fiction Bestsellers

Not out in life's battle
Reviewed by Rohit Mahajan
The Test of My Life: From Cricket to Cancer and Back
by Yuvraj Singh with Sharda Ugra & Nishant Jeet Arora.
Random House. Pages 189. Rs399
The extraordinary story of Yuvraj Singh’s return to cricket after being stricken with cancer is a tale that simply had to be told. It’s an inspirational story, a very personal story in which Yuvraj, quite courageously, sheds the veneer of confidence — arrogance, even — that used to characterise him.

Rare record of a glorious heritage
Reviewed by Harish Dhillon
Sikh Heritage: Ethos and Relics
by Bhayee Sikander Singh and Roopinder Singh. Rupa. 
Pages 204. Rs1,500
for almost all my adult life, both as a teacher and a writer, I have been a trader in words and have done fairly well for myself in this capacity. Yet, today, when I sit down to review this book my trade fails me.

Startling discoveries, cityscape & metafiction 
Reviewed by Balwinder Kaur
The Secret Gardener
by Kalpana Swaminathan
Penguin. Pages 245. Rs 299.
With his last breath, a petrified gigolo claims "I did not do it..." and dies after rasping out an address: 24 Patwardhan Cross. Determined to find those responsible for his demise, Kesarbai requests detective Lalli for help and forgiveness.

Fast-growing Sino airpower 
Reviewed by Khushwant S. Gill
Dragon In The Air: Transformation of China's 
Aviation Industry and Airforce
by Vishal Nigam Knowledge World. 
Pages 236. Rs 820
China's growing power in the world is old news now and well-analysed and understood. So is its single-mindedness in pursuit of its long-term national and strategic goals. Vishal Nigam's book further pursues this theme with specific focus on the development of China’s aviation industry and its air force.