This time, live to eat
Rujuta Diwekar, celebrity nutritionist, busts some common myths about our daily diet
Vasudha Gupta

EAT RIGHT: Rujuta Diwekar 

There was a time when a size-zero was the most sought-after concept. With the likes of pleasantly plump Sonakshi Sinha and a curvaceous Esha Gupta making a mark in the industry, the concept of beauty and fitness has changed gradually. "It was only Kareena Kapoor, who really raised the bar about how women should look like," says Rujuta Diwekar, celebrity nutritionist. Her two books Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight and Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha have won her several accolades. In Chandigarh, for an interaction with a diet conscious lot, we are not surprised when the small basement at Books and Brew, Sector 38, is buzzing with people. Breaking popular myths about food, she elaborates the basics of a diet.

Milky way

Whosoever thought that toned milk is good for health, needs to cross check facts. "The basic nutrients of milk are rich as it is. They don't need anything else," she says. And certainly, stop using those tetra and carton milk packs. "Make an effort to find a local milkman who can supply you with unadulterated milk," she adds. Including milk products in all three meals is the secret to good health. And yes, the good-old Indian cow's milk is the best. "Just wait till America takes a patent for it. Then we won't mind paying Rs 100 extra for milk," she laughs.

Ghee spree

Refined oils are the significant cause of all artery blockages. Surprised, right? "Take my word, eat around three teaspoons of ghee everyday and watch your health improve," she smiles, in between the anxious hands make notes of what she says. People are in sedentary jobs and likewise, the body requirement of ghee has increased in fact.

Fibre mesh

Everyone thinks a rich fibre diet is the mantra for good health. "Never stock up on fibre. It retains water and makes the body more bulky," she says. When it comes to fruits, she suggest whatever grows locally and can be procured seasonally is the best. "My grandparents always said that all that we can leave with you is good health," she says. Of course, she is living perfectly well with the heritage.

Supplementary warning

As a bride sits and anxiously waits for the groom, who is perhaps lost in the song and dance routine, what do you do? "Pop a calcium pill," smiles Rujuta. Pointing to the calming effect it has on the nerves, she suggests taking calcium at bed time. "The basic definition of supplements is adding on, meaning that they help in better absorption of natural minerals in the body," she says. Another myth busted here is consuming multivitamins everyday helps us make up for the lost nutrients. "Always try to take them separately. Taking them together is like buying an insurance policy," Rujuta adds.

Go organic

Although it is not possible to go completely organic these days, but knowing facts about the food helps build a better diet plan. Coming from a family where fruits and vegetables were home-grown, her suggestion is to procure fresh fruits from local markets. "The so-called imported fruits that you buy from supermarkets might be chemically ripened," she says. Eat natural to live happily. 


The journey and the road ahead

Rujuta Diwekar works out of Mumbai, practises yoga in Rishikesh and treks in the rest of the Indian Himalayas. Winner of the Nutrition Award 2010 from the Asian Institute of Gastroentrology, she is currently working on her third book, which will focus on exercising. “Again the subject has several myths involved. I just want to state facts,” she says. The book will be out in September.

The right diet chart

  • Start your day with nuts, fruits, milk and avoid tea
  • Try and eat every two hours
  • Eat according to activity. More activity should ideally mean more food intake
  • Finish food two hours before sleeping

Dressed to perfection
Finally a show that tells you what to wear and how to carry it off 
Sabia Talwar

cutting edge: Aki Narula & Soha Ali Khan 

Women love to dress up, but how many of them actually do it as they should? So, the latest show called What Not to Wear-India, by the lifestyle channel TLC, is all about giving the participants a makeover and guiding them about their image and wardrobes.

The show is an Indian version of International makeover series and has thirteen participants which were nominated by their friends and families. The personal style guides Soha Ali Khan and Aki Narula will teach contestants lessons on style.

Heart talk

The fair and lovely Soha Ali Khan co-hosts this reality show that begins from September 3. Says Soha, "I really enjoyed the show and I liked the concept so much that I thought of foraying into television once again." The Indian woman is handling so many roles, right from being a housewife, a mother, to a working individual that somewhere they forget what they should dress up like. "In some of the episodes, we have tried to re-invent the overall look of the women by keeping their body shapes and sizes in mind," adds Soha.

So, imagine a celebrity and a stylist going through your wardrobes and telling you what you should wear and what you shouldn't. Obviously, Soha must have come out with some interesting observations? "First of all, a woman is never happy with her physical appearance and secondly she is scared of experimenting, which is a major drawback when it comes to fashion sensibilities in India."

We wonder what is Soha busy with after this show?

"I'm a part of Tigmanshu Dhulia's Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster Returns, a thriller, Chaarfutiya Chhokare and Mumbai Cutting which is still in the pipeline after so many years. Rest, I have been away from Mumbai for a few months."

Everybody is all ears to her when she answers to brother Saif Ali Khan's confused wedding dates. "It's really difficult to plan a wedding and especially when you are working in the film industry. If not by this year then by next year Kareena and Saif will surely tie the knot." And what about her D-day? "Saif needs to get married first and till then me and Kunal are spending quality time with each other."

From the style corner

Fashion designer and Bollywood stylist Aki Narula says that the journey of the show was very exciting for him. "It was like I have finally put in my years of experience into practical usage. I had already designed for so many movies and celebrities when this concept came across. I was more than ready to take it on," says Aki. Each and every episode has dealt with styling issues, clothing problems and insecurities about physical appearances. "Nobody is perfect in this world, but one can do wonders if one wears what suits them," adds Aki. We wonder how he dealt with the real show. "It was a very different experience because when you work on a movie, the script has to be kept in mind and when it came to What Not To Wear-India, we had to face a reality check."

The stylist has contributed his designs to Ranbir Kapoor's upcoming movie Barfi! What would be his one style mantra before signing off? "Do not be a fashion victim, rather wear something you are comfortable in."

In sync with extreme
One Car Too Far has given Gary Humphrey and Bill Wu an opportunity to live every car lover's dream in the latest Man vs Nature series

Gary Humphrey and Bill Wu, two complete opposites, one former British special forces operative, another a chiropractor; get together to bring a brand new show One Car Too Far. If you have enjoyed shows like Man Vs. Wild, Dual Survival or I Shouldn't Be Alive…well, this one goes a step further.

The duo dropped off into extreme conditions along with a car, not only have to survive the inhospitable terrain, but reach a safe station. Here's their take on the extreme adventure…

Thrilling show

Gary, having survived adventures around the globe, found a lifetime opportunity to explore the extremes in here. For Bill, an expert off- roader, being the part of such an adventure has been a huge thing. "This was an opportunity, we really couldn't say no to," chorus the two.

Challenges abound

Having already wrestled a 12-foot Anaconda and many such adventures, Gary, the survival expert had his hands full here too, "It was a hell lot of adventure," he says. For Bill, it was a new experience all together, "The show gave me the chance to be at places I never imagined…the volcanoes or the rainforest, it has been amazing."

Tuning together

"Had we been similar, we would have acted in tandem and it would have been a no-show," says Bill. But the show makers chose drastically diverse people. "It took us time to tune into each other. There have been highs, lows and lots of learning happening in between," says Gary.

India calling

This duo, soon to debut their show in India on September 3 at 10 pm on Discovery, are keen on exploring this country too. In fact, Gary's been a yoga practitioner. He opted for it while struggling with health troubles. "I initially thought yoga to be a big gun for me, but once in it, the benefits have been tremendous," says Gary, who is fascinated by our colourful country.

Hair is how

	Models sport funky hairstyles
Models sport funky hairstyles

Fashion forward hair styling with international products is what Affinity in association with Sebastian offers to tricity residents. This styling destination opened its doors recently in Chandigarh. Teamed with known hair stylist Nikhil Sharma and Rob Samet, P&G salon professional country manager, Vishal Sharma, director Affinity shared, “We are here to cater to the clientele that would come to Delhi all the way.”

The salon, spread over 5400 sq ft, offers cutting edge hair styling with Sebastian, an international hair care and styling range. Says Rob Samet, “Sebastian is branded as edgy, rocky, contemporary hair styling. At the same time, it’s a versatile product that can lend any look in the expert hand of the stylist.” The pricing they say has been kept affordable.


The girl with tattoos

Chandigarh’s own VJ Bani J, was the show stopper at Affinity’s launch. Her punk look replete with rather Gothic eyelashes in black and pink epitomise the futuristic look that the salon promises the city. The girl has a thing for tattoos. She reveals, “It’s my mode of self expression,” says Bani, who has 23 tattoos in total on her. Stars, flowers (roses in red and black with complementing green leaves on right arm) and inscriptions like Rise and Shine, Karma and Truth (each on left and right arm) and birds, tribals, symbols of strength find place on her arms, wrists and back. She was 16 when she got her first one on a shoulder. And an unlikely company for her tattoo treats is her mom, who is also fond of inking her skin.

Curb your hunger 
Sachin kalra

The biggest challenge when it comes to weight loss is controlling your appetite. Fortunately, there are many healthy foods that can curb your appetite naturally. Incorporating these health foods will suppress your appetite, banish hunger pangs and recharge your metabolism. So, snack on these healthy foods to stay full while consuming fewer calories.


Water, a zero calorie drink, is perhaps the best appetite suppressing agent when you are planning to lose weight. Drinking water throughout the day and anytime you start feeling hungry deceives the brain into thinking that the stomach is full. Drinking adequate amounts of water daily will purge toxins and suppress your appetite.


Oatmeal, another fibre-rich food, contains good carbohydrates that burn slowly and thus makes you feel less hungry. The high-fibre content also makes you feel fuller faster. Moreover, oatmeal is ideal for diabetics as it is low on the glycaemic index. You can have this power-packed breakfast food with some low fat milk.

Green Tea

If you easily get sick of water easily, try sipping on a cup of hot green tea. Green tea is known for its antioxidant benefits. However, it can also stimulate the release of hormones that can control or limit food cravings while creating a feeling of satiation. Green tea works by promoting thermogenesis, which increases the metabolic rate, inhibiting fat digestion, and boosting your energy. It is also a natural fat burner.


Apples of all varieties and types help suppress hunger for a number of reasons. Apples are not only low in calories and fat, but are also great appetite suppressing foods because of the high fiber content. The fiber helps you feel full longer because it expands in your stomach so it takes less food to satisfy your hunger and prevent you from overeating. Apples also contain natural sugars, which maintain a healthy blood sugar level. This prevents your body from developing the urge to consume more carbs. Finally, apples require lots of chewing time, which helps slow you down and gives your body more time to realise that you're no longer hungry.

Dark Chocolate

The bittersweet taste of pure dark chocolate helps in suppressing appetite. Some studies indicate that dark chocolate antioxidants can act as an appetite suppressant while helping you lose weight and control blood sugar. But remember only very small portions of dark chocolate are good for you.

Flax seeds

Flax seed supports weight loss because it is a natural appetite suppressant and a good source of dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids as well. The best part about flax seeds is that you can sprinkle them on anything you want to eat, be it salads, smoothies, sandwiches or curries. Eat in moderation.


Almonds have been shown to increase feelings of fullness in people and help with weight management.

(Kalra is a Chandigarh based fitness expert)

Wed in style
Pick up suits, lehangas and just about anything for your wedding from this exhibition

Bandhan – The Royal Wedding Exhibition, a three-day mega event organised by Resonance Concept & Designs, started at Bella Vista on Saturday. A fashion walk was held to mark the occasion. The models also displayed the wedding collections at the well-decorated stalls.

Some of the special attractions are special services by Bollywood mehndi artist Veena Nagra, live singing by various artistes from wedding planning companies, tambola twice a day and food counters serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. A rock band will perform on the last day.

Neha Singla, senior business development manager, Resonance Concept & Designs said, “Wedding is a special bond shared between two souls, who tie the wedding note after promising to be companions for lifetime. At that time a lot of arrangements are done before, during and after wedding. Like selection of the dresses for bride, groom, relatives, accessories, jewellery, venue selection, caterers, decor etc. We are presenting a unique and complete solution for all wedding arrangements.” A large number of companies are participating in the exhibition.

On till August 27. — TNS

stress buster
At peace with yourself 
Renee singh

Sometimes life can get overwhelming whether it is something that is extremely bothersome or it is just a whole lot of small stressors that kept piling up and suddenly they seem to have overtaken life.

Just stop, think and give yourselves a few minutes, make the necessary adjustments and equip yourself to be able to take on the stressors with a new perspective. Many times we feel mentally and emotionally fatigued and this leaves us feeling run down completely. Don't let this get to you. Just rise up to the challenge, this is your call to take charge of your life.

Ways to calm down quickly

There are simple tricks that will help you to calm down, and once you know how to take control and bring inner peace, de stressing becomes an easy exercise.

Take a mental break

If you can take a mental break from your immediate environment, it is the greatest feat.

Guided imagery

This is one of the most wonderful ways to restore peace of mind. It is a simple and convenient relaxation technique that can help you to manage stress and reduce tension. It is like indulging in a day dream. If you can make it a part of your daily routine it can help you to access your inner wisdom.

Here are the ways to practice it:

  • Get into a comfortable position
  • Close your eyes, focus and deep breathe.
  • Once you are relaxed envision yourself in the most relaxing environment. Be in a beautiful garden or float in the cool waters of a Tropical Island.
  • Try to involve all your senses into this exercise.
  • Stay with this feeling and enjoy your surroundings.
  • When you want to come back count backwards from ten to one and find yourself back in your ''see and touch'' reality. This can be an extremely refreshing experience. It can be a rejuvenating experience for your mind, body and soul. When you return back from this you will feel calm and refreshed as though you are back from a vacation.

You can make it more effectively with the following:

Musical company

Along with your visual mental journey, you can use music to compliment your imagery. This will make you more immersed in your environment.

Set an alarm

Just in case you loose track of time and fall off to sleep you must have a wake up call system.

Quiet place

See to it that you have your own private corner, this will facilitate your experience.

Guided imagery has been proven to provide significant stress relief. It helps participants to get in touch with deeper levels of wisdom within, the sub conscious levels and these help them better manage their lives and thereby reduce stress.

(Singh is a Chandigarh based psychotherapist)

Being a sport

Confident approach: Paramvir Rajput

Trends and styles are there all around for anyone to emulate but only those who suit it to their persona and carry it effortlessly, qualify to be trend setters. Commerce student Paramvir Rajput has his own views on the subject:

Your sense of style

I am always impressed by folks who are well groomed especially the hair and physique. What also rates the style quotient is the way anyone expresses self.

Latest addition

My green shoes from Woodland

Brand Crazy or street pick ups

Anything that goes with my personality, brands and street wear both.

My style Icon would be

Only Hrithik Roshan would fit the bill.

Who do you think is the worst dressed celebrity?

Hmmm! Shah Rukh Khan at times

Which look do you prefer – sporty, chic or glamorous?

Sporty surely

One fashion trend that goes beyond your comprehension

Balloon jeans which seem to be quite popular but I cannot stand them.

Your take on accessories:

Not too much but I do wear a bracelet or so besides the watch!

What gives you a high on the confidence level?

When I can feel that I am making a good impression I get a high and of course a compliment or two never fails to boost my confidence.

(As told to Poonam Bindra)

Asin to play a Marathi girl

Cent per cent: Asin 

Asin is putting in her best to play a Marathi girl in an upcoming action comedy that also stars Akshay Kumar and Mithun Chakraborthy. Since the Marathi language and customs are alien to Asin, she is picking up the nuances of the language from her co-stars who are familiar with the language as well as unit hands.

For a wedding scene that was shot recently, Asin was seen in a navvvari green kashta sari, mundavalya (bridal jewellery), chandrakor (crescent moon) bindi and nathni (nose ring studded with pearls and beads) and green glass bangles. Though she has essayed a bride in several of her films, this was a unique experience for her. Dressing up for her Maharashtrian character was something novel for her.

The film has Asin essaying the role of Mithun’s sister Maya. Incidentally, Mithun is essaying a character called Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar. The typical Marathi lingo has been incorporated to add a zing to the yet untitled comic caper being produced by Akshay Kumar’s Hari Om Productions and H R Musik of Himesh Reshmmiya.



Language no bar

Well versed: Jacqueline Fernandez 

Jacqueline Fernandez learnt Hindi when she came to India. She knows English, French, Arabic and Hindi. She is learning Urdu now and wants to be able to converse in it fluently. Smart girl!




Gold, brown, red…bring it on!

Bipasha Basu has gold, brown and red streaks in her hair. And these days she is a frequent visitor to a beauty salon in Bandra, getting the streaks touched up because dark-red and gold are high maintenance colours.

The Bengali bombshell’s crowning glory bears a strong resemblance to the hair streaks sported by Deepika in Cocktail. And one wonders whether her hair colour is inspired by Deepika. One hears that a lot of girls are walking into salons these days and asking for a style that resembles Veronica’s tresses. Actors setting trends for common people is heard of but not for other actors! 



Stitch in time

Cover girl: Parineeti Chopra 

Parineeti Chopra wore a snug orange dress to the screening of a movie. It was a tad too tight for her frame and tore at the zip. She noticed it quickly and ran for cover! Smart move!

Clash of the cousins

Real to reel: Kareena Kapoor
Sibling revelry: Ranbir Kapoor 

Cousins Kareena Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor will share the Indian Idol 6 platform to promote their respective films. The cousins will be coming for the grand finale of the reality show on 31 August.

While Kareena will be talking about her much awaited film Heroine, Ranbir will be there promoting his upcoming film Barfee. The cousins will be coming for the grand finale of Indian Idol 6 on 31 August.

Kareena plays the part of a superstar Mahi, in UTV and Bhandarkar’s Heroine that releases on 21 September and Barfee is a romantic comedy featured around Murphy (Ranbir) whom everyone calls Barfee. The film has been directed by Anurag Basu.

There is also a buzz that Kareena and Ranbir would be seen together for the first time in Zoya Akhtar’s next project in which the real life cousins would play reel life siblings.

Under the Tuscan sun

Going places: Anushka Sharma 

Anushka Sharma likes Italian men because they compliment people in a very nice manner. She says Indian men stare and you feel dirty if they tell you that you are sexy.

When an Italian man compliments you, one feels good about herself. She recently spent some time on the Italian beaches and has been voted the Best Indian Body for a Bikini.


Out of sight

Barfi! has been in the making for longer than expected. None of the lead actors have seen the film and they do not know how it has finally turned out. It releases on September 14. 



On a good note

Lootera’s shooting is complete now and Ranveer Singh is happy with the way the film has shaped up. He says the credit goes entirely to director Vikramaditya Motwane. The film releases in March 2013.



Big bullies of silver screen
We take a look at the movies that have grossed more than Rs 100 crore so far in 2012!


Stroke of luck


Rowdy Rathore
: Once again, Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha did an absolutely silly movie! However, people enjoyed it and this sent producers, especially Sanjay Leela Bhansali, laughing to the bank. The movie has grossed more than Rs 150 crore. 




First and fabulous



Agneepath: This was the first blockbuster of the year and has the biggest opening ever at Rs 75 crore. Hrithik and Dharma were absolutely delighted. The acclaimed movie proved that a good movie can spin money too!




Man with the Midas touch



Ek Tha Tiger
: This is a historic blockbuster and has collected Rs 100 crore in a mere five days. Collections stand at more than Rs 150 crore and counting! This is the most sensible film Salman has done in recent times. The holidays of Independence Day and Eid definitely helped Salman’s Midas Touch.



Statistically speaking


Bol Bachchan
: Abhishek Bachchan can breathe a sigh of relief. Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn are used to their films grossing more than Rs 100 crore. This is the first Abhishek Bachchan film to cross the 100 crore mark.


Power of dozen


Housefull 2: This Sajid Khan film with a dozen actors was stupid with mindless humour and exaggerated chaos! People like nonsensical comedy so this movie grossed more than Rs 150 crore and broke Akshay Kumar’s flop spell.


chatter box
Fingers crossed

all the best: Vivian Dsena and Drashti Dhami

Colors' show Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon started with a bang and a TRP of 2.8 which is really high for a fiction show.

But soon the ratings dipped and though the cast boasts of names like Vivian Dsena (RK) and Drashti Dhami (Madhu), the show isn't generating numbers. Guess now post the marriage track, there will be some high drama and action.

All work, no love

work wise: Nausheen Ali Sardar

Nausheen Ali Sardar is looking forward to anchoring with her Kkusum co-star Anuj Saxena in a show called Crimes of Passion, which will air on Big TV from August 27. But the question she is asked by one and all is about marriage. She says, she plans to get married in a year.

Fitness on priority list

Ashish Kapoor who is seen in Sony's Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage flaunted six pack abs on the show. The handsome actor maintains his physique with regular gymming. He says, he feels incomplete if he doesn't work out. Between shooting and commuting to the sets and driving for four hours total, we wonder where he gets the energy from.


Still a team

Hina Khan, aka Akshara of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is a docile bahu on-screen but off-screen she is a young girl in love. She has been dating director of her debut show, Neeraj Baliyan since three-and-a-half years. Even after he quit the show, their bond remained strong. Buzz is that they plan to get married soon. 


Against the reel

Monaz Mevawalla who is currently seen as Jharna in Rajshri Productions' Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Aangan Hoga on Sahara One does not approve of the custom wherein a groom lives in the bride's house as Ghar Jamaai, even though Jharna's husband Raj (Pravin Hingonia) is shown to be a living in his mother-in-law Angana Raichand's house. 


Best of the lot

thumbs up: Sakshi Tanwar

Ekta Kapoor who has worked with numerous actors feels Sakshi Tanwar is the best actor. Ekta feels that Sakshi aka Priya of Sony's Bade Acche Lagte Hai is very professional and particular about her scenes and dialogues and gets into the character totally.

Talent gets younger

SAB TV, for the first time ever is coming up with Nanhe Superstars, a special reality show on Saturdays. The name, itself suggests that this show is going to be all about little wonders. Nanhe Superstars will provide a unique platform for the young and aspiring stars for showcasing their talent. It will be a fun filled, highly energetic and extremely competitive variety entertainment family show with never seen before acts and dance moves.

The theme of the show is the war of the sexes i.e. fights between the boys and girls team. Television industry's most popular child comedy artiste Saloni Daini aka Gangubai will anchor Nanhe Superstars and lead the girl's team. Atharva Karve will lead the boy's team. 


In a new role


Atif Aslam has nothing but music on his mind and is looking forward to the keenly-awaited Indo-Pak musical extravaganza, Sur-Kshetra, a new singing based reality show. The show will simulcast on Sahara One and Colors from September 8. Atif will scout for top ten singers from Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad and mentor them to compete against India singers in a squad headed by composer, singer and actor Himesh Reshmmiya. Atif Aslam talks to Lifestyle about his journey from singing to judging a musical show.

You are one of the most talented singers in sub-continent today. What prompted you to be a judge on Sur-Kshetra?

I was recording for Bollywood films like Faltu and Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya. Gajendra Singh, the pioneer of many singing based reality shows gave this offer to me. As a singer, it is good to be connected to viewers but you know TV is a great medium to reach the audiences.

Tell us about this show.

Music has always inspired me to explore new avenues. With Sur-Kshetra, we aim to touch newer heights. It is a great show, which will be judged by the legendary Asha Bhonsle, Abida Parveen and Runa Laila. The scale of this show is very big.

How is this show different from the other singing based reality shows?

With this show we are trying to revive the golden era of melodies and bring forth the best of the talent from India and Pakistan. There will be great musicians from both countries and music lovers will experience a set of new generation of singing talents.

What qualities are you looking at in a contestant to be good singer?

The first quality I am looking for in a contestant is his voice quality and sur. My focus is on a different voice, which we will try to select from 20 contestants.

What is the format of this show?

It will be telecast every Saturday and Sunday starting September 8, this reality show has 20 contestants. Ayesha Takia has also been roped in as the anchor.

Dharam Pal

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Don't lose hope whatever the situation is at present. Keep in mind that situations change and lucky breaks can be just around the corner. Try to increase your knowledge in new areas. Tarot message: Lack of confidence can leave you in losses; so be confident. Lucky colour: Coffee. Magic number: 28

TAURUS: Take criticism constructively and accept praise graciously. Make the most of this low-key day because there is plenty of work in store. Tarot message: Don't make hasty decisions as it could lead to a waste of time and money. Lucky colour: Burgundy. Magic number: 61

GEMINI: Your chivalrous behavior and sentiments strike the right note with lovers. Pack up your all cares and woes and have a good time. When working alone, you will fare best. Tarot message: Don't waste an opportunity by being rash or impulsive. Lucky colour: Golden brown. Magic number: 33

CANCER: Browse the newspaper for that dream job because you just may find it. Arguments at home are likely to erupt. Career women will be in the lime light. Be a little more tactful and considerate. Tarot message: Learn from past experiences to avoid making a similar mistake again. Lucky colour: Beige. Magic number: 28

LEO: If you have been feeling house bound, arrange an outing with your partner. Refuse any new assignments. Loved ones are unlikely to make special demands. Tarot message: Be articulate to prevent people from making their own conclusions. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 65

VIRGO: Show your love to those close to you through action rather than empty promises. Be careful while signing agreements. Family members may require your assistance. Tarot message: Dare to accomplish those tasks, which normally take up a lot of time. Lucky colour: Yellow.Magic number: 27

LIBRA: If something is already on your calendar, postpone it for a later date. Time to impress your boss.You will be feeling competent to deal with work that requires creativity. Consider your options with great care. Tarot message: Don't do anything at the cost of health. Lucky colour: Forest Green. Magic number: 39

SCORPIO: You are in a cheerful mood today. Decisions may involve a journey overseas. Older people: Take care of your health. Domestic bliss will be of high order. Tarot message: Make compromises outside and come to terms within yourself. Lucky colour: Deep red. Magic number: 25

SAGITTARIUS: Women: You will have the money to shop to your heart's desire. Think about the cost of the family budget next time you spend on entertainment or luxury items. Those interested in modelling will get a suitable break. Tarot message: Lack of confidence can leave you in losses. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 44

CAPRICORN: Household expenses and the mortgage seem to be pretty well covered now. But pleasurable indulgence might be eating into domestic expenses. Ignore unpleasant gossip. Tarot message: You shall prevent a lot of trouble by taking timely action. Lucky colour: Black. Magic number: 55

AQUARIUS: Investments in property may be possible. A detailed accounting process lets you know what you can afford in the present situation. You may neglect your health due to busy schedule. Tarot message: Be positive and think carefully before taking action. Lucky colour: Purple. Magic number: 64

PISCES: Make the day a really enjoyable one and forget about the work. Some of you may have lost interest in career ambitions. Students interested in competitive sports may be selected for their school team. Tarot message: Do not swing away from the course you have charted so far. Lucky colour: Orange. Magic number: 46 


The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is August 27...

Nature has bestowed remarkable confidence and intelligence on you- so use it to its best. Put your extra money in a safe place and that will promise you returns in times to come. You will also make important contacts through friends. Your beloved brings you immense romantic pleasure even as work pressure occupies your mind. Correspondence needs to be handled with care. Because you were born on August 27, the deity that watches over you will help guide you through your moments of struggle and inner turmoil, giving you strength and courage to overcome even the most trying times.

If ever there are times you feel weak or discouraged, with the help of God, you will be able to put everything back into perspective and focus. The combination of 2 and 7 adds a tone of selflessness and humanitarianism to your life path. If triggered, emotions can be volcanic and a seemingly meek personality can resort to bullying tactics, when unhappy. Business: A co-worker seems a little too interested in your business. Instead of losing your temper, exercise your sense of compassion even as you set some boundaries. If you can, unwind and live without losing the sense of reality. If this is your first job, you'll be encouraged to set new targets. Try not to overdo things or rush. It would be a favourable year for education and exams related matters. You will perform better than expected. Positive results will bring a magical smile on your face. Pre-planning and hard work is recommended.

Your patience may wane drastically, especially with old issues, foolish behavior, uncooperative elders, stubborn personalities and short fused Gemini or Pisces members.

Exciting events may be on the horizon, but they can happen fast, and if you blink, you can miss them. Get ready for fun. Milestone 'celebrations' may be the reason, especially weddings, births and holiday. Mood: Emotional and impatient. Compatible signs: Taurus, Virgo. Lucky colours: Sky blue, Aqua green. Lucky days: Thursday and Saturday. Lucky numbers: 4, 8, 13, 41, 48. Lucky flower: Dahlia. Lucky gemstone: Jasper


Neha Dhupia (August 27, 1980, Cochin) is winner of Femina Miss India 2002. Gandhi to Hitlor is her latest film. Dhupia started her career with a play in New Delhi called Graffiti. She began appearing in Bollywood films starting with Qayamat: City Under Threat, a box office success. She had films like Sheesha, Kyaa Kool Hai Hum and Shootout at Lokhandwala, Chup Chup Ke, Ek Chalis Ki Last Local, Mithya, Maharathi, Singh Is King ,Dasvidaniya, Paying Guest, De Dana Dan, Action Replay. Neha's stars and current astrological period indicate endless awards in next five years.

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