and trivia.  We want to bridge the gap between the exhilarating world of films and the expectations of viewers.  I hope that the show will connect with film lovers and bring them back to Star World every Friday.”

Comprising of three segments, the first segment of the show gives a roundup of the latest Hollywood and Bollywood news, along with Anupama’s filtered views on the latest film releases. The second and the most exclusive segment is either a discussion forum, moderated by Anupama encouraging constructive interactions between the audience and the members of the film fraternity or a roundtable discussion with directors, actors and producers to talk about industry trends and their own experiences and craft or interviews with the biggest Hollywood and Bollywood stars. The third and the last segment is more like a gossip shot for the audience called the Sneak Peak. 

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: If you have spent time finalising the details of your pet projects, now is the time to take the initiative. You may be restless and want changes. But you need to find out what changes do you want. Tarot message: Seek out information before making any moves. Lucky color: Green Lucky number: 42

TAURUS: Romantic relationships can be intense and minor issues may get blown out of proportion. You could lose your temper with loved ones. Tarot message: A positive and caring attitude heals old wounds in relationship and partnership. Lucky colour: Magenta Lucky number: 33

GEMINI: Work will be smooth-sailing and your analysis of current projects will be appreciated. You may feel the need for change and may be willing to take up a self-development project. Tarot message: Results are guaranteed if you stick to arrangements. Lucky colour: Sky blue Lucky number: 30

CANCER: Your creative abilities will be at their peak and your innovative ideas will gain recognition. You may be feeling irritable and restless and could lose your temper. Tarot message: Balance and perspective will lead you out of a problematic situation. Lucky colour: Yellow Lucky number: 60

LEO: You will be enthusiastic about developments at work but take the time to listen to colleagues as they can help you fine-tune your plans. Romantic relationships can benefit from communication. Tarot message: Dare to accomplish those tasks which normally take up a lot of time. Lucky colour: Pink Lucky number: 51

VIRGO: You may be unable to concentrate at work. Indecision about a particular situation may preoccupy your thoughts. Avoid making important business decisions. Tarot message: Be positive, you can make things happen out of the most unlikely circumstances. Lucky colour: Blue Lucky number: 63

LIBRA: You are likely to face several interruptions and disruptions which will make it difficult for you to stay on schedule. There could be resistance to your plans and you need to keep your cool in case of disagreements. Tarot message: Bolster your confidence. Lucky colour: Brown Lucky number: 33

SCORPIO: Your communication skills are finely honed and this is an excellent time to make presentations and resolve pending issues with loved ones. Past investments could start showing results. Tarot message: Use your resources to find a solution. Lucky colour: Purple Lucky number: 46

SAGITTARIUS: Be diplomatic with colleagues if you don’t agree with their views. You may be tempted to go on a spending spree. There could be opportunities for new business ventures or assignments. Tarot message: Focus on your dream project. Lucky colour: Black Lucky number: 26

CAPRICORN: You may be troubled by some events and will want to get to the bottom of things. Resist the urge to interfere or get caught up in the problems of loved ones as your objectivity might be compromised. Tarot message: Take one step at a time and avoid being overanxious. Lucky colour: Saffron. Lucky number: 48

AQUARIUS: Work will be smooth-sailing and your ability to get things done will be appreciated by colleagues. Work will get done faster if you enlist the support of your colleagues. Your love life will be good. Tarot message: Don’t waste an opportunity by being rash or impulsive. Lucky colour: Violet Lucky number: 26

PISCES: You may be in an irritable mood and could react aggressively when provoked. Chance encounters could lead to interesting opportunities. There could be tensions with loved ones. Tarot message: Remember, your inner voice is your best friend at home. Lucky colour: Red Lucky number: 38

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is April 29...

This birthday is with mixed results. You will try to follow principles at work. On personal front there can be some concern. Financially, it might not be a good day. Health will remain moderate. Planet Venus will help you clear up disagreements with your partner and strike a good communication.

Persistence is great but be ready to adjust your approach. The more ideas you generate the better the solution will be. Your ability to show genuine care and facilitate trust improves work relationship and workplace culture immensely.

All is well in work. Saturn and Jupiter help you to fulfill your aims successfully in new activities and to make progress professionally. Make the most of this opportunity. If you are in 50’s, you will be able to forget former misgivings towards a co-worker and will finally clear up a disagreement.

Students will get motivated to study hard and will achieve remarkable results in the tests and exams. Those completing their education will do so with distinction and will get absorbed in organisations of repute. Some of you will set-up your own office working as consultants with good beginning.

Sports and vacation travel may be included. Those who have a financial reserve might make long-term investments – children’s professional training, supporting their studies abroad, buying land or building a home. Leo men tend to spend much on their life partners while investors might want to wait patiently for their business to become profitable.

Trying to ‘find time’ to enjoy hobbies and events with pals. You must have your lifestyle attentively watched, as you tend to ruin your health by working excessively.

Mars hits your sign, making your pulse race faster and your heart beat harder. Love life is about to become much more exciting. This is great fun when you’re discovering someone new, but it can be a challenge to an existing relationship.

Mood: Happy and chatty

Compatible signs: Taurus, Libra

Lucky colours: Royal Blue and Sky Blue

Lucky days: Tuesday and Wednesday.

Lucky numbers: 8, 13, 16, 38, 42

Lucky gem: Opal, Moon Stone

Lucky flower: Chameli

What to do on birthday religiously: Donate wheat equal to your weight at a religious place.

Left-arm fast bowler Ashish Nehra (April 29, 1979, Delhi), who has represented India at the international level since 1999 shares the birthday. In 2011 Cricket World Cup, Nehra played his first game. His fractured finger on his right hand had been an obstacle in his future progress. Because of his bad period of stars he may not shine till Saturn rules Virgo. Next year would prove a mile stone in his career. His lucky number is 2, which will have best affinity with the year 2014 whose sum also  comes to be 7 when added. Nehra will shine in 2014 definitely.

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