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No let-up in dengue spread
19 more test positive for disease; number has reached 122 in district
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 27
With a dip in temperatures, the number of confirmed dengue patients is also increasing day by day. As many as 19 dengue patients have been confirmed here today. Of them, nine belong to Ludhiana while two each are from Sangrur and Hoshiarpur, one each from Mohali, Jalandhar, Moga, Pathankot, Patiala and Delhi.

Hospitals in Ludhiana district have received 122 dengue patients this season. Confirming this, the District Health Officer, Ludhiana, Dr Kulwinder Singh, said: "Although the number of confirmed dengue cases is low this year, compared to the number of cases last year, we are keeping a check on it. We have already pressed 16 teams into service to carry out fogging in the affected areas. There were three holidays, i.e. on October 27, 28 and 29. Keeping in view the increase in the number of dengue patients, I have cancelled these holidays for the fogging staff and asked them to continue fogging in the affected areas. "

Meanwhile, the Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana, has also intensified its fogging operations. The DHO said: "Anyone who wants to get fogging done in his or her area can contact our control room at 0161 2444193."

Four areas vulnerable

Recently, we have received four 'breeding checkers' in our department. They have been assigned areas from where maximum cases of dengue have been reported this season. This year we received maximum dengue cases from the Haibowal, Jamalpur, Sunet and Model Town areas. So the breeding checkers have been assigned these areas where they will visit to check mosquito breeding. Although it is the time when larvae have already converted into adult mosquitoes, we can always check breeding of mosquitoes. — Dr Anil Verma, District Epidemiologist, Ludhiana


No holiday for fogging staff
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 27
The virus of dengue is spreading and has affected different areas of the city. People, who have been tested positive for dengue, are adopting different ways to get cured at the earliest.

A city-based homeopath, Dr Sunil Aggarwal, said: "Dengue can be cured through homeopathy. The medicine of homeopathy starts showing effect on a confirmed dengue patient within 36 hours and by 72 hours the patient recovers completely."

Dr Aggarwal said: "The virus of dengue affects spleen and thus results in a decrease in the platelet count. Gradually, it starts damaging platelets. The homeopathy medicine controls damage to platelets and slowly the patient starts recovering."

Considering that the dengue virus weakens the immune system, some people prefer to eat fruits like kivi and take coconut water and juice of papaya leaves to improve immunity. Dr Hardeep Singh, Medical Officer, Lord Mahavir Civil Hospital, Ludhiana, said: "There is nothing in allopathy which tells that what enhances immunity instantly during fever. One should take normal diet, preferably more semi-soild food and liquids to avoid dehydration."



Lottery tickets to be available at post offices again
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 27
Tickets of the state government lottery are now on sale at the post offices in the city. The sale of lottery tickets is being resumed at the post offices in the city after a span of about a couple of years.

The draw of the current lot of lottery tickets will be held on November 19. These would be available at the post offices till a day prior to the date of draw, depending on the availability, an official said.

About 10,000 lottery tickets are available in the post offices in the district. Small post offices have been given about 200 lottery tickets for sale and sub-post offices have been given about 500 tickets, said Senior Postmaster Swaraj Kaur.

The sale of lottery tickets at post offices is being conducted according to a contract with the state government, under which the postal department will keep its share in the stale and the prizes up to Rs 5,000, she said.

Residents are happy at the resumption of the sale of lottery tickets by the postal department. "There are always doubts about the authenticity of lottery tickets available in the market. There have been instances of counterfeit lottery tickets sold in the market," says Rajiv, a resident of Rishi Nagar. One can purchase lottery tickets from the postal department without any such worries, he says.

For people like Abhishek, a resident of Dugri, the postal department being a government body, the availability of prizes up to a certain amount lends a bit of trust. "I have always been sceptical of purchasing a ticket from the roadside vendors, but it is good that the tickets would now be available at the post offices, which are run by a trusted government department," he says.



Drunk callers give health staff night shockers
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 27
Fed up with crank callers, who call up the officers of the health department at night and make strange queries, certain officers of the department say now they do not attend unknown calls at night.

Talking to The Tribune, District Health Officer Kulwinder Singh said: "Some days ago, I got a call at 10:45 pm. A drunkard called me up and said: "Health waleo aake sample bharo es restaurant da, sadeya hoya pyaz te sirka varti jaande ne salaad vich". After five minutes the same person again called me up and repeated the complaint many times. Despite my assurances about collecting the samples, he kept saying: "Jaldi aao etthe". The caller irritated me so badly that I had to switch off my phone. But, the next morning I saw there were 13 missed calls on my phone from the same caller."

Sometimes when eatables served to them are not as per their order, they again call up officers of the health department. Another officer of the department said, "Sometimes I get the calls like "daal served here is too less in quantity", "we ordered for daal makhani but we were served simple daal" and "it is all topsy-turvy here, come and collect samples."

Such callers call for not only collecting samples of food items, soft drinks, ice creams, etc, only also hard drinks. One such caller called up a health officer and said, "I asked for a costly hard drink, but I am sure there is some adulteration in it. You can collect the samples of this hard drink, it is with me now."

The DHO, Ludhiana, has appealed to the public in general not to bother them with such queries.



Residents’ safety at stake
Railings on road along Sidhwan Canal missing
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, October 27
Absence of railings, at several points, along Sidhwan Canal poses a risk to commuters’ life.

Moreover, the traffic on this route has been restricted to one side as construction work for the Sidhwan Canal Expressway project is underway.

The plight of the commuters and absence of railings, at several points, had been highlighted through the columns of the Ludhiana Tribune many a times.

“The construction work will go on for some time. However, the road can be made safer for the commuters by placing railings on the either side of the road,” said a daily commuter.

“A portion of the road has been involved in the clearance process; another portion is controlled by the ‘gujjars’ where buffaloes move around. Which portion of the road is left for the commuters?” said an angry commuter.

“The buffaloes of the ‘gujjars’ too continue to play havoc on the road. One can very well imagine the plight of the commuters. How can we save ourselves when animals are roaming freely on roads? We have no choice but to take the canal side, which does not have proper railings,” complained a commuter.

“I wonder why the PWD authorities cannot understand such practical things. The canal road is now seldom found to be traffic free. The department should have fixed the railings first and then open the route for the people,” said another man.

“Safety is one thing that the department has been ignoring ever since. May it Gurthali Bridge where heavy vehicular traffic plies despite written warning or the Old Tibba Bridge where the entry and exit points are practically without support,” he added.

SE PWD when contacted said, “We have started fixing railings from one side of the canal. Since the company, to which the work has been handed over, was facing financial crunch, the work was somewhat slow. I shall try my level best to get it done as quickly as possible.”



Camp for owners of brick-kilns held
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 27
The Department of Industries and Commerce, Punjab, in association with the Punjab Pollution Control Board, organised an awareness camp for the brick-kiln owners at Punjab Trade Centre today.

Around 60 brick-kiln owners from Ludhiana district attended the camp. Officers of the PPCB talked about the procedure for obtaining environment clearance. Enquiries about brick-kiln industry were also answered on the spot.

The brick-kiln owners, present during the camp, appreciated the efforts of the government and assured the officers that they would submit the forms immediately.

The camp was presided over by Babu Ram of PPCB and Mahesh Khanna, GM, District Industries Center, was also present on the occasion.



Designer candles hit market
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 27
The humble candle has come a long way. People today no longer illuminate their homes on Divali with simple candles but have switched to designer, decorated candles.

Apart from being superior to diyas in terms of attractiveness, these candles burn for a longer time. Candles for Divali are available on different prices.

"Gone are the days when during Divali homes would be illuminated with earthen diyas. Today people love to use fancy candles. Potter Des Raj said, "Nowadays people prefer buying designer diyas and candles. The demand for traditional and simple candles and diyas has faded away". Colourful designer candles are available from Rs 25 onwards. The perfumed and floating candles range from Rs 20 to Rs 500.

Niki Arneja, an innovative candle maker, said, "I make candles at home before Divali and start selling them two weeks before the festival." Not only this, designer candles also make an excellent Divali gift. Leeza, a shopper, said, "I was wondering what I should gift my friends but now I think these designer candles with attractive packaging would be the ideal Divali gift."

Another candle maker, Ridhi, said, "My candles are made of natural ingredients such as beeswax, soy, vegetable wax. I use only the best natural essential oils for the essence and my candles do not contain harmful chemicals." There are many type of candles available in market such as tealight candles, gel candles,sparklingcandle,flower candles.

Festive season brings cheer to candle makers

The beginning of festival season has brought cheers to candle and "diya" makers. It is the only time of the year when their products sell like hot cakes. "The heavy tax is a burden for us and it is only at this time we are able to sell all our produce. Festive season brings load of happiness for us and we manage to earn some quick bucks," said Deshraj, a candle manufacturer of the city.

Meanwhile, Mahajan, a potter of Ghumar Mandi, said over the years the demand for pottery had diminished. "It is only during Divali people come to my shop for buying diyas. Today people no longer want to buy a simple diya so I have also made some innovations and have started making diyas in different shapes and sizes," he added. While the simple diya is available for Rs 2 per piece, the designer diyas are sold at different prices.

"With so many options like generators and invertors, available with the people, not many buy candles today. It is only during festival season the demand for candles picks up. The simple white candle has lost somewhere and people today like buying candles of different shapes, colours and sizes," added Jiwan Rai, another candle manufacturer. 



One out of six obese in world, says expert

Ludhiana, October 27
A mega obesity check-up and Body Mass Index screening camp was organised here today at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital.

According to Bariatric Surgeons, Dr Ashish Ahuja and Dr PS Nain, obesity has emerged as a silent lifestyle disease over the years.

Dr Ahuja said according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) statistics, one out of six persons in the world is considered obese. One out of ten persons in the world is diabetic and one out of three suffers from high blood pressure.

Overall, 2.5 million deaths worldwide are attributed to overweight or obesity. The National Health Family Survey Data (2007) states that as many as 30.3 per cent of males and 37.5 per cent females are obese in Punjab.

The experts pointed out that more than 60 per cent of young obese patients suffer from diabetes mellitus type II along with blood pressure and heart disease, which is increasing day-by-day among younger population.

Around 100 patients were screened and a medical check-up was done by Dr Amit Berry, assistant professor of medicine at DMCH. –– TNS



Eid celebrated with fervour
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 27
Eid-ul-Zuha was celebrated with fervour in the city today. Celebrations were witnessed in various parts of the city. Devotees gathered at Jama Masjid in Field Ganj area and also at mosque at Arya College.

Hundreds of devotees also gathered at the Jama Masjid and the road outside was choc-a-bloc with people celebrating the day. The day was celebrated with fervour by Muslims and other communities together.

Shahi Imam Habib-ur-Rehman Sani Ludhianvi at Jama Masjid said this is a very pious day. On this day, Hazrat Ibrahim got ready to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismail to give the message that one should be ready to follow the will of Allah. He said Muslims sacrificed their lives during the independence struggle of India and even now they are ready to sacrifice for the country if needed.

Speaker of the Vidhan Sabha Charanjit Singh Atwal said all the people of the country celebrate Eid-ul-Zuha collectively and this festival is a symbol of mutual brotherhood and harmony between different communities. The festival gives the message of peace, unity and tolerance amongst all, he said.

He said India as a country is a bouquet of different religions and all religions should celebrate the festivals collectively and extend brotherhood together.



From schools

Students perform on Toppers’ Day at RS Model Senior Secondary School in Ludhiana on Saturday. A tribune phograph Toppers’ Day

Toppers’ day was held at RS Model Senior Secondary School on Saturday. President Satyanand Munjal presided over the function. 138 prizes were distributed among academic and non-academic toppers. A cultural event enthralled everybody present on the occasion.

Students perform on Toppers’ Day at RS Model Senior Secondary School in Ludhiana on Saturday. A tribune phograph 


BCM Arya organised a workshop on the theme of 'The Updation of Teaching Methodology in Accountancy' for Class XI and XII on Saturday. The aim of the workshop was to apprise the teachers about the new changes and give them a platform for sharing knowledge and enriching their professional skills. It was a practical session covering all the practical aspects of accounting and response was truly overwhelming. Resource person Dr DK Goyal did full justice to the workshop. Nearly 110 school teachers of Ludhiana and other parts of Punjab participated in the workshop. Principal Paramjit Kaur extended emphasised on the need of such interactive sessions and the importance of creating an interest in the subject among students through various activities.

Shabad Gayan Competition

Guru Nanak Public School hosted the 12th State Level Inter-School Shabad Gayan Competition to commemorate the birth anniversary of its founder Baba Gurmukh Singh. Teams from twenty schools of Ludhiana, Jalandhar, and Sangrur participated in the event. Principal Mona Singh congratulated the winners and said the event showcased the traditional classical singing which had taken a back seat in the modern world of jazz and pop. General Gurnam Singh Public School, Sangrur, won the first prize. GNIPS, Model Town, and GGN Public School, Rose Garden, were declared second while BCM Shastri Nagar secured the third place.

Environment conservation

Students of the nursery wing of Nankana Sahib Public School joined hands with the CBSE for forest and wildlife conservation campaign on Saturday. The students watched animation film 'Delhi Safari'. Preserving wildlife, forests and sensitising the children about environmental issues was the main motive behind showing the movie. About 400 students of primary wing watched the movie.

Principal Harmeet Kaur laid emphasis on preserving wildlife and forests. She also motivated the students to live in harmony with the nature as human race would not be able to survive without that. —TNS



Ludhiana scan

Book released

A poetry book titled "Khirde Phull" was released at Punjabi Bhawan on Saturday. The book has been written penned by Gurvinder Singh Shergill. The function was presided over by Principal Sukhwant Singh, Jawaddi Taksal. He said poetry of Shergill was connected with social issues.

Mulazam Front formed

Mulazam Front, Ludhiana, was formed by various workers' organisations on Saturday. The Democratic Employees Front took the initiative and held a meeting of all major workers' organisations in the city. The Punjab Subordinate Services Federation and Bed Teachers' Front got together and formed the front to solve their problems.

Blood donation camp held

A blood donation camp was held by Baba Budha Ji Welfare Society on Saturday. GS Randhawa, chairman of the society, said blood donation was a sacred and noble work. "Blood donated by you can save many lives and one should donate blood at least once in life," he said.

Role of society lauded

"Nishkam Kirtan Sewa Society (NKSS) is rendering unique type of social service to society, The social service aims women empowerment," said Yashvir Mahajan, Deputy Commissioner, Fatehgarh Sahib, while presiding over a function, here on Saturday. Welcoming the Deputy Commissioner, Sukhvinder Singh Bhambri , former president of the Municipal Council, Mandi Gobindgarh, highlighted the achievements of the society. On the occasion, the students from the different sewing training centres, who qualified and excelled in the examinations, were given certificates and shields by the chief guest. NKSS president Karamjit Singh Bittu thanked Mahajan for sparing time for the function. — TNS



Woman held with counterfeit currency
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 27
A woman, who allegedly circulated fake currency notes, landed in the police net after an argument with a labourer, who was doing some repair work at her house. The woman, Santosh Rani, had given fake currency notes worth Rs 1,500 to the labourer as payment against the repair work.

When the woman refused to change the currency notes, the labourer complained to the police, which nabbed the former and seized fake currency notes worth Rs 20,000 from possession.

The CIA in charge, Gurbans Bains, said the police arrested the woman and seized fake notes worth about Rs 20,000 from her possession. "She had been doing this for the past one year and used to purchase a fake Rs 1000 note for Rs 600 from a person residing on the Tajpur Road. Since, she used to organise committees (bid kitties), she conveniently passed currency notes to its members. We got suspicious that how could she get fake currency notes and nabbed her," said Bains. 



Servants drug doctor's in-laws, decamp with cash, jewellery
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 27
Two youngsters from Nepal, who worked as domestic help at Dr Waheguru Pal Singh's house here, decamped with cash and jewellery after serving food laced with sedatives to his in-laws here on Thursday. A case under sections 381, 328 and 34 of the IPC has been registered against Nepali nationals Keshav and Deepak at the Sarabha Nagar police station.

A resident of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar, Dr Waheguru Pal Singh, Medical Superintendent, BL Kapoor Memorial Hospital, here said Keshav had been working at his place for the past two years. They even know the members of the servant's family. About a month ago, Keshav asked the doctor that he had to go home and he brought another servant Deepak to the house. Dr Singh agreed to keep Deepak to look after his old in-laws.

On October 25, when he returned home from the hospital at about 8 pm, he found the lights were off and he got suspicious. He switched the lights on and found her mother-in-law lying unconscious on the floor while his father-in-law was lying on a sofa in the same situation. He immediately called up the police as also the ambulance.

"They are fine today. But, our valuables, including cash and jewellery, are missing and we have informed the police about it. All the telephone numbers given by the servant are switched off. The police is investigating the matter," said Dr Wahegurupal Singh, adding that the robbery was conducted in a professional manner as the lockers were too solid to be broken. 



10 kg poppy husk seized
Our Correspondent

Khanna, October 27
The Khanna police has claimed to have recovered 10 kg Poppy husk from the house, situated at Aloona Palla village, today. However, Bhupinder Singh, the accused, managed to escape.

ASI Santokh Singh said the police after receiving the information raided on the house of Bhupinder Singh and during the search they recovered 10 kg poppy husk from the kitchen of the house .

However, Bhupinder Singh managed to escape . According to ASI, a case was registered under the NDPS Act and the police was conducting raids to arrest the accused.



Five injured in road accident at Khamano 
Our Correspondent

Khamano, October 27
Five persons were seriously injured in a road accident near Ranwan village on Ludhiana-Chandigarh road today. The incident occurred when an Indica car and a truck collided.

The accident was so strong that the occupants were evacuated from the car with great difficulty. The injured were rushed to the Civil Hospital, Khamano, from where they were referred to the PGI, Chandigarh. They were in serious conditions, police said.

Due to the accident the traffic remained disrupted for an hour. The injured were identified as AK Batra, Sumita Batra, Radhika, Honey and Ritika, all residents of Ambala. As per ASI Gurbachan Singh, they were investigating the cause of the accident. However, the truck driver managed to escape from the accident site.

Two killed, 5 injured in mishaps

Phillaur: Two persons were killed in separate road accidents here today.

Jasmit Kaur, a bank employee of Amritsar, was killed on the spot while her five colleagues sustained serious injuries when a Leo car (PB-02BG-0924) overturned near Phillaur last evening.

The injured Rohit, Sumit, Varun, Rachna and Ankush were admitted to hospital. The conditions of all injured are now reportedly stable. The accident occurred when the driver lost his control, the police said.

In another mishap, Babu Lal, a villager, was killed when he was hit by a vehicle near Chachrari village, Goraya, last night.

The police has registered cases and sent the bodies to civil hospital for postmortem examinations.



RCF club win golf tournament
Our Correspondent

Phillaur, October 27
The 4th Col BS Kahlon Memorial Invitational Golf Tournament was held at Ranjitgarh Golf Club, Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur, today.

As many as 46 players from various golf clubs of Punjab participated in the tournament. The tournament was played on stroke-play basis.

The best team was from RCF Golf Club, Kapurthala, represented by Darshan Singh, Ashbeer Saini, Jagmohan Singh and Sukhjeet Singh with a gross score of 228. The runners-up team was SEPTA Golf Club, Chandimandir, represented by Col PJS Atwal, Col GC Sharma, Col NS Bains, Brig Pradeep Sharma. The total score of the team was 242.

In the individual category, Vishal Adya of PPA, Phillaur, with a score of 74, was the winner followed by DS Garcha of PAP Golf Club, Jalandhar, with a score of 79.

There were also special prizes for the straightest drive on the 3rd fairway which was won by Col R S Behl. His ball was 5-8’ far from the centre line. Rupinder Singh from PPA, Phillaur, won the nearest to pin category. He dropped the ball 6-3’ away from the hole. In the women’s putting, Rani Ghuman was declared the winner while Seema Kahlon was the runnersup.

Col BS Kahlon, in whose memory the tournament was held, was the general secretary of Punjab Golf Association (PGA) from its inception.

PGA president SK Sharma was the chief guest on the occasion. Yashvir Mahajan, IAS, deputy commissioner, Fatehgarh Sahib, and treasurer of the PGA presided over the prize distribution ceremony.



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