Round the club
For the young and the restless, an evening out is no longer synonymous with just dining out 
Manpriya Singh

The club area in Kava
all in one: The club area in Kava

The dress code might have to be dispensed with and club rules eased out a little but as long as the guest lists are long, there's no way those behind the hospitality industry are letting go of the precious crowds that have just got done with dinner and are ready to shift the venue. Way back, Copper Chimney coupled with the Copper Club made a lot of business sense.

Increasingly the trend has become the norm. In came Tao, in the middle of Chandigarh's outing zone. Kava, pretty soon followed. While Smoke House Deli soon plans to open its doors wide open to the corresponding Smoke House Grill. Swagath and S-lounge further add on to the statistic. It's an era of intersecting concepts. There's a small dance floor, lounge sofas spread around, wide screens, DJ to dish out loud music, dining area to take care of the hunger pangs. "In our fine dining restaurants, the last order we take is at 11pm. There are a lot of youngsters that later move to the few twenty four hour eating joints available. We are also planning to roll out one such alternative," says Ginny Chawla, managing director, The Altius.

The hotels have always prided themselves in providing the wholesome experience. A club, a bar, a lounge, a restaurant, all under one flagship brand one way or the other.

"One of the many reasons for this can be that people behind the hospitality industry are travelling and trying to incorporate the foreign concepts and cultures in the city," shares Ayushi, PR and marketing manager, Kava hospitality.

Eventually it also boils down to the wholesome experience to those looking to cater to the restless crowds. She adds, "The younger crowd especially would start with drinks and snacks and move onto the lounge area later." Recent to join the bandwagon, Pewter Room ensured it didn't enter alone. There was a Blue Blazer right behind and despite the front and back door entries there is a wide passage across the two places. Nods Santosh Sridhar, general manager, TAO, "This also ensures maximum utilisation of space. When you are opening a club, you need a kitchen anyway, when it is there, there might as well be a restaurant." He adds, "The younger crowd, as long as it satisfies the club rules, is allowed to move on to lounge, later in the night." World over, some of the most successful restaurants market themselves as chill out places. Sunny Saraon, running his own catering company, doesn't remember when he last went out to just have dinner with his friends. "It's the old school, way of dining out. Live band and food and family. Every once in a decade there's an introduction of new concepts and revival of the old ones." Adds Ayushi, "Then there's also the growing interest of people itself in the hospitality industry. People give feedback and are more demanding." One thing is just not good enough. Party venue is never one place and after party is just as much the part. The action keeps shifting but the revelry never stops.

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Class apart

n Learn it from around the world. Some of the world's swankiest places, give you the best of both world's. Until and unless, it' s a McDonald or KFC! The list below can never be exhaustive.

n Felix, Berlin-One of world's trendiest restaurants, Felix is known for its international style. The place is set apart by its mix of high cuisine, modern lounge-bar and killer clubbing. After dinner on Thursdays, it is transformed into a bumping club with the help of DJ tunes and light shows.

Neva, München

This Munich club sets itself apart from the rest with its designing dominated by vibrant colours, gorgeous lighting and five meter high ceilings. A pearl curtain separates the bar and dance floor, while some stairs take visitors to the lounge and a view overlooking the DJ.

Dream come true
Mohammad Nazim aka Ahem of Saath Nibhana Saathiya is all set to debut in Punjabi cinema
Sabia Talwar

Mohammad Nazim, who plays the lead role of Ahem in Star Plus’ Saath Nibhana Saathiya, shares his story of how he landed up in the city of dreams, Mumbai.

Starting from scratch

I was born and brought up in Malerkotla, Punjab and when I was seventeen, I shifted to Chandigarh. I worked as a personal trainer at Bodyscapes gymnasium, Sector-34. While I was instructing people on fitness, I also modelled for various Punjabi videos and participated in a lot of fashion shows. I was also among the top twenty in the Gladrags Mr India 2009.

Journey there on

I was fond of acting since childhood and once I got to do a show for Channel V for two days where I earned Rs 1000 per day. And as for education, I had completed my twelfth standard and started my graduation but I left it in between. I also modelled for various print advertisements and from there on, I was offered a negative role in Star Plus' Shaurya Aur Suhani. I went to Mumbai and after this show, I struggled for one year and did shows like CID and Aahat. But all this while, I was waiting for a meaty role and that's when Saath Nibhana Saathiya happened.

Present perfect

When I signed Saath Nibhana Saathiya, I never expected it to do so well. As it is, the show was slotted for 7 pm! I’m really enjoying being Ahem, actually the character is not bad at all but the situations are such that make him lose temper. I love it when I hear from the audience that they like me in the show. Recently Devoleena Bhattacharjee replaced Jiaa Manek for the character of Gopi. I felt very bad when I got to know that Jiaa has made an exit from the show but this industry is such that one has to move on. Devoleena is a very dedicated and a humble person and I like working with her.

Life in a daily soap

First of all, I would like to suggest all the aspiring actors that talent is very essential and you must work hard if you want to be a television actor. I have a daily shoot of nearly twelve hours and on some days I don’t even get time for myself. As I’m a fitness freak, I make it a point to hit the gym on a daily basis and I also follow a healthy diet routine. Although, I’m enjoying being a Mumbaikar now but I miss Punjab a lot.

Cinematic touch

That’s not all. I’m also doing a comedy-horror Punjabi movie titled Full Fukre, which is being directed by Chetanya Tripathi. The story revolves around three brothers and their dreams. I’m playing the youngest brother along with Miley Jab Hum Tum fame Arjun Bijlani and Lakhwinder Singh. My character in the movie is a very simple person who falls in love with each and every girl. It is very similar to the character of Akshay Kumar in Housefull. The shoot for the movie is on and it will be ready for a release in another three months.

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Hall of fame
Rajpal Singh brings laurels to Punjab by qualifying for a performance at the prestigious Westminster Hall
Vasudha Gupta

The exhilaration of performing at a prestigious concert in Westminster Hall can be unmatchable. Rajpal Singh, associated with the Punjab Arts Council, has had the good fortune of being a part of the concert at the invitation of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Enthralled at the development, Rajpal, currently in London, speaks about the opportunity of a lifetime. Having performed and won several times at the prestigious Llangollen International Music and Dance Festival, he and his team, Heritage Dancers, will now present a Rajasthani Ghoomar dance. The Llangollen International Music and Dance Festival started in 1947 after the World War II to advocate peace and harmony in the world. Since Prince of Wales, Prince Charles is the Chief Patron of the festival; it helped Rajpal Singh introduce his dancing talent to the CPA.

Sharing his experience, he says, "Contingents from only eight countries have been selected to perform at the Westminster Hall on July 2." Apart from the main performance at the Hall, the group will follow it with their performance at the Llangollen festival. "There is a whole world out there, which is committed to bring peace and harmony in the world," he says. The invitation for the same came in February, which initially did not excite him much. "At that point, we were not even certain if it will all come through. Also, for us it is just a performance, but now that we are all set to go, the level of enthusiasm has shot up," he shares.

With only 700 seats in the Westminster Hall, the special dignitaries will only comprise the House of Lords and the Secretaries of the Commonwealth. Happy to represent India, Rajpal is proudly carrying the Indian Flag for the carnival. "It's a special Commonwealth carnival being celebrated in collaboration with the Welsh festival," he informs. The entire celebration for the Heritage Dancers will include an educational tour with the dance troupe. "Even if it inspires one student, it is a change worth it. We will be visiting Oxford and Startford upon Avon," he says. The atmosphere, according to Rajpal is vibrant with activity during the ten day festival, he exclaims, "All politicians should go there to learn what peace is all about and what we as a nation want around us," he says.

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Just beat it
Music for soul 
Manpriya Singh

Little did anyone know that the marketing term coined by record companies would go on to become one of the most successful musical terms ever. Rhythm and blues, anyone?

Even those not typically acquainted with the music, know of the existence of the genre. The R&B, as it’s often spelled, with a strong base in jazz and genre of popular African-American music was being tuned into by more and many more, soon after its origins in the 1940s. Where jazz catered to the audience of the clubs for the middle class and the aristocracy, rhythm and blues was reaching out to the blue collared and even the street gangs.

Most popular musicians/ artists of the genre

Cutting short the origins, Ray Charles is where we begin from. The influential and the acclaimed artist of the sixties. The American musician is credited with fusing rhythm and blues, gospel and blues style into his early recordings. Those who know, love his What’s I Say, a song that broke the singer into mainstream music and along side introduced a new sub genre of Rhythm and Blues called soul music. It would be a sacrilege to conclude any conversation on music without bringing in the legendary Stevie Wonder. Or without mentioning his Superstition. The indisputable genius not only of R&B but popular music in general. Somewhere the Curtis Mayfield needs a mention too. So does Bill Withers and his single Lean On Me. Who can forget his Grammy award for best R&B song, Ain’t No Sunshine. The list can never be exhaustive.

Youngsters’ version of the genre

In the late 1940s and even into the early fifties, the genre consisted of brass instruments, woodwinds, as well as drums, piano and vocals. These elements were common in most of the jazz bands of the time but Rhythm and Blues musicians produced a heavier sound coupled with a steady beat. Many of the newbies, love turning to the genre for some fusion and for some inspiration.

“Even though I don’t know much about the genre or the iconic songs in this genre, 
but Stevie Wonder’s Uptight/Everything’s Alright remains my favourite,” shares Sharan Sibal or S2, from a city based rap crew. He adds, “The genre is all encompassing. It itself was derived from jazz and blues and further got absorbed in so many other genres. But yes, nothing remains as acceptable as the musical term and name of the genre.” Somewhere the recent crop of R&B stars need take credit too. Shares Swarleen Bawa, B.Comm student, “Usher remains my current hero. All the songs by him, I feel, fall under the category of soul music.” Anyone with blues? Put on some rhythm.

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stress buster
For a stress free zone
Renee singh

“Why am I so stressed all the time?” It’s an awful feeling to reel under stress always. Anxious and edgy, tired and listless, and not really feeling enthusiastic about anything. Nothing seems visibly wrong and yet nothing really feels right either.

Do you feel like avoiding people and hide away from the world. Well you are not the only one; research shows us that 18 per cent of our adult population goes through such feelings. Research gives us some surprising and interesting conclusions as to why people think so. Everyone is born with a hardwired response to stress and anxiety. But like any other mechanism it has its flaws. Earlier we would debate on nature versus nurture but in today’s world, this no longer seems valid.

Most of us inherently know that slowing down, simplifying life and taking time off for fun activities will help relieve stress. But sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you can’t get away from it at all. In such situations you have to find stress relievers that will help you to become more resilient towards the stress you face.

How to make everything seem less stressful?

Whenever we are encountering stress in our lives there are a few things we can quickly and easily do to minimize the impact of stress in our lives.

See no stress and feel no stress

Well I’m not saying you live in denial, but there are a few strategies that help in relieving stress. If you alter your perceptions of what is stressful to you, life becomes much more enjoyable and easier to deal with.

Trick yourself to feel less stressed

There are several ideas that are fun things to do and work with. Allow your mind to shut itself from the disturbing thoughts and open up the fun channel. Once you have learnt to enjoy yourself whole-heartedly you will feel recharged.

Prone to self sabotage? Stop it

One of the most challenging things is being aware of self sabotage. Whenever you are doing itn you have to be able to recognise the signs, so that you don’t allow it to get to you and you can rectify the effects immediately. Don’t play the blame game on yourself.

Be optimistic

The benefits of optimism are huge. Optimists enjoy better health, stronger relationships and are more productive and experience less stress. They take more risks and normally blame external circumstances. If they fail, they maintain try-again-attitude, this makes them more likely to succeed in the future.

Pessimists tend to blame themselves when things go wrong, becoming more reluctant to try again with each negative experience in life. They look at the positive events in life as ‘flukes’ and keep expecting the worst.

Once we understand this we also begin to realise how positive and optimistic and negative and pessimistic self talk impacts our stress levels and our lives.

Start seeing negative events as ‘not your fault’ and positive events as the ‘sweet gifts’ of life with more to come and start feeling a level of elation.

Positive affirmations also help

Reprogram yourself with these so that positive thinking becomes an automatic process with you. Stress relief is an ongoing process in our lives and we have to see to it that we keep it going on constantly.

(Singh is a Chandigarh based psychotherapist)

Tweetie pie
Vasudha Gupta

Farah Khan


Ok full family safely in theatre! Even found kids sized 3D glasses..pvr zindabad!

Yes Farah, we all know that PVR is always funding all your movies, now lets not go gaga over them. Some things should be kept under the warps.

Madhur Bhandarkar


Thank you al for your enthusiasm & patience. Me & team are givng final touches to the trailer & posters of #Heroine. Wil reveal all asap.

The movie already has been laced with enough controversies, lets try and steer clear of any more mudslinging.

Priyanka Chopra 


Workaholic, melancholic and every thing in between.. My madness or's a thin line..but the choice is ours..woke up strange today.

Dressing up like a school girl 20 years after you graduated high school steps over to the fine line of madness Priyanka.

Ram Gopal Varma 


Its better to pray to every rock because u never know which rock will turn into which idol

With you Ramu, we can just hope and pray you won’t turn idols into rocks. Ummm, no one should mention Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag.

Katrina Kaif


Don't ask for my opinion and get mad when I tell you the truth. :-(

We can hardly expect any danger out of you Ms Kaif. After all, if Salman and you are still ‘freinds’, there is no way you can be harmful to any one.

Sonakshi Sinha


Been shooting a really heavy scene since morning! I guess this is what saturated feels like...!!!

Being heavy, staying heavy. Heaviness is pretty much an important aspect of your personality Sonakshi. Surely you will pull it off well.

Pump up your life
Renu Sabberwal

Our heart is the most industrious organ of our body. The heart beats 100,000 times a day. Blood circulation in the body is like an automatic system in some fountain where the water springs up and falls down and gathers together to spring up again. Blood in our body is pumped up by the heart into the arteries. It then flows through millions of minute vessels all through the body and conveys back to the heart, through the veins.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is chronically elevated. Blood pressure is the force of blood that is pushing up against the walls of the blood vessels. If the pressure is too high, the heart has to work harder to pump, and this could lead to organ damage and several illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure and renal failure. The normal level for blood pressure is below 120/80, where 120 represents the systolic measurement (peak pressure in the arteries) and 80 represents the diastolic measurement (minimum pressure in the arteries). Blood pressure between 120/80 and 139/89 is called pre hypertension (to denote increased risk of hypertension), and a blood pressure of 140/90 or above is considered hypertension.

What causes hypertension?

Hypertension is very common these days irrespective of one’s age. Though the exact causes of hypertension are usually unknown, there are several factors that have been associated with the condition. These include:

n Smoking, high levels of alcohol consumption

n Obesity or being overweight

n Diabetes, stress, aging

n Sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity

n High levels of salt intake (sodium sensitivity)

n Insufficient calcium, potassium and magnesium consumption

n Deficiency of Vitamin D

The neglect of hypertension may lead to

n Heart attack or heart failure

n Hemiplagia or paralysis

n Kidney failure etc.

Cure for hypertension

n Change in lifestyle

n Moderation in eating, working, exerting etc.

n Prefer salt free diet, avoid saturated fats.

n Control weight for a normal BMI.

n Practice yoga bhyasa under the guidance of a trained yoga teacher.


Pranayama deals with controlled breathing, a method of controlling Prana or life force through the regulation of breathing. It is the breathing control process of inhalation, exhalation and the retention of vital energy. As a result of deep and controlled breathing, the freshly oxygenated blood (during inhalation) travels from the lungs to the heart and cleanses the blood faster.

Effects of yoga on blood pressure

Yoga helps in weight loss, which in turn reduces blood pressure. Regular yoga performers are less likely to suffer from hypertension than their age matched counterparts.

Recommended asanas

Uttan asana

Adho mukha Shav anasana

Hast asana

Bhuj angasana

Vakra asana

Makar asana

Parvat asana

Hasta Parsav asana 

The above are some of the asanas which help a person get rid of the ailment.

(Renu Sabberwal is a Ludhiana based yoga expert)

(As told to Poonam Bindra) 

Everybody say cheese!

We are always looking for a perfect dessert which should not just look good but also taste great and if it is made with ingredients easily available in the kitchen and the result is a five star looking wonder then the homemaker deserves a much deserved pat on the back.

These cheese cakes with a medley of biscuits  and mascarpone with cheese and garnished with chocolate chips is sure to be a hit.


For the base

Crush both the biscuits in a blender to crumble them, or you could break the biscuits up onto a greaseproof paper then cover them with another piece and firmly push a rolling pin to and fro, until the biscuits become crumbs. Melt butter in a saucepan and add biscuits, crumbs and sugar to it. Mix well. Remove from stove and line the base and sides of a loose bottom cake tin approximately 9-10 inches with the biscuit crumbs and press it with the back of your hand to spread evenly. Bake it in hot oven at 350°F for 5-7 minutes. Set aside.

For the cheesecake

Cook gelatine mixture on a slow flame, until transparent. Remove from stove and cool completely. Pass it thorough a fine sieve. Set aside. Place the Philadelphia cream, cheese and condensed milk in the liquidiser jar. Blend until mixed. Turn it out in a large bowl. Set aside. In another small bowl, beat whipping cream until thick. Gently fold in the mascarpone cheese. Add this to the Philadelphia cream cheese mixture. Gently fold in chocolate chips and kahlua. Fold in gelatine mixture in a thin stream. Pour the mixture onto the prepared cookie crust and freeze for two hours or until set. Remove from the tin onto a serving plate and garnish with grated chocolate, chocolate chips and whipped cream. Serve chilled.

(Asha Khatau is a celebrated culinary expert and author) 

(As told to Poonam Bindra)

Mascarpone Cheesecake


For the base

n 150 gms oreo cookies, toasted

n 150 gms almond macaroons or cookies, toasted

n 3 tbsps butter

n 3 tbsps powdered sugar

For the cheesecake

n 100 gms mascarpone

n 100 gms Philadelphia cream cheese

n 200 gms condensed milk

n 100 gms whipping cream

n ½ cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

n 4 tsps gelatine, mixed with six tablespoons of cold water

n 1 tbsp kahlua (optional)

To garnish

n Grated chocolate, chocolate chips and whipped cream

star track
Of superstitions and compositions

Singers at a reality show All of us have followed a superstition at some point or the other in our lives and the top-players in the music industry are no exception to this. While composer duo Salim-Sulaiman doesn’t follow any ritual, Shreya Ghoshal and composer Anu Malik are dominated by superstitions. Read on to find out.

Anu Malik: I used to be superstitious but am not anymore. But if a black cat crosses my path, whether I am going to a recording or not, I will go ten spaces behind, say a prayer and carry on. It is a part of my psyche now. Before we start recording, I break a coconut and say ‘Fresh Orange Take 1/2/3’ or ‘Fresh Strawberry Take 1/2/3’ depending on how far the singers have progressed. All this may not mean anything to you but I love everything fresh and so it is a ritual I follow.

Salim-Sulaiman: We don’t follow any ritual and are not superstitious about anything.

(But we think Sukhwinder Singh is their lucky mascot because he sings their title tracks which turn out to be chartbusters. For instance, Chak De India and Fashion Ka Jalwa are huge hits composed by Salim-Sulaiman and sung by Sukhwinder. Haule Haule from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is all set to become a chartbuster. Sukhwinder and Salim-Sulaiman are a successful collaboration.)

Himesh Reshammiya: I believe in God and everything I have is God’s blessing. I also believe in astrology that is why Karzzzz has four Zs and I released my debut film on my mother’s birthday (29 May). I also wear a lot of chains and rings and begin everything in God’s name.

Shreya Ghosal: She used to be superstitious in the early days of her career. She says “Whenever I go for a recording, I pray to God and take aashirwad from my mom and touching her feet is very important to me. And if I don’t touch her feet, something bad happens, like the recording gets cancelled or I have to give too many takes. So I believe if I take my mom’s blessings, my day turns out to be good.  You will laugh when you hear this but there is a Bengali saying that one must not see a broom before doing something important or auspicious. So I used to be very particular about this, especially during my exam days.”

Sunidhi Chauhan says she doesn’t believe in superstitions at all. “I am not a superstitious kind of person but I know many people in the industry who are. Some of the people that I work with are superstitious and do recordings according to muhurat, so even I have to follow it.” 



Chinese whispers

Deepika Padukone  Deepika says she is shy but people think she is snooty. She is vulnerable and emotional but puts on a tough exterior in the public eye. She was offered both Meera and Veronica’s roles in Cocktail and she picked the role of hot and sexy Veronica.

Back with a bang!

The comedy gurus are back and this time in a spiritual avatar. The popular Hera Pheri duo Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal, who made the entire theatre laugh at every second dialogue, is coming back with their new venture Oh My God.

The film, which is based on Umesh Shukla’s Gujrati play Kanji Viruddh Kanji, has Paresh Rawal in the lead role playing the character of Kanahaiya. Akshay Kumar plays the character of modern day Lord Krishna. What unites these two characters in the film is the central plot. It’s a tale of unconventional happenings in normal day to day lives. The film is set to release on September 28. 



Love on the net

Hollywood actress Mila Kunis says she has never dated before and she is not very good at finding men.

The 28-year-old, who has been linked to string of actors like Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher in the past, said she prefers internet dating than going out for dinners, reported a website.

“I’m OK in my personal life. I’ve never dated. I can say this honestly: I don’t know what it’s like to date. But also, how am I going to date? I’m not in one state long enough. “I would do Internet dating instead of going out to bars. In two seconds I would. It makes so much more sense! I love those sites. I go on and I pick the guys for my friends. I think it’s great. It’s online shopping! We all get together with our laptops and have a glass of wine. Then we message the guy,” she said. —PTI

Close brush with animation

Delhi Safari, the internationally acclaimed 3D stereoscopic animation feature film, produced by Krayon Pictures and directed by Nikhil Advani, is all set for a nationwide release on October 19th. The movie has voices by Govinda, Akshaye Khanna, Boman Irani, Urmila Matondkar and Suniel Shetty and the music is by Shankar Ehsaan Loy. 

“The movie is a first of its kind in India,” said Nikhil Advani. “It has a strong environmental theme; cutting edge 3D animation packaged in Bollywood tamasha and has been created for a global audience.”

Delhi Safari was chosen for the “official selection” section at the Annecy Film Festival 2012 in France. It’s the story of five animals who journey to Delhi to protest in front of the Parliament when their forest is encroached upon by builders. —HRM



Kareena won’t drop Kapoor!

Actress Sharmila Tagore converted to Islam after she married Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. She became Ayesha Sultana Khan, later shortened to Ayesha Khan.

Nonetheless, she has always been referred to as Sharmila Tagore as that’s the name she used on-screen and in public life for years.

Recently, some media reports stated that Kareena will be wearing her mother-in law Sharmila’s sharara at her October 2012 wedding. Now, there is rumour as to whether Kareena will convert to Islam to marry Saif or not. And also whether she will change her last name or not. However, the actress maintains that she will continue as Kareena Kapoor Khan after the marriage. “There is no way I am dropping the Kapoor in my name,” she said firmly.

True blue: Kareena Kapoor

Yoga for Freida

It seems that Freida Pinto’s character in Knight of Cups is a fan or teacher of yoga. The 27-year-old showed some yoga moves and massages on the sets of her latest movie along with co-star Christian Bale, who is romancing the Indian beauty in the movie, a publication reported. The duo was spotted filming together on the beach. The 38-year-old famously temperamental star, was all smiles as he filmed romantic scenes with Pinto at Santa Monica’s famous pier.

The plot of Knight of Cups is being kept very hush-hush, but it is described as the tale of a man in search of love and truth. In addition to Pinto, he has also been working with Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman in recent weeks. However, the Oscar winner appeared to be having the most fun yet as he got up close and personal with the glamorous Slumdog Millionaire actress in the sunshine. —ANI



Tug of war

Actress Katie Holmes, who has filed for divorce from superstar husband Tom Cruise, is asking for “legal custody, primary residential custody and a suitable amount of child support” from the actor. The 33-year-old, who raises six-year-old Suri with Cruise, filed papers in New York citing “irreconcilable differences”, ending their five-year-old marriage.

Holmes is also asking for a division of property in the divorce documents, although there is said to be a pre-nuptial agreement. The terms of the pre-nuptial apparently state that for each year the couple stay married, the Dawson’s Creek actress collects USD 3million - to a maximum of USD 33 million after 11 years - as well as their palatial home in California. If their marriage had lasted more than 11 years, Holmes would have received half of Cruises’s reportedly USD 250 million fortune. But since she has filed for divorce in less than six years, Holmes should only be entitled to USD 15 million as well as the couple’s USD 35 million Beverly Hills Mansion.

The couple are worth around USD 275 million - much of that owing to Cruise’s box office success. The Mission Impossible star married Holmes in November 2006 after a year of dating in a lavish ceremony held at an Italian castle. Cruise learned that Holmes had initiated divorced proceedings in New York while he was working on Oblivion in Iceland. This is another most talked high profile divorce in Hollywood. —PTI

The aftermath: Suri Cruise 


Rom-coms saved my career: Matthew McConaughey

Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey, who has starred in films How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Wedding Planner, says romantic comedies saved his career.

The 42-year-old actor said that the success of 2001 film Wedding Planner ensured he was asked to do further films in the genre, but he never planned it like that, reported a website. “Truth is, I was in a colder part of my career at the time. I was coming off, what was it, ‘U-571’? I had to try different things. I did action movies, crime; and then I did Wedding Planner. I thought, let’s go see what it’s like to just be light; never done that before. And then, it made a whole bunch of money, and they came back, and offered me more,” said McConaughey.

Despite this, the Texas-born actor, who is starring in thriller Killer Joe, said that he still takes humour very seriously. “I take the comedy real seriously. There’s a whole plan behind it. Even though those characters look like I’m just skating through, there’s a design behind it. They look easy-breezy’ but if you go digging too deep into the character, you sink the ship,” he added.—PTI

Rib tickling: Matthew McConaughey 

For the record

Rana Daggubatti has clarified that Bipasha Basu was never his girlfriend. His career in Bollywood has not taken off as people hoped it would. He says he has got many offers and even wants to produce movies here.

chatter box
Wife’s at help

Debina and Gurmeet Choudhary Gurmeet Choudhary is showing off 
his dancing skills in Colors' dance reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and feels that his wife Debina is his lucky charm. She is a trained classical dancer and helps him with steps, expressions and execution. Debina even takes a day off on the day of his performance to support her husband.

Have feet, will dance

Audience may know Zahida Parveen as Gayatri of serial Punar Vivah but the talented lady has one more hidden talent which hardly anyone knows about. Apart from being a great actor, she is also an accomplished dancer. Not that she is trained, but her skill so sound that she stayed abroad for her dance shows for almost five years. Zahida says, “I love dancing. Although I don’t have any professional training but my passion for the art helped me perfect my dancing skills. Also, I enjoy acting and love the perks that come with it."



Zooming in on life

Yesteryears beauty queen Zeenat Aman has offers to become a politican, and even get her biography published. Now she has decided to write one on her own. She has also got offers to make it into a serial, which she refused. Apparently the offer was that she would be the narrator on the show but guess she didn’t like the idea.

Confession box

AXN announces the premiere of the exciting web series – The Confession. There is more to a confession than what meets the eye! Revealing the intricate human drama, AXN India announces the premiere of The Confession – an enthralling exploration of good and evil featuring a hit man (Kiefer Sutherland), and a priest (John Hurt). For the first time ever, the intriguing web series is now on air as a 90 minute series of 10 x 5 – 10-min webisodes or mobisodes.

The enthralling drama takes off as on one Christmas Eve, the hit-man enters a church to confess his sins to the priest, revealing what has brought him to this moment. While at first the Confessor seems to be an evil, cold-blooded killer and the Priest the ultimate arbiter of good, as the series develops it becomes clear that both characters are much more complicated than expected. The internationally acclaimed web series has got rave reviews from around the globe for the amazing production values and captivating performances by the actors.



On the hit-list

Aditya Redij famous for his role as Raghav in Na Aana Is Desh Laado and Imagine's Preeto loves to watch films, especially action movies. The hunky actor says he is a big fan of all Quentin Tarantino movies. Here is a list of his top five favourite films.


This Mel Gibson movie has a nice story and it is one of the best action and adventure movies. What I really love about the film that all the action sequences in the film are real and aren’t shot by using technology. These days, you hardly get to see such action movies. The film is very realistic.


It’s the best romantic movie I have seen till date. I loved Rekha and Naseeruddin Shah’s performances in the film. The songs too in the film are amazing as well.

The Godfather

I loved both the parts. But more than the first 
part, I loved the sequel. In the sequel, you totally get engrossed.

Forrest Gump

The film won six Oscars. That tells how fabulously the film has been made. It’s a rom-com. It is an incredible movie and I think everyone should see it. The story is stunning and will encourage everyone to go the distance and see the world like Forrest did in the film.

Avatar and Jurassic Park

I loved Avatar for it’s 3D effects. Also Jurassic Park. These two films are like one of those lifetime films. You only get one chance to see them in the theatre and you will cherish it forever. — HRM



The chosen one

Sakshi Tanwar and Sameer Kochhar Post leap in Balaji’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain on Sony, Priya  (Sakshi Tanwar) will have a new guy in her life. The makers shortlisted Shabbir Ahluwalia, Eijaz Khan and Sameer Kochhar for the role but ultimately Sameer became lucky. The role will be of a guy who plays a business tycoon in Dubai and is a friend of Priya.

Lindsay Dee Lohan (July 2, 1986, New York) is an American actress and pop music singer. Lohan started her career in show business as a child fashion model for magazine advertisement and television commercials. At age of 10, she began her acting career in a soap opera; at 11, she made her motion picture debut in a twin role in Disney's 1998, The Parent Trap. Lohan rose to stardom with her leading roles in the films Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Mean Girls and Herbie.

Astro turf
p Khurrana

ARIES: “The Prince of Pentacles” infuses financial stability. Play a happy host with your sparkling personality. Delays can be expected. A happy surprise awaits you. Love stars twinkle. Tarot message: Don’t do anything at the cost of health. Time will heal all pains and wounds. Lucky colour: Cherry red. Magic number: 43

TAURUS: Like the “The Knight of Cups” you are emotional in personal relationships and graceful on social occasions. Professional success to blend with anxiety as changes is imminent. Watch what you eat. Tarot message: Lack of persistence can be disastrous in business matters. Lucky colour: White. Magic number: 47

GEMINI: Do not get sucked into overtime.Plan some fun and relaxation with friends and loved ones and leave stress city behind. “The Magus” brings travel oppertuinites. A brief trip is just on the cards. Tarot message: Don’t waste an opportunity by being rash or impulsive. Lucky colour: Turquoise. Magic number: 44

CANCER: “Ace of Swords” pulls you in the opposite direction when making a decision. A yearning for overseas travel and adventure could encourage a career of your choice. Do not overlook a chance meeting. Tarot message: Keep your eyes on the future as you do so. Lucky colour: Fiery red. Magic number: 28

LEO: Some very interesting and unusual people come into your sphere of business and give you a few different ideas. Loved ones may not fully understand your daily needs. Tarot message: Don’t do anything at the cost of health. Time will heal all pains and wounds. Lucky colour: Lotus pink. Magic number: 33.

VIRGO: “The Prince of Cups” brings truth, hopes and desires that you mask with a calm surface. You're just trying to understand what others around you are thinking. Tarot message: Be positive; you can make things happen out of the most unlikely circumstances. Lucky colour: Peacock blue. Magic number: 36

LIBRA: “The Lovers” facilitate you to be open and inspired by new ideas. Youngsters should be capable of entertaining themselves and they will be happiest left to their own pleasures. An evening party could bring happiness. Tarot message: Do not be in the rush to spend much. Lucky colour: Silver grey. Magic number: 54.

SCORPIO: “The Priestess” infuses promise and commitment in personal relationships. Bring up the sensitive issues that everybody is skirling around which will encourage some open and revealing discussing. Tarot message: Spend time meeting experienced people. Lucky colour: Crimson. Magic number: 37

SAGITTARIUS: “The Prince of Wands” comes riding with a promise of power and energy. Lots of secrets can make for an interesting day. Activities with your friends will be cheerful. Tarot message: Be positive; you can make things happen out of the most unlikely circumstances. Lucky colour: Brown. Magic number: 56

CAPRICORN: “The Fool” infuses you with courage. Make sure you really want to hear secrets. If a family member is not cooperating; refrain from arguing or trying to persuade. You find ways to express your creativity and emotion. Tarot message: Don’t try to end all the deadlocks at one go. Lucky colour: Ebony. Magic number: 25

AQUARIUS: “Ten of Pentacles” is good for relationships. Today you will be able to enjoy interacting with people who share your views and thoughts. Your ability to communicate effectively will help you to enhance your reputation. Tarot message: Do not trivial problems haunt you. Lucky colour: Deep red. Magic number: 28

PISCES: The karmic Wheel of Fortune turns in your favour. Get a good night sleep and cancel the late night party. Today loved ones will be more demanding. Trust your institution. Beware of strangers in the evening. Tarot message: Capitalize on your strength and do not trust others. Lucky colour: Forest green. Magic number: 32

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is July 2...

Avoiding sensitive subjects is a good way to keep harmony in life. This strategy might not work forever. Sooner or later you're going to have to face the problems that are affecting close relationships. The best thing you can do is talk to your partner and see how you want to resolve your differences. Don't expect them to agree with you immediately but give them a chance to think about it once you've spilled out your thoughts. You will work hard to maintain a momentum in your life. At work, a challenging and travel-oriented day awaits you. Relationships may prove to be less harmonious. Stressful issues are possible in personal life. You'll be given difficult, delicate tasks; try not to get distracted or go beyond your own limits. You and your partner will be able to satisfy some of your whims and enjoy this evening in a romantic setting. On the one hand, you're being encouraged to go with your basest instincts, on the other, to listen to your head. Conflicting advice makes it hard for you to even know what you really want. You can't tune into your intuition when you're feeling this confused. What's important is that you find a way to express your feelings so they don't get bottled up inside.

The number two belongs to the cooperative, sensitive, balanced, responsible, loving, patient, modest and supportive people. The number two is a water element and they exude a white and indigo aura.  Be more realistic and don't jump to conclusions. Seek expert advice before you make any financial commitments, especially in the stock market. Friends are helpful.

Mood: Given to being 'dragged into' arguments and slightly aggressive. Compatible signs: Leo, Sagittarius. Lucky colours: Aquamarine, Green. Lucky days: Wednesday and Friday. Lucky numbers: 4, 12, 16, 24, 46.

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