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Dengue stings city, awareness drive of little use
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 2
The city has witnessed a spurt in dengue cases. Out of the 113 confirmed cases reported in the state, 53 surfaced in Ludhiana. Despite awareness lectures, seminars and distribution of pamphlets on dengue awareness, the health department has failed to quell the spread of dengue.

The mosquito, aedes aegypti, bites at dusk or dawn. It breeds in stagnant water, with flower vases, buckets and uncovered barrels being its preferred areas.

District epidemiologist Dr Pneet Juneja said,"Everyday residents call up asking about the breeding areas of the mosquito. Fearing an outbreak, they also ask us to get the garbage cleared from residential areas. We have distributed about 2,000 awareness pamphlets so far. We keep spreading awareness among the residents by organising seminars."

It is surprising that those residing in posh areas are not aware of the disease. Despite the health officials telling residents time and again that the mosquito breeds in containers, water coolers and flower vases, they don't take preventive measures.

While interacting with a doctor, a patient running fever, said, "The number of dengue cases has seen an increase as garbage is not lifted on a regular basis from residential areas."

When the doctor told her that the mosquito bred in fresh water, she said, "These are all stories and such diseases are caused due to poor sanitation.

A homemaker, Parminder Kaur, whose son became a victim of the disease three years ago, said,"We had to shift our base as garbage was hardly lifted from the area. Sanitation workers used to show up at will."

Most of the people are not aware of dengue and malaria symptoms. They don't even bother to drain out stagnant water. Those, who deck up their houses with fountains, do not change water for days together. Awareness on dengue is a must. Residents must keep their surroundings clean. They should not let water accumulate around their residences.


Morning walkers also at risk 
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Clockwise from top: Mosquitoes breed in water-filled buckets at a shopping complex in Ghumar Mandi; a person takes a bath under an overflowing tank at Rakh Bagh; and a leaking water pipe at Guru Nanak Pura in Ludhiana.
Clockwise from top: Mosquitoes breed in water-filled buckets at a shopping complex in Ghumar Mandi; a person takes a bath under an overflowing tank at Rakh Bagh; and a leaking water pipe at Guru Nanak Pura in Ludhiana. Photos: Inderjit Verma

Ludhiana, October 2
Morning walkers and visitors to parks face the risk of contracting dengue since stagnant water in most of the parks in the city is suitable for the growth of the aedes aegypti mosquito.

Though the government agencies have been trying to create awareness on dengue, it has failed to stop water accumulation in gardens and parks.

Stagnant water in a portion of Rakh Baag is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. The water accumulates due to overflowing tanks and leaking water pipes.

It has been also noted that most of the water tanks at public place often overflow which led to water accumulation. Not only gardens and parks, stagnant water can be seen on streets and roads in almost all localities in the city.

A water pipe near Guru Nanak Pura Park has been broken for the past about 15 days and has accumulated on the road. A local resident said he had reported the matter to the area councillor thrice, but to no avail.



‘Juice of papaya leaves may help’ 
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 2
It could be a miracle cure for dengue. And the best part is you can make it at home. The juice of the humble papaya leaf has been seen to arrest the destruction of platelets.

Ayurveda researchers have found that enzymes in the papaya leaf can fight a host of viral infections and can help regenerate platelets and white blood cells.

A dengue patient suffers from high-grade fever, severe body ache and weakness. Under such circumstances, people have been adopting home remedies to increase their platelet count.

Some are giving juice of papaya leaves and gloe stem to the patients while others are opting for kiwi fruit, which is rich in Vitamin C. Some patients are also using aloe vera juice.

City based ayurvedic practitioner Dr Ravinder Vatsayan said: “The patient should use juice of papaya leaves. Similarly, the juice of gloe stem can also be given to the patient. Both of these enhance platelets. In case there is sudden fall in platelets, the patients should be immediately given amla juice."

Dr Monica Malhotra, Government Ayurvedic Medical Officer, said: “'Tulsi leaves are also equally good as they enhance immunity. People should grow tulsi plant in their home and should also keep a pot of this plant near the bedroom." 

Get proper treatment
However, when contacted, Medical Superintendent of Christian Medical and Hospital Dr Kanwal Maseeh contradicted the claims of ayurvedic doctors. He said: “In allopathy, we do not have any such evidence that these herbs are good for increasing the platelet count. The patient suffering from dengue should get the proper treatment where platelets and symptomatology can be monitored." 



Two injured as car hits motorcycle
Tribune News Service

The car that hit the motorcycle; and (right) Lekh Raj, one of the accident victims, is being taken to a hospital in Ludhiana on Tuesday.
The car that hit the motorcycle; and (right) Lekh Raj, one of the accident victims, is being taken to a hospital in Ludhiana on Tuesday. Photos: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, October 2
Two motorcyclists were injured, one seriously, after being hit by a speeding car near Hathi Complex on the PAU road this morning. The car was reportedly being driven by a policeman. The car crossed the footpath and damaged the boundary wall of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU).

The incident took place at around 8 am when Ajay Kumar and Lekh Raj, both residents of Jawhar Nagar Camp, were on their way to a temple in Haibowal.

Ajay said since it was Lekh Raj’s birthday, he decided to start the day by visiting a temple. Ajay said when they reached near Hathi Complex, a speeding Maruti Ritz car hit their motorcycle from rear.

Both Ajay and Lekh Raj fell from the motorcycle. Instead of applying breaks, the driver of the car (PB-10-DG-6204) pressed the accelerator. In this process, the driver lost control over the vehicle and rammed the car into the boundary wall.

Ajay and Lekh Raj, who were stuck under the car, and were rescued by two commuters Jaswinder Singh and Baninder Kaur. Ajay and Lekh Raj sustained multiple injuries. Lekh Raj suffered a rupture on the spinal cord.

“Doctor says the condition of Lekh Raj is serious. If he survives, he may not be able to walk again,” said Tilak Raj, uncle of Lekh Raj.

Sohan Lal, investigating officer, said the car belongs to Vishal Kumar, a resident of BRS Nagar. “He is either a policeman or he has sold the vehicle to a policeman,” said Sohan Lal. He added that the car driver managed to flee after the incident.

On the other hand, family members of the victim alleged that police officials were deliberately hiding the identity of the suspect since he was a policeman. 



Class XI student concocts kidnapping story
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 2
A 16-year-old boy, who fled from Dehradun due to the fear of flunking an exam, took the city police for a ride after he concocted a kidnapping story. The incident came to light this afternoon when the boy identified as, Sanjay Khandari, arrived at a multi-speciality hospital and told the nursing staff there that some unidentified persons had kidnapped him from Dehradun yesterday.

He said the kidnappers had come in a Maruti Omni van.

Sanjay added that he managed to trick the kidnappers and alighted from the vehicle near Aarti Chowk.

The hospital authorities informed the police about the incident.

The police reached the spot and made Sanjay speak to his parents and then started questioning him.

The police asked Sanjay how he was kidnapped and how he managed to escape from the clutches of the kidnappers.

Unable to answer the questions, Sanjay broke down and confessed to have concocted a story.

Sanjay, a Class XI student of Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV), fled from Dehradun yesterday and came to Chandigarh.

Sanjay belongs to an affluent family. He is the son of an ex-Army officer, Varinder Khandari. His elder sister and brother are working in multinational companies.

Sanjay's father said he had lodged a complaint with the Dehradun police.

Not keen on pursuing science stream
Sanjay told the police that his parents pressurised him to opt for medical stream while he wanted to go in for humanities. He said he would only return home, if his parents agreed to change his stream.

Fled from Dehradun on Monday
Sanjay, a Class XI student of Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV), fled from Dehradun on Monday. He belongs to an affluent family. He is the son of an ex-Army officer, Varinder Khandari. His elder sister and brother are working in multinational companies.



Woman comes to rescue of victims 
 Invites trouble as relatives of victims blame her for accident 
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 2
While men preferred to remain mute spectators, a woman showed courage and helped the youths who were stuck under a car following the accident near Hathi Complex on the PAU road.
Baninder Kaur at the DMC police post in Ludhiana on Tuesday.
Baninder Kaur at the DMC police post in Ludhiana on Tuesday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma 

On seeing the woman stepping forward to lend a helping hand, a man, identified as Jaswinder Singh, also came to their rescue.

Narrating the incident, Baninder Kaur, a resident of Raikot who is presently putting up at Haibowal, said: “I was going towards a filling station on my scooter when I saw several men surrounding a car. On a closer, I spotted two youths stuck under the vehicle. No one was offering help to them. Without wasting time, I called the 108 emergency ambulance. The ambulance reached the spot and took the injured to the hospital,” said Baninder Kaur.

Baninder also visited the hospital and offered monetary help to the injured. But her gesture landed her in trouble. The family members of accident victims Ajay and Lekh Raj presumed that they were hit by Baninder’s vehicle. They even tried to assault her.

On this, hospital security in charge Kamal Dev intervened. After listening to Baninder, he made her sit in his office and called the police.

Kamal Dev reprimanded the accident victims’ relatives for harassing the woman who offered help to the two youths. “It is because of her effort that both the accident victims could make it to the hospital. Instead of thanking Baninder, they are levelling allegation against her,” said Kamal Dev.

But Baninder’s ordeal was not over yet as some women followed her to the DMC police post and claimed that she was involved in the accident.

Head constable Harnek Singh, who was the first one to reach the accident site, took the relatives to task for implicating Baninder.

But Baninder had to stay at the police post for nearly an hour as the police official feared that the relatives of the accident victims could harass her. Baninder was asked to leave after recoding her statement.

ACP (West) Gurpreet Kaur Purewal lauded the effort of Baninder. She also expressed concern over the harassment Baninder had to go through after the family of the accident victims blamed her for being involved in the accident.

“It was unfortunate that Baninder had to stay at the police post for recording the statement. Many times, it has been witnessed that people who rescue the accident victims are unnecessarily blamed for being involved in the accident. I also thank the police
officials for acting responsibly and standing by Baninder Kaur,” said ACP Gurpreet Kaur. 



punjab agricultural university
Trucks play havoc
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 2
Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) that was considered lungs of the city is no longer free from pollution due to the ongoing construction of a treatment plant near the Gate No 7 of the university campus.

A number of trucks have been carrying sand and gravel from the construction site and dumping it near the Gate No 1, where another construction work is going on.

These trucks, however, have not been following the rules which mandate the sand to be covered with a plastic sheet while running the truck on a road.

Due to this, they keep spilling the sand on the university roads, polluting the environment and causing inconvenience to the commuters.

"The commuters are facing sheer inconvenience on the PAU roads due to the heavy vehicles. These trucks keep spilling sand which is polluting the campus. The PAU authorities should keep a check on these truck drivers,” said a student.

These trucks, moreover, were found running on high speeds over the weekend, endangering the commuters as well as pedestrians.

“These speeding trucks can also cause accidents,” complained the student.

A truck driver said the roads on the campus were deserted at the weekend due to which trucks were speeding. “We didn't realise that anyone was facing inconvenience due to this,” he said.

Dr Jaskaran Singh, PAU estate officer, said: "We needed some sand and gravel on another construction site; so we thought that the weekend would be the perfect time for this work, as there are fewer commuters during holidays.” He, however, assured that if drivers were found driving rashly, suitable action would be taken. 



belgium murders
Family urges govt to help bring back bodies

Doraha, October 2
The shattered Jhajj family of Buani village, whose daughter-in-law and three grandsons was murdered in Belgium, has appealed to the government to assist them in bringing back the bodies to India.

Jang Singh, the grandfather, said he was holding himself together just to have a last look of his grandsons. He repented that he could not spend enough time with them when the last visited India during last winter. “We have given an application to the Punjab government seeking its help in bringing the bodies to India for performing the last rites. Government officials say they would forward the request to the Home Ministry tomorrow, as it was a holiday today,” he added.

Nirmal Singh, the father of deceased Rajvir Kaur, said there was nothing left with them any more. “We just request the government to help us in this hour of grief. While leaving us the last time, my daughter and grandsons had promised to visit India the next year. If the government comes to our aid, their promise could be fulfilled,” he said.

Meanwhile, Speaker Charanjit Singh Atwal promised that the state government would extend all possible help in bringing back the bodies to Doraha. — OC



Mahatma remembered on 143rd birth anniversary
 Political and social organisations hold various functions
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 2
The city celebrated the birth anniversary of ‘Father of the Nation’ with enthusiasm today. The main function of the Congress party was held at the District Congress Committee office, presided over by its president Pawan Dewan. Speaking on the occasion, Dewan said if India was free and progressing today, it was because of the sacrifices of the great leaders like Gandhi.
People gather around a wax statue of Father of the Nation at Prabhakar Wax Museum on Tuesday
People gather around a wax statue of Father of the Nation at Prabhakar Wax Museum on Tuesday. Tribune photograph

Women Congress Cell also celebrated the day with school children. District Congress president Leena Taparia paid tribute to Gandhi on the occasion. School students staged a play depicting Gandhi’s life. Meanwhile, District Congress secretary general Meenu Malhotra presided over a function at Jawahar Nagar. Malhotra motivated the people to adopt the path of non-violence. Ludhiana Youth Congress president Deepak Khandoor also paid tribute to Gandhi on the occasion.

Rashtriya Vikas Manch also paid homage to Mahatma at Gandhi Dham at Mata Rani Chowk. Gurinder Sood urged the attendees to try and follow the path of non-violence shown by Gandhi during the freedom struggle.

Desh Bhagat Yadgiri Society also remembered Mahatma Gandhi on his birth anniversary. Krishna Kumar Bawa said the world would be a better place to live in if people adopted Gandhi’s ideologies.

Meanwhile, during a function organised by the Akhil Bharti Aatwad Virodhi Front, district president Anil Sharma said Bapu laid down his life for the country, and today people should follow the path shown by him.

Veer Abdul Hamid Foundation celebrated the birth anniversary of both Mahatma Gandhi and former Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri. President of the Punjab branch Kamaljeet Singh paid tribute to both leaders. 



Students celebrate Gandhi Jayanti with fervour
Tribune Reporters

Ludhiana, October 2
Over 400 students of the Chain of Green Land Schools paid obeisance to Mahatma Gandhi at Gandhi Dham here today. Gandhi Dham, on the banks of Sutlej River, is a historical place where a part of Gandhi’s ashes was immersed upon his cremation in 1948. The children paid floral tribute at the “samadhi” and pledged to follow the ideals of truth, non-violence and simplicity, advocated by the ‘Father of the Nation’.

On this occasion, Rajesh Rudhra, chairman-cum-director of the Chain of Green Land Schools, said Gandhi was an apostle of peace and preached non-violence all over the world. He also said that today’s youth was deviating from the path of non-violence that was a matter of grave concern. They quarrel on trivial issues, which even results in blood shed many a times, he said.

SKN Model High School

The staff and students of SKN Model High School celebrated the 143rd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on the school premises today. The function started with a patriotic song. A declamation contest was also held on this occasion.

Jagraon: The birth anniversary of Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi was celebrated with enthusiasm at various schools of the town today. Colourful cultural programmes were organised by various schools to mark the occasion, during which the students presented patriotic songs and paid tributes to Mahatma Gandhi.

The programme at GHG Academy started with the lighting of a ceremonial lamp by chairman Gurmail Singh Malhi. Malhi motivated the students to follow the path of truth and honesty shown by Mahatma Gandhi to become a good human being in their lives. While remembering Gandhi, school principal Hardev Kaur Sidhu recalled his achievements. She stressed on the need to follow the path shown by him. The school students delivered speeches and recited patriotic poems during the function.

A brief function was also organised at DAV School. While addressing the students, school principal Poonam Kapahi said Mahatma Gandhi showed the path of truth, honesty and sincerity to the people of the country. The real tribute to the great freedom fighter would be to follow the path shown by him, she added. She said Gandhi's teachings had great relevance in the present times too.

The students of the school participated in various activities including debate, poem recitation and singing.

Programmes were also organised at Sanmati Vimal Jain Senior Secondary School, Saravhitkari Vidya Mandir School, Swami Roop Chand Jain School and RK Senior Secondary School on the occasion. 



Factionalism within Cong comes to fore during celebrations
Ashok Kaura

Phillaur, October 2
Factionalism in the Congress party come to fore on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, when two different factions, led by former MLA Gurwinder Singh Atwal and former minister Santokh Singh Chaudhary, paid tributes to the ‘Father of the Nation’ at two different functions in Phillaur today.

Santokh Singh, along with other local leaders and supporters, visited Gandhi Dham to pay tributes to Mahatma Gandhi. Later, Santokh Singh distributed ration to 106 poor families.

Meanwhile, Gandhi Dham Peace Mission headed by former MLA GS Atwal held a function, presided by Congress MP Mahinder Singh Kaypee at Gandhi Dham near the banks of Sutlej River. Sarab Dharam Sammelan was also organised in which representatives of Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Christian communities participated and took pledge to work against social evils and to serve the society and maintain dignity of the nation.

When contacted, Santokh Singh said he was not aware of any other function being organised. 



Mahatma forgotten, town wears a deserted look
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, October 2
The town wore a deserted look on the 143rd birth anniversary of ‘Father of the Nation’ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi here today. Observing the national holiday, people remained confined to their homes.

No major function was organised to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi and former Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastari, whose birth anniversary is also celebrated on the same day.

Although principal and staff of a local school garlanded the lone statue of Mahatma Gandhi installed on the school premises, no politician or social activist bothered to pay tributes to the iconic leaders.

The enthusiasm shown by the local leaders at the political conferences held during the recent Chhapar Mela also seemed absent today.

"How could we organise a function without receiving directives from our party seniors," said an office-bearer of a political party, admitting that he was reminded of the day only after he saw a closed liquor vend.

The government officials posted in the region also did not bother to organise a meeting or a function to celebrate the occasion in their departments.

Heads of some educational institutes, however, did inform students about significance of the day during the morning assembly yesterday.

Students of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial National Senior Secondary School and Lal Bahadur Shastri Public School were among the few who celebrated the birth anniversaries. 



Residents oppose closure of passage
 Have been fighting procedural battle with Punjab Government, LIT for several years 
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, October 2
Engaged in a procedural battle with the Punjab government and Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) authorities for the past several years against intended closure of a common passage in D Block of Model Town Extension, residents seem to have won a part of the battle while the war is still on as certain vested interests are working against the interests of the vast majority of people.

Area residents said, "A stretch of a vacant land measuring 100 feet in length and 30 feet in width, along plot numbers 1285-D and 1346-D, is being used as a common passage for school buses, other vehicles and pedestrians to have access to the main road for more than a decade."

"However, certain vested interests, including a few property dealers, were conniving with the LIT staff to get the common passage closed so that the vacant piece of land could be converted into plots and usurped by influential persons," maintained the residents.

GS Midha, secretary, Model Town Extension-D, Part II Welfare Society, who has been single handedly spearheading the fight against the injustice, said several LIT officials, including the erstwhile chairman, MM Vyas, had visited the locality and ruled in favour of retaining the vacant land as a common passage.

"But till date, no worthwhile action has been taken to make a modification in the layout plan of the Town Planning Scheme of the area so that the site could be converted into a common passage and a proper road be constructed for the benefit of the residents," he lamented.

After scores of representations to the government without any positive action, there is a small ray of hope now for the residents as the LIT authorities have intimated the local government department (vide memo no 5453 dated July 20, 2012) that as per the report of drawing branch, a piece of 30 feet wide land is located beyond plot numbers 1285-D and 1346-D in the layout plan of Model Town Extension Part II, Block D, which is lying vacant at present.

Midha and other area residents assert that now that the report of the land being used as common passage has been sent by the LIT authorities to the Punjab government, it will be in the fitness of things that a suitable amendment be made to the TP scheme so that the stretch of vacant land is notified as public street to solve the issue once and for all.

LIT officials said the trust was not averse to the passage being converted into a public road keeping in view the demand of the area residents. "We have to take care of the trust properties but at the same time we are also committed to provide amenities and basic infrastructure to the people," they added.



Labourer suffers a fall, dies
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 2
Two days after a labourer died after scaffolding of an under-construction shopping mall near Fountain Chowk collapsed, another labourer died after falling from the fourth floor of Sacred Heart senior Secondary School in BRS Nagar today.

The deceased was identified as Ajay Kumar.

"Scaffolding may have collapsed leading to the incident," said sources.

The victim fell from the fourth floor and died on the spot.It is not the first time that such incident took place at school premises. One worker was killed while nine others were critically injured after the roof of an under-construction auditorium of Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, BRS Nagar, collapsed on June 7, 2011.

Woman injured in mishap

A woman sustained injuries when an auto-rickshaw rammed into her scooty on the Pakhowal Road today.

The auto overturned following the accident. Eyewitnesses said the driver of the auto-rickshaw lost control and hit the scooty. The woman sustained serious injuries and was rushed to a hospital. The driver fled the spot.

Theft at shop

Thieves struck at a mobile shop near Sherpur Chowk and decamped with mobile phones and mobile recharge coupons worth Rs 3.5 lakh.A case has been registered in this connection.

Youth commits suicide

Deepak (26), a resident of Pamal village, reportedly committed suicide by consuming poisonous substance. His parents rushed him to a hospital, where he was declared brought dead. He was said to be under depression.



Induction furnace units go on strike
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 2
Induction furnace units in Mandi Gobindgarh today went on an indefinite strike against the e-trip system while Ludhiana's industry has reduced its working hours to 12 hours a day from today onwards.

"We have already met the Chief Minister several times in this regard, but to no avail and now are left with no other option, but to shut down our units. All the units in Mandi Gobindgarh are protesting against the e-trip system," said Mohinder Gupta, president of Induction Furnace Association of Mandi Gobindgarh.

"The recent notification by the excise and taxation department for traders/manufacturers to furnish the information online regarding the transportation of goods worth Rs 3 lakh and above is practically not possible at all as most of the SME units are not equipped with computers and Internet facilities. Since most of the entrepreneurs are not aware of the computer terminology so they will now be required to appoint computer operators which will add to their burden," said KK Garg, president of the Induction Furnace Association of North India.

Another induction furnace unit owner, Romesh Aggarwal, said there was every possibility that someone's account might get hacked and he or she might have to bear losses due to this.

"Since one has to enter the time of dispatch, so the order cannot be delayed or rescheduled. In case, the website of the department is not working, we will have to wait till it starts working because we have to fill the time of dispatch. All these conditions are not practically possible for us due to poor infrastructure. First of all, we are not getting power 24 hours and second of all, the website of the department can also develop a snag and in those cases we are left with no other option, but to wait and bear the losses," he said.



Hike in power tariff a jolt, say industrialists
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 2
Industry in the city has condemned the hike in the charges of new electricity connections by the PSPCL. A meeting of the office-bearers of United Cycle and Parts Manufacturers (UCPMA) was held under the presidentship of Gurmeet Singh Kular in this regard.

They said, "The government has been assuring us that it will solve our problems, but the hike has come as a jolt."

"The hike in power tariff is forcing us to shut down our units," they added.

"We urge the government to rollback the hike as we don't want to leave our hometown. If the government revokes its decision, industrialists and resident will heave a sigh of relief," added Kular.

The decision of the Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission and Punjab State Power Corporation to increase the power connection charges from October 1 has taken us aback. It will only aggravate our woes," said Avtar Singh, general secretary, Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertaking.

"Power supply to the PSPCL has been irregular for the past four to five years. The government first increased the electricity duty from 10 per cent to 13 per cent, then it imposed 5 per cent electricity duty on captive consumption and now the hike in power tariff is unbearable," they added.



Manpreet Badal on a cadre-building mission 
Minna Zutshi
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 2
People's Party of Punjab (PPP) president Manpreet Badal is on a cadre-building mission in the districts of Punjab.

During his visit to Ludhiana today, he candidly admitted that lack of formal structure in the party organisation at various levels was responsible, in good measure, for the party's poor performance in Vidhan Sabha elections.

To strengthen the party structure at district level and expand the organisational base of the party, Badal plans to visit each district twice a month.

Slamming the "Mission Ludhiana" launched by Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal, he questioned its underlying principle.

He claimed that the SAD drive against drugs lacked sincerity. "Many in Badal village are involved in drugs," he alleged.

Refusing to let the Sanjha Morcha's dismal poll performance deter his enthusiasm for what he claimed was ideology-based politics, he said he was hopeful that the people of Punjab would respond to the call for greater common good instead of focusing on petty personal gains. "I was disappointed when they (the electorate) wanted to carry on with the (political) system that had not benefited them," he said, adding, "India is being held back by politicians who are reluctant to take right decisions at right time."

On the reforms initiated by the Centre, he claimed that politics had been played for 14 months. It should not have taken so long to bring in the reforms, he added.

On having declined to join the Congress protest against the state government on the issue of "punitive taxes", he said it was important to build a consensus.

"I had conveyed (to the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee Chief Captain Amarinder Singh) that their's is the principal Opposition party and that it is better to call a meeting on issues concerning Punjab. These issues include imposition of taxes, curb on civil liberties, victimisation of political opponents. We could work on evolving a broad consensus and he agreed to it."

Badal was accompanied by the PPP senior vice-president, Gurpreet Singh Bhatti. 



Truck comes in contact with overhead electricity wires
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 2
A truck came in contact with overhead electricity wires at Passi Nagar, Pakhowal, today. Following the incident, the wires fell on the ground. The residents immediately informed the officials of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) and asked them to remove the wires from the ground.

The officials reached the spot after three hours.

Harminder Sangha, member of the Social Welfare Council, Pasi Nagar, said, "Power supply was snapped after the incident. The wires could lead to a fatal accident."

"I have filed a complaint with the PSPCL officials. After calling up at the control room a number of times, an attendant gave us a number, but no one responded to the call," he added.

Executive Engineer, Model Town, Sanjiv Parbhakar, did not take the call.

Superintending Engineer Tarlok Singh said, "The staff must be busy. I will look into the matter."



Stage set for GGS Gold Cup Hockey Meet
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, October 2
All the arrangements have been completed for the eighth All-India Guru Gobind Singh Gold Cup Hockey Tournament to be organised by the Ludhiana Sports Welfare Association (LSWA) here at the Olympian Prithipal Singh AstroTurf Stadium in Punjab Agricultural University from October 4 to 10.

Harcharan Singh Bhullar, SSP, Sangrur, and chairman of the organising association stated this at a press conference today.

Bhullar said the inaugural match of the event would be played between the current national champions, Indian Oils (Delhi) and Border Security Force (Jalandhar) at 2 pm on Thursday.

Besides, six other teams would take part in the prize money tournament, said Bhullar.

Sangrur Academy and Moga Academy are the other two teams that will be vying for the top honours in the junior section.

The winners will get cash prize of Rs 1.50 lakh and the team finishing as runners-up will receive a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh in addition to the running trophies.

Likewise, the team emerging as champions in the junior section, will be richer by Rs 31,000 while the squad securing second position will pocket a cash prize of Rs 21,000.



Doraha edge past Tarn Taran in hockey
Anil Datt

Winners of the North Zone CBSE Schools Hockey Tournament with the players of Tarn Taran in Ludhiana on Tuesday.
Winners of the North Zone CBSE Schools Hockey Tournament with the players of Tarn Taran in Ludhiana on Tuesday. A Tribune photograph

Ludhiana, October 2
Doraha Public School survived many anxious moments against Government Senior Secondary School, Tarn Taran, before prevailing over with a narrow margin (1-0) on the second day of the North Zone CBSE Schools Hockey Tournament being held at Mehta Gurukul Academy, Doraha, today.

The match started on a brisk pace and players of both the sides exhibited good stick work and depth in their attacks. They made forays repeatedly into each other's territory but failed to get the desired result.

After a barren first half, Doraha Public School players threatened rival's citadel time and again, but Tarn Taran defence line denied them the success.

Doraha lads continued with the pressure tactics and eventually Tarn Taran school wilted under it and conceded a goal just a few minutes before the long hooter. The all important goal came off Avtar Singh' stick.

In the second match, Guru Nanak Modern Senior Secondary School, Doraha, overpowered Shah Satnam School, Sirsa, 2-0. Both the goals were scored in the second half.

The match scheduled to be played between Green Land Senior Secondary School, Ludhiana, and the hosts, Mehta Gurukul Public Senior Secondary School, Doraha, was, awarded to the Mehta Gurukul School as the former failed to turn up.

In another match, Spring Dale Senior Secondary School, Amritsar, proved too good for DAV Public School, Jalandhar, whom they outnumbered 4-1 to advance into the next round.

In the fifth match which turned out be a mismatch, Alpine International School, Ludhiana, overwhelmed Akal Academy of Battala near Moga 12-1.



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