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Hike in power tariff hits consumers
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, July 16
It’s official. Power consumers in the state will have to shell out more with the Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission (PSERC) announcing an average tariff hike of 12.8 per cent. The new power tariff will be applicable from April 2012.

Though the increase in power tariff is on the expected lines and will come in handy to cut down the revenue deficit of around Rs 3,400 crore of the power utility for the financial year 2012-13, but the increase of 53 to 58 paise per unit across board for all categories of consumers is bound to hit them hard.

Besides shelling out more for the consumption of electricity, consumers will have to pay the arrears on account of tariff revision from April 2012 in instalments, the number and extent of which will be decided by the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited in electricity bills.

“The hike in power tariff has come as a bolt from the blue for the common man who is already reeling under the burden of spiralling prices of essential items. The domestic budget of even the families from the upper middle class will be upset with the increased cost of electricity and they will have no choice but to cut down on some of the other domestic expenses," said Mohinder Aggarwal, a businessman and secretary of the Punjab Pradesh Beopar Mandal.

Sher Singh, a senior citizen and chairman of the Northern Railway Pensioners’ Welfare Association was more vociferous in opposing the increase in power tariff. He said the revenue deficit shown by the PSPCL in its annual revenue requirement for the current financial year was nothing but a jugglery of figures. “The power utility is indulging in wasteful expenditure and bowing to unreasonable demands of trade unions and consumers are made to pay more for electricity with increase in tariff at regular intervals,” he observed.

Kulbir Singh, a bank employee, however, attributes the ever-rising high cost of power supply to large-scale pilferage, mounting transmission and distribution losses and abnormally high expenditure on establishment by way of exorbitant salaries and allowances to PSPCL staff. “If the power utility is able to curb power theft, which in most cases is facilitated by its own employees, and wasteful expenses are cut down, the financial health of the PSPCL will improve and there will be no need to increase the tariff,” he said in a confident tone.

The power tariff in Punjab is cleverly constituted. There is a hidden cross subsidisation. The rate for agriculture is much lower and is cross subsidized by the industrial and other consumers. There are four other burdens —13 per cent electricity duty, 11 paisa per unit octroi and fuel surcharge. The industry has also to face unscheduled power cuts. The 12.8 per cent hike in tariff is uncalled for.
— PD Sharma, president, Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Industry speak

The industry has condemned 12.8 per cent hike in power tariff. Tribune Staff Correspondent Manav Mander talks to representatives of the industry and here is what they say.

The industry is already in crisis due to the non co-operative attitude of the government and the hike in power tariff is an additional burden on the industry and the common man. The hike will increase input charges and the end product will automatically become costlier.

— Vinod Thapar, chairman, Knitwear Club

The PSPCL has failed to improve its financial position and due to debt, the interest cost is increasing. I also condemn the imposition of the revised tariff from April 1 as the whole industry will have to face losses.~

— Badish Jindal, president, Federation of Punjab Small Industries Association

The PSPCL has failed to provide uninterrupted power supply to the industry for the past 4-5 years and the electricity duty was increased from 10 to 13 per cent. The authorities then imposed entry tax of 12.5 per cent on diesel generator sets, 5 per cent electricity duty from captive consumption and now a hike in tariff by 12.8 per cent is unjustified.

— Upkar Singh, joint secretary, Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertaking

The PSPCL is unable to provide the industry uninterrupted power supply and the hike in power tariff is not justified. The production has already gone down to half and we are unable to supply our orders on time due to power shortage.

— Rajinder Bhushan Maini, senior vice-president, Knitwear Club


Youth from Jagraon stabbed to death on NH in Haryana
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, July 16
A youth hailing from Kothe Rahlan village on the outskirts of Jagraon was stabbed to death by some unidentified persons near Murthal in Haryana. The deceased has been identified as Raju, a taxi driver, who went to New Delhi for dropping passengers. The incident came to light a couple of days ago when a team from the Murthal police station found the body of a youth in his mid-twenties laying along the Ludhiana-New Delhi highway near Murthal. The police took the body in custody and sent it for post-mortem to the Murthal Civil Hospital.

The police failed to identify the body in the absence identity proof. The police pasted posters carrying the picture of the youth at dhabas and restaurants situated on the national highway for his identification.

The youth was finally identified on Saturday night by another taxi driver from Jagraon who was going to New Delhi. When he stopped at a dhaba near Murthal, he noticed the poster and recognised the deceased as Raju of Jagraon. He immediately contacted the Murthal police on the number given on the poster and informed it that the youth is a Jagraon-based taxi driver.

Following this, the police contacted the Jagraon police, which further informed the family members of the deceased. The family members of the youth were shocked when they learnt about the tragic death of Raju. Later, the Jagraon police took Raju's father and other relatives to Murthal for identification.

Raju had been working as a driver with a taxi owned by one Kulwant Singh of Jagraon. Kulwant Singh said Raju had called him four days ago to inform that four persons have hired his taxi from the Jagraon taxi stand for the New Delhi International Airport and he is leaving for New Delhi the same time. Kulwant, however, claimed he does not recognise the persons who had hired the taxi.

The Murthal police has registered a case against unidentified persons on the statement of the father of the victim. The police handed over the body of the youth to his family.

ASI Baldev Singh, who went to Murthal along with the family members of the youth, said the case was being investigated by the Murthal police. The vehicle in which Raju took passengers to New Delhi has also been missing, he added.

"The post mortem report confirms that there were multiple stabbing injuries on various parts of the body, including heart and abdomen, of the youth which led to his death,” said Baldev Singh.

Baldev Singh said the Murthal police had been investigating the case with various angles and the possibility of the youth being killed by the passengers who had hired the taxi was also not ruled out.

The Murthal police has obtained the CCTV footage from a toll plaza situated at Shambu barrier which might help the police in recognising the passengers.



Project cost escalates to Rs 58 crore in 15 yrs
Puneet Pal Singh Gill

Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
The much-hyped Lakkar Bridge project is hanging fire since 1997. It’s a clear reflection of the sad state of affairs in the state government as well as the Railways that even after 15 years a civic project that was aimed at reducing traffic congestion in the city remains incomplete. Ironically, even the cost of project has escalated from Rs 13 crore to Rs 58 crore.

This project to construct a railway overbridge in place of the 105-year-old Lakkar Bridge was floated in 1997. Owing to technical glitches in planning, the project remained stalled for over a decade and the work restarted on November 27, 2009.

Mango party for officials, mediapersons

 After visiting the project site, Sharanjit Singh Dhillon, accompanied by mediapersons and officials, halted at a nearby fruit shop and told the owner to offer mangos to all officials as well as mediapersons. “As the month of ‘Saawan’ has started today, this is a treat for you all from me,” Dhillon said while grabbing an alphonso mango himself. Later, Dhillon paid Rs 1,000 from his own pocket to the fruit shop owner.

The Y-shaped bridge would have one portion near Raikhy Cinema Chowk and the other in front of Bhadaur House. The bridge would provide easier access from the old city to the newly developed areas.

Even as the up ramp and down ramps on both side of the project were completed within time, the portion to be constructed on top of the railway tracks has been hanging fire.

During the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation’s General House meeting held on November 28, 2011, the then MC Commissioner, AK Sinha, had told the House that the Lakkar Bridge project would be complete by February 15. “I am personally in touch with the chief engineer of the Railways regarding this project and he has assured me that the project would get complete by February 15,” Sinha had claimed.

Perturbed over the delay in completion of the Lakkar Bridge project, the Deputy Commissioner had shot a demi official (DO) letter to the Chief Engineer of the Northern Railways in March, asking them to speed up the work, else they would be responsible for the delay.

Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura and the then Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) chairman Ashok Juneja had formally inaugurated the stalled Lakkar Bridge project on November 29, 2009, and at that time, they had claimed that it would be completed by June 2011. Later, a deadline of August 2011 was fixed, which was extended to October 2011 and later to December 2011, then to February this year and this time it has been extended to December 31.



Lakkar Bridge to be completed by year-end: Dhillon
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
There’s good news for city residents as the much-awaited Lakkar Bridge will be complete in the next five months. PWD Minister Sharanjit Singh Dhillon today claimed that all formalities have been completed and the project would be ready by December 31.

Dhillon blamed the Union government for causing unnecessary delay in the completion of the project. He claimed that the project was being funded by the state government and not even a single penny had been received from the Centre government.

Accompanied by Deputy Chief Engineer of the Railways SK Sharma, Additional Commissioner of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation Ajay Sood, Superintending Engineer of the Public Works Department VS Dhindsa, Superintending Engineer of the MC HS Khosa and other officials, Sharanjit Singh Dhillon visited the Lakkar Bridge project site this afternoon.

Speaking to The Tribune today, the minister claimed that the Railways had given permission to the state government and the project would be complete by December 31.

“It will be a New Year gift for city residents who had been awaiting the completion of the project since long. I must clarify that the project got delayed due to the failure of the Railways in giving permission for some works. The up ramp and down ramp of the project have already been completed within the stipulated timeframe by the state government and now only a part of the project which is to be constructed on the railway land is left. Now that we have got permission from the Railways, this part will also be constructed by December 31,” claimed Dhillon.



Moon is still on the wane, students avoid admission
Lovleen Bains

Ludhiana, July 16
It is said that education enlightens and enables one to rise above superstitions. But the situation is different when it comes to taking admission in an educational institute. The admission process in colleges has begun from July 9, but the number of students getting admitted to various courses is comparatively slow. The reason: Most of the students and their parents are waiting for the bright phase of the moon to begin, as according to them, the brighter side denotes brightness in all the endeavours undertaken throughout the year.

The common belief that luck depends primarily on the time when the work is initiated is quite prevalent in the rural and semi urban areas. Many such students, oblivious about the academic loss, are sitting back relaxed at their homes with the misconception that their admission is going to prove fruitful only when they go as per the situation of the moon.

Jaspreet Kaur, a student, who is thinking in terms of taking admission in a private local college in the next semester, was stopped from doing so by her mother. “I had no such inhibitions, neither do I believe in such superstitions, but who would convince my mother. If I go by my will and face some hurdles throughout the year, which are, however, irreversible, come what may she would keep on reminding me of my blunder of having taken admission during inauspicious days i.e at the time when it was moon was on the wane,” she said.

But Poorvi thinks differently. “Last year, I took admission during the days when the moon’s dark side was clearly visible. Hence I failed in my exams. Now, I shall take re-admission only when the brighter side begins otherwise the result may be the same. It does not matter if the classes have begun. Two-three days does not make much of a difference. People may call it an orthodox belief, but I know luck shall favour me if I keep in mind the date and the time when I am to get admitted,” she said.

While some of the students and parents have such beliefs, others think differently. Much to everybody’s astonishment, the admissions picked up today — the day of the beginning of the new month ‘Sawan’. “Today is an auspicious day. My parents wanted me to get admitted today. I was waiting for this. I also know that not only my month, but my whole year is going to pass safe and sound as I have got admission today,” said Radhika, who get admitted to a Doraha College in BA-II today.

“Most of the students regard Thursday to be the most auspicious day thinking that Goddess Sarawati shall bestow her bountiful blessings on them,” said Ajit Kaur, professor in Commerce at Ramgarhia Girls College, Ludhiana.

“The classes have already begun from July 16 but the luck-obsessed students are adamant of getting themselves admitted not before July 20 when the moon begins to increase in size. They are not bothered about their initial studies which will be missed due to their non- attendance,” said Dr Prem Singla, Bhai Naghiaya Singh Memorial College, Alamgir.

“Neither the university nor the college can wait for their luck-oriented dates. If they think so, it is their loss of studies,” said Dr Narinder Singh Sidhu, principal, GNN College, Doraha.



Tractor crushes woman to death
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
A woman was crushed to death by a tractor-trailer on Jassian Road today. The incident took place when the victim, identified as 40-year-old Parvati, mother of three children, was riding pillion on a motorcycle with her husband Ram Salochan. Eyewitnesses said when the motorcycle reached near MM Dying on Jassian Road, a tractor- trailer loaded with sand hit the motorcycle.

Ram Salochan lost control Parvati fell from the motorcycle. Before she could react, the tractor-trailer crushed her to death. The driver of the tractor-trailer left fled leaving the vehicle behind.

The police has impounded the tractor-trailer and hunt has been launched to nab the driver.

The police has registered a case under Section 304 (A) of the IPC for reckless driving resulting in death against the erring driver. 



Rainy season
Eat cautiously
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
With the onset of rainy season, many complain of inflammation in stomach, indigestion and sometimes diarrhoea and vomiting. But rarely people bother as what, where and how they are eating. Many eat without washing their hands properly and do not bother about the way the food has been cooked up and consume contaminated food in one form or the other and thus become an easy prey to gastroenteritis.

Dr LS Chawla, former Vice-Chancellor of Baba Farid University of Medical Sciences and a renowned gastroenterologist, said, “Rainy season means the season for fruits. Fruits are good laxatives, but people consume them without washing and thus falling prey to diseases like diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea. Consumption of over-ripe and under-ripe fruits leads to gastroenteritis problems.”

While blaming it to high-calorie food and proliferation of bacteria, Dr Aneesh Chopra, consultant in gastroenterology at Christian Medical College and Hospital, said, “The monsoon season is hot, humid and tropical. Maximum bacteria and viruses proliferate in this season and thus cause infection. These days, generally patients complain of clinical symptoms of gastroenterology. The symptoms include stomachache, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting.”

He further said a majority of people led sedentary lifestyle and eat food having high calories. Dr Chopra said, “In the monsoon, there is a risk of contamination and once contaminated food is taken, people fall sick.”

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Eat limited quantity of fruits and have balanced diet
  • Home-made curd is best and digestible
  • Avoid eating contaminated food
  • Wash hands before eating anything
  • Drink filtered or boiled water



PAU notes
Experts to dwell on healthy diet during monsoon
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
A two-day training course on “Household practices during the rainy season” will be organised by the directorate of extension education on July 19-20 at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU). Farm women and rural youth from various parts of the state will participate in the course, which will focus on special cookery, cleaning and care of household articles. The director of extension education, Dr MS Gill, said PAU home scientists would dwell upon nutritious and healthy diet for family, care and maintenance of clothes and care of children during the rainy season. Besides, the experts will impart practical training in the home-made preparations such as mal pura, kheer, vegetable manchurian and aamras, he added. In addition to the discussion about the training activities of PAU for farmers and farm women, an interactive session will be held wherein all queries of the participants will be responded.

‘Soybean, economical protein source’

“Vegetarian Indian population mainly depends upon pulses, oilseeds, cereals and milk to meet their protein requirements. But the most economical protein source in the world is soybean,” said scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Faridkot. Referred to as a vegetarian meat due to its high quality amino acid profile, soybean is one of the best quality proteins among plant sources, they added. Highlighting the benefits of soybean, Dr Renuka Aggarwal said it contained nutraceutical properties like isoflavones, phytoestrogen, soluble phosphate and potassium sulphate, which help to prevent the risk of dreaded diseases like osteoporosis, kidney stone, cardiovascular disease and beating menopausal blue. She observed, “Being an excellent source of macronutrients and other biological properties, soybean is used for the formulation of high nutritious weaning and supplementary foods.”



Keep vigil on e-filings by new assesses: Industrialists
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
A delegation of the Federation of Punjab Small Industries’ Associations (FOPSIA) met Sarup Singla, chief parliamentary secretary for excise and taxation, and apprised him about problems of the industry.

FOPSIA members told the minister that there is a need to set up an inquiry against officers falling in the areas of dealers who were involved in the bogus bill scam because without their shelter such a big scandal was impossible.

It was also suggested to the chief parliamentary secretary that if there was reward policy, there must be a penalty policy, too, for such irregularities found within the department.

For preventing the bogus bill incidents, FOPSIA requested them to keep a strict watch on e-filings by new assesses, as in most of the bogus bill scams, the new companies were formed by these bogus dealers. In addition to this, VAT on diesel engines should be reduced and VAT on bicycle parts should be abolished, as this is used by weaker sections of society and are eco friendly.

“We also suggested that an incentive of VAT reduction should be given if a company increases its sale, which will result into more revenue for the government. In addition to this, the notification of checking of units by inspectors should be immediately removed, as this will create a conflict between the department and industry and will result into corruption. In addition to this, after filing of returns, the VAT refunds should be automatically transferred to dealer’s account,” said Badish Jindal, president of FOPSIA.



From schools
Picture reading contest at GNPS
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
Education is viewed today as an acquisition of skills rather than of bookish knowledge. To inculcate special talent in students and to meet the imperative need of the curriculum, Guru Nanak Public School (GNPS), Birmi, organised a picture reading competition for classes I and II and best out of waste competition for classes III to VIII. The picture reading competition was held in two rounds and the shortlisted groups from each class participated in the final round. They showcased their endowment and had a cut-throat competition.

The best out of waste competition filled children with exuberance. Their imaginations ran wild and they used eco-friendly wastes and biodegradable paper in making items like pencil holders, photo frames, bookmarks, dragon flies and vases.

Education plays a vital role in making a child strong to move through phases of life. Competitions enrich experiences of children and develop a healthy attitude in them. To adjudge the awareness and imagination of children, a picture reading competition was organised for students of classes I and II at GNPS, Model Town extension. Students were rewarded on the basis of spontaneity and presence of mind.

Plantation drive

The sapling plantation drive was organised at Don Bosco Global School, Ludhiana, to make the environment green. All students participated with great enthusiasm by planting saplings in the campus. In the morning assembly, Pavit of class X and Vanshika of class IX spoke on the significance and importance of planting saplings and vanamahotsava. In his speech, principal Vinay Sharma encouraged the students to plant more and more and help preserve our environment.



Opening online bank account a headache
Students from migrant families lack local residence proofs; teachers and parents irked
Charanjit Singh Teja/TNS

Ludhiana, July 16
The initiative of the education department to open bank accounts of middle-school students has become a cause of inconvenience for teachers and parents of students. Teachers claim that bank authorities are not cooperating with students. Long queues can be seen at the banks recommended by the education department.

The government is going to make the stipend system online for effectiveness. According to department officials, students will get the stipend through online banking. Now all students of classes VI to VIII have to open accounts at banks that provide Internet banking. Banks will open the accounts with zero balance.

Students have to submit residential proofs and photographs. Those from migrant families do not have local residential proofs and face difficulty in opening accounts.

Paramjit Singh, a government school teacher, said, "Parents of rural students are not aware of formalities to open accounts. The department is pressurising teachers to provide bank account numbers of students. Officials with some banks are not providing forms. The department should extend the dates." Paramjit Kaur, district education officer, said, "The instructions to send account numbers of students soon are from the higher authorities. We are already running late, with the deadline being July 11. It will be tough for banks authorities to open hundreds of accounts of students a day."



Ludhiana scan
Training to students

Staff of “Amulance 108” imparted first-aid training to students of Bhai Dan Singh Senior Secondary School, Manuke, on Monday. Jatin Malhotra, cluster head of Ludhiana-2 for Ambulance 108, said, “We made students aware as how to take care of a patient in emergency and how to take away the patient to the doctor.”

Plantation drive

Under the guidance of Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal, Punjab Eco-friendly Association, organised a plantation drive outside the Gurdwara Sadh Sangat and police station in Haibowal Kalan. These saplings are provided by Nirmal Kutia Seechewal. SHO Satinderpal Singh inaugurated the programme by planting a sapling outside the police station.


After appointed as the advisor of Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, Mahesh Inder Singh Garewal, was honoured by college management of Master Tara Singh Memorial College. Heera Singh Gabria, former cabinet minister, was also present on the occasion.

Policy condemned

The Bhartiya Kisan Union (Lakhowal) issued a press release to condemn the Central government’s policy about water. Union president Ajmer Singh Lakhowal said if the Central government tried to implement water policy, their union will opposes this.

— Tribune Reporters



‘Dhoti salwar’ gains popularity among girls
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

A woman in ‘dhoti salwar’ in Ludhiana. A Tribune photograph

Ludhiana, July 16
Men attires have inspired dresses for women. Shirts and suits were initially menswear and went through customisation, which transformed into women’s wear. But this customisation was mostly in the western wear.

The Indian version of the transition has come only now when dhoti of men has inspired the new edition of salwar - the dhoti salwar.

Many girls in the city can be seen sporting the attire. Girls give various reasons to wear them. “They are so comfortable and seem fashionable as well. There is a certain lightness and cool about it. It is stylish and very Indian,” says Kritika, a resident.

Although these have been in vogue last year as well, it has got more in fashion this year, says Gagan, a fashion expert. These are available in all kinds of designs and prints. The cloth material is generally light, allowing more flow about the dress.

“Dhoti salwar looks interesting, as it seems both Indian and western at the same time and you can wear these with Indian wear and western long T-shirts as well,” says Harpreet, a college student.

“I just love them as they look interesting. It is an interesting variation from the traditional Punjabi suit and is ethnic, too” she says.

“I wear dhoti-salwar as an everyday dress,” says Rinita, a student pursuing BA.

“I prefer brighter colour for these and feel like a butterfly wearing them,” says Akriti, a student.



Three-act play staged in city
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
The play, "August: Osage County" was staged at Guru Nanak Bhawan on Saturday. The staging was organised by the Ludhiana Sanskritik Samagam.

The three-act play is one of the few bold English plays that have been staged in the city. The original play was set in Oklahoma in the US. But, for the Indian audience to relate to the Christian characters, the setting was changed to Goa.

The play, which falls in the genre of black comedy, explores the various relationships in the family. An alcoholic father, pill-popping mother, a daughter carrying on a secret affair and newly divorced aunt who is trying to hide the fact that she and her husband have separated were the characters of the play. The audience appreciated the play.

"The acting was superb and very realistic. Everything about the play was perfect, including the set and the delivery," says Gurpreet Singh, who came to watch the play with his family.

Lillete Dubey, who brought the play to India and plays the lead role, introduced the actors, including Suchitra Pillai, Sandhya Mridul, Amar Talwar, Kittu Gidwani, Aurita Ghosh, Meeta Vashisht and Namita Dubey.



Beggars detained during drive
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
The traffic police cracked a whip on beggary and detained several beggars who have become a traffic hazard and cause unnecessary botheration to commuters, as they keep seeking alms when the car stops at the traffic light.

A team led by traffic police SHO Beant Juneja took the beggars from Bhai Bala Chowk, Bharat Nagar Chowk and Jagraon Bridge to division No. 5 police station.

These beggars were told not to put their children into beggary. A majority of the beggars are using their children to gain public sympathy. They were told to shun beggary and take up work and earn their living, said Beant Juneja.

He said the beggars were left off, following a warning that strict action would be taken next time and they would be booked for the offence.

In order to garner sympathy, they keep themselves under unhygienic condition and often inflict wound and keep it open.

The police sources said criminals also operate in the guise of beggars. While during the day, they beg on the roadside and during the night, they commit theft and robberies.

However, the advice of Juneja had a little effect on the beggars, as after some time they were again seen seeking alms.



Rare open heart surgery at CMCH
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
Vikas Masih, a 35-year-old teacher, had developed a large blood clot in his lungs called massive pulmonary embolism due to which he was not able to breathe. Dr HS Bedi, head of cardio vascular endovascular and thoracic surgery at the Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMCH), Ludhiana, found that Vikas was in imminent danger of death, as his oxygen levels were dangerously low. This was damaging his brain and kidneys.

He had already been put on maximal medical therapy, including the latest blood thinners at another hospital, but they did not work. The only option to save his life now was a major and rare open heart surgery called pulmonary thrombo-endarterectomy. Dr Bedi said the surgery was done on a heart lung machine, but additionally for a short period of time, the circulation even through the heart lung machine has to be stopped. This is called circulatory arrest and is like totally stopping the heart and the lungs, both natural and artificial ones. Dr Bedi explained that this is because otherwise the blockage in the lungs cannot be seen clearly. During the tense 10 minutes while the patient was clinically dead - on no circulation at all - his lungs were totally cleared of deadly clot.

The other members of the team who conducted this surgery include Dr A Joseph, Dr Sheetal Garg, Dr Melchi, Dr Paul, Dr Reenus, Dr Dinesh, Dr Pratap, Dr William, Dr Pearl, Dr Savan, Dr Meenu, Dr Nina and Dr Ashwin.



Road doubles up as garbage dump
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Garbage dumped on a road in the Shivaji Nagar area in Ludhiana. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, July 16
On one side the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation is holding meetings for maintaining cleanliness in the city while on the other a road in the Shivaji Nagar area has been literally reduced to a garbage dump. While one side of the road is used by vehicular traffic, the other is being used as garbage dump.

This road was constructed to ease vehicular traffic some time ago. The MC staff have been dumping garbage on the one side of the road for the past some months.

Two roads have been constructed on both sides of the "ganda nullah" passing through the area.

The side wall of this nullah has given way at several places and garbage finds its way into the nullah at these damaged points on the wall. If the wall is not repaired, the nullah might get choked, leading to overflowing dirty water in the area.

A resident said when this road was constructed, they had thought that it would ease traffic in the area. "Over the months, the MC staff started throwing garbage on the road, leading to problems for us. Stink fills air in the area and houseflies, mosquitoes and other insects have made residents' lives miserable. I wonder why the MC is not doing anything to solve this problem," rued a resident.

Last year, the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation had roped in a private company, named A2Z Waste Management Ludhiana Ltd, for solid waste management in the city. The MC officials at that time had claimed that once this company started functioning, the garbage blues would become a thing of the past. But, such scenes in Shivaji Nagar as well as some other parts of the city put a question mark over the functioning of this company as well as the MC.

Meanwhile, MC Joint Commissioner AS Sekhon said the matter was in his knowledge. "Within the next two days, we plan to keep garbage bins at that place so that the garbage does not scatter on the road," said Sekhon.



Theft at RTI activist’s house foiled
Mohit Khanna

Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
Alert residents foiled a theft and nabbed a suspect red-handed while he was committing a theft at the office of an RTI activist at midnight.

The office belongs to Rohit Sabharwal. Rohit said it was during midnight that he received a phone call from a youngster living in the neighbourhood of his office.

“Gaurav Gupta who lives in the neighbourhood of my office told me that he, along with other residents of the locality, has nabbed a man who was committing a theft in my office. Without wasting time I headed to the office. The suspect was handed over to the police,” said Rohit Sabharwal.

He said four of his alleged accomplices were also handed over to the police, but they were let-off after the relatives and employers of the suspects filed undertakings claiming that they were innocent.

Later, fingerprint experts visited the spot and 
took fingerprints of the suspects.

“The thief ransacked the entire office. I do not know what he was looking for,” said Sabharwal.

Sabharwal said he had filed many RTI cases against government officials. “ At this point in time I cannot rule out the possibility that someone might have paid the thief for committing theft at my office,” said Sabharwal.

Sources in the police department said the thief was a juvenile and according to law he cannot be detained.



Ryan School rolls back closing time
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
The Ryan International School has rolled back the afternoon closing time for students from 2.40 pm to 2 pm as desired by the parents of some students. However, the school has not changed the arrival time in the morning. "We have not shifted to the old timings, as the children of class I and II would come at 9 in the morning," said principal Parveena John, while talking to The Tribune.

Today, the parents, along with the activists of the Forum of Education and Environment Development (FEED), had a meeting with Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Ajay Sood. They apprised him of the problem related to the newly introduced system for class I and II at the school.

For the past one week, the parents had been up in arms against the school authorities. Their complaint was that under the new system, the children of the classes had to stay in the school till 3 pm.

They said that earlier the children would go to school at 7.30 am and return home by 3 pm, as the school would get over at 2 pm. But now, children were returning home very late.

The parents had blocked the road to press for their demand and the police had registered a case against 22 parents.

When contacted, the SDM said, "The parents of class I and II students of Ryan School had come to my office. I called up the principal and she told me that she had rescheduled the time according to the parents' demand."



Rotary Club team assumes charge
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, July 16
The office-bearers and activists of the local unit of the Rotary Club have vowed to serve society in the ensuing year. Water conservation, health care for the poor and adopting deserving and needy students for higher education were declared as their priorities.

The newly elected team of the club, headed by president Rajinder Goyal, assumed charge at an oath-taking ceremony held at MGMN Senior Secondary School here last evening.

Seeking cooperation from all the constituents of the club, Goyal asserted that the objective of providing better services to all the sections of society could not be achieved without the active participation of all the members of the association.

He said the schedule for social service projects to be undertaken during the 
year included water 
conservation and kitchen garden projects.

Acknowledging the contribution made by the unit in making his tenure successful, the outgoing president Pushpinder Goyal and secretary Avtar Krishan thanked the members for the services rendered during the past year.



Ill-treatment by police official alleged
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
An RTI activist alleged that a police official deputed at the Zone A office of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, near Mata Rani Chowk, misbehaved with him today. He alleged that the official was posted outside the office of MC Commissioner Malwinder Singh Jaggi, where he had gone to attend a hearing of an RTI case.

Kuldeep Singh Khaira, an RTI activist and a resident of Chet Singh Nagar, has made a complaint in writing against police official named Naresh Kumar, PSO of Malwinder Singh Jaggi.

While speaking to The Tribune, Khaira alleged that he had gone to the office of the MC Commissioner to attend the hearing of an RTI case.

"When I tried to enter Jaggi's office, a police official, later identified as Naresh Kumar, stopped him for checking. He stopped me on the pretext of checking a bag containing documents related to the case number 59/2012. He used very abusive language for me and insisted that I should keep my bag outside the office. But when I urged him to check my bag so that I can 
carry it inside, he again talked very rudely and later did not permit me to enter Jaggi's office," alleged Khaira.

Khaira submitted a complaint in this regard to the MC Commissioner.

Darshan Singh, DSP, who has been posted at the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, said he had not yet received a complaint in this regard. "When I do get a complaint, I will conduct an inquiry into the matter," he added.



Mixed reaction to diary move
Minister has ordered for maintaining teachers diary weekly
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
Education Minister of Punjab Sikander Singh Maluka has ordered teachers to maintain the teachers diary weekly. Earlier, teachers used to fill in the diary daily. There is a mixed reaction to the move from teachers. While some welcomed the move as they feel the government has lessened their workload, the others are dissatisfied as they feel that the diary should be maintained regularly, which keeps teachers updated about students' performance.

Gurbeer Singh, a member of the Master Cadre Teachers Union, said: "Personally, I am not happy with this move as I feel maintaining the diary daily is more beneficial".

Ramanjit Singh, a member of the Democratic Employees Front, said: The government should make a permanent policy on such issues. These types of experiments are not going to help improve the quality of education".

Sukhdarshan Singh, president of the Anti-Copying Teachers Front, said: "The system of filling in the diary daily was good. This way teachers keep themselves updated”. 



IT Dept all set for filing of return
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
With only a few days left for the filing of income tax return (ITR), tax payers, lawyers and the IT Department all are seem to be busy like a bee. Some amendments have been made this year and the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has also issued guidelines for filing ITR. Three major changes were made this year based on taxpayers' annual income.

The first amendment is that individuals earning up to Rs 5 lakh annually are exempt from filing tax return. However, it is subject to certain conditions.

"The income should comprise only the salary that too from one employer only and interest on savings account should not exceed Rs 10,000," said Jatinder Khurana, a tax expert.

The interest income should be reported to the employer and the employer should deduct an appropriate amount as income tax. Hence, there will be no additional tax payable by the individual or there is no refund due to him.

While no change has been made for individuals in the income bracket of Rs 5-10 lakh, they can file their tax return at the jurisdictional tax office or electronically.

Another amendment made this year is pertaining to individuals having gross total income of over Rs 10 lakh. They will be required to file their return online.

"Electronic filing of return has been made mandatory for every Indian citizen who has assets abroad and has authority to sign a bank account irrespective of their income bracket," said GS Randhawa, Chief Commissioner of Income Tax.



'AIDS cases have reached saturation'
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
Cases of AIDS are steady in India now. The country has witnessed a saturation point in AIDS cases. This revelation was made by Dr JK Maniar, consultant in HIV positive cases, Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, who was here last evening to participate in a CME on "HIV Update -2012" organised by Christian Medical College and Hospital and Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana.

Talking to The Tribune, Dr Maniar said, "Although there is saturation in AIDS cases, we cannot afford to relax, otherwise we will be in trouble." Calling AIDS a life-style disease, Dr Maniar said, "It is a misconception that the number of AIDS cases is decreasing as it is a disease which is related to life style and our life style has not changed as of now."

Dr Maniar, who has the distinction of managing over 84,000 HIV positive individuals since 1986, said, "Generic Pharma has come up with anti-HIV medicines at reasonable costs. Many people are using these Anti-retro Viral Drugs as it reduces transmission rate of HIV. Any HIV-infected couple taking this medicine can be the parents of a healthy baby now. Otherwise there remains 25 per cent chances that the baby carries the virus."

He said although these medicines are available in government hospitals, people who can afford these prefer to buy these medicines from private clinics and hospitals, as they want to retain their confidentiality.

When asked as to what is the right age for making schoolchildren aware of HIV and AIDS, he said, "When a child enters higher school, means goes to class VIII, he or she should be made aware of HIV and AIDS and provided sex education, so that they may know what is right and what is wrong for them."



Court notice to MLA
Rajneesh Lakhanpal
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
Taking cognisance of a petition alleging disobedience and breach of its injunction order, a local court has issued a notice to MLA Darshan Singh Shivalik and Updesh Singh of Alamgir village for July 23.

The court of Civil Judge (Junior Division) KK Singla issued the notice on a petition of Rajinder Pal Singh and his wife Preet Inder Kaur of Threeke village. Allegations of encroaching upon land were levelled against the MLA by Preet Inder Kaur at a press conference held here today.

She alleged that the police did not listen to her grievance despite a court order for status-quo. Earlier, the court passed a status-quo order regarding the possession of a property. But, the MLA was not party in the main case, in which the status-quo order was passed. There is a dispute regarding ownership of a property between plaintiffs and Updesh Singh. Both claim to be the owner of the disputed property on the basis of different sale deeds.



Police cracks whip on drunken driving
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
Several city residents were seen using all their political connection in order to avoid being tested by alco-meter during a drive launched by the traffic police.

Five alco-meters that were given by philanthropists on Saturday were brought to use for the first time for cracking a whip on drunken driving.

The city traffic police laid nakas at all major roundabouts of the city and asked suspected commuters, who were driving the vehicle, to exhale in the alco-meter.

Drunken driving has become the main contributor behind the increasing cases of road rage and accidents. Drinking and driving would not be allowed and that is the reason why we have set up nakas at all happening places of the industrial town, said SHO traffic Beant Juneja.

The drive has been launched following the direction of Commissioner of Police Ishwar Singh. It was the Commissioner of Police who stopped the trend of serving liquor in the vehicles.



Man held with illicit liquor
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, July 16
The Dehlon police has arrested a man on charge of trafficking of illicit liquor, drugs and narcotics.
About 9,000 millilitres of illicit liquor and a large quantity of the banned pharmaceutical products were seized from his possession.

According to Amandeep Singh Brar, SHO, a police team, led by Tara Chand, nabbed Paramvir Singh of Butahri while he was going to supply a consignment of the banned products to addicts of the area today.

He was booked under sections 61, 1 and 14 of the Excise Act and 22, 61 and 85 of the NDPS Act.

The seizure included 55 packets of phenotil, 1 carton each of nitrozen tablets and cerocil and some injections of aldaivarite.



Debate on overpopulation at govt school
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
The community health centre, Payal, organised a debate on the world population fortnight at the Government Senior Secondary School for Girls, Payal. A number of students spoke about causes and fallout on society as a result of overpopulation.

While senior medical officer, community health centre, Payal, Dr Ashwani Malhotra, said, “Women have a great role to play in limiting the size of the family and they need to understand that by having less children, better education and quality of life could be provided to them.”

He added that unemployment, illiteracy, drug addiction, poverty and crime are direct fallout of the increasing population and the people need to adopt all possible, cost effective and acceptable methods to check the growth of population.

Dr Kusum Arora said with overpopulation, a number of diseases spread and health costs rise. Principal Shashi Prabha gave away prizes to students.



Advances in mgmt of epilepsy discussed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
The Indian Medical Association (IMA), Ludhiana, organised a cardio-neuro CME here on Saturday.

Experts spoke on subjects like recent advances in management of atrial fibrillation and epilepsy. Dr GS Grewal, Dr Ajit Singh Chawla, Dr Manoj Sobti and Dr Yashpal Singh were chairpersons on the occasion.

Dr RS Bhatia spoke about epilepsy. He discussed in detail etiology, pathogenesis and treatment of epilepsy in detail. Earlier, IMA president, Dr DP Singh Arora, presided over the function. Dr Narjit Kaur, secretary IMA, said medical profession was challenging because of constant research and newer and effective treatments coming up everyday. These continuous medical updates are required for knowing the latest treatments for all diseases.



Music album released

Ludhiana, July 16
A music album, “Lafzan De Gehne”, was released recently. The uniqueness of the album is that poets have sung their own compositions.

Dev Threeke Wala, one of the poets featuring in the album, said this was an effort for the promotion of good music and against the culture of vulgar and sleazy songs. The poets include Boota Singh Chauhan, Ram Singh, Tirlochan Lochi, Karamjit Grewal, Sukhwinder Amrit, Dev Threeke and Iqbal Ramuwalia. — TNS



Chain snatched

Ludhiana, July 16
Two youths on a motorcycle snatched the gold chain of a woman in Maya Nagar today.

The woman, who did not divulge her name, is wife of an employee working in the district administration.

The incident took place this evening when she was returning home. According to an eyewitness, when she reached a gurdwara in Maya Nagar, two youths snatched her gold chain. — TNS



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