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Metro project gains pace
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 12
The Ludhiana Metro Rail project will have a total of 27 stations, which would include 11 underground ones and 16 on elevated platforms. The proposed minimum fare is Rs 8 per person while the maximum is Rs 30 per person.

With MC Commissioner Rakesh Kumar Verma having been made the Managing Director of the Ludhiana Metro Rail Corporation, the work on the project has gained pace.

To start with, four coaches with a total capacity of 1,032 persons will run on each corridor and if the demand increases, the total number of coaches can be increased up to six. Out these four coaches, two will be Driving Trainer Cars (DTCs), which will have engines attached on the front and the rear of the rail.

A DTC will carry a total of 247 persons while the coaches will have a capacity of 270 persons. A DTC will have 43 seats while the standing capacity will be 204 persons. The normal coach will have 50 seats and 220 persons can stand on the aisles.

According to the detailed project report, the Ludhiana Metro Rail will have a total capacity of carrying 40,000 persons per hour (if the metro rail stops at every station for two minutes on an average).
Distance between two stations

The metro train has been proposed to stop three minutes at every station and this interval can be brought down to two minutes as per the requirement.

The corridors would be elevated as the metro rail will run some 26 feet above the ground level and for the underground corridor, it will run 15-20 metre below the ground.

"The coaches of the metro rail will be 2.9 metre wide and will be made of bullet-proof stainless steel. The proposed average speed of the metro rail is 80 km ph, said HS Khosa, Assistant Commissioner (Technical), who will oversee the project work as a coordinator-cum-nodal officer.

He said the proposed metro rail fare would be applicable if the project was commissioned in 2014-15. "And if it gets commissioned after 2014-15, the proposed fare may be increased," he added.

Corridor I of the metro rail will get power supply from the Dhandari Kalan and Ferozepur Road sub-stations while Corridor II will get power from the Dhandari Kalan, Lalton and Jamalpur sub-stations.


Residents of old city areas have land-acquisition jitters
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 12
Ever since the survey relating to the Ludhiana Metro Rail project started in the city, the residents of the areas where land is to be acquired have been feeling panicky. The residents, mostly from the old city areas, are worried that the land on which their houses and shops are situated might be acquired, leaving them homeless.

It is learnt that a total of 80-odd properties have been identified that have to be acquired for this project.

To speed up the work concerning the Ludhiana Metro Rail project, the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation commissioner has already constituted a three-member “support cell” that would look into various aspects of the project, including the acquisition of land and liaison with other government departments.

This team includes Assistant Commissioner (Technical) HS Khosa, who will oversee the work of the Ludhiana Metro Rail project as a coordinator-cum-nodal officer, Senior Town Planner (STP) Hemant Batra, who will study and prepare a detailed report regarding all government and private properties to be acquired for this project, and SDO (Bridges and Roads) Sanjay Kanwar, who will look into the office work of this support cell.

Kartar Singh, a resident of the Karimpura Bazar area in Field Ganj, is a worried man. “I have owned a shop in this area for a long time and this shop is the only source of income for my family. A few days ago, a team of the building branch of the municipal corporation conducted a survey of the area and since then all of us have been worrying because we fear that our shops might be acquired for this project,” he said.

Gurmeet Singh, another shopkeeper of Karimpura Bazar, who runs a cloth shop, said the metro rail line in this area would be underground. “When the metro rail will run below the ground and even the stations will be located underground, why does the state government wants to acquire our properties?” he questioned.

While speaking to The Tribune, Hemant Batra said the survey had already been completed and its final report would be ready by Wednesday.

“We have kept the Detailed Project Report (DPR) as base and the survey has been conducted accordingly. We already know about the places where metro rail stations will be constructed and most of the land will be required for the construction of these stations only. The project is still in its initial stages and right now we are just identifying the properties to be acquired. The land acquisition process will come at a later stage,” said Batra.



Income tax: Freebies prove bitter pill for docs
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 12
Doctors should get ready to pay tax on freebies such as free samples of medicines, gifts or foreign trips provided by pharmaceutical or health-care companies, as their worth will be calculated as taxable income.

Similarly, drug makers and allied health-care companies will also be no longer get tax exemptions on expenses on such promotional activities, mentions the notification issued by Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT).

It is an open secret that drug makers are giving freebies to doctors in the forms of gifts, sponsoring foreign trips in return for prescribing a particular company's brand of drug. This expenditure is included in the cost of medicines and ultimately borne by consumers.

A doctor said: “The government needs to be flexible with its rules to make sure that the introduction of new drugs is not restricted. If a doctor knows that he/she will be taxed for receiving samples of new medicines, then he/she will obviously keep away from this practice. The government should review its decision once again and see that it does not become an hindrance to the introduction of new medicines,” he said.

Meanwhile, Harleen Kaur, a bank professional, said: “It is a right decision taken by the Income Tax Department. It is a fact known to everybody that doctors these days go on foreign trips and the expenses are borne by the pharmaceutical companies. Also they charge hefty commissions for prescribing particular medicines and referring patients to certain diagnostic centres,” she said.

According to the Income Tax Act, expenditure made from the income is eligible for tax deduction if it the money is spent on the promotion of business or profession. But, since the amended guidelines of the MCI of 2009 make such freebies and promotional activities illegal, this provision was no longer applicable to the pharmaceuticals and allied health-care industry, the CBDT notification mentions.



1 more diagnosed with dengue
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 12
One more suspected patient of dengue, who is under treatment at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, has been diagnosed with dengue. District Epidemiologist Puneet Juneja said, "The patient, Bahadur Singh, is 25 years old and belongs to Jalandhar. He was confirmed dengue positive today. However, no fresh case of dengue was confirmed today."

A few days ago teams of the health department came across dengue larvae in some areas. Eighteen surveillance teams of the department have been conducting a survey of different areas of the city, including the areas inhabited by VIPs and offices of the district administration. Dr Juneja said, "These teams have been allocated beats and daily go to their respective beats according to their roster."

Meanwhile, Civil Surgeon Subhash Batta, who got his office premises cleaned only a few days ago in order to curb the menace of dengue, said, "I appeal to the public in general to keep their houses, shops, factories and surrounding areas clean and free from stagnant water."



Policy revision caught in political crossfire
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, August 12
Had it not been for hectic lobbying by senior functionaries of the ruling coalition and certain leaders of the main Opposition parties in the state, the proposed revised policy on compounding of unauthorised colonies across Punjab would have been announced by now. Even though the key features of the policy have not been made known to the stake holders, the indications given to real estate developers point towards some of their major demands having been conceded.

However, the state government is understood to be facing immense pressure from the powerful lobby of major developers who have built licensed colonies and are opposed to giving any concession to the unauthorised colonies or soft peddling the crucial issue of compounding the unlicensed colonies on "as is where is basis, which
is the main demand of
the developers.

Highly placed sources in the Department of Housing and Urban Development also maintained that major developers, including the ones who have built PUDA-approved colonies, were also not in favour of compounding the unauthorised colonies merely on payment of external development charges by the plot owners, as was being pleaded by the stake holders.

"Compounding an unauthorised colony in this manner will defeat the entire exercise which has been aimed at planned development because residential plots are sold in unlicenced colonies at much cheaper rates compared to the ones in approved colonies for several reasons such as incomplete development, excess coverage and no payment made to the regulatory body," said a major player in the real-estate sector.

A few senior political leaders having a say in the corridors of power are pleading with the state government that it should come out with a simplified policy for the regularisation of unauthorised colonies so that more and more developers, or else residents of such colonies come forward for payment of external development charges (EDC) and they could have access to basic amenities.

"You can not simply wish thousands of such unauthorised colonies away which are providing lakhs of people with roofs on their heads. Many of these colonies are decades old and the developers will have no interest in obtaining licences and fulfilling other requirements. Regularising these existing colonies on payment of EDC in one go will not only benefit lakhs of residents but will give a thrust to planned growth in the future. A cut off date should be fixed for this purpose and in the future no unlicensed colony should be allowed to be developed," said Gurdial Singh, a developer.



CCTV cameras installed at Pau
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune news Service

Ludhiana, August 12
Finally, Punjab Agricultural University authorities have implemented the long awaited project to install CCTV cameras at strategic points for electronic surveillance in the campus. In its first phase, the university has installed CCTV Cameras on entry gates No 2 and 4 at for keeping an eye on the outsiders.

According to the PAU officials, CCTV cameras will also be installed on other important points like girls hostel, Home Science College etc in coming days.

There were several incidents of fights reported at the PAU and Veterinary University in the past where the involvement of outsiders was proved. To avoid such incidents, the PAU had planned to install cameras in campus.

According to the officials from PAU security, the main objective of these CCTV cameras is to keep a check on outsiders. Now every movement in the range of the camera would be recorded. We have installed cameras outside the check post for outdoor surveillance.

Harman, a student at the PAU said, "It's a good initiative by the PAU authorities. Earlier, the security guards on the main gates had to check every vehicle, but now numbers of vehicles would be recorded automatically.

Jaskaran Singh, estate officer, PAU, said, we are installing the cameras to keep a tab on the movements and happenings inside the campus. In its second phase university would install cameras to cover the campus market, students home and other colleges and hostels.



TET-pass unemployed teachers stage protest
Say govt plan to abolish vacant posts must not be implemented
Tribune news Service

Ludhiana, August 12
Teachers Eligibility Test (TET) Pass Unemployed Teachers Union Unit, Ludhiana, burnt an effigy of the Punjab government and organised a protest march from Chatar Singh Park to Bharat Nagar Chowk.

Hundreds of unemployed TET passed teachers participated in the protest march. Teachers said that Punjab government is playing games with unemployed youngsters as the chief minister had ensured them employment before the elections.

Deep Raja, district president of TET Pass Unemployed Teachers Union, said, "The government has been harassing the unemployed by implementing the rationalisation policy. Government is going to abolish the all vacant posts in school and is not willing to give us jobs."

Prince Arora, another unemployed teacher, said, "Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal promised to fill 5,000 posts and after several meetings they still have not issued advertisements for these vacancies. Promises made by the chief minister, education minister, education secretary, DGSE and DPI never poved true."



Youth protest against proposal to increase retirement age
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, August 12
Unemployed educated youths of Jagraon and surrounding villages staged a protest at the Lala Lajpat Rai Park, Jagraon, today against the state government's proposal to increase the retirement age of government employees.

The protest was organised by the Unemployed Youths Union. Several students, unemployed educated youths and representatives of several organisations took part in the campaign and raised slogans against the state government.

The protesters criticised the proposal to increase the retirement age of government employees in various departments. While addressing the protesters, union leader Alamdeep Singh warned that the decision of increasing the retirement age would not be allowed to be implemented at any cost. He also demanded that instead of increasing the retirement age of the serving government employees, the state government should fix the retirement age of government employees at 55 years so that the educated but unemployed youths can get employment opportunities.

"There are several lakh educated youngsters in Punjab but they are not able to get jobs due to the wrong policies of the state government. Unemployment causes disappointment and depression, and a large number of youngsters are getting addicted to drugs," said the union leader.

Besides this, the protesters also demanded abolishing the contract system adopted by the government in various departments. Later, a protest march from the Rani Jhansi Chowk to the bus stand, passing through various roads of the town, was also held.



Bias against left-handers unscientific, say experts
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 12
As the world celebrates International Left-handers’ Day, there remains a strong bias against the use of left hand among people in India. Despite the fact that the world is getting more friendly towards left handers, parents here discourage their children from turning left-handed.

"Using left hand has never been considered good in our society," says Rakesh, a resident. Even when we were young, we were told to use the right hand, and so we too advise our children to use the right hand, which is considered the 'right' way of doing things," he says.

But experts advise against it. "There have been studies that left-handers make use of the right part of the brain which is considered the sphere of creativity and imagination. Although concrete conclusions cannot be drawn from the studies, this does suggest that discouraging the use of left-hand amongst children is not recommended," says Dr Ravinder Kala, a psychiatrist.

"If children naturally choose to use left hand, they should not be discouraged from using it. Preventing the use of left hand would not allow them to grow to their potential," says Dr Kala. Sometimes if children are stopped from writing with left hand, they are not able to write as legibly as they otherwise would, she says.

"Being a lefthander has always been an advantage in the field of sport. Sachin Tendulkar, perhaps, wouldn't have been as great as he is if he had been stopped from using the left hand for writing," says Param Saini, a psychotherapist." A lot of artists have been lefthanders, including the great Leonardo da Vinci. Many of the US Presidents as well have been lefties. So children should not be discouraged from being left-handed," she says. 



Sugar, milk prices head north
With state government imposing VAT, sipping a cup of tea has become costlier
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 12
Sipping your favourite cup of tea is becoming dearer by the day, with milk and sugar prices going up. Tea is a staple drink in every Punjabi household and with the hike in prices of sugar and milk, it is becoming a costly affair to have tea these days.

With Punjab government imposing Value Added Tax (VAT), the price of sugar has gone up by 20 per cent. The price of sugar in retail market has jumped to Rs 40-42 per kg in comparison to Rs 35-36 per kg in July. The wholesale rate of sugar is hovering around Rs 3,700-3,800 per quintal, against Rs 3,300-3,400 per kg last month.

Traders fear the price of sugar will further surge in next couple of days as stockist and retailers are facing depletion of their stock due to the ongoing agitation across the state. The festival season is also approaching.

To make matters worse for the common man, Milkfed has increased the prices of milk by Re 1 per litre across the state this week. Some dairy farmers have hiked the price by Rs 2 per kg, claiming they are forced to raise the prices because of the spiralling prices of cattle feed and fodder.

Milkfed has raised retail milk price by Re 1 a litre of three variants, including single toned, double toned and standard. After the hike, the standard variety costs Rs 33 a litre, single-toned Rs 30 a litre and double-toned milk Rs 27 a litre. The price of full-cream milk, however, remains the same at Rs 36 a litre in Punjab.

Jaswinder Kaur, a housewife, said that even drinking a cup of tea every morning is becoming out of reach. “Prices of milk and sugar have gone up. Instead of imposing fresh taxes, the government should try to curb the rising prices,” she said.

Raju, who owns a tea stall near the Clock Tower, said he is left with no other option but to increase the price of a tea cup. “Initially the price of a cup of tea was Rs 5, but now I have increased the price to Rs 8 as it was not viable for me to sell it at Rs 5. Prices of all the ingredients required to make a cup of tea have gone up,” he lamented.



Rush to feed data cripples education dept website
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 12
Uploading data about schools on the state education department’s under-construction website has become a major headache for school teachers. The data was to be uploaded by Aug 5, but due to the technical snag, schools could not upload the data. According to teachers the server was down.

Taking a note of the error, the department had ensured on Thursday that website would run properly and teachers could upload the details on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Teachers came to schools on Janmashtmi but server did not work.

Owing to the continuous technical snag, the department issued new instructions and chose five districts to upload the data in the first phase. The districts were Amritsar, Bathinda, Barnala, Faridkot and Fathegarh Sahib. But now all details had to be uploaded within 2 days. Teachers said it was impossible to upload the details in a couple of days. According to the format available on the website, teachers are required to fill all details regarding infrastructure, students and teachers.

“Due to the traffic on the website, the server has not been able to run. Now the department has instructed to upload the details within 2 days, but it is impossible. The department must fix the problem soon,” Gurvinder Singh, president of computer teachers union, said. 



Reporter’s Diary

Basic infrastructure must to regulate traffic

Despite visible efforts by the city traffic police to improve movement of vehicular traffic on the roads, there seems to be no improvement in the same. In the wake of ever-increasing number of vehicles, all attempts to bring law and order and enforce traffic regulations virtually come to a naught. The underlying reason is not difficult to locate and as one official of the traffic police aptly observed that the civic body had literally washed its hands off the traffic management, regulation and providing basic infrastructure for its management. One comes across the recovery vehicles towing away cars, which have been wrongly parked in the tow-away zones or outside the yellow marking. “Where is the parking space?” an exasperated woman asked the traffic policemen the other day when she was asked not to park her car on the roadside. Both traffic police and MC ought to realise that without providing basic infrastructure, attempts towards traffic management and regulation will not yield any result.

Perform better!

Punjabi singers often sing about “extraordinary strength” of people belonging to the Jatt clan or Punjabis. A huge number of songs celebrate the muscular power of jatts, dubbing Punjabis as “Sheran di Kaum Punjabi” and the like. But performance of Punjabis and players from Punjab in the London Olympics tell a different story. Contrary to this, Chinese are far ahead in medal tally. They don’t just sing the songs, but perform, commented someone.

Love for chicks!

A friend’s daughter, who is in class IX, while coming back from her tuitions brought a poly bag and a strange sound was coming from the bag. My friend asked her what she was holding, the scared daughter asked her mother to make a promise that she will not scold her. On getting the promise, the daughter opened the bag. A pair of chicks came out of it and the friend just screamed, “What is this?” The daughter replied, “On my way back, I saw a person selling them. He was carrying them in a cruel manner and they were feeling suffocated, so I purchased this pair. We will buy a small cage, put food and take care of them. They will sleep with me in the AC room.” And the friend kept on looking at her daughter.

Overburdened employee

Every department has been facing the problem of staff shortage. All this is leading to overwork. On one busy day, I called up an employee of the health department to seek some information. As he picked up the phone, without listening to my query, with a preconceived notion, he said, “Bai khoon test karwan lai civil hospital jao, meinu bar bar phone na karo. Mera tan agge hi kam te garmi naal khoon sukeya paya hai,” and banged the receiver. Instead of getting irritated by his comment, I just laughed, thinking that the employee must be tired and prayed for some relief to him.

Punjab govt’s ‘sweet box’

A woman hurried towards me from a distance and checked the Punjab government’s diary bearing Punjab-2012 mark. She was disappointed at having examined it. When asked about her curiosity, she said the diary with the golden paint looked like a sweet box and she was surprised to see “what is Punjab government doling out sweets for.” Another resident standing nearby smirked. “The elections are over and now the ‘sarkar’ would never give anything and only take from people until the next elections, let alone sweets, he remarked.

— Contributed by Kuldip Bhatia, Charanjit Singh Teja, Shivani Bhakoo, Anupam Bhagria and Gurvinder Singh.



Prices of tomatoes go down
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 12
Much to the relief of common man, prices of tomatoes came down as supply from the south began, while the prices of other vegetables and fruits remained almost stagnant and no increase was witnessed.

Tomatoes, the price of which rose to Rs 100 per kg, are now available for Rs 40 per kg. Though the price is still higher than the normal days, people felt a sigh of relief from shelling Rs 100 for a kg.

The price of other vegetables was same as last week. The tomatoes have finally came town to Rs 40 per kg. “Shelling out Rs 100 for one kilogram of tomatoes was, too, much. I hope in the coming weeks as the supply improves, the price will come down further,” said Jaspreet, a homemaker from Rajguru Nagar.



Truck stuck as road caves in
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 12
A truck carrying goods got stuck due to a cave in on the 33-feet road near Mundian this afternoon. It is learnt that this is the third road cave-in incident on the same road ever since the monsoon has started.

As per information, it was in the afternoon when the truck was passing from the 33-feet road and its rear wheels got stuck due to the cave in. Later a tractor was called to pull out the truck from the cave-in spot.

Sources within the municipal corporation (MC) informed that a sewer line was laid on the road before the Vidhan Sabha elections.

The MC wanted that the road should be carpeted after a gap of around one year, so that sand gets settled down. But soon after the Vidhan Sabha elections, we had the municipal corporation elections and we were under pressure to re-carpet the road with a layer of bitumen. Maybe that is why, now the road is witnessing frequent cave in as the sand has not settled down properly, said a source.

Karamjeet Singh, MC executive engineer, informed that a new sewer line was laid in the area before the Vidhan Sabha elections. At that time, a few residents had connected their private sewer lines with the main line and that is why, maybe some weak points were left. We suspect that this road cave-in is due to the same reason, but we have got it repaired, claimed Singh.



111 donate blood
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 12
The Independence Day was celebrated by organising a voluntary blood donation camp jointly by Parbhat Welfare Society and a team of Zindagi Live Foundation at the Gurdwara Guru Nanak Mission, Dholewal, Ludhiana.

As many as 111 units of blood were collected by a team of doctors from DMCH led by Dr Sonia.

Zindagi Live Foundation chairman Ashok Marwaha congratulated and lauded the effort of Parbhat Welfare Society for supporting thalassaemic children by donating blood.



Ludhiana scan

NGO donates artificial limbs

Ludhiana: Non-government organisation, Bharat Vikas Parishad (Sarabha branch), organised a free artificial limbs distribution camp at the Viklang Sahayta Kender Rishi Nagar today. On this occasion Dinesh Beri, President of the NGO, Seema Gupta, secretary, and Poonam Goyal, treasurer of NGO, were also present.

Free health check-up camp

Guru Darshan Sewa Society organised an eye check-up camp at Joshi Nagar today. Here 50 people were selected for eye operation and one for heart surgery. More than 800 persons were examined and were given free medicines. Dr GS Wander, Head of the Department of Cardiology at Hero Heart centre, DMC, and a team of doctors from DMC examined the people. They were given tips to keep their heart healthy. They also selected a lady for operation. She was having hole in her heart. Dr Ramesh of Punarjot Eye Bank Society and his team examined around 450 persons. They also chose 50 persons for operation. The people will be operated free of cost. Dr Ramesh told the people about the ill-effects of sugar on eyes. He said they had initiated project “Sanjh-3” for well being of Punjabis.

Road construction tenders open today

The process for opening of tenders and allotment of work for the construction of the 63 kilometers of rural roads in Ludhiana district, under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY), will begin from tomorrow. While disclosing this, Ludhiana MP and the national spokesperson of the Congress, Manish Tewari, said under the current phase five rural roads were approved under the PMGSY and the work would start immediately after the opening of the tenders.

Local badminton player shines

Dhruv Kapila (12), a trainee of Ludhiana Badminton Academy, created a sensation in the Carlton Punjab State junior tournament at Raizada Badminton Hall, Jalandhar. Dhruv reached semifinals of the under-17 singles and he reached the quarterfinal of under-19 singles category. Dhruv had started playing when he was 7-years-old at the Ludhiana Badminton Academy. He won the first title under-10 years category .Dhruv had won Under-13 singles and doubles titles consecutively.

Meet held

A monthly meeting of the World Punjabi Literature Vichaar Manch was held at Punjabi Bhawan today. Meeting was presided by Paritam Pandher.A number of poets participated in this meeting and shared their artistic expressions with each other.


The International Democratic Party and Vigian Samity, Punjab, organised a seminar on the “Nuclear weapons and peace” at Panchyat Bhawan today. ID Khajuria , president the IDP, general secretary Karnial Singh Jakhepal , state president Darshan Singh were present on the occasion . They stressed on the peace and friendly environment between India and Pakistan.

Vivekanand’s anniversary

A meeting of Ludhiana unit of Swami Vivekananda Sarth Shanti Samiti was held at Noorwala Road today . Meeting was led by Keshav Kaura. Unit members discussed about the 150th birth celebrations of Swami Vivekananda.

‘Creating awareness on Sikhs needed’

National secretary of the BJP Kisan Morcha, and vice-chairman of Punjab small Industries and Export Corporation, Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal appealed Akal Takhat Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh , SGPC president, Jathedar Avtar Singh Makkar, to set up special cells to make the world aware about Sikhs’ Identity. He stated this in the wake of the Oak Creek Gurdwara attack in Wisconsin,United States. He said the current religious head of the Sri Akal Takhat Sahib and the SGPC should take lead in setting up missions or cells abroad and should consult other representative bodies of Sikhs to make people aware about Sikhs’ philosophy.

—Tribune Reporters



8 injured in armed clash in city
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 12
Eight persons were injured in two incidents that took place in different parts of the city late this evening.

There were also reports that firearms were used in the violence. The first incident took place at Jodhewal Basti were a group, led by building contractor Manjeet Singh, clashed with factory workers, led by Jaiparkash, over a monetary dispute.

The injured have been identified as Manjeet Singh, Bharat Kumar, Ramsay, Sachinand, Jaiparkash and three unidentified persons.

Jaiparkash said Jasmeet Singh, father of Manjeet Singh, opened fire during the clash. The injured were rushed to the Civil Hospital. All the injured have suffered serious injures caused by sharp weapons.

The station house officer of the Jodhewal, Balwinder Singh, said he was investigating the matter incident of armed violence.

In the second incident, the protest by residents of Giaspura against a proposed cemetery took an ugly turn after unidentified persons allegedly fired into the air to intimidate the protesters.

Mahinder Singh, a resident of Giaspur, said they were opposing the move of setting up a cemetery in the residential area. He said some men came on a motorcycle and fired into the air. Jatinderjit, SHO, Daba police station, said no shots were fired and the sound of fire shots was caused by a motorcycle silencer.



Man kills himself over family dispute
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 12
A 32-year-old man allegedly committed suicide following a heated argument at CRP Colony in Dugri here today.

The victim has been identified as Gurjit Singh. He worked at a factory and got married a month ago.

The incident took place this morning when Gurjit entered into a heated argument with the members of his family over a petty issue. He asked his wife to make tea. As she entered the kitchen to make tea, he committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan, said a member of the family.

The police has registered a case and started investigation.



Fruit vendor held with habit-forming drugs
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, August 12
The Jagraon police arrested a drug peddler and seized a huge quantity of habit forming drugs from his possession yesterday evening. The accused has been identified as Ram Lal, a resident of Raikot Road, Jagraon. The police has registered a case against the accused under various sections of the NDPS Act at the Jagraon city police station and started the investigation.

Giving the details of the incident, SHO Jagraon city police station Mohammad Jamil revealed that the accused was arrested near the Kothe Khajura area by a police party lead by ASI Nirmal Singh. The team was patrolling the area on the occasion of Janmashtami yesterday.

"When the police team was patrolling in Kothe Khajura area, it saw a youth carrying a bag coming towards the city. On seeing the police team, the youth got scared and tried to hide which made the police suspicious. Following this, the police stopped him and searched the bag and found huge quantity of habit forming drugs," stated Mohammad Jamil.

According to the SHO, the police recovered 100 bottles of cough syrup, along with other habit-forming drugs from the possession of the accused. Mohammad Jamil also informed that during the preliminary investigation, the accused has confessed that he has been indulging in peddling and selling drugs since a long time for earning quick bucks. "The accused also revealed that he is a fruit vendor and used to supply drugs to his permanent customers on demand. He said that most of his customers were between the age of 16 to 25 years. He used to hide the drugs in the fruit boxes," added the SHO.

According to SHO Mohammad Jamil, the police is trying to find out the source from where the accused drug peddler managed to purchase drugs on such a large scale. The police will also take action against the wholesalers from whom the accused used to purchase these drugs, the SHO added.



Swindler, accomplice land in police net
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 12
The city police nabbed a notorious swindler, Shiv Kumar, alias Shibbu. The accused used to dupe women on the pretext that their husbands had met with an accident. He then ferried them on a motorcycle to a secluded place and left them there.

After this, he used to return and strike at their houses and decamped with gold jewellery and cash.

The Salem Tabri police has also nabbed a goldsmith, Rajan Kumar, an aide of Shibbu.

According to SHO Bittan Kumar, the police has recovered three tolas of gold ornaments and 14 tolas of silver ornaments from the possession of the accused.

The police has also recovered a stolen Hyundai Santro car. It is learnt that the accused had used the stolen vehicle for committing thefts.

Shiv Kumar was nabbed following a tip-off from the Salem Tabri area here last night. A recidivist (habitual offender), Shibbu, was earlier nabbed by the Shimlapuri police in the same connection.

According to the police, soon after coming out on bail, Shibbu again started duping women. He used to first conduct a recce of the house of his target. According to the police, Rajan, the goldsmith, was also helping the accused in identifying the prospective target. He normally used to strike during afternoon when the women used to be alone.



3 held, 50 boxes of liquor seized
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 12
The anti-illicit liquor peddling staff of the city police nabbed three persons and seized 50 boxes of illicit liquor from their possession.

The accused, identified as Ashwani Kumar, Rajiv Kumar and Narinder Kumar, alias Babbu, were nabbed at the City Centre area today.

The trio were nabbed when the accused were transferring the boxes containing liquor from one vehicle to another.



Faridkot players steal the show
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, August 12
It were boys and girls of Faridkot who stole the show today with emphatic victories against their respective opponents in the ongoing third edition of the Mahindra NBA Challenge Basketball League being organised by the Punjab Basketball Association with the help of Punjab sports department at the Guru Nanak Stadium.

Faridkot players were in thick of action in the under-13 category and won the matches hands down.

In the girls’ section, Faridkot district made mince meat of Patiala district, as the former registered 30-0 win.

Faridkot eves earned an early lead and managed to hang on to it till the long hooter. The star performer for the winning side was Deep Kaur who accounted for 10 points.

Patiala girls found themselves helpless against their superior rivals and even failed to open the account.

Later, in the boys’ U-13 section, Faridkot district proved too good for Green Land Public School, Ludhiana, whom they overwhelmed 45-3, in which Manpreet Singh dropped as many as 22 baskets that paved the way for an easy victory for visitors.

In another match (girls’ U-13), Doraha Public School, Doraha, recorded their maiden victory. They faced stiff resistance from Khalsa Pothohar School, Ludhiana, in the initial moments but managed to prevail over eventually 22-10.

Diptish Dhir scored 12 for the winning side, while Harpreet chipped in with five points and Kaur fought well for the losers.

In other encounters (girls’ U-13), thanks to Prabhjot Kaur who secured 21 points to enable Mansa district to outplay Muktsar district 39-5, Gymkhana Club, Ludhiana, routed Sangrur district 21-2 with the main contribution came through Sakshi who netted nine baskets and Moga district got the better of Gurdaspur district whom they drubbed 23-16 in which Asmi was the top scorer with eight points.



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