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Rs 2 lakh is too much: Anokh Singh
CBI submits transcript of recorded conversation between Deshraj and Anokh in court
Aneesha Sareen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh October 27
“Please sir, I am unable to pay such a huge amount of Rs 2 lakh as I have to pay my daughter's fee and my police station does not fetch much," SHO of the Sector 26 police station inspector Anokh Singh is heard pleading to SP (City) Deshraj Singh in the transcript, which was submitted by the CBI in the court today.

The inspector is negotiating the deal in his office at the police headquarters. “I will say (tell) somebody else… there are many”…… “Mere hath ye hain, apki marzi hai, pakadte ho toh pakad lo,” are the words of Deshraj Singh while the negotiations go on.

Deshraj was arrested by the CBI last week while accepting a bribe of Rs 1 lakh from the CBI. Deshraj met Anokh at his office on October 12 where he allegedly negotiated the deal and heeded to the inspector’s request to pay the amount in instalments.

Corroborating the CBI’s case that Deshraj had negotiated the bribe amount, the investigating agency today submitted the pre-trap transcript in the court today. The defence counsel had sought a copy of the transcript from the CBI earlier this week and had sought the court’s intervention in the matter.

The transcript of the recorded conversation between Deshraj and Anokh on October 12 (in possession with The Tribune) shows that Anokh had expressed difficulty in giving Rs 2 lakhs allegedly demanded from him.

He had requested the SP to reduce the amount while sitting in his office. The amount was allegedly being demanded from him to give a clean chit in the departmental inquiries marked against him.

Deshraj is also telling the Inspector in the conversation that he is in need of money and if the inspector cannot provide him the same, there are ‘many others’. The IPS officer is heard in the recording asking the inspector to ‘hold his hand if we wants to’, suggesting the alleged demand for money.

Later in the transcript, Deshraj is asking the inspector to arrange ‘1’ (suggesting Rs 1 lakh) and the rest can be paid later.

October 12, 2012, at the office of the SP (City)

Inspector Anokh Singh: “Izazat sir?”

Deshraj: hmm

Anokh: Ji sir

Deshraj: “Kaam bola tha, kya hua uska?” (Had asked you for work, what is the progress?”)

Anokh: “Sir, main apko benti karni sir, sir, uske Rs 2 lakh bahut zada hain. Thoda sa agar kishton mein main kar dun sir….” (I had come to request you, Rs 2 lakh is a huge amount. Can I play in instalments?”)

Deshraj: “Nahin, koi nahin, aap mana hi kar do. (No, never mind, you can refuse).

Anokh: nahi sir, main mana nahi kar raha” (No sir, I am not refusing)

Deshraj: “Mere ko zarurat thi, isleye kaha tha apko” (I was in need of money, that’s why asked you).

Anokh: Sir meri request hai, wahan itne nahi hain. (It’s my request, there is not much there).

Deshraj: “Mere ko zarurat thi. Tum bahut capacity kar rahe the, main toh apke tabedar hun?

Anokh: “Nahin sir, main apka tabedar hun, aisi bat nahi. Sir meri ek request hai apko. Main na panch char din mei pachas de deta hun. Abhi de deta hun. Uske bad mein apko thode dino bad aur kar dunga.

Deshraj: Mujhe koi nai.. I was in need, I will say somebody else… mera toh apse hai…. isleye… I will say somebody else… there are many.

Anokh: Sir meri gal sun lo, meri beti ki fees. (Please listen to me, my daughter’s fees)

Deshraj: Pachas toh… main toh apko dekh raha tha, nahi toh (I was watching you, otherwise)

Anokh: Sir main..

Deshraj: Koi discussion nahi hai. Koi matlab nai hai ki main apse kuch keh raha hun (I am not saying anything to you).

Anokh: Ji sir

Deshraj: It’s gesturing, it is a gesture of handshake only.

Anokh: Ji sir

Deshraj: Mera hath yeh hai, apki marzi hai, pakadte ho toh pakdo. (I offer you my hand, up to you to hold it).

Anokh: Sir main dono hathon se pakadta hun (I will hold it with both hands).

Deshraj: Baki apki marzi hai… As you wish… I was in need.

Anokh: Main apko na nai karta, apki baat manta hun. Wahan sir aise nai, jub se main laga hun wahan pe… (I never say no to you, things are not like that there)

Deshraj: Abhi ap ek kar do, baki bad mei kar dena (arrange one, rest can be done later)

Anokh: thoda sa ho sakta hai time lag jau par mai ek kar dunga sir. Ab toh thoda sir usme time lagega. (It might take some time, but I will arrange)

Deshraj: Thik hai .. baki (not audible)

Anokh: Thik hai sir, main within week arrange kar dunga (I will arrange in a week).

Deshraj: Beat walon se bat mat karma. (don’t talk to beat officers).

Anokh: Kisi se bat nai karta na main leta hun. Log toh theke wale.. main kisi se bat nai karta.. (I don’t talk to anyone, people talk to liquor vend owners..)

Deshraj: Thik hai

Partial version of recorded conversation

The transcript is a partial version of the recorded conversation made on October 12. While the CBI had laid a trap on October 18, the recorded conversation between Deshraj and Anokh Singh on that day has the SP telling the inspector that all arrangements had been made regarding the departmental inquiries pending against him. However, the conversation of the actual day in which reference is made to another SP and Deshraj is saying that all arrangements have been made has not been submitted in the court.

Police stations making money

A perusal of the transcript revealed how the police stations were fetching money for officials. Anokh is clearly telling Deshraj: “Sir meri request hai, wahan itna nahi hai,” (Sir, it is my request, there is not much there) which is being interpreted that Anokh’s police station is not fetching that much of money. Later, in the conversation, Anokh is again telling Deshraj, “Nahi sir, wahan aise nahi hai……jab se main laga hun wahan pe…. (No sir, it is not like that there…. ever since I have taken charge).

Vishal Garg, the defence counsel, said there was nothing in the transcript suggesting a bribe demand.



Juvenile steals Rs 11 lakh from wedding venue at Park Plaza
Aneesha Sareen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
With the wedding season round the corner, a gang of juveniles is stealing bags containing shagun envelopes from posh hotels of the city. Last night, 10-year-old boy allegedly stole a bag of shagun envelopes during a wedding ceremony at Hotel Park Plaza in Sector 17.

Nipun Kapoor, a resident of Sector 4, Panchkula, called the police last night when she found that the bag of shagun envelopes given by guests at her son’s wedding was stolen from the wedding venue. The police later recovered the bag from near Rose Garden two hours after the theft. The police also rounded up a boy suspected to be behind the theft, but later let him off after they failed to find any evidence against him.

“The bag was stolen in a split of a second. We had noticed a boy sitting on the table near us as the baraat arrived. I handed over the bag full of shagun envelopes to my daughter, she got up to meet someone and the bag was stolen from the chair,” said Nipun Kapoor.

Accusing the hotel authorities for chinks in the security system, Nipun said that there was no proper CCTV footage available and the hotel authorities did not cooperate with them.

“While the bag containing Rs 11 lakh was later recovered by the police, the hotel security is to blame for the negligence. The hotel staff initially dilly-dallied in showing us the CCTV footage and then showed us the footage of October 25 whereas the incident occurred last night on October 26. There was no proper security arrangement at the five-star hotel as the little boy managed to sneak in,” she said. On the other hand, Sunil, manager, Hotel Park Plaza, when contacted said that the hotel was not to blame as the thief came along with the “baraat”. “The hotel security is nowhere to blame. The child was sitting near the table of the organisers and we cannot be held responsible for that. Our security system is intact,” he said.

When contacted, DSP Ashish Kapoor said the police recovered the bag lying abandoned after a search was conducted. No case was registered as the family refused to submit a complaint. “The family got their bag and refused to submit a complaint, thus we have not registered any case. We rounded up two boys but they were not the thieves,” he said.

Another girl sneaks into Taj Hotel

At the time when theft was reported at Park Plaza, security guards at Taj Hotel caught another minor girl trying to gain entry into the hotel late last night. The girl told the guards that her accomplice was at Park Plaza. However, the police did not take any action.

Rs 35,000 stolen

A girl stole a bag containing Rs 35,000 from a wedding function in Sector 29. Victim Kamla Devi reported to the police that the amount was stolen during a function at her residence.



Woman, daughter robbed of earrings
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 27
Members of the Zehar-Khurani gang targeted a woman and her daughter at the Sector 6 general hospital in broad daylight today. They offered the mother-daughter duo a sedative-laced substance and robbed them of gold earrings and a purse.

The victims, identified as Krishna and Meenakshi, were referred to the PGI, Chandigarh, in a critical condition. They were having food in the lawn of the hospital when the Zehar-Khurani gang targeted them.

“Meenakshi’s husband had met with an accident and he was being treated at the hospital.

Meenakshi and her mother were awake the whole night and we had got lunch for them,” said a relative, Ashok Bhalla. Krishna is a resident of Mani Majra while Meenakshi lives in at Raipur Rani.

“When we enquired, eyewitnesses said they had seen a woman sitting with them. It seems the women gave them something to eat and then robbed them,” said a police official. The police is also looking for the CCTV footage to get clues.

Zehar Khurani Gang

The Zehar-Khurani gang is known to target the victims by offering them sedative-laced eatables. The sedative leaves the victims unconscious and in a critical state.



Canadian PM to savour delicacies at Pal Dhaba
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
Don't be surprised if you see Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper savour the delicacies at Pal Dhaba in Sector 28 next month. Harper would be on a visit to India from November 3 to 9 and is scheduled to visit the city on November 7.

Confirming the development, UT Home Secretary Anil Kumar said the Canadian PM would be in the city on November 7 and would visit Pal Dhaba.

A 10-member team from the Canadian High Commission visited Pal Dhaba today at 7 pm and inspected the area for security purpose. The owners of Pal Dhaba had organised a bhangra performance to welcome the team member.

The owners of Pal Dhaba have not been informed about the menu and the number of guests from the Canadian High Commission.

The Canadian PM will be accompanied by Ed Fast, minister of international trade and minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, Joe Oliver, minister of natural resources, Gerry Ritz, minister of agriculture and agri-food, Bal Gosal, minister of state (sport), and Tim Uppal, minister of state (democratic reform), along with representatives of business and cultural sectors.

Harper will also visit Agra, New Delhi and Bangalore.

Popular eating joint

Pal Dhaba in Sector 28 is a popular eating joint of the city famous for its vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. Dhaba owners said rogan josh, butter chicken, keema, brain curry and all seasonal vegetarian dishes are popular among customers. Gurvinder Pal, one of the members of the dhaba, said Bollywood actors Sonu Sood and Neha Dhupia had visited the dhaba recently. He said many other celebrities, including Daler Mehndi and Babbu Maan, had also visited their dhaba.



Temporary milk booths
GMADA rejects Verka proposal
Our Correspondent

Mohali, October 27
The Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) has shot down a proposal of the Verka milk plant here to allot land for setting up temporary booths in various parts of the town. The proposal was rejected last week during a meeting of the Regional Planning and Design Committee under the chairmanship of Manjit Singh Brar, Additional Chief Administrator, GMADA.

While talking to The Tribune, Brar said, “Verka can set up its outlets in the commercial areas for selling milk and other products. It is a commercial activity and, as such, should be based in commercial areas.”

He said 33 sites had earlier been identified for Verka booths, but it was felt that the setting up of milk booths in green belts would spoil the areas. GMADA was ready to work out modalities with Verka for opening outlets in commercial areas. He said there was a feeling that private sellers were behind the proposal of setting up milk booths in green belts through Verka so that outlets are available to them at a much lower rate.

When pointed out that Chandigarh had 101 Verka booths, many in green belts, and Mohali had only three, Brar said, “Booths in Chandigarh were allotted long ago. Newer Sectors do not have such arrangements. Moreover, Mohali has fewer green belts and of smaller size compared to Chandigarh. The aim is only to make dairy products available and this can be done even by setting up outlets in commercial areas.”

The sites earlier identified by GMADA for setting up of Verka milk booths fell in residential, commercial and parking areas, and green belts. Out of a total of 33 sites, 14 fell in commercial areas, nine in parking lots, six in residential areas, three in green belts and one in the industrial area.

Sources said that while one site each had been identified in Phases I, II, III A, IV, VI and Sector 67, two sites each had been identified for Phases III B 1, III B 2, V, VIII, IX, X, XI, Sectors 66, 68, 70 and 71. In the case of Phase VII and Sector 69, three sites each had been identified. However, no site had been earmarked in developing areas like Sectors 76 to 80.



BSNL services disrupted in Panchkula
Connections restored in Sectors 8, 9 and 16 still not functional
Tribune News Service

Workers repair BSNL wires at Sector 10, Panchkula, on Saturday. Tribune photo: Nitin Mittal

Panchkula, October 27
BSNL services have been disrupted in some sectors in Panchkula for the last five days. Though the same were restored for Sector 8 and 9 this evening, those in Sector16 are still being repaired. Since October 24 the lines have been disrupted and the services have been hit.

"In fact some work was going on near the Sector 5 lightpoint and the BSNL underground wires were dismantled. It resulted in a number of lines getting disrupted. As many as 1,200 connections were hit," said a BSNL employee.

He further added, "We are trying hard to repair and connect them. We have been working for the past four days and have managed to repair the ones in Sectors 8 and 9. But the system is still not functional in Sector 16."

"We just have one landline connection at home. And when even that is not working, it seems as if you are detached from the rest of the world," said Subash Papneja, a resident of Sector16, Panchkula.

Vishnu Sharma, another resident, said, "We are old and we don't know how to use the mobile phones. It is only on the landline phone that we talk to our sons and daughters staying abroad."

He further added, "My children will be worried as the phone is not working and they can't even call our neighbours as their phones are also not working because of the problem."

"It is quite unsafe also at night and God forbid if something happens to us, how will we contact others. Panchkula is a crime-prone city and anything can happen anytime.

The authorities should not take so much of time in repairing the damaged wires," said Vijay Lakshmi, a resident of Sector 16, Panchkula.



Residents oppose Metro station at Sec 34
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
The residents of Sector 34-D are opposing the proposed Metro station, planned by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), near the All-India Ration Station. As one entry to the proposed station is planned through the residential area, the residents of the area are demanding re-location of entry from Sector 34-D to Sector 34-A, which is a commercial area.

Residents in their memorandum to UT Administrator Shivraj V Patil stated that the stairs of the Metro station and its ventilators should be actually in the house numbers 1839, 1840, 1841 and 1838. In case of house numbers 1858, 1845, 1834 and 1855, the bedrooms would only be about 6 feet away from the cycle track under which the Metro was to run, the memorandum read.

The residents demanded, "Instead of Sector 34-D, the authorities should plan the Metro station in Sector 34-A, which is a commercial area and at present huge space is vacant there." The residents said in Sector 34-A, the actual road was almost 40 feet away from the building boundaries and actual buildings were 30 feet away from the boundary. So almost 70 feet space was available for stairs, ventilators, auto-rickshaw stand and even bus stop. "Whereas in Sector 34 D, there is no place for parking so commuters from Sectors 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 and 37, will park their vehicles in front of the houses in Sector 34-D. UT Finance Secretary VK Singh said they would consider the problems of the city residents before finalising the Metro project.



Infantry Day celebrated
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
Infantry Day was celebrated at the Headquarters Western Command, Chandimandir, with fanfare and nostalgia marking the event. It was on this day in 1947 that the first Indian troops landed at Srinagar to defend the Valley from Pakistani raiders. The day has since been observed as Infantry Day.

A wreath was laid at the Veer Smriti war memorial by the GOC-in-C, Western Command, Lt Gen Sanjiv Chachra. Later at a special sainik sammelan, Brig Sanjeev Saini, Station Commander, Chandimandir, addressed the Infantry troops based here. A get-together was also held at Khetrapal Officers Institute.

On October 27, 1947, one Sikh along with four Kumaon thwarted the Pakistani-supported invasion of Kashmir. In a series of brilliantly executed actions, Pakistani raiders were dealt with a stunning blow by the Indian infantry, leading to a complete rout of the invaders.



Punjabi pop singer recounts association with Bhatti
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
Punjabi pop singer Channi Singh condoled the family of Jaspal Bhatti in Sector 19 this evening and recounted his three-decade-old friendship with the king of satire. UK-based Channi (55) said he met Jaspal Bhatti through a common friend.

"His sudden demise has came in as a shock," said Channi, who was recently conferred Order of the British Empire (OBE).

He said Jaspal Bhatti was simply the best. His idea and approach gave a new vision to humour and satire. Even his latest movie "Power cut" had the subtle and meaningful comedy.

Power cut running houseful

Late Jaspal Bhatti's last directorial movie, Power cut, is running houseful in all multiplexes in the city. "Two shows in Piccadilly, Sector 34, and one show in PVR, Centra Mall witnessed 100 per cent occupancy, said a local distributor, Raj Juneja. In Fun Republic, moviegoers in large numbers turned up for the evening show. Juneja said seeing the response, they were planning to increase the number of shows in Chandigarh.



PGI doctor contracts dengue
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
With seven cases of dengue being confirmed in the city today, the total number of residents being affected with the deadly virus has reached 234 this year. The total number of cases, including those from region, reported at city hospitals, so far, has reached 384.

The patients also include two medical experts, a resident doctor, PGI, and a retired PGI doctor. Dr Naresh Sharma, UT nodal officer for malaria control, said, “We received the medical reports of medical experts, both from the PGI. Our officials had visited their residences, but both of them could not be contacted.”

The disease has already claimed six lives in the city, so far, this year and the number of cases have been rising consistently in the past three months.



ADC inspects govt schools
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
ADC Mahavir Kaushik today conducted a surprise check at Government Middle School, Palsora Colony, and Government Middle School, Palsora village, Sector 56. It was found that the schools lacked storerooms for keeping utensils used in the preparation of mid-day meal. The schools were upgraded to middle level (till Class VIII) about two years ago, but these were found to be running at the primary level, courtesy inadequate infrastructure.

While the officials expressed satisfaction over the quality of meal, utensils kept in the open exposed the non-seriousness of the school authorities.

ADC Mahavir said though the utensils were clean, it was difficult to maintain hygiene under such conditions.

“Under the mid-day meal scheme, it is mandatory for schools to have storerooms," said Kaushik.

Rajinder Singh, headmaster, GMS, Palsora Colony, said he had sent a proposal to the DPI urging him to get additional rooms constructed in the school.

In charge of GMS, Palsora village, Harvinder Kaur said for 11 sections, the school had six rooms. We could not even start a middle school due to the space shortage. “The higher authorities are aware of our problem,” she added.

The ADC said infrastructure at government schools, especially those located in villages, needed to be upgraded. He said he would apprise the UT education secretary of the fact. Kaushik’s visit was a part of the Chandigarh Administration’s move to send its higher officials to government schools to keep a check on mid-day meal.

The ADC also visited GSSS-56. He stated that infrastructure was satisfactory in the school, but it was not properly maintained.



Panjab University Senate
List of nominated members finalised
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
The list of 36 nominated members of the Panjab University (PU) Senate has been finalised by the office of the Chancellor of PU, Vice-President Hamid Ansari. The Senate's tenure will begin from November 1.

Sources confirmed that the list had the names of university DUI Prof RK Kohli, former DUI Prof BS Brar, Dean (Research) Prof Madhu Raka, former Vice-Chancellor RP Bambah, Prof Mohammed Shakeel of the Urdu department, Prof Yograj Angiras of the Punjabi department, Prof Shelley Walia of the English department, ex-nominated member Emanual Nahar, Prof SK Sharma and retired Sanskrit professor Aruna Goel.

Other prominent members include Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Pawan Bansal, former MP from Chandigarh and BJP leader Satya Pal Jain, Congress MP from Ludhiana Manish Tiwari, Chandigarh Youth Congress president HS Lucky, Union Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal's brother VK Sibal and DAV College Managing Committee president Punam Suri.

One of the nominated members, Prof Nahar, had contested the elections in September this year, However, he could not win. Sources said, this year, the Chancellor had sought recommendation from Pawan Kumar Bansal and PU VC while selecting the nominated Senators. The PU Senate has a total of 91 members, including 36, who are nominated by the Chancellor of the university.



Govt schools in Kharar get Rs 1 crore grant
Tribune News Service

Mohali, October 27
The state government has issued an amount of Rs 1 crore for the development of basic infrastructure in government schools in Kharar. The amount would be disbursed among 17 schools in the area for the construction of toilets and arrangement of drinking water.

Jathedar Ujagar Singh Badhali, the incharge of Kharar segment of Vidhan Sabha assembly, said that all the government schools in the area would be covered under the programme.

“The state government is focused on the development of education and health sectors. And the special aid is being released for this purpose,” said Badhali. He also said that the vacant post of teachers were also being filled on a priority basis.

From the total amount, a sum of Rs 15.60 lakh would be given to Govt High School, Radiala village, while a sum of Rs 10.40 lakh each would be disbursed among Government Senior Secondary School, Kharar; Government Senior Secondary School, Jhanjori; Government Senior Secondary School, Sialaba; Government School, Pattar and Government High School, Mullanpur. Government Primary School, Chando Gobindgarh; Government High School, Manakpur Sharif; Government Primary School, Chuhar Majra and Government Middle School, Majra, would get a sum of Rs 5.20 lakh each



From schools
Rally against foeticide
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 27
Students of Government Model High School, 38-D, Chandigarh, took out a rally against female foeticide. Students of classes IX and X participated in the rally.

Eid-ul-Zuha celebrated

Eid-ul-Zuha was celebrated with great fervour at St Soldier's Mohali. A special assembly was held by the students of Class I-B. They presented a skit.

Dasehra celebrated

Dasehra was celebrated at Modern Ways Model High School, Sector 29-C, Chandigarh. Principal of the school Girish Sachdeva applauded the efforts of the students who came dressed s Lord Rama, Sita and Hanuman.

Rangoli-making contest

Students of Government Model High School, Sector 36-D, Chandigarh, participated in a rangoli-making competition. Their efforts were appreciated.

Poem recitation

Dasehra was celebrated at MDAV School, Sector 22, Chandigarh. A special assembly was held. Students participated in poem recitation.



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