Stars in his eyes
All of 33, Sharman Joshi is fast catching up the ranks of seasoned actors in Bollywood. We catch up with him…
Nonika Singh

First things first; Sharman Joshi looks far younger and better in real life. No we are not just comparing him with the endearing character Rusy that he played in Ferrari Ki Sawaari, for which he had put on 10 kg weight and underwent a lot of cosmetic changes like sharpening the nose, popping out of ears, etc. But in person, 33 years sit very lightly on him. Of course, when he gets talking the wealth of experience of having worked in a whole lot of meaningful films does unravel. Without a doubt he admits the role in Ferrari has been the most challenging so far, "most out of my skin character."

You bet Sharman is anything like the ever-smiling Rusy in real life! For the part when as per the director's order he was told to wear a smile all the time, even his six-year-old daughter was not amused and quizzed —what's wrong papa! He says, "I am not that kind of a person I portray in Ferrari… but I believe there are all kinds of people in this world."

More importantly, he believes in the sanctity of the written word, which for him is akin to the gospel truth. Thereafter comes directorial vision and then follows his instinct. Of course, once Sharman decides to be a part of the film it becomes his baby and he takes ownership for its success as well as failure. But if you think Ferrari…came to him on a platter…well he had to undergo several auditions, which he insists is the best way to go about if we have to create good cinema. Most certainly he thinks Ferrari is part of good, nay great cinema. However, he doesn't endorse the suggestion that doing solo projects is more satisfying. On the contrary, he observes, "It's a lonely experience. In comparison I had so much fun doing 3 Idiots." Post 3 Idiots he wasn't exactly inundated with offers. He chips in, "I have to bide my time. I am at the mercy of writers and directors and hope things work in my favour."

Yet Sharman, who is now married into a filmy family, doesn't believe in the insider-outsider business? "I belong here." To mainstream commercial cinema as well!

All set to be a part of Vidhu Vinod Chopra's romantic drama tentatively titled Chithiya, he has no problem with lip locks either. And in case you have forgotten he has already done so in Allah Ke Bande and Style. From Godmother to Life in a Metro to Ferrari Ki Sawari…a joyride or not, he has enjoyed every moment since he came to Bollywood some 12 years ago. In future, he very much foresees himself as a mainstream hero. A powerhouse of talent and with looks to match…why not?


Final goal

Offers or no offers…Sharman Joshi says yes only to those films that excite him, for his ultimate goal is to be part of at least 10 great films. If that sounds like a tall order, he lists at least three Rang De Basanti, 3 Idiots and Ferrari Ki Sawaari among them. 

A story in itself!

Rajesh Mapuskar
Rajesh Mapuskar

Riding high on the success of his directorial debut Ferrari Ki Sawaari, one would expect Rajesh Mapuskar to be itching to make another film. But guess what the director who landed in Bollywood by chance says — making movies is not the only aim of his life!

In fact, first film in which he assisted Raju Virani, the idea was only to help out a friend. It was only during the making of Lage Raho Munna Bhai that the seed for directing a film was sown. A real life incident, a search for a Ferrari for one of his advertising shoots led to the birth of a story. Backing from a producer of the ilk of Vidhu Vinod, who gave him a clean chit — your story is good, make a movie…never mind if my money sinks — helped him create a winner. One of the reasons he feels the film has worked is for it's about human ties, about father trying to fulfill his son's dreams and not about stealing a Ferrari.

The beautiful father-son relationship, which incidentally is the USP of the film, he confesses, has been inspired by the warm relationship he shares with his two sons. The lead protagonist too has shades of his affable, not easily hassled, persona. Having worked with Raju and Vidhu Vinod Chopra, he asserts has not influenced his cinematic language but from them he has certainly learnt a lesson or two on perfectionism, particularly from Raju who wouldn't stop at anything less.

No wonder Rajesh has gone the extra mile to make his Parsi characters breathe and come alive on screen. "A character," he asserts, "can't be neutral and has to be textured with many nuances." So in his cinematic lexicon it not only the script but detailing too, which is the king.

Dj Teri from Ukraine incorporates the scratch technique into her house Electro, Mash Up, R&B and TOP 40 sets
Jasmine Singh

Alright; all eyes right as the sexy looking Dj Teri moves behind the music console. And then something strange happens, as all senses are only strained for the music. The only existing music is the one that she scratches! This Dj from Ukraine is one of the few female DJ's who still incorporates the scratch technique into her house Electro, Mash Up, R&B and TOP 40 sets.

In Chandigarh for the first time, playing at Altius, 10 Downing Street, on Saturday night, this lovely and always-ready-to-chat Dj loves being in India. And she certainly has no complains about the music scene here.

"I played in Bengaluru and Bhopal; was surprised to see the response. The crowd understood music, it swayed to it and was asking for more," she says nodding at every query. "I organise 'Scratch Like This' seminars with my colleagues, which is something that I give back to the society," she adds. Teri is also the winner of Vestax Dj Digital Battle in Ukraine in 2010. "The world over, people have started taking deejaying as a profession, as a creative art. I am also happy to see their changed reaction towards women deejays," she winks. We doubt this one! "A woman Dj is not a startling fact anymore, nevertheless one gets extra admiration. This is not only for a pretty face; it is also for the music I play."

Apart from deejaying, Teri has started her studio work as well and she is all set to produce cutting edge electro tunes. "Music production is again a specialised art, which requires an understanding of global trends," she smiles. "Altius, 10 Downing Street is a happening place and I really look forward to a great crowd of music as well as dance lovers," she signs off.

A helping hand
There are so many women who take breaks after they have children and don't know how to make a comeback to working life. Here's someone who facilitates this process…
Vasudha Gupta

The ideal picture of a normal Indian home is that of the woman looking around domestic chores and the man running around for work. From times immemorial, women have been expected to give up their dreams, hopes and aspirations to look after the household, but breaking this thought process and providing a brand new platform to the career-oriented women of today is Sairee Chahal.

Co-founder of Fleximoms, this 35-year old aims to ensure that women in India manage to stay connected with the resources and get the right opportunities to work as well as create a balanced work-life equation. In Chandigarh to participate in a panel discussion organised by TiE ON Full Time Moms — Full Time Entrepreneurs, she speaks about the catalyst of change she hopes to be.

Connecting to several women across India, the website of the organisation not only helps women gain guidance after a gap of a few years, when they are ready to step back into work, but also helps them connect with scores of customised jobs, which they can handle. "No two women in India have the same life, which is the focal point of our initiative," she shares with us. From figuring out the best job, keeping in mind the time constraints, commitment issues and everything a woman's life revolves around, Fleximoms designs customised career options. "There are so many women who take breaks after they have children and don't know how to make a comeback as they tend to lose touch. Our organisation is exactly for these women," says Sairee. It was during the consulting business with Anita Vasudev that Sairee came face-to-face with the lack of young talented women. "It was in our mind that women work better and we were not being able to find the right aptitude," she adds. It was then that the duo established a core team of women to guide and counsel them. "There were several women who got in touch and shared real stories of real lives with us," she adds.

What prompted the idea was a person based out of Switzerland, who lost her child and had an injured husband to look after. "When women are in an all-time low and wish to stand up on their own two feet after battling a crisis or a family situation, we come forward to show the right way," opines Sairee. The organisation opens its doors for part-time work, choosing your own deliverables, deciding work hours and connecting with the forever growing technological world. Facing challenges is an indispensible part of any set-up.

The more fleximoms does for gender equality, the more it finds out it needs to do. "The basic problem of Indian women is that they don't invest in themselves. How many women will chose a management course for three months for themselves than put in the same time in taking their child for tennis lessons?" she questions. "Not a single one will do it. This is the mindset we hope to change," she quickly adds.

Even if choices for men are homogeneous and those for women are heterogeneous, Fleximoms aims to connect you with the other set of heterogeneous women to inspire you to stand up and look around!

Trousseau trove
An exhibition at Hotel Taj offers a lot in terms of wedding dresses, party attire as well as casual wear
Sabia Talwar

Fancy footwear.

Bandhan, the royal wedding exhibition at Hotel Taj, Sector-17, Chandigarh, showcases decent trousseau, bridal and wedding wear with unique as well as trendy works on them. And if you’re thinking that this affair is just for those who are shopping for wedding purposes, you’re mistaken. There is a whole range of footwear, hair accessories, jewellery, Western outfits, interior aesthetic items, bed covers, linens and much more.

Pritika Singh form Noida has Indian wear, which includes Anarkali suits, lehengas, stitched sarees and achkans. Says Pritika, “Anarkali suits are totally evergreen and I have experimented with Anarkali suit with palazzo pants.” There are also gorgeous chandelier net sarees with a pallu of pearls available at a price starting from Rs 20,000 onwards. “Net sarees are the trendiest this season and I have tried to inculcate swarovskis, shimmer effect and stone broaches just to give them a formal touch,” adds Pritika.
Straight salwars by Sahiba Singh
Straight salwars by Sahiba Singh

And for that typical Punjabi touch, you definitely want to buy Patiala salwars and Sahiba Singh from Delhi of Under God’s Rule (UGR) SAMSCO has amazing straight salwars that have a zip on their ponchas with pani work, gotta work, embroidery and stone work, which can be worn with contrast kurtas or Western dresses as well. “The salwars are available at a price of Rs 1,300 and there are also salwars with laces at a price of Rs 600; these salwars can be pulled up to be sported as capris and the zips make this possible,” says Sahiba.

As far as the westerns are concerned, there are a few stalls that have one-piece summer dresses and tops, which are mostly imported stuff. Avin Arora of Belle Robe has latest summer tops, dresses, kurtis, dhoti salwars that range from Rs 500 to Rs 1500. Also there are hair accessories available with them at a reasonable price of Rs 150 onwards.

A beautiful net saree with a pallu of pearls
A beautiful net saree with a pallu of pearls

What better than a suggestive gift, which you can make for a wedding or otherwise? Chroma Luxe offers tea-light candle holders in brass, morano glass, swarovski and crystal, which are from Italy. These items have a lifetime warranty with a pure silver lining from inside and available at a range of Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000.

If you want to try something on the lines of tie and dye then there is Ashaz by Asha Chandak, where there is a display of A-line suits with kalis having Sibori dying pattern, which imprints figures on the fabric through the process of tying and dying.

Coming down to footwear, there is Geetanjali that offers you all the bling, be it stones or sequins in flats and wedge heels, which look quite elegant with Indian as well as Western wear. All these are available at Rs 1,000 onwards. Also, citizen footwear has hand-painted pumps and ballerinas. So go ahead and have a look into the treasure trove!

(On till Sunday, 11:00 pm)

Princess & the crown
Having brought Miss Asia Pacific World 2012 title home, Himangini and her mentor Sushmita Sen assert that the world is yours if you have faith in yourself

Sushmita sen

After years of waiting, Himangini Singh Yadu has brought an international beauty crown home! Winner of Miss Asia Pacific World 2012, Himangini is as elated as her mentor Sushmita Sen. A dream journey for a small town girl; the newest Indian beauty queen shares her take with us.

"It's been an amazing experience," says Himangini, "the feeling is yet to sink in." Born in Kanpur and brought up in Indore, she has become an icon overnight. "You can't believe how jubilant people in my town are. Ministers are calling my parents; they want to hold an elaborate homecoming ceremony for me," says the elated beauty queen.

How challenging was the journey? "Each day was a new test. There were girls from all over the world and very beautiful ones. With no mentors or family members along, it did get very tough but I stuck to my ground. Thanks to the grooming I received from the very best in the field — I AM She — that I could win."

Chirpy, bubbly Himangini is occupied with the responsibilities that come with the crown. "I will be involved with raising funds for I AM foundation, which works for the cause of the girl child," says Himangini. "Believe in yourself and the rest would be taken care of," she asserts.

If there is someone happier than Himagini over the Miss Asia Pacific win, it's her mentor Sushmita Sen. Things have practically changed from when she won the Miss Universe title eighteen years ago. "The world has literally shrunk. We got an overwhelming response from the media across the world the very minute she won the title."

What took so long to finally bring home another international title? "Well, it's lots of hardwork. We learnt from each mistake. It took us time to get together a team of the very best. And, here we are within two years of our inception."

What worked in Himangini's favour? "I will use the phrase that I use for myself 'she's God's favourite child'. And, also everything was in favour. She comes from a grounded, wonderful family, had the best of training and is confident of herself. She had to win." I AM She, founded by Sushmita Sen, works on overall grooming of the contestants right from their walk, talk, etiquettes to fitness. "What we focus on is making one get in touch with oneself. Know your strengths as well as weaknesses and work on them," says Sushmita.

Happy at having Himangini at I AM She, Sushmita promises her fans that she will return to the screen soon. Her adopted daughters Renee and Alisah are the driving force behind this true diva. "They have filled my world with love," says Sushmita, who also promises to bring more titles home soon!

Weight watch
Health wise
Swapana Singla

Pregnancy is a physiological process and weight gain is a normal or you can say comes complimentary with pregnancy.

What happens normally during pregnancy?

The optimum weight gain during a normal singleton pregnancy is 11kgs, which is a must, and anything below or above, will either compromise with your baby or make you obese. It is distributed as 1kg total during the 1st 3months (first trimester) and 5kgs each in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. During pregnancy other than the baby and the products of the uterus, there is increase in blood volume, water retention and deposition of fat in the abdominal and thigh area with changes in the breast.

How to manage weight during pregnancy?

l Reduce refined food product completely. No to maida , polished rice, processed food and packaged foods.

l Reduce sugar, coffee and milk tea. Prefer black or green tea with lemon.

l The calorie requirement ranges from 2400-3500kcal depending upon the height and work load. The calculated increment in the calorie consumption is 300kcal more than the non –pregnant state- one extra roti for the three meals and one extra glass of milk with one boiled egg or 25gms of paneer for the day

l Eat every hourly and for acidity, have toast.

l Tackle your mood swing with chocolate, fruit bowl, relaxing head massage and prayers.

l Daily one spoon of isabgol in water or milk before sleeping reduces constipation and destroys the extra fat that is consumed.

l Try to maintain your haemoglobin and calcium during and after pregnancy to remain active. the more active you stay the more calories you burn and baby also stays well nourished.

Benefits of normal delivery

l You can resume normal activity within 2days

l Start planning low intensity exercise within a week.

l Milk formation is better and feeding every 2hourly helps reduce weight since the main constituent of milk is fat and proteins. So the more you feed, more milk is formed more fats are utilized and faster you get in shape.

Exercise post pregnancy

l Tightening of hip muscles

l Twisting and side stretches

l Walking and no jogging

l Best is climbing stairs

l Avoid abdominal crunches

Diet after pregnancy

Always remember you do not have to eat extra for the formation of milk. Drinking water and milk twice is beneficial. Skip your meals if you are having one bowl of panjeeri.

Keep low sugar and high fenugreek seeds while preparing the panjeeri.

Depression is the main cause of weight gain. So feeling privileged is better than having any privileges.

(Dr Singla is a Zirakpur-based cosmetologist and obesity consultant)

Master Chef
Chop it  Method
Sumant Dadhwal

l Marinate lamb chops with half of chopped garlic, oil rosemary herb, and salt pepper and keep aside

l Cook potatoes with little oil salt and pepper,

l Boil broccoli and asparagus in salted water and toss in olive oil and keep aside

l Heat pan add chopped onion, garlic cook a little and add diced colored peppers, zucchini, eggplant add chopped tomatoes salt and pepper cook a little and keep warm

l Grill lamb chops both sides till well done

l On a plate place the eggplant, pepper zucchini mixture in the bottom then place the cooked lamb chops on it, place the broccoli florets and potatoes around, decorate with asparagus

l Pour the sauce on the lamb chops 

The ‘in’ side
Outside the box

A canopy bed is supported by four tall posts with cross members joining the posts that are used for a supporting a fabric canopy cover, swags and curtains. A canopy bed can add mystery, romance and luxury to even the most humble of bedrooms. These beds add a strong focal point to a room and if you have a bedroom that is large enough, try adding a canopy bed to add some charm.

Basically there are two types of canopy beds-:


Traditional canopy beds have intricately carved wooden frames with lush and heavy drapes. The thick curtains can be pulled entirely around the bed to shut out the rest of the world. They aim to reflect a more Victorian aesthetic.


Contemporary canopy beds are more subtle and straight lined. The drapes are made of fabric that is characteristic of softness, lightness and sheerness. The most preferred fabrics are silk, cotton, lace or polyester. Mostly neutral colours are used.

l If you don’t want to go for the conventional canopy bed, you can install a crown canopy or go for a half canopy bed.

l Since the canopy is small, it's unobtrusive. This assures that the rest of the furniture in the room won't be overshadowed by the canopy bed. 

l Here is another simple airy option for a canopy bed. With simple light fabrics draped above the bed you can almost imagine that you're inside of a cabana on the beach. 

l A canopy bed can look great in the kid’s room as well. They look cute and can create an ambiance of a fairytale in the room.  It is an instant hit with young girls.

l Even babies can benefit from canopy beds! A canopy over a crib can reduce the harshness of light in the room and create a safe feeling for your infant. 

If you don’t want to go with the fabric canopy, you can go with the all wood canopy bed like above. Think outside of the box when using alternative materials to create a full canopy bed and you could come up with something truly impressive!

(Sukhmani is a Chandigarh based interior and landscape designer)

star track
Neetu Chandra's makeover mantra

Style statement: Neetu Chandra

Neetu Chandra played a Gujurati village belle in Traffic Signal, Abhay’s jeans and tee clad college going love interest in Oye Lucky Lucky Oye and a saree clad housewife in 13 B.

However, she got noticed when she posed in racy swimwear for several magazines. She is now doing a Greek film in which she plays an Indian belle. She is lucky in love too and is dating Randeep Hooda. The simple-girl-turned-hottie who sets men’s pulses racing tells you how to get an image makeover.

1.I have always had a hot and sexy image as I wore a swimming costume in Garam Masala, my first film. Then I did simple roles but now my sexy image is back. I think I haven’t had a simple image ever; I have a versatile image and face.

2. You can look hot and sexy in jeans and tee or you can look ekdum thanda in a dress. It all depends on how you carry yourself. Choose clothes that flatter your figure. Don’t go overboard with make-up.

3.There are many good stylists these days so choose one who you gel with and who understands what will make you look good. You must be open to experimentation. If you are confused, pick someone whose style statement you really like and emulate them. Eventually you will figure out your own style statement.

4.Being confident and comfortable is very important. Having a good body boosts your confidence. Maintain your body and health levels by indulging in some sort of activity everyday, be it going to the gym, doing Yoga, swimming or playing a sport.

5.I am a very positive person and take everything in my stride. I am always happy, even in unhappy times. I think people have liked the way I have changed my image so I don’t see any criticism. Change your image because you want something new and not under pressure from anyone else.



All is well

There were rumours that Rajesh Khanna had crossed over to the other side. He is well and recuperating at home with Dimple Kapadia, daughter Rinke, and even Akshay Kumar visits him regularly. The family is praying for him. The former superstar stepped out and waved to fans from his balcony.

Miss exaggeration: Madhuri Dixit

One of the lucky few…

Madhuri Dixit is one of the few people to have seen a picture of Aaradhya Bachchan.

Abhishek showed her a picture on the set of television show and she yelped excitedly over how cute the girl is! Miss Exaggeration personified! Karan Johar has already seen the baby and wore his usual smirk!



Popular girl

Ekta Kapoor got so many birthday wishes from all the people she has known all her life and from fans that her phone crashed! Moreover, she had gone for a jog in the afternoon and managed to gather a crowd around her.


Why Sonu Sood refused Dabangg 2?

taking a stand: Sonu Sood

Model and actor Sonu Sood seems to have become rather choosy about the films he is being offered. Speculation had it that Sonu refused Dabangg 2 because he felt that he wasn’t given as much importance as the lead actors. However, the actor disclosed that he turned down the role offered to him in the movie because he was unhappy with his character in the film! He won accolades for his villainous role in the first Dabangg.

Sonu has emphasised on the fact that he doesn’t believe in working with a select few directors or producers. In spite of being a Punjabi he started his career by working in South Indian films and struggled through his early days. The actor seems to be making a stand and place for himself in the industry.

Sonu will be seen next in cop drama-thriller Maximum alongside Naseeruddin Shah. He also has a gangster film and his hands are full. His success is something to be proud of!



Kiran loves Salman

Kiran Rao loves and respects Aamir Khan as a person and actor but she is a huge fan of Salman Khan. That is why she has paid a tribute to Salman Khan in Dhobi Ghaat.

However, the actor she really wants to direct will come as a surprise to many.

Fan following

I am a huge Salman Khan fan. I loved Dabangg as it was good commercial fare. The character of Prateik in Dhobi Ghaat is called Munna and he is a huge Bollywood fan. He is particularly fond of Salman Khan, like so many others in the country.

Salman mania

The best thing about Salman Khan is that people of all ages and across all sections of society love and idolise him. I see so many people who have got into body building because of him and they wear those blue bracelets or want to grow their hair like him. He is a true star and trendsetter and people talk very fondly of him all the time.

On direction

I would like to direct Salman in a video or movie or a commercial but one actor I really want to direct is Deepak Dobriyal.


Double deal

Debut role: Veena Malik

Veena Malik has done a double role in her debut film Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai releasing on 29th June 2012 all over.

Veena says, "I feel great as my debut film Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai is releasing on 29th June all over. I am also very excited as I have done a double role in my first Hindi film. I have also done an item song."

She continues, "It felt great working with all great actors of the Indian film industry such as — Jackie Shroff, Vijay Raaz, Aanand Balraj, Raja Chaudhry and two comedy actors Irfan Malik and Hasan Ali from Pakistan."

Veena is thankful to many people. She expresses, "I am thankful to Deepak and Urvashi Bali of D Bali movies for signing me for their first film. This film will be a launch pad for many people. Aanand Balraj will be the debut director, Deepak and Urvashi Bali will be the first producer, Pakistani Jodi will act in their first Hindi film, and I am debuting as a Hindi film actress."


Urban lover boy

The urban cool, metro sexual Saif Ali Khan will be back in the genre of romantic comedies with Cocktail. After giving super hits in the same genre like Hum Tum, Salaam Namaste, Kal Ho Na Ho and Love Aaj Kal, Saif plays the character of Gautam a happy go lucky Delhi guy who loves women.

Called the king of romantic comedy, Saif loves portraying such characters. His fans have loved him in this genre in the past as well.

Dinesh Vijan says, "The romantic comedy genre belongs to Saif, he can do such films with ease as his comic time is phenomenal."

Dinesh and Saif both love this genre and they have worked together in Love Aaj Kal and now Cocktail which hits theatre's on 13th July.

Not forgetting Saif has also won a National Award for Best Actor in the romantic genre film Hum Tum.

No wonder the Nawab is called the King of Romantic Comedy.

Cocktail's music is already making waves along with Deepika's bikini scene. The film stars Diana Penty and Deepika Padukone along with Saif and Boman Irani and Dimple Kapadia have special appearances.


Bipasha’s living life to the fullest!

Happy family: Bipasha Basu with her mom and dad

After her break-up with John Abraham, it appears Bipasha Basu is keeping herself busy with work and living life to the fullest.

She says, “Life is such a beautiful journey! In this journey we meet such wonderful people in the most unexpected places and time. These become such beautiful stories to recap later in life. Stories that bring a smile to your face and fill your heart with warmth!”

The actress recently returned to Mumbai after shooting the last leg of her Hollywood film Singularity in London. Her brother-in-law Rohit says that she is blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Bipasha, who will be next seen in Raaz 3, has also signed director Rohit Roy’s next film, a remake of 1982 classic Shaukeen. Good going girl...


Salman to endorse Sri Lanka?

If the latest buzz is to be believed then Salman Khan may be chosen as brand ambassador for the inaugural Sri Lanka Premiere league.

A source said, “People in Sri Lanka love Bollywood films and there's a big craze for Bollywood celebrities in the country. Salman Khan has been approached. There has been no official announcement yet, but Salman has agreed.”

Sources suggest Salman is a good friend of Sri Lanka's president's son, and hence has given his nod.


Gurinder on move

Gurinder Chadha is making a movie on Lord Mountbatten. British beauty and Oscar-nominated actress Keira Knightley might be cast opposite Saif Ali Khan. Keira's first movie was Chadha's Bend It Like Beckham.



Increasing clan

Imran Khan is quite the animal lover. He has a few pets and recently rescued a stray cat. The actor has now adopted her and added her to his kitty.

chatter box
Moving across borders

A still from Crime Patrol
A still from Crime Patrol

This week Crime Patrol brings to you a heart wrenching story of a missing man; his journey back home and his family’s struggle to find him back. The episode recreates the story of Tukaram Karpe (name changed), 58 year old mentally unstable man, who went missing from a hospital in Pune. After one and a half year he was found in Kot Lakhpat Jail in Lahore. Crime Patrol team which travels to the lengths and breadths of the country to shoot or the episodes, reached all the way to Wagah Border to shoot the anchor links for this unique case which had been in news some days ago. Incidentally, Tukaram was released same day when Crime Patrol team was shooting and was brought to India through Wagah Border only.

Playing the new Dev D

Lovelorn: Gurmeet Choudhary

Gurmeet Choudhary is aiming to be the new Devdas on television! In this week’s Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa act, where the theme is 100 years of cinema, Gurmeet will be seen dedicating his act to all the three Devdas’. From Dilip Kumar’s romancing to Shakrukh’s Chalak Chalak, Gurmeet feels that he truly evolved to the modern version of Dev D. With the show and its grueling routine, his reel screen wife from a popular daily and his real life wife Debina, seems to have a lot of emotional atyachaar on her plate. Let’s hope he manages to leave the bottle for the love of all his current leading ladies.


Going the SRK way

Although Shahrukh Khan’s fan list is huge, the charming Sanath Jaysurya is the latest one to join the brigade. For the special tribute to the 100 years of cinema episode on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, Sanath will perform to some of SRK’s hit tracks. 


Fishing adventures

Along Oklahoma's many rivers, a group of daring men practice a tradition dating back to early pioneer days: catching giant catfish with nothing more than their bare hands. A skill taught to colonial settlers by native Americans, hand catching catfish was first documented in 1775 and remains a vital rural tradition. During the Great Depression, it was an important way to feed families at low cost. Today, catfish "noodling" is a way to supplement incomes during the regulated catfish season. Catch the real action on Mudcats on History channel.


The scary highway to home

Brush with eerie: Vije Bhatia

Popular TV actor Vije Bhatia, who will be seen playing the lead role in Hemant Madhukar’s supernatural thriller Mumbai 125 Km with Veena Malik, had a very eerie experience while travelling back to Mumbai from his trip to Satara. The actor says, “I was looking at the freshly painted milestones while driving back. It was broad daylight. I was planning to get my picture clicked at the milestone that showed 125 km for Mumbai. I was shocked to find that it was the dirtiest of the lot. I got down and used my wife’s kajal pencil to darken the numbers on the milestone. Once we got in the car, it just would not start. It was a brand new car with perfect battery, but it refused to start. So we started it but the minute we put on the AC it stopped again. ” Bhatia, who was earlier seen in the role of a terrorist in film A Wednesday was also seen in Ramayan on NDTV Imagine as Bharat. He has also played lead in serials like Imtihaan, Kashmakash, Kasak, Kabhi Saas Kabhi Bahu and Shikwa as lead on DD1.


Change: the new game

Looking forward: Mohammad Nazim

Mohammad Nazim aka Aham of Saath Nibhana Saathiya is adapting to the changes in the show and here he talks to us about why he’s missing his ex costar Jiaa Manek so much.

You seem upset that Jiaa was replaced in Saathiya?

Well, we have been friends since the show began and so it is natural to have a reaction.  But such is life and one has to move on. Sure I miss her on the sets.

How is it going with the new Gopi, Debolina?

It is new and different. We are both adjusting with each other. We are both professionals and are working towards giving our best on the show.

It might take a while to create chemistry with Debolina. What do you feel about that?

Yes as it is her first show and itwill take time. We rehearse and chat before scenes. I ensure she is comfortable and we both try to give our best.

Not many know that you did a show before too?

Yes, Shaurya Aur Suhaani was my first show wherein I play a negative role. Playing the positive Aham is fun. And this show Saathiya has changed my life totally.

Have you kept in touch with Jiaa?

Yes, like I said we are friends so we chat when we can. I am looking forward to seeing her in Jhalak. I think she will do a fabulous job.

Wouldn’t you want to participate in a reality show?

Sure. Why not? As and when I get the right opportunity. Today there is a lot of competition in the TV industry. One has to work hard and prove oneself every time. Even if you take on a new show, you can’t rest on your laurels. — HRM. 

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Don’t be amazed at your good luck. Take a break from work; the recent burst of enthusiasm is over so catch your breath. Make this an easy day for anything that needs effort. Tarot message: Empty promises are certain, therefore try to put your terms and conditions in writing. Lucky colour: Fuchsia. Magic number: 31

TAURUS: Parents can experience stress due to children. Making money and having fun will not work. Stick to earning a living and leave entertainment for later. You may realise that recreations are costly. Tarot message: You find within yourself a fountainhead of will power. Lucky colour: Rainbow pastels. Magic number: 21

GEMINI: Sweet moments are in store during the day. Shopping for a gift as a token of affection is a delightful way to spend money. You will find people generally hard to pin down. Early night sleep is good for you. Tarot message: Do what is right and watch your best interests. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 61

CANCER: Spending on health makes sense. Enduring relationships can be formed with new people who live at a distance. Stick to your regular job as the best way of boosting your reserves. Tarot message: You are advised to focus on professional changes. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 55

LEO: Too much of a thing could be exhausting your credit card. Do not get involved in any mutual venture blindly without investigating the economic situation of the other party. Give your creative talent a vent. Tarot message: You must share responsibility with others before continuing. Lucky colour: Metallic grey. Magic number: 26

VIRGO: Anticipate a bit of craziness creeping into your day. Avoid gossiping; because it can spoil your chances of success. Sportsmen: exercise more to keep yourself fit. You may attend a formal event or a conference. Tarot message: Think positive and be optimistic. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 28

LIBRA: Plans for a romantic rendezvous could be disrupted by a call from work or a need to do overtime. Do not be afraid to get things off your chest. Go along with the wishes of your family members. Tarot message: You gain by being practical; don’t be emotional. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 64

SCORPIO: If single, you will find good company. Pay more attention towards your health. Do not take on chores that would tire you physically. Keep your sense of humour alive. Tarot message: Focus on your emotional and spiritual side. Lucky colour: Forest green. Magic number: 30

SAGITTARIUS: Your card “Three of Cups” suggests that emotions have to be controlled. Partners may not agree with your plans. Look forward to throwing yourself into projects with enthusiasm. Tarot message: At work don’t hold back anything from your employer. Lucky colour: Purple. Magic number: 28

CAPRICORN: Rise early; walking or running will suit some of you. Yoga or meditation may appeal to others. A domestic hassle is settled amicably. Education and research projects bring you fresh laurels. Tarot message: By applying yourself you can achieve success. Lucky colour: Golden brown. Magic number: 59

AQUARIUS: Today, attention revolves around your home, property, family and long range decisions. Money rolls after lunch. Keep moving ahead with the progress you have been making. Tarot message: Focus on the better to mitigate the bitter. Lucky colour: White. Magic number: 33

PISCES: You should be satisfied with what is being accomplished. Soon enough you will be ready to show the world what you have been working on. For now, stay with the task in hand. Tarot message: You have to push to succeed and your efforts will pay off. Lucky colour: Black.Magic number: 27

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is June 24...

Pleasing news regarding money matters will arrive soon. This may not mean a massive boost in your income but you should feel happy about the way such affairs are going. Dissuade a partner from spending too much as this is not how you want to see any extra money being used. A family event that's being arranged will give you a chance to form a more meaningful and friendly relationship with your in-laws.

Concerns may also arise because of relationships. Ensure that you maintain good relationships with subordinates. You may seriously think about ensuring financial progress.

Your work won't keep you very happy and it will make you touchy and irascible. The changes in professional sphere, begun in the past, will proceed. Till December, you'll probably purchase a new office or re-equip old premises. A new business line will face a lot of difficulties, and won't probably develop as fast as it was supposed. In October and November you should consider maintaining good relations with your friends to clear up professional and financial situations. It is possible that this will result in separation with some people. High protectors may let down, and that's why it is necessary to rely only on your own power and opportunities. It is advised that you be prudent in communications; you can't trust people that are near. Don't mix friendships and business affairs as you run a risk of remaining without both money and friends.

Born on the 24th, you are responsible and help others. You may also become the mediator and peacemaker in inharmonious situations. Ruled by Venus six is a loving, stable, and harmonious vibration. As lovers number six has a deep dislike of discord and will generally work hard in the field of art, architecture, media.

Financial prospects improve. Be careful in handing accounts and finance. In 2013, expenditure is indicated which may be to diversify or improve existing business or starting a new venture.

You’ll be very well psychically; you’ll be courageous and confident, ready to face any problems. Towards the end of 2012, you might become more vulnerable and you’ll tend to ignore possible health problems.

Mood: Clear and insightful. Compatible signs: Aries, Libra. Lucky colours: Blue grey. Lucky days: Monday and Thursday. Lucky numbers: 4, 11, 12, 14, 44. Lucky gem: Natural pearl, Moonstone, colourless solitaire. Lucky flower: Day-lily (Yellow).


Vijayashanti (24 June24, 1964, Nirmal, Andhra Pradesh) has starred in over 185 movies She is credited as The lady superstar and The action queen of Indian Cinema. For the first few years, she portrayed mostly glamorous roles. Notable among them is her role in the Telugu film Satyam-Shivam (1981), the cast of which included the two legends of Telugu Cinema - NTR and ANR. Following the success of Vijayanthi IPS, the producers of her films began releasing Tamil versions of her movies simultaneously with the Telugu Movies. 

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