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Work on widening of road begins
Jagraon Bridge lifeline of the city, connects old areas with the new
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

A heavy flow of traffic on Jagraon Bridge in Ludhiana on Sunday.
A heavy flow of traffic on Jagraon Bridge in Ludhiana on Sunday.

Ludhiana, January 20
To bring respite to residents from traffic woes, the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation has begun widening of Jagraon Bridge near the traffic signal. The bridge connects the old city areas with the “new” city and thousands of vehicles pass through it everyday.

To start with, the road coming towards the traffic signal, located on top of the bridge, from Vishwakarma Chowk side will be widened by at least 4 to 5 feet, which will help the motorists taking a left turn towards Bharat Nagar Chowk.

Similarly, the MC even plans to widen the iron structure by at least 12 feet so that it can create an extra lane for people going towards the traffic signal from Bharat Nagar Chowk side. For the purpose, the MC will have to get the work done from the railway department and the funds will be provided by the civic body.

Both the proposals were mooted when Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria visited the Jagraon Bridge last month. The Lakkar Bridge, will connect the “new” city from the Civil Lines side with the old city areas. There is heavy vehicular movement on the Jagraon Bridge, which leads to traffic congestion.

Industrialists who own factories in Industrial Area and the areas nearby use the bridge to reach their destinations. That is why, on weekdays, the road coming from the Bharat Nagar Chowk side has heavy traffic. The problem is the same on road coming from the Vishwakarma Chowk side.

As the traffic reaches the traffic signal, it gets choked and that is why, long queues of vehicles on the bridge are a common sight.

Moreover, the bridge is also used by residents from the “new” city to go to the railway station, civil hospital and Christian Medical College and Hospital.

The work on widening a portion of the road coming from the Vishwakarma Chowk side has been started, but the MC is yet to send a formal proposal to the railways department.

Gohalwaria said that the road near the traffic signal would be widened in a few days. “Once it is complete, it will be easy to commute from the Vishwakarma Chowk side to Bharat Nagar Chowk. I plan to complete all paper work of widening of iron structure before the completion of Lakkar Bridge project,” he claimed.


Ludhiana-Ferozepur highway
Two accidents in 24 hours
Cyclist killed; 3 escape with minor injuries
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, January 20
A middle-aged man was killed, while three others escaped with minor injuries during two separate road accidents in Jagraon in the past 24 hours. The first accident took place near Pehlwan Da Dhaba on the Ludhiana-Ferozepur highway late night, while the second accident took place at around 4 pm today.

In the first accident, a Chevrolet Cruze car (PB 18 S 2323) collided head on with a truck (PB 29 C 2531) coming from the opposite direction at 11.40 pm. As per information, the car was coming from Ludhiana and going to Jagraon. When it reached near Pehlwan Da Dhaba, it collided head on with a truck loaded with rice.

The sources said that car driver Inderjit Singh (30) and his two aides, all residents of Jagraon, escaped with minor injuries as the airbags of the car opened after the collision, which saved them from injuries.

In the second accident, a cyclist was crushed to death by a truck this afternoon near Lopon Ashram situated on the Ludhiana-Ferozepur highway. The victim was immediately rushed to Civil Hospital, Jagraon, where he was declared brought dead by doctors.

The police has taken the body into custody and kept it at a mortuary for identification. The police has also impounded the truck involved in the accident, though the truck driver fled the spot.

ASI Baldev Singh, investigating officer said, a case of negligence driving has been registered against an unidentified truck driver, who fled from the scene after the accident and further investigation is on. "The identity of the deceased has not been confirmed yet and the police is trying to identify the body," he stated.

ASI Baldev Singh said a case had been registered against the truck driver on the statement of the car driver in the first case. The accused truck driver Mahinder Singh has been arrested.



Cloth used to strangle girl recovered
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, January 20
Having arrested all the accused booked in the Hussainpura honour killing case, the Sandaur police has recovered the piece of cloth (parna) that was allegedly used to kill the victim.

A police party led by SHO Sandaur Harinder Singh said that it had recovered a length of plain cloth that was allegedly used by members of the family to strangulate their daughter Gurdeep Kaur, 10 days ago.

While the police had booked Bahadur Singh (father), Surinder Kaur (mother) Harnek Singh, Jaspal Singh, Jagtar Singh and Gurdeep Singh under Sections 302, 201 and 149 of the IPC for their alleged involvement in the 'mysterious death' of the girl and destruction of evidence by cremating the body at night, the accused had maintained that the victim had died due to some medical problem.

They had also succeeded in winning the sympathy of villagers, who argued that the police should not harass them only because they had cremated the body at night.

It was during the investigation that a youth of the village informed the police about his relationship with the deceased and apprehended that her parents had killed her after she refused to give her consent to marry the boy of their (parents) choice.

Harinder Singh said, "It was only after the boy gave a written statement that the accused confessed having killed their daughter. The deceased had refused to break her ties with the boy on the fateful night." 



Underpass fails to serve purpose, remains closed on weekends
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, January 20
It seems that the Rs 3.5 crore pedestrian underpass (PUP) on Ferozepur Road in front of the Mini Secretariat here has failed to serve the desired purpose. It is not being maintained properly and remains closed on Saturdays, Sundays and other public holidays.

The high profile project, launched by Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal, was thrown open to public on November 16, 2012, by PWD Minister Sharanjit Singh Dhillon. The underlying objective of the PUP was to provide easier access to the public going to the Mini Secretariat and the district courts complex, as they used to face problems while crossing the busy Ludhiana-Ferozepur Road, during peak traffic hours.

The project, in a way, had been jinxed right from its inception to execution. The construction agency had suspended the work on this project for quite some time as there was a delay in payment by the municipal corporation, which was facing a resource crunch. Even when the construction of PUP was completed, it remained closed for almost three months, due to non-availability of a VIP for its inauguration.

The plans of the civic body to make it a "revenue generation" project were also dashed to ground as there were no takers for nine shops constructed inside the PUP. The auction of the shops with a reserve price of Rs 18 lakh each had to be called off twice as no bidders turned up to purchase the shops on a long-term lease basis.

With the commercial exploration of the project turning out to be a non-starter, and the MC having to spend money from its own resources on its upkeep, the PUP is not being maintained properly. There is no cleanliness and garbage lies scattered all along the path underneath the road and on the stairs on both sides of the underpass.

For reasons best known to the civic administration, the PUP remains closed on Saturdays, Sundays and and other public holidays even as there is no let up in the volume of traffic on Ferozepur Road on all these days.

Frequent visitors to the Mini Secretariat and the district courts complex feel that the PUP ought to remain open on all week days and the maintenance should be entrusted to private hands.

"A spick-and span underpass will definitely attract more visitors and as the usage of the underpass increases, the MC will also be able to sell the shops and realise part of the funds spent on the project," observed Ravinder Verma, a shopkeeper on Ferozepur Road.



Statues installed in city losing sanctity
Areas being used as urinal, garbage dumps and for sleeping
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

The area near Mahatma Gandhi's statue outside the MC's Zone A office is being used for sleeping purpose in Ludhiana on Sunday.
The area near Mahatma Gandhi's statue outside the MC's Zone A office is being used for sleeping purpose in Ludhiana on Sunday.

Garbage littered near Martyr Bhupinder Singh’s statue near Bharat Nagar Chowk on Sunday.
Garbage littered near Martyr Bhupinder Singh’s statue near Bharat Nagar Chowk on Sunday. Photos: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, January 20
With less than a week remaining for the Republic Day celebrations in the city, the state of statues of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, as well as of Major Bhupinder Singh, present a poor picture, with both the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation as well as the District Administration looking the other way.

The statue of Mahatma Gandhi is located right outside the MC Zone A office at Mata Rani Chowk, while the statue of Major Bhupinder Singh is installed near Bharat Nagar Chowk. Sadly, both of them are in a state of neglect.

Over the years, it has been seen that the state government as well as the politicians are often seen “recommending” installation of statues of national heroes and other such personalities, but it has been observed that once these statues are installed, neither the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation nor the district administration maintains them properly.

To start with, the statue of Mahatma Gandhi located right outside the Ludhiana MC Zone A office is mostly used by homeless and poor for sleeping purposes. Even during the day, people are seen sitting idle or playing cards in front of the statue.

Ironically, the area near Major Bhupinder Singh’s statue (see box) is being used as a urinal by shopkeepers, who seem to be oblivious of the sanctity of the place. Not only this, garbage scattered around and weeds growing near the statue are a common sight. For several years, the area has not been maintained properly.

Last month, the MC had decided to beautify all statues of martyrs installed in the city, but till date, only spot lights have been installed on the statues of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Shaheed Rajguru and Shaheed Sukhdev on Jagraon Bridge.

While speaking to The Tribune, Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria said that the land where Major Bhupinder Singh’s statue stood was owned by the forest department. “But we plan to beautify it because it is a part of the city. I will ask the nearby shopkeepers not to use the area as a urinal and the sanctity of the place should be maintained. The remaining statues will also be beautified soon,” he claimed.

Major B Singh’s statue was installed in 1979

The memorial of Major Bhupinder Singh is installed near Government College for Girls near Bharat Nagar Chowk, here. It was on September 19, 1965, in the battle of Sodreke in Pakistan that his tank was hit by the enemy and it caught fire. Though evacuated, Major Bhupinder Singh suffered burn injuries. He subsequently succumbed to his injuries on October 4, 1965. The statue was first installed at Bharat Nagar Chowk on October 30, 1979. On December 7, 1995, it was relocated to its present place by the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation.



Recruitment in the Army, not everyone’s cup of tea

Ludhiana: Job opportunities are squeezing and for many youngsters getting recruited in the Army, is a way to earn livelihood rather than the feeling of love towards their nation. Recently, during the recruitment rally many youngsters came for the tests and worked really hard to pass the various physical tests. While aspirants were running on the track, the Army men came and drew a rope to declare that those on the other side of the rope, were disqualified. The dejected look on the face of the candidates explained how sincerely they were trying to pass the test and lost one more job opportunity. One disqualified candidate was heard saying, "Pata ni rabb kehreyan ranga vich raaji, I will go back to my village and start working in the fields of my landlord".

It is time to act now

It seems that the residents of the mega city have had enough of the non-sense on the roads, which frequently remain fully or partly-blocked by political processions, protests, religious congregations or even social functions. Most of the times, it is only a small group of protesters which obstructs the traffic movement on major roads and even national highways or it is a religious procession which hampers traffic on the roads, with thousands of vehicles jammed in the traffic snarls. The top-brass of police and traffic planners have to put their act together against the excuses of political pressure or fear of hurting religious sentiments. An indignant PAU teacher, caught in a traffic jam, caused by a religious congregation on Rajpura Road on Sunday aptly said, "Why don't we do something to put our house in order right now instead of waiting for mishaps or tragic incidents to happen, which make us act."

Innocent answer

In this modern era children are very sharp, quick and observing. But sometimes their innocence reflects on their faces. In one of the city schools, teacher asked the students to write a letter to God about their aspirations and thank him for all that he had given them in life. When all the students finished their letter and were to conclude the letter, the teacher asked the students,"What will you write in salutation?". All students remained silent. One of the students raised hands and said,"Madam, may I tell?" the teacher answered,"Yes please" . The confident student answered, "Yours Manufacturing" . All students laughed over it including the teacher. But the very next moment the teacher said,"Although the word is not appropriate here but what he meant was "Creation". I am happy that at last he has the confidence to answer among all of you."

Media-obsessed people

The newspaper offices get a number of press-releases everyday. These come from various walks of life such as schools, colleges, universities, NGOs, social organisations etc. Realising their responsibility, the reporters try to accommodate as much press-releases as they can. But certain individuals, in order to get their name published in the paper, start sending releases on daily basis. Even if they visit a religious place or hold a small get-together, without reason, they inform it to the press. Now the situation is that the reporters feel astonished, when they do not receive a press release by such individuals, on a certain day.

Contributed by: Manav Mander, Kuldip Bhatia, Anupam Bhagria, Shivani Bhakoo



Give recognition to Ghallughara martyrs, demand residents 
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, January 20
While the administration is busy giving final touch to the Wada Ghallughara Memorial at Rohira, residents of the area want the government to start organising state function on February 5, the day on which 35,000 Sikhs were massacred by Ahmed Shah Abdali's forces in 1762.

Residents led by Yadwinder Singh Phallewal, an office bearer of the Sikh Students’ Federation and Jagjit Singh Jajjie, former President, Kalgidhar Federation, regretted that the Union and state governments had not bothered to include the Wada Ghallughara day, in list of annual events to be observed by the administration.

"Though the memorial to commemorate martyrdom of 35,000 Sikhs massacred by Ahmad Shah Abdali on February 5, 1762, is already underway, the government has not yet started the process to observe the day as annual day," said Phallewal and Jajjie urging the administration to recognize organisations and individual which tried to perpetuate the holocaust memories till now.

The Gurdwara Shaheed Ganj Bara, Ghallughara, organised nagar kirtan and thousands of devotees paid obeisance at the religious place.

Office-bearers of the trust, running the affairs of the upcoming gurdwara, Baba Jagtar Singh Tarantaranwale and Baba Kirpal Singh Bhawanigarhwale had been looking after the construction of the complex to be completed at a cost of Rs 1 crore.

"Bara Ghallughara", as it is known in the local dialect, is situated at Rohira, 3 km from Ahmedgarh. The natural monument stands concealed under a canopy of acacia trees. Successive governments have failed to do anything in getting this place, the status of a national monument.On February 4, 1762, Abdali directed the Nawab of Sirhind to attack the Sikhs at Kup Rohira from the east. Ammunition and ration of the Sikhs were stored at Guram village and they were surrounded from three sides.

Eleven Sikh confederacies were compelled to face 22 Afghan armies comprising 2.5 lakh soldiers. Contrary to the expectations of the Sikhs, Baba Alla Singh joined the Afghans. The Sikhs were aware of the fact that their strength was too small to combat the Afghan army, yet they chose to face them.

Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, Charat Singh and Shukracharya showed unmatched valour and patience. So skilful was Charat Singh in the art of shooting that he was assisted by five persons in loading guns.

However, Abdali succeeded in attacking from the rear. A large number of Sikhs sacrificed their lives in the battlefield and a small number reached Hathur by sunset. At least 10,000 children were burnt alive by the enemy when they were hiding in desolate grassland near Mooma Gehlan. According to historian, Noordeen Bilouch, Abdali himself was impressed by the valour of the Sikhs. It was unfortunate that such an important historic place had become a pasture for cattle. Sant Fateh Singh erected the pennant there in 1962 with the efforts of Baba Kehar Singh Musafir. In 1967, Gurmukh Singh, a renowned industrialist of Ludhiana, took the initiative to renovate the place and Baba Santa Singh of the Budha Dal took charge in 1974.

The devotees want the state government to recognize the sacrifice of those perpetuating the history of the Punjab. 



school notes
Annual prize distribution

Students of Central Model High School perform during an annual prize distribution function in Ludhiana.
Students of Central Model High School perform during an annual prize distribution function in Ludhiana. Photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana: Students of Central Model High School rocked the stage during the annual prize distribution function, on Sunday. The chief-guest for the occasion, Suresh Tandon, Vice-Chairman of PSEB, presided over the function. Prizes were distributed among the students, who achieved brilliant results during the last academic year.

Sacred Heart upgraded

Sacred Heart Convent School, Majara Road, Sahnewal, has been upgraded up to 10+1 level for the session 2013-14. It was shared by School Principal, Sister Pavitra, as she said that the school was going to introduce medical and non-medical streams during the coming session. The Director, Daniel Gill and Vice-Principal, congratulated the entire staff for their efforts, which had borne fruit and delivered good results. He assured that the school would be providing all sorts of infrastructure and facilities, needed by an institution in the present day set up to compete with other institutions of the area in the matter of quality and results.

Declamation contest

Students of Police DAV Public School at a rally on water conservation in Ludhiana.
Students of Police DAV Public School at a rally on water conservation in Ludhiana. Photo: Inderjeet Verma.

SDP Sr Sec School, Hazoori Road, on Sunday, conducted 'Ram Lal Bhasin Memorial Declamation Contest' in the sacred memory of Ram Lal Bhasin, a freedom fighter and philanthropist, in the school premises. Kamlesh Bansal, Additional Commissioner (Technical), Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, was the Chief-Guest of the occasion. Balraj Kumar Bhasin, President of SDP Sabha and Institutions, presided over the function.

The Principal, Jasveer Singh Chauhan, highlighted the contribution of Ram Lal Bhasin towards the freedom struggle and social work done by him after freedom. He added that such programmes on life and achievements of such luminaries inspired the students. They act like a door to facilitate our students for crossing the boundaries and make the world their field of action.

The topics of declamation were related to the current social issues like facebook and internet - merits and demerits and craze for fashion among students.

The running trophy was bagged by BCM Sen Sec School (32 Sec) and other prizes were

First Prize: BCM Sen Sec School (32 Sec)
Second Prize: DAV Public School (BRS Nagar)
Third Prize: BCM Sen Sec School (32 Sec)
Consolation Prize: DAV Public School (BRS Nagar)

Gurpurb celebrations

Parkash Utsav of Guru Gobind Singh Ji was celebrated with deep devotion and dedication at Baba Isher Singh (N) Sen Sec Public School. The programme began with the recitation of Sri Sukhmani Sahib. The students recited Shabads from Gurbani along with poems and Kavisharies. Students also made speeches on the life, history and teachings of the tenth guru. All the students listened the speeches and poems with great interest.

'Project Boond' kicks off at DAV

With a strong affirmation to the "Project Boond" a programme to spread awareness among the people to save water kicked off at DAV Public School, Sarabha Nagar Extension. Police DAV Public School and DAV Public School, BRS Nagar, also extended their whole hearted support for the event. Students of all the three schools formed human chains and marched around the areas with banners bearing slogans to preserve water. Street plays depicting the importance of water were also staged by the students.

Debate contest

Ludhiana Sahodaya Schools Complex English Debate Competition was held at Green Land Convent School, Dugri. Nearly 40 participants from 20 CBSE schools participated in the competition. The topic of the debate was, 'India is still discriminating against its women'. The competition was open to the students of classes VI to XII. Each team had two participants, one spoke in favour of the topic and the other against the topic. The students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. They were full of energy and vigour while putting forward their point of view. The Overall Winners Trophy was bagged by Green Land Sen Sec Public School, Jalandhar Byepass, Ludhiana. First and Second runners-up trophies were won by BCM Arya Model School, Shastri Nagar and DAV Public School, BRS Nagar, schools respectively.

Workshop on evaluation

Delhi Public School, Khanna, organised a workshop on CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation), on Sunday, for the parents of the school students. This is the first, in a series of workshops, under ‘Lets Learn Together’ a programme launched under the guidance of the Vice- Chairperson of the school,Annu Bains. She said, “Delhi Public School, Khanna, is preparing children for excellence within and beyond the curriculum by different activities. In order to implement CCE effectively, it is important to understand the true essence of this system. Such workshops and seminars will go a long way in helping our children develop academic and non academic skills thereby getting maximum benefit from this system of evaluation.”

The school principal while sharing the vision of the school said that the school emulated and looked upon DPS RK Puram, as a model institution, as it had been chosen as one of the top ten best schools in the country in a nation wide survery.

Dr Rashmi Vij and Surjeet Khanna were the guest speakers on the occasion. She spoke about the core strengths of CCE and how this type of evaluation created a platform for the child’s creativity. She emphasised on the need for our children to become good citizens besides excelling in academics. Surjeet Khanna stressed the need of positive parenting. Several parents and school students were present at this occassion. — TNS



Khalsa college for women win shabad gayan competition
Jaswant Shetra

Students perform during an inter-college contest at KCW Sidhwan Khurd, near Jagraon.
Students perform during an inter-college contest at KCW Sidhwan Khurd, near Jagraon. A Tribune Photograph

Jagraon, January 20
Khalsa College for Women, Sidhwan Khurd near Jagraon, organised an inter-college shabad gayan, poetry recitation, heritage activities and debate competitions in the memory of Mohinder Singh Sidhwan and Martyr Shivdev Singh, in the college premises today.

Several students from as many as 12 colleges from Ludhiana and nearby areas, took part in the competition thrown open by, All India Pingalwara Charitable Society President Bibi Inderjit Kaur, who visited as the chief guest during the occasion. Later on, the chief guest also inaugurated the computerised library set up in the college. The college management trust president, Dalbara Singh, secretary, Surjit Singh Sidhu, manager, Shivinder Sidhu and members of the trust also graced the occasion.

The students of Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines Ludhiana, were announced the winners of the shabad gayan competition, while the students of government college for women, Ludhiana and Ramgarhia Girls College, Ludhiana were declared second and third respectively. In poetry recitation contest, Khalsa College for Women, Sidhwan Khurd, bagged the first-prize followed by GHG Harparkash College of Education for Women, Sidhwan Khurd and GGS Khalsa College for Women, Kamalpura, with second and third positions respectively.

Sukriti Sharma of SCD Government College, Ludhiana, was adjudged the winner in debate competition. She was followed by Arashpreet Kaur of Government College for Girls, Ludhiana, while Jaspreet Kaur of Khalsa College for Women, Sidhwan Khurd, on second and third positions respectively. In heritage activities, Sant Darbara Singh College for Women, Lopon emerged winners, while Ramgarhia Girls College Ludhiana, won pot-making contest. Government College for Women, Ludhiana, won in pakhi-making contest and Ramgarhia Girls College, Ludhiana, won first prize in dupatta decoration.

The fashion designing department added an extra charm by presenting an art exhibition. The chief-guest Bibi Inderjit Kaur, highly appreciated the initiative and emphasised on the need of organising such kind of competitions to bring out the hidden talent of the students. In the end, college principal, Dr Paramjit Kaur, thanked the chief-guest and others.



MC set to auction 15 shops 
Shopkeepers decry poor facilities in the area 
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

A view of land meant for parking infront of a market near Orient Cinema in Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, Ludhiana.
A view of land meant for parking infront of a market near Orient Cinema in Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, Ludhiana. A tribune photograph

Ludhiana, January 20
Ludhiana Municipal Corporation is all set to auction 15 of its shop-cum-offices (SCOs) in Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar area. The owners of SCOs in the market adjoining Orient Cinema in Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar rue that due to the garbage dump located nearby, they are facing problems.

The SCO owners said, “Despite the fact that this market was developed by the Ludhiana Improvement Trust and later handed over to the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, the front parking is in poor state. It is full of potholes and people also dump debris and garbage in front of their SCOs.”

On September 7 last year, residents and shopkeepers of areas near the garbage dump in Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar had organised a protest rally demanding the shifting of garbage dump. The residents and shopkeepers had demanded that this garbage dump be shifted as it is operating without permission from the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation.

The garbage dump in Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar area is called a secondary garbage collection point in technical terms and private garbage collectors dump garbage of Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar and other adjoining localities. Garbage here is then lifted by the A2Z Company and sent to the garbage dump in Jamalpur village on Chandigarh road. Another chunk of government land in Model Town extension is also facing similar problems.

Davinder Gandhi, who owns a SCO in this market, said whenever it rains, the area meant for parking (in front of the SCOs) gets flooded with water.

Amarjit Singh Sekhon, MC Joint Commissioner, and in charge of health branch, said he would send his staff to the market tomorrow. He said, “If there is any problem, I will personally make sure that it is rectified.” 



1, 61,817 children given polio drops 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 20
First national round of Pulse Polio Campaign of this year kicked off today. On the first day 1, 61,817 children were administered pulse polio drops in the district.

District Immunization Officer Dr Sanjeev Hans said, “During the campaign 82,110 children were vaccinated in booths in peripheral and rural areas of the district. These included Khanna, Samrala, Jagraon and Raikot. Today, pulse polio drops were administered to the kids at booths. Next two days, teams of health department will cover these areas by visiting the houses.”

He said, “In the city area, there are no booths. The teams of health department administered pulse polio drops to 62, 569 children at their residences and 81,085 children were given pulse polio drops on way to the house to house visit. Volunteers gave drops to 551 to those kids whom they couldn't meet during first visit. Mobile teams and transit teams administered these drops to 17,612 children."

Dr Hans said, "Pulse Polio Campaign is a five-day house to house activity in Ludhiana city, Koomkalan area and Sahnewal. Here volunteers will visit house to house till January 24."

Civil Sugeon Ludhiana Dr Subhash Batta said, "During this four-day campaign about 5,75,000 children will be covered. Out of this 3, 70,000 are from Urban and 20, 5000 are from rural areas."

Dr Hans said, “There are 2,426 teams for this campaign other than 62 mobile and 100 transit teams. All these are being supervised by 461 supervisors. We don’t hold booths in urban areas. Here volunteers of the health department visit houses. We have deployed the transit team at all those places where public transport halts like at bus stands, railway Station, Samrala chowk and Jalandhar by pass. Dispensaries of health department will also remain open till 2 pm today so that if any child up to the age of 5 years is brought there, he or she could be administered Pulse Polio drops."



Ludhiana scan
Camp held

Dr Surinder Gupta and team of “diabetes free world” and NIMA, Ludhiana, held a diabetes check-up camp today. As many as 235 patients with diabetes and hypertension were given free consultation and on the spot blood glucose test, blood pressure and neuropathy tests were also conducted. Free medicines were given as a startup therapy. The patients on medication for diabetes were asked to follow dietary chart and lifestyle related instructions.

Raids by IT dept condemned

Ludhiana Dyeing Association has called the raids conducted by the central excise department recently as unlawful as the issue regarding the levying of excise duty on processing of man-made knitted fabrics is pending in the Supreme Court. The local industry is agitating over the issue and said the department cannot conduct a raid or any coercive action such as sealing of machinery or plant till the matter is finally decided.

Visit to rail coach factory

Association of Ludhiana Machine Tool Industries organised a visit to the Rail Coach Factory as part of the on going project of technology upgradation and productivity enhancement. It was a very successful visit with members being exposed to the art of coach building using latest machines and equipment. Main aim of the visit was to explore the business opportunity of supplying machines as well as components.

Hike in diesel prices condemned

Dr Shiv Gupta, secrertary general, Anti Corruption Council of India, in a memorandum submitted to the petroleum minister has appealed to enhance the quota of subsidised LPG gas cylinders to at least 12 in one year so that the black marketing of the cylinders can be checked. He also appealed to the government to check the misuse of the domestic gas connections in the commercial shops, restaurants and hotels. Meanwhile, Bharti Kissan Union has also condemned increase in the price of diesel as it will result in inflation. "In case the demands of the farmers are not met by March 18, which have been already forwarded to the government, they will go on a nationwide protest," said Ajmer Singh Lakhowal, president.


Rajinder Gill has been appointed as district president of Kissan Youth Organization of India. "I will be working on the problems being faced by farmers in the society," he said.


Sonica Malhotra Kandhari was honoured by Malwa Sabhayacharak Manch. She was awarded a gold medal and was also given Lohri delicacies like gachak and bhugga. Krishan Kumar Bawa, chairman, while speaking on the occasion said she has attained great heights in the field of business and taken forward her father's legacy. “She is a live example that girls are marching ahead in every field,” he said.

Sadbhawna Divas

Sadbhawna diwas was observed on the death anniversary of Joginder Pal Pandey. Speaking on the occasion, Pawan Dewan, president, district congress committee, said Joginder Pal Pandey fought against terrorism and he should be an inspiration for all the politicians to fight against the ills in the society.

Govt employees meet held

A meeting of government employees working on contractual basis in various departments was held here today. Workers from all the departments alleged that they are grossly underpaid. Employees from all the departments have decided to launch protest campaign against the state government for not giving them facilities and less salaries.

Conviction of former Haryana CM

Former Punjab Chief Minister Rajinder kaur Bhattal while commenting upon conviction of former Haryana Chief Minister Om Parkash Chautala and his MLA son Ajay chautala in a corruption case said the decision has strengthened the faith of the people in Judiciary of the country. Bhattal said, “Now the people are seeing only a raise of hope in the judiciary.” 



Good worth Rs 10 lakh burgled from shop
Our Correspondent

Phillaur, January 20
One electronics shop, Kherra Electronics was reportedly burgled in Noormahal, in Phillaur sub-division last night. The burglars entered the shop after breaking the shutter of the shop and took away valuables goods worth Rs 10 lakh, including 20 LCDs, 7 microwaves, 6 Home theatres,7 gas stoves, and five steam irons from the shop. The Police has registered case, but no arrest has been made so for.

One dies in road accident

One villager, Manjinder Singh, was killed on the spot in a collision between an autorickshaw and tractor trolley, near village Kandolan-Kalan, on Noormahal-Talwan road, last evening.

In another accident, one unidentified person was run over by a train, near village Mauli, between Goraya and Phagwara last night. GRP has registered case and sent the dead body to civil hospital for post-mortem examination.

Co-operative society office burgled

Co-operative Agricultural Society Gurrka office was reportedly burgled, in nearby village Ghurrka, near Goraya last night. The burglars took away valuable goods and cash of thousands of rupees and sped away, the police said. A Case has been registered.



SAI, Sonepat, emerge victorious 
Anil Datt
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, January 20
Sports Authority of India (SAI), Sonepat, and Central Railway, Mumbai, survived many anxious moments before overpowering their respective opponents and securing berths in the semi finals of the 16th Mohinder Partap Singh Grewal Memorial Hockey Tournament being played at the Olympian Prithipal Singh AstroTurf Stadium, Punjab Agricultural University campus, today.

South Eastern Railway, Kolkata, registered 7-0 victory over Lyallpur Khalsa College Academy, Jalandhar, to join them in the last four stages. Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala, had already book a place with a convincing 7-0 win against minnows, SAI XI, Badal, yesterday.

Today, in the first match of the day, SAI, Sonepat, scraped past Western Railway (Mumbai) 2-1. The issue was resolved through a golden goal as the two sides were tied 1-all at the end of regular period. After the first half, SAI eves surged ahead in the 45th minute through Jyoti who scored in a goal. WR eves pressed hard for the equaliser and eventually succeeded just two minutes before the long whistle (1-1). As the tie remained unresolved, extra time rule was applied in which SAI, Sonepat, proved good, finding the target in the very 3rd minute when Ashima scored an opportunistic goal that sealed WR Mumbai's fate 2-1.

The second match played between South Eastern Railway (Kolkata) and Lyallpur Khalsa College Academy (Jalandhar) turned out to be a one-sided affair in which the former came out triumphant without being challenged (7-0). The winners established 4-0 lead at half time.

L Kerketta scored a brace while Pushpa Pradhan, captain Farida Lakra, Rajni Ekka, Sushila Lakra and Poonam Tete added one goal each to complete the rout.

In the third match, Central Railway (Mumbai) after a pitched battle, managed to prevail over SAI, Chandigarh, 2-1. It was SAI, Chandigarh, who earned lead in the 14th minute when Ranjana scored a parallel pass. CR, Mumbai, players tried desperately to level the score but failed to translate the chances into a goal.

In the second half, Central Railway exerted full pressure on academy players and these tactics yielded result in the 50th minute as Usha restored parity (1-1). The match winner came off Jamila's stick in the 70th minute which assured them a place in semi finals.

GS Lotey, an industrialist, and HS Bains, patron of the tournament committee, were the guests of honour today. They announced financial assistance of Rs 25,000 and Rs 21,000, respectively for the organising committee.

Pritam Singh Grewal, Mayor, Hounslow, London; Ajmer Kaur Grewal, Dr Kulwant Sandhu, Olympian Baldev Singh, Jagdev Singh and Paramjit Singh Dhaliwal were the dignitaries present at the stadium. 



Jalandhar, Sangrur hog limelight on Day 2 
Our Sports Reporter

A participant in action on the second day of the 58th Punjab State Schools Athletics Meet at Guru Nanak Stadium in Ludhiana on Monday.
A participant in action on the second day of the 58th Punjab State Schools Athletics Meet at Guru Nanak Stadium in Ludhiana on Monday. Tribune photo: himanshu mahajan

Ludhiana, January 20
On the second day of the ongoing 58th Punjab State Schools Athletics Meet being held at Guru Nanak Stadium today, players from Jalandhar and Sangrur districts gave an excellent performance.

Athletes from these two districts finished ahead of others bagging five gold medals each besides finishing among position holders in some other disciplines. Hosts, Ludhiana, too performed well as their athletes bagged three titles.


Boys’ U-19: 400m race- Vikas Kumar of Jalandhar (1st); Amandeep Singh of Ajit Garh (2nd); and Varinder Singh of Hoshiarpur (3rd).

Boys’ U-17: 400m race- Narinder Singh of Patiala (1st); Jatinder Singh of Ludhiana (2nd); and Ranjit Singh of Jalandhar (3rd).

Boys’ U-14: 400m race- Lovedeep Singh of Tarn Taran (1st); Navraj Singh of Patiala (2nd); and Jarmanjeet Singh of Gurdaspur (3rd).

Boys’ U-14: Discus throw- Gagandeep Singh of Gurdaspur (1st); Hardeep Singh of Ludhiana (2nd); and Lakhwinder Singh of Mansa (3rd).; and Surinder Singh of Ludhiana (4th).

Boys’ U-17: Discus throw- Divnoor Singh of Ludhiana (1st); Mandeep Singh of Sangrur (2nd); and Sunil of Fazilka (3rd).

Boys’ U-17: Long jump- Sandeep Singh of Jalandhar (1st); Gurdas Singh of Sangrur (2nd); and Karanbir Singh of Gurdaspur (3rd).

Boys’ U-17: Hammer throw- Jashanpreet Singh of Gurdaspur (1st); Damneet Singh of Barnala (2nd); and Mahilpreet Singh of Jalandhar (3rd).

Boys’ U-19: High jump- Gurkirtan Singh of Amritsar (1st); Gurdeep Singh of Bathinda (2nd); and Parminder Singh of Ludhiana (3rd).

Boys’ U-19: 5,000 m race- Makhan Singh of Sangrur (1st); Ranjit Kumar of Amritsar (2nd); and Gursewak Singh of Patiala (3rd).

Boys’ U-17: 5,000 m walk- Avshek of Ajit Garh (1st); Jot Bhambra of Amritsar (2nd); and Lovepreet Singh of Amritsar (3rd).

Boys’ U-14: High jump- Manpreet Singh of Fazilka (1st); Angrez Singh of Gurdaspur (2nd); and Harvinder Singh of Bathinda (3rd).

Boys’ U-17: 3,000 m race- Gurpreet Singh of Muktsar (1st); Honey Kashyap of Hoshiarpur (2nd); and Binder Singh of Fazilka (3rd).

Girls’ U-19: 400 m race- Kamal Kaur of Sangrur (1st); Navjot Kaur of Sangrur (2nd); and Sukhwinder Kaur of Tarn Taran (3rd).

Girls’ U-17: 400 m race- Harmilan Bains of Hoshiarpur (1st); Sukhwant kaur of STC, Badal (2nd); and Birpal Kaur of Bathinda (3rd).

Girls U-14: 400m race- Gurpreet Kaur of Sangrur (1st); Anamika of Hoshiarpur (2nd); and Aavdeep Kaur of Gurdaspur (3rd).

Girls’ U-14: Shot put- Arpandeep Kaur Bajwa of Amritsar (1st); Kanwarbir Kaur of Amritsar (2nd); Paramjot Kaur of Patiala 3 and Harmanjot Kaur of Sangrur 4.

Girls’ U-17: Long jump- Avneet Kaur of Jalandhar (1st); Manpreet kaur Dhanoa of Muktsar 2 and Harmanjot Kaur of Jalandhar (3rd).

Girls’ U-19: Javelin throw- Balwinder Kaur of Ludhiana (1st); Anju of STC, Badal (2nd); and Nisha Rani of Gurdaspur (3rd).

Girls’ U-14: Long jump- Navjot Kaur of Ludhiana (1st); Rajpreet Kaur of Jalandhar (2nd); and Mehakdeep Kaur of Faridkot (3rd).

Girls’ U-17: High jump- Avneet Kaur Bajwa of Jalandhar (1st); Jasvir Kaur of Sangrur (2nd); and Amandeep Kaur of Sangrur (3rd).

Girls’ U-19: 5, 000 m race- Seema Devi of Gurdaspur (1st); Prabhjeet kaur of Jalandhar (2nd); and Parminder Kaur of Fazilka (3rd).

Girls’ U-14: High jump- Navjot Kaur of Sangrur (1st); Paramjit Kaur of Sangrur (2nd); and Rajpreet Kaur of Jalandhar (3rd).



Rural sports enthusiasts begin to flock to Kila Raipur
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, January 20
Sports enthusiasts have started visiting the stadium ahead of the mega event, the 77th edition of the Kila Raipur Sports Festival, also known as mini Olympics.

Visitors include owners of bullocks and dogs, farmers and students. Managers of teams of Kabaddi, hockey and athletics have started contacting organisers for getting updates.

Today a large number of sports enthusiasts visited the Grewal Sports Stadium, Kila Raipur, the venue for the world-famous rural sports.

While the farmers and owners of bullocks came to confirm schedule of the main attraction of the event; the employees and students made use of the holiday today to see the preparations.

Jasbir Singh of Dehlon village, whose bullocks had been participating in the fair for many years, said he had brought his jockeys and bullocks ahead of the event so that they (bullocks) become familiar with the tracks.

"As two of my bullocks are participating in the race first time, I thought of bringing the pairs to the stadium ahead of the event," said Singh.

Gur Sandeep Singh Sunny, president; and Balwinder Singh Jagga, secretary of the association; said arrangements for comfortable stay of sportspersons coming from foreign countries and other states had been completed.

Special teams of volunteers have been constituted to receive teams at the airport, railway station and bus stands. Though the event will be inaugurated on February 1, competitions for "time bullock races" will be held on last day of this month.

Sports enthusiasts will see the country's top sportspersons in action this time. The top hockey teams like the Punjab Police, BSF, ITBP, CISF and other top teams have already confirmed their participation. The organisers have enhanced the prizes for winners and runners-up of bullock cart race and one village open Kabaddi to Rs 1 lakh and Rs 75,000, respectively.

More than 5,000 sportspersons, both in Olympic and traditional style, are expected to participate according to the organisers. Grey hound races, mule-cart races, tug of war, Loading unloading a tractor-trailer, gymnastics, cycle races and hockey tournament for girls, boys are other listed events. Meanwhile, Harpreet Singh Shivalik, general secretary, Youth Akali Dal, released posters of the event on Saturday and organisers gave detailed information of this mega rural sports extravaganza.

Paramjit Singh Grewal, secretary, GSA, said a total cash prize of Rs 35 lakh would be given to the position holders in different games and those in the bullock-cart races and kabaddi. Punjab chief minister, Parkash Singh Badal ,and Adesh Partap Singh, cabinet minister, are expected to be the guests of honour on the concluding and inaugural day and union minister Munish Tewari will be chief guest on the middle day. 



DAV Secondary School beat Green Land Model School 
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, January 20
Shivendhu Goel and Harkunwarjot Singh Makkar scored 70 and 47 runs, respectively to help DAV Public Senior Secondary School win the match against Green Land Model Senior Secondary School in the Ludhiana District PCA Inter-School Coca Cola Cricket Tournament (U-16) being played at Arya College ground today.

Needing two runs on the last ball of the match, DAV lads romped home victorious, hitting a boundary. Earlier, DAV School won the toss and elected to field first. In the allotted 35 overs, Green Land School scored 166 runs after losing eight wickets. The main scorers were Akash (22), Rishabh Thakur (16), Harman (13), Gagandeep (10) and Lakshay (10). For DAV School, Sumer Singh Virk, Manuj and Armaan took two wickets each while Shivendhu Goel accounted for one wicket. 



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