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No bidder takes part in MC auction
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 21
The hopes of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation of generating funds by selling off one of its prime properties were dashed when not even a single bidder took part in the auction held here today. This was the first of the three scheduled auctions that will take place in the coming days. Today’s auction was for a 5,917 sq yard commercial site near Tehsil office on Hambran Road.

As the financial condition of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation is not good, the MC had planned to auction three of its properties to generate revenue. But unfortunately, today’s auction had to be cancelled as no bidder participated in it.

The reserve price for this property was fixed at Rs 40,000 per sq yard. Interestingly, Assistant Town Planner (ATP) Surinder Singh Bindra was seen urging the probable bidders to take part in the auction, but to no avail.

Some of the people, who had come to participate in this auction raised questions on the reserve price fixed by the MC. “The reserve price of Rs 40,000 per sq yard is too high for this area. Had it been between Rs 20,000 and Rs 22,000 per yard, we would have certainly taken part in the auction. Or the MC could have auctioned this property in chunks because otherwise the total cost comes out to be around Rs 24 crore,” said a probable bidder.

To take part in this auction, the bidders were to pay Rs 23 lakh as earnest money and a minimum of three bidders were required to complete the quorum. Some people seemed interested to take part in the auction, but when they came to know that not even a single person had deposited earnest money, they backed out.

Meanwhile, a group of people present there also alleged that the said property belonged to them and the MC was auctioning it illegally. “The matter is in the court and the MC cannot auction it. We have even submitted an application regarding this matter to the Deputy Commissioner,” claimed Satinder Singh, a relative of Randhir Singh of Barewal Awana village, who claims to be the real owner of this land.

This claim of a group, led by Satinder Singh, certainly played spoilsport as the probable bidders stayed away from the auction.

But, the MC officials, too, produced a document which stated that the property could be auctioned. “If the MC wants to put the property to auction, then the pendency of the civil suit is not hindrance in the auction of this property. So, the MC Ludhiana can put the property to auction,” read a letter signed by GS Gill, law officer, Zone D office of the MC.

Senior Town Planner Hemant Batra said the auction had been cancelled for want of bidders. “We waited for them till 2 pm but no bidder turned up. The fresh date of auction will be announced after consultation with the MC Commissioner,” said Hemant Batra.

Two more properties to be auctioned

The second property to be auctioned is a 9,820 sq yard plot near Dairy Complex on the Hambran Road and it will be used for residential projects. Its reserve price has been fixed at Rs 10,000 per sq yard and the auction will take place on November 23. Another property where 30 SCOs of 100 sq yard each will be constructed adjoining Keys Hotel near Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar will be auctioned on November 26. The reserve price for it has been fixed as Rs 1.5 lakh per sq yard, which means each SCO will be sold for at least Rs 1.5 crore.


Curbing Absenteeism
MC offices to have bio-metric system of attendance
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 21
To keep a check on the growing problem of absenteeism in the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation offices, the civic body is all set to install bio-metric system of attendance in its offices. To start with, this system will be installed in the Zone C office.

To make sure that the MC officials reach their offices on time, Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria checked attendance at the Zone C office today and found that one employee was absent while another reported on duty late. Both these employees were issued show-cause notices by the Mayor.

Ever since Gohalwaria took over as Mayor, he has been regularly conducting surprise checks in the MC offices. It’s not that he has been conducting surprise checks only in the morning, but checks have been carried out in the evening also.

For the last several years, the proposal of installing the bio-metric system of attendance in the MC offices has failed to materialise for one reason or the other.

While speaking to The Tribune, the Mayor said the idea of installing the bio-metric system in the MC offices came to his mind after it was observed that some of the MC employees were not staying in office during office hours (9 am to 5pm).

Even though I have been conducting surprise checks in the MC offices, now, I have decided to get the bio-metric system of attendance installed in all our offices. This way, the employees will have no other option but to remain in the offices. The MC employees should understand that even if they remain away from their seats for 10 minutes, a resident, who has come to MC office for some work, will suffer. And I must make it very clear that I will not tolerate any such indiscipline in my offices. The employees will have to sit in the offices from 9 am to 5 pm, said the Mayor.

This system will be installed in the building of the Zone C office in the next about 10 days and will start functioning immediately.

Mayor 'shocked' to see grime on foundation stone

While Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria was taking a round of the Zone C office located on the Gill Road, he suddenly halted before an illegal tea stall operating outside the office building. A black marble slab was installed at the spot where the stove was kept by the vendor. As the Mayor walked towards the slab, it suddenly turned out to be the foundation stone of the Zone C office building. Gohalwaria could not read it as it was literally blackened with smoke and grime.

I tried hard to read the letters inscribed on the foundation stone but in vain. I asked Zonal Commissioner AS Sekhon to get the foundation stone cleaned and all such encroachments removed from the area. We have been clearing encroachments from different parts of the city, but if such encroachments exist right outside our own offices, then we should not be proud of this fact. I have given two-day time to the Zone C staff to get the encroachments removed and get the area cleaned, said the Mayor.



Easing city traffic
Encroachments removed from road
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 21
It was yet another "nightmarish" day for encroachers on the Pakhowal Road, which is one of the busiest roads of the city and witnesses thousands of vehicles daily. Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria today spearheaded yet another anti-encroachment drive on the road this evening.

Mayor Gohalwaria has been carrying out anti-encroachment drives in different parts of the city for the past few days. "I have promised that I will remove encroachments from one road daily and today it was the Pakhowal Road," said the Mayor while speaking to The Tribune.

The anti-encroachment drive was carried out between the Railway Crossing on the Pakhowal Road and the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation limits. Interestingly, Gohalwaria got off his official vehicle and walked the entire stretch of more than 3 km.

"I don't want that the anti-encroachment drive should be carried on paper only. That is why I chose to leave my official vehicle and walked till the municipal limits. This way, I came to know about the encroachments on roads in a better way," said Gohalwaria.

As Gohalwaria was walking on the Pakhowal Road, some MC officials accompanying him were huffing and puffing to keep up with him. "We thought that the Mayor would just visit the Pakhowal Road, but when he got off his official vehicle, I knew that we would now have to walk till the municipal limits," said an MC official, requesting anonymity.

Encroachments outside shops on this road lead to frequent traffic jams, leaving commuters fumed.

A group of the residents of the area had requested the Mayor to visit their area. "If any resident feels that the MC officials of their area are not performing their duty honestly, they can contact me anytime. And I assure them that I will visit the area and get their problems sorted out," said Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria.

During the drive, the MC Tehbazaari wing confiscated more than a dozen rehris, several ‘farhis’ and other goods, that were kept on the road.



Jodhewal Chowk diameter reduced; Kara Bara traffic intersection closed

Ludhiana, November 21
The city traffic police today reduced the diameter of the Jodhewal Chowk, one of the major traffic bottlenecks in the city. The move proved beneficial and eased traffic congestion in the area.

It is learnt that Pritpal Singh, consultant of Traffic Wing, and Rahul Verma, traffic expert, played an important role in easing traffic at the chowk.

There is a shrine located at the chowk. The police had taken prior consent of the shrine authorities before carrying out alteration at the chowk.

Vendors used to pitch makeshift tents at the chowk on every Thursday, which led to frequent traffic jams.

Meanwhile, the police has also closed the accident-prone Kara Bara traffic intersection. — TNS



Boxer gang kingpin nabbed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 21
The kingpin of the notorious Boxer gang, Rakesh Kumar, alias Boxer, and his accomplice Deepak Kumar, aka Deepu, who had been on the run since a broad daylight shootout on August 13 that led to the death of a member of a rival gang, Pinku, and injuries to his three accomplices, were nabbed by the Daba police in the Sahnewal area here today.

Jatinderit Singh, SHO of the Daba police station, confirmed the development. He said the duo was nabbed following a tip-off.

It was on August 13 that 23-year-old Pinku was shot dead by Deepu and Boxer on the Barota Road near Sai School.

Pinku had returned to the city from Uttar Pradesh. The incident took place when Pinku and his friends, who have been identified as Angrez Singh and Sukhwinder Singh, were returning from his sister's house in Shimlapuri.

When they reached near the Barota Road, around six youngsters, who were members of the Boxer gang, started pelting them with stones from the first floor of a house. They also fired three shots at them. One of the shots hit Pinku on his chin. He was rushed to the DMCH where he died.

Pinku's friends said Boxer had earlier attacked Pinku's father a year ago.

According to the police, more than five cases had been registered against both the groups in the city.



Mid-Day meal
No compromise on food quality: DC
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 21
Taking note of the sub-standard meal, being served to the students of government schools under the MID-Day Meal Scheme, Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari,during the monthly-review meeting with the representatives of various departments, asked Additional Deputy Commissioner (D) Rishipal Singh to monitor the food personally. Besides, he has asked the officials to prepare a report on daily basis and ordered that an official from the Health Department and three teachers from the Education department should monitor the prepared food daily.

The Mid-Day Meal Scheme has created many controversies in the recent times as the media reported about the sub-standard food, which was being served to students at many schools. The state government has initiated the "sanjhi-rasoi" project for the preparation of food and contractors have been hired for the job. There are about 150 schools in the district with about 35,000 students. Tiwari has asked the in charge of the scheme to constitute teams within two days for the purpose." Sub-standard food for children will never be tolerated. If there is no improvement in the quality of food, the licences of the contractor would be cancelled," he said.

Absent officials to face music

Taking serious note of the lackadaisical attitude adopted by certain officials who remained absent from the meeting, Tiwari said the officials would not withdraw their monthly salary and in case they failed to obey the orders, a strict action would be taken against them. The officials, which did not attend the meeting, included executive engineer, Rural Water Supply Division Number 1; executive engineer, Central Works Division Number 1; executive engineer, Public Health Division Number 3; block development and pancayat officer, Ludhiana II, and block development and panchayat officer, Pakhowal. The DC said that during a recent surprise check, many officials were found absent.

Revenue dept asked to make recoveries

Expressing dissatisfaction over the working of the circle revenue officials in the district, Rahul Tiwari said the department was not recovering revenue, which amounted to crores. He asked the officials to send summons to the defaulters for their callous attitude. Taking note of the "inefficiency" of a patwari at Gill village, Tiwari asked the revenue officials to get the pending "jamabandi" work done or suspend the patwari as callous attitude would not be tolerate. He said at many places (villages/blocks) there was no improvement and asked the officials to make recoveries.

‘Complete development projects in time’

The DC has asked to finish the development projects soon . He said the the projects, including Bhai Randhir Singh Memorial, Narangwal village, community health centres at Maloud and Hathur villages the Chawa-Payal bridge and Tehsil Complex at Jagraon should be completed in time. He asked the SDMs of all sub-divisions to monitor the projects personally.



Units asked to produce mixed land use certificate
Industrialists say no need of it as everything is on record
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 21
Industrial units falling under the Mixed Land Use (MLU) category have been asked by the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) to produce the certificate for the same in case they need its consent or the NOC for any purpose. Now, the owners of these units will have to spend money in the form of fee for getting the certificate.

Kishan Chand said when the corporation had approved in its master plan and earmarked the MLU areas then why is the PPCB asking them to get the certificate?

"They can themselves check the maps but still they are asking for the certificate. Getting a certificate is not an easy job as we have to submit the required documents and pay Rs 5,000 as fee. It is a waste of both time and money," he said.

Badish Jindal, president of the Federation of Punjab Small Industries Association (FOPSIA), said the PPCB was asking for the certificate certifying that the unit is under the MLU category. It is a sheer waste of time and will make the things more complex.

"When everything is on record and even the corporation has approved in its master plan then why are the PPCB authorities asking for the certification? If there is a need for the same, they can cross check it from the corporation or look at the maps. The owners of units will have to pay Rs 5,000 each as fee, which is uncalled for," he added.

"I need to get an NOC from the Pollution Control Department, but instead of issuing me one they have asked me to produce a certificate of MLU. Now, I will have to shell out money for getting a certificate and my work, for which I need an NOC, will get delayed. Getting the MLU certificate is not a one-day job. I will have get the required documents attested, submit the fee and then I will get the MLU certificate. When everything is approved by the government then demand for such certification is uncalled for," said Manohar Chand, another unit holder.



Unavailability of funds hitting small units
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 21
About 25 per cent of the small units in Ludhiana have either closed their business or are struggling for survival due the non-availability of easy credit and delay in payments by the big firms. The main reason behind the downturn in the SME sector is the absence of time-bound programme for credit dispensation, high cost of raw material, shortage of working capital and power shortage.

Most of the owners of the sick units said they did not have access to the institutional credit. "Banks insist on guarantee for loans and charge higher interests than the base rate. Therefore, SMEs end up borrowing from other informal sources at high interests," said Jagdev Singh, a small unit holder.

"Delayed payments by big companies are impacting the functioning of small enterprises. This further reduces capital, available with a unit for productive use and lead to sickness," said Kundan Makhija, an exporter.

Another reason for the bad health of the SMEs is bunching of ownership and management functions of these enterprises, which are controlled by one or few selected people.

"There is lack of versatility and professionalism as well as shortage of competency to efficiently manage businesses in the present economic scenario," said Makhija. While narrating his tale of woes, Parshotam Jain said he tried his level best to save his unit but to no avail. "The loan was mounting with each passing day while the credit was not flowing in.



Industry worried over low duty on imports from Pakistan
Says China will misuse the route to dump goods in India
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 21
While traders from India and Pakistan are rejoicing over the fact that imports from Pakistan have been allowed into India with 5 per cent import duty with effect from April 1, 2013, it had failed to bring cheer to the Ludhiana industry.

The local industry is worried that China will take advantage of low import duty on imports from Pakistan in dumping Chinese items in India through the Pakistan route.

"At presently Chinese are dumping their goods in India through the Bangladesh route and once the 5 per cent duty on imports from Pakistan is effected China will choose the Pakistan route to dump goods in India. We want the government to seriously check this practice before 5 per cent import duty is imposed on imports from Pakistan," said Badish Jindal, president of the Federation of Punjab Small Industries Association (FOPSIA).

Items will be undoubtedly dumped in India through Pakistan and it would seriously affect the domestic MSE sector. Such imports need to be curbed, he added.

Another industrialist Jeevan Rai, representing the MSME sector, said 5 per cent import duty on goods from Pakistan was a welcome step but they wanted the Pakistan route should not be misused.

"We are already facing a tough time as items manufactured by the MSME sector are also traded through South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA), giving a tough competition to the local cycle and knitwear industry. We want that the products manufactured by the MSME sector should not be allowed to be traded though SAFTA and now the 5 per cent import duty will prove double whammy for the local industry as China will misuse the Pakistan route," he said.



Verka dealers protest
Allege management forced them to promote products
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, Nov 21
The dealers of Verka Milk Plant today protested against the management for forcing them to sell their other daily products along with the milk. The dealers, protesting this move, said that plant management couldn’t force them for anything. It were the consumers to decide which products they wanted to consume, how could the dealers force anyone to buy products none other than Verka.

Jaspal Singh, one of the dealers said Verka wanted to promote its products including cheese, butter, lassi etc to gain more profits. "But we can’t force the consumers to purchase these items. Some prefer other products over Verka and the managements should understand this and must not compel us to sell their products," he said.

There are over 600 dealers (Verka) in Ludhiana, which are divided over the issue. Kewal, one of the dealers said that at the time of giving the distribution to dealers, latter had to sign an agreement that they could only sell the particular products.

"Still if others sell products of private companies, then the management will object," he said.

AS Bhagpur, chairman Verka Milk Plant, said that some of the dealers had protested as we had asked them to promote Verka products. "There is nothing wrong in it. They get only those products, which are profitable. But they have to achieve their targets too. We told them to promote our other products including lassi, butter and cheese, too. But they prefer to promote the products of private companies, which float many additional schemes. They held a protest today against our appeal," said Bhagpur.



Statins no less than ‘wonder drugs’
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 21
Statins are no less than "wonder drugs" for heart patients as they help in lowering the cholesterol level. But should be used only under medical prescription. Cardiologists recommend these drugs immediately to a heart patient, as these are a group of drugs, which are used to lower cholesterol level. But the experts warn of using statins without medical prescription as these have some side-effects too.

Dr Rajneesh Calton professor and head of cardiology department of the Christian Medical College and Hospital said, "Statins are recommended when a person witnesses heart problem. It is indeed helpful drug, which is used to prevent the heart disease. It is also advised even is a person doesn't have heart problem but has high level of cholesterol. But its usage without consulting a doctor should be avoided as these also have side-effects like muscular pain and liver disfunction.''

However, Dr GS Wander, chief cardiologist-cum-coordinator of the Hero DMC Heart Institute said, "There are eight reasons for heart diseases. But statins handle most important reason of heart problem i.e. controls increased level of cholesterol. In the UK, low doze statins are over the counter drugs. For an Indian, level of the LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) should be less than 70. So a cardiologist advises ratio of statins while keeping in mind the level of LDL."

Dr Harinder Singh Bedi, head of cardio vascular and thoracic surgery at the CMCH said, "When a person suffers from heart problem, first we try to control his cholesterol level by asking him to bring changes in his life style. But in case it doesn't show any improvement, then we recommend statins. It is a wonder drug but should be taken only under medical supervision. But a person, who is already taking statins, should also take all necessary precautions for healthy heart like exercise and diet etc."



‘Digital media more effective approach to reach farmers’
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 21
Digital Green is an effort by the USA born, 30-year-old Rikin Gandhi to approach farmers through visual media. Rikin claims that the digital media is a more effective approach for farming practices than classical approaches to agriculture extension. Rikin, Chief Extinctive Officer Digital Green, was here to address the 7th National Conference of the KVK at Punjab Agricultural University.

Digital green is an agriculture extension project but different from the existing extension system of government and other organizations. Through this technology, they make videos in which farmers discuss the ideas and experiences about different type of practices of agriculture. They show these videos in the villages to self-help groups and farmers to make them aware about aspects of farming.

Digital Green project is implemented in seven states of India that is Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh.

Rikin said they have a team to train farmers, who make the videos after getting training. "First we train a group of 20 to 25 farmers in a region who make the small videos in their own language with the latest technical input about agriculture. Then we screen these videos in villages to make the other farmers aware. We found that it is the best way and 10 times as effective, per dollar spent, in converting farmers to better farming practices than classical approaches to agriculture extension. Digital green has made around 2005 videos and screened around 136,623 times.

"Not only on agriculture based issues, but we also made the videos about the social issues," he added. This project is running with collaboration 



Leaders reach pact over park gate issue
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 21
Installation of a gate in a park in Udham Singh Nagar area has become a bone of contention between both Congress as well as Bharatiya Janta Party leaders. Leaders from both the parties wanted that some gates of the park be closed and new gates be opened. In the end, both the groups reached a compromise and the matter was "resolved".

The issue concerns a park in Udham Singh Nagar area, which falls in ward number 54 of the city. A total of three gates were installed in the park and a BJP leader is learnt to be supporting that one of the gates be closed permanently as it was located near to his supporters house.

When the Congress leaders including councillors Balkar Sandhu, Gurpreet Gogi and councillor Deepika Bhalla's husband Sunny Bhalla came to know about it, they reached the spot and objected to MC officials closing the gates permanently.

"It is sad that the MC officials had three gates closed permanently, while opened another gate by pulling down portion of the wall just to accommodate another leader's supporters. But later on, this matter was solved amicably because we don't want that there should be any law and order problem," said councillor Gurpreet Singh Gogi.

An MC official, requesting anonymity, said that this action was taken on the orders of senior MC officials.



From colleges
Student brings laurels to college

Jatinder Kaur, BEd student of Partap College of Education, Ludhiana, brought laurels to her institution by securing third position in clay modelling and second position in cultural procession during the Inter-University Youth Festival, held at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. Earlier, she had bagged the first positions in the zonal and inter-zonal youth festivals, organised by Panjab University, Chandigarh, which were held at Moga and Hoshiarpur respectively. Dr Balwant Singh, principal of the college, honoured Jatinder for her success.

AIDS awareness programme

Gulzar Group of institutes organised an AIDS awareness programme on Wednesday. The seminar was organised by Red ribbon Club, Pushpa Gujral Science City, Jalandhar. More than 2,000 students of the institutes participated in the programme. The session began with an interaction, where the students shared their views regarding HIV and AIDS. The interactive session was followed by a session in which a short film on AIDS was shown to the students. The overall response of the students was very positive and encouraging. Speaking on the initiative, Gurkirat Singh, executive director, Gulzar Group of Institutes, said :" Students are the future of the nation and awareness regarding the disease will help them not only in saving themselves from infection but also in bringing change in the attitudes of their family members and the civil society towards HIV-infected people." — TNS



From schools
Story telling contest

A Hindi story telling competition for the students of classes I and II was organised at Kundan Vidya Mandir, Civil Lines, Ludhiana, on Wednesday. They told stories like 'Bolti Gufa', 'Jaisa Sochoge Waisa Paoge', 'Jhatak Kar Aage Badh Jaayen', 'Saaras Kee Shiksha' on the occasion.

Shabad gayan

An inter-school shabad gayan competition was organised at GGN Public School on Wednesday. 10 teams of different schools participated in the competition. The first prize was bagged by Guru Nanak Public School, Sarabha Nagar. Guru Nanak International Public School won the second prize and the third prize was bagged by the students of Baba Ishar Singh Public School, BRS Nagar.

Prize-distribution function

The annual prize distribution function and cultural programme was held at Green Land Public School, Ludhiana. Colourful and mesmerising performance were given by the students. The main theme of the function was to spread awareness regarding social vices, especially corruption, food adulteration, female foeticide and drug addiction.

Awareness rally

Mandi Ahmedgarh: Students of Green Valley Senior Secondary School, Mandi Ahmedgarh, vowed to spread awareness regarding harmful effects of drug addiction during the awareness rally, organised by the management committee on Tuesday. Over 500 students offered their pledge letters to Sadhavi Sudarshan, a disciple of Acharya Maha Sharaman, on the occasion. — TNS



BJP holds protest against FDI in retail

Ludhiana/Jagraon, Nov 21
To increase pressure on the Congress-lead UPA government ahead of the forthcoming winter session of the Parliament, the local unit of the BJP held a protest march against the alleged anti-people policies of the Congress-led UPA Government near Jalandhar bye-pass, Ludhiana, and at the Ludhiana-Moga highway in Jagraon today. In Jagraon, a rally was organised near the SDM officer after holding a protest march. While addressing the party workers during the rally at Jagraon, Manoj Singh Detwal, president of BJP Kissan Morcha, Punjab, said the BJP would oppose the FDI in retail during the impending winter session of the Parliament .

"We will not allow the Central Government to pass the bill on the FDI in the retail because it will benefit multinational companies only. If passed, the bill will ruin small retailers," said Detwal. "This government is misguiding people by stating that the FDI in retail would be beneficial for farmers and create massive employment opportunities for the youth," added Detwal. BJP district general secretary Dr Rajinder Sharma said the hike in the prices of essential commodities had made the lives of the common people very difficult. — TNS



Rumours about leopard send foresters in tizzy
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 21
Rumours are being spread at Kadian village located near the Sutlej River after a leopard escaped from a bore well by hurting a forest guard while it was being rescued on November 11.

The rumors have put the forest officials in a tizzy. For past 10 days, the forest guards have been visiting from one village to another, ferrying a cage and a lamb, to encage the leopard. So far they have put up cage in Kadian village, then in Qutabewal and finally in Fathepur village.

Gurpreet Singh, forest guard, who was injured during the leopard attack 10 days ago, said three days before, a resident living near Amal Taas village claimed of seeing a red coloured wild cat.

"Without wasting time, we rushed that village and put up a cage and a bait (lamb) to entice the wild cat. We have even searched the forest area near Tiger Safari, but nothing was found. The escaping of leopard has spread panic in the area and giving rise to more rumors," said Gurpreet Singh, the forest guard.

Interestingly, in past 10 days there has been no report of leopard attacking an animal.

Nearly, 10 villages have been put on high alert since the time the leopard had escaped and hidden into a guava farm.



5 samples of milk products collected, milk cake destroyed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 21
A team of district health department today collected five samples of milk products from Verka Milk Plant. Food Safety Officer, Ludhiana Ravinder Garg said, "We collected samples of milk, paneer, ghee, milk cake and milk powder."

District Health Officer, Ludhiana, Dr Jasbeer Singh said, "We got a complaint from milk dealers of Verka who alleged that they were being forced to buy milk products of Verka along with milk. Following which we went there and saw a box of milk cake in their hand, which they alleged they bought form Verka outlet and was of expiry date. Following this we held meeting with Verka officials and also checked heir store. There we found 10 to 15 boxes of milk cake on which different dates of manufacturing were written with hand on different boxes. On asking, we were told that this milk cake was prepared on Diwali and being sold now. So, we destroyed it then and there as it was not fit to eat."

He further added that samples of milk and milk products have been sent for testing.



Health dept appeals to public to cooperate in cancer survey
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 21
District health department is going to hold census type survey on "Cancer awareness and symptoms based on early detection of cancer" from December 1 in Ludhiana district. For the survey, which will be completed within December itself, the department has roped in ANMs and nursing college students for conducting this survey in urban areas and ASHA facilitators MPHW (M&F) (Multi-Purpose Health Workers, Male and Female) and other field staff for rural areas.

District Immunisation Officer, Dr Sanjeev Hans said, "We appeal to the public in general to cooperate with our volunteers and tell them all the facts and figures accurately. This is a survey for the benefit of people. The aim of this campaign is to identify the cancer cases in general population and to know the exact prevalence of the disease in Punjab. While another aim is to create awareness among general public regarding early symptoms of cancer so that it could be detected at an early stage."

He further said that many at times, people do not cooperate with volunteers and behave rudely with them. So we appeal to public in general not to feel panicky when a volunteer asks them queries related to cancer.



Ludhiana scan
Yoga workshop

Diet Mantra Clinics organised a two-day yoga workshop on Wednesday. Simrat Kathuria, clinic director, said yoga and food had a direct impact on our personality. Various forms of yoga like power yoga, vinyas yoga, hatha yoga and pranayama and meditation helped in curing the problems like obesity, cervical and slip disc, diabetes, depression, thyroid and breathing disorder, she said.

Music competition

An inter-district music competition was held at Nehru Siddhant Kender. The participants presented classical music, religious music and patriotic songs.

Story writing competition

An inter-state story writing competition was held at Banikhet, Dalhousie, with the support of the Punjabi Sahit Akademi. More than 100 writers from various states participated in it. -TNS



3 brought to city on production warrant

Ludhiana, November 21
Three persons, who were facing charges of leaving weapons at the Ludhiana Railway Station a few days before Divali, were brought to the city by the railway police on production warrant.

They have been identified as Randhir Singh, alias Dheera, Rashpal Singh and Shamsher Singh. All of them were nabbed by railway police form Amritsar. Police officials claimed to have made some breakthrough in the case following their interrogation. It may be recalled that weapons some were found in Ludhiana, Bathinda and Amritsar on the same day. The incident ad spread panic before Divali as it was linked with a terrorist bid to spoil festive season. — TNS



1 dies in road accident

Jagraon, November 21
One person was killed and two others were critically injured during a head on collision between a tempo and a truck at the Ludhiana-Moga highway last night. The accident took place near Nanaksar, five kilometers away from Jagraon, around 12.00 am . The deceased has been identified as Surjit Sngh aka Shami, a resident of Preet Nagar, Moga. Truck driver Satnam Singh and his helper Sunil Masih, both residents of Fazilka, were seriously injured during the accident.

The accident took place when a tempo, laden with oranges, reached near Nanaksar and collided with the truck.

The police had to arrange a crane for the rescue operation but it took around two hours to pull the victims out of the vehicles. Following this, all the victims were rushed to the Civil Hospital, Jagraon, where tempo driver Surjit Singh was declared brought dead. Truck driver Satnam Singh and his helper Sunil Masih received serious injuries, though their condition is stated to be out of danger. ASI Baldev Singh said the police had registered a case of negligent driving against truck driver Satnam Singh and the investigation was on. Meanwhile, the body of the deceased was handed over to his family after conducting a post-mortem at the local Civil Hospital. — OC



Sports dept faces challenge of accommodating kabaddi players
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 21
The decision of the Punjab Government to organise the third World Kabaddi Cup has come heavily on the officials of the sports department. The state government will somehow arrange the stay of Kabaddi teams at five-star hotels next month.

However, right now the sports department is going door to door to manage the arrangements for the women Kabaddi players who have been summoned to Ludhiana for the selection camp.

Due to the absence of accommodation for players in sports complex, district sports officials have been arranging the rooms at the Punjab Agriculture University (PAU) and other government rest houses. PAU rest houses are full due to the ongoing National KVK conference where KVK delegate has come across the country. Ironically, there are around eight rooms that have been lying abandoned in the district sports complex.

Teja Singh Dhaliwal, a veteran sportsman said, "Selection and practice camps of players are a regular process. A hostel is needed in the district sports complex. Hostel is equally important for players as play ground. Every time, organisers have to beg for the rooms from colleges and hostels. Government should construct hostel for players or renovate the rooms available in sports complex.

Kartar Singh, District Sports officer, "The camp would be organised at the PAU grounds so it is better to make the arrangements for players at the PAU. Otherwise, we have to pay for the transportation. We have talked to the authorities for the accommodation and it would be managed."



Gaurav, Shikha emerge carrom champions
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 21
The curtain was drawn on the U-19 CBSE National Carrom Championship hosted and held by BCM School, Sector 32, with the declaration of the results of the finals and prize distribution on the closing of the event here today. The event was started on November 18 with 400 carrom lovers, both boys and girls, from various CBSE schools participating in it.

The finals were held under team and singles divisions toady. During the matches of boys category, Swami Harsevanand, Varanasi, UP, over Dr ALIM School Varanasi, UP, by 2:1 while Happy Model School Varanasi U.P. beat Sun Beam School, Varanasi, UP, by 2:1 in the Headline Match.

In the girls category, Happy Model School, Varanasi, UP, emerged the winner in the final match while in the Headline match, BCM School Shastri Nagar came out the winner by defeating DLW Inter-College, Varanasi, UP.

Overall Result is as under: 1. Boys-Swami Harsevanand Varanasi UP 2. Dr Alim School Varanasi U.P 3. Happy Model School Varanasi U.P

Girls-1. Happy Model School, Varanasi, UP 2. Varanasi Public School, Varanasi UP 3. BCM School, Shastri Nagar, Ludhiana 4. DLW Inter-College, Varanasi, UP.

In Individual finals, Gaurav Gupta of Dr ALIM School, Varanasi UP, emerged winner by beating Vaibhav N Singh of the same school.

In girls category, Shikha Singh of Happy Model School, Varanasi, UP, beat Manisha Singh of the same school and won singles championship. The closing ceremony of the event was presided over by Sukhvir Singh Grewal, former Olympian and Indian Hockey Team Coach. Team trophies in each category, individual prizes, and best player prizes were given away to the winners.



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