C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


100% hike in rly parking fees likely
Contractors asked to install CCTV cameras, automated entry and exit points
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 19
Close circuit television cameras, automated entry and exit points and systems generating computerised receipts, these are all going to be installed at the parking lots at Chandigarh Railway Station. These measures to make the parking lots hi-tech will lead to an increase in parking fees.

Expected to be enforced from September 1, new parking fees are being increased by around 50 per cent. The hike in the parking fee will affect the commuters who use the 24-hour parking facility at the station. A meeting of the officials in this regard was held recently.

The railway authorities claim that the proposal has been drafted, according to which the parking fee for a four-wheeler would be increase from Rs 10 to Rs 20 while for a two wheeler it would be Rs 10 against the existing fee of Rs 5. Similarly, there would be a hike in the fee for vehicles for 24 hours.

"In fact, the authorities had asked the contractors to install CCTV cameras and automated entry and exit barriers at the parking lots in order to curb vehicle thefts. They had also been asked to procure systems for providing computer-generated receipts to commuters," said Station Superintendent of the railway station Praveen Kumar. "The contractors proposed the hike which is being considered by the authorities," he added.

"At a recent meeting, we had discussed the proposed hike in the existing parking rates. After taking suggestions from the parking contractors, the railway officials and a cross section of passengers, the proposal was drafted," said a senior official. "The proposal was sent to the Ambala division headquarters and even it has almost approved the same," he added.

An official of the Ambala division headquarters said, "Another meeting is scheduled for the next week. Hopefully, the new parking rates will be implemented from September 1".

"The existing parking lots are totally mismanaged. Visitors generally park their vehicles haphazardly because of which sometimes major brawls take place," said Vikas Sharma, a resident of Sector-11, Panchkula.

Tanisha Galhotra, a resident of sector-21, said, "There have been cases where not only vehicles have been stolen but also visitor's belongings. I believe safety measures should be enhanced".



Lake Club party over, abruptly
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
A party organised at the Lake Club turned ugly when the Chandigarh Police reached the venue and drove revellers out after they tried to enter the swimming pool. The party, which was organised on a lawn just next to the swimming pool, has raised questions as to whether a party can be organised in that particular area.

Sources said a programme in the name of "Pool Party" was organised and it was attended by youngsters from across the tricity and some from Delhi. The party was supposed to start in the afternoon and last till 10 pm. The youngsters were seen consuming alcohol during the party.

Interestingly, the permission was for only 60 persons. However, more than 200 persons attended the party. At around 7 pm, when the revellers tried to enter the swimming pool, the police was called and the organisers were asked to end the party.

General manager, Lake Club, R Tulli said the permission was granted to the organisers to hold the party on the lawn, but when they tried to enter the swimming pool, the police was called and everybody was asked to leave the venue. The youngsters were also trying to enter the pool in the afternoon, but he managed to control them. In the evening when the crowd went out of control, he called the police, he said.

The SHO of the Sector 3 police station, Neeraj Sarna, said the party was organised by the official caterer of the Chandigarh Club on behalf of Corona Beers. It is yet to be verified whether the organisers had the permission for distributing liquor during the party, the SHO said. Finance Secretary VK Singh, who is also the sports secretary, also reached the Lake Club.



Panchkula ACP, kin hurt in brawl over parking
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News service

Police constable Dilawar
Police constable Dilawar

Panchkula, August 19
The Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Panchkula, Adarshdeep Singh, and his brother Gangandeep Singh, who is posted as BDPO in Kurukshetra, were allegedly beaten up by a Chandigarh police constable at their residence at the police society, Sector-51, Chandigarh, this evening.

The scuffle, which started over some parking issue, turned ugly when the ACP and the constable tore each other's uniforms. Adarshdeep and his neighbours had filed a complaint over parking.

Last night, Adarshdeep's family and his neighbours entered into a brawl over the parking of a car in a garage, following which a complaint was filed at the Sector-34 police station. Dilawar, the constable, alleged that he had gone to look into the matter when he was thrashed badly by Adarshdeep and his brother. On the other hand, Adarshdeep alleged that Dilawar had come to his residence this afternoon with a few men in civvies in support of his neighbours in order to snub and manhandle them.

Both the brothers and their mother, who suffered minor injuries in the brawl, were taken to the Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector-32, Chandigarh. They were discharged after first aid.

I was not at home when I got a call from my brother that a constable had come with his men and was manhandling with my old parents and the other members of the family. I rushed to the spot and saw that Dilawar was manhandling the members of my family while showing support to the neighbours, alleged Adarshdeep.

Adarshdeep is ACP under training and is posted as station house officer at the police station at Sector-14, Panchkula. His brother Gagandeep is posted at Kurukshetra as executive magistrate-cum-Block Development Panchayat officer.

Meanwhile, Dilawar had a completely different story to tell. I had gone to their residence to investigate a complaint but Gagandeep manhandled me and abused me with regard to my rank, said Dilawar.

"Had Adarshdeep not come in time, he would have even killed us," said Gagandeep. It was after the police reached the spot that the situation was brought under control. The DSP, BS Negi, also reached the spot. " We are investigating the matter, said a police officer.



Man hacks disabled daughter to death
Suman Bhatnagar

Ambala, August 19
An eight-year-old physically challenged girl was hacked to death by her father at Shanti Nagar, Ambala City, this morning. The deceased, Rajni, had been suffering from polio since birth and was even unable to walk properly.

It could not be ascertained what provoked her father, Neelpal, to commit such a heinous crime. One of his relatives said Neelpal had five daughters and his earning was very low. He works as a carpenter at a furniture shop and his financial position was very weak. He was feeling uncomfortable to bring up a physically challenged child.

Neelpal's mother told the police that her son started beating up Rajni without any reason in the morning. She informed one of her close relatives, Sukhwinder, who residing close to her house, about the matter. Sukhwinder said when he reached the house he noticed that Rajni was lying in a pool of blood and a sword was lying close to her.

After killing his daughter, Neelpal did not flee from there. After half an hour, when the police reached there, he was present at the home. Harjeet Kaur, his wife, told the police that she and her elder daughter tried hard to prevent Neelpal from thrashing Rajni but he didn't relent. Later, he killed her with a sword, she said.

The police recovered the sword and arrested Neelpal on charge of murdering her daughter. One of the neighbours said he was a follower of Peer Baba and used to pass most of his time at a religious place.

Elder sister in shock

Rajni's elder sister Sunita(15), who witnessed the entire incident, is shocked. She starts weeping when someone asks her to narrate the incident. The other two sisters, Sukhwinder (6) and Akki (3), were scared after seeing a number of police officials at their home.

Sunita, who studies in a school, was unable to narrate the incident to the police. She could not imagine that her father could commit such an inhuman act.

The deceased's mother, Harjeet Kaur, narrated the entire incident to the police. She was very much upset over her husband's action.

Rajni's sisters are so panicked that they do not want to live in their present house. They have requested one of their close relatives to take them to his home.


open house response
MC should find other sources of revenue

Instead of levying house tax, the Municipal Corporation should haul out revenue from other sources and recover the pending dues from other government bodies. The house tax, to be paid by the property owners, shall be transferred to the tenants who are already paying the rents. The cost of living in the city is already very high and the new tax would add to the woes of the residents.

Manjeet Singh, Chandigarh

Nominal house tax is okay

The imposition of house tax has become a very sensitive matter for both the Chandigarh Administration and the Municipal Corporation. The residents are also up in arms against the move. The Chandigarh Administration has undertaken a number of development work funded by the Central government under JNNURM (Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission) scheme.

These funds are in addition to the accepted budget of the council. For carrying out the development work in the city, which are in interest of the residents, the house tax can be levied at a very nominal or an affordable rate and that too only on the houses built over an area of 250 square yards. This will not affect majority of the house owners and the condition of the Central government for the release of funds under JNNURM will be met plus additional revenue will also be generated. The Municipal Corporation should also levy taxes on commercial properties. More CTU buses should be started in order to generate revenue. A good percentage of revenue can also be generated from alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

Shruti K Chawla, Chandigarh

UT Admn, MC to be blamed

Be it Municipal Corporation or Chandigarh Administration, both have hold up grants meant for development work in Chandigarh for years. This has held to the need of imposing house tax to generate money for the pending work. For the general public, however, timely availability of grant is more important.

In a recent meeting, both the Mayor and her adviser scratched each other’s back. The 'Pehle-aap' attitude of the Administration and the Municipal Corporation on this issue is an irritant, and the suffer is the development works. If the Municipal councillors are answerable to the electorate, the Administration is not and in such a scenario the Administration should review its plan to impose house tax. A pre-requisite before releasing the frozen grant. The earlier it is done, the better it will be.

SC Luthra, Mani Majra

Unfair proposition

Indian is one of the highest tax paying economies of the world. Imposing house tax would be unfair for the residents of Chandigarh as most of the states have not levied it. Chandigarh, being a union territory, is already supported by the central government and two states of Punjab and Haryana. It is ironical that such tax is being proposed. Instead of generating revenue through house tax, new methods of collecting tax should be adopted by the authorities concerned. Tax should be imposed according to the paying capacity of the people. Various alternative measures can be implemented. Taxation on registration of new vehicles can be increased, which will also help in reducing traffic that chokes the city. Heavy taxation on tobacco and alcohol can be imposed.

Isha Dahiya, Panchkula

MC has enough cash

Recently, a serious controversy erupted between the Chandigarh Administration and the Municipal Corporation over imposing house tax. The adamant attitude of the Chandigarh Administration to impose house tax on the residents is unwarranted and uncalled for. Particularly because the residents are coping with skyrocketing prices especially after the Union budget where service tax has been increased from 10 to 12 per cent.

The councillors, the real representatives of the people, have already rejected the proposal, but the Administration is still adamant to compel the MC to impose the unnecessary tax. The Administration has even threatened the MC saying that it would withdraw the grants if house tax is not imposed.

It is ridiculous on the part of the Administration as well as the Central government to link the grant-in-aid with the schemes to be executed under JNNRUM. According to one estimate, the levying of house tax would yield only Rs 22 crore per annum for the Corporation, whereas the works to be executed under JNNURM cost Rs 400 crore.

There is no need to levy any tax in UT as the Municipal Corporation is the second most cash-rich corporation having sufficient fixed deposits in its name to run the affairs in the city very comfortably. Though the Administration has got unfettered powers, but while sitting in air conditioned rooms, they cannot feel the pulse of the people, how people are terribly aggrieved with soaring prices of daily need items. Since Municipal Corporation has already rejected the proposal, the Chandigarh Administration should also realise the gravity of the situation and should not insist upon this that would certainly burden the people.

SK Khosla, Chandigarh

No harm in paying house tax

Chandigarh generates a good amount of revenue but gets less financial aid. Paying no house tax may seem convenient to the residents but if the times to come, it might become difficult for the local administration to work efficiently without sufficient funds. There is nothing wrong with imposing nominal taxes to generate resources.

The Municipal Corporation should also levy taxes on commercial ventures across the city. The authorities should also act responsibly and utilise the funds in a systematic manner, first by completing the pending projects and then starting with new ones. This will definitely change people’s perspective towards the imposition of tax. The Chandigarh Railway Station already generates modest revenue of around Rs 56 lakh on a daily basis, mostly from freight. At present, many UT buses are not running and we are losing revenue because of that, but nobody is concerned.

Vineet Kapoor, Panchkula

Other means should be explored

Despite having good earnings from excise duty and VAT, the Administration is insisting on levying house tax. Before arriving at a consensus on the issue of charging house tax, the councillors should insist the Administration to give a matching grant against the funds generated by the Municipal Corporation.

JP Singh, Chandigarh



Hospital authority least bothered
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 19
A five-month-old male foetus was found in the ladies' washroom at Sector-6 General Hospital yesterday. This is the third incident that has occured in the hospital, yet the hospital authorities seem to be in a deep slumber.

Earlier, the local police had requested the hospital authorities to let them set up a police post in the hospital for the sake of security. But the authorities displayed least interest.

"It is very essential to keep a check on such incidents. But the hospital authorities are least bothered and we had set up a post at Sector 7," said a police official.

In last one year, the hospital has witnessed three such cases. But so far no case has been solved. So much so no preventive measures seem to have been taken by the hospital authorities.

"It is a shame on the part of the hospital authorities that such instances are taking place time and again. It means that the hospital is becoming a safe hub of committing such crime," said Veena Kaul, a resident of Sector 15, Panchkula.

When contacted the principal medical officer (PMO) Usha Gupta said, "We have got eight CCTV cameras installed but these cameras cannot be installed in the ladies' washrooms. But yes we have decided to have security cover outside the washrooms. It is a public place and such cases cannot be cracked easily."



No respite from waterlogging
Tribune News Service

Workers try to clear the blocked drainage at the Rock Garden parking area in Chandigarh on Sunday.
Workers try to clear the blocked drainage at the Rock Garden parking area in Chandigarh on Sunday. Tribune photo: Pradeep Tewari

Chandigarh, August 19
Though heavy showers brought respite to residents of the city from humidity today, negligence on the part of municipal corporation to clean drainages led to waterlogging across the city, as 31.4 mm of rainfall was recorded in the morning.

Waterlogging could be seen in the industrial area and southern sectors of the city. It further led to traffic congestion, causing inconvenience to commuters.

Nearly all main roads of the city were flooded with water.

One of the city residents stated that there was waterlogging in certain parts of Madhya Marg and it took him over 45 minutes to reach Sector 15 in Chandigarh from Mani Majra.

As the southern part of the city is situated in a low-lying area, the residents were worst affected. The met department has forecasted cloudy sky preceded by rain or thundershowers.



Pooja still unconscious
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
The condition of 16-year-old Pooja, who sustained grievous injuries on her head and arm after being hit by a CTU bus, continues to be critical. Admitted to the PGI’s Advanced Trauma Centre, the girl has been lying unconscious ever since the accident occurred on the morning of August 17.

While the skin grafting surgery was performed on the left arm yesterday, doctors have yet not initiated the treatment of the injuries on her head due to swelling over her head.

There is a lot of swelling all around her head. Until the swelling goes, it will be difficult for the doctors to identify the internal injuries. They may wait for another day before going in for the surgery, said a PGI official.

Pooja underwent a CT scan today and the reports indicated that her condition has not changed much since Friday. While there is no improvement in her condition, the doctors have not detected any complications either, added the official.

While the doctors have assured Pooja’s parents that there are no further complications, her parents have been spending sleepless nights, yearning to see their daughter to regain consciousness.

“I cannot understand what is written in these reports. The doctors have been telling us that she will be fine and regain consciousness soon, but she has not shown any improvement ever since she was admitted here,” said Baijnath, Pooja’s father, a migrant labourer.

Pooja, a resident of Sector 52, was heading for school on her bicycle on the morning of August 17 when she was hit by the CTU bus. The skin of the left arm had come off and she sustained injuries on her head.



Upset but not disheartened: Vanya
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

 Vanya Mishra Chandigarh, August 19
“Honestly speaking, I really wanted to win the coveted crown for the country. I do feel upset by missing it by whisker, but I am definitely not disheartened because my journey from Chandigarh till here was a great learning experience and it made my conviction stronger that dreams are possible to achieve,” said city girl Vanya Mishra.

She could not win the Miss World crown, but managed to win several hearts as well two coveted titles and place in the top seven world beauties in the international pageant show.

Speaking to the Tribune over the phone from China, Vanya said there were many in the crowd as well as among contestants who were cheering for me. There was a stage when she was leading the scoreboard. But the final decision was not in my hands.

“I did my best and I feel that I am already the crowned queen for those who supported me,” she said.

Does she feel some biasness towards Indian beauties at the world beauty shows? “May be it is there, but I respect the judges’ verdict. For me participating and winning the people’s accolade is important. You may still do bigger and better things in life,” she said.

Currently pursing her graduation from PEC, Chandigarh, Vanya said her journey from the national pageant competition to Miss World crown was full of surprises. “I heard many saying that she is not a model, she would not do well but that was people’s perception. I proved that a girl from nowhere can make it big in life.”

Asking about her future plans, she replied, “What I learnt from here in China is that life is full of surprises. I can’t predict for a long future, but my immediate priority is to finish my graduation and then to prepare for MBA.”

Is Bollywood a strong option? “I can’t say that. Right now, I want to relax for some time and spend time with my family and friends. I am continuously working for last many months. Training session for the Miss World competition was hard and I am sure all these things would help me in future.”

Vanya is hopeful that other winners of the national pageant, who are soon to participate in other international competitions, have a good chance to reach at the top. “My advice to them is that go there, have fun, be focused, but don’t be disappointed on the final day. “If you don’t win the crown, it does not mean you are not beautiful,” she signed off.



105-year-old Ustad captivates audience
Tribune News Service

Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan performs at the PGI, Chandigarh, during the institute’s golden jubilee celebrations on Sunday.
Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan performs at the PGI, Chandigarh, during the institute’s golden jubilee celebrations on Sunday. Tribune photo: Vicky Gharu

Chandigarh, August 19
Age was not a barrier in the performance of 105-year-old classical vocalist Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan who gave a stunning recital at the PGI today. Organised as part of PGI’s golden jubilee celebrations, Rashid Khan gave a perfect beginning with Raga Miya Malhaar. He followed that up by several minute variations, singing Bada Khayal and Chota Khayal.

The performance that went on for over one hour also saw him singing many difficult and rare ragas, such as Raga Tirvat. It was amazing to see him performing flawlessly even such an advanced age.

Another raga, Sur Malhaar, sang by him had the listeners spellbound. He also sang Raga Des and Raga Khamaj with a wide range of variations, possible only for a master.

The singer belongs to the musical tradition of Miya Tansen. Apart from khayal, Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan can also sing Dhrupad, Dhamar and Thumri with equal versatility.



Increase in budget for afforestation
Our Correspondent

Mohali, August 19
To make Punjab green and increase the area under forests, the annual budget for afforestation has been increased from Rs 80 crore to Rs 192 crore.

Stating this after planting a sapling on the 20 acres of shamlat land in Raipur village, principal secretary, forests and wildlife, DS Bains, said a target of 40-crore saplings had been fixed for the state over a period of eight years. As many as 5-crore saplings would be planted every year under the Punjab Hariawal Mission. He said under the mission, the forest department would plant saplings in a planned way and increase the area under forests from 7 per cent to 15 per cent. The annual budget for the purpose had therefore been more than doubled to Rs 192 crore.

Bains said a campaign had been launched in all districts to plant saplings on the vacant land of various government departments, educational institutions and shamlat land. Bains said in order to make the mission a success, more nurseries would be set up and there would be no shortage of saplings.

In the case of trees being axed while building new roads, the cost of the tress have to be deposited with a central committee functioning under the supervision of the Supreme Court. The states were given 8 per cent of the funds to increase the afforestation. Punjab had already got Rs 30 crore.



The lone breadwinner of our family
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, August 19
“He was the bread earner of our family,” were the words of the family members of Gurmeet, who was killed by the driver of Station House Officer (SHO) car. The deceased, a resident of Ramgarh, is survived by his wife and a three-year old daughter.

The erring driver, Nachhatar Singh, is still absconding. Singh was seen in police custody on the day of accident but a day later the police claimed that he was absconding.

“He was the earning hand in our family. His daughter, Sonu, doesn’t even know that she has lost her father and continuously ask for her father,” said Sanju, younger brother of Gurmeet.



Workshop on cancer

Chandigarh, August 19
A live workshop on cancer was conducted here at PGI today, as a part of a Continuous Medical Education Programme.

Various surgeries on cancers of uterus, cervix, vulva and ovary were performed by experienced surgeons from North and South India. Nearly 250 delegates from all across the country attended the programme.

The workshop was organised by the Association of Gynaecologic Oncologists of India (AGOI). “Since majority of patients with genital tract cancer are referred from states like Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, has taken initiative to start a Tri-state Chapter of AGOI ,” said PGI’s Public Relation Officer. –– TNS



Chandigarh scan
Initiative to train differently abled

Wadhwani Foundation and IL and FS Skills Development Corporation (ISDC) jointly announced an initiative to train and recruit about 13,500 educated differently abled people across the country. The three year initiative is an intensive training and hiring campaign. The joint effort, aims to cater to the mainstream educated differently abled population and will commence in September, 2012. The first batch of students will be trained at the Chandigarh centre.

Office-bearers elected

The elections to the manging committee of The Super Cooperative House Building First (1) Society Ltd. Plot No. 4, Sector 49-C, Chandigarh, were held recently where S Rajinder Singh Badheri, Suraj Mal Bhatia, Vineet Arora, PC Sharma, Vinay Malik, S Balbir Singh Pawa and Navdeep Kaur were unanimously elected its members. The members of the committee elected S Rajinder Singh Badheri president of the society, Suraj Mal Bhatia vice-president, Vineet Arora secretary and S Balbir Singh Pawa treasurer.

CITCO workers express gratitude

The CITCO workers union has thanked the Board of Directors for giving various benefits to the employees, including grade pay, 4-9-14 increment policy, additional increment to group D and child care leave for a period of 1 year with pay to female employees. President of CITCO Worker’s Union said the whole staff of CITCO was thankful to the management.

Jaspal Bhatti bereaved

NS Bhatti, father of known actor-director Jaspal Bhatti, breathed his last on August 15 after a brief illness. NS Bhatti, a retired chief engineer of PSEB, had an illustrious career and worked at prestigious projects like Bhakra Nangal, Mukerian Hydel project, UBDC Pathankot. He served in Chandigarh as the superintending engineer during 1983-89 and as chief engineer, Ropar Thermal Power Plant. He was also a technical adviser to the PTU. Presently he was working as an electrical adviser to premier national institutes like the Pushpa Gujaral Science City, Kapurthala, Punjab Bio Technology Incubator, and National Agri-food Biotechnology Institute, Mohali.


Indian Bank's 24 hours operating e-lounge at Indian School of Business, Mohali campus, was inaugurated by Ajit Rangnekar, Dean, Indian School of Business, in the presence of TM Bhasin, chairman and managing director, Indian Bank, and Rajeev Rishi, executive director of the bank. The e-lounge facility will allow the students and staff of the Indian School of Business to have round the clock facility of cash withdrawal, cash deposit, cheque deposit with acknowledgement, internet banking, touch screen facility and other transaction related services.


A Mohali resident, Dr Harminder Singh Sekhon, veterinary officer with the Department of Animal Husbandry, Punjab, has been conferred the state award for the outstanding services rendered by him. Dr Sekhon has done excellent work in the control of the stray dog population, propagation of modern animal husbandry techniques and organising livestock championships in the state.

Mega job fair

In a Mega Job Fair organised for the Quest Group of Institutions, Jhanjeri, around 15 companies participated to hire students of BTech and MBA students. Dr Raja Singh Khela, director-principal of the institution, inaugurated the drive and said that the students have a good opportunity to advance their future. As many as 39 students were shortlisted by the company officials. Some even received confirmation letters on the same day.

Academic session begins

To promote education through entertainment (‘Edutainment’) and to make the students interested in studies, Chandigarh-based Aryans Group of Colleges started its sixth academic session with bollywood case studies. The orientation programme for freshers commenced with the lamp lighting ceremony by the students. Case studies on "Chak De! India" in MBA, on "3 Idiots” in BTech and "Taare Zameen Par" in BEd courses were discussed.

Complicated surgery performed

Fortis Hospital, Mohali, today announced that it has successfully saved the life of 98-year-old Nasib Singh Dhillon, an ECHS patient, through a technically advanced and complicated wrist angioplasty. The intricate and complex procedure was conducted by Dr RK Jaswal, director, cardiology, Fortis Hospital, Mohali. Dr Jaswal has conducted more than 12,000 transradial invasive procedures. Dhillon became the oldest patient to get a transradial procedure done in the region.


The second day of  Xpressions-’12 at Manav Mangal Smart School, Mohali, was a huge crowd puller. 'Dancerise', a room set up on dance therapy, attracted a huge crowd. The room showcased the use of dance as a cure for various aliments. The colour scheme of red, white and black stood out beautifully. "Allons en France", another room displaying the French culture set up by the French department was a big hit. The two rooms set up by the maths department, one with the "Story of Mathematics" and another one with 'Fractals', were also appreciated. "Space- the Final Frontier", depicting the greed of mankind in its destruction of the palnet's resources and now the search for other planets to support life was also candidly displayed.

—Tribune Reporters



PU takes steps to ensure peaceful polls
Varsity has sent to police a list of ex-student leaders it does not want on campus during elections
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
Panjab University is leaving no stone unturned to ensure peaceful student elections. After preparing an elaborate list of student leaders and their vehicles that should be under the scanner, the university has now sent to the police a list of 12 former student leaders who may create law and order problem during the elections. The university has requested police to take preventive action against the former leaders to keep them away from the campus.

PU's chief security officer, PK Dhawan, suspecting that the arrival of senior leaders of student parties can disturb peace, has recently written to the police, demanding preventive action. The university in its letter has stated that necessary preventive action under the law may be taken against the student leaders to maintain peace in the university during elections.

The former leaders mentioned in the list include Brinder Dhillon, Harpreet Singh Multani, Dalbir Singh Goldy, Arshdeep Singh (all associated with Student Organisation of Panjab University), Simranjeet Singh Dhillon, Arshvir Singh Johal, Cherry Brar, Sukhjit Singh, Jeevanjot Singh (from Panjab University Students Union), and Vikas Rathi of INSO.

The PU had also recently compiled a list of over 30 student leaders and party supporters who were suspected of creating trouble during the elections. PU has also sent a list of around 67 cars owned by members of different student bodies to the police that should be kept under police surveillance.

Chandigarh police, in the wake of student elections, has also asked student leaders to fill a surety bond under preventive measures before Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM).

The elections at PU and across the city colleges are expected to be held on September 7. University has already written to the UT Administration recommending the date for student elections, which would be finalised and announced by the UT Administration only.



Problem-solving skills of students to be evaluated
New CBSE assessment test for Classes IX and XI in Jan-Feb
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
In a bid to further evolve the continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) scheme, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has initiated a problem-solving assessment (PSA) for the students of Classes IX and XI that will begin in the second term of the current academic session. A circular regarding this has been sent to all the CBSE-affiliated schools.

The circular stated that it would be compulsory for all the students in the Classes IX and XI to appear for the assessment, which will be conducted in the form of a multiple choice question (MCQ) test. To be held during the months of January and February next year, it will assess the students' problem solving and decision-making skills. The test will be conducted under three major heads -- quantitative reasoning, qualitative reasoning and language conventions.

The quantitative domain of the PSA will emphasise on logical and numerical reasoning based on mathematics, while the qualitative reasoning and language conventions domains will be based on a basic knowledge of other streams including social studies, science and language.

The assessment test will have 60 questions carrying a total of 90 marks. In the case of the Class IX students, some percentage of the marks obtained by the students in the assessment test will be added to the formative assessment-IV.

Rakesh Sachdeva, principal of the DAV Model School, Sector 15, said the PSA would further improve the CCE in schools. The idea was to evaluate students' reactions to live problems, and their ability to solve them, she said.

She said the school had prepared four teams, each having four teachers of different subjects, for the implementation of the PSA. Each team would prepare a test paper, and one of them would be selected as the final paper for the PSA assessment, she said.

Reema Dewan, principal of Delhi Public School, Sector 40, said: "This test carries more practical and experimental approach, which will further strengthen analytical education in schools. The test is designed in a way that it will help improving the scores within the core school subjects. Further, the live assessment part will help in improving the generic and higher-order thinking skills."



College organises field trip to photo exhibition
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 19
Mass Communication students of MCM and members of MCM photography club went on a field trip to a photo exhibition on Saturday.

The trip was organised by the Mass Communication Department of the college.

The students visited the photo exhibition 'Random Clicks' by the Pixel Pallete group in Punjab Kala Bhawan.

The field trip was an exceptional opportunity for the students to imbibe the insights of experts.

The budding photographers were quite enthusiastic and interacted with the professional photographers to gain from their knowledge and skills.

In another event held today, the Fine Arts Department of the college organised a greeting card making contest. Creative students of the college made some awe inspiring designs.

The competition which was aimed to train students to utilise their creative flair also taught them the eco-friendly art of creating best out of waste materials.

"The cards are an exhibit of our compassion and innermost emotions. They are a great way to enhance human relationships and so are photographs. A good photograph can capture the moment and thus become a sources of human communication," said principal Dr Puneet Bedi.



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