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Lack of preparedness exposed
Nirman Theatre Fire: Fire-fighting equipment was in place, but there was no one to operate it
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 9
The fire in Nirman Theatre in Sector 32 on Saturday night has exposed the lack of preparedness of its staff to tackle such situations. Though the fire-fighting equipment was in place at the theatre, there was no one to operate it.

There were only three staff members, including a ticket checker, a projector operator and a security guard at in the theatre when the fire broke out. However, it is mandatory for the theatres to ensure the presence sufficient staff for operating the fire-safety equipment.

The smoke generated in the balcony made it difficult for the firefighters enter the theatre. It took them about 90 minutes to douse the flames.

The fire that started from the basement spread in the entire theatre within no time. Night show of movie "Son of Sardar" was on when the fire broke out. There were two families (6 persons) in the theatre who were rescued by the firefighters.

“We could manage the situation well since there were only six persons in the cinema hall and the evacuation process was easy. Had there been more viewers, it could have led to a stampede-like situation,” said a fire official.

Station house officers of the Sector 34 police station inspector Diwan Singh said: “We reached the theatre a few minutes after the fire broke out, but the viewers had already left.”

Sham Singh, station fire officer of the Sector 32 fire station, said the exit points of the theatre were immediately opened. A total of six fire tenders were pressed into service and the fire was controlled by midnight, he added.

An official at Nirman Theatre said the viewers asked for refund and left immediately.



Theatre to remain closed for three months
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 9
Nirman Theatre will remain closed for at least three months following Saturday night’s fire incident. Even though the fire mishap did not claim any life, it resulted in a financial loss of over Rs 10 lakh to the theatre owner.

Over 250 chairs in the balcony, film screen, air-conditioner and the entire ceiling of the theatre were damaged.

While the exact cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained, officials at the theatre said that it was caused due to short circuit. “The fire must have intensified due to the leakage inside the glass valves. There are various glass valves installed in the theatre,” said a staff member of the theatre.

Another official, who surveyed the theatre today, said that complete renovation of the theatre had been planned a few months ago. The repair will now be a part of the renovation work and the theatre will remain closed for over three months, he said.

There are about 1,000 seats in the theatre, 650 on the first level and 350 in the balcony. The front seats at the balcony were damaged.

The fire department will conduct an inspection of the theatre to determine the exact cause of the fire.

The fire department had issued over 150 notices to commercial buildings, including theatres and multiplexes, under the Fire Safety and Prevention Act, 1986, Section 6 (3) applicable in Chandigarh, till November this year.

Significantly, the fire control room has received around 500 emergency fire calls till November this year. Commercial buildings in Sector 17 have been issued the maximum number of notices, a total of 42, followed by 22 notices in Sector 32.



Lack of fire suits lands fireman in hospital
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, December 9
Lack of fire suits with the Panchkula MC has landed a fireman, Surinder, in the hospital with serious burns. He was injured when he was trying to douse the flames in a blazing petrol tanker at Barwala yesterday.

After yesterday’s incident, every minute of Surinder’s life has become miserable. He cries with pain and has a burning sensation on his chest and abdomen.

Surinder was injured when he was pouring foam over the burning tanker. Oil spilled over him and he caught fire. He is admitted to the Sector 6 General Hospital, Panchkula, with 40 per cent burn injuries.

On Saturday, a petrol tanker had caught fire on the Panchkula-Barwala road near Mankiyan village. The fire broke out at 9 am and was controlled by 2 pm.

“I was injured while controlling the fire. We were caught in the fire. Two of my colleagues rushed to the other side, but my clothes caught fire,” said Surinder.

When contacted, Ashima Brar, Panchkula Deputy Commissioner, who also holds the additional charge of the MC Commissioner, said: “You should talk to the fire officer. He has informed that it was a professional decision based on the type of fire and operational efficacy.”

Fire officer RP Dhull had given a statement to the media that they had fire suits, but they could only protect from minor fire.

Dearth of fire tenders

The Panchkula MC does not have sufficient fire tenders and fire-fighting suits. “At present, we have seven fire tenders, but we have asked for more,” said OP Sihag, executive officer of the Panchkula MC. Fire tenders had to be called from Chandigarh, Dera Bassi, Ambala and Kalka to bring the fire in oil tanker under control.



PGIMER fails to repair faulty wheelchairs, stretcher trolleys
Ritika Jha Palial
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 9
Though the shortage of wheelchairs and trolleys at the PGIMER has been creating problems to thousands of patients visiting the hospital everyday, the institution has failed to repair the trolleys dumped at its workshop.

A number of trolleys and wheelchairs with minor defects have been lying at the workshop since months. An official from the engineering department said there were many trolleys and wheelchairs dumped in the workshop which do not have wheels. There are no other defects and these can be utilised easily, he added.

A visit to the New OPD block and the general emergency wing revealed the problems faced by patients with chronic ailments who struggle to find trolleys and wheelchairs.

While an octogenarian patient has to bear the pain in his recently operated leg to sit on his son’s scooter every time he comes to the PGI for check-up and walk to the patients’ lift in the New OPD block from the parking, another neuro patient has to keep sitting on a pavement for hours in search of a wheelchair to go inside.

There are a total of 250 wheelchairs and 500 trolleys in working condition at the PGI. These have been distributed among the new OPD block, the general emergency and a few other departments.

Due to the lack of designated space allocated for trolleys and wheelchairs, a patient keeps struggling to find the same. Neither the general emergency nor the new OPD block has any space for trolleys. Also, the recently built Advanced Trauma Centre lacks the facility. There are no sheds available in the hospital where these trolleys and wheelchairs could be protected from moisture.



open house response
MC has failed to protect prime land from encroachers

The Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh has failed to protect its prime land from encroachers across the city. A large number of areas have been encroached upon by land-grabbers in parks, city roads and other areas meant for public. A majority of these encroachments are made at behest of well-connected persons.

I feel area councillors can play an active role in changing the face of this city, which is plagued with a dearth of open spaces so called encroachments by requesting the concerned resident of their respective area. Eight years ago, nobody would love to walk in Nehru park, Sector 22, Chandigarh, encroached by wastes, malba or useless exhibitions. Today it is one of the best-maintained gardens in the city and this has happened only with the efforts of the area councillor. Mayor Rajbala malik should instruct the officers to remove the encroachments.

Sachin Sharma, Chandigarh

Shopkeepers should be made aware of accidents

A meeting should be arranged between the MC officials and the shopkeepers. The shopkeepers should be made aware of the severe accidents, which can occur, due to these encroachments. They should be informed that commuters are going to suffer without any fault of theirs. If all these efforts are going waste, then these market owners should be heavily fined.

Priya, Mohali

Harsh action should be taken by MC

It is very difficult for the people to even walk on the corridors meant for the purpose. Shopkeepers display their products right on the corridors causing inconvenience to the customers. The customers are helpless. Because they have no one to complain to. It is sad and shameful that the municipal corporation (MC) has failed to remove such encroachments from the markets even through its many campaigns at irregular intervals. This shows that the MC is not giving the required punishments to the guilty shopkeepers. Its fines seem to be totally ineffective.

In such a condition, the guilty shopkeepers must be fined heavily like Rs 1,000 for each item every time that is displayed on the public place (corridors). Even the material displayed on the encroached space should be taken away by the MC and later on auctioned to the public at cheaper rates. Unless harsh action is taken, the problem of encroachments by shopkeepers in the markets will not be solved.

RK Kapoor, Chandigarh

Encroachments in markets have been customised

Encroachments in city markets have been customised by the officials responsible to remove them in collusion with the vendors doing the business on encroached public land with impunity. None of them is bothered that these encroachments cause inconvenience to the commuters. We are witness to the various fires that broke out in the rehri markets of the city where venders suffered huge losses. It has also become customary for some routine challans and wares of vendors are confiscated which are returned to these vendors after they pay the prescribed fees.

Satish Chandra Sharma, Chandigarh

Not an activity of encroachment

In the Indian system, the day-to-day requirements are met by daily workers who cannot afford the rent of pucca stalls. But to make a living, they have to pay a fixed amount to the shop owner who permits them to display their wares in the space before the shops. In such a scenario, we should not treat these petty traders’ day time business activity as an encroachment on public land like that of higher ups in police force and in view of the services made available to nearby residents.

S C Lutheran, Mani Majra

Weak laws of enforcement

The reasons for the failure on the part of MC officials in checking encroachments in the tricity is because of weak laws of enforcement, lack of effective regulatory and compliance mechanism. The poor officials of the MC enforcement wing hesitate to take any action against power full personals by the fearing the burnt their fingers in trying to scuttle. They always try to gain time on one pretext or other. I suggest that the enforcement wing must be given free hand to check encroachment without fearing the influential person.

Vidya Sagar Garg, Panchkula

MC should fine shopkeepers

Everyone knows that the tricity is a modern and beautiful. The shopkeepers should avoid encroachment in front of their shops. The MC officials should fine the shopkeepers if they break the rules. The authorities should cancel the license of the shopkeepers if they disobey to the administration.

Sumesh Kumar, Mohali

MC hand-in-glove with encroachers

The failure of the MC officials to remove or raze the encroachments in the city indicates connivance with the encroachers. The encroachments must be removed in a stipulated time. Apart from the MC officials, the police should also be given responsibility to ensure that the encroachments are not back. The encroachments are a stigma on the architectural planning of the city, which must be done away with

Gurmit Singh Saini, Canada

Act with an iron hand against defaulters

Encroachment is done not only in the government properties like public buildings, roads, parks etc but also on a number of unallotted plots and flats valued worth crores of rupees, had been encroached upon by unauthorised persons right under the nose of the authorities. Notably, the junk dealers, sitting along with railway line, near the newly converted hotels at Phase II and certain points in Phase I Industrial Area, Chandigarh, are doing their business on encroached land. Besides, slum dwellers used to encroach upon the public land.

The bureaucrats, especially, who have been allotted government accommodation, have constructed an illegal toilets in parks, Illegal sewerages and water and electricity facility have also been availed as “kundi connections” besides tents are pitched up near their residences for security people, servants, gardeners etc. These people used to have all facilities like television, fan, and coolers during summers at the cost of public exchequer. It is unfortunate that despite the orders of the Punjab and Haryana High Court against encroaching upon roads and public parks bureaucrats continue to indulge with the illegal practice.

SK Khosla, Chandigarh

UT Admn has not learned any lesson

The Municipal Corporation, Estate Office and the police officials have failed to check encroachments in various markets. They have no concern even if the markets are in flames. The UT Administration has not learned any lesson. The shopkeepers have encroached every space in rehri markets and other such parts by displaying their goods. The rehri markets are full of clothe, wool, wood, and other flammable material. There are a number of eatable shops that use domestic LPG cylinders.

ML Garg, Chandigarh

Encroachment has become a normal routine

The encroachment by the shopkeepers has become a normal routine. Burning embers of coal, red-hot tandoors, boiling oil cauldrons and cooking stoves are a common sight in the open. These causes inconvenience not only to the shoppers but also pose a serious fire hazard to them.

Exemplary punishment should be meted out to any of the official conniving with them.

Gursharan Singh Bedi, Mohali

Mushrooming of encroachments in tricity

Even after repeated action by the MC, the encroachments have not vanished. Due to a large number of displayed items and various stalls in the corridors of these markets, there is hardly any space left to pass through them. Such congested corridors are extremely risky as in case of any unfortunate incident, the visitors cannot make an emergency exit. Every time the MC officials make checks in markets, the shopkeepers run with their stuff and come back when the officials leave. The MC now has to take the issue seriously and be tough with the encroachers

Dr Shruti K Chawla, Chandigarh

MC has failed to check encroachments

The corridors and pavements in almost all markets should be freed from encroachers. Strict actions need to be taken to remove such encroachments so that it is convenient for the public to move around without chaos. Penalties should be levied on the encroachers.

Isha Dahiya, Panchkula


Le Corbusier’s city beautiful is becoming a city with a plenty of plaques meant for the self-glorification of people in power. While not much attention is paid to the upkeep of various projects, plaques are put up while inauguarting these to hog credit. Can our leaders do without self-glorification? Should these be banned? What steps should be taken to get rid of these eye sores? Write with your comments to at openhouse@tribunemail.com


Unmanned parking at ISBT-43 worries residents
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 9
Unmanned four-wheeler parking at the Inter-State Bus Terminal (ISBT-43) exposes vehicles to theft and vandalism. It is also a cause of worry for the commuters who often travel outside the city after parking their vehicles at the bus stand. Although no car theft incident has been reported recently, the commuters feel unsafe to leave their vehicles at the parking lot.

Hundreds of commuters take buses everyday from the ISBT and travel outside the city after leaving their four-wheelers at the parking lot here. In the absence of a parking operator, there is no one to ensure the safety of vehicles. The parking has been lying vacant for the past over six months.

Jatin Kapoor, who runs a travel company, said: “He often parks his car at the ISBT parking lot for a couple of days when he travels to Punjab. In the absence of a paid parking, it is quite unsafe to park the vehicle at the bus stand”.

Naveen, an IT professional working in the city who every weekend visits his hometown in Punjab, said he had no other option but to park his car at the unmanned parking at the ISBT.

“I sometimes reach back Chandigarh in the odd hours when auto-rickshaw drivers ask for very high fare to travel to Mani Majra. In that situation, having own car parked at the bus stand is the best option. However, parking vehicles at the unnamed parking is quite unsafe,” he said.

Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) general manager SP Parmar said the CTU had tried to auction the parking twice, but they didn’t receive the minimum bid for operating the parking.

“We are in the process of inviting applications again and the contract will be allotted through the auction process,” he said.

CTU officials said they had informed the police officials at the beat box, ISBT-43, about the unavailability of contractor and had requested them to ensure the safety of cars parked at the bus stand parking lot.



UT Admn plans to revise property conversion fee
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 9
After revising the conversion fee of industrial plots in the Industrial Area here, the Chandigarh Administration is now in a mood to revise the fee for the conversion of leasehold residential properties into freehold properties. From the existing fee of Rs 1,710 per sq yard, the UT was contemplating to increase it substantially.

"Last time, the fee was revised in 2003. In the past nine years, property prices have gone up manifold," said an official.

Of the total around 9,000 leasehold plots, at least 50 per cent have already got it converted. But the remaining plots are yet to be converted. Recently, the Finance Department has directed the UT estate office to work out the modalities for revising the conversion fee.

The leasehold plots were allotted between 1975 and 2005. In 2003, the rates were fixed at Rs 1,710 per sq yard. Sources reveal that the issue of the transfer of leasehold property, mostly sold on the General Power of Attorney (GPA), was being discussed after the GPA has been banned.

In 2001, the Chandigarh Administration has allowed GPA holders to get residential property changed to their own names by first paying a fixed conversion charge and also 12.5 per cent of the present market value as stamp duty.

The affected properties were either of the Estate Office or the Chandigarh Housing Board.

The scheme for allowing conversion from leasehold to freehold had come in 1996. However, the GPA holders were not being considered.



Glazing to be removed from govt buildings in Sector 17
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 9
After removing glazing and other illegal construction on the upper floors of private buildings in Sector 17, the UT Administration now wants to set its own house in order. A special drive is being planned to remove similar partitions and illegal construction done by different offices of the Punjab and Haryana governments located in government buildings in Sector 17.

“Removing glazing from the government offices will send the right signal to others,” said a senior UT official.

The Architecture Department had earlier pointed out that the defacement of buildings was also against the heritage plan. The heritage status does not allow glazing on corridors.

Recently, the UT Finance Secretary has written letters to the Punjab and Haryana Chief Secretaries seeking their cooperation in maintaining the heritage status of Sector 17.

As the UT estate office is not the allotting authority in case of government buildings, the subject fell under the purview of the Engineering Department or the Chandigarh Administration. Due to the ambiguity of the agency responsible for checking the violation, no action has been taken against the government offices so far.

During a recent meeting, the UT finance secretary had directed the UT estate office to remove the violation from some of the offices so that others could also follow.

While Punjab offices are located in 70 bays buildings, Haryana offices are located in 30 bays buildings. Over 50 offices of both states are situated on the upper floors of the SCOs in Sector 17.



Police of neighbouring states to interrogate fraudsters
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 9
With the arrest of the gang of fraudsters wanted by six states, who used to dupe the aluminium and steel dealers, the UT Police has started receiving calls from the police of neighbouring states where dealers were duped in the similar manner. Teams of the Delhi police, Jagadhri police and Ludhiana police would also be reaching Chandigarh on Monday to interrogate the arrested accused.

Anil Joshi, DSP, Economic Offence Wing (EOW), said the Delhi police had approached them with the similar complaints in which traders were duped with the same modus operandi.

“More incidents of fraud will be unearthed with the arrest of the gang members, who had duped traders to the tune of more than Rs 2 crore,” Joshi said.

The DSP said teams from the neighbouring states would be arriving in the city to interrogate the accused.

The key accused used to surf Internet and identify dealers in various states and after the dealers fell in his trap, he used to ask for consignments in trucks to be delivered in the outskirts of Chandigarh and fool the truck drivers. The accused then used to dupe truck drivers and sell the material at lower rates. While the key accused, Gurpreet Singh, was arrested on December 6, the other four were arrested yesterday.

The investigations have revealed that the key accused had opened an account at a bank in Faridabad on the basis of fake documents. The accused used to give demand drafts of fake accounts to traders.

The DSP said Gurpreet used to fool the traders claiming that he had his company at Nalagarh, which didn’t exist.

The UT Police is also scrutinising e-mail accounts and assets of all accused. The traders to whom the accused used to sell the material would also be contacted by the police. The police is also verifying their previous crime records.

Meanwhile, all accused were produced before the duty magistrate today, who sent then to two-day police remand.



P’kula admn fails to erect wall to prevent floods
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, December 9
Nearly three months have passed but the claims of the Panchkula Administration to construct a retaining wall to prevent the flash floods at Nada village have fallen flat, as the villagers themselves have made temporary arrangements. The villagers have kept sand bags to prevent the river from entering their houses in case of a flood.

It was on September 19 when some houses were washed away in Nada on September 16 due to the over-flooding of the seasonal rivulet. The administration had said that a retaining wall would be constructed. It was also said that within seven days the work would be started but till now no retaining wall was seen here today to prevent the same.

“We had gone to meet some officials. But they said the work now would start after January. Now we have no hope and to prevent the losses which happened last time, we have kept sand bags,” said Surjit Singh, a villager. He further added, “Rather we have spent our own money to prevent the damage.”

“Officials do keep on visiting the spot but have not taken any action yet. So till now we have used these measures of keeping sand bags to prevent the over flooding of the rivulet,” said Lakhwinder Singh.

When contacted the Panchkula Deputy Commissioner Ashima Brar, she said, “The estimate of retaining wall was not approved by the department of irrigation which took the decision after due inspection and has kept it pending for next flash board meeting.”

She further added, “It is the decision of the department based on requirement.” It was on September 16 when continuous rain for the past two days was the main reason for the flooding of the rivulet. And five houses were washed away due to the same.



High drama at wedding function
Tribune News Service

Mohali, December 9
A high drama was witnessed at Kumbhra village when a mother of two children reached at a wedding function and claimed that she was already married to the bridegroom. The incident occurred this afternoon at Kumbhra village where Sohan Lal, a resident of village Talani, Fatehgarh Sahib, arrived with his ‘baraat’ to marry off a girl.

All those present at the occasion were in a big shock when 30-year-old woman Narinder Kaur reached there and claimed that Sohan Lal was her husband. She also called the police there to stop the marriage.

During the police investigation, it came to light that Narinder Kaur had taken divorce from her former husband Bhupinder Singh, a resident of Chakla village, Ropar, about two months ago. During investigation she backtracked from her earlier statement and claimed that Sohan Lal had made a false promise to marry her which led to her divorce with Bhupinder Singh.

However, on being asked she could not produce any evidence of her relation with Sohan Lal.

“Narinder kaur told us that she along with her daughter was living in a room at Kharar Sohan Lal was paying rent for that room. However, she could not provide any proof in this connection,” said Bharat Bhushan, station house officer of the area.

On the other hand, Shhan Lal also denied of having any relation with Narinder Kaur.



‘Provide service books online’
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 9
Irked over the instances of service books of PU teachers, which were misplaced by the Registrar Office at the PU, the Panjab University Teachers Association (PUTA) has written to the Registrar that the misplaced service books be reconstructed accurately.

PUTA president Khalid Mohammed, said," A service book of an employee is the most important legal and administrative record."

"It has come to our notice that many of the service books are misplaced under the heaps of files at the Administrative Office or the departments, causing delay in increments and other mandatory entries on time," PUTA president said.

He said the loss of the service book was causing unnecessary harassment to the teachers. "There are cases when the increments and arrears of the teachers have got delayed due to misplaced service books," said PUTA leader.

The PUTA has demanded to keep the record of the movement of service books, which should be maintained in the respective departments and in the Administrative Office as a back up.

" Each service book should be given a specific code and details regarding its movement should be available to an employee online," Khalid said said.

The PUTA members stated that all the teachers should also be supplied an authenticated copy of service books, so that, in case of loss the service book could be reconstructed accurately.

When contacted PU Registrar AK Bhandari said few cases regarding the service books were reported after which a probe had been ordered to establish from which branch they got misplaced. "We would take certain measures to ensure that the service books are not misplaced and moreover, we are very soon going to upload the service books online," Registrar.



Air Vice Marshal inspects 48 Squadron
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 9
Air Vice Marshal Rajeev Sachdeva, the Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff and the present Commodore Commandant of 48 Squadron, inspected the squadron here today. He addressed the squadron personnel at a ‘hollow square’ ceremony and was presented with a ceremonial guard of honour.

The Air Vice Marshal appreciated their good work and called upon them to uphold the glorious traditions of the unit and continue to be the lifeline of the troops based in the inhospitable northern sector.
Earlier, on his arrival at the Chandigarh Air Force Station, he was received by Air Officer Commanding (AOC), 12 Wing, Air Cmde SC Chafekar and the Commanding Officer 48 Squadron, Gp Capt Vijay Kumar.

AVM Sachdeva, who had commanded the 48 Squadron from July 2003 to November 2005 and later served as the AOC 12 Wing from December 2009 to May 2011, is on a two-day official visit here.

Several social events were also organised to mark his visit where he gave away prizes to children, who excelled in academics and other co-curricular activities.



Two liquor vends sealed
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 9
The UT Excise Department has sealed two liquor vends for selling liquor below the minimum retail price (MRP). The liquor vends located in Sector 55 and Hallomajra would remain sealed for two days as a punishment. Besides, two more vends have been found selling liquor below the MRP.

The department has observed that contractors running vends on the border areas along Punjab were selling liquor around 20 per cent less than the MRP.

The difference between the liquor prices in Mohali and Chandigarh is around Rs 40 per bottle. Officials said as per the act, the contractors could not sell liquor below the MRP.




Baby show

Aanchal International School, Chandigarh, organised a baby show on Sunday. More than 200 children, accompanied by parents and grandparents, visited the venue to participate in the show. The children were adjudged in different categories such as the most healthy baby, best dressed baby, baby with curly hair and baby with sparkling smile. The show was held for providing a platform to children to show their talent.

Awareness rally

A cleanliness awareness rally was taken out by the kishangarh panchayat and students of Government Middle School, Kishangarh, on Sunday. All the panchayat members and nearly 100 school students besides teachers participated in the rally. The students raised various slogans regarding cleanliness. The residents were requested to throw garbage in dustbins only. A 'nukkad natak' was also presented by the students. Sarpanch Devender Lubana and headmistress Ravinder Kaur, GMS, Kishangarh, jointly flagged off the rally.

One-day excursion

A one-day excursion of students of special training centres under the Sarv Sikha Abhiyan was organised on Sunday. 173 students from all the special training centers of Govind Pura, Mauli Colony, and Madarsssa visited the place. The students visited a new age water theme and amusement park. The students had the chance of witnessing the modern equipments.

Sports championship

The Idea Junior Championship League-2012, an inter-school sports championship, conceptualised by IDEA Cellular, came to a grand closure in Chandigarh on Sunday. The championship aimed at identifying and recognising the best sporting talent from across 180 schools in Punjab. The participants took part in seven sports categories such as races, long jump, shot put, javelin throw, volley ball, hockey and judo

Blood donation campaign

HDFC Bank organised a nationwide blood donation campaign on Friday. Large numbers of volunteers lined up to donate blood at the 974 designated centres at 572 locations across the country, making this India's biggest single day donation campaign. On the other hand Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation organised a blood donation camp on Sunday. 304 devotees, including 36 women, donated blood during the camp.

Talk on poultry wisdom held

The First Friday Forum organised a talk on poultry wisdom on Sunday. Ravvi Kumarr, Director, National Poultry Development Corporation, took part in the talk. During the talk he said India had one of the world's largest and fastest growing poultry industry, ranking third in hen egg production and sixth in broiler meat production.

Fablet launched

Swipe Fablet F1 is India`s first dual SIM fablet, which was launched at a function in Sector 35, on Sunday. This is the latest addition to the line of poducts launched by Swipe Telecom. "The fablet supports dual SIM, 3G and 2G," said Naresh Sharma, MD of Paras Enterprises.

Mentorship programme

Five students of Mohali-based Taaleem College of International Studies (TCIS) have been selected for the Global ILO (Indian Labour Organisation)-YEN (Youth Employment Network) mentorship programme, which provides a platform for budding entrepreneurs to learn from e-coaches with incredible education and experience world over. Gursimran Kaur, co-founder and COO of Taaleem India said: "Taaleem College of International Studies (TCIS) continues to innovate and set up new education paradigms. It is through such global programmes and partnerships that TCIS would lead the knowledge and research led high impacting education space."

Language courses

Chandigarh University is all set to begin University Institute of Language, Literature and Culture from the next academic session, which will cater to the need of young students, who want to do research Indian as well foreign languages. A resolution in this connection has already been passed by the authorities. "The institute will provide postgraduate courses in English and Punjabi language. UILC at Chandigarh University will also provide a platform to students to explore and learn the richness of foreign languages like French and Chinese," said Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chancellor, Chandigarh University. — TNS



Strict monitoring required for quality education, says NAAC adviser
Tribune News Service

Mohali, December 9
“The findings of National Knowledge Commission (NKC) have focused on five key areas of the knowledge paradigm - access to knowledge, knowledge concepts, knowledge creation, knowledge application and development of better knowledge services," said Dr Latha Pillai, adviser, NAAC, and former Pro-VC, IGNOU, during a national seminar on the “Quality Issues in Professional and Higher Education” at Chandigarh University, Gharuan, today.

Dr Latha added that the private universities or higher educational institutes would play important role in achieving the target of improving the proportion of population in India, pursuing higher education, which according to the NKC findings was currently standing at 7 per cent only.

But she cautioned that with the increase in quantity, a strict mechanism to mentor and monitor the new institutions and universities should also be in place so that quality education could be imparted to students.

The other issues, which were discussed during the seminar included the role of faculty, importance of discovery of new resources, faculty development and improving the teaching-learning pedagogy practices.

The other prominent persons, who participated in the seminar, included Dr Gurupdesh Singh, Director, Distance Education, GNDU, Dr RS Ghuman, Head, CRRID and Dr R S Bawa, Vice-Chancellor, Chandigarh University.




150 appear for math exam

Students of Carmel Convent School, Sector 9, perform during their annual function on the school premises in Chandigarh on Sunday
Students of Carmel Convent School, Sector 9, perform during their annual function on the school premises in Chandigarh on Sunday. Tribune photo: Parvesh Chauhan

Chandigarh: Around 150 students took part in the 12th Big Aunty Maths Quest at New Public School, Sector 18, on Saturday. Students from different schools of the tricity participated in the competition, which is organised every year in the memory of Late Shanta Harbans Singh, the founder principal of the host school. The exam was based on the class X syllabus of the CBSE. Rs 5,000, Rs 3,000 and Rs 2,000 will be awarded to the top three students.

Children spend time with grandparents

Mohali: A programme highlighting the value of grandparents in the life of a child was held at Euro Kids School, Phase IV, on Saturday. Children along with their grandparents participated in various activities organised to strengthen the bond between them. Ramp walk, musical chair, couple dance, and races were a part of the programme. Sujata Sharma, director, and principal Kiran Bhandari appreciated the schoolchildren for their effort.

Annual prize distribution function

Rising Sun Public School, Mohali, organised a annual prize distribution function on Saturday. Gurprem Singh Romana, president of the Municipal Council, Kharar was the chief guest on the occasion. He gave away the prizes to the students. Principal Swaran Kaur presented the annual report of the school.

Athletics meet

Rajpura: A two-day athletics meet concluded at Mukat Public School on Saturday. Events including long jump, relay race, 100m, 200m, and 400m races, shot put, tug-of-war and cycle race were held during the meet. Over 200 students of the school participated in these events. Rajinder House was adjudged the winner and claimed the overall trophy. In the individual category, Komalpreet Kaur was named as the best athlete among girls, while among boys, Dalbir Singh was declared as the best athlete.

Sports meet

Pinjore: St Vivekanand Millennium School, HMT Township, hosted the annual sports day on Saturday. On the first day of the two-day event, students displayed their discipline, dedication and sportsmanship. In different events, Dheeraj, Karan, David, Priyanka, Era, Sunidhi, Deepayan, Chanderpal, Himanshu, Harpreet, Harsimran, Shivani, Harjot, Ujjawal, Paaras, Rudraksh, Harpreet, Anant, Tarun, Abhishek, Anshu, Shivi, Sahejpreet, Kanika, Ashana, Iasmeet, Kritika, Karanveer, Hiransh, Mridul, Kunwarjeet, Garv, and Abhijit bagged the top honors. — TNS



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