Stage of resurgence
Television does not attract all; there is a growing audience that is slowly but steadily falling in love with theatre, music & dance

When in 1999, the first show of the play Court Martial was staged at the Tagore Theatre in Chandigarh, the play crew went to the Rose Garden to request visitors to come and watch them. In 2013, the 400th show of the same play opened to a jam-packed theatre with some 1000 plus viewers; seats full, people on stairs and standing next to the walls.

Recalls Parvesh Sethi, who plays Colonel Surat Singh, in the play, "During the early shows, the audience was so thin that we would stage the play even if we had a total of five people in the theatre; we just did not want this culture to die." He is happy, as the rest of his team, to see the theatre scene looking up today.

Many of the recent shows have gone full house and we ask Chandigarh residents what makes them go to theatres still.

Sunaina Sharma studies psychology and is amongst the young breed of theatre-goers. "The other day I saw these huge public hoardings of plays being staged based on Tagore's stories; curious, I walked into one of the shows with my friend. The experience only left me wanting for more," says Sunaina, who recently saw some of the dance dramas on at the Tagore Theatre and has returned impressed by Rajashree Shirke's Mata Hidimba. "It's a new medium that I have experienced and much more meaningful than the regular stuff the idiot box churns out," adds the girl, determined to spend many more evenings at the Tagore Theatre.

If youngsters are warming up to the theatre scene, it's still the senior citizens who form a bulk of the audience still. VS Sodhi, former vice-president and active member of Chandigarh Senior Citizen Association, shares his take, "The increased frequency of the plays has played a significant role in increasing the footfall at the theatre." Sodhi is a regular along with his friends at the shows.

Of course, the credit goes to theatre persons who continue presenting the plays and reaching out to the audience in varied ways. Parvesh Sethi also credits television for making theatre happen in Tricity. "People are sick of same old saas-bahu sagas wherein a dead body wears as much of an eye shadow as a woman in a party! Their sub-standard offering to viewers has made them explore other avenues and theatre has gained in the process. What he wants is that the standards should be maintained, "It is with great effort that audiences have come to the theatre but the day we start dishing out sub-standard content, we will lose them too!"

Tagore Theatre is a busy place; if people are not enjoying a play or the other, the verandahs reverberate with rehearsing groups. Kuldip Sharma, director, Tagore Theatre, is one proud man. "We take all the care - from getting interesting plays and themes here to publicising well with public hoarding, e-mails, telephone calls and more," says Kuldip, who is looking forward to hosting the International Puppet Festival and another based on Munshi Prem Chand's stories next!

Rare talent
Rita Dev works on rare ragas and as a musician feels proud in doing so...

solid note: Rita Dev

Music came as a way of life to Rita Dev. Only with time, it became life. Three decades of being in classical music, Rita tactfully balances her job of a music lecturer, being a homemaker and classical vocalist.

In Chandigarh on Saturday on the invite of Triveni Sangeet Sabha (sponsored by Haryana Government), Rita shares excerpts from her journey.

The beginning

Growing up in the North-East, my parents introduced me to music early on; then and even now, music is integral part of households. I remember when fixing a match for girls, they would be asked to sing as music was the stamp of being cultured. It started as a hobby and I was soon so fascinated that I decided to make it my life. After high school, I got good percentage and was under pressure to pick up science stream, but I followed music and finished my doctorate in it.

Balancing act

It is encouragement and unflinching support of my parents, husband and kids that I am able to enjoy my teaching job, concerts around the country and training under Guruma Shrimati Girija Devi. It has been a smooth journey so far, music makes me feel closer to the divine.

Three states

I spent considerable time in Assam, then in Benares where I completed my education and am now based in Delhi. North-east is easy; you still have time for your work, family and can rest in peace. Benares has something in its air and water that everyone there cutting across social classes enjoys music — be it a rickshaw-puller or a paan-vendor. Delhi is fast, everyone is in a hurry juggling the multiple roles they play.

Changed times

What I really miss from earlier times is 'patience'. There is no stability today. Youngsters growing up on fast food want instant success. Art takes time and hardwork. I was always keen on rare ragas and preserving them, like some forms of Bihag. It's on us to save our heritage and pass it on to the posterity.

Recreating the past
Amarjot Kaur

You have been acquainted with the controversies that swarmed Sadda Haq, a Punjabi film that highlights the political, cultural and social turbulence in Punjab during the 80s. While the cast and crew announced the official date on which the film is due for release at the Mainland China, Sector 26, Chandigarh, on Monday, they also discussed its plot that was subjected to several objections by the Censor Board.

"The movie will be releasing worldwide on April 5 and I am gratified that the censor board has given a nod to it under the pretext of releasing it under the A-certificate," says Kuljinder Sidhu, the producer-actor of the film. He adds, "This film is about the impact of operation Blue Star on Punjab as a whole."

He justifies his stance regarding the objections of the Censor Board, "The censor board had issues with the Raaj Karega Khalsa part and that the film promoted the use of weapons. We reasoned this concern of theirs while explaining that in the Hindu mythology too, Krishna instigates Arjun to fight against the Kauravas."

Dinesh Sood, the co-producer and actor, says, "Our film has been approved by two Hindu committees, including Hindu Samaj Suraksha Committee and Siri Durga MataMandir, Ludhiana. This film does not aim at hurting anyone's religious sentiments." He is interrupted by Sidhu, who confirms, "We are making an attempt to pull out a few blood-smeared leaves from the most tumultuous era of Punjab only to educate the masses and to create awareness about that era."

Par Excellence
Get the posture right
Jesse Grewal

A correct posture is a critical element of a sound golf swing. The position of the centre of the body or the centre of rotation during the swing is what creates a repeatable action and consistent shots.

In a good athletic posture the core or abdominal muscles are triggered as well as the glutes. In a neutral posture (picture 3) we bend forward or hinge from the hip joint and this pushes the glutes back automatically to create a balanced position.

In S posture (picture 1) the lower back is arched excessively by sticking the butt outwards. This excessive arching puts a lot of stress on the lower back muscles and also makes the abdominal muscles relax or get loose. This can lead to a reverse spine angle and is a major cause of lower back pain. In a C posture (picture 2) the shoulders are slumped forward and there is a rounding of the back all the way from the neck to the tail bone. This severely limits the ability of the spine to rotate. If the player fails to keep the backswing short, he will not be able to maintain his posture through the swing.

A neutral posture is between the S and C posture. If a golfer is not able to find either a S or C posture, he will not be able to find a neutral posture. This is due to an imbalance of muscles. In a S posture the hip flexors are tight and the abdominals and glutes are weak. In a C posture the thoracic spine or upper back is not able to bend backwards.

To improve the posture, do the cat-camel exercise. Get onto all fours on a mat and arch your spine downwards from the lower back (picture 4). This is the cat position. From here arch the back upwards and create a hump with the back like a camel (picture 5). From this return to the neutral spine position (picture 6) which would be a relatively flat back. Repeat this movement from cat to camel to neutral position at least 10 times. This will help you get into a good posture before the golf swing.

(Grewal has coached several national champions and professionals apart from being coach of the Indian golf team for the Eisenhower Cup (World Cup) in 2008. He is currently the Director of National Golf Academy of India and CGA Hero Honda Golf Academy. If you have any queries get in touch with him at

stress buster
Sleep tight
Renee Singh

Sleep deprivation can affect you in many ways, ranging from the subtle to the obvious. The amount and quality of sleep you get greatly affects your stress levels. Sometimes you become more reactive to daily stressors and less able to cope with life effectively. Your levels of stress and the way you cope with them can create problems for your sleep. This can also turn into a vicious cycle for your life.

Ask yourself…

Are you getting enough sleep? Chances are you are not. According to a sleep survey conducted recently it was discovered that most people are getting fewer than the recommended eight hours of sleep. This in turn puts them at a greater health risk level and lowers their productivity levels.

Stress & sleep

Whenever you experience a perceived threat, physical, psychological or even an imaginary, your body's stress response is triggered. This may lead you to a state of chronic stress thereby taking you into a continually stressed condition without your even realising it.

Sleep & rumination

Do you ever 'lose sleep over' something? Many times stressful situations don't allow us to sleep. Also, sometimes we wake up in the night between sleep cycles and their sleep stress response gets triggered and then can't go back to sleep again.

Sleep obstacles

It is not necessary that all sleep problems are stress related. Many times hormonal changes or too much caffeine could also be the culprits.

Busy life

Everyone needs to set aside quality time for sleep. A minimum of eight hours of sleep is necessary otherwise the chances of stress taking over the lives is very high.

Sleep better

Bedrooms are for relaxing, not for watching TV. Most people turn bedrooms into multipurpose rooms with electronics, computers and many gadgets. These activities disrupt sleep.

We are all creatures of habit and our sleep habits also conform to this pattern. If we maintain a regular time everyday our body clock also adjusts to it.

Eliminate all sources of noise from your bedroom. Switch off the light. A light from the computer screen could be a hindrance.

Coffee, chocolate, soda or tea are all stimulants and taken six hours before bedtime could cause difficulty in sleeping.

Reading fifteen minutes before sleep or listening to music, maybe even a nice bath - these allow us to unwind mentally and prepare for going to sleep.

Avoid eating or drinking just before going to bed. This can create a discomfort with heartburn or acidity or too many visits to the washroom.

Tossing and turning in bed never helps. Avoid this. If sleeping is a difficulty get up do a different activity for fifteen minutes and come to bed again.

Don't sacrifice your sleep for activities you enjoy. The temptation is great of course but remember your body needs rest. Schedule your sleep time and try to stick to it.

We enjoy short quick naps, they are relaxing but keep us from feeling sleepy at regular times, avoid them.

If we keep a level of regularity and self discipline, sleep is never a problem. Good eating habits and keeping time is definitely conducive to our systems. Enjoy a healthy rejuvenating sleep!

(Singh is a Chandigarh-based psychotherapist)

When abstract meets reality
Amarjot Kaur

What will you expect out of a creative conflux that epitomises perfection and radiates the vision? While you spare your thoughts and imagination to unfold the manifolds of creativity and all that it encompasses, YR Yadav, a member of All-India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (AIFACS), New Delhi, defines his ingenious expression of water colour painting. Nearly, 50 of his paintings were displayed at the Gallery of AIFACS Regional Centre, at a week-long exhibition, which concluded recently.

His paintings exude an aesthetic charm of a distinct style; neither do they shout for attention, nor do they lie in reclusion, they just seem to dissolve in the intensity of myriad emotions, which translate his vision into the vision of the viewer.

"I barely make any use of brushes in my paintings. The technique I use in my paintings is creating textures through superimposition. I feel that art thrives on authenticity that renders clear objectivity and perspective to both, the artist and the onlooker," says Yadav. His paintings come across as a riot of colours, struggling to substantiate his imagination that is essentially inspired from nature and though it borders on the abstract, it frames an imprint that leaves a lasting impact on the viewer.

He furthers his artistic calibre as he redefines modern art and juxtapose it with his experiments and expression, "Modern art for me is an expression of creativity where I leave my paintings to the thoughts and perception of the viewers," he signs off. 

Decent choice 

What does it take to get noticed-an attitude? Trendy attire? Branded clothes? In reality only the confidence to carry off whatever one wears is what makes heads turn. A student of interior designing, Subiha Dawar is all for a balanced co-ordination.

Subiha Dawar 

Your sense of style?

When someone carries herself decently without a touch of gaudiness, that is style for me.

Latest addition to your treasure of clothing or accessories?

My shades from Louis Vitton.

Brand crazy or street pick up?

Mostly brands but sometimes street pick-ups can be interesting to add to variety.

Who would be your style icon?

Shipa Shetty.

Who do you think is the worst-dressed celebrity?

Bipasha Basu!

Which look would your prefer-sporty, chic or glamorous?

Chic suits me.

One fashion trend that goes beyond your comprehension?

Nothing as such. I like all trends.

Your take on accessories?

Accessories are essential as those make the ordinary into extra-ordinary but again there has to be a balance.

Given a choice which designer would you like to be dressed?

Our own Mansi from FM concepts.

What gives you a high on the confidence level?

When I feel perfect in the clothes I am wearing and what I am carrying, I feel very sure of myself.

As told to Poonam Bindra 

Small is beautiful
Serena Miglani

Maj Gen C S Bewli's bonsai and driftwood collection enticed the nature lovers

Serena Miglani

GO GREEN: Visitors admire the bonsai collection at Punjab Kala Bhawan. Photo: manoj mahajan

Passion has no set boundaries and when the interests are manifold, the inclination can be seen in varied expressions. "When you are passionate about something, it solely governs your mind. It is all about taking the initiative and pursuing your penchants with dedication." said Maj-Gen C S Bewli who is the president of the National Cactus and Succulent Society of India and who put up his beautiful creations for an exhibition at the Punjab Kala Bhawan, Chandigarh. With picturesque bonsai, acicular cacti, magnificent driftwood sculptures and the imaginative avian cartoons, the display was splendid and oozed creativity.

Miniature art

A look at the bonsai and you would believe in the saying that good things do come in small package. It is about growing the ordinary plants in an extraordinary way. "Any plant through the combination of proper natural settings and the horticultural techniques can be made into a bonsai," said Bewli. Varieties such as ficus long island, bougainvillea, ficus benghalensis, acacia modesta and the amusing pyracantha could entice the flora lovers. The exhibition displayed 80 varieties.

Thorny beauties

Do you prefer a low maintenance plant? The best option is the cacti. A look at the collection and you would marvel at the aesthetic beauty these thorny plants possess. The flowers amidst the thorns rendered grace and exquisiteness. Be it the star like Astrophytum asterias, refined Gymnocalycium stellatum, the medicinal Selenicereus grandiflora or the native Stephania rotunda, the prickly effect was sure to strike the right chord!

Drifting along

Driftwood sculpting is all about giving a shape to your imagination. The single piece works-- starfish, dinosaur, two-horned rhino, fishes et all were the perfect manifestation of creativity. Further as you approached the avian cartoons, the display symbolised the perfect blend of skill and emotion. 

Star track
Dhawan’s blue eyed boy

On time: Siddharth 

Actor Siddharth is a dedicated and hardworking boy, says filmmaker David Dhawan, who has worked with him on Chashme Baddoor.

Siddharth already had three films in his kitty when he signed Chashme Baddoor, but he never made anyone compromise for his sake.

“Siddharth was shooting for other films as well when we shot Chashme Baddoor, but not once did it ever happen that he did not reach the sets on time. If the call time was 7 am, and he would not be in Goa, still he would manage to reach on time," Dhawan said in a statement.

“I never knew where he would be shooting. Sometimes he would be in Hyderabad, sometimes in Chennai. He is a very hardworking boy, I have known him since the last seven to eight years and he is like family to me," he added.

Chashme Baddoor, a remake of the 1981 comic caper of the same name, was largely shot in Goa, and then Mauritius. Siddharth used to shoot his part in Goa, and then fly down to the south for his other work commitments.

Produced by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, Chashme Baddoor also features Ali Zafar, Divyendu Sharma and Taapsee Pannu. — IANS

Big B in Sajid Khan’s next

New partnership: Sajid Khan and Amitabh Bachchan

After remixing Amitabh Bachchan’s hit song Apni to Jaise Taise for Housefull, filmmaker Sajid Khan is all set to work with the megastar in his next untitled project.

Sajid, 41, who is an ardent fan of Bachchan, said his upcoming comedy will also see Saif Ali Khan and good friend Riteish Deshmukh in pivotal roles.

“I am making my next film with Saif Ali Khan, Riteish Deshmukh and Amitabh Bachchan. It will start in July. The film is untitled and it is an out and out comedy. It will be a big success at the box-office," said Sajid in an interview.

Sajid’s latest release is Ajay Devgn starrer Himmatwala, a remake of 1983 film of the same name starring Jeetendra and Sridevi.

“I grew up in this era as a teenager. I am reprising the cinema of 80s, which was one of the least experimenting and boring era of our industry.

“Personally, I don’t endorse remakes. I have nourished this childhood desire of mine with this film. I always wanted to make the film in my style," he said.

Sajid started his career with an anthology film Darna Zaroori Hai with six other directors and then shifted to comedy and made Heyy Babyy, Houseful and Housefull 2: The Dirty Dozen. “With Himmatwala, I stepped out of comedy genre for the first time and entered into drama and action. I don’t want to make films to make a statement. I also don’t make film to gain personal respect. I would rather feel loved by making popular cinema which makes my audience happy," he said.

Sajid is looking forward to work with Ajay in more films because he feels that they share same sensibilities.

“Ajay is one the finest actors our industry has produced. I am also writing my second script keeping him in mind. We are friends since our college days and I have wanted to work with him for ages," he added. — PTI 

Celeb advice

No smoking: Saif Ali Khan

Actor Saif Ali Khan is known to play diverse roles, not limiting himself to one genre or type. In Go Goa Gone he plays the role of a Russian mafia lord, Borris. When Saif got to know that Borris smokes a cigar in the film, he insisted that he will shoot a video message addressing the youth about the harm caused by tobacco. This video is going to play before the film begins in, which he has said that tobacco use of any sort is injurious to health. Off-screen, the actor doesn’t smoke.

Ex files

All well: Justin Bieber

Singer Justin Bieber thinks that his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez will take him back.

“Justin has been saying that when he decides to get Selena back, he will," says a source. Recent reports claimed Bieber told his friends not to bad mouth Gomez.

Although Gomez has made a few jokes at Bieber’s expense since their breakup, he’s ordered everyone close to him not to fight back.

“She’s been bashing him, but Justin has ordered everyone around him not to fight back. He told everyone to leave her alone.

“He doesn’t want to fuel the fire and he just doesn’t want it to be that way with her," said the source.


Ram vs Ravan

Double confusion: Ayushmann Khurrana

Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurana was in Hyderabad along with director Rohan Sippy to promote his upcoming flick Nataunki Saala. The Vicky Donor star looked quite excited, while speaking about his role in the film.

“I will be doing a lot of drama in the film, as Rohan Sippy has made me do a lot of nataunki in Ram’s character who is Ravan on stage. So he is really confused that whether he is Ram or Ravan. So that’s the confusion going on in his mind,” he said.

Talking to media persons the filmmaker said that he is happy to do a romantic comedy, as it’s a complete new experience for him.

“I think that’s the excitement and challenge which is very important in film making. We have used the world of theatre in this film and I am working with two new but very talented actors,” he said.

“I have got an in-depth experience in comedy with this film so that is what excites you as you get to learn something new and we have even tried a different kind of music also.”


Star secrets

World apart: Madonna

Pop diva Madonna’s homeless brother claims that his billionaire sister does not care whether he lives or dies.

Ciccone is an alcoholic and lives on the streets of North Michigan, reported a publication. “She doesn’t care if I’m dead or alive. She lives in her own world. I never loved her in the first place, she never loved me. We never loved each other," he said.

It was first reported that Ciccone lived under a bridge in Traverse City. In October 2011, he had said that he lost his job at the family’s winery due to his alcohol addiction and that his family had done nothing to help him get back on his feet.

But Ciccone says he will not seek treatment because he does not think he needs it.

“I’m a human being, you can call me what you want. (Alcoholic) is a label, I don’t like it. I don’t need brain surgery, I merely need love and care of family and friends," he added. — PTI

Missing Manisha

Filmmaker Jay Prakash says Manisha Koirala is his lucky mascot and that she was supposed to play the protagonist in Dee Saturday Night.

"I badly missed Manisha while shooting the film. As people know, I consider her as my lucky mascot. She was supposed to play the protagonist in the film. But when she fell ill, I had to change the entire story line as she is irreplaceable," Prakash said.

Dee Saturday Night is about rave parties and the film features Aman Verma and Prashant Narayanan, among others. It is slated for a May release.

"I hope that with Market 2 we both yet again get an opportunity to work together," said the director who worked with Manisha in Market and Chaahat - Ek Nasha. Manisha is undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer in New York.


Mistaken identity

Role call: Ravi Kissan

When actor Ravi Kissan met Krishika Lulla for the first time, he thought she is one of the leading ladies in the film and ended up asking her what role she is playing in it. He was surprised when he later came to know that she is none other than the producer of his upcoming film Bhajathe Raho. Even after knowing who she is, Ravi tried his best to convince Krishika to try her hands at acting.


chatter box
Aamir gets operated for lump

painful situation: Aamir Ali

It's not wise to ignore health problems, no matter how minor they seem. Aamir Ali learnt it the hard way. The actor from Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Aangan Hoga (JSKAH) had developed a lump on his forehead two years ago. Back then, he didn't bother as it wasn't painful. But two months ago, the situation changed. Aamir was reeling in pain. So, just before signing Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Aangan Hoga, he got it surgically removed. However, the makers of the show and the channel Sahara One wanted him to commence the shoot immediately and Aamir had no choice but to act with a band aid on his forehead.

Said Aamir, "Since I had to start shooting, I had no choice but to cover it up." We wish Aamir a speedy recovery.

Different strokes of success

Looking ahead: Aleeza Khan

The confident and pretty actor Aleeza Khan, who gained popularity after essaying different roles in Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyan and Luv U Zindagi, is back on television with the lead role in Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Angan Hoga that will be telecast on Sahara One Television. Aleeza, who believes in doing something different, has replaced Shriya Jha for Angna Rai Chand's character. Life+Style roped-in Aleeza Khan for a heart-to-heart talk about the show and her career.

What is the show all about?

Rajshri's show has a new storyline. Amir Ali has replaced Pankaj Tiwari and the show puts more emphasis on family values. It is a great opportunity and I will give my best.

How did this show happen?

The producer Kavita Barjatya was in the process of replacing Shriya Jha. She wanted me to step-in for the lead role of Angana Raichand. When I heard the new storyline, I immediately said yes for this family show, which has well-etched characters that viewers will fall in love with.

What has your journey in the tinsel world been like?

I have done Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyan, Luv U Zindagi and also episodes for CID, Akela, Aahat, Rooh, Raat Hone Ko Hai, Shapath and Savdhan India. I hope Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Angan Hoga will also be my successful show.

Is the Aleeza-Aamir pair also a huge hit?

When you work with a good actor, it is always going to be good. He is a complete actor. There is a lot of give and take between us as actors. I am comfortable with Aamir and enjoying working on the sets.

Is the character Angana Raichand close to you?

You have to give a part of yours to every character you play. There has to be an element of truth in it. Angana Raichand is as real as I could be.

Do you prepare for the role?

No, I do not prepare for the role, it comes to me naturally.

So are you doing anything else other then this?

I am just doing this show right now.

— Dharam Pal

In the pink of health

Actor Gautam Rode, who is currently seen in the TV show, Saraswatichandra, shares the secret of his happy lifestyle and fitness regime with us.

How do you stay fit?

I believe that proper eating habits combined with a strict work-out plan results in making the body fit and healthy. So, instead of dieting or eating the wrong food and then sweating it out at the gym for hours, one should follow a disciplined routine. That's what I do to stay fit.

Fitness mantra: Gautam Rode

What's an ideal workout for you?

Whenever I get the time, I make it a point to hit the gym. I normally work out my shoulders, chest and back.

Is there anything you avoid eating?

Not really. I am not hooked on to junk food and have never been fond of fried food or chocolates either.

How do you relax?

Working out is fun for me and so whenever I'm free, I go to the gym. I simply enjoy exercising. That's my hobby.

What are your top tips for leading a happy life?

Eat healthy, stay healthy and work out. Your mind and heart should be at peace.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Focus on today rather than thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

What's in your workout-bag right now?

The Terreband. They are workout elastic bands for resistance training.

What's your current workout playlist?

My current workout playlist includes Mission Impossible and Rocky's theme songs and my current favourite track is Nautanki Salla.

What's your diet like?

My daily diet includes brown rice and channa or muesli, fruits, soya milk, almonds and vegetables. I also eat fruits before sunset every day. Breakfast for me includes skimmed milk, one protein shake, almonds, sunflower seeds, oats and muesli. Lunch is usually brown rice, dal and cholas. I prefer food with less oil. For dinner, I usually eat salads, tossed veggies and sometimes soup. I also drink green tea throughout the day.

An inside view of IPL

Television channel National Geographic later this year will air a special series that will reveal the facts behind the massive machinery of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The series Inside IPL will answer several questions of the Indian cricket fans and explain the inside story of the IPL. The IPL features 54 days of cricket, 76 matches, nine teams, 12 venues and more than a 100 million spectators and TV viewers, bringing together cricket, business and entertainment to create an exciting concoction.

From the organisation and preparations for the IPL 2013, to its execution, management, broadcast, players and fans, Inside IPL will give viewers a never-before peek into the making and shaping of India's largest annual sporting spectacle.

National Geographic Channel's Inside series showcases the world's most restricted places and behind-the-scenes moments from some of the world's greatest events.


Astro turf 
P Khurrana

ARIES: There is little joy in bad company, so avoid it totally. A minor pinprick will provoke you. Workers in the factories will cause a number of delays. Tarot message: Empty promises are certain; put your terms and conditions in writing. Lucky colour: Red. Magic number: 32

TAURUS: Your card Four of Wands promises an excellent day. Take a break. Do not feel guilty about taking time out to look after your well-being. Preventing health problem is better than treating them. Tarot message: Delays are the only obstacle in your way to success. Lucky colour: Ebony. Magic number: 42

GEMINI: Charm, diplomacy, respect and cooperation should be used for positive results. Tendencies for manipulation or revenge should be controlled and contained. Job applications yield good results. Tarot message: Do what is right and watch your best interests.Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 65

CANCER: Be prepared for multiple invitations to social events and gatherings. Your family will be hosting a big get-together. Turn your attention to jobs that give you an opportunity to use your intellect. Tarot message: Don't be dismissive of advice from youngsters. Lucky colour: Royal-blue. Magic number: 36.

LEO: Now is the time to distinguish clearly between wants and needs. Your desires seem to have no end, but your bank account will dry up before your wants. You can look forward to hearing from a friend. Tarot message: Beware of depleting your resources on others. Lucky colour: Cream. Magic number: 33

VIRGO: A healthy competitive instinct can be harnessed for greater accomplishment. Stick to what you know and do your best. There may be trouble brewing in the family, which can be sorted out. Tarot message: Versatility will bail you out of a situation. Lucky colour: Turquoise. Magic number: 64

LIBRA: Doing overtime for an urgent job or dealing with a crisis are all possible reasons for being dragged back to the workplace. A chance encounter with an ex-flame will revive old memories. Tarot message: You find within yourself a fountainhead of will-power. Lucky colour: Saffron. Magic number: 24

SCORPIO: Funds can be increased with extra effort. You should give a serious thought to your business. Decisions that need to be made, especially involving your career, should not be put-off. Tarot message: Focus on the better to mitigate the bitter. Lucky colour: Silver-grey. Magic number: 54

SAGITTARIUS: Major domestic purchases can be made with confidence, but will not be available till next week; so be patient. Students: you can be successful in tests. Love life suffers due to family problems. Tarot message: Take limited risks with you capital. Lucky colour: Sea-green. Magic number: 60

CAPRICORN: Put your knowledge into practice or learn how to do something better. Working women: be careful while dealing with clients. Businessmen find the day quite hectic. A nagging doubt gets cleared. Tarot message: Plan your life better to avoid delays. Lucky colour: Peacock-green. Magic number: 29

AQUARIUS: Your card is "Fortune", so this can be a good day on the financial front. Try your luck at a range of speculative possibilities. Women between the age group of 40-45: take care of your health. Tarot message: Use careful judgment while handling issues involving property. Lucky colour: White. Magic number: 61

PISCES: Schedule group meetings today. They can be both productive and enjoyable. If you go for what you really want, it might just happen. Shareholders will find the day quite beneficial. Tarot message: Work could pose minor difficulties, but don't worry. Lucky colour: Rainbow-pastels. Magic number: 55

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is April 2...

Avoid any long-term investments; be independent and take your own decisions when it comes to making fresh investments. Use your discretionary power in love.

Outdoor sports will attract you while meditation and yoga will also be helpful. Invest wisely. Some of your best opportunities will come through new people you meet. Fresh problems will surface for you at the workplace, especially if you don't handle things diplomatically. Your sense of humor will be your greatest asset.

Family life will be good for most part of the year. Minor domestic problems and tensions will occur after July. You will see many problems getting solved on their own. You are dominated by Moon and the Number 2. Soaring high is your nature. Chances are you might enter into a partnership, but at the same time also oscillate between two choices. However, take care as this can be quite disastrous for you. Your complacency can result in lost opportunities. Relax, as there will also be completion of tasks, contracts or projects taken up by you. In the coming year, you will be able to complete any project that you undertake to complete satisfaction. You are likely to break free from the monotony and seek relaxation. Your laziness will intervene with the progress of your work, despite your high energy levels but your focus is on development and progress.

Nature and natural surroundings will draw your attention. You will be able to savour natural settings, which will give you immense satisfaction. Umpteen nervous breakdowns could weaken your resistance and thinking power. Encourage yourself to fight the disease with positive thinking. You will be in the mood to travel and spend money, but you will be sorry if you do so. Repair works at home or social get-togethers are likely to keep you busy. Your partners will be supportive and helpful.

Mood: Distracted

Compatible signs: Capricorn, Cancer

Lucky colours: Purple and Violet

Lucky days: Tuesday and Thursday.

Lucky numbers: 5, 11, 19, 23, 35

You share your birthday with Ajay Devgn (Vishal Devgan, April 2, 1969), who has won numerous awards in his career, including two National Film Awards. Starting his career as a child actor, Devgn began his professional career six years later with Phool Aur Kaante in 1991. In 1999, he received his first National Film Award for Best Actor for his performance in Mahesh Bhatt's Zakhm. Saturn in his horoscope is strong, which will bestow a lot of wealth in the next 19 years.

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