Heer the story!
Bollywood turns to our very own Pollywood, as Minissha Lamba makes an entry into Punjabi cinema with Heer & Hero...
Jasmine Singh

Creativity, being different, bringing something new…the talks of anything that can tantalise the brain makes for an interesting conversation. Now, how about merging or even bringing it closer to reality? Well, we have an all-together different story.

Punjabi films, nonetheless, are trying to put their best foot forward, with a big push from the producers. This is ideally where the story begins — money or funds — a better suited creative term. It is the money that gives creativity a form, in Punjabi cinema of course!

Heer & Hero, launches Minissha Lamba in Punjabi films, along with two new production houses — Gabbar, the Theatre Army Films and ETCH B from HB Productions — to create a film that will be a full-on entertainer. We talk to the cast — Minissha Lamba, Aarya Babbar, Gurpreet Ghuggi, debutant actor Preet Bhullar and the young producers, who tell us more about the moolah that makes everything possible.

Game on
Gabbar & ETCH B

Gabbar, a young lad who has worked as the line producer of projects like West is West, Mausam and Teen Thay bhai, turns co-producer with yet another passionate film buff Etch B from HB Productions for Heer & Hero. Says Gabbar, "The Theatre Army Films and Television Production that we started gave us experience as well as knowledge of movie-making and production process. It was a chance that I met the right kind of people in Etch B who are also interested in films; I discussed the subject and we were on," adds Gabbar.

As for Etch B, (this is how he likes to be called), a sportsperson, producing a film doesn't mean providing a stack of notes. "I take keen interest in the movie right from music, fights to the sets etc," he says, making sure every word sounds believable.


Aarya Babbar Job well done

Aarya Babbar is a name as familiar to Punjabi film industry as Bollywood. He is one non-singer who has created a niche for himself, which is getting bigger and better. "This is my first film with Minissha Lamba; there were occasions when we had a chance to do film together but it didn't materialise. I am sure this movie will be fun," he says.

ROLE Call: Aarya Babbar

Leading lady

We would have ideally expected a Punjabi film actress to dress up in Punjabi attire and speak in the language! Minissha Lamba arrives in a blue dress looking beautiful, Minissha Lamba but she sure tries to talk in a language that she finds has a personality of its own. "Punjabi is a beautiful language, which has strong characteristics of its own," she says.

We assume then that the Bachana Ai Haseeno fame girl is already taking diction classes? "Oh yes I am, everybody on the sets is my tutor. However, it is my chauffer who ferries me from one location to the other who can teach me the best Punjabi," she says in English. Heer & Hero is Minissha's first Punjabi film; the subject of the film is what interested her. "I always wanted to do a Punjabi film because I am a Punjabi. It is when I heard the story of Heer & Hero that I absolutely fell in love with it," she shares. If you think she is spending her days watching Punjabi movies, the answer is, "No I haven't seen any Punjabi film. I haven't done any romcoms before; I am happy to be doing this, it gives me more time to stay in Chandigrah," adds Minissha, who will be seen Black Currency opposite Nawazzudin Sidiqqui soon.

PUNJABI PUNCH: Minissha Lamba

Director's cut

Sagar S Sharma, who directed Burrahh, explores the genre of romcom in Punjabi with Heer & Hero. He wouldn't divulge much on the subject; whether it is different or why can't directors explore different subjects. The answer is bang on! 'Sadda Haq was a different attempt, but it couldn't release. Why don't we explore the romcom genre first," shares Sagar, who had Minissha as his first and obvious choice.(L-R) Sagar Sharma,Gurpreet Ghuggi & Preet Bhullar

Actor first

Although he is trying his hand at producing a movie, Gurpreet Ghuggi has a different take. "I am an actor first; I am producing a movie, which is almost complete, but my first love remains acting."

(L-R) Sagar Sharma,Gurpreet Ghuggi & Preet Bhullar

Fat-free world
Pizzas and cheesecakes are not all about fat; try out these new recipes…
Tanya Malhotra

What if we tell you that there's a way you could eat all the fatty food and still keep all the curves intact? Now fuse that thought with your deepest pizza and cheesecake fantasies. Well, this changes everything! At the launch of Nutrism at Rio, Sector 44, Chandigarh, the recipes for such an extravagant indulgence were showcased!

The chef Anubhav Sawhney, after showcasing Tofu cheesecake, Whole wheat bran calzone, Lycopene overload salad and Strawberry oatmeal smoothie, shares, "Usually people crave for the appetising junk food and scrumptious desserts. Here, a healthy makeover of their regular diet can make all the difference. For instance, things like gluten-free diet and sugar-free desserts can bring in a revolution." She adds, "The response in Chandigarh has been really fantastic."

Aditi Mehrotra, partner, says, "The Punjabi diet is about paranthas and non-veg products; obesity, therefore, is very much customary here but so is the struggle to overcome it! The best thing about Chandigarh is that it warmly welcomes new ideas and if it's about an easy way to lose weight, all the more better. We hope to take you to a whole new world; it is all about eating healthy." With a total experience of fifteen years, Aditi organises parents' enrichment camps, students' enrichment camps, teacher training programmes and much more to impart nutritional education.

The upcoming cooking show of Nutrism (based on the feedback from the city) will direct the city towards a healthy way of living. Starting with the Gluten free, Kids special, Low cal desserts & snacks, there will be shows for men exclusively as well, such as Men at work and Food for the diabetics. Aditi and Anubhav will also be publishing a recipe book titled recipe renovation.

Sonal Grover, owner, Rio, shares, "Normally people stop eating altogether to get slim, which is not correct. You lose your mind along with the health and bounce back as soon as you stop dieting. The goal should be to keep a healthy diet." Upon being asked how her experience was with the show, she says, "I would love to try the new recipes of Anubhav; they are innovative and easy to follow. Now everything will be as healthy as ever." Bon Appétit!

success mantra
Creative circle

Lai hayat aaye qaza le chali chale na apni khushi aaye na apni khushi chale…is what noted Punjabi novelist Gurdial Singh read some fifty years ago. The lines are still fresh in his memory! Over 80 now, he lives in his village Jaitu, near Faridkot. He spends his mornings reading and writes during the day.

"I read the couplet long back and it struck me with deep intensity. Coming and going from this world is something that is not in our hands. What we have with us is to make use of all the years that we live," he says. As for him, he has done that triumphantly!

Called a classic in Punjabi literature with novels Marhi Da Deeva, Adh Chanini Raat, Anhe Ghore Da Daan; collection of short stories and plays, Singh has been recipient of numerous honours, including Padma Shri and Jnanpith Literary Award.

The writer who carved a hero from the unprivileged strata of the society, is all humble. Ask him on Anhe Ghore Da Daan bagging Golden Peacock and he gives the credit to young director Gurvinder Singh. Gurdial Singh wrote the script for the Punjabi film keeping in mind the director's sensibility.

"Gurvinder is experimental. He makes utmost use of the visual medium, barely using the dialogues. It's his vision that helped him bag the prestigious award at Goa beating the films by acclaimed directors such as Deepa Mehta."

Gurdial Singh opens up on what he considers are the characteristics of a successful writer.

Read classics

Before one decides to be an author, it is important to imbibe the cannon and not in just your language, but the world over. I have been much influenced by Maxim Gorky. Not only did I read his works in detail, but also his biography. Leo Tolstoy was another author whom I hold in high esteem. He gave War and Peace, some 1,500 pages tome with over 600 characters. He was a landlord, but in his characters one finds a thorough understanding of different milieus.

Command over language

It's been observed that most successful authors have written in their native tongues. Literature flows through language, so it's important to have thorough knowledge of the language and its nuances. It's the basic tenet of good writing.

Know your potential

One must be aware of one's physical, mental, intellectual capability and genre that one is best suited for. If one has the bent of mind of a poet, he might not do well as a novelist and vice-versa.

Choosing a genre is as significant a decision as deciding on a language that one wants to write on. To have read extensively in the genre in which one intends to write is equally significant.

Understand the society

One needs to have thorough knowledge of the society, milieu and times that one wants to write about. It is not superficial knowledge that will help you sail through, but deep understanding; something that comes after spending hours in research and also observing people, places as well as different parameters first-hand.

Message is important

One just cannot write what comes in your mind. There has to be a purpose, a message that comes from deep within your heart. I write what I grasped from life. Being of a religious bent of mind, Gurbani shaped much of my ideology that further got influenced by reading the world cannon. I am working on the second part of novel Aahan, which means tiddi dal.

For this I have to delve deep into history books, carry on my part of research before I get down to write it. The fact that the present political system, although we are living in a democracy, is like one tiddi dal that's feeding on society and making it hollow, pains me.


Her world
Priyanka Khosla has come up with a fashion line that includes evening and party gowns, which are English in style and cut
Amarjot Kaur

Priyanka Khosla
DESIGN element: Priyanka Khosla

When it comes to fashion, there is only a little refuge from the rhetoric. However, Priyanka Khosla, whose contribution to Chandigarh in terms of fashion has been abundant indeed, embarks on a new creative pursuit to furnish her experience as she ventures upon launching a fashion label under her own name—Priyanka Khosla at Sector 8-C, Chandigarh.

Slip your dainty pedicured feet into a fine pair of those atrociously high heels and head to this exquisite fashion studio. “Though the range that we are offering ranges between Rs 4,500 to Rs 8,500, we are essentially catering to the fashion elites. I have a collection of over 85 designs, which are incredibly exclusive,” says Priyanka as she intimates us with her business and creative ideology behind opening a fashion studio.

Meanwhile, Priyanka defines her brand for it exclusive variety that dismisses the clichéd set of dresses that you are more likely to find at various other fashion outlets in the city, “Well, most of the clothing outlets outsource their garments from Bangkok, while mine is an exclusive store for western dresses. We are offering a wide range of evening and tea party gowns that are so English in their style and cut. We also have shift and peplum dresses that are inspired from the 50’s,” she says.

Presently, Priyanka is serving the INIFD as the director and has choreographed over 200 fashion shows, “I will be showcasing my new collection at the Lakme India Fashion Week that will take place in Mumbai,” she shares. “You see, these days most of the youngsters are getting their fashion inspiration from the international television shows. Also, I do see a shift in the regular Indian mentality where older women would stick to the boring salwar kameez and sarees,” she says. According to her, western wear is practical, comfortable and very easy to carry.

Note worthy
The music of upcoming movie Bikkar Bai Sentimental is set to strike a chord with the masses
Jasmine Singh

The success and failure of a movie is often judged by the music, apart from other things. The music of soon-to-be-released Punjabi movie Bikkar Bai Sentimental is already making waves in the cyber world. In Chandigarh, Sandeep Bansal, producer of the movie, along with the actor Jassi Jasraj released the CD of the film.

It is, however, the song Main Fan Bhagat Singh Da sung by Diljit Dosanjh that has struck a chord with youngsters. “The songs of the film are entertaining, at the same time they also give a message,” says Sandeep, who hopes that the movie along with songs offer a wholesome package. The CD has nine songs, out of which the first song Jatt Senti Ho Gaya Ni Dekhi Mental Na Kar Dayin has been penned and sung by Jassi Jasraj, who believes in standing up for the right things. “Creativity is a reflection of what we think and stand for, same goes for music. The music of the film Bikkar Bai Sentimental has everything for all age groups. Each song and each word has a meaning that will entertain and also make you think at the same time,” adds Jasraj, who has also sung songs Sajna, Band Baja and Bikkar Bani.

Standing tall
Divya Dutta

Hosting is not only presenting the ceremony, it is also getting to know the pulse of the audience and conversing with them. This week I hosted a Baisakhi show in Mumbai, super talented Mika Singh concert and the felicitation of my favourite actor Dharmendra ji completing 50 years in Hindi cinema, all rolled into one great evening. The auditorium was full of fellow Punjabis- Raj Babbar, Om Puri, Raveena Tandon, Neha Dhupia and many others. It was so much fun and so motivating when the audience reacts to whatever you say. They laugh when you crack a joke, they clap when you recite beautiful words.

When my turn for the felicitation came, super spontaneous Mika came on stage and with his beautiful words cheered me up for the honour! I was touched. He didn't have to but he did. This is what matters, the extra thing that you do that touches someone!

Then I announced the big honour of the day, the felicitation of Dharam ji. When it comes to him, words just keep flowing. I said it all, how proud I feel to belong to his hometown Sahnewal, how he told me when I entered films that he would love to see me portray roles like Jaya Bachchan did Guddi, and how affectionate he is.

He was listening to my every word. I went on to continue the show after I got off the stage, suddenly I felt someone standing behind me. As I turned around, I was surprised to see an emotional Dharam ji right besides me. He had come back on stage to talk about me. He put his arm around me affectionately and announced that I am his lovely little girl and he is so proud of me. I could see the warmth and genuineness with which he said it for me. He didn't have to but he did.

What do I say about such beautiful gestures of love and care? When they don't have to they do! I stood there moved and overwhelmed. This Baisakhi, I stand tall with their love and affection.

(Dutta is a Bollywood actor)

Dress code

Landmark, a fashionable designer studio opened its second outlet at the newly opened Elante mall. This outlet of Landmark Designer Studio comes after a veryModels display the outfits successful stint of twenty years in Panchkula.

The company's latest service is customised stitching under a different vertical Saastre (means a tailor in Latin), where it will try to deliver the garment in 24 hours, Saastre at The Landmark Designer Studio is well equipped with latest technology and manpower to deliver in time.

"It started 20 years back, I was always fascinated by the smile of a lady that would come after she finds her pick. All these years we worked hard to bring the latest collections from all over the country or sometimes even create the latest with our team. At Landmark it's about that smile-once and always," says Surinder Singla the promoter- Landmark Desinger Studio, while introducing young director, Harsh Singla.

This studio has latest collections of sarees, evening dresses, lehangas, all kinds of suits (unstiched and readymade) weddings, trousseau. — TNS
High design: Models display the outfits

Going with the flow
Growing gracefully with age is a mantra only a few follow…
Gurvinder Singh

Tej Singh
Grey Matter: Tej Singh Photos: Inderjeet Verma

In the times when people use loads of products to look younger, some are celebrating their age! Rather than colouring their hair, ageing gracefully is what they believe in. “There is elegance about growing older. The sooner you shake hands with your age, the better,” says Ludhiana resident Tej Singh. “There is greater satisfaction in being your age rather than camouflaging it,” she adds

Kiran Ranger, a socialite, says it is good to be your age, “I have children and grandchildren; I feel no need to colour my hair,” she says. “When I look at my old photographs, sometimes I do get tempted to colour my hair, but one can look graceful in every age without trying to hide it. I get compliments for my grey hair and also for being able to carry my age gracefully,” she adds.

“Youth is driven from the heart. Being young is about your attitude and direction towards the self and other people, rather than age and appearance,” says Tej.

“I feel up and about; I thank God for giving me this opportunity to see this beautiful phase of life. It just feels great and there is no need to hide my looks. Plus dyeing and colouring your hair does more harm than good. It is also a tedious process,” she adds.

“Even if you hide, your body gives way; you cannot deceive people,” says Kiran.


Flavours of Rajasthan
Khandani Rajdhani is a delight for the vegetarian lovers
Tanya Malhotra

It feels like home when you walk in to a restaurant and see a smiling face, more traditions pour in as they come with aarti and tikka and then take you to the realms of Rajasthan as well as Gujarat. Also, talk to the chef, share experiences and listen to Indian classical music while you are served the delicacies.

Khandani Rajdhani was launched in Elante Mall, Chandigarh, on Tuesday to delight all the vegetarian thali lovers.

Extravagant thali

The vice-president of Mirah Hospitality, Aji Nair, gives us an insight into the intricacy involved in presenting a thali. He says, “We offer a mix of various nutritional items into a thali as the menu of the day, it's decided by the corporate office in Mumbai. The thalis keep changing everyday according to the flavours of the season and the feedback of the customers. So, if you relish one today, you can walk in tomorrow to discover a whole new taste.” The price is nominal too, with the Utsav thali starting from Rs. 315 (inclusive of taxes), on the weekends Rajdhani bring in the Maharaja thali for Rs. 345 by adding more variety. Nair adds, “We also have special thalis for Jains, navratras, non- spicy or extra spicy thalis. Along with that, there are thalis for children or larger groups.”

Hot favourite

While dal baati churma, gatte ki sabzi, bhutta bhindi and koba roti exemplify the true and the most exquisite flavours of Rajasthan; the sweet kadi, undhiyo and dal dhokli of Gujarat adds to the essence. In desserts, jalebi and rabri along with aamras and pineapple halwa are worth another serving.

star track
Shah Rukh Khan on Chennai Express

Superstar Shahrukh Khan likes to pick films instinctively. He is especially happy with Rohit Shetty's Chennai Express as it's a great change for the actor. He believes it is a different project and quite a change from the intense films he has done in the recent past. He talks about the film and more…

On Chennai Express

I only do films that I like and as and when I get the opportunity. Two years back, Rohit narrated a couple of films to me. Out of which, I liked the remake of Angoor and Chennai Express. But Rohit wanted to do the latter one first as it is a bigger film with fantastic comedy and action.

The big change

It's embarrassing for me to speak of films that I produce, but I just have to say that Rohit has done a great favour by making a film like this for me. It's fun and I am enjoying it. Yes, I end up doing very intense films like Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Chak De! India and My Name Is Khan and so it (Chennai Express) is a nice change for me.

The more, the merrier

I like awards and I appreciate them. I feel most of the awards that we have in India, are for years of work that we have done rather than just one show. Moreover, it is nice to see that the entire film community comes together. We get five-seven opportunities a year where everyone gets together, so it's a time to celebrate. I like them. The more the merrier.Shah Rukh Khan

Fan fare

I normally don't get to travel abroad. I only come for functions and work. It is very nice to see that people, from around the world, love you. More than screaming and shouting fans, I like the fact that people of all ages and at all stages appreciate what Indian cinema is doing. It's great.

In the pipeline

We are making Chennai Express and then there is another film called A for Apple, B for Billi, C for Cutta (ABC). Two others are in the pipleline, but I would like to keep them under wraps.

Kareena Kapoor Khan Up front: Shah Rukh Khan

Lady in love

Kareena Kapoor Khan is shooting in Bhopal for the last schedule of Satyagraha and she is already missing her husband Saif who is in Lucknow shooting for Bullet Raja. Both films are in their last schedule. The couple took some time off from their schedules to meet up a while ago.

Priority act: Kareena Kapoor Khan

On the right track Vipul Shah

Vipul Shah's investment in Pooja Chopra and Vidyut Jamwal has paid off. Both the newcomer & the debutant are getting lots of compliments. Vidyut has stunned everyone with his action skills & Pooja has held the movie together with her emotional graph and confidence. They both look good too. We wish them all the best.

Well begun: Vipul Shah

A complete package

Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani along with the director of the movie, Mrighdeep Singh Lamba, launched the trailer of their movie, Fukrey at Jai Hind College canteen and showed off their Fukro Ki Toli.

The cast comprises, Pulkit Sharma, Varun Sharma, Manjot Singh, Ali Fazel and Richa Chadda. The movie is set in Delhi and is about the situation of a gamble gone wrong. However, essentially, the film is about these four Fukras who aspire to enter college and day dream. The trailer showed a thrilling mixture of unique characters played by the star cast Honey, Choocha, Lali, Zafar along with the deadly bholi Panjaban. The film is essentially set in Delhi.

Priyanka Chopra Love’s labour lost!

It looks like Priyanka Chopra is in no mood to be in a relationship, even though controversies about her equation with a certain Khan have surrounded her. She recently updated her status as an "artist" on a website because she is too much in love with acting & singing and these two careers keep her busy. Love and marriage will have to wait!

Work space: Priyanka Chopra

Spice Girls miffed!

Victoria Beckham Spice Girls is disappointed with former band mate Victoria Beckham for posing with her family instead of the band at the red carpet of their musical Viva Forever last year. 38-year-old Victoria left the band to pursue a career in fashion designing. Band member Melanie C recently admitted that she and the rest of the group were disappointed by Beckham's absence, reported a publication.

"We were disappointed that Victoria didn't arrive with us on the red carpet at the premiere, I'm not going to lie. For her that evening was about her family and that's what she wanted to do. But we're all grown-ups and we've been through so much. If somebody wants to do something a certain way, then we are not going to kick up a fuss about it," she said. — PTI
Politically incorrect: Victoria Beckham

Esha Gupta The pink philosophy

Esha Gupta loves pink & she finds that it stands out all the time. She recently did the cover of a magazine wearing lots of pink outfits and the cover had pink text too. So far, she only has one item song lined up in 2013. We hope the gorgeous and girl gets some good movies too.

Colour blind: Esha Gupta

The billion dollar club

R&B star Beyonce and rapper husband Jay Z are said to be pop industry's first billionaire couple.

The Bootylicious singer, who was made the face and body ofBeyonce H&M's summer bikini collection recently, will reportedly rake in 75 million pounds from her upcoming tour, reported a publication.

The 31-year-old kicked off her world tour in the Serbian capital Belgrade, the first of her 58 concerts in Europe and North America. It is believed that she will scoop 1.3 million pounds for each gig.

The singer brings in more cash than record producer Jay-Z, 43 and together the couple is now worth 650 million pounds. Their one-year-old daughter Blue Ivy is said to sleep in a 14,000 pounds cedar-wood cot. — PTI
Money matters: Beyonce

On & off love story

Actress Kristen Stewart and on-off boyfriend Robert Pattinson were spotted holding hands at the 14th annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

The couple showed slight PDA (public display of affection) while walking among numerous festival attendees. Pattinson walked in front of his girlfriend while holding her left hand behind his back.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartStewart looked fresh in a loose white t-shirt, short black pants, a cap and a pair of sunglasses, while the Remember Me actor donned a teal shirt, blue jeans and a pair of sunglasses.

According to reports, Stewart has rented a house in a nearby area for the weekend. The duo, who met on the sets of their film Twilight, had split after Stewart was caught cheating on the actor with married director Rupert Sanders. But it is said that they soon reconciled and have agreed to give their relationship another chance. — PTI
Last chance: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

chatter box
In no hurry to marry

Shama Sikander Well we all know that Shama Sikander and Alex O Neil (ex-husband of Shweta Keswani) have been dating each other for over three years now. Shama reveals on how the two started dating each other, "It just happened. Both of us were going through rough times that caused much sorrow. Also, we needed someone to be there, be it as a partner or a lover. When we met each other, everything just fell in place and these three years just flew by. We do not have any motive or agenda, perhaps that's why it keeps us happy and our relationship has grown stronger with each passing day. We are very honest and genuine, so that helps!"

The two are rumoured to be taking their relationship to the next level. On her marriage plans she says, "The best part about our relationship is that we don't think too much. We are together because we want to be with each other. Marriage will happen when the right time comes. There are no immediate marriage plans."

On being asked about the idea of working together she says, "We have never worked together in the past except for a music video. Now we are open for all kind of offers, including reality shows". Shama Sikander is currently seen as Bhayankar Pari in Baal Veer.

Happily Unmarried: Shama Sikander

I am fine playing Gopi: Devoleena

For over a year, Devoleena Bhattacharjee has been essaying the role of a docile bahu, Gopi, in the show, Saath Nibhana Saathiya that is telecast on Star Plus. As we get her to talk about her experiences, she takes us on an engaging and interesting escapade, which details on her journey so far.

How does it feel like to play the role of Gopi Bahu, especially after you replaced Giaa Maanek, who was seen as Gopi earlier?

It has been wonderful and I have learnt something new with every passing day. Since I come from a theatre background, television was a very new medium for me. However, playing the role of Gopi has propelled my career. I knew that the character would work well with me even after Giaa Maanek left the show.

While Giaa was a part of the show, it was rated as one of the top shows on the TRPs chart, however for over a year the TRPs of the show have gone down. How do you feel about it?

Saath Nibhana Saathiya is still one of the top five shows on television. It is very difficult to maintain the consistency of the show and this one has worked for over three years. I think that is commendable.

Did you try to make any changes in Gopi once you got comfortable with the character?

Devoleena BhattacharjeeNo. I am fine with playing Gopi the way she is because that's the reason why the show is still doing well. The creative team has done a fabulous job with the characters and I think the masses relate to them. Moreover, the show has a good storyline to get the audience hooked to it.

You seem to be very friendly with your co-star Mohd Nazim, who plays Aham. Would you like to comment on this?

We are all like a huge family. We eat together and chat while waiting for shots. We are all very friendly with each other.

Which TV show from the current lot do you like?

I really like Saraswatichandra a lot, especially Kumud's role because it has elements of courage, innocence and maturity.
Happy space: Devoleena Bhattacharjee

Rishabh wants a big screen stint

Rishabh Sinha After working with television, all young actors consider films as their ultimate goal. For Rishabh Sinha, who plays the role of Aayan in Qubool Hai, things are no different. Recently, Rishabh received an offer to work in Subhash Ghai's upcoming movie titled Kaanchi. Now Rishabh wants to quit the show but because of the show's contract policies, he cannot do so.
In a fix: Rishabh Sinha

Up for a cause

Sakshi Tanwar & Anup Soni in Crime Patrol Crime Patrol a popular show on Sony TV is gearing up for a star-studded episode that will be featuring some eminent actors, who will have a gripping story to tell.

In the episode, Sudeep Sarangi will play the central role along with Shahab Khan, who gained much fame in the show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya. Meanwhile, the well-known actor, Sudipta, will play the role of Sudeep's close mate. Also, Sachin Tyagi, who is presently seen as Ravan in Zee TV's Ramayan and Gulshan Pandey will also be a part of the story.

The story is about a typical insurance fraud case wherein many people are victimised.

Star studded: Sakshi Tanwar & Anup Soni in Crime Patrol

Patience and its virtues

Rohit Khurana aka RJ Madhav of Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat, sits patiently for his make up, which takes long hours, everyday. His character is that of a dark-skinned pockmarked person and to make it look real, he invests a lot of time and effort.

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Use your time in a worthwhile manner. Pointless arguments will only waste your time. The future looks bright and hopeful. Chances of promotion are strong at work today. Tarot message: Try to avoid serious discussions with loved ones. Lucky colour: Blue. Lucky number: 61

TAURUS: You will complete all delayed work today. Also, meeting new people and catching up with old friends will keep you busy. Do not loose patience while you work in a hectic schedule. Tarot message: Seek advice but don't feel you have to stick to it. Lucky colour: Lotus Pink. Lucky number: 65

GEMINI: Your energy level is low, spending some time on your own will enable you to recharge your batteries and focus on the tasks at hand. Invest only in safe financial plans. Tarot message: Keep a check on your finances. Lucky colour: Crimson. Lucky number: 40

CANCER: Your family and friends express their feelings and doubts about a new relationships that you have formed lately. It's important that you let them speak their mind out. Tarot message: Be polite and understanding. Lucky colour: Yellow. Lucky number: 32

LEO: Your practical approach will help you in making decisions. You will be quite active and motivated to take on pending tasks and catch up with your loved ones. So, all in all, you will accomplish a lot today. Tarot message: Take care of your health. Lucky colour: Ebony. Lucky number: 63

VIRGO: Since the past few days, you have been coming up with productive ideas and its time to practice them. Take care of your health. Certain financial decisions will have to be revised. Tarot message: Renew the energy in your relationship. Lucky colour: Red. Lucky number: 44

LIBRA: Put your energy in order. Your hard work will finally be fruitful and this will increase your productivity and confidence. Social gatherings and celebrations will put you in the limelight. Tarot message: Adopt a diplomatic approach. Lucky colour: Green. Lucky number: 51

SCORPIO: Family matters will be fairly uneventful. Stick to your budget. Those of you who are planning to start businesses will get the support and guidance of friends and family. Tarot message: Do not make impulsive decisions. Lucky colour: Purple. Lucky number: 46

SAGITTARIUS: Traveling and journeys will be significant, personally and professionally. It is essential that you give up postponing things and deal with them immediately. Tarot message: Keep your eyes and ears open to new opportunities. Lucky colour: Saffron. Lucky number: 55

CAPRICORN: Today, many of you will spend time in exploring and broadening your spiritualistic and philosophical dimensions. Relationships will become stronger and enable you to grow. Tarot message: Stay focussed and calm. Lucky colour: Peach. Lucky number: 39

AQUARIUS: Efforts of the past will be fruitful. There will be changes in several aspects of your life and this will put a fair amount of stress on you. Tarot message: Stop thinking about yourself and see what you can do for others. Lucky colour: Mauve. Lucky number: 26

PISCES: You will deal with pending tasks today and this will help you to accomplish quite a lot, quickly and easily. In relationships and financial dealings, trust your instincts. Tarot message: Take life the way it comes. Lucky colour: Orange. Lucky number: 64

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