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245 more illegal structures razed
Tribune News Service

A policeman stands guard outside a demolished house
A policeman stands guard outside a demolished house. Tribune photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana, February 27
For the second day in a row, the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation today demolished more than 245 encroachments in the Jawahar Nagar Camp area in the city. Some residents tried to obstruct the drive, but could not succeed due to the presence of a heavy police force at the spot.

The building branch of the MC has been removing encroachments from the Jawahar Nagar camp area on the orders of the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

According to the action plan prepared by the MC, there were 229 encroachments in the Jawahar Nagar camp area, which were to be removed in a phased manner on February 26, 27 and 28, and March 5 and 6. A senior official of the MC said though officially 229 encroachments had been identified, in reality, the number was much more.

The MC had started the demolition drive in the Jawahar Nagar camp area yesterday. Fearing that their encroachements would also be removed, some residents had started removing the encroachments on their own.

When one such family was removing an encroachment, a portion of a wall fell on a woman standing nearby, injuring her. Residents of the area tried to blame MC officials for the incident. They raised slogans and tried to disrupt the drive. The injured woman was taken to a hospital.

An MC official said it was wrong on the part of the area residents to blame the civic body since it was in no way involved in this incident.

Assistant Town Planner Rajinder Sharma said more than 360 encroachments were razed in the first two days alone (115 yesterday and around 245 today). “Our drive will continue tomorrow and we will make sure that all encroachments are removed from this area,” he said.


Property tax rates to be drafted today
Fund-starved MCs see hope; residents fear big financial burden
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 27
The tax rates of properties in all eight zones falling under the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation and 10 municipal committees will be "drafted" by committee chairman Rahul Tiwari tomorrow. While residents have their fingers crossed and fear that the newly introduced property tax, to be levied from April 1, will be a big financial burden on them, the MC and the municipal committees feel that since they are facing huge financial losses, the property tax will come as a breather for them.

A meeting of officials of the MC and 10 municipal committees, including Khanna, Machhiwara, Samrala, Payal and Raikot, will be held tomorrow evening at the Deputy Commissioner's office. According to sources, the rates will be drafted tomorrow and one month's notice period will be given for filing objections. The final rates will be implemented by the end of March and tax will be levied from April 1. These rates will not be changed for five years.

An official wishing not to be quoted said all eyes were on property tax. The property tax would be levied on 3,66,000 properties within the municipal limits in Ludhiana city. Around 2.5 lakh establishments, including residences, plots and commercial properties, will be covered in all 10 municipal committees under property tax.

"The government needs funds for development and these can be generated by way of levying taxes. Commercial establishments, which have been paying house tax till date, will get a slight relief with the implementation of property tax (they had to pay more as house tax)," the official said, adding that the tax would be levied keeping in mind the market value of a property, the cost of construction and rental income (if any).

3,66,000 properties to be covered in city

  • Rates to be drafted today
  • One month's time to be given to file objections to the proposed rates
  • 3,66,000 properties in Ludhiana city to be covered under property tax
  • Around 2.5 lakh properties in 10 municipal committees to be covered under it
  • Property tax to be levied keeping in mind the market value of land, cost of construction and rental income, if any
  • Property tax to be levied on properties above 100 sq yards
  • Under 100 sq yards, a lump sum amount to be fixed



Gas agency employee robbed of Rs 3.3 lakh
Was on way to deposit amount in bank; police suspects foul play
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 27
Cocking a snook at the police, robbers struck yet again in broad daylight and fled with Rs 3.3 lakh from an employee of a gas agency. The incident has caused major embarrassment to the Police Department as it took pace in Street No 7, Deep Nagar, that is right opposite the Police Lines.

What caused more embarrassment to the police is the fact that just an hour before the incident, the police had introduced 80 new PCR motorcycles to keep tabs on snatchers.

Surinder Kumar (50), a cashier with Dewan Gas Agency, said he was on his way to a bank to deposit cash. As soon as he reached Street No. 7, Deep Nagar, four youths riding two motorcycles intercepted him.

Before he could react, one of the robbers stabbed him. He tried to fend off the attack, but received a cut on his hand. In the meantime, another robber pushed him and he lost control over the scooter and fell on the road, said Surinder.

In no time, the snatchers fled with the scooter. He said the cash was kept in the glove box of the scooter.

An eyewitness said he heard some noise from the street and spotted Surinder with a wounded hand, but could not see the robbers.

Surinder reportedly called the owner of the gas agency and then the police control room for help.

“Surinder has been working with the agency for nearly 30 years; he used to often carry huge cash," said Bharat Dewan, owner of Dewan Gas Agency.

However, the robbery incident has come under a "cloud of doubt". The street remains chock-a-block during the day, but strangely there are no eyewitnesses to the incident.

The police is currently scanning CCTV cameras installed in the street to find a clue.

Commissioner of Police Ishwar Singh has not ruled out foul play in the incident. He said the robbery could be a concocted story to usurp money. However, the cashier's statement was recorded and the police has started an investigation.



Man gets jail for raping minor
Our Legal Correspondent

Ludhiana, February 27
Additional Sessions Judge Mandeep Pannu has convicted Rajpal of Gonda district in UP of kidnapping and raping a 13-year-old girl. He was sentenced to undergo 10 years' rigorous imprisonment. A fine of Rs 11,000 was also imposed upon the accused.

The accused was not entitled to any leniency keeping in view the nature of the offence committed by him, said the court while dismissing the plea of leniency filed by the accused.

A case under Sections 363, 366 and 376 of the IPC was registered against the accused at the Division No. 6 police station on September 15, 2010, following a statement of the victim's father.

The complainant had told the police that the accused was living in their adjoining quarters in the Industrial Area. On January 15, 2010, the girl had gone to purchase medicines, but did not return.

The accused had also disappeared. Later, the girl was recovered from his possession, who alleged that she was raped.

The accused pleaded innocence and claimed false implication. But after appreciating the evidence on record, the court found the accused guilty and sentenced him.



City police gets 80 advanced motorcycles to combat crime
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 27
Eighty new and improved motorcycles with more pickup have taken over the obsolete "guzzler bikes" of the Police Department that at times proved of little help while chasing snatchers.

The new PCR motorcycles were formally inducted into the force during a ceremony organised at the Police Lines. Commissioner of Police Ishwar Singh said the initiative was part of the modernisation of the city police.

"The credit for introducing the new vehicles in the Police Department goes to the DGP, who had laid emphasis on improving the mode of transport for officials for effective policing," said Ishwar Singh.

Equipped with LED flickering lights, a hooter and a GPS device, a PCR motorcycle can be tracked from the control room.

Besides, policemen have been given revolvers, batons and fluorescent safety jackets. These bikes will be deployed at important locations, including banks, educational institutions and hospitals.

"The primary function of the PCR motorcycle fleet will be to keep tabs on snatching incidents and other petty offences, which spread panic among residents," said the Commissioner of Police. He said policemen had been trained to identify suspects in a crowd.

"We have dedicated 10 motorcycles and four police SUVs for "quick response" in cases concerning crimes against women," he said.

He said 67 old mobikes would be sent back to the Home Department in Chandigarh.



Despite ban, sale of gutka continues
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 27
Despite teams of the district Health Department having started collecting samples of gutka and pan masala in the city to enforce the ban on tobacco products, the sale of these products continues unabated. The authorities do not seem to have a foolproof method to check the illegal practice.

A team of the Health Department had yesterday collected six samples of gutka and pan masala from shops in different areas. Vendors continue to sell these products with impunity.

Saroja Thakur, a roadside gutka seller in the Model Town area, said, ”I have this iron box in the name of a shop. I do not sit at one place. So, why should I fear anybody?”

A roadside vendor, who was selling gutka in the Ghumar Mandi area at twice the rate mentioned on the pouches, said, ”A ban on any product means that you can sell it illegally at a premium. By collecting a few samples, the sale of these products will not stop. We have enough stock and there are many buyers, who throng our shops.”


Under the law, we can only collect samples and seal their stock. We collect samples of gutka so that strict action can be taken against violators. However, there is no foolproof method to check the sale of these products. We cannot fine these violators (sellers) like we do in case of those smoking at public places.

— Dr Avinash Kumar, District Health Officer, Ludhiana



property tax
Committee members cry foul
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 27
The members of a committee relating to property tax have rued that they have neither been sent the agenda regarding a meeting to be held for fixing unit value at Deputy Commissioner's office tomorrow nor did they receive the minutes of yesterday's meeting.

The members, including all local MLAs and a representative of the local MP, have rued that leave aside the agenda for tomorrow's meeting, they had still not been sent (by 8 pm) the "updated" list of property zones.

It is pertinent to mention that yesterday also, when a hearing of objections regarding property zones was started, the members had expressed unhappiness as the replies of all the objections were already prepared.

For the levying of property tax on the city residents, the city would be divided into eight property zones, which would be decided by the zoning committee headed by the Director of Local Government Department and having the MP, MLAs, Mayor, Senior Deputy Mayor, Deputy Mayor, nominee of Deputy Commissioner (not below the rank of SDM) and MC Commissioner as its members.

These zones would be decided on the basis of civic amenities in the area, location of the property and the market value of the property. A meeting in this regard was held at the Zone A office at Mata Rani Chowk, where the members had raised several objections.

Once these property zones are finalised, the Unit Valuation Committee, headed by the Deputy Commissioner and having the MP, MLAs, the Mayor and the MC Commissioner as its members, would decide the "unit value" of the buildings and land for each property zone. This would be calculated on the basis of the prevalent price of land, cost of construction and rental value.

While speaking to The Tribune, Akali MLA Simarjit Singh Bains stated that by 8 pm, he had neither been sent the proceedings of yesterday's meeting, neither did he receive the agenda for tomorrow's meeting. "I received a call at 7:30 pm that the minutes would be sent soon but till 8 pm, I have not got anything. Even the agenda for tomorrow's meeting has not been sent," he confirmed.

Similarly, Congress MLA Bharat Bhushan Ashu said: "I was asked by an MC official that when I receive the proceedings, I should check it, sign it and return in 10 minutes. How can I take such a decision hastily when I know that once the property zones are fixed, they won't be changed?"

Another Congress MLA Surinder Dawar said if he was not satisfied by the proceedings of yesterday's property zoning committee meeting, he might boycott tomorrow's meeting. "The MC Commissioner should understand that we will not tolerate such things," he maintained.

Akali MLA Ranjit Singh Dhillon said he had just received an invitation regarding tomorrow's meeting.

Parminder Mehta, representative of the local MP and Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari, and Congress MLA Rakesh Pandey, said he would not take any decision regarding the zoning committee proceedings in haste. "We are the representatives of the city residents and the MC Commissioner, who is also the member secretary of both the committees, should not take any decision alone. He should make sure everything is discussed in detail," he said.

A senior MC official claimed that almost all the senior officials spent the entire day today finalising the list of property zones. "We have to make sure all areas are kept in the right zone so that residents don't suffer," he said.



budget wish list
Industry wants push for fiscal consolidation
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 27
The Central Government will present the Budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year tomorrow. The local industry has huge expectations from Finance Minister P Chidambaram and is expecting him to push fiscal consolidation through cuts on spending and an increase in revenues to ward off the threat of credit rating downgrade. The following is the wish list of the industry.


  • No central excise duty on bicycles
  • Freight equalisation scheme to reduce the cost and to increase the share in the global market
  • Like the textile industry, the bicycle/engineering industry should also been brought under the Technology Upgrade Fund Scheme
  • Import duty on bicycle and parts should be increased up to 50 per cent as a huge quantity of items are being imported in the country and these are destroying the MSME sector
  • Special economic zones should be developed for the bicycle industry


  • Industry status should be granted to this sector enabling it to access loans at lower interest rates and collateral values
  • Banking reforms to facilitate low-cost funding for housing
  • A reduction in the interest rate on home loans, especially for the mid-end housing segment, as well as tax incentives for housing investments
  • The sector is also demanding an increase in the tax exemption limit to Rs 3 lakh. This may boost home sales
  • Creation of "special residential zones" (SRZs) on the lines of SEZs


  • Rollback the excise duty on branded garments
  • Fibre neutral duty structure should be introduced and all the competing fibres, natural and man made, should be treated at par
  • A uniform cascading structure for all fibres/yarn value chains
  • Interest subsidy of 5 per cent of all capital investments made in the Man Made Fibre (MMF) sector to achieve Textile Vision 2020.


  • 5 per cent interest subvention on investments made in capital equipment to make exports competitive
  • Interest subvention for technology upgrade and development
  • Government support for R&D/new products
  • Elimination of customs duty on alloy steel, aluminium alloy and secondary aluminium alloy
  • Waiver of interest on differential excise duty paid due to a price increase subsequent to the sale of goods in case supplies made to OEMs


  • A panel of officials and trade representatives to draw modalities of opening new banks and making them efficient to render the best possible services
  • Better banking facilities to traders should be ensured and easy loan facility from banks at primary lending rate may be allowed for traders
  • A blanket ban on the entry of big corporate houses and MNCs in retail


  • A differential tax system based on turnover can help channelise tax and improve cash flows. Treating them in the same league as corporate is unjust, especially in tough times where every penny matters
  • Boosting the availability of capital. A significant reduction in the interest rates to enable the segment to improve profitability.



class XII exams
School board sets up 216 centres
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 27
All preparations have been made by the Punjab School Education Board for conducting the examinations of Class XII from March 1 in a smooth manner. Total 216 examination centres for the Senior Secondary classes have been made by the board in Ludhiana district and all these examination centres will open tomorrow.

Talking to The Tribune, the District Education Officer (secondary), Paramjit Kaur Chahal, said all the 216 centres will be opened tomorrow and the necessary examination material will be provided at the centres tomorrow itself. "The duty staff has also been called and they will be assigned the duties. We have got sufficient number of superintendents, supervisors for the smooth conduction of exams that start from March 1. The students will have to bring their I-Cards too," said Chahal.

Confusion over identity cards

Though the education department claims that everything was streamlined for the board examination of Class XII, the teachers, who have been put-on duty at different centres, maintained that till now they had not been provided their identity cards. "There is chaos and now also I am leaving at the government school at Jawahar Nagar camp to know when will I get the I-Card and from whom? They have called us tomorrow at the duty centres, may be we will get the cards there itself," said Sukhjinder Singh (name changed), a senior teacher at a government school here.

Meanwhile, another teacher said that after 12 pm, teachers would report at their respective centres. "The strength of the teachers will be checked and in case there will be less number of supervising staff, more staff will be added. We have been asked to report after 12 at our duty centres," said the teacher.

Section 144 imposed

Neeru Katyal, Additional Deputy Commissioner (general) has issued orders to impose Section 144, keeping in mind the starting of class XII Board Examinations by the Punjab School Education Board. The orders prohibit the assembly of five or more persons within 200 metres of radius near the examination centres. The orders will be imposed from March 1 to April 1, 2013.

All set for exams: Official

The Director General of Secondary Education KS Pannu has expressed satisfaction over the preparations of the board exams. "This time, things are more smooth. The duties have already been given to the superintendents/supervisors etc. Till now, duties were assigned at the last minute (just one day before) and there used to be chaos. But things are streamlined this time," said Pannu.



Degrees conferred on 600 students
Panjab University to hike fee from next academic session, says VC
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 27
The Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University, Chandigarh, Dr Arun Kumar Grover, today said that the university was in deficit and to improve the financial situation of university, fee structure will be hiked from the next academic session.

Grover was in the city to preside over the 36th annual convocation at Master Tara Singh College for Women. He said the Board of Finance had already given its nod for the fee-hike proposal but it had to be approved in the meeting of Senate/Syndicate. At the same time, the VC said that hike would be nominal and not too much. How much or when will be decided after conducting the meetings, said Grover.

Expressing satisfaction over the positions, being grabbed by the women in society, the VC said now he wanted to see a woman as the Vice-Chancellor of some university. Grover, along with other dignitaries, also visited the learning centre of the PU here after the convocation.

Meanwhile, flaunting with degrees in hands and faces brightened with luminous smiles, the students of Master Tara Singh Memorial College for Women were on cloud nine as it was the 36th convocation of the college. College principal, Dr. Parveen Kaur Chawla along with the members of the managing committee of the College gave a warm floral welcome to our worthy guest. The function further preceded with the “symbol of knowledge” i.e. the ceremonial lamp lightning.

In the field of academics and cultural activities, 10 students were felicitated with the Roll of Honor whereas 16 students got the College Color. Around 600 students were conferred degrees in various streams such as MBACIT, MCom, MA (English, Hindi, Punjabi and music), BA, BCom, BBA, BCA and Honors in Punjabi and Hindi. College principal read the college annual report highlighting the achievements of the students in academics and cultural arena. She presented a note of warm welcome to all the guests present. The whole ambience was illuminated with the rhymes and tunes of music. Members of the college managing committee, fellows of Panjab University, Senate members, principals of various institutions, and other dignitaries graced the occasion.

While congratulating the students, VC Arun Kumar Grover stressed the need of Women Education and motivated the girl students to come forward and achieve lofty aims. Education he said, “Makes one not only self-dependent but self-aware also.”



Punjabi cinema going through renaissance period, says actor
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 27
The reason there has an been array of Punjabi comedy recently is the demand for such movies as of now, according to Sandeep Dey, a cinematographer and creative producer, who was here for the promotion of an upcoming Punjabi movie O.G.J.

He said Punjabi cinema is going through renaissance period, as there are 58 Punjabi movies being produced currently, which almost equals the total number of Punjabi movies made as yet.

Dey along with actors Lakhwinder Singh, Swaraj Ghumman and singer Ashmita Garg interacted with students regarding the movie O.G.J at Ramgarhia Girls College.

He said that this still is the initial phase of renaissance and the cinema has to cater to the popular demand to find its feet. Once firmly established, people can experiment and make movies for mature audience with thematic treatment of the movies for serious cinema-lovers, Dey said. But as of now, the movies have to cater to the popular demand, he said, and that currently is 

For this reason, even the issues being touched in movies, are presented in an entertaining manner.

"The maximum audience as of now is 'mundheer' (young men and boys). But the establishment of the industry, more mature and serious cinema would be created, as both the content and the audience matures," he says.

For example, Anhey Ghore da Daan, which was acclaimed internationally, a Punjabi movie, dealing with the issues of Punjab, didn't do well with the audience at large, he said.

He says that theatre in Punjab has made little difference, as it is mostly the singers who have been getting preference as lead roles. Although they are pulling the crowds and the movies are doing well, singers can act only to an extent and the cinema doesn't achieve the height it could have achieved, he adds.

But with the movies doing well, it would have positive impact on Punjabi theatre. As people watch movies more in Punjabi language, it would indirectly benefit Punjabi theatre as well, he said. As more money is coming into the industry with the revival of the cinema, it would give benefit cinema and theatre as well, which would further help better the movies.



VC opens book fair at vet varsity
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 27
A book fair at Guru Angad Dev veterinary and Animal Science University was inaugurated by Dr VK Taneja, the Vice-Chancellor of the University here today.

Dr RS Brar, Professor-cum-University Librarian said over 27 leading book publishers and distributors from different parts of India are participating in this exhibition with a wide range of latest editions of books in field of veterinary sciences, fishery sciences, animal biotechnology, dairy technology and allied subjects. This is a 6th book exhibition organised by the university and organisation of book exhibition is a regular feature since the inception of the university.

Dr Brar said the university encourages its faculty members to develop their personal library by purchasing books under a special subsidy scheme. The exhibition has generated a lot of interest among students and faculty members of the university. The exhibitions help to select and purchase latest editions of books on different disciplines.



Two labourers killed in building collapse
Our Correspondent

Phillaur, February 27
Two migrant labourers were killed while one sustained serious injuries after the old building of a godown of Junk material of Phagwara resident Daljit Kumar Bhalla suddenly collapsed and fell down in nearby Sarhal Mandi village due to its worsening condition on Wednesday afternoon.

The deceased, identified as Prabhu Rai (45) and Kamal Dev (45), were immediately taken to Phagwara Civil Hospital where they were declared brought dead by the doctors. The third injured laborers Janak Raj was admitted in a private hospital of Goraya. His condition was stated to be stable now. Sub Inspector Dosanjh Kalan Harjit Singh rushed to the spot on hearing the tragedy and made hard efforts to rescue the laborers. On the other hand, it was learnt that though the villagers informed 108 number for ambulance, but it could reach more the half an hour on the site.

A JCB machine was put into operation to rescue the laborers. It was learnt that fourth laborer identified as Subhash Chander was saved from the tragedy as he went outside from the godown just few minutes before to ease himself. The laborers were on their job in Raggery godown, but the roof of the godown suddenly collapsed.




Book released

Offset Printers' Association, Ludhiana, released a book on safety measures for the Newspapers, Printing Presses and Box Making Factories. The book briefly covers the safety measures and precautions to be take care due to fire and water in production and storage units. Kamal Chopra (general secretary), Sanjay Gandhi (vice-president) and all the member of executive committee were present at the launch of this book.

Dharna held

Members of the BSNL Casual and Contract Labour Union stage a dharna in Ludhiana on WednesdayBSNL contract workers continued their dharna here on Wednesday demanding reinstatement of workers suspended. They also demanded Rs 10,000 as the minimum pay and employee insurance scheme and identity card for themselves.

Members of the BSNL Casual and Contract Labour Union stage a dharna in Ludhiana on Wednesday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma


A meeting of noise monitoring cell was held under the chairmanship of ADC, Neeru Katyal Gupta here on Wednesday. During the meeting, she directed educational institutes, hospitals, courts and religious places to put up a board reading "Silence Zone" outside their premises. All the above-mentioned institutes and places come under the "silence zone" and their area should not be less than 100 metres. Further, she said according to the directions of Supreme Court the loud speakers are banned from 10 pm to 6 am.

Rail Budget condemned

Reacting to the Union Rail Budget the district unit of the Communist Party of India has said that increase in the surcharge on bookings will lead to automatic increase in the rail fare for the passengers; so is the rise in the cancellation fee. Therefore, it is an indirect burden on the people. Moreover, no steps have been taken to improve the working for the railways particularly the condition of the coaches in the ordinary sleeper class. Condition of the stations have not been given due importance. Security has also been ignored by and large. Freight charges increase will lead to excess burden on the people.

Speaker’s message for students

"Students should intact themselves with the culture of Punjab and hence promote it. They should become a source of inspiration for the coming generations as well," said Charanjit Singh Atwal, speaker, Punjab Vidhan Sabha, while addressing the annual athletic meet of Arya College. — TNS



Flesh trade racket busted, 5 held
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 27
With the arrest of five persons, including four women the city police has claimed to have busted a flesh trade racket from Salem Tabri. The raid was conducted this evening following a tip off that women were being made to indulge in flesh trade at a house in a Salem Tabri.

Soon after receiving information, the police conducted a raid and nabbed the accused persons. Case in under various section of immoral trafficking was registered against the accused.

Residents stage dharna against ASI

The residents of Jagdish Nagar staged dharna against ASI Paramjit Singh in-charge Tajpur Chowki for allegedly using derogatory language with a woman, who visited the police station to lodge a complaint.

BJP leader Anil Arora said Paramjit Singh had used some derogatory language when a woman visited the chowki to lodge a complaint against a self-styled godman, who was harassing her. The woman shared the incident with resident of Jagdish Nagar, who got infuriated and staged dharna against ASI Paramjit Singh outside police chowki. The resident lifted dharna after BJP leader Anil Arora said that he would bring the matter to the notice of Commissioner of Police.

Man booked for fraud

The city police has booked a man for usurping Rs 2.43 crore in the garb of selling the land. The accused has been identified as Subash, a resident of Mandi Gobindgarh was booked for fraud following an investigation. The complainant, Pardeep Kumar, a resident of Dharampura, said he had given Rs 2.43 crore to Subash for formulating a registry of a land, but the latter took the entire amount and formulated a land deal in the name of two women. The Police Commissioner had marked an inquiry in the matter, following which it was found that Subash had duped Pardeep Kumar. Sarabha Nagar police today registered a case against the accused.

Man booked for forgery

The property dispute between to brothers took an ugly turn after a man got the case registered against his brother for selling 25- year-old car. The complainant Ravinderpal Singh, a resident of 21- J Sarabha Nagar said his brother Kawarjit Singh sold the 25- year- old car. Ravinder said his brother threatened him of dire consequences when he objected to the selling of car that was dear to his parents. Following a preliminary investigation police booked Kawarjit Singh, under section 406, 424, 511, 506 and 120- B of the IPC for criminal breach of trust.

Man crushed to death

One person was crushed to death by an over-speeding pick-up vehicle. The victim, identified as Harish Rai, a resident of Bhamian Khurd was heading towards home.

When he reached near Ambar Garden Marriage Palace, situated at Bhambian Road an over-speeding pick-up vehicle which was heading on wrong side hit the motorcycle of Harish, following which he lost the control of the bike and fell on the road. He was seriously injured and rushed to Mohan Dai Oswal cancer hospital, where the doctors declared him brought dead.

The police has registered a case against unknown driver and under Section 304A, 279, 427 of the IPC for reckless driving causing death.

Factory worker killed

A factory worker died while working on a machine at Focal Point area here today. The incident took place this afternoon when the victim identified as Inderpal Singh (22), a resident of Rajiv Gandhi colony was straightening the iron wires at the JS Industries located in Phase-V of Focal Point. The iron wire was being straightened through a rotator. According to an eyewitness, Inderpal's gloves got stuck in the iron bar. He tired to free himself but before the machine could be stopped he was crushed under rotator. A native of Uttar Pradesh, the police has informed the victim's family members about the incident.

Missing girl found at the Clock Tower

An eight year-old-girl, who went missing on Monday evening was found from Clock Tower Area here today. The girl identified as Seeta, a resident of Amarpura, went missing on Monday evening and reached near Clock Tower. On seeing her crying, a resident handed over Seeta to the police. Police further sounded an alter following which it was learnt that the girl went missing from Amarpur area. The girl was handed over to the family.



Man killed as car rams into truck
Our Correspondent

Khamano February 27
One person was killed in a road accident near Manderan village near here. As per the information, a car that was going towards Ludhiana, hit the tank of a truck. The truck that was loaded with ply boards caught in fire after it fell on the road.

The police reached the spot and fire engines were pressed into service from Samrala and Mandi Gobindgarh. The fire was controlled after struggling for about six hours.

The driver of the car, who was identified as Manpreet Singh (25), was a resident of Bukanwala. He was rushed to the Civil Hospital, Khamano, where he was declared brought dead.

However, the driver and helper of the truck managed to escape injuries.

The Khamano police has registered a case in this connection against the truck driver.



Jawan’s body found hanging from tree
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 27
An Army jawan’s body was found hanging from a tree at the Dholewal Army compound today. The deceased, identified as Prasad D of Tamil Nadu, was posted in Dholewal. He was missing for the past two days. His fellow jawans spotted his body hanging from a tree.

Mystery shrouds his death as it is not yet known whether Prasad D committed suicide of he was killed and his body hanged from a tree to make it appear like a suicide. He body was taken to the Civil Hospital for a post-mortem.



Man robbed of car

Ludhiana, February 27
There seems to be no stopping car thieves. In the latest incident, four thieves stole a Maruti Alto owned by an employee of a tourism company.

According to Ankur Sharma (21), he had parked his car near the Lodhi Club road. He said the incident took place during midnight when he was standing near his vehicle and waiting for his friend. Four youngsters approached him and started thrashing him. One of them snatched the car keys from Ankur. In no time, the four thieves fled the scene. 



Three get jail for abduction
Legal Correspondent

Ludhiana, February 27
Additional Sessions Judge Surinder Pal Kaur has convicted Manjit Sahota, alias Manu, of Dr Ambedkar Colony, Ludhiana, Krishna and Biru Pardhan of Ferozepur of kidnapping a minor girl.

They were ordered to undergo imprisonment for three years. However, the court did not find any evidence against Manu and he was acquitted of rape charge.

His mother Parveen Kaur was also acquitted of the charges of abduction as well as conniving with the other accused.



Rajandeep retains best athlete title in GADVASU meet
Charanjit Singh Teja
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RajandeepLudhiana, February 27
Rajandeep, an athlete from Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) has again won the title of best athlete in the GADVASU athletics meet. Rajan has won five gold medals in various athletic events. He has been wining this title since 2009. Rajan is a student of BVSC (4th year) and hails from Hoshiarpur district.

During the 7th annual athletics meet of GADVASU held here today, he won gold medals in 400m, 400 hurdles, 110m hurdles, long jump and triple jump. According to Rajandeep, he started practising in 2008 after getting admission to BVSC at GADVASU.

He has proved his mettle twice in the All-India Inter-Agri Sports Meet, in which players from around 50 agricultural and veterinary universities participated. Rajandeep bagged gold medals in 400m and 4x100m relay in 2009 and secured the second position in 400 and 4x100m relay in 2010.

"Coach Sanjiv Kumar motivated me to join athletics. I practise regularly for coming tournaments. Now, I am practising for Inter-Agri Sports Meet," he said.

Karan Preet Kaur is also one of the promising athletes. She won one gold and three silver medals during the athletics meet. She clinched gold in 800m race and silver in 400m, 1500m and 200m.

A student of MVSC (1st year), Kaaranpreet has participated in the All-India Inter-Agri meet twice and won several medals.

The meet started with the taking of the oath by Rohini Bhardwaj, an athlete of the university. A march was held. Rajandeep (boys) and Ramneet Kaur (girls) were declared the best athletes. Overall trophy was won by the College of Veterinary Sciences. The Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar, also performed very well. Its athletes Harmandeep Singh and Tanveer Kaur won gold in 5000M and shot put respectively.


110 M Hurdles: (Men) 1. Rajandeep 2. Satinder Pal Singh 3.Subhash; Javelin Throw(Men):1. Siddharth Gautam 2. Satinderpal Singh Saini 3. Akashdeep Singh; 5,000M (Men):1. Harmandeep Singh 2. Kushmaneed Singh 3.Raunak Kesharwani; 400M Hurdles (Men): 1. Rajandeep 2. Ashish Pal Singh 3. Satnam Singh; Hammer Throw (Men): 1.Ishab Poudal 2. Avtar Singh Brar 3.Prabhjot Singh; 800Mt. (Men): 1.Yadwinder Singh 2 Satnam Singh 3.Gurinder Pal Singh; Triple Jump (Men): 1. Rajandeep 2. Sonikbir Singh 3. Jagdeep; High Jump (Men): 1.Mukhmeet Singh 2. Atinderdeep Singh 3.Harmanjot Singh; Shot Put (Men): 1. Omranjit Singh 2. Prabhjot Singh 3. Amarpreet Singh; Broad Jump (Men): 1. Rajandeep 2. Sonikbir Singh 3. Suraj Tharn; Javelin Throw (women): 1. Ramneet Kaur 2.Gulgul Singh 3.Simrat Kaur; 1500 Mt. (women): 1. Ramanjot Kaur 2. Karanpreet Kaur 3. Abhineet Kaur Bhatti; 800 M (Women): 1. Karanpreet Kaur 2. Ramanjot Kaur 3. Mandeep Kaur; 200M (Women): 1. Ramneet Kaur 2. Karanpreet Kaur 3.Mandeep Kaur; Broad Jump (Women): 1. Ramneet Kaur 2. Jagmandeep 3. Gulgul Singh; Shot Put (Women): 1. Tanveer Kaur 2. Ramneet Kaur 3. Gulgul Singh.



Kamalpreet emerges fastest runner
Our Correspondent

Khanna, February 27
The 13th annual athletics meet was organised at Mata Ganga Khalsa College for Girls, Kottan. Inderjit Singh Loppon, vice-president of the Local Managing Committee, was the chief guest at the inaugural ceremony.

Dr Jatinder Kaur, Principal, welcomed the guests. She presented the Annual Sports Report (2012-13) of the college. She emphasised the need for team spirit, discipline, leadership qualities and physical fitness in the mental development of the youth. The salute of the march past was taken by the chief guest.

A large number of students participated in the meet with great zeal. The most interesting part of the meet was the couple hobble race, kangaroo race, musical chairs and tug-of-war, which were organised for the staff members.

The following athletes bagged the 1st prize in their respective events.

200m Race: Kamalpreet Kaur BA II, Chatti Race: Sukhdeep Kaur MA I (Eco), Couple Hobble Race: Harmanjot Kaur plus two and Priya plus one, Shot Put: Anmol Kaur BA III,100m: Kamalpreet Kaur BA II, Discus Throw: Anmol Kaur BA III, Sack Race: Mandeep Kaur BA II, Back Race: Kamalpreet Kaur BA II, Three Leg Race: Hemlata BSc I (FD) and Jagdeep Kaur BSc I (F.D), Frog Race: Navpreet Kaur BA I, Tug-of-war: Bibi Bhani House, Hurdle Race: Karmjit Kaur MA I (Pbi), Kangaroo Race: Harpreet Kaur BA II, Long Jump: Kamalpreet Kaur BA II.

Kamal Preet Kaur of BA II was adjudged the best athlete and Bibi Nanki House was adjudged the best house in the march past. The musical chairs contest for the guests was won by Jatin of PNB, Kottan. Ms.Niketa Mehta of Commerce Department won the lemon race

Aerobics and giddha were presented by college teams during the closing ceremony.



Annual athletics meet for boys concludes
Our Correspondent

Doraha, February 27
The 39th Annual Athletics Meet for Boys of Guru Nanak National College here concluded today. The meet was inaugurated by Hockey Olympian Hardeep Singh Grewal.

The chief guest exhorted the athletes to take participate in various sports activities. "It is the healthy and energetic youth that India needs in order to march ahead," he opined. In his inaugural address, he stressed rather than getting addicted to drugs, sportsmen should get addicted to games in order to keep themselves physically, mentally and psychologically fit.

Various events like races, high jump, long jump, shot put, sack race, three-legged race, relay race, tug-of-war, hammer throw, triple jump and javelin throw were organised.

The Principal, Dr Narinder Singh Sidhu, welcomed the chief guest and other dignitaries present on the occasion. Harpratap Brar, general secretary; Pavittar Pal Singh Pangali, president of the Kisan Club; Harjiwan Pal Singh Gill, Tarlok Singh Jaggi, joint secretary; Rajinder Singh Khalsa, director; Jaswant Singh Gill, DS Gosain, Principal of Saraswati Model Senior Secondary School; Dharampal Thakur, Principal of Guru Nanak Model Senior Secondary School, were among prominent persons present there.

The results of various events are as follows:

100 M: Karnail Singh (B.Com-II) 1, Manvir Singh (BA-I) 2, Harinder Singh, s/o Sikander Singh (BA-III) 3; 200 M- Harinder Singh (BA-III) 1, Karnail Singh (BCom-II)2, Kamaldeep Singh (BA-III) 3; 800M- Makkan Singh (B.A 1) 1, Arshdeep Singh (BA II) 2, Gagandeep Singh (BA I) 3; 1500 M- Makkan Singh (BA 1) 1, Bhim Sen (BA III) 2, Satnam Singh (BCom III) 3; 5000M-Makhan Singh (BA I) 1, Amritpal Singh (BA III) 2, Bhim Sen (BA III) 3; high jump- Manjot Singh (10+1) 1, Rupinder Singh (PGDCA) 2, Palwinder Singh (BA I) 3; long jump- Karnail Singh (BCom II)1, Manvir Singh (BA I) 2, Ram Singh (BA III) 3; shot put- Harjeet Singh (BCom III)1, Paramvir Singh (BBA III) 2, Gurmukh Singh (M.A II) 3; hammer throw-Harjeet Singh (B.Com III) 1, Harvijay Singh (MCom I) 2, Amrit Pal Singh (BA III) 3; and javelin throw-Karnail Singh (BCom II) 1, Sukhpreet Singh (BA II) 2, Nanak Singh (BBA III) 3.



Sports meet held at BJS Dental College
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, February 27
The three-day Annual Sports Meet of Baba Jaswant Singh Dental College, Hospital and Research Institute began on the Chandigarh road here today with its chairman Baba Jaswant Singh hoisting the games' flag, marking the opening of the event.

On the first day, in football, third year students beat interns 3-0 and in carrom (girls), Navpreet Kaur defeated Rupinder Kaur. In mixed doubles, Vishal and Bhavya outplayed Abhay and Pawan. In chess, Aakriti got the better of Jaspreet Kaur.

Besides, competitions were held in mehndi, creative skills in art and craft activities, fresh flower arrangement, poster making, face painting, cake icing and soap carving.

Kirpal Singh, Piara Singh, Dalbir Singh, Beant Singh, Dr Parminder Singh and Dr Naveen Oberoi were among others present at the opening ceremony.



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