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Law makers turn law breakers
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 28
Though the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation has been actively spearheading the drive against encroachers in the city, but when it comes to the posh Rakh Bagh area, the ‘strict’ MC closes its eyes. The custodians of law are flouting norms here as government officials have raised illegal structures outside their houses.

A random survey carried out by The Tribune revealed that in some parts of the city, officials had encroached upon a large portion of roads, causing congestion and inconvenience to the common man.
PLACE: Fountain Chowk, The road has been turned into a parking lot by police officials
PLACE: Fountain Chowk, The road has been turned into a parking lot by police officials
PLACE: Near Iqbal Nursing Home, Encroachments outside the residences of police officials
PLACE: Near Iqbal Nursing Home, Encroachments outside the residences of police officials
PLACE: Opposite gate of Iqbal Nursing Home, Encroachment by police officials
PLACE: Opposite gate of Iqbal Nursing Home, Encroachment by police officials
PLACE: Near GGNIMT, Encroachment outside the house of a former SSP
PLACE: Near GGNIMT, Encroachment outside the house of a former SSP

Some of the high-profile encroachers have pitched tents, constructed rooms and even sheds for parking their vehicles on roads. And its not that they have encroached upon the roads overnight, but this practice has been going on for the past several years. It’s not that MC officials are not aware of encroachments, but they have failed to act against the violators.

After becoming the Mayor of Ludhiana, Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria has been spearheading a campaign to clear encroachments from roads. Interestingly, he even accompanies the MC anti-encroachment teams.

Most of the encroachments by officials can be spotted in the Rakh Bagh area, Ghumar Mandi, Rajguru Nagar and some other localities of the city. Ironically, MC Commissioner Rakesh Kumar Verma’s camp office is also located in the Rakh Bagh area and he, too, has failed to notice the violations.

Two former SSPs have encroached upon a large portion of road by constructing rooms made of wooden sheets for their security personnel in Rajguru Nagar as well as near the main gate of the Gujranwala Guru Nanak Institute of Management and Technology at Ghumar Mandi.

Similarly, a top cop has encroached upon a large portion of road near the State Bank of India branch at Fountain Chowk. Even the road near Iqbal Nursing Home is full of encroachments.


I will ask the MC Commissioner to look into the matter. If there are any encroachments, they must be removed. I am clear on the matter. The violators will have to remove illegal structures themselves or we will take action

— Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria


The civic body has already made red markings on these encroachments. The illegal structures should have been demolished by now. I will look into the matter and will make sure that all these structures, even outside the houses of policemen or government officials, are removed

— Rakesh Kumar Verma


Lakkar Bridge project to jump another deadline
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 28
State PWD minister Sharanjit Singh Dhillon’s claim that the Lakkar Bridge project would be complete by December 31 doesn’t seem to be holding much ground. The project is expected to get delayed due to the slow pace of work on part of the Railways. Though the up ramps and down ramps have been constructed on both sides, construction on the railway land is yet to be completed.

The contractor rues that he was not getting the drawings on time and blocks (diversion of rail traffic) on time, leading to delay.

On July 16, Sharanjit Singh Dhillon had addressed a press conference claiming that the Railways had cleared the project and it would get ready by December 31. “This bridge will be a New Year gift to city residents as it would be ready by December 31. All formalities have been completed,” Dhillon had claimed.

This press conference was addressed in the presence of S K Sharma, deputy chief engineer of the Railways, Ajay Sood, Additional Commissioner of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, VS Dhindsa, superintending engineer (SE) of the Public Works Department (PWD), HS Khosa, SE of the MC, besides other officials.

Speaking to The Tribune, the contractor rued that they were willing to complete the project on time. “But in the absence of drawings, we cannot go ahead with the project. It will take at least six months for the project to be complete,” said the contractor.

The much-hyped 933.162-metre-long Lakkar Bridge project is hanging fire since 1997. It is a clear reflection of the sad state of affairs in the state government as well as the Railways that even after 15 years a civic project that was aimed at reducing traffic congestion in the city remains incomplete. Ironically, even the cost of project has escalated from Rs 13 crore to Rs 58 crore now.

The project to build a rail overbridge (RoB) in place of the 105-year-old Lakkar Bridge was initiated in 1997. Owing to technical glitches in planning, the project remained stalled for over a decade and the work started on November 27, 2009. The Y-shaped bridge would have one portion near Raikhy Cinema Chowk while the other in front of Bhadaur House. This bridge would provide an easy access to the old city with newly developed areas.

What’s delaying the project

  • Though the up ramp and down ramp on both side of the project were completed on time, the portion to be constructed on railway tracks has been hanging fire
  • The then MC Commissioner, AK Sinha, had told the MC House that the Lakkar Bridge project would be completed by February 15, 2012
  • Perturbed at the delay in completion of the Lakkar Bridge project, the Deputy Commissioner had shot a demi-official (DO) letter to the chief engineer of the Northern Railways in March, asking him to speed up the work
  • The then Mayor, Hakam Singh Giaspura, and the then Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) chairman, Ashok Juneja, had formally inaugurated the Lakkar Bridge project on November 29, 2009, and at that time, they had claimed that it would be completed by June 2011.
  • Later, a deadline of August 2011 was fixed, which was extended to October 2011 and later to December 2011. The deadline was again extended to February 2012 and then to December 31



No longer a male bastion: Maya is first woman porter
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, November 28
Maya Devi (40) could never have thought even in wildest of her dreams that one day she will have to don the uniform of a railway porter and earn two square meals for her family. But sudden death of her husband, Ram Kumar, a licensed railway porter at the Ludhiana railway station, changed her world.

Maya, who was formally handed over a porter's badge (number 56) by station superintendent RK Sharma at the railway station, however, has no qualms over the turn of events. "Perhaps this is my destiny that I have to start afresh from where my husband Ram Kumar left.”

Even though she started working as a porter only yesterday, her initial hesitation in approaching the passengers alighting from trains to ask if they required a porter has now changed into a visible sense of confidence although many passengers and other visitors to the railway platform still see her as if she is a ‘strange’ object.

Maya was married to Ram Kumar in Redau village in Sonepat district of Haryana 13 years ago, and they were living since then in a house that Ram Kumar owned near the Jagraon bridge. The couple has a son, Guarav, who is a class VI student.

“In March 2012 misfortune struck our family. My husband fell ill and died in April. The initial shock of my husband's death shattered my world. But then I gathered myself and decided to carry on with the life, not for myself but for the sake of my son for whom my husband had nursed many dreams," she said.

Maya wants her son to study hard and achieve something. “I have no idea as to what fate holds for me, but if I can get my son educated and make him stand on his feet, I shall have the satisfaction of being a good mother and also having fulfilled the wishes of my husband," a confident looking Maya said.

Senior divisional commercial manager MM Singh said as such there was no gender bias for recruitment of women as porters, but somehow the women do not come forward to adopt this profession. “During fitness tests conducted at several major railway stations a couple of months ago for recruitment of licensed porters, quite a few women had appeared and some of them had cleared the fitness test. But none of them appeared at the time of the final recruitment," he said.

About recruitment of Maya, he said there was a provision to give the job to an eligible family member on compassionate ground after the death of a porter. "The railway officials must have done the same to recruit Maya in place of her husband."



Gurpurb celebrated with fervour
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 28
Gurpurab was celebrated with fervour in all the gurdwaras today. Devotees from different walks of life visited gurdwaras and enjoyed the “shabad keertan”. Today was the last day of “parbhat pheries”, which started 10 days ago.

In all gurdwras, including Gurdwara Shri Dukh Niwaran Sahib, Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Sarabha Nagar, Gurdwara Mai Nand Kaur, Ghumar Mandi, Gurdwara Kutiya Sahib, BRS Nagar, Gurdwara Singh Sabha- GH Block, BRS Nagar, Gurdwara Mai Bishan Kaur, Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Model Town Extension, etc Langar was served in every gurdwara. After the bhog of Shri “akhand path”, “shabad keertan” was recited by different “ragi jatthas”.

In the afternoon, langar was served to all. It Children and youngsters were seen serving the langar enthusiastically.

In the evening, people decorated their houses with decorative lights and candles. While the city gurdwaras were a sight to be hold at night. There were crackers and fire works at night. Devotees went to gurdwaras in the evening to offer special prayers and lit candles and diyas.



Inmates join in at Central jail
3 undertrials booked following scuffle in jail; incidents common, says supdt
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 28
As many as 3,000 jail inmates of the Central Jail celebrated the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev on the jail premises today. “Guru Ka Langar” was organised for the inmates and the prisoners in all three gurdwaras inside the premises.

Talking to The Tribune, the Jail Superintendent, SP Khanna, said that the day was celebrated with fervour and all the inmates gathered to have “Guru Ka Langar”. "We celebrate festivals, as they spread the message of love, brotherhood", said Khanna.

While the inmates were busy celebrating Gurpurb, a scuffle ensued among four inmates over a"trivial" matter and a case has been registered against three inmates identified as Kuldeep Singh, Jaspreet Singh and Pardeep Singh.

Giving details, Khanna said,” Jaswinder Singh, a prisoner caught under the NDPS Act had a heated argument with three other inmates (mentioned above). One of them punched Jaswinder Singh following which he was taken to a doctor. Though his condition is stable, still we got a case registered against the three as Jaswinder asked us to do so", said Khanna.

A policeman said that such incidents were common inside the jail as all were criminals. "They want to show one-upmanship over others and generally have difference of opinion. Though we try to control them, still they exchange heated argument over trivial matters. And at times, heated arguments take an ugly turn ", said the policeman.



Govt schemes of no use to farmers: Kisan Sabha chief
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, November 28
A two-day 37th state conference of the Punjab Kisan Sabha will commence at Maharaja Aggarsain Dharamsala on Thursday. Chairman of the sabha Sukhwinder Singh Sekhon said the main agenda of the conference was to impress upon the state and Union governments to accept pending demands of farmers of the border state and oppose defective policies of successive governments which had virtually ruined the agriculture and allied sectors in the past two decades.

Sekhon said none of the political parties, which reigned the state during the past decades, came to the rescue of peasants who were forced to commit suicide.

"All claims made by successive governments, including diversification, have fallen flat. Farmers have failed to avail the benefit of government schemes and have been reeling under debts," said Sekhon.

"There was a need to strengthen the existing cooperative system, besides giving a guarantee for the marketing of crops to the farming community in the post-green revolution era," he added.

President of the All-India Kisan Sabha K Vardharajan, Bijju Krishanan, national body member, president of the Punjab Kisan Sabha Gurchetan Singh Bassi and general secretary Lehmbar Singh Taggar will chair various sessions during the conference.



MC told to pay relief
Fails to provide info to resident under RTI Act
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 28
The State Information Commission has directed the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation to pay a city resident Rs 1,500 as compensation after the civic body failed to provide information under the RTI Act on time.

The appellant in the case, Ravi Sharma, lamented before the State Information Commission that he had attended a number of hearings and had thus suffered financial detriments and he be compensated for it.

"In exercise of powers conferred under the Section 19(8)(b) of the RTI Act, 2005, the Commission hereby awards a compensation to the tune of Rs 1,500 in favour of the appellant Ravi Sharma, which is payable by the respondent Public Authority (read Ludhiana Municipal Corporation), within a month’s time, under intimation to the Commission," read the order passed by the SIC on November 22.

Ravi Sharma had sought information about the details of assets and liabilities of BK Gupta, who had already retired as the Joint Commissioner from the MC.

In the earlier hearing (dated September 4), it was recorded that all information except one had been provided, regarding which the MC had stated, “The details of assets and liabilities in his (BK Gupta’s) name and the name of his family members and the sources from where the properties were acquired and from where the money was arranged, has not been provided by BK Gupta to the Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana. As such, the Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana has no record regarding this information. An as a result, this information cannot be supplied by the Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana.”

It was further recorded in the said hearing, "Regarding the information which has not been provided, respondent shall submit a duly sworn affidavit to the effect that all the relevant information as per the RTI application of Ravi Sharma available in the office records stands provided and there is no more information which could be provided according to the application of the applicant-appellant.”

On November 22, PIO AS Sekhon told the commission that he could not attend the hearing due to ill health.

"It is, however, observed that no explanation to the show-cause notice issued to AS Sekhon, the PIO, in the hearing on June 12 has been received nor has the affidavit as directed in the hearing dated September 4 been submitted by him. In the interest of justice, one last opportunity is granted to PIO Amarjit Singh Sekhon to comply with the directions of the commission, as noted herein, positively by the next date fixed," read the orders.

The next date of hearing has been fixed for January 3, 2013.



Ludhiana district has maximum dengue patients after Mohali
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 28
In Ludhiana district, 189 persons have tested positive for dengue this year, which is the second highest in the state. Mohali district has topped the chart with 230 confirmed cases this season.

Stating this, state epidemiologist Dr Gagandeep Singh said, "Last year, the state had 3,921 confirmed cases of dengue from different districts. Out of these, 1,600 were from Ludhiana district alone. But this year, the number of confirmed cases from state are 727 and 189 alone are from Ludhiana district. He said that the district health department and the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation worked together in proper coordination even after the beginning of the monsoon season and that is why less confirmed cases of dengue have been reported this year as compared to last year."

He futher said, "Hoshiarpur district received 77, Gurdaspur 25, Patiala 26, Ropar 22, Ferozepur 23, Amritsar 23, sangrur 20, Fatehgarh Sahib 15, Faridkot 14 etc."

Dr Subhash Batta, Civil Surgeon, Ludhiana, said "We adopted a proactive approach and coordinated well with the Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana."

District epidemiologist Dr Puneet Juneja said, "We focused more on areas that were mosquito infested like the Tire Market. We focused more on public places than residential areas."



pau notes
Deliberations on nutritional security dominate Day 2
Pest management raises concern of experts during conference on ‘Sustainable Agriculture for Food, Livelihood Security’
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 28
The second day of the international conference on “Sustainable Agriculture for Food and Livelihood Security" at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) saw discussions among eminent scientists on food processing and nutritional security and advances in veterinary and animal sciences for sustainable livestock development.

Earlier, deliberations on crop protection were also held. Presenting a world perspective of the contribution of plant pathology, Dr Richard E Falloon, scientist from Bio-Protection Research Centre, Lincoln University, New Zealand, said plant pathology faced considerable challenges as a contributor to food, clothing and shelter for the world’s burgeoning population.

Stating that the development of effective integrated disease management required multidisciplinary research, beyond traditional plant pathology expertise, he stressed that new solutions would increasingly rely on the judicial application of modern biotechnology.

Dr Parwinder S Grewal, scientist, department of entomology, The Ohio State University (USA) said although integrated pest management had provided an attractive framework for the development and application of sound pest management practices, yet it relied on judicious use of chemical pesticides.

He underlined the need for ecosystem management approach in which ecological interactions and processes were recognised and carefully engineered to obtain desirable services while sustaining eco-system composition, structure and function.

Dr R Paul Singh, professor, Food Engineering University of California, Davis, the USA, said optimum efficacies of many healthy nutrients in the food were realised only when those nutrients were released in a desired region of the human gastrointestinal tract.

He emphasised that there was a need in the food industry to develop predictive capabilities useful in guiding the development of structural properties of a food during manufacturing and controlled release of embedded nutrients upon digestion.

Dr Zora Singh Khungura from International Institute of Agri-Food Security, Curtin University, Perth, Australia, disclosed that the king of fruits “mango” was grown over 5.1 million hectare in 94 countries with annual production of 35.9 million tonnes and worth US$ 2150 million.

He said in mango, quantitative post-harvest losses amounted to 8.6 million tonnes worth US$ 335.2 million per year, which equated to 30 per cent loss of fresh horticultural produce. Dr Singh said controlled atmosphere storage seemed to be promising in extending storage life, controlling of post-harvest diseases and maintaining fruit quality of mango.



from schools & colleges

Morning assembly

Ludhiana: A special morning assembly was held at Vajra Army School to highlight the significance of Parkash Utsav. The assembly in-charge spoke on the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev while a few teachers explained to students the relevance of the teachings of the first Sikh Guru in today's world.

Students of Kiddies Paradise pay obeisance to Guru Nanak Dev
Students of Kiddies Paradise pay obeisance to Guru Nanak Dev. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Gurpurb celebrated

Gurpurb was celebrated at SDP School. The programme commenced with the recitation of shabads by teachers and students. Students also delivered speeches.

Guru Gobind Singh Public School

Guru Gobind Singh Public School was decorated with flowers and paintings of Shri Guru Nanak Dev were put up.

Bachpan playschool

Gurpurb was celebrated at Bachpan playschool in Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar. Sweets were distributed among students.

Decoration contest

An inter-section display board decoration competition on the theme of Gurpurb was organised at BCM, Dugri. Principal Vandna Shahi addressed students and motivated them to spread prosperity and happiness everywhere.

Cherry Lane

Cherry Lane celebrated the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev. An "Ardas" was also held. "Kara" and prasad were distributed among the students.


GRD conducted "LSSSC Shabad Gayan Competition" on Tuesday. Eighteen teams from different schools participated in the contest. GGN Public School (Rose Garden) bagged the first prize, BCM School, Chandigarh Road, got the second prize and Guru Nanak International School and Guru Nanak Public School won the third prize.


Amrit Indo Canadian Academy organised a one-day workshop for teachers on "Incidence of Epilepsy in Children". Dr Puneet Kathuria delivered a lecture through multimedia slides on symptoms of epilepsy and myths prevailing about epilepsy disorder.

Students participate in ‘Festival of Multiple Intelligences’ at Guru Nanak school in Ludhiana
Students participate in ‘Festival of Multiple Intelligences’ at Guru Nanak school in Ludhiana. Photo: Inderjeet Verma


Guru Nanak International Public School, Model Town, organised an event "Festival of Multiple Intelligences". Event manager introduced the students to project centres such as robotics centre, animation, colours of our world, aerobics, dance, brain games, performing arts centre, rock climbing and we play we learn.

Gurpurb celebrated

Ludhiana: The Ramgarhia Educational Council took out a "nagar kirtan" from Gurdwara Sukh Sagar Sahib to mark the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev. All singh sabhas, sewa societies, women satsang sabhas, Sri Sukhmani Sahib sewa societies, religious and political organisations of the city, along with the students, took part in the nagar kirtan which was led by the "Panj Pyaras" under the patronage of "Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji". After passing through several localities, the nagar kirtan concluded with the presentation of "siropaos" by Ranjodh Singh, president, Harbans Singh, general secretary and other members of the Ramgarhia Educational Council.

Quiz at college

The department of history of the SDP College for Women in collaboration with the department of Punjabi celebrated the birth anniversary of Shri Guru Nanak Dev in the seminar hall of the college. A quiz was held. Three teams comprising 12 students of BA I, II and III took part in the competition. Students of Team B secured the first position in quiz which was based on life and teachings of the first Sikh guru. Jasbir Kaur Makkar, principal of the college, presided over.

Career counselling

The career counselling and placement cell of Kamla Lohtia SD College headed by Sandeep Chanana and Deepak Dhingra in collaboration with the IMS, a management training institute, organised a career orientation for MBA aspirants. As a part of the programme, Munish Dewan, director of IMS, informed the students about the pattern and essentials of CAT and MAT. A diagnostic test of students was conducted by the IMS, Ludhiana, who also awarded cash prizes to winners. Sachin Gupta, Himanish Gaba and Sameer Gupta won the first prize (Rs 1,100), second prize (Rs 700) and third prize (Rs 500), respectively.

New name hailed

Principal of the Government College for Women Gurminder Kaur, members of the staff and students have hailed the renaming of the institution as Government College for Girls which was announced recently by Punjab Education Minister Sikander Singh Maluka. To celebrate the occasion, an entertaining cultural programme was organised by the students' council. Students recited shabad. The cultural extravaganza was replete with dances, songs, medley, mono-acting, orchestra, skit and giddha. A PowerPoint presentation on the journey of the college from 1943 to 2012 was showcased on the occasion. — TNS



Govt schools lack auditorium
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 28
It is strange but true, government schools in the district do not have an auditorium to organise a function. For organising an event, the schools send a request to private schools seeking help. "Only a few schools affiliated to the Punjab School Education Board allow holding of conferences and cultural functions on their premises," said a teacher.

"Sometimes the private schools have their own functions going on there and programmes of government schools get either delayed or cancelled as a result," he added.

"For the implementation of the CCE programme, a place for cultural activities and honing students' talent must be provided," she added. A few teachers suggested that auditoriums should come up at Government Model School, PAU, and Government Senior Secondary School, Bharat Nagar.

“Both these schools have enough space and are easily accessible from other locations in the city,” said Manjit, a government schoolteacher.

“There has been improvement in the government schools and these will also get the auditoriums. But until we have the complete infrastructure, we have to depend on private schools,” said Paramjit Kaur, DEO (Secondary).



Food with functional value beneficial
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 28
"Foods having more functional value need to be developed," said Dr Harjinder Singh from Massey University, New Zealand, during an international conference on "Sustainable Agriculture for Food and Livelihood Security" at Punjab Agricultural University.

"Because of the changes in environment, lifestyle, work habits of the people, problems like obesity and diabetes are on the rise. Therefore, the food that we take also needs to be modified to serve more functional value," he said.

"Fast food is adding to such problems. It is difficult to go back to the older ways of growing and cooking food," he said.

"Pro-biotic food is an example of functional food which is good for digestive system," he stated.

He said, "As India is one of the youngest countries having a high percentage of people in the young category, the population will start aging and the number of elderly persons will increase by a significant proportion by 2030 and beyond.”



Five snatchers arrested
Involved in 45 incidents, 36 mobile phones recovered from them
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 28
The Sarabha Nagar police has nabbed five persons, who have been involved in more than 45 snatching incidents in the city, from a vacant plot near BRS Nagar. All five accused were nabbed when they were making plans for another loot.

Giving details, Mandeep Singh, SHO, Sarabha Nagar, said that on getting a tip off, the police raided a vacant plot near Citizen Bhawan, BRS Nagar, last evening and arrested the accused, identified as Amandeep Singh, Ashu, Deepak Kumar, Paramraj Singh and Chander Suraj.

"We have recovered 36 mobile phones, two knives, one iron rod and one sickle from their custody. They used to snatch the purses and mobile phones of the residents in various areas. Two cases have been registered against two of them at different police stations while remaining three are fresh snatchers", said the SHO further adding that all of them were aged between 22 and 27 years and were either matriculate or class XII passouts. "They are involved in at least 45 snatching incidents and are drug addicts. We are interrogating them ", said the SHO.



Couple booked for duping cousin of Rs 8.5 lakh
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 28
The police has registered a case against two persons for duping their an advocate of Rs 8.5 lakh. The accused, identified as Rajinder Narang and his wife Manmeet Narang, both residents of Street Number 4, Sant Vihar, Haibowal Kalan, cheated their cousin Baldev Kumar, a resident of Jassian Road.

Not only this, the accused got a fake case registered with the police in August 2012 claiming that miscreants in the garb of policemen looted Rs 6 lakh from him.

He was carrying the cash, which Baldev had given him.

A case under Sections 420-506-120B of the IPC has been registered against both husband and wife at the Police Division Number 4.

Talking to The Tribune, complainant Baldev Kumar said he was relieved after a case was registered against the duo. He said, "The accused is my cousin. Since his financial condition was not good, he asked me to lend him some money so that he could start with some business. In August 2011, I handed over Rs 5 lakh to the accused as he wanted to start with some recharge-coupon business. I told him that we will be partners and the profit will be divided equally. He agreed to it".

Again, the accused took Rs 2 lakh and Rs 1.5 lakh respectively in March 2012 and August 2012.

"But in August, he concocted a story that while he was carrying the cash, some persons in police uniform took away the cash and left him near Mullanpur.

The police interrogated and found the complaint to be fake. Under family pressure, Rajinder (accused) gave me a cheque of Rs 6 lakh, but it bounced in the bank. “They have taken Rs 8.5 lakhs from me by the accused and his wife and not a penny has been returned. I had no other option but to approach the police, as my cousin was not willing to return my money", said Baldev. Both the accused are absconding.

Money taken on pretext of starting business

The accused, identified as Rajinder Narang and his wife Manmeet Narang, both residents of Street Number 4, Sant Vihar, Haibowal Kalan, cheated their cousin Baldev Kumar, a resident of Jassian Road. They had taken money from Baldev to start a business.



Two injured in road mishaps
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, November 28
Two persons sustained injuries in road accidents that took place in the town in the past 24 hours. The first accident took place near Chaunkiman village on the Ludhiana-Ferozepur railway track this morning when a speeding car overturned at the railway crossing.

As the car reached the railway crossing, the driver failed to notice the speed breakers.

He lost control over the car and it overturned.

Soon after the accident, the villagers reached the spot and pulled out the driver from the vehicle.

He was rushed to the Civil Hospital.

In another accident, a rickshaw-puller sustained injuries after being hit by an SUV near Tajpur Road this afternoon.

The injured has been identified as Balaur Singh, a resident of Raikot.

He was admitted to the Civil Hospital where his condition is stated to be stable.

No case was registered till the filing of this report.



Punjab shine in karate tourney
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 28
The second North India Open Karate Championship concluded here today at the Guru Nanak Stadium. Punjab karatekas outperformed other teams of North India to retain the overall first position. They bagged maximum medals. The Haryana team was adjudged second.

Technical director Ashok Chohan said “It was an event where more than 700 students participated. I am happy that the number of girls participating in the event has gone up and they are actively equipping themselves for self-defence. We are looking forward to a safe environment for children in the near future.”

The District Sports Officer (DSO), Ludhiana, was the chief guest. The teams from Utrakhand, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, Delhi, Rajasthan and J&K participated in the two-day event.



Ray of hope for hockey player
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, November 28
After Mata Sahib Kaur Sports Club of Jarkhar village, along with Surjit Hockey Society, Jalandhar, and a few hockey lovers across the length and breadth of the state provided financial assistance to Akash Mehra, certain game followers have also extended help in cash to the budding hockey player, who lost his legs as he slipped and the train ran over him near Jalandhar last month.

Akash Mehra, a trainee of the Jarkhar Hockey Academy, had gone to his native place near Jalandhar to celebrate his birthday and while alighting from the train, he met with the accident, which brought a halt to the career of the promising hockey player.

In a good will gesture, Shaheed Baba Deep Hockey Academy, California (USA), have sent Rs 2.40 lakh to Akash Mehra.

Jagroop Singh Jarkhar, a spokesperson of Mata Sahib Kaur Sports Club, said an amount of Rs 7.50 lakh has been received for Akash's family.

He said Rs 1 lakh was contributed by the captain of the national hockey team, Sardara Singh, and ace drag flicker Sandeep Singh.

Giving details of the financial assistance pouring in for Akash, Jarkhar added that hockey followers, including Jaskaran Singh and others from Hoshiarpur, had sent Rs 68,000 while the All-India Balwant Kapoor Hockey Tournament Committee gave an assistance of Rs 75,000.

Ripudaman Saharma and Manu Sharma, hockey coaches of Punjab and Sind Bank, DAV College, Jalandhar, respectively, contributed Rs 25,000 for the treatment of Akash.

Meanwhile, Paramjeet Singh Neetu, president of the Jarkhar Hockey Academy announced that Akash would be taken care of by the academy and artificial limbs would be provided to him. "We will also ensure that Akash gets proper education to lead a normal life," added Neetu.



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