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200 makeshift shops removed
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
The tehbazari wing of Municipal Corporation removed around 200 makeshift shops of vegetable and fruit vendors near the MC Zone D office at BRS Nagar here today. The team of the tehbazari wing was provided security cover by the police. Certain vendors opposed the drive but the presence of the police force prevented them from hampering the drive.

Meanwhile the team did not allow the holding of car bazar at the Gian Singh Rarewala market on the third consecutive Sunday and bulldozed some other makeshift shops on the Dugri Road.

According to the tehbazari officials, this demolition exercise is a part of routine functioning of the department.

This market is known as "Apni Mandi" and vendors have been selling vegetables and fruits here for years. It was first such action by the department when all the makeshift shops have been removed.

According to the Superintendent, Tehbazari wing, Naveen Malhotra, the vacant land where the mandi was established belongs to the Municipal Corporation so they removed the encroachments.

It was also reported that some self-styled contractors collected money from vendors to provide them place and other infrastructure. They charge about Rs 150 per day from vendors.

According to sources, a person claiming himself to be a Mandi Board employee opposed the drive. He reportedly said the mandi was established to facilitate marketing of their produce farmers under a scheme of the Mandi Board.

However, the Superintendent, Tehbazari, said: "That particular land belongs to the corporation. So how the Mandi Board can establish a market there. Moreover, if the Mandi Board has provided the place to vendors then why they don't have any slip of the Mandi Board. The market was illegal, so our team demolished it like other illegal markets".

"Residents are happy with our effort because these type of markets lead to traffic chaos," he added.


No car bazar for second consecutive week
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
The police and the municipal corporation officials did not let the car bazar to be held at the Gian Rare Wala market for the second consecutive week.

A heavy police force was deployed in the area well before the arrival of shopkeepers. A team of traffic police, equipped with 10 tow vehicles, reached the market in the morning along with the MC officials. However, the police action irked the car bazar vendors and there was a stiff opposition to the MC move.

The action was taken following a writ petition filed by a resident in the Punjab and Haryana High Court, in which the traffic police and the MC had been respondents.

Congress leader Amarjit Tikka said: "The officials have jotted down the vehicle numbers and threatened us that if we would park a vehicle for sale then it would be towed away."



‘Snatchers’ caught on camera
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
The snatchers, who fled after snatching gold earrings of a 52-year-old woman two days ago, have been caught on the camera.

The two youngsters, riding a black motorcycle, had snatched the gold earrings of Harjit Kaur, a resident of Lal Kothi, in the Haibowal area, while she was visiting her neighbours on the evening of July 13.

The motorcyclists, after snatching the gold earring of the woman, took a U-turn and even teased the victim.

But they were oblivious of the fact that a close circuit television (CCTV) camera was recording their activities.

Following the incident, the man at whose house the CCTV camera was installed, informed Harjit Kaur's son Prabhjit.

Harjit identified the snatchers.

The victim's family handed over the CCTV footage to the police.



Ward no 28
Raji’s election challenged
Rajneesh Lakhanpal
Our Legal Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 15
Raising demand for setting aside the recently held elections at Ward no. 28 of the Municipal Corporation, an independent candidate, Rakesh Kumar Marwaha, has filed an election petition.

The petition was filed against elected Councillor Maharaj Singh Raji of the Congress, Amardeep Singh Bains, returning officer, presiding officer for the ward no. 28 election and defeated Akali-BJP candidate Harish Rai Dhanda. Taking cognisance of the petition, the presiding officer of the Election Tribunal-cum-SDM of Samrala, Jasbir Singh, has issued notices to all the parties for a hearing on July 24.

In its petition, Marwaha has alleged that Raji as well as Dhanda indulged in malpractices in connivance with the election staff.

The petitioner has alleged that both the Congress as well as the SAD-BJP nominees distributed money, liquor and utensils among voters. The duo were also charged with bribing polling officials for carrying out bogus voting in their favour by hacking EVMs.



Plantation drives fail to have desired results in state
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
Various non-government organisations and government bodies plant lakhs of saplings every year but according to forestry experts, no significant increase in the state green cover has been witnessed. The Punjab government had recently announced that it would plant 4 crore saplings in the state in the next five years.

However, the experts from Punjab Agricultural University appreciate all these initiatives of the government and non-government bodies but they suggest the survival of plants is very important.

According to the statistics of the Forest Survey of India-2011, the area under trees (outside forests) has increased by 100sq km in a year. Now, the area under forests in the state is 6.87%.

Dr Avtar Singh, Head of the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, said Punjab could expand its 15% area under forests. Farmers prefer to plant those trees which have commercial value over other saplings. So the area under trees has been increasing outside forests.

"Aftercare of saplings is an essential practice for their survival. Most of the time people lay emphasis on plantation but they forget saplings after planting them and leave them on nature. We think that our responsibility starts after planting a sapling," said Dr Avtar Singh.

"It is a fact that organisations plant thousands of trees every year but after plantation no one cares about them. After some time the saplings are damaged by stray animals or wither in adverse weather conditions. Organisations and the government have to count the trees survived instead of the saplings planted," said Yudhveer Singh, an environmentalist.



Self-styled leader held for extortion
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
The police has held a man who had been involved in extorting money by blackmailing people.

The suspect, a self-styled leader, was nabbed when he was leaving the area after extorting second instalment of Rs 10,000 from a religious leader of Maksudra village, Raghbir Singh of Maksudra, on Saturday evening.

The victim had agreed to pay Rs 20,000 as the suspect had threatened him that he would expose his alleged involvement in a marital dispute involving two brothers of Chhapar village with two sisters of Toose village. The victim had acted as a mediator in the settlement of the said marriages, which were reportedly broken by the sisters later.



25% addicts HIV positive at OST centre
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
About 25 per cent addicts registered at the Opioid Substitute Treatment (OST) Centre at the Lord Mahavir Civil Hospital, Ludhiana, are HIV positive.

Disclosing this, Dr SS Dhir, in charge of OST Centre, Ludhiana, said, “We have registered as many as 235 drug addicts at the centre. Out of these, about 25 per cent are HIV positive, as they used to take injectable drugs earlier.”

Due to infections like tuberculosis, HIV and hepatitis, 20 had died out of 235. The centre came into existence in October, 2010, along with four other centres at Taran Tarn, Amritsar, Batala and Jalandhar as the pilot project of NACO under the Punjab State AIDS Control Society. Recently, five more such centres were opened in other districts of Punjab.

Dr Dhir said, “We receive about 80 per cent addicts belonging to the below poverty line who come to us through NGOs. Out of these, 20 per cent are street-based addicts, who have no family support. We tested blood samples of these addicts and found that 25 per cent were Hepatitis B positive and 42 per cent were found Hepatitis C positive although they do not show clinical symptoms. A majority of the addicts are in the age group of 22 to 28 years. However, 15 per cent are aged 18 to 22 years.”

The addicts who come to us on their own have better compliance because their motivation and will power is more than other addicts.

Appeal to public

Street addicts usually give their wrong address. It becomes difficult for the staff of the OST centre to trace them in case they stop coming to the centre. Dr SS Dhir said, “We face this problem and appeal to the public in general that in case they come across any injectable drug user, they should immediately inform us. We try our best to include them in the main stream of society. The family and society support is a must and above all for such youngsters, rehabilitation and jobs become the most required things once they leave addiction.”

Syringe-exchange programme

During counselling, these addicts are advised not to use injections, but if they cannot live without injections and find it difficult to control their mind and suffer from any withdrawal symptoms like sleeplessness, body aches, lose motions, yawning, watering from eyes, etc, they are advised to use safe sterilised syringes and not to share them. These syringes are provided to injectable drug users under the syringe exchange programme run by NACO through NGOs.



Tough time for residents
Construction of railway overbridge causes inconvenience to people
Lovleen Bains

Sahnewal, July 15
The construction of Sahnewal railway overbridge seems to be taking a heavy toll on residents especially during the rainy season when the wet slippery mud spreads all over the road and becomes risky for commuters.

A commuter fractured his arm as he fell from his scooter while passing from the road. "This is the worst part of the construction work that is going on. As I was passing through the road, my scooter lost balance and before I could realise what had actually happened, I found myself on the hospital bed. The doctor said that there are multiple fractures and it can take months together to heal. The day the work on the overbridge started, I was overjoyed but today I feel that why did the work ever start. The troublesome leve-crossing was far better than the present condition at least our limbs were intact at that time."

"Whenever an overbridge or a road is to be constructed, the authorities have to first accommodate the existing rush by erecting a temporary service road on the either side but nothing was done in this case. As the vertical pillars are being erected the clay from under them has made life miserable for residents," viewed a resident.

"Our business has suffered largely due to the ongoing construction. No shopper dares to cross this clay filled slippery road unless and until there is a dire need for it. Everybody does not have a four wheeler. A majority of residents have to cross on two wheelers. The authorities will have to think about it at the earliest otherwise more people will meet the same fate in the near future," complained a resident.

"I pray to God every day before going to bed that there should be no rain as I have to attend college. I too had a bad experience the other day. I was on my Activa and was carefully driving through the road when it slipped and hit another scoote. I panicked and fainted. From that day, this path has become a nightmare for me and I don't want it to rain at any cost," rued a college student.

PWD official Gurvinder Singh said, "This overbridge is being erected on the earnest demand of the residents. Whenever such constructions are done, the residents have to face some sort of inconvenience for some period of time. The foundation of the vertical pillars, from where the clay erupts, have to be as strong as possible. It is only after their firmness is assured that we can construct a service road on both sides and in no case before that. We have been cooperating with the shopkeepers. They don't allow us to throw water around. The drainage system of the town is not that good that it can seep in all water in minutes. Even then we are trying to finish off the work at the earliest so that the service roads are constructed at the earliest."



Prices of tomato head north
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
Prices of tomato have once again headed north. Due to the rainfall, tomatoes are coming from neighbouring states and are priced at Rs 50 per kg. Due to its perishable nature, vegetable wholesalers do not buy it in large quantities and hence priced highly. Housewives have once again switched to tomato purees.

Tomatoes are being brought from the neighbouring states, as the produce in our state has finished due to the rain. The wholesalers do not buy this vegetable in large quantities, as it is perishable. Tomatoes like onion and potatoes are used in every dish, so people cannot skip buying them, said Mian, a vegetable vendor at Aggar Nagar.

Shweta Makhija, a housewife, said, “It is impossible to buy tomatoes at Rs 50 per kg. Whenever the prices go up, I switch to tomato purees, as they are economical. It was only for a short while that the rate of tomatoes went down to Rs 20 per kg, but now again it is the same old story with the tomato prices,” she said.

Kamla Devi, a migrant from Bihar, said she no longer used tomatoes while cooking. We cannot afford to buy vegetables at such a high cost.

It is becoming impossible to manage two square meals a day these days,” she rued.

Meanwhile, Rakesh Singla, an owner of a departmental store, said the sale of tomato purees had once again gained momentum. Generally customers do not ask for purees and it is only when the prices of raw vegetables shot up, the demand for purees go up, he added.



Ludhiana a treat for movie buffs, mall lovers
City has five multiplexes with increasing number of screens now
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
From not having a single multiplex till about eight years ago, the city has become a treat for movie buffs and mall lovers. Opening of the PVR at the Silver Arc Mall has taken the multiplex count in the city to five. Not only multiplexes but also the number of movie screens seems to be increasing with the opening of the new series. While the number of screens in the first multiplex in the city was four, the latest one has as many as six screens, while Cinepolis has five screens.

“From the days when residents would envy metros for the multiplexes and PVRs, the city seems to have come of age, as we have our own facility-laden-movie-watching places in the city,” he says.

“This goes to show that the love for movies in the city is spiralling day by day. There was always an apprehension that with the arrival of smart phones with HD screens, portable media, HD plasma and LED screens, the big-screen cinema would lose its charm,” says Rohit, a self-professed movie buff. But the multiplexes and good facilities around the cinema are pulling more and more people to come watch movies on the big screens and thus account for the increase in the number of multiplexes in the city,” he says.

But with the increase in the number of screens in the multiplexes, the hope among residents about the screening of non-mainstream and off-beat movies that never reached the city has also increased. Pramod Arora, group president of PVR, also confirmed that if the demand for such movies is there, the viability of playing such movies would increase because of a large number of screens.



PAU takes pride in being ragging-free
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
Not a single case of ragging has been reported at the Punjab Agricultural University since the ban on ragging in colleges and universities some years ago. "It's my fourth year in the university; no one ragged us in the first year, and later on, even we did not harass any junior," said Yadwinder Singh, a PAU student.

Most of the students interviewed said: "We feel good when someone from village comes to study at the university; why would we harass them?"

Most of the PAU students are from rural background and there is bonhomie when new students arrive at the university. "I personally feel that most of the cruel ragging happens among inter-state students. Here in PAU, most of the students are from villages; therefore, we don?t like harassing them," said a student. Dr Jagtar Singh Dhiman, Additional Director Communication, said, "We take extra care to prevent ragging. We have clearly mentioned the penalty for ragging in the prospectus. We have pasted phone numbers to report such incidents to the university authorities in all the departments. Our deans and teachers also conduct checks time to time."



Employment exchange proves to be a damp squib
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
The employment exchange, a joint initiative of the state government and the United Cycle Parts Manufacturers Association (UCPMA), has proved a damp squib.

The exchange was kickstarted on the Labour Day this year and was expected to solve the labour problem being faced by the local industry.

Till date, the exchange had received only 45 applications. Though all candidates had been absorbed in the industry, not many came forward to get themselves registered.

"We had expected nearly 25,000 resumes, but to our utter shock, we received only 45 applications till date," said Gurmeet Singh Kular, UCPMA president.

"On an average, we receive between five and seven resumes a month. Everybody who submitted their resumes was employed in the local industry, but not many came forward for jobs," he added.

Kular blamed government policies for the shortage of labour in the state. "On the one hand, there is shortage of labour and on the other, the government gives unemployment allowance. Who will work if he or she gets allowance at home," he asked.

"The Centre's schemes like the MNREGA have also lured labour to go back to their hometowns, where they get guaranteed employment living close to their families. In the circumstances, shortage of labour is increasing by the day," he added.

Another industrialist, Rakesh Mehdiratta, said he had great hope from the employment exchange and expected it to provide skilled labour, which was much-needed by the industry at present.

"Not many have come forward to register themselves. The employment exchange has dashed the hopes of the industry, which is in dire need of labour," he added.

Motive behind project

The employment exchange provides employment to needy and skilled labourers. They are required to fill in forms, on the basis of which they are provided employment in different sectors. Workers are provided training on latest machines and acquainted with latest technology to meet challenges ahead. The employment exchange is situated at the UCPMA office on the Gill Road here. x



Mill worker electrocuted

Ludhiana, July 15
A man was electrocuted at a factory unit in Ramgarh village, near Sahnewal, today. The victim, who has been identified as Abhishek, alias Sunny, was a resident of the Meharban area, worked as a plumber at Bhagwati Textile Mill.

He scaled a ladder to check a leakage and was electrocuted due to overhead high-tension wires. — TNS



Police gets five more alco-meters

Ludhiana, July 15
Tipplers beware. Now, they would have to pay a heavy price for drunken driving. The city police has got five alco-meters to curb drunken driving in the city.

These alco-meters have been given to the police by philanthropists.Commissioner of Police Ishwar Singh stated that a police would use these meters on drivers whom they suspect to have consumed liquor.

The need of alco-meter was felt following a rise in the incidents of road rage. It has been witnessed that drunken driving is the cause behind these incidents. At least 11 alco-meters were purchased by the city police a few years ago but all these are lying non- functional. It has been alleged that the alco-meter purchased by the police were of poor quality. — TNS



‘Abducted' girl returns home
She had gone to Jammu by train following a heated argument with her grandparents
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
The 12-year-old girl, who was feared to have been abducted yesterday allegedly by four men, returned home here this afternoon.

The girl, who has been identified as Surekha of Gulchaman Gali, had gone to Jammu by train. She was reportedly upset following a heated argument with her grandparents. Surekha told the family that she returned by the Malwa Express.

The members of her family, who till yesterday had been claiming that their daughter had been abducted, took a U-turn today and said Surekha was visiting a relative and returned home after her anger subsided.

The incident came to light last night when Rajiv Kumar, who runs a cloth-printing unit, claimed that her daughter had been abducted.

Four youngsters were also allegedly picked up by the police. However, the police categorically denied questioning any youngster in the case of mysterious disappearance of Surekha.

The relatives of the detained youngsters staged a protest against the police.

Surekha had gone to drop her younger brother at a tuition centre last evening when she disappeared.

Initially, the varied statements by the girl took the city police for a ride. Surekha, who was visibly panicked in the morning, allegedly stated to the police that four youngsters had abducted her from Gulchaman Gali and took her to Jammu by train. She further told the police that it was on reaching Jammu that she managed to free herself from their clutches.

However, her story raised doubts and left many questions answered. The investigating officer asked her that how she was kidnapped and how they took her in a train and why no one noticed the incident, at what time she was kidnapped and from where she was kidnapped.

In the evening Surekha confessed before the police that she had left the house and caught the train to Jammu. Surekah said she concocted an abduction story due to the fear of receiving a rap from her parents.

Residents in the locality said the girl was extremely intelligent and scored good marks in studies, but she is also known to be a sensitive child.

The SHO of Division No. 3 police station, Brij Mohan, said it was not an abduction case. The girl had left the house on her own. She had returned home today and reported to be fine.



Flood-prone areas
14 nodal officers appointed
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
With the district administration identifying 14 points vulnerable to floods, the Civil surgeon, Ludhiana, Dr Subhash Batta, has appointed 14 nodal officers for these areas. The Civil Surgeon has instructed these nodal officers to keep their medicine kits ready at least for 100 patients.

Yesterday, a team of the Health Department, including the Civil Surgeon, District Epidemiologist Puneet Juneja, Officiating Assistant Civil Surgeon Daljeet Kochhar and the Senior Medical Officer, Community Health Centre, Sidhwan Bet, visited flood-prone areas of Sidhwan Bet. These included Madherpura, Khajooran, Sheranwala and Maniawal. The Civil Surgeon instructed the medical officers to reach people of these areas immediately and provide health services in case floods. The Civil Surgeon said: "Each Nodal Officer has been asked to keep emergency medicines for at least 100 patients along with anti-snake venom kits."

District Epidemiologist Puneet Juneja said: "The nodal officers are being told as how to control water and vector-borne diseases and which medicines should they carry in their kits to combat any emergency." The remaining areas which fall under Machhiwara and Koomkalan blocks will be visited by the team tomorrow.



Double whammy for induction furnaces
Panel has failed to announce new power tariff
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
Erratic power and the Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (PSERC) failure to announce new tariff is proving to be a double whammy for the owners of induction furnaces located in and around Ludhiana.

“Electricity is one of the major inputs for making steel through induction furnaces. It accounts for 70 per cent of the cost of conversion of induction furnaces. There are 200 induction furnaces in Punjab. These furnaces meet the 75 per cent steel demand of the SME sector,” said Dev Gupta, general secretary of The Induction Furnaces Association of North India.

He added that the induction furnace industry faces major problems with the PSERC as it gives a step-motherly treatment to the Industry.

“It seems that the PSERC has become an extension counter of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) and above that the state government has full saying in the working of the PSERC so much so that the consumers' interests have been totally ignored. All industrial associations' petitions have been disposed of. All suggestions from the industrial consumers have been ignored,” he added.

According to the Electricity Act, 2003, the Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission must declare new tariff rates before April 1, but this has not been declared yet. No industry can absorb any cost increase retrospectively. And the rates of steel are determined by demand and supply and that too on a day-to-day basis.



Reporter’s Diary
Celebrating small joys of life

With the arrival of the monsoon, I remembered the time when I used to come back from school, the master chef of our house, my mother, would be dishing out kheer-puras, a perfect companion for the rain. The smell of the freshly made puras would waft through the windows and I would rush towards the house to get my share of this monsoon delicacy. The whole house uses to get-together for the monsoon special lunch. My father would also come for lunch on that particular day. It was the monsoon celebrations at our home. Today, I remember those times with great reverence. How small things used to excite us and how the entire family used to get-together for simple celebrations; even for celebrating the arrival of the rain.

Smart dairy owner

In the present time of soaring prices, everyone is trying to save money. One of the dairy owners who started supplying milk through a huge oval-shaped container, installed on his four-wheeler, said, “Earlier I used to distribute milk through labourers. But now I do it at my own. The reason is that I do not have to pay for getting cream separated from the milk, as now all the work is done by this huge milk container. When I reach home after distributing milk, I remove all concentrated cream, which gets struck to the walls of the container and gets desi ghee daily from it. Secondly, I do not have to pay the labourer now.” The dairy owner said, “Now the time has come when one has to evolve his or her own ways to save money.”

No medium to raise voice

Whenever there is hike in petrol or gas prices, people start protesting. The media also provides good space to the public feedback. But when there is a hike in kerosene oil prices, which is mostly used by the underprivileged people to cook food, it doesn’t cause much debate. Despite all subsidies, kerosene oil is expensive than diesel and LPG gas. Black market rate of the kerosene oil is almost Rs 50 per liter. But no one protests and no media reports this “unfair” hike. They have no voice or medium to raise their voice.

Would-be bouncers

To the amusement of many, a couple of youngsters, hitting a gym in the city, said they wanted to become bouncers. One of them said he was always impressed seeing the huge brawny men at the entrances of the discotheques and wanted to become like them. They seem to possess a kind of “power”, he said. Another one said with the increase of parties, the demand for bouncers would increase. So, this would also make for a secure career for the future, he smiled. “Plus, we’d also be doing our bit of ‘social work’ by keeping the parties ‘clean’,” he grinned.

Contributed by Manav Mander, Anupam Bhagria, Charanjit Singh Teja and Gurvinder Singh



Blocked kidney of patient cured laparoscopically
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
A rare surgery of repairing a blocked kidney laparoscopically has been done at the department of urology in the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital here.

The surgery has been done by a team of surgeons led by Dr Baldev Singh Aulakh, professor of urology and head of the transplant unit.

According to the doctor, a 25-year-old male patient from Patiala had blockage in the kidney due to a rare condition known as retrocaval ureter. The human body had two ureters, one for each kidney. Ureters were long and thick tubes that helped urine move from the kidneys to the bladder.

A ureter of the patient had got wrapped around the biggest blood vessel, which was called the inferior vena cava. This blood vessel carried blood from the lower half of the body to the right upper chamber of the heart.

In such a condition, blood vessels pressed the ureter, leading to blockage of urine, damage to kidney and secondary stone formation.

The patient was operated upon endoscopically for kidney stone removal earlier and surgeons realised some congenital block in the kidney.

After undergoing various investigations, the patient was diagnosed to be suffering from retocaval ureter.

It was decided to do this surgery laparoscopically and it was done with small three ports, through which a camera and instruments were used to repair the kidney, without a cut.

At the DMCH, surgical procedure of performing nephrectomy for renal transplant and prostatectomy for carcinoma prostate were being done laparoscopically. Dr Aulakh said congential blockage of kidney should be evaluated and repaired whenever kidney stone was diagnosed, otherwise a stone could recur.



Skirts, one-pieces gain popularity in city
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
Skirts, shorts and one-pieces are increasingly becoming popular among city girls. Take a walk down the malls, step into a party hall and girls can increasingly be seen browsing through the malls in shorts, skirts and one-pieces.

These dresses are getting popular among the elite class of the city, says Swastika, a resident. “Such dresses would be worn in more confined places like private parties or clubs. But now, the mindset is becoming more permissive when it comes to dressing,” said Divya, a resident.

It was not long back when short dresses would only be seen on TV and people would express surprise seeing girls in metros wearing these dresses. It was only till a couple of years back, if any women wore such dresses, people would gawk at them in surprise in this region.

Girls, meanwhile, shrug it over, saying it is just a part of the changing fashion. “I think fashion is changing and skirts are just a part of that change,” says Ritika, a resident. These dresses make girls look cute and women more girly. I wear shorts and jumpers regularly and these look good,” she says.

“It all started only a couple of years ago when capris came in vogue. These became surprisingly ubiquitous and then capris led to acceptance of skirts and one-pieces as well,” says a city-based fashion consultant.

Confirming the trend, Aarti, working at a fashion store in a mall, there has been quite an upswing in the sales of one-pieces and skirts this year. Parents have also started accepting to an extent. “As long as she looks decent, it is fine with me," says Sudha, a parent. “I think change is inevitable and it is the time when these dresses gained acceptance here as well. With so much exposure to global fashion and media, our way of life and dressing is becoming more cosmopolitan, so it is all part of the change,” said Akhilesh, another parent.



Members share culinary discoveries at food jamboree
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
It was scrumptious food, sumptuous treat with a dash of Blackberry. Members of the Foodies Corner, a BBM (Blackberry messenger) group, had a get-together for the first time for a food jamboree.

Brought together by the penchant for food on the messenger, the group members share their gastronomic exploits, culinary discoveries and share their tales and experiences with different cuisines, uploading pictures of food and share information about the hottest food paradises, as they visit different parts of the world.

Although the social media has often been blamed for decreasing face-to-face interaction, online interaction through the social media is also becoming the stepping stone to face-to-face interaction in the social groups.

Chatting and sharing experiences in real makes all the difference, says Maninder Sobti, a restaurant owner.

Many of the restaurant owners of the city are part of the online group. “It was amazing to know and meet one other face-to-face,” said Nishant Jairath, one of the initiators of the group.



Play against drug addiction
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
To motivate drug addicts against drug addiction, the Ann Jal Sewa Trust, a non-government organisation (NGO), staged a play last evening. The play “Dukhadi Rag Punjab Di” was staged by amateur artistes of the Akas Rang Manch, Samrala.

The play depicted the ill-effects of drugs on the life of drug addicts and their sufferings.

Commissioner of Police Ishwar Singh was the chief guest on the occasion. ADCP (crime) Harjinder Singh Sandhu, ACP Swapan Sharma, deputy chief, Powercom, Rashpal Singh and district transport officer Manpreet Singh Chhatwal were also present on the occasion.

While trust chairman Siv Ram Aroy and secretary Seema Jain said the aim of the play was to end drug addiction. People from different localities of the city were made aware about the ill-effects of drugs through this play. The Commissioner of Police also appreciated the efforts of the NGO for this social cause.



Sufi soiree enchants audience
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
The Sangita’s Studio of Performing Arts organised a Sufi evening, “Nur-e-khuda”, under the series “Baithak” on the occasion of the opening of third branch of SSPA. It is an intimate performing session by an eminent artiste with students of the institute and art lovers.

Artiste, Ustaad Younus, a noted Sufi singer and qawwal, began the evening in praise of the Almighty with the kalam singing for Mohammad Nat Shareef, followed by “Allaf Allah Chambe Di Butti”, a kalam by Hazrat Babu Sabh, and “Ni Mahiya Tenu Vekhan Nu”, a kalam by Bulle Shah.

The evening concluded with “Damadam Mast Kalandar”, followed by “Bol Mitti De Bawea”, which lest audience awestruck.



Thalassaemic children get new lease of life
Anupam bhagria
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Thalassaemic children strike a pose with members of the Zindagi Live Foundation and DMCH in Ludhiana
Thalassaemic children strike a pose with members of the Zindagi Live Foundation and DMCH in Ludhiana. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, July 15
Families of 15 thalassaemic kids who were suffering from Hepatitis-C gathered at the Dumra Auditorium of Dayanand Medical College and Hospital to celebrate the completion of the treatment of their children with help of "Zindagi Live Foundation", an NGO.

The attendees recited "Gayatri Mantra" and then observed a one-minute silence to pay tribute to Sahil, a thalassemic kid who could not be saved despite the best efforts of doctors.

Parents thanked the NGO for coming forward to help them in arranging the expensive treatment of their ailing children.

Savita Bajaj, mother of 13-years-old Tanya Bajaj who was treated under this initiative, said, "We got to know that Tanya was suffering with Hepatitis-C in 2005 when she got pus in her kidney. The NGO helped us in providing free medicines along with 24 free injections. Now she is leading a healthy life."

Yogesh Gupta, general-secretary of the Foundation, informed the gathering of the six voluntary blood donation camps held in the last eight months in which 1,106 units were collected. The seventh camp is scheduled on July 22, he said.

Present on the occasion, ADC Neeru Katyal Gupta promised full support to the foundation on behalf of the administration.



TCY Learning Solutions wins laurels in debate
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
The Ludhiana Management Association (LMA) organised an inter-corporate debate based on the pattern of British parliamentary debate. Twelve teams consisting of three senior executives each representing top corporate houses such as Vardhman Group, Ralson Group, GNIMT, Eastman Group, Beetle Teletech, Chemical Brothers, TCY Learning Solutions, Nanotech Chemicals and other organisations participated in the programme, which started on July 11.

Ramson Cycles Group and TCY Learning Solutions entered the final. The final debate was held before the open house on July 13, in which most of the members of the LMA were present. The team representing TCY Learning Solutions were declared winners and Ramson Group as runners-up. DL Sharma, MD Vardhman Yarns and Threads, gave a presentation on managerial effectiveness through organisational processes. LMA president JR Singal declared that the inter-corporate debate will be an annual feature of the LMA.



6 injured in mishap
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
Six persons were injured after an over speeding auto-rickshaw overturned near Oswal Cancer Hospital here this evening.

The incident took place at 10 pm when the auto-rickshaw, ferrying six passengers, was heading towards Cheema Chowk. The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital. The condition of victims is stated to be serious.



‘Create awareness on environment issues’
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
The Punjab government seems worried about global warming and environment, as the government recently instructed the education department to start “Green Punjab” campaign to make people aware about environment conservation.

In a circular issued to various officials of the education department, the government discussed various factors that are polluting the environment.

The government considers deforestation, stubble and garbage burning, excessive use of fertilisers and insecticide in fields, flow of contaminated water in rivers from industrial units the major threats to the environment.

The government appreciated educational institutes, teachers and students for their contribution in social campaigns. So, the government appealed to teachers and students to make society aware about the environment issues.

According to the instructions, the school teachers and students have to motivate people to plant the saplings in public places during the monsoon season.



Principals to undergo computer training
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
The education department of the state would provide computer training to all principals and headmasters, along with one of the computer teachers to upload data about their schools on a website.

The department has launched a new website under the management information system where all information of each school would be uploaded. All senior secondary and high schools of the state would upload the information about their schools.

The education department is going to conduct these training sessions to train the schools staff for data entry. According to the instructions of director general of schools education, all schools have to submit all information about the schools till August 5.

The department has established three training centres in Ludhiana for 239 schools of the district. A total of 22 sessions will be conducted at Government Senior Secondary School, Bharat Nagar; Government Senior Secondary School, Cemetery Road; and Government Senior Secondary School, Haibowal Khurd.

“The department’s initiative is appreciable, as one can collect all information of any school from the website,” said Harjit Singh, a headmaster.



I-T rectification fortnight from today

Ludhiana, July 15
The income tax (I-T) department is observing a rectification fortnight from tomorrow onwards to ensure fast clearance of refunds, rectification petitions and other related matters.

Ashok Kumar Juneja, president of Punjab Tax Bar Association, said the fortnight pertains to the jurisdiction of Chief Commissioner, income tax, which covers districts of Ludhiana, Jagraon, Kapurthala, Moga, Hoshiarpur, Nawanshahar, Phagwara, Khanna, Malerkotla, Nakodar and Dasuya. “People who want to rectify any information can do it now during the fortnight, as it will be done speedily. While GS Randhawa, Chief Commissioner, income tax, said refunds worth Rs 397.9 crore were issued up to March 2012, an increase of 27 per cent as compared to the last financial year. — TNS



Ludhiana scan

‘Release salaries’

The Government School Lecturers’ Union (GSLU), Punjab, has demanded regularisation of 7,654 newly appointed teachers and release of their salaries. The union also appealed to the government to release salaries of NABARD teachers, service providers and computer teachers. Presiding over the state-level body of the GSLU, union president Hakam Singh asked the government school lecturers to participate in union elections with enthusiasm. GSLU general secretary Sukhdev Singh Rana elaborated about large scale arrangements made for the elections.

Councillor felicitated

Dharmik Ekta Welfare Society organised a programme to facilitate the newly elected councilor, Anita Kharbnda. On the occasion, society president Ajay Kumar Sidhu honoured her with the Vikas Sankalp Purskar.

Electroplaters meeting

A meeting of the Ludhiana Electroplaters’ Association was held under the chairmanship of Joginder Kumar and secretary Chandar Parkash Sabhrwal here on Saturday. A number of industrialists were present at the meeting. The atrocities of PPCB on the industrial units were discussed in detail at the meeting.


The Asian Club celebrated Vanamahotsava at Haibowal Kalan. Club’s managing director Sukhminder Singh planted saplings on the occasion and appealed to everyone present to plant more saplings.

MBA results

The Punjab Technical University (PTU), Jalandhar, has declared MBA second semester results yesterday. Out of 118 students, 77 of the Guru Nanak Institute of Management and Technology (GNIMT), Gujarkhan campus, Model Town, Ludhiana, scored more than 70 per cent. Parry Gandhi stood first with 89 per cent marks, Shakun Sharma stood second with 87 per cent marks, while Jasleen Singh stood third with 86 per cent marks. Navneet Kaur and Shruti have scored fourth and fifth position with 85 per cent and 83 per cent marks, respectively. Parry Gandhi attributed her success to excellent guidance, support and inputs by faculty of the institute. — Tribune Reporters



MC registers case against company
Digging up of roads without permission
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 15
The Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (MC) seems to be in no mood to spare those who damage roads by digging them without permission. Taking strict action against a company, which had dug up the Link road near Cheema Chowk for laying sewerage, the MC has got an FIR registered against them.

The FIR has been registered against a company, NKH Forging, Link Road near Cheema Chowk, at the division number 6 police station.

As per information, company officials had not taken permission from the civic body for laying sewerage. They had dug up the main road for laying sewerage. This is one of the busiest roads of the city and thousands of vehicles pass from it.

When the MC officials came to know about it, they immediately reached the spot, but by that time, the company owners had already damaged a large portion of that road, which is a crime.

It has been witnessed that residents often damage the roads with such digging. Sometimes newly re-carpeted roads are dug up by the residents on one pretext or the other and later, whenever it rains, potholes appear on these roads.

In a press release issued yesterday, MC Commissioner Malwinder Singh Jaggi informed that several vehicles pass from this road daily.

As the monsoon has already arrived, such damage can be harmful for the road and any vehicle can get stuck here. “We wanted to teach the owners of the NKH Forging a lesson, so that in near future no person dares to damage our roads. It’s sad that the NKH Forging has acted irresponsibly by indulging into a crime,” read the release.

The MC officials have also appealed to the residents that they should not damage the roads by such illegal digging.

They warned that if any person indulges in such activities, they would get an FIR registered against them. The MC officials further said if any person wanted to carry out such works, they should first get permission from the civic body.



Thieves strike at shop

Ludhiana, July 15
Thieves struck at an air-conditioner repair shop located on Jassian Road and decamped with 10 ACs and four refrigerators worth Rs 1.5 lakh.

According to mechanic Harpal Singh, the theft came to light in the morning when he was informed about the incident by Vijay Kumar, who lives near his shop. — TNS



Rape allegation against volunteer

Ludhiana, July 15
A 23-year-old woman from Moti Nagar has alleged that a Home Guards volunteer tired to rape her on July 13 while she was returning home from work. The woman alleged that the Home Guards volunteer, who had been deployed in Khanna, was drunk when he overpowered her and tired to rape her. But, she managed to escape from his clutches.

The woman rushed to the hospital and lodged a complaint with the Division No 7 police station. She said two days after the incident the police had not taken any action yet. Raj Kumar, SHO, Division No. 7 police station, said: "We have received the complaint and are verifying the authenticity of her claims." — TNS



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