Cinema with a cause
Jatinder Mauhar, director of the upcoming movie Sarsa, feels cinema needs to be engaging as well as entertaining
Jasmine Singh

All set: Gul Panag Are we good in only falling in love and getting married eventually? Is there no other topic that Punjabi film industry needs to capture? Jatinder Mauhar, director of the soon to be released Punjabi movie Sarsa, leaves us with a thought. Go back a little, love and jatt di yaari and dushmani and later NRI’s have been the only sought after topics for the Punjabi cinema. It’s time to delve in certain things. And Jatinder, along with Gul Panag, comes to Chandigarh to talk about the same.

Jatinder, who made his first critically acclaimed movie Mitti, looks at his next venture Sarsa as something which is thought provoking but in a subtle manner. “I am not giving any kind of message; I am not giving lectures, through the movie I want to bring out what has been happening around us.” The film is based on youth politics in Punjab. However, the director feels it has a metaphorical representation as well. “Sarsa, is the river in our land that has been symbolic of upheavals. We sometimes get caught in our circumstantial dilemmas and get swayed by it. The protagonist Gul Panag, who plays Beant, feels that all the unrest in the youth is a result of hostile political culture,” shares Jatinder who will be working with youngsters who have seen university politics closely.

With Punjabi cinema revamping scripts and the whole culture of movie making are we ready for a message?

“I feel movies are not about plain laughing, crying and loving. Through Sarsa I am trying to tell the audiences that this is the scenario and it is for them to decide what they would want to make of it,” shares Jatinder, who plans to release the movie in September. For him the movie is either good or bad and it must not be categorised. This is the reason why the idea of taking it to film festivals doesn’t appeal to him too much.

“I would want to take my movie everywhere, but when it is screened in film festivals it gets a tag of being an art of social drama. I don’t want it to be categorised, I want it to be seen and also want people to take it with them in their thoughts.”

Everything starts from an idea, but in cinema the idea also needs a backing. We are talking about financial backing. As for Jatinder, the industry needs professional financiers who understand what movie making is all about. “Poonam Pawar and Harry have invested their money and also faith in me. A creative project is possible if it has a good support, which I am glad I had in ample,” he adds quickly repeating his line. “I keep saying entertainment can be engaging as well. We need movies that tell us the true picture of the society. My effort is to give the audience something thought provoking and yet entertaining.”

First take

Gul Panag is all set to debut in Punjabi movies, with the movie Sarsa. She plays Beant, who believes that the reason for disillusionment of the young, is the hostile political culture and insensitivity of educational institutions.

Dream role
Vaishnavi Macdonald talks about her recent television venture and how it’s similar to her own story
Sabia Talwar

Vaishnavi MacdonaldVaishnavi Macdonald a well-known television actor dreamt to becoming a scientist in her childhood days but her destiny made her land up in the acting industry. Says Vaishnavi, “As a teenager we have many dreams, I wanted to become a scientist but I have become an actor.”

Vaishnavi’s first stint in acting happened when she was just nine years old. “I still remember how my uncle approached my mother to ask whether she was willing to let me act in a horror movie Veerana,” adds Vaishnavi. The pretty girl shares that her first shot was not at all easy but she was lucky enough to land up with the role that taught her to act. “Initially I was conscious and very sacred but after my shot when people from the unit praised my work, I felt confident.”

Because of some hardships she could not continue with her studies. “I completed my schooling in Hyderabad, because of some family issues I could not carry on with my studies. In fact I was struggling in the industry at the age of sixteen.”

Vaishnavi has also done a special appearance in an item song in Anil Kapoor’s movie Laadla, She also acted opposite Saif Ali Khan in Bambai Ka Babu and a few movies with other stars like Dharmendra and Rajesh Khanna, which did not release due to some problems.

“There was no looking back after that. I felt Bollywood was not made for me so I took up the role of a journalist in serial Shaktimaan. My inner voice told me that I should just go for it,” she smiles.

Vaishnavi has been attached to the television industry for a good number of years now. She has done serials like Mile Jab Hum Tum, Choti Maa— Ek Anokha Bandhan. “I have also acted in movies down south but I think that it is a different place altogether and one is more at ease when you have your kind of people around you.” We wonder what Vaishnavi enjoys most. “Television, I love watching TV. My career boomed up through it. I did quite a few advertisements and I was the winner of a dancing reality show Saas V/S Bahu. So, now I love dancing as well.”

With no formal training in acting or theatre how does Vaishnavi manage to act just the right way? “I entered the industry at a very different time and I have always tried to learn from my mistakes. I was always excited to act and that’s how the talent nurtured in me.”

Vaishnavi’s recent role in Zee TV’s serial Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke is of a mother who looks after her teenage daughter and niece. “The story revolves around the growing up of teenagers, which is a sweet and sour experience. I play the role of a mother who has a progressive thinking and wants her daughter to think the same way.”

Fashion’s new destination
Gurvinder Singh

Aza inaugurated its first store in Ludhiana at the MBD Neopolis Mall recently. The multi-designer boutique features creations by India’s most talented designers.  The fashion show organised on the occasion had elegant collections by designers such as Neeta Lulla, Nishka Lulla and Rocky S, who were also present on the occasion. Among the models were Candice Pinto, Anchal Kumar, Dipti Gujral and Niketan Madhok.

Designer labels available at the store include Anamika Khanna, Gaurav Gupta, Jaya Rathore, Kiran Uttam Ghosh, Manish Malhotra, Mayank Anand Shraddha Nigam, Neeta Lulla, Pallavi Mohan, Rocky S, Rohit Gandhi, Rahul Khanna, Sabyasachi and Varun Bahl.

Cycle of fashion
Neeta Lulla

After the show, Neeta Lulla said fashion is cyclical. “As of now, the 50's fashion is in and next year, 60's trends are expected to be back in vogue. For aspiring designers to do well in the industry, knowledge of business and fashion infrastructure is crucial, apart from the commitment in the constantly changing industry,” she says. As for the trends, she says long kurtas will be in. The designer has already done four Hollywood movies, including Bride and Prejudice, Mistress of Spices, One Night With The King and Provoked.

Classy & chic
Shradhha Nigam and Mayank Anand

Opine the designer duo, Shradhha Nigam and Mayank Anand, who will soon tie the knot, “We essentially use Indian fabrics and give them a contemporary and global touch. We try to keep it regular and dignified. Comfort is our priority and for this reason, we don't use polyester.” The actor-turned-designers say as of now they are too busy with business to work with any TV shows. “Working as a team is challenging, but it has its own strengths,” they echo.

In shorts, in style
Add shorts and skirts to your wardrobe to up your style quotient this summer
Jigyasa Kapoor Chimra

If you thought shorts were only beach wear, think again! They have smoothly entered the category of daily wear and so far are the hottest casual wear, but raising the bar this season, we also have the sheer skirts and layered maxi skirts. “Sheer skirts are working their way up,” says Geet Sethi, training consultant head from Espirit. She adds, “Sheer and layered maxi skirt trend was showcased at the Spring 2011 collection also, but it is gaining ground now with Hollywood actors like Katy Perry and Olivia Palermo taking it to the mainstream.” Well, though this trend is worth a try but it’s entirely up to you to push the risqué quotient. If you want to play safe, team it up with leggings, mini skirt or pants.

Maxi dresses have been in vogue but now we have the finer version of flowing maxi skirts. It is a cool and relaxed summer fashion trend. All you have to remember is to keep the hem an inch off the ground and pair it with a tank top. “When we are talking about skirts the length has gone a bit up and we see knee length skirts this season. Lace is one hot trimming that will be seen on many skirts. Other than that we would also witness knee-length dresses in vogue this season,” says an employee of Madame.

Coming to shorts, denim high-waist shorts are in fashion. Short shorts, sailor shorts, biker shorts, camo shorts, boyfriend shorts all are to be flaunted with aplomb!

And if by chance, you are not the shorts person than try the newest fit of women’s cropped pants. Available with a tabbed waistband, they have deep front pockets and cuffed hems with a buckle closure. As per your convenience, you can roll the cuffs down for a full pant or keep them hooked for a military look. Anyway you are going to look hot in this new look.

hot shots

  • Sheer skirt is the latest and hottest trend to look out for.

  • Maxi dresses have been in vogue but now we have the finer version of flowing maxi skirts.

  • Looking for shorts; short shorts, sailor shorts, biker shorts, camo shorts, boyfriend shorts all are in vogue.

  • If you are not the shorts person, then cropped pant is the next best option.

Disneyland calling
Eleven-year-old Akshit Gureja is all set to explore his fantasy world...
Sabia Talwar

Nowadays you will see nearly every kid being a couch potato to the channels showcasing cartoons. One of this kind is the Disney Channel which fruitfully entertains the kids with cartoons like Shin Chan, Doraemon and many more. Recently the channel started an initiative called ‘Jet-Set-Go’ where the kids can win an all expenses paid trip to Disneyland, Hong Kong along with their families.

One of the winners is our own lad Akshit Gureja from Chandigarh, who is just 11 years old and it is a dream come true moment for him. So what was to be done to win the contest? “We had to spot an animated Jet Airways aircraft and give a missed call to a number mentioned on the television screen. Each missed call earned me a point and so I collected many points,” says an excited Akshit.

Akshit who is a class five student from St. Johns High School is overwhelmed to go to the happiest place on the earth with his family and that too when all his friends will be going to school. “I will be leaving for Hong Kong on July 9 and till then our summer vacation will get over so it will be like an extended holiday for me,” adds Akshit. This magical contest will be on throughout till May 28 so there is still a chance to win. So get-set-go kids.

stress buster
Mums the world
Renee Singh

With Mother’s Day just behind us many mothers have been thinking about ‘just’ being a mom. Children bring joy, love and countless other gifts in our lives, and there is no deeper bond than that of a mother and child. However, the joy of motherhood also brings along with them an additional load of stress.

The stress that comes from just being mom can be very significant as it carries with it a commitment to nurture another human being from infancy to adulthood.

Giving another joyous and complete individual to society is a joy only a mother can feel. Although the rewards of motherhood are high the stress that comes along is also very major..

A high percentage of women are stressed in the following area

Time demands

Most mom’s feel shortness of time with all the care and nurturing a child requires as there are additional demands by other members in the family. Chores like laundry, cooking, working  need time, which never seems to be enough.


Whether you use day care,a maid or decide to stay at home, taking care of children is a task. As a kid grows, new clothes and other things can be very straining on the family budget. While it is worth all the stress yet a financial stress is inevitable.

Relationship demands

Many times a mother invests so much time in her kids that her other relationships take a backseat. More so when kids are young they need more attention. It becomes difficult to balance time between husband, friends and family while giving proper attention to the kids.

Juggling the responsibilities of motherhood is stressful. Many relationships take a backseat or go through metamorphic changes as mom’s change and grow in new directions. Single mothers have their own set of challenges to deal with.

Self doubt

A lot many mothers feel inadequate in the role that they are playing. They feel they are not good enough. Some mothers are constantly reevaluating what they are doing and meeting parenting experts for advice. Often there are situations to be handled while raising kids which can be stressful. A new generation mom is always aware of the parenting hazards and becomes self critical easily.

Protective instinct

Many mothers are over protective of their kid’s and carry imaginary fears They worry about their kids social behavior and make each stage of development of their kid a personal challenge.

Time alone

In handling all these issues many mothers lose track of themselves. It is difficult to deal with child rearing activities and keeping their own energies intact. Gone are the salon and spa treatments and personal enrichment activities.

Faced with all the stressful demands of motherhood they require to find time and activities that maintain their level of calm.

A family relies heavily on mothers, so they seriously need to take care of themselves by using some of the following- 

Self care resources

Body care

Keep your bodies in prime condition otherwise you will suffer from serious consequences. Help yourself avoid illness, eat right, get enough sleep, take good care of your body, experience greater energy, lower your levels of stress and raise levels of self esteem.

Home spa

Mothers deserve pampering but they don’t have time for it. Turn your bathroom into a spa and enjoy.

Time alone

Giving yourself 15 minutes everyday, it can be extremely rejuvenating. Meditating or just being alone with your thoughts is very important to remain in touch with who you are.

Learning to say no

There are many people advising mothers on how to deal with little one’s can be taxing, stick to your own opinions. Do not get over committed on playing a mom.

Be firm

Do not be defensive or apologetic. Be polite and give the signal that you are in the right place within yourself.

Get enough sleep

This is important for emotional and physical well being.Sleep is one of the best ways of restoring the bodies energy and re energizing oneself.

Be organised

This will help the stress levels to come down as one feels relaxed once we are organised.


This is a great way of keeping stress levels away.

Relish the joys of motherhood

As a mom you must learn to savor the time with your kids. Refresh by spending time with your children, it’s like having Mother’s day every day. It is a wonderful day for appreciation, leisure and fun. It’s more like a reminder that you are a privileged person.

(Renee is a Chandigarh-based psychotherapist)

Say cheese!
Ajay mathur

So many times, it becomes difficult to make the perfect meal for those late dinners and surprise guests. Ready to serve your guests the easy to make and delicious to eat dish? Try out this one.


  • Peel onions and cut capsicum juliennes and chop 150 gms.
  • Wash capsicum and tomatoes, deseed and cut into juliennes.
  • Cut paneer into batons (finger shape) and soak in water with little turmeric to colour.
  • Fry cashewnuts and make a paste with brown onion.
  • Peel and chop ginger, deseed green chillies and chop, wash and chop green corriander for garnish.
  • For fresh tomato puree, boil tomatoes after washing. y Put in a blender when cool to make puree and finally strain and cook till it thickens.

Method of cooking

  • Heat ghee in a pan, add black cumin, then add chopped onion and sauté, till it becomes brown. Add a pinch of turmeric, capsicum and onion juliennes and saute a little.
  • Now add cashewnuts plus brown onion paste, little water, salt, red chilli powder, coriander powder, curry powder, white pepper powder and saute. Add tomato puree, tomato juliennes and saute again.
  • Add Paneer batons and stir.
  • Finish with cream. Check and adjust seasonings.


Put the dish into a portion bowl and garnish with coriander, cream and chopped green chillies.

(Mathur is a Chandigarh-based culinary expert)

Khush rang paneer


Cottage Cheese (Paneer) 600 gms

Onion juliennes 2 gms

Capsicum juliennes 2 gms

Tomato juliennes 2 gms

Shahi Jeera 3 gms

Salt To Taste

Red Chilli Powder 5 gms

Turmeric Powder 10 gms

Corriander Powder 5 gms

White Pepper Powder 3 gms

Cream 50 ml

Fat / Ghee 50 gms

Tomato Puree 100 ml

Curry Powder 5 gms

Fried Cashewnuts 200 gms

Onions 150 gms

Brown Onions 50 gms


Chopped Corriander 5 gms

Fresh Cream 10 ml

Green Chilli chopped 2 nos

Beat acne with seaweed

Seaweed-based face wash could be an effective cure for acne as researchers have claimed that that an active ingredient from brown seaweed can cut spots by nearly two thirds.

A new clinical trial of treatments containing the ingredient showed that the number of spots fell by 64 per cent whereas blackheads were cut down by 60 per cent just after eight weeks. The trial is the first cosmetics clinical study for acne, which got published in an official dermatology journal. The study investigated products from a wide range of 'OXY' treatments using the active compound called Phycosaccharide ACP.

In a trial of 60 young men aged between 14 to 21 years with mild acne, half used seaweed-based skin wash and balm, while the others used dummy products that did not contain the active ingredient.

Fashionable act

The stunningly beautiful half-German half-Indian international model Evelyn Sharma first became the cynosure of all eyes, when she accompanied her designer friend Rocky S to the Ritesh Deshmukh-Genelia Sangeet ceremony before their wedding. 

A far contrast from everyone dressed in traditional Indian outfits, Evelyn walked in wearing bright red jeans! Normally, anyone who’d do that at a Sangeet would risk a lot of frowns. But Evelyn’s poise and charm seemed to have unarmed everyone. 

Following praise, she turned showstopper for Rocky, setting the ramp on fire at the Lakme Fashion Week! Some time later, she caught glances from the likes of Kangana Ranaut, Sameera Reddy, Madhur Bhandarkar and host Sohail Khan at the Provogue Royalty Fashion Nights launch. And now, the latest is that Rocky S has signed the girl up as the face of his campaign Vilasa. Here, Evelyn sports a lot of Indian attires. 

Though most foreigners are known to go wrong with ethnic outfits, surprisingly, the newbie is said to have taken to them, like fish to water! Ah, we can hardly wait to see this gal in her upcoming movies now! 

Evelyn’s impressive Bollywood line-up includes Manish Tiwary’s Issaq opposite Prateik Babbar, veteran film-maker Pramod Chakravorty’s grandson Prateek Chakravorty’s debut film From Sydney With Love, and a pivotal role in Ayan Mukerji’s Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani; the Ranbir Kapoor-Deepika Padukone starrer under Karan Johar’s banner Dharma Productions.

Ravi Kishan’s YRF project

Love tale: Ravi Kishan It’s good times for Bhojpuri superstar Ravi Kishan’s Bollywood career. After working with directors like Shyam Benegal and Mani Ratnam, the actor has now bagged a film to be produced by Y-Films, a subsidiary of the Yash Raj Films (YRF) banner.

The movie, Mere Dad Ki Maruti, is a teenage love story, to be directed by debutant Ashima Chibber. It features Saqib Saleem in the lead role, while the female lead will be a new face.

“After working with big directors like Shyam Benegal and Mani Ratnam, signing Yash Raj is a big step in his career. He has always done films with a big star cast but signing this prestigious banner takes him one step ahead,” said a source.

“All his forthcoming films - be it with Sanjay Dutt, Sunny Deol or Prateik - have him in very prominent characters. All these films will make people sit and take notice of him for sure,” the source added.

The actor has an interesting mix of films waiting to hit the screens. Some of them include Zila Ghaziabad with Sanjay, Mohalla Assi with Sunny and Issaq with Prateik. — IANS

For a star, from a star

With regards: Max Greenfield Shakespeare in Love star Gwyneth Paltrow has asked New Girl star Max Greenfield to be the first guest editor of her weekly online newsletter. The 39-year-old actress said that she is a huge fan of Greenfield, who plays a beloved egotist on the show, a publication said.

“This past September, I made a discovery that has made my life a better, happier place - the show New Girl, of course! I fell in TV love with Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield, who’s the kind of guy you lusted after at your cousin’s Bar Mitzvah. I asked him to edit our issue this week. Enjoy. And thank you, Max,” Paltrow said.

Greenfield often uses his blog to list his favourite things and offer tips about summer vacations, style and food. “I recently connected with Gwyneth Paltrow and explained to her how much I love goop. Being all that Gwyneth is, she has allowed me to write a piece for the site,” he said. — PTI

Failure for success!

In his almost a decade-old Bollywood career, Shahid Kapoor has gone through a lot of personal and professional ups and downs. But despite as many as six back-to-back box office disappointments behind him, he is undeterred because he feels success can do more harm than failure.

“Success can be more dangerous than failure. When you are successful, you feel that you are doing everything right. So, failure can teach you a lot. I just believe in ‘Go out and do your best,’” said Shahid. After Vishal Bharadwaj’s hit film Kaminey in which he featured in a double role opposite Priyanka Chopra, Shahid was seen in Dil Bole Hadippa!, Chance Pe Dance, Paathshaala, Badmaash Company, Milenge Milenge and Mausam. Alas, none of them generated good business. Now he will once again be seen with Priyanka, his rumoured former girlfriend, in Kunal Kohli’s Teri Meri Kahaani. He is hopeful their chemistry will work for the film, which he says is diametrically different from Kaminey. “I think the audience really liked me and her (Priyanka) in Kaminey. It’s always fun working with her. This film is very much different from Kaminey and nothing will look similar,” he said. At first, Shahid thought Teri Meri Kahaani, which depicts a love story in three different eras, was about reincarnation. But the director put his doubts to rest.

“One day over coffee, Kunal said he had an idea which he really loved, but it was not developed. It was just a one-line story. He told me it would be an entertaining love story with the same two actors in three different time periods,” Shahid said. — IANS

Charlize Theron hates pompous actors

Charlize Theron Monster star Charlize Theron says she detests fellow actors who take their craft too seriously, insisting she finds it infuriating when performers behave as if they are “curing cancer”.

The 36-year-old actress has crafted out a successful career in Hollywood but despite her talent garnering critical and commercial acclaim, the blonde beauty says she can’t stand “pretentious” actors and only likes working with low-key co-stars, reported a publication.

“I hate actors who come and quote (philosopher poet Friedrich) Nietzsche. I don’t like pretentious people. I like being around people who like to live life and understand the value of it,” Theron said.

The actress also said that she appreciates the actors who respect their profession and believe in doing good work. “I like professional actors who show up, do the job and are not a pain to either myself or the crew. A professional actor does their homework beforehand and they do their job. Then when it’s all said and done, they have a beer with the crew. That’s what a professional actor does,” she added. — PTI

Shamita Singha’s a sommelier

Model Shamita Singha holds a WSET Level 2 certification in wines and spirits. She is a wine trainer for Diageo wines and champagnes in India and is still studying to perfect her senses. The supermodel who finds fashion and lifestyle more appealing than Bollywood, tells us about what it takes to be a wine taster which is an interesting hobby or career choice.

1 I have always had a passion for wine. I used to travel a lot and visit as many vineyards as possible. So I started studying wine as a hobby, I didn’t think of it as a profession though wine companies would ask me to host wine tasting events.

2 I have studied in various places like France, London, New York and LA. The courses have different durations: some are for 1 week, ten days, one month. So you can choose what suits you best. The Master wine trainer course is two years long. The London Wine Academy is excellent and so is the WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) in the UK.

3 To be a wine taster, you must have an interest and passion for wine. You must be curious to try different types of wines and have a keen sense of smell and observation.

4 I prefer red wine to white wine. Barolo, which is an Italian red wine, is my favourite. I think India makes better white wines than red wines.

5 If you want to take up wine tasting as a career then you must have a hotel management degree. As a sommelier, you can attach yourself to a wine company or the food and beverage section of a hotel. — HRM

Keep it cool this summer

Beat the heat: Arhaan Behll Television actor Arhaan Behll aka Krishna Singh, from Star Plus’ most popular prime time show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya, knows how to handle the sweltering heat during summers and here he reveals his fundas for the same.

What do you like wearing during summer?

During summers, I love to be in Denim and Cotton T-shirts when I am outside. But at home, I love to be in ganjis and shorts. Sometimes I do wear black which one must not wear in the heat but I can’t resist as black is my favourite color. I love most of them and end up wearing all kinds of colors.

Is there any special food/ beverage that you include in your diet?

I love having chilled juices, cold coffee, chillers with lots of ice in it. My most favourite drink is mango milkshake which I enjoy making too. One must avoid oily food which may be harmful to the body in the heat.

Which is your favourite perfume or deodorant?

It varies as there is no particular perfume or deodorant I love. I wear Musk, Bvlgari perfumes while in deodorants I like Ferrari Black.

What is your favourite summer getaway?

I don’t have any special summer gateway as I love to chill at home and now due to hectic shooting timings, I am unable to go to any hill station. I am from Rajasthan so maybe I am used to such heat and I can manage to stay cool in rising temperature whether it’s Mumbai or any other place in India.

Any childhood memories of summer holidays that you would like to share?

There are many to share. Every year I used to go to my Mamaji’s place in Amritsar as my mom is from Amritsar and over my cousins would gather there too. We used to play cricket in an open ground. We went to Delhi too as I have cousins there. I used to eagerly wait for summer holidays, so that I can enjoy playing with my cousins and friends.

Some advice about how fans can beat the heat?

Stay away from heat and sun, avoid going out in the harsh afternoon sun, drink lots of water and apply sunscreen before stepping out. Eat healthy and please take care while eating food outside which easily gets spoiled during summer. — HRM


The family girl: Kanika Maheshwari Doting daughter-in-law

Kanika Maheshwari, who is playing the character of Meenakshi in Diya Aur Baati Hum, is a newly-wed actor in real life and all praise for her in-laws. “They respect and appreciate my work. When I am back after the hectic shoot schedule, my in-laws make me feel good about being a part of their family”, says Kanika.

The family girl: Kanika Maheshwari

New shows on the block

BIG CBS PRIME is all geared with latest seasons of action, drama, reality with Sergeant Gibbs and his eclectic team in NCIS Season 9, Survivor: One World challenges in Samoan Islands,  America’s Got Talent with host and author Howard Stern joins the judging panel alongside Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne while Nick Cannon returns as host.  And a home production, called India’s Prime Icon with final 10 icons being nominated and one emerging a winner.

Not feeling so good: Tina Dutta Get well soon

Recently, Tina Dutta aka Ichcha of Uttaran fell ill and had to be admitted to a hospital. She complained of high fever and stomach ache so she went for a checkup and had to be admitted. The actress claims her workload is too much which is why she has been falling ill frequently. Tina needs to take care of her health fast if she wants to resume acting.

Not feeling so good: Tina Dutta

Going places: Deven BhojaniEnding on a good note

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai, the sitcom about a dysfunctional family, is number one on everyone’s favourite shows. And Deven Bhojani is always asked about the show wherever he goes. Recently at the launch of his new show, he was asked about the second season of the same and he explained that the show won’t return.

Going places: Deven Bhojani

Blushing bride: Kritika KamraThe big fat Indian wedding

On the big day of Dr. Nidhi’s wedding, Kritika Kamra states, that this is not her ideal idea of a wedding. Considering that it’s her 5th on screen wedding, she seems to have had enough of all the dressing up, to want it even in her real life. Kritika voiced her wish about getting married in an adventurous fashion, probably under the sea or in mid-air in a hot air balloon. She is sure to not have a wedding like the ones she’s been a part of, in reel life. Not sure about Kritika, but Dr. Nidhi marrying a man 20 years older is definitely adventurous.

Blushing bride: Kritika Kamra

Too good to be true

Anas who plays Sooraj in Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum is finding it very difficult to cope up with the change in his character on the show.  Anas, who is a very soft person in reel and real life, had to undergo a change of character on the show where the actor had to support a role of an angry, rude man. Anas who believes that women must be treated with a lot of dignity and respect, was most of the times struggling to deliver lines where he had to be offensive to his on screen wife Sandhya aka Deepika. The talented actor also revealed that at times after the shot he would feel so bad about his behaviour on screen that he would go and apologize to Deepika.

High point: Parineeti ChopraOn the other side

Parineeti Chopra used to be a PR person who co-ordinated interviews. Now she has her own spokesperson. How cool is that! Apparently she has no time to give interviews and seems to leave interviews half way. It is even hard to get a phone interview with her. She is excited about the IIFA though she stated recently that she might perform there.

High point: Parineeti Chopra

Special one: Rani MukerjiBirthday bumps

Aditya Chopra celebrates his birthday this week and Rani Mukerji has planned something special for him. They always spend their birthdays together no matter where they are. That is sweet!

Special one: Rani Mukerji

Positive outlook: Arjun KapoorDealing with it

Arjun Kapoor is happy with the success of Ishaqzaade, of course. He knows the film has come under criticism for being an old love story but he says criticism must be taken positively because we cannot make everyone happy. Even top heroes are criticised from time to time.

Positive outlook: Arjun Kapoor

Gang of fame

Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur has been selected for the prestigious director’s cut at Cannes film festival this year. Anurag Kashyap also showed two songs from the film, Bihar ke Lala and I am the hunter, as a sneak peak. The entire cast was present at the press conference for the film.

For baby girls

Kajol and Ajay Devgn are married with two children. They support social causes pretty often. They have associated themselves with the Maharashtra government’s campaign against the mal-practice of female foeticide. Hope it creates an impact!

P Khurrana

ARIES: If something is already on your calendar, postpone it for a later date. Time to impress your boss. You will be feeling competent to deal with work that requires creativity. Employment activities are lucrative. Tarot message: Don’t do anything at the cost of health. Lucky colour: Forest green. Magic number: 39

TAURUS: You are in a cheerful mood today. Decisions may involve a journey overseas. Older people should take care of their health.Theatre artists will have little difficulty gaining publicity. Tarot message: Make compromises outside and come to terms with yourself. Lucky colour: Deep red. Magic number: 25

GEMINI: Women will have enough money to shop to their heart’s content. Think about the family budget next time you spend on luxury items. Those interested in modeling will get a suitable break. Tarot message: Lack of confidence can leave you in losses. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 44

CANCER: Ignore unpleasant gossip. Do not take an impulsive decision. Youngsters will lead a hectic social life. If you are 50 plus, do not ignore any ailment. Visit to a doctor is a must. Tarot message: You shall prevent a lot of trouble by taking timely action. Lucky colour: Black. Magic number: 55

LEO: Investments in property is possible. A detailed accounting process lets you know what you can afford in the present situation. Shopkeepers may encounter an unruly customer. Tarot message: Be positive and think carefully before taking action. Or you will regret. Lucky colour: Purple. Magic number: 64

VIRGO: Make your day really enjoyable and forget about work. Some of you may have lost interest in career. Students interested in sports may be selected for their school team. You will feel free from any stress. Tarot message: Do not swing away from the course you have charted so far. Lucky colour: Orange. Magic number: 46

LIBRA: Do not to lose hope whatever the situation is at present. Keep in mind that situations change and lucky breaks can be just around the corner. Try to increase your knowledge in new areas. Tarot message: Be confident of yourself if you want to achieve higher goals. Lucky colour: Coffee. Magic number: 28

SCORPIO: Take criticism constructively and accept praise graciously. Money problem is likely to be. Women: Day is auspicious for shopping. Students will perform well today. Tarot message: Don’t make hasty decisions as it could lead to a waste of time. Lucky colour: Burgundy. Magic number: 61

SAGITTARIUS: Pack up your all cares and woes and have a good time. Influential people can be contacted without too much trouble. When working alone you will fare best. Stick to your moral values. Tarot message: Don’t waste an opportunity by being rash or impulsive. Lucky colour: Golden brown. Magic number: 33

CAPRICORN: Browse the newspaper and on-line websites for that dream job that you have been looking out for. Arguments at home are likely to erupt. Career women will be in the limelight. Be a little more tactful. Tarot message: Learn from past experience to avoid making similar mistakes. Lucky colour: Beige. Magic number: 28

AQUARIUS: If you have been feeling house bound, arrange an outing with your partner. Refuse any new assignments. You will only get what you pay for. An Arian friend is supportive. Tarot message: Be articulate to prevent people from making their own conclusions. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 65

PISCES: Be careful while signing agreements. Family members may require your assistance. Not a day for new relationship. The day will end on a fairly optimistic note. For mothers a visit to gynecologist advised. Tarot message: Dare to accomplish those tasks which take up a lot of time. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 27

Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is May 21...

All your superpowers are magnified by the Saturn, which will be in direct motion on June 25.  With this great power comes great responsibility.

This year you’ll need more time to complete a task. Employees can expect a period, which marks a step forward for the progress of their career or personal affirmation.

Students will get motivated to do well and excel in their studies. Those in the age group of 14 – 25 may be working hard to get distinctive grades and are likely to succeed in their endeavor. Sports activities also get highlighted and those participating in competitive games are sure to bring home trophies and laurels.

You appear busy but very happy and get good cooperation from your family. Have a sit down and outline your needs so you can garner the cooperation you will need. Travel for career is likely.

Some of you may move into a relatively new area of operations. It will require initial capital investment and raising loans that will be made available to you through organised sector. Some of you will enter into exports/imports trading which will give you extra earnings and profits.

Health-related problems might cause discomfort. Most of you will get interested in outdoor activities to remain fit. Try to join a sport and you will find that several health problems you have been facing will be taken care of. It’s also the time when several emotions will be expressed between you and your mate.

Simply ignore those who approach you for temporary loans. Do not let your relatives and friends manage your finances or you could soon be surpassing your budget. Little manipulations and negotiations will bring unexpected gains. If you have been waiting for a long time for interesting things to happen in your life- then you are sure to find some relief. Mood: Focused on ‘future’ pursuits.

Aditi GowitrikarCompatible signs: Pisces, Cancer. Lucky colours: Navy blue, Grey. Lucky days: Saturday and Sunday. Lucky numbers: 10, 11, 14, 19, 21. Lucky gem: Onyx - Gemstone for Concentration and Courage. Lucky flower: Gladiolus

Aditi Gowitrikar (May 21, 1976 Mumbai) is model, actress and a physician. She was selected Mrs. World. She started her career as a model after winning the Gladrags contest in 1996. She has done notable roles in many Hindi and South Indian-language films and has also done commercials with several. She has won the Asian Super Model Contest(1997), Gladrags Contest, Mrs. World (2001). She has also appeared on the Indian Elle magazine’s cover in 1999. Born as a Gemini sign, the current year promises some extra shots for her.

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