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Final notices to 100 owners
Told to submit application by today; had not met earlier deadline of Dec 3
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, December 9
With most of the marriage palaces in and around the city failing to come forward for regularisation and payment of change of land use (CLU) charges as laid down in the policy formulated by the Punjab government for this purpose, the Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (GLADA) has served final notices to owners of more than 100 marriage palaces located outside the city limits to submit their applications by December 10.

As per the guidelines of the government made in the policy, earlier, the marriage palace owners were to submit their applications for regularisation and make payment of CLU by December 3, but not even a single application was received at the GLADA office by then.

GLADA officials said applications received from the owners of marriage palaces will be scrutinised by a committee headed by the GLADA Chief Administrator to ascertain that the marriage palaces fulfilled all conditions laid down in the policy with regard to parking facilities, fire safety, front and rear set back and other provisions.

"The marriage palaces will be regularised only after making sure that all the conditions are fulfilled, and payment of CLU charges based on the covered area of the marriage palaces are made," said Baldev Singh, Additional Chief Administrator, GLADA.

For marriage palaces located on the main roads in the city, the stipulated CLU charges laid down in the policy are Rs 50 lakh per acre, whereas for those located away from the highways are Rs 40 lakh per acre.

Ever since the announcement of the policy for regularisation and fixation of CLU charges for different categories of towns and cities, based on their population, the marriage palace owners have been raising a voice against the CLU charges, which they assert are exorbitant and beyond their capacity.

In a fervent plea to the government to rationalise the CLU charges, especially for those in and around Ludhiana, Gulshan Kumar, a realtor and a marriage palace owner, said that the CLU charges ought to be slashed. Not only this, he said the charges should be levied on the covered area only or at the most on the basis of 70:30 ratio of the total area.


Overloaded trucks touching power cables — a tragedy in waiting
Jaswant Shetra

An overloaded truck passes from under the power cables at Mandiani village.
An overloaded truck passes from under the power cables at Mandiani village. A Tribune Photograph

Jagraon, December 9
Overloaded trucks arriving for unloading at different rice mills situated outside various villages in the Jagraon area have been posing a risk to the lives of the residents of Mandiani, Talwandi and other villages of the area.

Residents of these villages said that these overloaded trucks often came in contact with power cables hanging over different link roads of these villages. In the recent past, the overloaded trucks came in contact with the power cables and broke them, resident of a village said.

"Apart from posing risk to the lives, the broken power cables often result in disruption of supply of power. The overloaded trucks parked on the roads in the village also cause a lot of inconvenience to the villagers as the drains often cave in due to the heavy load," says Jasvir Singh, sarpanch of Mandiani village.

Jasvir Singh said the village panchayat had taken up the matter with the owners of the rice mills of the area but they did not pay any heed to the problem being faced by the villagers. "A year ago, we had also approached the authorities of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited, but nothing has been done," complained Jasvir Singh.

Jaspreet Singh Johal, a resident of Mandiani village, said: "Last night, there was sparking in the power cables when an overloaded truck hit the cables in our village. As a result, electric equipment like refrigerators, inverters, television sets etc were damaged. The power supply of many houses in the village remained disrupted.”

The villagers complained that the rice millers and the owners of the trucks often overloaded the trucks to earn some extra bucks and while doing so they often compromised with the safety of the truck drivers as well as that of the village residents.

Same is the situation in the nearby Talwandi village where similar kind of incidents takes place every second day. The overloaded trucks can be easily seen on the Ludhiana-Moga highway before entering the rice mills located around these villages.

The residents of the villages have demanded police action against the operators of such trucks.

Manjit Singh, Junior Engineer, PSPCL, admitted to the problem being faced by the village residents. "The power cables installed in these villages are hanging low. We have already instructed the contractor to increase the height of the cables," he said.

Surinder Kumar, DSP, Jagraon, said that so far, he had not received any complaint from the village residents. He assured that he would look into the matter and if anyone was found violating the traffic norms, strict action would be taken against him.



Maid dies under mysterious circumstances
Parents cry foul, seek police action against their daughter’s employer
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 9
Shabnam, an 18-year-old domestic help, working at the house of an industrialist at Pushp Vihar in Barewal, died under mysterious circumstances at a local hospital today.

Paramedics said victim Shabnam died as she had consumed some poisonous substance.

The matter came to light when those attending her burial demanded police action into the matter.

Victim’s mother Noorjahan while levelling allegation said that the industrialist and his wife had allegedly forced her to consume some poisonous substance.

Noorjahan said that last evening industrialist’s wife brought Shabnam to her house in a serious condition. She said on being asked the industrialist’s wife told her that Shabnam had suddenly taken ill.

Noorjahan said while Shabnam was being taken to the hospital she told her mother that her employer had allegedly given some poisonous substance to consume.

This morning, Shabnam died while being treated at the hospital.

Shabnam’s father Salem demanded that police action be taken against his daughter’s employer. Shabnam was working as domestic help for past three years due to financial crunch in the family. The victim’s parents were doing odd jobs to bring up Shabnam’s siblings.

The police is probing the matter from all angles. The love affair angle has also not been ruled out by the police.



Dhaba owners with turnover of Rs 1 cr or more watch out!
May have to pay more tax, as excise and taxation department plans to convert such eateries into restaurants
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 9
If you are running a dhaba with an annual turnover of Rs 1 crore or more, you better watch out. The excise and taxation department may soon consider all such small eating joints and dhabas which have an annual turnover of Rs 1 crore as restaurants.

Once these dhabas are converted into restaurants in the record books of the department, they will then be required to shell out 14-30 per cent as tax on the actual sales recorded. Presently, the dhabas pay a lump sum tax ranging from Rs 15,000 and Rs 1.75 lakh per annum based on their sales.

“Dhabas are no longer dhabas in the actual sense of the word today. They have air conditioned sitting place and are earning in crores. They just have a “dhaba” tag attached to them. If they are earning so much then they should pay tax on actual sales,” said A. Venu Parsad, Excise and Taxation Commissioner.

To assess the actual sales at the dhabas, the excise officials are now visiting the dhabas to check the sale record so that those earning higher income can be converted into restaurants.

The department has already short-listed nearly 15 to 20 dhabas in the city which have annual income of more than Rs 1 crore per annum.



DVOR still not operational
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 9
The fate of Doppler Very High Frequency Omni Range (DVOR) installed at the Sahnewal Airport still hangs in balance as it has not become operational yet. Although the Airport Authority of India (AAI) officials claim that it will become operational within 15 to 20 days, such assurances have been given several times earlier too.

The DVOR was installed at a cost of around Rs 4.5 crore at Sahnewal Airport, a few months back. It was installed to ensure better visibility for the pilots and for streamlining the schedule of the flights. The land was provided by the state government. However, due to the dilly-dallying attitude adopted by the AAI, the installed equipment has still not become operational.

AAI in charge at Sahnewal Airport VP Jain said that the check-flight had already submitted its report to the Director General Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Jain said that the equipment was expected to become operational in the next 20 days.

Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari had also written to the civil aviation department, Punjab, requesting it to intervene. The state government, too, had made a request to the AAI to make the DVOR functional as soon as possible. 



Mystery shrouds death of 13-year-old
Boy was kidnapped and killed in May; father claims he recently talked to him on phone
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 9
Nearly seven months after two persons were imprisoned for kidnapping, murdering and dumping the body of a 13-year-old boy, the father of the victim has claimed that he had recently spoken to his son.
Shivam was kidnapped on May 1, earlier this year, while he was playing outside his house in Shivpuri area. Few days later his father Jagdish Chand received a ransom call demanding Rs 30 lakh.

The call was traced to Sunil and Sanju, Jagdish’s close relatives, and they were nabbed from Farrukhabad in UP on May 26.

During the interrogation the accused confessed of kidnapping, murdering and dumping Shivam’s body in Sutlej River.

However, now Jagdish Chand is claiming that he has recently spoken to his son. He said that his child was alive and in confinement.

"I spoke to my son on November 11. He told me that he was being kept in inhumane conditions and was being forced to work at a house. I have even saved the number from which the call was made and informed the police about it. I was told that the call was made from Faridabad," he said.

After a few days I also received a call from Sunil, who is in jail.

"I do not know how Sunil managed to get hold of a mobile phone, but I recorded the entire conversation I had with him. He wanted to meet me and inform me about the whereabouts of my son. Accordingly, I met him in the jail and he told me that my child was alive. Without wasting any time I informed the police about it. Instead of probing the matter, the policemen took a written statement from Sunil, in which he claimed that he was innocent," said Jagdish Chand.

He urged the police to thoroughly investigate the matter in order to find his child.

Even if he has died, at least hand over his remains to me, he said.



Veggies Prove costly

Every Sunday, the residents throng the vegetable market near the Bridge BRS Nagar. Huge number of cars are seen and homemakers, along their husbands and domestic help come to buy the stocks. Today, a woman was seen yelling at a policeman. While she was inside the market to get veggies, her car was towed-away by the traffic police. But she was seen arguing,"There is no yellow light here. How do we know, we have to park the car here or not? There is no board here so where do I park my car?", she asked.

The policeman replied it was near the Sarabha Nagar Compound. She called her husband and said, "Aaj toh sabzi mehangi parh gayee. Inhone car tow-away kar li hai. Rs 1,000 toh lenge hi. Aap aaiye main sarak pe sabzi ke saath khari hun"! (Today, the veggies have cost dear. These people have towed-away the car and they will take at least Rs1,000 to release the car. You come as I am standing on the road with vegetables)

VIP phobia

Peeved over tight security arrangements for last several days around the PAU campus, where VVIPs, including the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, and Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh were the chief guests at the Golden Jubilee celebrations, residents in the localities along the Ferozepur Road were a harassed lot. A shopkeeper, having been at the receiving end from the police personnel deployed on security duty, was telling a customer. "These VIPs have been visiting Ludhiana from Delhi like one goes from the city to Sahnewal. Little do they realise that their visits cause much harassment to the ordinary people, the vehicular traffic on the roads. Normal life comes to a standstill to the extent that people are barred from coming out of their houses and at times, shopkeepers are told to shutdown the shutters for security reasons." One can't but only sympathise with the suffering fellow residents.


Although Kabaddi players are enjoying their stay in Punjab, but many of the players from different countries are feeling the constraint as they are not allowed to move around freely and shop around due to security reasons. "It is kind of nice to be here, but we can't go anywhere, and too many security personnel surround us all the time. I feel a bit claustrophobic," said a Canada player.

— Contributed by Kuldip Bhatia, Shivani Bhakoo and Gurvinder Singh



No check on lpg misuse
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, December 9
At a time when people are witnessing an acute shortage of the LPG cylinders meant for the domestic use, the misuse of the cylinders is going on in the town. The gas cylinders can often be seen being used for commercial purpose at several places.

The shortage of the cylinders is bound to become increase in the coming days. During the winter season, the consumption of LPG increases manifolds.

Following the Union Government's recent decision of limiting the supply of subsidised LPG cylinders to just six cylinders per year, the general public is being further affected.

As the price of the LPG cylinders meant for commercial use is much higher as compared to the household LPG cylinders, many shopkeepers and other commercial establishments prefer to use household LPG cylinders.

During a visit to various places in Jagraon, it was found that LPG cylinders meant for domestic use were being openly used at commercial places. These establishments include restaurants, road side eateries and sweetmeat shops.

These cylinders are also being used in a large number of vehicles, despite a ban. Besides this, the LPG cylinders are also being used for heating water using gas geysers in several houses.

According to sources, the household LPG cylinders are easily available in the black market for Rs 700 to Rs 800.

Food Supply Officer, Jagraon, Sita Ram said the department had been checking the misuse of LPG cylinders.

"We have been keeping a close vigil to stop the misuse of LPG cylinders. Several people who were found using the household LPG cylinders at commercial places have been fined," he said. 



Pre-budget meeting tomorrow
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 9
A pre-budget meeting is scheduled to be held in Delhi on Tuesday. The local industry here chalked-out their major problems and demands which need to be addressed by the Union Government in its budget in February.

Badish K Jindal, president, Federation of Association Small Industries of India (FASII) said an invitation by the Revenue Secretary, Government of India, was extended to the FASII for pre-budget discussions in Delhi on December 11. "The pre-budget meetings are the start of the process. Being the industrial capital of Punjab, Ludhiana is facing problems, which needs to be addressed by the Union Government," said Jindal.

City industrialists said the excise duty should be totally abolished for the nitwear industry. Besides, the industry wants the revival of the Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS), which was there from 2007-2012, and under which the old machinery was imported at subsidised rates by the local industry.

"We have many other demands too. The government must provide deemed credit on scrap. Minimum floor price fixation for bicycles is also needed. The industry must be attached with the NREGA scheme as industry is ready to pay 50 per cent wages to the workers under this scheme and remaining 50 per cent can be given by the government," Jindal said.



Organisers target to collect 1,000 units of blood
To organise a mega blood donation camp on February 17
Tribune News Service

Mandi Ahmedgarh, December 9
Daring opposition from some local organisations against organising blood donation camps for blood banks associated with certain multi-speciality hospitals of Ludhiana, the Social Welfare Organisation has announced to organise a mega blood donation camp at local grain market on February 17.

In order to achieve its target of collecting 1,000 units of blood for the blood bank at Sangrur Civil Hospital, Dayanand Hospital, Ludhiana, and Krishna Charitable Hospital, the organisers have launched a movement to aware youths and students of colleges about voluntary donation of the vital fluid.

Dr Rajinder Mittal, chairman of the organisation, said different teams, each led by a doctor, had been constituted to spread awareness about voluntary blood donation. Besides, motivating the youths to donate blood, the experts would highlight consequences of transfusing unsafe blood that had not been tested for pathogens of dreaded diseases.

"As there is no government or private blood bank at the local town, we have to requisite blood at the local hospitals. The blood banks issue units according to needs of the patients after charging the cost of a test," said Mittal.

Investigations revealed that some organisations had launched movement against one of the multi-specialty hospital for charging over Rs 8,000 for two units of blood supplied to a social activist of a local town.

The protestors, including the office bearers of some social and political organisations, threatened to boycott any blood donation camp where the vital fluid would be collected for the said hospital. 



Students upbeat about CBSE's new vocational framework
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 9
Students are enthusiastic about the National Vocational Educational Qualification Framework (NVEQF), which is to be launched by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), for Classes IX and X.

The NVEQF will include courses in information technology (IT), retail management, automobile, security and front desk management.

"It is a good move by the CBSE to launch such programmes for Classes IX and X. Children can concentrate on their interest and can get a direction for their career," said Mona Singh, principal, Guru Nanak Public School. "A lot of students have started going for diploma courses after Class X," she said.

"We are already offering an option to choose commerce, IT, music, arts and a language in Class IX and students are showing interest in it," she said.

"It is good that the courses are going to be introduced from Class IX. I feel some vocational courses should be available so that one can get a basic knowledge about a field right after the school," said Guneet Singh, a Class VIII student.

"Attaining a focus is important. It is good that some vocational courses are introduced so that a child not only picks up a market-oriented skill, but gets to understand more about the career they want to follow," said Deepak Gupta, a parent.



Walk improves concentration: Survey
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 9
A recent survey conducted by two Danish universities has found that ability of children to concentrate more is among those children, who prefer walking and cycling.

Walking and cycling refreshes the mind and improves the concentration-level of children.

"Children, who walk to school, have higher concentration-levels and are better learners," said a city-based psychologist Dr Ravinder Kala.

Walking and cycling reduces stress and energises body and mind, she said. "While walking, children tend to be more playful, cautious and observant and their ability to observe and absorb increases," she said.



Prices steady as new crops arrive in the market
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 9
With the arrival of new crops in the market, the prices of vegetables have been stabilised. The residents have got a variety of vegetables and fruits at reasonable rates in the winter season.

The vendors and dealers believe that prices of the vegetables would not see any increase in next one-to-two months because of its supply in bulks.

"Thousand of residents purchase vegetable stock in bulk from the market every Sunday," said Gursewak Singh, a vegetable vendor. The new crops for onion, peas, cauliflower and potato has arrived and in winters, the shelf-life of veggies would increase, he said.

While Manpreet Kaur, a homemaker said, "Vegetables are available in a wide variety in winters. We prefer to buy and stock veggies in winter season," she said.



Students attend seminar on police-public cooperation
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, December 9
Local police today organised a seminar on police-public cooperation at Suvidha centre. The aim of the seminar, which was conducted during the visitors' week, was to increase the cooperation between the police and the public.

Students from various schools took part in the seminar, which was inaugurated by Jagraon Municipal Council president Baldev Krishan Dhir. A workshop regarding the traffic rules was also organised during which the traffic police officials informed the students to abide by the traffic norms.

While addressing the students, Jagraon Sadar police station SHO Rachpal Singh stressed upon the need of increasing police-public cooperation. "With the passage of time there has been a considerable change in the functioning of officials. To make policing more effective, we need to increase cooperation between the police and public," said Rachpal Singh.

Jagraon city police station SHO Mohammad Jamil said, "The good cooperation between the police and the public would help in reducing the criminal activities. It would also help the police in solving various cases," said Mohammad Jamil. 



35 complaints disposed of during visitors' week
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 9
The visitors' week at Suvidha centre (central) concluded today with a camp on pending complaints. Out of the 65 complaints received, 35 were disposed of on the spot.
The camp was held under the directions of Police Commissioner Ishwar Singh and ACP Ramneesh Choudhary, and under the supervision of ADCP-1 Nilambari Vijay Jagdale.

SHO division no 2 Inspector Gurpreet Singh, SHO division no 3 Brij Mohan, SHO division no 6 SI Randhir Singh and SHO Daresi Sl Sanjeev Kapoor were present with their staff at the camp.

For the immediate disposal of complaints, four panels were formed in the supervision of the four SHOs. For the help of the police officers, panel members of Suvidha centre (Central) Yogesh Arora, Rajinder Dharwal , Shiv Ram Saroe, Gurmeet Ram, Manjeet Singh Toni were present on the occasion.

For the complaints related to marital disputes and domestic violence, counselling was done by the panel members.

Meanwhile, during the preceding week, various programmes were organised to mark the visitors' week. Students of various schools visited the Suvidha centre (Central) and were asked to paint posters to create awareness about child abuse and child labour. The drawings sheets, colours and other material were provided by the centre. 



Two youths die in accident
Our Correspondent

Khanna, December 9
Two motorcycle-borne youths were mowed down by a truck on the Rahon road near Machiwara last night.

The deceased were identified as Raj Kumar (33), a resident of Lasara village near Jalandhar, and Vijan Mandal (30) from Bihar.

The deceased were working as masons in the area. They were returning to Lasara after visiting Raj Kumar’s in-laws at Indra Colony, Machiwara.

When they reached near Kalra Palace on the Rahon road, a truck coming from the opposite side hit their motorcycle and mowed them down.

Raj Kumar died on the spot, while Vijan Mandal succumbed to his injuries at the civil hospital in Machiwara.

The bodies of the youths were handed over to their relatives after an autopsy.

The Machiwara police has registered a case against the truck driver who managed to flee from the spot.



9 BSP leaders booked
Our Correspondent

Khamano, December 9
The Khamano police today booked nine BSP leaders and some unidentified persons in connection with yesterday's road blockade at Sanghol for disrupting the traffic.
The BSP leaders, who were booked included, Harbhajan Singh Bajheri, Amarnath Singh Luhari general secretary state unit BSP, Bheem Singh Manki, Rajinder Singh Raja Khamano, Mahinder Singh Jatana Neewan, Harbhajan Singh Dulwan, Didar Singh Ramgarh, Bhaldev Singh Barwali and some others unidentified persons.

The above said leaders, with some other residents, had blocked traffic on the Ludhiana-Chandigarh road at Sanghol village against the bad condition of Sanghol-Khanna road, demanding immediate repair of the road.

The road connects Khamano tehsil with district headquarters Fatehgarh Sahib and leads to Khanna. The leaders alleged that the department concerned and the administration failed to repair it despite repeated requests by the residents of the area. Shaheedi Jor Mel Fatehgarh Sahib and Chamkaur Sahib is very near and lakh of devotees pay their obeisance to the Sahibzada's of Guru Gobind Singh, the leaders said.

Sanghol Chowki incharge Baljinder Singh confirmed the case registration under Section 283 of the IPC against the abovesaid persons. However, the BSP leaders flayed registration of the cases against them and warned of struggle if the cases were not withdrawn.

SSP Fatehgarh Sahib Hardial Singh Mann when contacted said they had registered cases in connection with yesterday's traffic blockade as per the law.



NGO spreads awareness on child rights
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 9
As Human Rights Day is being celebrated tomorrow, organisations like Jago have been working to spread awareness about the rights and working for the betterment of the people over the years. Jago runs a slum school where parents would not send their children to school otherwise, due to various constraints. "We run the school in the slum area itself so that the children can study there. Slowly, we motivate both children and parents to shift to a regular school," said Neelam Kapoor from the Jago.

Jago has started working with the government schools for spreading awareness among the children about traffic rules, health and hygiene their rights and duties as a citizen of India. They also organised a SPICMACAY programme at a government school recently. "We want to take this forward and spread awareness among the children," she said. Jago recently started with a campaign for free blood group and haemoglobin test for students in the government schools.



ludhiana scan
Mahila Samman Diwas

The Punjab Youth Congress (PYC) celebrated the birthday of Sonia Gandhi as Mahila Samman Diwas. The Ludhiana Youth Congress, along with Mahila Congress led by its president Leena Taparia, organised a programme at Holy Path School. The programme was presided over by the president of the PYC Vikramjit Singh Chaudhary. Speaking on the occasion, he said Sonia Gandhi has worked for women and youth empowerment. He reiterated that the PYC would continue its fight against all social evils, particularly female foeticide, dowry and honour killing.

Masons’ union convention

A convention of Building Mistri Mazdoor Union was organized at Karnail Singh Nagar. In the meeting, it was discussed that pension, gratuity, provident funds, accommodation, clean drinking water, medical services and good food according to social security laws should be made available to everyone. OP Mehta, general secretary of the organisation, inaugurated the convention.

Literature meet

Monthly meeting of Vishav Punjabi Sahit Vichar Manch was organised at Punjabi Bhawan. Preetam Pandher, Jawant Singh Aman, Janmeja Johl, Gurcharan Kaur Kochar were present on the occasion. The littérateurs present on the occasion talked about their works.

Awareness drive

Voice of Youth Foundation organised an awareness drive on various health schemes being run by the government in the slums on Jassian Road, Haibowal. This drive was carried out with the collaboration of Dr DN Kotnis Health and Education Centre. — TNS



Ajlali panch found murdered
Tribune News Service

Mandi Gobindgarh, December 9
A panchayat member of Ajlali village was found murdered at his house here this morning. He was allegedly attacked with sharp-edged weapons.
The victim has been identified as Tilak Raj Mehta. The incident came to light when Tilak Raj’s driver Surinder Singh reached the house in morning. On seeing the victim lying in a pool of blood, he immediately informed the victim’s brother Ajay Kumar, who called the police.

Surinder informed the police that he had left for his house at 7pm the previous day. Ajay, meanwhile, claimed that his brother did not have personal enmity with anyone.

The police has pressed into service sniffer dogs and forensic experts.



Dumped by paramour, man commits suicide
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 9
A 26-year-old man, who set himself on fire yesterday after his paramour snapped all ties with him, succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital here today.
The man has been identified as Mohit, a resident of Jamalpur. He had immolated himself following a heated argument with the woman.

The police has registered a case against the woman for abetment to suicide on the complaint of the deceased’s father Rakesh Kumar. Mohit had an affair with the woman, a mother of three, who was his neighbour.

Recently, the woman reportedly developed relationship with some other man. When Mohit raised an objection, the woman snapped all ties with him.

Yesterday, Mohit went to her workplace in Jamalpur area. They entered into a heated argument, following with Mohit set himself on fire outside her office.



Ajay Pal to represent PU in air rifle shooting competition
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, December 9
Ajay Pal Singh Gill has been selected to represent Panjab University, Chandigarh, in the air rifle shooting competition at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, next month.
In the recently held inter-college competition at Panjab University, Ajay Pal won the gold medal, securing 573 points out of 600. Now he will be representing his varsity at the inter-university competition.

Ajay Pal is a BA Part I student of Guru Nanak National College. College principal Dr Narinder Singh Sidhu said that Ajay Pal is a promising student and will achieve greater heights if he continues like this. “His perseverance has paid him a lot,” he said.

Ajay Pal’s proud father Jagjiwan Pal Singh Gill said, “Ajay practises with single-minded devotion and never for once did he miss his shooting classes. Now with a tougher target to achieve, he is all the more engrossed.”




Pugilists of Shere Punjab academy bag 7 medals
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, December 9
The pugilists of Shere Punjab Sports Academy, Chakar, once again proved their mettle by bagging several medals at Punjab School Boxing Championship that concluded in Patiala recently.

The pugilists of the academy won seven medals, including three gold medals. While Harjit Singh and Kamalpreet Singh bagged gold medals in the boys’ category, Mandeep Kaur proved too good for her competitors in the girls’ category.

In the girls’ category, Harmandeep Kaur won a silver medal, while Sumandeep Kaur, Manpreet Kaur and Harpreet Kaur clinched bronze medals, taking the medal tally to seven.

"This is a proud moment for this small village and the academy that is being run without any government assistance," said Dr Balwant Singh Sandhu, chief administrator of Shere Punjab Sports Academy.

All the pugilists received an arousing welcome upon returning to the village. Later, a brief function was also organised at the academy during which the winners were felicitated. 



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