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10 shops reduced to ashes
Major fire at illegal market in Maloya, delay in arrival of fire tenders alleged
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
A major fire broke out at an illegal market in Maloya here last night. Ten shops were reduced to ashes, indicating the failure of the authorities in chalking out a policy to rehabilitate the shopkeepers.

Last month, a major fire had broken out at the illegal furniture market in Sector 53 here, in which 22 shops had been gutted.

Shopkeepers alleged that the incident last night turned into a major fire due to the delay in the arrival of the fire tenders by 15 minutes.

As the incident occurred late, there was no casualty. As per the fire report, a call from a shopkeeper residing nearby was received at 2:29 am. After receiving the call, three water tenders were rushed to the spot.

The fire team was yet to ascertain the cause of the fire. As per the shopkeeper, the cause of the fire could be a short-circuit due to 'kundi' connections to the shops.

During a visit to the market, it was found that there were more than 100 illegal shops at the village and most did not have clear passage for the free movement of fire tenders.

A fire official said all shops were being run from temporary sheds and had 'kundi' connections for electricity.

As per the fire report, furniture shops, confectionery shops and a 'dhaba' were being run from the sheds.

The fire official said polish and other inflammable material were lying at the furniture shops, which was another cause for the speedy spread of the fire.

A shopkeeper running a confectionery shop from a shed alleged that after the call to the fire department, the first fire tender reached there after 20 minutes, due to which the fire could not be controlled in time.

The shopkeeper said a number of incidents of fire had taken place in the market in the last five years, but the authorities had not bothered to rehabilitate them in booths.

Records of the municipal corporation revealed that a survey of these 100 shops for rehabilitation was conducted last year, but no action had been taken by the authorities.

Mayor Raj Bala Malik visited Maloya. She was accompanied by Senior Deputy Mayor Darshan Garg and Deputy Mayor Satish Kainth.

No notice served

Fire officials had not served any shopkeeper a notice. More than 100 illegal shops were being run on encroached area at this market without any fire safety norm. 



Maintain 60:40 ratio, says Chidambaram
Posts filled by officers on deputation to UT
Tribune News Service

P Chidambaram Chandigarh, June 11
Union Home Minister P Chidambaram has directed the Chandigarh Administration to maintain the 60:40 ratio in posts filled from among IAS, IPS and state-cadre officers coming on deputation to the UT.

In a communication to Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, the minister has assured him that the existing arrangement of the 60:40 formula will be maintained and no step that can generate misgivings over the share and role in the Chandigarh Administration will be taken.

The communication comes in the wake of Badal repeatedly taking up the issue with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Badal had also raised the issue during a recent meeting with Punjab Governor and UT Administrator Shivraj Patil.

Sources revealed that the recent restoration of important portfolios to Punjab-cadre Finance Secretary VK Singh and Haryana-cadre Home Secretary Anil Kumar and taking those back from UT-cadre Chandigarh Housing Board Chairman Satya Gopal was part of the signal from the Centre to the UT top brass not to fiddle with the existing arrangement.

A few months ago, a UT-cadre IAS officer was given more portfolios after divesting a Haryana-cadre officer of those, attracting a protest from Haryana.

Referring to the communication from Chidambaram, the Punjab government said the assurance from the Centre came in the wake of persistent objections by Badal.

“Chidambaram has said his ministry is particularly concerned about the sensitivity of Punjab and Haryana with regard to Chandigarh,” the statement read.

The Home Minister told the Chief Minister that he had spoken to the UT Administrator and asked him to ensure that the 60:40 arrangement between Punjab and Haryana be respected.

Not only postings, but departments should continue in this ratio, he added. “There should be no shuffling of departments in violation of this,” the Union Home Secretary had asked the UT Administrator.

The Punjab government had also been expressing “concern” over postings of Haryana officers to the UT in violation of the formula.



Drive to desilt Sukhna Lake launched again
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
After a gap of almost 25 long years, the same story has been repeated at the Sukhna Lake, with the UT engineering department starting a desilting drive near the boating club area today.

It was for the first time after 1988, when the Sukhna Lake had dried up on a large scale, that the engineering department carried out a desilting drive near the boating club area.

An official with the engineering department said as the area near the boating club had dried up for the first time after 1988, they started the desilting drive today.

He added that the desilting drive would continue in the coming days with the help of JCBs and an excavator in the area, which was around 4 acres. He further added that a majority of the area was behind the island.

He said they were hopeful that the desilting drive near the boating club area would help in extending the boating area and increasing the water storage capacity of the area.

The engineering department would dig the area between 2.5 feet and 3 feet. As the water level in the Sukhna Lake reaches alarming levels, even 'shikaras' of the tourism department are stuck in weeds and slush. Last week, CITCO was forced to shift the boating area from the original boating club area to near the watch tower.

A senior CITCO official said desilting near the original boating club area was good from the tourism point of view. He added that it would increase the water level and CITCO would be able to continue boating in case of the drying up of a major part of the lake.

Brief history

The Sukhna Lake was created in 1958. From its inception, it started silting, as a result of which the water cover was reduced to a third of the original area by April, 1988, and unwanted vegetation grew on the dry bed. By May, 1988, one could walk across the lake before the onset of the monsoon. Thereafter, ‘Sukhna shramdaan’ was started in 1988 to desilt the lake by dry and wet dredging, through voluntary manual labour. The campaign, lasting over 75 days, put together manual efforts, supplemented by machinery, made available free, removed 35 lakh cubic feet of earth. Meanwhile, the National Games in 1989 were allotted to Punjab, with the lake being selected the venue for water sports. Thereafter, a rowing channel 2,150 metres long, 62.5 metres wide and 3 metres deep was created by 'Sukhna shramdaan'. Finally, the Senior Asian Rowing Championship was held at the lake in 1989.



No water to drink on 3-km stretch
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
Visitors at the city’s landmark, the Sukhna Lake, are at the receiving end, not only because of the decreasing water level and the restricted boating area, but also because there is no drinking water facility at the walking track between the boating club area and the regulatory end.

In the scorching heat, the visitors, especially children, are facing a hardship in the absence of drinking water facility in this 3-km stretch. The only drinking water facility is available at the entrance to the lake, near the boating club area, and none anywhere else on the entire stretch.

Taps installed by the UT Administration on this 3-km stretch are not providing any relief to visitors as there is no water. The new boating area near the watch tower, where boats have recently been shifted following the low water level in the original boating area, lacks not only drinking water facility, but also proper seating arrangements.

Surinder Singh of Zirakpur said while on the one side, there was no water at the Sukhna Lake, on the other, the UT Administration was not caring about visitors. The basic facility at any tourist destination was the availability of drinking water, but there was no drinking water facility on the walking path, he said.

Poonam Chauhan of Sector 23 said she forgot to carry a water bottle before coming to the new boating area and when she reached there, she felt thirsty, but did not find any drinking water facility.

She added that finally, they drank water from the horticulture department water tanker, which was there to water plants. Schoolchildren who came to the Sukhna Lake as part of a school trip, also had a hard time in the absence of drinking water facility.

Not only visitors, but CITCO employees were also facing the problem. The CITCO administration deployed between six and eight employees at the new boating area, but as there was neither drinking water facility, nor proper seating arrangements, they were also facing problems.



Weather to remain mainly dry
Sanjay Bumbroo
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
The weather office has predicted that barring an occasional thunderstorm in the region, the weather will remain mainly dry, with no increase in temperatures during the next couple of days.

The sky will be mainly clear, which will become partly cloudy, with the possibility of thundery development towards the evening or night. The maximum temperature on Tuesday will be around 40ŗC and minimum on Wednesday around 26ŗC.

Chandigarh Meteorological Department Director Surinder Pal said an occasional dust storm or thunderstorm, with light rain, witnessed during the last few days, might occur again. He said the region would continue to face dry weather conditions, with no rise in mercury, which would continue to hover around 40ŗC.

The maximum temperature was 39ŗC while the minimum was 24.5ŗC. The maximum humidity was 71 per cent and the minimum at 19 per cent. The region witnessed 3.6 mm of rainfall in the last 24 hours.



Residents face power cuts
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
A dust storm in the city last night also brought power problems for residents. Many sectors of the city witnessed power cuts after the dust storm. Though the power cuts lasted between 30 and 40 minutes, those caused problems to residents.

Akash Sharma of Sector 30 said there was a power cut from 1 am to 1:30 am and streetlights were not functioning. Girish Singh of Dhanas said there were three power cuts between 12:30 am and 2:30 am.

Pooja of Sector 45 said they were suspecting that the power cut would be for a long duration this time again, but it lasted only 30 minutes.

A senior official with the electricity department said the situation was under control last night as a few areas witnessed power cuts, but only due to tripping.


Hike in rent mooted
MC is focussing on increase rather than allotment of shops, which are lying vacant for more than six years in three villages
Aarti Kapur
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
It sounds strange that the Chandigarh MunicipalCorporation (MC) rather than focusing on the allotment of shops, which are lying vacant for more than six years in three villages, is mooting a proposal to hike rent of these shops.

The proposal for increasing the monthly rent of these shops by 75 per cent of the rental value in Badheri, Buterla and Burail villages will be tabled at the finance and contract committee meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

In a recent survey conducted by the municipal corporation in these villages, it was found that about 60 per cent of the shops are lying vacant due to the non-allotment from a long time. As per the survey in Badheri, there are 16 shops, out of which seven were lying vacant for the past six years.

In Buterla, out of 10 shops, six were lying vacant and even one of the shops has not paid the rent for the last 15 years and another is lying vacant for the last 12 years.

Sailing in the same boat is Burail where out of three shops, one is lying vacant for the past two years.

In 2009, a report was prepared by the municipal corporation, according to which, out of 62 shops in six villages, which are under the jurisdiction of the municipal corporation, 22 were lying vacant.

Interestingly, this is for the third time that the authorities are coming up with a proposal to increase the rent of the shops in the villages, but till date no effort has been made to allot them and they are lying vacant for more than six years now.

However, the municipal corporation is recommending monthly hike in the rent of these shops.

As per the fresh suggestions, the authorities have proposed that in Badheri, the rent should be Rs 6,896 per month, which is Rs 5,172 at present.

In Buterla, the existing rent is Rs 4,693 per month and proposed rent is Rs 6,257, while in Burail, the existing rent is Rs 2,883 and the proposed rent is Rs 3,844 per month.

Records of the municipal corporation reveal that all booths and shops of the villages were given on rent by the panchayats earlier at the nominal rent of Rs 100 to Rs 800.

Since the shifting of villages to the municipal corporation, there has been no increase in the rent of these booths, despite rehabilitation of the village and manifold increase in the cost of property.



Mayor reviews sanitation problems
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
In the next two days, all sanitary inspectors will have to keep their areas in the city spic and span or else face the ire of Mayor Raj Bala Malik. The Mayor gave this warning to all chief sanitary inspectors at a meeting conducted today to review the sanitation problems in the city.

During the meeting, she issued instructions to the inspectors that if in the coming pre-House meeting, scheduled for June 15, any area councillor made a complaint about sanitation in their area, she will visit the spot to check the situation.

While pointing out at a large number of sanitation complaints received from across the city, the Mayor expressed her dissatisfaction at the functioning of the inspectors and sanitation conditions in various sectors. The Mayor complained that in Sector 11, heaps of leaves were lying from the past fortnight and nobody has cared to lift them. Similarly in Sector 21, no sweeper turned up to clean the V-6 roads in the area.

The sanitation inspectors informed the Mayor that the department is facing acute shortage of safai karamcharis due to which they face problems in cleaning all parts in the city. She directed the inspectors to coordinate with the area councillors and conduct sanitation drives in the areas from where maximum complaints were being received.



PGI performs stem cell transplant on 3-yr-old
Tribune News Service

The patient Chandigarh, June 11
Achieving yet another major success in the medical field, doctors at the Advanced Paediatrics Centre of the PGI have successfully performed a stem cell transplant of a three-year-old boy with cancer. The boy was suffering from a rare cancer called neuroblastoma, which had spread all over his body. The family of the child belongs to Taran Tarn district of Punjab.

The transplant was led by Dr Deepak Bansal, additional professor in the paediatric hematology-oncology unit, headed by Prof RK Marwaha.

The transfusion medicine team was led by Prof N Marwaha and Dr RR Sharma.

Although it is an established method of treatment in the western countries, it is for the first time in the PGI that such a transplant has been performed on a child, said Dr Bansal. Earlier, the PGI doctors have started liver transplant last year and two such successful surgical operations have been carried out at the premier health institute of the region till now.

The boy who was brought to the PGI in February had a tumor in his belly, just above the right kidney. On further tests, the cancer was found to have spread to bones and the bone marrow of the patient. Neuroblastoma typically occurs in children younger than five years and commonly arises from a small gland located above the kidney called as adrenal gland. It tends to spread fast and the cure with traditional treatments tends to be poor. The children cancer clinic of the PGI receives about 25 new cases of neuroblastoma every year, he said.

Narrating the treatment, Dr Bansal said the child was given several cycles of chemotherapy over three months to reduce the load of his cancer. Following this, the boy’s own stem cells were collected and he was treated with high dose of chemotherapy to wipe out the cancer.

Medicines that are required to kill cancer cells are often, too, toxic to be tolerated by the body. This was, however, made possible by returning the stem cells to him. The stem cells have the capacity to grow and re-populate the destroyed bone marrow. This form of treatment improves the chances of cure of some cancers, which otherwise are difficult to cure with traditional treatment, he added.

Challenges of a stem cell transplant in a young child include difficult collection of stem cells, risk of serious infections, besides meticulous nursing care. Fortunately, due to the untiring efforts of his parents and family, the baby endured the challenge of chemotherapy and the transplant with courage. Several indigenous and simple methods were incorporated to reduce the risk of infections and keep the cost of the procedure low.

Though such treatment usually costs nearly Rs 1 lakh, the expenditure in this case was substantially low, as the patient did not report any infection.



Implementation of provisions reviewed
SC, ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
A meeting of the state-level vigilance and monitoring committee was held today to review the implementation of various provisions of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, under the chairmanship of Home Secretary-cum-secretary social welfare, Chandigarh Administration.

Various complaints and representations received from persons belonging to the Scheduled Castes were discussed and it was decided that the director social welfare would examine all such representations and present details before the committee for suitable recommendations.

The District Attorney, Chandigarh, informed that out of two cases, which were subjudice, one, namely state Vs. Anil Kumar Sharma has been decided, and other, namely state Vs. Naveen Kumar Goel, is pending for examination of two witnesses.

SSP (Operations) Ghuman also informed that various provisions of the Act have been displayed in all police stations of the UT for information of general public.

The director social welfare informed that the Government of India has made amendments in Annexure-1 of the schedule to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Rules, 1995, effecting an increase, generally of 150 per cent in the minimum scale of relief for victims of atrocities.

The quantum of assistance is Rs 50,000 to each victim, depending upon the nature and gravity of the offence relating to right to franchise and in case of beggar or forced or bonded labour, there is a provision of Rs 60,000 to each victim.

In the case of outraging the modesty of a woman or sexual exploitation of a woman, there is a provision of Rs 1,20,000 to each victim of the offence. In case of 100 per cent incapacitation and death, there is a provision of compensation of Rs 2,50,000 in case of non-earning member of a family and Rs 5,00,000 in case of earning member of the family.

In a case of victim of murder, death, massacre, rape, mass rape and gang rape, permanent incapacitation and dacoity, in addition to other reliefs, there is a provision of pension to each widow and/or other dependents of deceased SC and ST @ Rs 3,000 per month or employment to one member of the family of the deceased or provision of agricultural land and house, if necessary by outright purchase, along with full cost of education and maintenance of children of the victims.

It was also informed that these amendments have also been brought to the notice of all implementing departments concerned. It was decided that relevant provisions of the Act and rules should be suitably publicised on a regular basis.



Asha Jyoti launches community programme
Nine women examined for breast cancer, cervix CA, bone density
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
Asha Jyoti, a women’s healthcare mobile outreach programme, launched its first community programme in Sector 45 here today. Nine patients were examined for breast cancer, cervix CA and bone density during the visit.

After successful completion of over one-month technical operation at the PGI campus, it was for the first time that diagnosis tests were conducted in the field since minister for parliamentary affairs Pawan Kumar Bansal flagged it off on April 22. The mobile van is equipped with a microdose digital mammography unit for breast evaluation, a DEXA scan for evaluation of bone density and a digital video colposcope for evaluation of the cervix.

Dr Chander Mohan, director health services, UT, Chandigarh, visited the site, along with Dr Rajesh Kumar, professor and head, department of community medicine, and Dr N Khandelwal, head, department of radiodiagnosis.

Dr Khandewal, principal investigator of the project, informed that in the next six months during the pilot project, the van will screen the patients in Sectors 38, 45 and Indira Colony, besides screening at the PGI campus.

Giving details about the programme, he said it was a population-based screening programme for healthy women in the age group of 45 to 60 years for the detection of breast cancer, cervical cancer and osteoporosis.

The programme aimed to detect any of the three diseases before the individual had any signs or symptoms thereof.

The target population would include urban and semi-urban women and would be extended to women at villages in due course of time, Prof Khandelwal said.

In the pilot phase of this project, 500 women would be screened in six months. Around 2,000 to 3,000 women would be screened in one year during the regular operational phase.

This programme was proposed as a model for promoting preventive healthcare for women and providing doorstep screening for three diseases in a single visit, he added.

The need-based screening standards for breast and cervical cancer as well as osteoporosis in North India would be defined, which might help in the formation of national policies for the screening of three diseases.



Police gears up to curb thefts
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
In a bid to check the increasing incidents of thefts during daytime, the Chandigarh police is going to keep a vigil dressed in plain clothes. SP RS Ghuman (Operations) said they have identified certain pockets across the city where policemen in civil dress are positioned.

“The areas with frequent number of thefts have been marked and vigil has been increased in those areas which has helped police is stopping thefts. The police are keeping an eye on all the suspicious movements,” Ghuman said.

The police claimed to continue the exercise throughout the summer. Officials stated that residents are encouraged to inform nearby police station while going out of the city. “Residents generally don’t come forward and inform the police before leaving the city for a few days, which can relatively help police in controlling thefts,” Ghuman added.



CTU bus drivers block road
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
Commotion prevailed on the busy dividing road of Sector 22/23 lightpoint when CTU bus drivers blocked the road this morning. The agitated drivers jammed the road after one of the drivers had a fight with a car driver, who along with his two other friends had allegedly beaten him.

According to information, the CTU bus driver told the police that the car in which three persons were sitting blocked the way of his moving bus near the Sector 22/23 lightpoint.

The incident lead to heated arguments, following which they allegedly started abusing the CTU bus driver and started beating him.

The CTU bus driver along with other bus conductors and drivers imposed a traffic jam by stopping all CTU buses moving on the particular route.

The incident led to a traffic jam with hundreds of commuters stuck for around 30 minutes under the scorching sun.

The police from the Sector 22 police post came to the spot to solve the dispute.

According to the police, three persons sitting in the car have been identified as Dhawanpal, Vikas and Sandip of Mohali.

Chowki in charge Ram Rattan said they had registered a case against the car owner and two friends on the complaint of the CTU driver and conductor.



Surprise checking at petrol stations
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
The controller, weights and measures, Chandigarh, conducted a surprise checking at petrol pumps and weights and measures dealers to check whether consumers were being given fair deal.

The surprise checking was made keeping in view that the petrol prices are being hiked day by day and people may not suffer both way, one by increasing prices of petrol and by less measurement of petrol by the petrol pump operators. Though everything was found in order on the surprise checking, but they were suggested to keep up the mark of their services and people should not feel cheated by giving them sub-standard services by the agencies concerned. People are also advised to be vigil while making purchases and especially while procuring petrol they must keep their eyes on the meter of the petrol pumps.





Book released

Punjab Governor and UT Administrator Shivraj V Patil on Monday released a book “A Soldiers General”, an autobiography penned by former General of Indian Army and Governor of Arunachal Pradesh. The UT Administrator said the autobiographies were written to inform people, as to how writers lived and conducted themselves in their lives and to explain as to how they faced the difficulties and overcome them. He said this autobiography was gentle, easy to read, understand and written in language, which is used by common man. It covers in short members of the family of the writer, their lifestyle, simplicity, honesty and straight forwardness. The first lady of Arunachal Pradesh, Anupam Singh, wife of General JJ Singh, presented shawls to the Governor and Punjab Chief Minister. A visual presentation regarding life and achievements of General JJ Singh was also shown.

Civil services coaching

The second session of the civil services coaching in the Mahatma Gandhi State Institute of Public Administration, Punjab (MGSIPAP), kicked off on Monday with the inaugural address by Rajan Kashyap, former chief secretary of Punjab. About 40 students from different parts of the region, including Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and UT, Chandigarh, have enrolled themselves for the five-month training in the civil services in the institute. Addressing aspirants of the civil services, Rajan Kashyap exhorted them to utilise their talent and potential to the maximum for achieving their goal. He said it was not difficult to qualify the examination, the only thing the candidates needed was commitment, confidence, determination and strong will to achieve the goal. Dr JC Verma, coordinator, civil services coaching centre, welcomed the students for this session and assured them all help, guidance, support for achieving the goal for entry into the civil services. Col (retd) BM Sabhlok, faculty MGSIPAP, also motivated the students with his professional skills with focus on personality development and inculcation of faith and confidence to surmount the obstacles to achieve the goal.

Card launched

Leading agents of Western Union Money Transfer, Paul Merchants Limited, on Monday launched their Global Currency Card in association with ICICI Bank. The card is specially designed for international travel purposes, which will act like a debit foreign currency card. Rajneesh Bansal, executive director of Pal Merchants, said this card could be used for direct purchases while shopping abroad by swiping it at a merchandise establishment or could also be used for withdrawal from any ATM. This card will be available in different currencies like US Dollar, Pound, Euro, Australian, Canadian and Singapore Dollar, Swiss Franc, Dirhams and Yen.

Talk on philosophy

A major, though unsuspected, scourge of formal education is that it brings about steady alienation of the student from the rich resource of learning, freely available in daily human transactions. The resulting conditioned reflexing somehow convinces you that most subjects, notably, philosophy, are esoteric, worthy of being taught to a select few. This was stated by Dr SS Bhatti, former principal, Chandigarh College of Architecture, in his talk on “Philosophy in everyday life” organised by the First Friday Forum here. The word “philosophy”, derived from Greek philosophos (love) and Sophia (wisdom), means love of wisdom. Originally, it meant the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge. In conclusion, he said philosophy was the human mind’s unique ability to create order out of chaos, so that the world in its mind-boggling diversity of shapes, sizes and sensibilities make sense and helps us lead a life of meaning and purpose illuminated by the “dear delight of understanding” made possible by our “love of wisdom”.

128 stray cattle impounded

Stray cattle catching drives were launched in Sectors 45, 46, 47, 48, 51, Colony No 5, Kajheri, Palsora, Maloya, Dadu Majra, Sector 38, Sector 38 West, Dhanas, Rajindra Park, Sector 26, Shastri Nagar, Mani Majra, IT Park, Mauli Jagran, Vikas Nagar, Colony No. 4, Hallo Majra and Ram Darbar from May 24 to June 10. During these drives, 128 stray cattle were impounded by the corporation from the municipal limits and Rs 38,900 have been realised from defaulters as fine and feeding charges.

Summer camp

Desh Bhagat Global School organised a summer camp. The camp was inaugurated by Dr Shalini Gupta, director general of Desh Bhagat Group. While inaugurating the camp, she told students and their parents that this camp will provide opportunity to tiny tots to enjoy and learn new things for which they hardly find time during regular school hours. The school has provided a platform to the children to develop social skills. This camp is providing open environment to the children.

Environment day

Missionary College celebrated the environment day in Sector 37 here on Monday. A total of 125 children from across the city participated in events, including drawing competition, poster making and slogan writing. Saplings were also planted and an oath ceremony “save water earth save” was also conducted.



Faculty development programme

A five-day faculty development programme on “Digital image processing” started at Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College, Fatehgarh Sahib. Dr MS Grewal, principal, inaugurated the programme. The programme mainly meant for faculty of computers will continue till June 15 and 30 colleges from Punjabi University, Patiala, Yadwindra College, Talwandi Sabo, Doaba College, Kharar, Institute of Engineering and Technology, Bhaddal, and Baba Banda Singh Bahadur College, Fatehgarh Sahib, are participating in the programme. During the programme, experts, including, Dr Lakhwinder Kaur and Dr Vishal Goyal from Punjabi University, Patiala, Dr Kulbir Singh from Thapar University, Patiala, and Dr AP Singh from Sant Longowal College will share their expertise with the participants. — Tribune Reporters



High drama at VC’s office
Around 60 principals protest PU’s proposal to get old courses affiliated
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
High drama was witnessed at the Vice-Chancellor’s office in Panjab University here today, when a group of around 60 principals of PU affiliated private colleges staged a protest against university’s proposal to get permanent affiliation for all the courses being offered by them.

The meeting called by the university to discuss the issue of permanent affiliation to the colleges that was supposed to be attended by a nine-member committee, including four college principals, was also deferred in view of the strong opposition.

A committee member, RS Jhanji, principal, AS College, Khanna, said that though the colleges should be made to take affiliation for new courses, repeatedly asking them to take affiliation for existing courses is unjustified.

“Why should the colleges get those courses affiliated again which have been running successfully for many years?”€¯ he said.

“Moreover, when the colleges are permanently affiliated, how can the university ask them to get the courses affiliated individually,”€¯ said Jhanji.

With academic session starting on July 9, the colleges have also been waiting for the affiliation for the new courses.

SS Randhawa, Principal SGGS Khalsa College, Mahilpur district, Hoshiarpur, said despite timely inspections, the university has been delaying the affiliation to the new courses.

Principals complained that delay made by the university would leave the seats in these courses unfilled as students would not take admission in mid-session.

Randhawa said the principals would launch an intensive campaign against the university if the authorities fail to fulfil their demands.



Students denied entry to administrative block
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
Hundreds of students were today left surprised when their entry to the administrative block was denied by Panjab University authorities. The inquiry office didn’t issue the gate pass to the students stating that it was Vice-Chancellor’s order to not allow any student inside the administrative block.

Manoj Lubana, SOPU president, said that students coming to PU’s administrative block in the evening after around 3 pm were not allowed an entry.

“The students were told that their entry to administrative block is restricted and they need to tell the problems at inquiry only,”¯ he said.

Vice-Chancellor RC Sobti, when contacted, said the decision to restrict the entry of students has been taken to assist them in their work.

“The single window inquiry was started in PU to help students in solving their problems and getting their work done. However, it is not serving its purpose following which we have decided that the students should tell their problem at the inquiry officials who will themselves go to the administrative block to get the work of students done,”€¯ Sobti said.

However, the students had a different story to tell.

Gurdip Singh who had come from Muktsar to inquire about his degree which is lying with PU since last four years said that his problem was not addressed even an the inquiry window.

BCA students from MCM College who had come to submit their compartment forms said that the PU officials neither attended to their queries nor allowed them to enter the administrative block.

Vice-Chancellor has said that he would again check the functioning of the inquiry to ensure the students are not misguided and their problems are addressed.



Rush for admissions in govt schools
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 11
Over 3,900 admission forms were sold on the second day to the students applying for Class XI in government schools in the city today. With a record sale of 9,500 prospectuses, earlier on the first day, it seems the students are going to face tough competition this year.

Meanwhile, huge rush of students was also witnessed in the schools since early morning. They had come to submit their forms.

Registration forms are available in Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 10, Sector 19, Sector 21, Sector 40, Sector 46 and Modern Complex, Mani Majra.

UT education department officials said the form can also be downloaded from the UT education department’s website or filled online. The forms can be deposited in any of the above six schools. Last date for submission is June 20 before lunch.

Tips for students filling the form


  • Do fill correct grades/marks for the subjects for which columns have been provided, i.e. English, maths, science, social Science, language II.
  • Do attach your Class X marks sheet.
  • Do attach certificate of proof if you fall under reserved category.
  • Do fill the 15 preferences for school/stream in correct order and with correct code.
  • Do see last year’s cut-off CGPA for schools/streams on the website of education department before filling up your preferences.
  • Do check your details after they are uploaded on the education department website on June 27.
  • Do intimate the grievances redressal cell in writing if there is any error.


  • Don’t claim benefit of reserved category in case certificate/document is not available.
  • Don’t fill up preferences for those schools and streams where the cut-off CGPA for the previous year is much higher than your CGPA.
  • Don’t fill up preferences of model school in preference no 16 and 17.
  • Don’t fill wrong stream/school code.



class X result
Mohali's poor show matter of concern: PSEB chairman
Kulwinder Sangha

Mohali, June 11
Mohali has recorded the lowest pass percentage among the districts of Punjab in the Class X examination of the Punjab School Education Board, the results of which were declared here today. Only one student from Mohali town and six from other parts of the district figured on the merit list of 398 examinees.

Dr SS Channy, PSEB chairman, said at a press conference that it was a matter of great concern that Mohali district had performed badly. While the highest pass percentage of 91.49 was achieved by Tarn Taran district, it stood at 60.97 per cent in Mohali.

Dr Channy said that the rate of literacy was higher in Mohali and students had better facilities at their disposal.

He said that there is a need to find what led to poor result — absenteeism among teachers or their lack of interest — despite no staff shortage.

He said the performance of districts like Barnala, Bathinda and Patiala was also below average.

The education minister has called a meeting of the district education officers on June 14 to look into the matter of unsatisfactory results, he said.

Only one student from Mohali town on merit list

Ajayveer Singh Ajayveer Singh, a student of Shaheed Bhai Taru Singh Senior Secondary School in Mohali village, is the only student from Mohali town to make it to the merit list. He ranked 30 in the state.

Ajayveer said that he was not happy with his result as he had secured 96 per cent in the first semester and expected similar result.

Ajayveer lost his father in December and, according to his mother, he could not concentrate on studies because of it. Ajayveer plans to take admission in non-medical stream and become a scientist.



48 selected in placement drive
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, June 11
About 48 students were given offer letters by Moti Lal Jindal, president, Devi Dyal Group of Professional Institutions, at Barwala today. These final-year MBA and B Tech students have been selected by various companies during the campus placement drive in the college campus.

Prominent companies including HCL Comnet, HCL Infosystems, Fair Deal Imports Private Limited, IP Techsoft Private Limited, Nirmal Utility Services Private Limited, India Mart, Itech Infosystems Private Limited and Global Coordinates took part in the drive.

The salary packages offered range between Rs 2.50 lakh to Rs 3.80 lakh.



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