C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Cash, gold haul from Fiza’s house
Rs 92.8 lakh, about 1.5-kg gold and 800-gm silver jewellery worth Rs 45 lakh recovered
Akash Ghai
Tribune News Service

Mohali, August 9
It was virtually raining money when a team of the Mohali police broke the locks of a steel almirah lying on the first floor of Anuradha Bali, aka Fiza’s house at Sector 48 this afternoon. The police recovered Rs 92,86,160 and about 1.5 kg of gold and 800-gm silver jewellery worth about Rs 45 lakh from the lockers of the almirah.

Apart from that, the police recovered around seven CDs related to her former husband Chander Mohan, several passbooks, the details of her eight accounts in various banks and other important documents.

Mohali SSP GS Bhullar said the police had made the inventory of each and every item recovered from the house. “We have recovered Rs 92.86 lakh and 1.5-kg gold jewellery so far. We are also checking if she (Fiza) had lockers in banks. If so, we would also check them in the coming days,” said Bhullar.

A magistrate and Fiza’s close relatives, including her sisters and brothers-in-law, were present during the eight-hour search operation, which was videographed.

The police hired the services of two lock-smiths to break the locks of the almirah.

A jeweller was also called to weigh the jewellery items while two machines were used to count the currency notes.

The DSP, DS Mann, who supervised the search operation today, said, the search started at 10.30 am and all the almirahs, suitcases and other boxes lying in the house were checked.

Later, SP (City) Swarndeep Singh also reached the spot.

Fiza had very attractive jewellery, which is normally worn by women of affluent families, commented a police official. The jewellery included six ‘kangans’ (bangles), three necklaces, two heavy bangles, one ‘kamarband’ (waist belt), one ‘guluband’ (collar set), several gold chains, earrings and rings. Apart from that three gold biscuits were also found.

Currency wads have receipt date, names

A police official said Fiza had jotted down date of receipt, names and mobile numbers of the persons (from whom she had got the amount) on several wads. Many wads dated back to 2008 and 2009, reminiscent of the year when she had an affair with Haryana former Deputy CM Chander Mohan, who she later married, said the official.

Breakup of currency notes

There were 8,200 currency notes of Rs 1,000 denomination, 1,916 notes of Rs 500 denomination and the rest were bills of Rs 100 and 50.

CDs related to Chander Mohan

The police found seven CDs. An official said the CDs, titled Chander Mohan and Fiza, had recordings of their marriage and other family functions.

House still stinks

Even after nine days of Fiza’s death, foul smell was still emanating from her house. Policemen had to spray perfume time and again to cope the smell during the search operation. “It’s very difficult to remain inside the house,” said a senior police official.

It was not ‘murder’

SSP Bhullar was of the view that the finding of a huge amount of money and jewellery from the house just indicated that it was not a case of murder. “Though I am claiming nothing at the moment, if Fiza was murdered, the murderer should have taken the money and jewellery from the house,” said Bhullar.

Fiza didn’t have maid

It seemed Fiza did not want anybody at her house. The house was shabby. It seemed she used to clean just her bedroom and drawing room. The other rooms were left unattended with clothes and other material scattered all around.

A dozen love letters written by Chander Mohan

Fiza had treasured love letters penned down by Chander Mohan. These letters, written on pages torn from a diary, have "I love you" written by Chander Mohan on each letter, said a police official, who was part of the search operation. "We have found a dozen such letters," he said.

It was public money

Rohit Mahajan, Fiza's close friend, today claimed that the money recovered from her house was public money collected during a rally of Chander Mohan and Fiza. The rally was held after Chander Mohan was removed from the post of Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana. "Fiza used to tell me that Chander Mohan had given her `1.87 crore, collected from the rally organised at Yavanika in Panchkula. She told me the money was lying at her place. I never trusted her then but now I know she was not lying," claimed Rohit. 



Drying Sukhna Lake to miss water sports this year
Deepankar Sharda
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
This time around, water sports lovers of the City Beautiful will not be able to witness any kind of water sports owing to drying of Sukhna Lake as the various tournaments of rowing, canoeing, yachting and kayaking will have to be shifted to other water bodies in the vicinity.

If the weather God did not relent, the city, for the first time, will lose an opportunity to host the annual water sports tournaments.

According to the annual sports calendar released by the Directorate of Sports, Panjab University, the department was preparing to organise inter-college tournaments of rowing, yachting and canoeing and kayaking, at Sukhana Lake but keeping in mind the prevailing drought-like conditions, it is impossible to organise these tourneys, here.

Not only the inter-college competitions but the department might find it difficult to organise the All-India Inter-University Championship of Yatching as well.

“We are helpless when it comes to natural circumstances. Due to non-availability of water, it is impossible to organise these three events. In addition to this, It is difficult to host the All-India Inter-University Championship” said Dr Gurmeet Singh, Director Sports PU (Additional Charge).

“In absence of proper water lev3els for sports, we have decided to organise the competitions in the nearby Water Works, Ropar or Pong Dam, Talwara (Himachal Pradesh). These contests are important and will be conducted in a proper manner, there” said Gurmeet.

On other hand, finance-cum-sports secretary, VK Singh, said, "We can not run away from reality. We have no option but to organise these tourneys elsewhere.

Hopefully, rains will bring some good news for the water sports lovers.”

As per experts, for orgnaising senior-level competitions a minimum patch of 2km with 3 metres of water level is required while for inter-college tourneys, a minimum of 2km patch is required.

“The present condition of lake is not fit for organising any sort of competition. This is for the first time that the lake is going through this phase. But it is unfornunate for water sports lovers and players,” said Arvind Sehgal, a rowing coach, Chandigarh Sports Council Department.

“A good continuous rain for at least a week is the only way to retreat the local water sports lovers. Due to non-availability of the water patch, the local players are undergoing only physical fitness training these days” added Sehgal.

Inter-college competitions

  • Canoeing and Kayaking- First week of September.
  • Yachting- First week of December.
  • Rowing- Second week of October.
  • All-India Inter-University Competitions of Yachting-February 11, 2013.



Vanity number auction makes history
CH-01-AP-0001 sold for Rs 26.05 lakh
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
There seems to be no limit to price tags on status. The craze for vanity numbers set a new record today when CH-01-AP-0001 was auctioned for a whopping Rs 26.05 lakh. Amarjit Singh, an agriculturist from Punjab, made the highest bid for the number. Officials of the Registration and Licensing Authority (RLA), Chandigarh, maintained that it is probably the highest bid for any vanity number in the country.

Amarjit Singh, who also has a 'kothi' at Sector 44, has bought the 0001 number for his Mercedes S350, beating city-based young businessman Ashutosh Chandel in an open auction for vanity numbers. The latter was trying to get the number for his Rs 4.5 crore Rolls Royce.

Ashutosh had given a tough fight to Amarjit till Rs 26 lakh bid amount.

The auction of vanity numbers, which started at 11.30 am at the RLA office in Sector 17, had witnessed 10 applicants for 0001 number. When the bid amount for 0001, the reserved price for which was Rs 25,000, reached Rs 5 lakh and then to Rs 10 lakh, only Amarjit and Ashutosh were left in competition. In the end, Amarjit bought the number for Rs 26.05 lakh.

An elated Amarjit said though he had agriculture business in Jalandhar and Amritsar, he resided at Sector 44, Chandigarh. Amarjit, who is a follower of Dera Beas in Punjab, said he had thought that the bid would go till Rs 20 lakh but when it crossed the Rs 20-lakh mark, he did not give up and finally made the final bid.

He is fond of 0001 number. He has one more Mercedes car with the 0001 number. Besides, he had bought the top number for Rs 5.5 lakh in 2005 for his Parado SUV.

The RLA officials said for the auction of the CH01-AP series, there were a total of 99 numbers. The total amount collected through the auction is Rs 69,21,200. The second highest bid was Rs 4,50,000 for CH01-AP-0005.

The revenue generated by the RLA has climbed from Rs 6.8 crore in 2010 to a whopping Rs 44.6 crore in 2011.

In 2007, a Ludhiana-based businessman had bought a vanity mobile number for Rs 15.5 lakh.

Avid collector of 0001

Amarjit Singh, an agriculturist from Punjab, is fond of 0001 number. He has one more Mercedes car with the 0001 number. Besides, he had bought the top number for Rs 5.5 lakh in 2005 for his Parado SUV.

Rising craze for vanity numbers

Chandigarh resident Narinder Singh Shergill was the first in the city to break the Rs 10 lakh barrier to get 0001 in May 2010, when the state started auctioning these numbers. It cost him half the price of his Toyota Fortuner SUV. Former Haryana DGP SPS Rathore, accused of molesting a teenage girl and later driving her to suicide, too created a stir in April this year when he bought a registration number worth Rs 9.05 lakh for his wife.



Midnight shocker for 500 voters of Sec 30
Delivered notices after 10.30 pm
Aarti Kapur
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
Krishna Avanti, (75), was shaken out of her sleep by the sound of the doorbell at 10:30 last night. This septuagenarian, who was still groggy, was shocked to see a backdated notice delivered to her at that odd hour by the UT election department. The notice states her vote has been cancelled as she was found “not existing” at her residential address.

All this happened with her despite that she has been living in this house Sector 30 for the last 37 years.

She was not alone to suffer this shock treatment. The UT election department meted a similar treatment to around 500 voters of Sector 30 late last night. They were delivered notices stating that their names have been deleted from the electoral rolls of the Chandigarh parliamentary constituency as they were not present at their residence during a survey conducted by the department.

Surprisingly, the notices, which were given to the residents at 10:30 pm last night, were dated July 4. The election department had asked the residents to personally appear before the electoral registration officer within the next 15 days or else their names will be deleted from the electoral rolls under rule 22(c). According to rule 22 (c) of the Representation of People Act, 1950, if a person does not appear before the election department within the stipulated time it will be believed that the voter is no longer a resident of that place or has no registered address in the constituency.

Joint Chief Electoral Officer of the UT Election Department Tilak Raj said if there was a delay in the delivery of the notices to residents, then they would get another chance to appear before the election department to clarify their position. He said on Monday, he would look into the matter and sort it out.

The inefficiency of the UT election department can be gauged from the fact that one of the voters, Abhishek Dwevedi, to whom the department issued the voter I-card on August 1, has also received a notice . Another resident, 82-year-old Arur Chand, who resides in the colony for the last 37 years, said during the election survey, the officials spent half an hour filling in the survey form and got his signatures on it, then how could they send a notice that he was not available at his place? A resident, Saroj Sharma, said after receiving the notice, she contacted the official who had visited her place during the election survey. She said the official stated that as he was busy doing his census duty, he was unable to reveal why the notice had been issued by the department. During a visit to the colony this morning, this Tribune reporter found an official of the election department distributing notices of cancellation of votes to certain residents of booth number 202.



Mohd Khalid is PUTA President
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
Maintaining their dominance for the second consecutive year, the Manjit-Akhsaya group won three out of the five key positions in the Panajb University Teachers Association (PUTA) elections held today.

The posts of president, vice-president and secretary went to the Manjit-Akshaya group.

Mohammed Khalid from the department of evening studies was elected PUTA president. He won by a margin of 59 votes. Khalid received 310 votes to defeat his rival Ravi K Mahajan from the University School of Open Learning (USOL-Statistics) who managed 251 votes. Khalid was secretary in PUTA’s last tenure.

Amarnath Gill from the department of statistics won the post of vice-president, defeating Yograj Angrish from the Punjabi department. While Gill secured 293 votes, Yograj managed to get 259.

Jayanti Dutta of Academic Staff College (ASC) was elected to the post of secretary with 292 votes. Her rival Devender Singh from the department of laws received 275 votes.

The posts of joint secretary and treasurer were won by Ravi Mahajan’s group.

Kitty Sidhu from Dental College, who had won PUTA elections last year for the post of joint secretary, was defeated this time by Anju Rao from botany department. Rao got 306 votes against Kitty Sidhu's 256.

Parveen Goyal from the University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) was elected to the post of treasurer defeating Arpit Bansal of UIET by a close margin of 5 votes. Goyal bagged 279 votes while Bansal managed to secure 274.


  • The Manjit-Akshaya group also swept seven out of the 11 executive member seats on which voting was held.
  • Manjit-Akshaya group had won four out of the five key positions during PUTA elections held in 2011.
  • Akshaya Kumar, the outgoing PUTA president, who contested for the seat of executive member received the highest number of votes overall (385).
  • Arpit Bansal lost the treasurer’s position with a margin of just five votes. Twenty four votes were declared invalid.
  • Kirti Vardhan and Jatinder Grover were elected PUTA executives unopposed.
  • Out of 623 teachers, 576 voted



Winning candidates

President: Mohammad Khalid (DES)

Votes polled - 310

Winning margin - 59

Priorities- Timely promotions, child care leave, regular recruitment without any backlog.

Vice-president: Amarnath Gill (Statistics)

Votes polled - 293

Winning margin - 34

Priorities - Periodic CAS promotions, meeting faculty crunch, solving the problem of frequent power cuts and fluctuation in the Sector 25 campus, streamlining work at the accounts branch of 
the university.

Secretary: Jayanti Dutta (ASC)

Votes polled - 292

Winning margin - 17

Priorities - Promoting research and ensuring conducive teaching environment, adequate time for research by transferring excessive workload.

Joint secretary: Anju Rao (Botany)

Votes polled - 306

Winning margin - 50

Priorities - Recruitment of faculty, increasing grants for attending conferences from Rs 30,000 to Rs 1 lakh, child care leave, implementation of medical reimbursement for the wards of women employees, introduction of CAS in Dental College, increasing grants for UIET.



140 votes found invalid
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
The number of invalid votes cast in PUTA elections has left the election officials surprised. Over 140 votes were found invalid this time. The number was around 120 during the last PUTA elections.

While the number of invalid votes for the posts of vice president and treasurer was 24 each, 15 votes were found invalid for the post of president, 14 for joint secretary, and 9 for the post of secretary.

An official on duty said that it was surprising to see teachers cast invalid votes, even after having participated in PUTA elections for many years.

Officials also said that while many had voted for all candidates, some had left their ballot paper blank. There were even cases where voters after choosing a particular candidate changed their mind and selected another.

"The invalid votes can turn the game for the candidates. Arpit Bansal lost the post of treasure with only five votes, while 24 votes were declared invalid," an official said.


Bus Queue Shelters
No policy to maintain structures
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service
An old brick-structure bus queue shelter in Sector 45 is a home to a beggar. Commuters prefer to wait on the road to board a bus there
An old brick-structure bus queue shelter in Sector 45 is a home to a beggar. Commuters prefer to wait on the road to board a bus there.
Cars haphazardly parked in front of a modern bus queue shelter
Cars haphazardly parked in front of a modern bus queue shelter. Tribune photos: Manoj Mahajan

Chandigarh, August 9
The 260-odd bus queue shelters of three different types, namely brick structure, wrought-iron structure and the latest ultramodern steel structure, are a classic example of UT officials’ belief in putting the cart before the horse.

Without framing a clear-cut policy to maintain the structures, the UT’s architect department designed the structures and MC’s engineering department mindlessly spent crores of rupees on constructing them. The end result is that the bus queue shelters have turned in white elephants.

As a result, the case of maintaining the shelters keeps on tossing between the engineering department and UT’s transport department, turning the bus queue shelters into ill-maintained structures.

Broken benches, torn bus timetables and filth scattered around leaves a poor impression about the city, which otherwise boasts of third highest per capita income.

In a recent example, the UT engineering department spent Rs 8 crore on erecting 60 ultramodern bus queue shelters, but later realised that there was no clear-cut policy to maintain them. “Advertisement panels have been incorporated in the shelters, but there is no policy on allowing the advertisements. So, the UT engineering department is pressing upon the UT transport department to take the responsibility of the shelters on run, operate and maintenance (ROT) basis. The transport department is reluctant to take the responsibility,” said an official of the Chandigarh Administration.

Officials in the transport department said earlier, too, the UT engineering department and MC had failed in maintaining about 200 bus queue shelters. Most of the shelters are in a bad shape.

At the bus queue shelters in Sectors 43 and 44 and in Burail, one can notice torn timetables, rusting structures and broken chairs. Due to the filth, commuters prefer to wait on the road instead of using the facility while waiting for the bus. At one of the brick-type bus queue shelters, a beggar had made his home and cars were parked in front of the shelter.

Similarly, the bus queue shelters in Sectors 20 and 21 were in a dilapidated shape. None of the shelters had route map plans and the timetable painted on the wall was not updated. The only new thing noticed at the ultramodern bus queue shelters was that the route numbers had been put up, but the route plans were missing everywhere.

Lack of vision

Call it a lack of vision on part of planners or intentional move to benefit advertisers, a majority of the bus queue shelters have been located without keeping commuters’ convenience in mind. As a result, the commuters prefer to wait at non-designated spots and even the CTU buses do not stop at the bus queue shelters,

Commuters confused

The bus queue shelters not only fail in guiding the commuters about the bus routes, there is no information about the sector location of a particular bus queue shelter and its location in the particular area.

No info on added routes

Though new routes have been added and frequency of buses has increased or decreased, general public was never intimated about it. Officials admit that throughout the year, the frequency of buses has increased or decreased on different routes, depending upon proposals of the UT Administration. But the commuters never come to know about it.



Waterlogging still a problem
Tribune News Service

Traffic jam after rain at Madhya Marg .
Traffic jam after rain at Madhya Marg.

Chandigarh, August 9
The claims made by the authorities concerned about the efficiency of the city's underground drainage system fall flat as rain unleashed its fury today. The city roads were turned into rivulets and several low-lying areas and parking lots were transformed into small lakes. Normal life was thrown out of gear due to the downpour.

The downpour, which drastically reduced visibility, affected local as well as long-distance traffic. In fact, thick cover of mud and slush on the roads spelt doom for commuters, especially two-wheelers. The authorities failed to clear the slush and sand from the roads, which further created problems.

The large stretches of Dakshin Marg and Madhya Marg also saw rain water accumulating, particularly near the roundabouts. Even roads in a number of sectors were inundated, besides open spaces and other low-lying areas. Water accumulated on streets also led to traffic hazards. Rickshaw-pullers and cyclists preferred to use the main roads rather than the lanes meant for rickshaws, adding to the woes of the four-wheelers.

Rain water entered Sector 7 shops where recently the corporation had laid paver blocks and also in the basement of Sector 19 Palika Bazaar. Residents of Mauli Jagran, Ram Darbar, Madrasi Colony and Bapu Dham were among the worst hit, with residents having to wade through knee-deep water. In several colonies in low-lying areas rain water flowed in from the surrounding areas. The southern parts of the city were inundated. Water also accumulated in parking areas adjoining markets and shopping centres, particularly at Sector 20.



Reshuffling in UT Admn

Chandigarh, August 9
In yet another reshuffling in the UT Administration, the administration today bifurcate the post of joint secretary (home) and distributed the departments between secretary, information technology Prerna Puri, and director public relations MM Sabhrwal.

Meanwhile, SK Setia was given the charge of joint secretary (estates). He will look after the entire work of finance-I branch and relieved PCS Gurpreet Kaur Sapra from this additional charge. Another HCS officer Mandeep Kaur has been given the charge of secretary, Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB), relieving MM Sabharwal.

The additional departments allotted to Prerna Puri, who would now work as the additional secretary, were personnel establishment of UT secretariat, establishment of IAS/PCS/HCS officers, policy and advices on service matters, police, vigilance, hospitality, public relations. Whereas the charge of departments like local self government, CTU, RLA, model jail, etc, has been given to MM Sabharwal. — TNS



Six cops transferred

Chandigarh, August 9
In a routine reshuffle, six police officials, including four inspectors, were transferred today. Inspector Rajesh Shukla has been transferred to the VIP security, while Inspector Yash Pal has been designated as the SHO of Mani Majra.

Inspector Amrao Singh and Inspector Sukhwinder Pal Singh have been transferred to the economic offences wing. — TNS



No bylaws for control of pet dogs
Kulwinder Sangha

Mohali, August 9
The higher authorities of the local government department have been sitting on a draft of the bylaws for the control of pet dogs in the town for about four years with owners of animals doing whatever pleases them.

Not a single pet dog in the town has so far been registered with the municipal corporation. Complaints are often made by residents about the animals dirtying the surroundings, including parks. There have also been cases where the pet dogs have bitten people. In many cases, such animals are not even vaccinated according to the schedule recommended by veterinarians.

Amteshwar Kaur, former municipal councillor, said the parks and other open spaces were often dirtied by dogs, much to the annoyance of people who go to these areas for a walk. The residents face a lot of inconvenience, but do not openly speak up, as often neighbours are involved.

At times, the pet dogs are let loose by the owners or their servants two to three times during the day, so that the animals can ease themselves. Such dogs have at times attacked people.

Sources said in 2006, the civic body had put up a resolution in its general House regarding the bylaws for the dog owners after which objections were invited from the public. Later, the resolution was unanimously cleared by the House on August 31, 2007.

A draft of the bylaws framed by the council, along with a CD was sent to the deputy director, Patiala, for approval in June 2008, but the civic body did not get any reply in this regard all these years.

Recently, the director, local government, had sent a letter to the civic body in which it was stated that if it had so far not framed any bylaws for the control of pet dogs, it could adopt the bylaws introduced by the municipal corporation of Ludhiana.

It is learnt that the civic body is now planning to adopt the bylaws followed by the civic body in Ludhiana and a letter in this regard is likely to be sent to the higher authorities soon.



Apna Ghar: Bail denied to accused
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 9
A CBI court has denied bail to Harvinder and Dayanand, the two accused in the Apna Ghar case of Rohtak, here today.

Both of them had filed a bail application before the court pleading their innocence.

The CBI lawyer, opposing their plea, said the investigation was still on. The data from mobile phones and laptop recovered from them were yet to be retrieved. Their release at this juncture could hamper the investigation, contended the CBI lawyer following which the court rejected the bail.

On August 1, all 10 accused were produced in the CBI court through a video-conferencing. The court sent them to 14-day judicial remand. Out of the 10 accused, the duo had applied for bail.

On August 7, the CBI filed a chargesheet against seven accused Jaswanti Devi, her daughter Sushila, alias Simmi, son-in-law Jai Bhagwan, brother Jaswant Singh and cousin Sheela, driver Satish and Veena, a counsellor.

The shelter home run by Bharat Vikash Sangh, an NGO, landed in a controversy when a team of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) raided it on May 9 and rescued its people staying there. The rescued people have made serious allegations of rape and human trafficking against Jaswanti Devi and the other accused.



Abandoned girl disappears, police has no conclusive reply
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 9
Mystery shrouds the disappearance of a 17-year-old abandoned girl, who was handed over to the police by the residents of Rail Vihar today morning. However, the latter is not aware of the whereabouts of the girl now.

A 17-year-old girl, who identified herself as Kiran from Bihar, was found crying outside Mansa Devi Complex in Rail Vihar, Panchkula. The residents called Mansa Devi Complex police station and handed over the girl to the police.

"I was in my balcony when I spotted this girl sitting outside our society. She was crying profusely. All residents of the complex gathered to enquire the matter," said Pooja, a resident of the society.

Pooja said that the girl disclosed to her that she was abandoned by her stepmother. The girl also said that she was regularly beating up by her stepmother who wanted her to find a work in the city.

The residents were shocked to see that only one constable from the station came on a bike without being accompanied by any lady police. The residents had told them in advance to send a lady constable.

"We told the constable that we won't let the girl go with him as he was without the lady police. But the constable argued that the police station was nearby and he would drop the girl safely at the station," said another resident.

Now, Kiran is no-where to be found. When contacted the station house officer of the MDC police station, Aruna Kumar, said, "The girl had earlier lost her way. She wanted to go to Chandigarh and we have sent her." When asked whether they have the address, they said, "No. The girl has gone wherever she wanted to."

The Assistant Commissioner Vinod Kumar said, "I will surely look into the matter and strict action would be taken if the negligence of the police comes out."



CAT directs UPSC to interview PGI urologist
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) providing partial relief to PGI urologist, Dr SK Singh, has directed the UPSC to allow him to appear in the interview for the post of Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) director-principal to be held on August 16.

The interim relief plea stand disposed on consensual basis with an order that the applicant herein shall be interviewed by the UPSC in the context and further that the UPSC would be entitled to take a view on the aspect of his eligibility as well and the outcome of that consideration (qua the eligibility of the applicant herein) shall be announced to him, said the tribunal while disposing the application.

Dr SK Singh claiming to be the only eligible candidate from the PGI for the post of director-general had challenged the UPSC decision in CAT for not inviting him for the interview.

As per the present recruitment rules, the post is to be filled either from deputation or from short-term contract, failing which the administration may fill the post through direct recruitment, said the applicant in his petition.

It was last year that the UT Administration had invited applications for the post, as the tenure of incumbent Dr Raj Bahadur who took over on December 1, 2007, was to be over in February this year.

In response to the advertisement, nine doctors, including five from GMCH, had applied for the post. The UT Administration, however, did not forward the name of Dr Singh to the UPSC for consideration and he did not get invite for the interview. Following this, the urologist moved the tribunal seeking that he should be declared as eligible for the post.



Shopkeepers told not to sell correction fluids to minors
Tribune News Service

Police officers in civil dress inspect a shop at Sector 18 in Chandigarh on Thursday
Police officers in civil dress inspect a shop at Sector 18 in Chandigarh on Thursday. Tribune photo: Manoj Mahajan

Chandigarh, August 9
The UT police launched a special campaign to check sale of correction fluid to minors in the city. The sale of correction fluid to the minors is banned as per the Magistrate orders under Section 144 of the CrPC.

The minors generally consume white correction fluid as a drug.

The UT police checked a number of stationery shops in Sectors 18, 23 and 35 and Dadu Majra to see if the fluid is being sold. Shopkeepers were sensitised to not sell the fluid to the minors, otherwise they can face arrest.

DSP Roshan Lal said directed owners of the stationery shops in the city as well as in rural areas to strictly follow the orders and not to sell the correction fluids to the minors.



Rare heart surgery performed

Chandigarh, August 9
In a rare instance, all three valves of the heart of a 54-year-old patient were replaced with artificial ones.

The Pehowa-based patient, Surjit Kaur, had been suffering from rheumatic heart disease for last 15 years. The triple heart valve replacement surgery was performed at Mukat Hospital, Sector 34. Surjit Kaur had twice undergone heart surgeries. — TNS



Dance performance to please rain gods
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 9
The city received rain much before the performance of Daksha Mashruwala, an Odissi dancer, who visited Chandigarh on Thursday to perform at ‘Varsha Ritu Nritya Sandhya’, organised by the city-based Indian National Theatre at the Tagore Theatre, Sector 18. But that did not stop her from staging a powerful dance performance attempting to please the rain god for more showers over city beautiful. Art lovers in the city witnessed one of the finest dance performances which blended both the traditional as well contemporary styles.

Student of Odissi dance guru Kelucharan Mahapatra, Daksha performed a piece based on Varsha Ritu along with her students. Earlier, she started her performance with Mangla Charan followed by a piece of Das Avtar. The highlight of the show was the way in which live music on the stage perfectly blended with Daksha’s lyrical movements.



Janmashtami celebrated with fervour in tricity schools
Tribune news service

Students celebrate Janmashtami at Montessori School in MDC, Panchkula, on Thursday
Students celebrate Janmashtami at Montessori School in MDC, Panchkula, on Thursday. A Tribune photograph

Chandigarh, August 9
Schools across the tricity celebrated Janmashtami with a lot of fervour and zeal on Thursday.

DAV Model School, Sector 15, Chandigarh

Janmashtami was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm by the students of DAV Model School Sector-15, Chandigarh. It was a day charged with energy and entertainment. The students and teachers dramatized the life of Krishna portraying his infancy, childhood and youth.

Shishu Niketan Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 22-D, Chandigarh

The atmosphere in the school was filled with colour and bhakti as Janamashtmi was celebrated in Shishu Niketan Model Senior Secondary School. Kids of the junior section were attired as Radha and Krishna. Stories related to Lord Krishna's life were narrated to the children. They also enacted scenes based on the life of lord Krishna and danced to the tunes of the flute. Sweets were also distributed among the children.

Government Middle School, Sector 26 (BDC), Chandigarh

A special morning assembly was organised at Government Middle School, Sector 26, to celebrate the Janmashtami. The function started with an scene depicting the friendship of Krishna and Sudama and thereafter the students, dressed as Radha, Krishna and gopis, performed dance.

St Soldier International School Sector 28-B, Chandigarh

The festival of Janmashtami - the birth of Lord Krishna - was celebrated with festive fervour and enthusiasm at St Soldier International School. Students of Class X B conducted the assembly. The story of Lord Krishna was narrated briefly to students who presented a musical performance to depict the teachings represented by Lord Krishna.

Century Public school , Naya Gaon

Century Public school , Naya Gaon celebrated Janmashtami in the school premises on thursday. Tiny tots came to school dressed as Radha and Krishana. Fancy dress and mataki decoration competitions were organised.

AKSIPS, Sector 41

The auspicious occasion of the birth of Lord Krishna was celebrated with a lot of fervour at AKSIPS. The school wore a festive look as the pre-primary students were dressed up in colourful attires. A special assembly was organised where the pre-nursery students presented dances and told the story about the birth of Lord Krishna.

Tribune Model School, Sector 29, Chandigarh

Tribune Model School celebrated Janmashtami with a 'pujan'. All the faculty members, with their respective class students, had fun on the occasion. Sweets were distributed amongst the students. There was a special assembly during which the children were informed about Lord Krishna's life.

St Joan's Public School, Zirakpur

St Joan's school today celebrated Janmashtami with great enthusiasm. Various competitions, like fancy dress and 'mataki' decoration were held in the school on the occasion. The tiny tots dressed in the attire of Lord Krishna, Radha and Meera looked beautiful. The premises echoed with the chanting of 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna'. Many students also danced to devotional songs.

Shivalik Public School, Mohali

Students of Shivalik Public School, Mohali celebrated the festival of Janmashtami with great zeal. They recited poems on lord Krishna and were informed by their teacher about the life and teachings of Lord Krishna on the occasion.

Bhavan Vidyalaya Junior, Sector 33-D, Chandigarh

Pre-nursery and nursery students of Bhavan Vidyalaya (Junior), Sector 33-D, Chandigarh, visited temples as part of Janmashtami celebration to seek the blessings of Lord Krishna. The students celebrated the festival with great enthusiasm. 'Jhankis' were also set up. Children came in dressed as Krisha, Sudama, Radha, and gopis. KG students also presented a dance on this occasion.

New India Smart School, Sector 15, Panchkula

To mark the birth of Lord Krishna, the New India Smart School, Sector 15, Panchkula, celebrated the festival of Janmasthmi, with great enthusiasm. The students of kindergarten were dressed up as Krishna, Radha, Gopi, Balram, Sudhama, Kans and gwalas and brought alive Krishna's life during the fancy dress competition.

Saupin's School, Panchkula

Janmashtami was celebrated at Saupin's School, Panchkula, with great zest and fervour. The participants were clad in beautiful attires. The four houses - Aspen, Clover, Maple and Sycamore - participated in the festivities with enthusiasm and sang beautiful bhajans. The tasteful decoration of the school premises added up to the whole event. Sycamore House stood first in the bhajan-reciting competition.

Jainendra Public School, Panchkula

The Students of Jainendra Public School, Panchkula, celebrated Janmashtmi with great enthusiasm. Tiny tots were dressed up in colourful attires as Radha, Krishan, gopis and gwalas. The teachings of the Gita were narrated during the function. Various competitions, like 'mukut' decoration, 'bansuri' decoration and 'matki' decoration were held.

Satluj Public School, Sector 4, Panchkula

A special Janmashtami assembly was held in Satluj Public School, Sector 4 and Sector 2, Panchkula. The celebrations began with speeches by students on the life of Shri Krishna. Students dressed up as Lord Krishna also sang songs and performed group dances.

Sant Isher Singh Public School, Mohali

Janmashtami was celebrated with zest at Sant Isher Singh Public school. Students of kindergarten and primary sections took part in the celebrations. Beautiful jhankis were set up in the school showcasing the Lord Krishna's birth and life.

Sharda Sarvhitkari Model Senior Secondary School, Sec 40-D, Chandigarh

Janmashtami- the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna- was celebrated at Sharda Sarvhitkari Model Senior Secondary School with great joy. Students of primary and pre-primary classes came attired like Radha and Krishna. A musical programme and dance performance was also held during the special assembly.

—Tribune Reporters



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