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Wanted criminal held in UP
Jatinder had escaped from police custody last month
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 21
In a major breakthrough, the city police has arrested dreaded criminal and kingpin of the notorious Fortuner gang Jatinder Singh, alias Bunty, alias Langra, from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh late this evening. The city police was camping in Agra following a tip-off that Bunty was hiding in UP after escaping from Ludhiana. Commissioner of Police Ishwar Singh confirmed the development.

Bunty had escaped from police custody while he was being brought back to the jail after a court hearing in Phillaur on March 6.

Bunty was reportedly hiding in a hotel. The police has recovered three pistols from his possession.

The police had recently expressed fear that Jatinder's escape might led to a rise in highway robberies.

Jatinder, who was nabbed last year, was behind many sensational robberies, including the Rs 44-lakh Bonn Bread robbery and the Rs 29-lakh Kitty Bread robbery.

The police had also announced a reward of Rs 10,000 for any information about Jatinder's whereabouts.

Fond of robbing luxurious cars, Jatinder, who is facing more than 36 criminal cases, including those of murder, robbery and dacoity, was suspected to be hiding in Amritsar, Uttar Pradesh or Kolkata, where his wife lives.

On March 6, Jatinder Singh, Head Constable (HC) Sanjiv Kumar along with another policeman were returning to the central jail from a court hearing. a Toyota Innova stopped near Jatinder. On seeing the vehicle, Jatinder tired to break his handcuffs and a scuffle ensued. During the scuffle, Sanjiv's belt got torn and Jatinder got freed. It was learnt that the chain of his handcuffs was tied to Sanjiv Kumar's belt.

Jatinder is stated to be among the most wanted criminals. He was nabbed by the Taran Taran police in February 2012.

Faces 36 cases

Jatinder, who was nabbed last year, was behind many sensational robberies, including the Rs 44-lakh Bonn Bread robbery and the Rs 29-lakh Kitty Bread robbery. Fond of robbing luxurious cars, the kingpin of the Fortuner gang is facing more than 36 criminal cases, including those of murder, robbery and dacoity


26 years on, farmer struggles to reclaim his farm land
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 21
If nature's fury was not enough, an irregularity allegedly committed by financial institutions has forced a 57- year-old man to run from pillar to post for the past 26 years to reclaim his agricultural land. Sucha Singh, World War II hero Amar Singh's son, is waging a lone battle against the corrupt system that allegedly led to the usurping of his land.

A resident of Jamalpur Lellay village, Sucha Singh curses the day when he got a tractor financed in 1986. His shocking tale has brought to light how loans were taken from two different banks for the same tractor and that too without his knowledge.

"During that time, vehicle agencies used to keep land papers and get a vehicle financed from a bank. Since I was illiterate, the agency duped me and got one tractor financed from two banks. I paid Rs 19,000 in advance and took Rs 60,000 from Indian Oversees Bank from Bhamian village branch in on December 12, 1986, as loan for purchasing the tractor. The same tractor, bearing chassis No. 860784, engine No. 649318 and registration No. PAI- 4443, was financed by another bank 14 days later on December 26 for Rs 65,000," said Sucha Singh.

It was learnt that the owner of the tractor agency had allegedly connived with a manager of a bank in Nawanshahr to carry out this bungling.

"A few months after purchasing the tractor, floods hit our village in 1987 and my agricultural land, located near the banks of the Sutlej, was inundated. It was after six months that I retrieved the tractor from the flood water.

As I needed money desperately, I sold the tractor for Rs 14,000," said Succha Singh.

He said he came to know about the fraud six years later in 1992 when the water receded and he wanted to plough the filed again.

"I was doing odd jobs to feed my five children. My joy had no bound when the Numberdar of the village, Darshan Ram, told me that the flood water in his fields had receded. When I returned to plough the filed, I was shocked to find that someone else was cultivating his land," said Sucha Singh.

He alleged that his land was auctioned by the authorities concerned without informing him.

Interestingly, it was the bank manager's wife who owned the land and took a loan of Rs 10 lakh against the same property.

Nearly 27 year after purchasing the tractor, Sucha Singh still has a loan of nearly Rs 5 lakh to repay.

"The officials of Indian Oversees Bank still ask for money. How shall I repay the loan amount. I do not have the land," said Sucha Singh.

He said he had lodged several complaints with the police but it was reluctant to probe the matter as it was an old financial matter. He alleged that when he visited his agricultural land, the person, who was in possession of the land, shot at him.



Filing complaints
MC mobile phone application gains popularity
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 21
The mobile phone Android application of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, LMC CRAMAT, is proving to be a boon for the city residents. A large number of residents have been using it ever since it was launched last month. With the help of this mobile phone application, a large number of residents have complained about civic problems such as encroachments, illegal parking, potholed roads.

Ludhiana Municipal Corporation Citizens Reporting and Mapping Tool (LMC CRAMAT) was launched on March 4. More than 1,000 residents have made use of the application so far.


  • You should have an Internet connection on your  mobile phone
  • The mobile phone should be GPS enabled
  • Open ‘Google Play Store’ and search for ‘LMC CRAMAT’
  • Click ‘Install’ button to install it on the Android tab  or phone
  • Once downloaded, run the application
  • Register yourself by entering your email ID, cell phone and password
  • You need to do this only the first time
  • Once registered, log in using your email ID and password


  • For submitting a complaint, click ‘Add’ icon in the application
  • Click red camera icon to click a picture
  • Select category of the complaint
  • Add a brief description, if required
  • Save and submit your complaint

Of a total of around 200 complaints received through this mobile phone application, more than 60 per cent have been redressed while the remaining cases have been assigned to the officials concerned.

This application was developed with the aim of ensuring much-needed accountability and efficiency among the MC officials.

The 10 categories under which complaints can be filed are street lights, water supply and sewerage, roads, sanitation, Tehbazaari, encroachments, horticulture, unauthorised construction, illegal advertisements or boards or hoardings and city bus service.

They can even click photographs with their mobile phones and send them to the officials concerned with a brief description of the problem. Once the complaint is submitted online, the complainant will get a confirmation SMS. The complaint is automatically forwarded to the department concerned through email.

This application will automatically keep the complainant informed through SMS and email by sending updates when the MC assigns the complaint to an attendant and again when the work gets done.

Now, the MC has added some features to the application. Once a complaint is resolved, the complainant can give feedback.

“We will also add more features to the LMC CRAMAT so that it remains both simple as well as effective,” said Jaskirat Singh, who has developed the application.

Speaking to Ludhiana Tribune, MC Additional Commissioner Isha Kalia said a large number of people had been using this application.

“Just today, I received an email from a city resident who thanked us because his complaint was resolved within 24 hours. He also wrote in his email that the MC official, who came for the redress of his complaint, even rang him up to check whether he was satisfied. Besides, we are also getting several emails from residents who are happy using this simple application,” she added.



Now, pick fresh vegetables right from farm
A farmer near Baddowal village allows customers to pluck vegetables from his nursery
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News service

Ludhiana, April 21
Rather than picking stale or unpalatable vegetables from markets or mandis, now you have the option of picking vegetables straight from a farm. A city-based nursery has struck this novel idea. Its customers can pluck fresh vegetables from the nursery. The aim is not only to provide fresh veggies to people, but also to sensitise them about how these are grown.

Kulwinder Singh Walia, a farmer from Muktsar, has set up a nursery on 3.5 hectare near Baddowal village. According to him, he has initiated this service to provide organic vegetables to the residents of the city.

"We call this service, "visit and get" (aao the lai jao). It is not only vegetable shopping but also an informative trip," said Kulwinder Singh.

"The younger generation, specially youngsters in urban areas, are not aware about the basic farming procedure. A visit to this nursery gives people an opportunity to enhance their knowledge about farming," he added.

He doesn't use any chemical-based insecticides and pesticides in his farm. The farming method at the nursery is totally organic," Kulwinder Singh added. He claimed they used need-based fertiliser and natural insecticides.

"We have established a model. It is not just for commercial benefits. We appeal to other farmers to adopt this model. We have discussed the model with senior agricultural scientists," he said.



Chemists to go on two-day strike
Protest police action against chemists running shops without licence
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 21
In protest against the Police Department for registering cases against chemists (running shops without licence), the retail chemists of the city have decided to keep their shops closed for the next two days.

A decision to this effect was taken at a meeting of the retail chemists held at Model Gram under the presidentship of Aman Ahuja, president of the Ludhiana Retail Chemists Association, here today.

Aman Ahuja said: "There are around 1,500 retail chemists in the city and we have appealed to all of them to keep their shops closed for two days, i.e. on Monday and Tuesday, in protest against the Police Department action against the chemists. We demand that cases registered against the chemists should be withdrawn. We also demand that the Police Department should stop its interference in the chemists' routine affairs."

He said they were against the sale of habit forming drugs and would not cooperate with anyone whosoever indulge in their sale. He said: "We are ready to cooperate with the administration in curbing the illegal sale of habit forming drugs. We want only the Drug Department should check our shops as it used to be done earlier."

Today, certain chemists kept their shops closed. They had kept the shops closed for about six hours on Saturday, which led to a lot of inconvenience to patients and their attendants.



Yet another reshuffle in MC
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 21
There has been yet another reshuffle in the top brass of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation. Kamlesh Bansal has been once again appointed as zonal commissioner, Zone A, while AS Sekhon as zonal commissioner, Zone C.

Dr Sumit Jarangal, an IAS officer, who was earlier posted as Zonal Commissioner, Zone A, has been made the head of health sanitation, bridges and roads, operations and maintenance and projects branches of the civic body.

Earlier also, both Bansal and Sekhon have been posted as zonal commissioners of Zone A and C, respectively. Prior to their new postings, Kamlesh Bansal was posted as Additional Commissioner (Technical) in O&M cell while Sekhon was the head of the health and sanitation branch.

Besides, two superintendents have also been posted to new zones. Ranjeev Kumar, who was superintendent of house tax in Zone D, has been shifted to Zone C while Rajiv Bharadwaj, superintendent in the Tehbazaari wing, has been posted to the house tax wing, Zone A.



Medicines worth lakhs destroyed in fire
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 21
Medicines worth lakhs of rupees were destroyed in a fire that broke out at Gurmail Medical Hall, a leading chemist shop in the Pindi Street area of the city early this morning. The fire, which broke out at around 6:30 am, was put out by around 7:15 am.

As Pindi Street is one of congested areas of the city, five fire engines from all five fire stations of the city were rushed to the spot. Bhagwan Singh, owner of Gurmail Medical Hall, said he suspected that the fire took place due to a short-circuit. "All medicines lying in the shop have been reduced to ashes. I cannot tell the exact amount of loss but it is certainly in several lakhs," he informed.



Liquor shop opened near school
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 21
Caring two hoots for the basic rules in providing licenses to the wine shops, mushrooming of wine-shops near religious places/educational institutes goes unabated in the city. Perturbed over opening of such shops, the protests by the residents have become a daily routine these days.

Yet another wine shop has been opened near the Government Senior Secondary School, Multipurpose, Kesar Ganj, here. Flouting all the norms, the shop has been opened within 100 meters of radius of the school. One of the senior teachers in the school, wishing anonymity, said the shop was near the boundary wall of the school.

"We were shocked to see when the shop opened about 10 days ago. We tried to talk to the owners of the shop on the issue but to no avail. There are about 1,100 students in the school and opening of wine shop near the institute. What impression does it leave on the young minds?" asked the teacher adding that the shop was about 55 yards away from the main gate of the school.

Jaspreet Kaur, (name changed), a student of the Government Girls School, Kesar Ganj, said the shop was visible from their school too. "We can not move freely now as we have that fear that there is a wine shop. Majority of the people, visiting such shops are indecent, who pass derogatory remarks. It should be shifted from here," rued the student.

Another teacher of Multipurpose School, requesting anonymity, said the school authorities had tried to resolve the issue amicably by holding a meeting with the wine shop owners but to no avail.

"Instead we were given a reply if the department (granting license) had no problem in opening a shop here, why were they (school authorities) creating hurdles? We are not the law enforcing agencies, who can take action against the shop. But as per rules, wine shops should not be located near educational institutes," complained the teacher.



Regularisation of unauthorised colonies
Developers reject draft policy
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, April 21
The real estate developers and other stake holders have outrightly rejected the draft policy for regularisation of unauthorised colonies in Punjab, formulated under the Punjab Laws (Special Provisions) Act 2013 which was approved by the Punjab Assembly during its budget session last month.

Terming it as unviable and loaded against both the developers and plot holders, the colonisers said, “The policy will not serve the intended purpose of discouraging unregulated growth while at the same time, the developers of unauthorised colonies might also choose not to come forward for regularisation of unlicensed colonies simply due to financial implications which they consider not only exorbitant but also beyond their reach.”

Kultar Singh Jogi, president, Punjab Colonisers and Property Dealers Association said the policy being formulated by the state government have aimed at regularisation of colonies on ‘as is where is’ basis, at least for those colonies which were carved out before 2010.”

Provisions have been made to deal with this issue in four different manners on the basis of number of plots sold in such colonies. Those colonies where 80 per cent or more plots have been sold will be compounded in their existing form, those with sale of plots ranging between 65 to 80 per cent will have to leave space for parks and green belts and those where 35 to 65 per cent or less than 35 per cent plots have been sold will have to get their layout revised and approved afresh from the appropriate authority.

Fuming at the financial burden which the developers will have to bear, another real estate developer Gulshan Kumar of GK Group said, “The government intends to impose triple taxation on the developers which will render the very business of property development financially unviable and no developer (of unlicensed colony) will be able to get the colony compounded.”

“The developers will not mind paying compounding fee of Rs 50,000 and Rs 1 lakh per acre for colonies developed prior to 2007 and thereafter, respectively. But onus of paying development charges of Rs 200 per square yard in the unauthorised colonies should be on the plot holder where plots have been sold and sale deed registered in the name of buyers,” he said.

“For unsold plots, the development charges along with change of land use (CLU) and external development charges can be collected from the developers,” said Gulshan Kumar.

He said, “While making it clear that if the government insisted on collection of development charges of Rs 200 per square yard, in other words Rs 7 lakh per acre, in colonies that were developed several years back, the proposed policy will again turn out to be a disaster.”

Both Jogi and Gulshan Kumar said that a committee comprising of prominent developers had been set up to take up the matter with the government at the appropriate level in a bid to ensure that the developers of unauthorised colonies were given a fair chance to get their colonies compounded and the buyers of plots in such colonies could have access to basic amenities at par with their counterparts in other residential colonies.



Reporter’s diary
Parking contractors fleece commuters

Almost without exception, the city residents parking their vehicles at paid parking lots at the MC headquarters near Mata Rani Chowk, Mini-Secretariat, Feroze Gandhi Market, or else at the designated parking space at the railway station, must have, at one time or the other, fallen victim to overcharging by the attendants. The practice is more rampant at the parking lots at MC headquarters and the Mini-Secretariat where the contractors do not give two hoots to repeated warning by the senior officials. Off late, the people are being overcharged at the parking lots in the name of service tax which has now been imposed on collection of parking fee as well. Logically, the liability of all the government taxes lies with the contractor who is supposed to pay the taxes from out of his margin of profit. Moreover, before allotment of the parking sites on yearly lease, the rates for parking of vehicles are fixed and the contractor can not charge more than the stipulated fee on any ground. The authorities must intervene and ensure that rates for parking of different kinds of vehicles are prominently displayed at the parking sites and strict action should be taken against offenders.

Failure of rule of law!

Quite a few recent incidents of the city residents are taking law into their own hands and resorting to violence in protest against one thing or the other are manifestation of anger and frustration of the people against the system which has assumed notoriety as being "corrupt, inefficient and worst of all non-accessible to common man". Be it the death of a critically ill patient at a hospital or nursing home, failure of police to register a case, opening of liquor vend, or even an eatery, the protesting people go on rampage at the slightest provocation which is a dangerous sign in a democratic set up. More than the collapse of the administration, the malady reflects the failure of the political leadership which has miserably failed to put its act together and maintain the rule of law. If the powers that be want the people to have faith in the administration, police and the entire bureaucratic set up, they have to act in an effective manner, and sooner the better.

Health is wealth

Health is wealth, indeed! In the present scenario, in cut-throat competition era and too much of work, one needs to relax in order to remain fit. A good number of residents in Ludhiana have joined one activity or another to remain healthy. The gyms remain abuzz with activity by the health-conscious people, mostly youngsters. While the Sutlej Club here remains favourite among the officials in Ludhiana (including women officials), where they have joined either some game or keep fit through exercising. A woman official said, "Throughout the day, we have to sit in our offices. The field work is negligible. Sitting for almost eight hours in office becomes very tiring. I come here, do some exercises, which provide energy and freshness. Health is wealth and regular exercise and yoga provides me enough energy".

Nostalgic moment

In today's fast moving world, one is always busy and one rarely gets time to meet old friends, teachers and relatives. But indeed if any of these gives you a call, one really feels refreshed. It happened with me last evening when I was busy in finishing my work. Suddenly, one of college time friends rang me up from abroad after the span of three years. She reminded me of good old days when we used to study together, counsel each other and of course shared our tensions for obtaining good marks. Her call was enough for me for going down the memory lane. It reminded me of Mark Twain's quote. "Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life."

Contributed by Kuldip Bhatia, Shivani Bhakoo, Anupam Bhagria



Bhandara organisers must adhere to prescribed menu: Amarnath Shrine Board
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 21
Navin Kumar Choudhary, IAS, Chief Executive Officer of the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB), stressed that the bhandara organisors must adhere to the food menu provided by the SASB in the interest of pilgrims.

He was in the city as chief guest during a meeting organised by the Shri Amarnath Barfani Langars Organisations (SABLO) at Shri Nav Durga Mandir, Sarabha Nagar today.

He said, “Simple and non-oily food as per the prescribed menu should be served to yatris, if the langar organisations wanted to serve the yatris better.”

Members of the SABLO said the permission to include halwa and stuffed paratha to be included the menu should be given.

Choudhary applauded the role of the 'bhandara' organisations in successful conduct of the Shri Amarnathji Yatra 2012 and said that the process of registration of yatris for this year's yatra has started from March 18 through the designated branches of the J&K Bank and Yes Bank. He said, "After the addition of more bank branches, the number of registration centres in the country now is 422. The number will be increased further."

He said, “The 'langar' organisations should also maintain hygienic conditions in and around the 'langar' area. They should not undertake the yatra without getting themselves properly registered after getting the Compulsory Health Certificate (CHC) to avoid any inconvenience during the yatra.”



Evaluators demand day off from duty
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, April 21
The teachers, currently evaluating answer sheets at various centres, allocated by Panjab University, Chandigarh, have demanded at least one off day from duty especially at the weekends.

One of the teachers, who claims to have been performing his evaluation duty non-stop from April 6 onwards, shared: “As the process of evaluation is continuous, we cannot avail even one off day. Our evaluation goes on for more than a month and during all these days, we are supposed to report on duty as a matter of routine. Your mind demands a definite rest after some time.”

“We begin with enthusiasm as we have to check the performance of students and it is, no doubt, an interesting exercise. But as days pass and we are asked to correct one class after another without break, the exercise fails to provide any charm rather seems to be more of a compulsion who do it sincerely and at a stretch," said another teacher.

“Guru Nanak Dev University is already compensating day off to the teachers for the same then why not Panjab University does? Moreover, in the case of women employees, if the Panjab Government can assure child care relief to them, then Panjab University, too, should implement it at the earliest,” opined Dr Kuldip Singh, Senator, Panjab University and general secretary of the PCCTU.

If the teachers are working on holidays ie on Sundays and other gazetted holidays, they should be duly compensated for it. If the teachers are giving extra time to university work, the university too should think in terms of due compensation.

While Controller Examinations Dr Parvinder Singh, when contacted, held a different opinion in this regard.

He said, “The university does not forcibly put the teachers on evaluation work. The teachers are at present taking the classes, helping in conduct of the exams and doing evaluation side by side. So, it is up to them to make themselves comfortable and perform the duty as per their convenience. There is no such compulsion from the side of the university.”



Ludhiana scan
Mazdoor union to observe May Day

The Karkhana Mazdoor Union and Textile Hosiery Workers' Union will observe May Day at the PUDA Grounds here. The decision was taken by the leaders of both the unions during a meeting held here. During the occasion, rich tributes will be paid to the martyrs. The leaders said that in present times, atrocities against workers were increased and strategies to curb the "exploitation" of workers will be made. A skit and songs will be presented on this occasion. The president of Textile Hosiery Union Rajwinder said pamphlets on this would be distributed amongst the workers so that more and more people came together.


The whole history and activities of the Communist Party of India (CPI) during freedom struggle and in the post-independence India amply proves party's role in national building on self-dependent lines in collaboration with other developing countries. Focusing on the history of the party at a seminar on "The Role of the CPI in Development of India", the well-known Marxist theoretician, Anil Rajimwale, said the CPI was the first to raise the slogan of complete independence from the British and for a sovereign state. After freedom, the CPI proposed a concrete program of national reconstruction aimed at attaining self-reliance, economic strengthening and building powerful economy based on public sector. He said for this objective, the party waged struggle for nationalisation of banks, coal, oil, steel and railway. At the same time, the CPI favoured creating a strong democratic political structure to enable people to participate in country's processes of transformations.

Candle march

Several residents organised a candle march in support of the five-year-old rape victim of Delhi. Volunteers of various organisations including Aam Aadmi Party and Hindu Utthan Parishad also participated in the event. The residents formed a human chain outside Rakh Bag. They demanded suspension of the Delhi Police Commissioner and stricter implementation of the laws. The volunteers held a march from Rakh Bagh to Jagraon Bridge praying at Durga Mata Mandir.

Cultural programme

Himachal Welfare Society organised a Himachal Cultural Programme on 33-foota road at Mundian Kalan, Chandigarh Road. Himachal Pradesh cultural programme and folk songs and dance from the state were performed on the occasion by Natraj Sanskriti Kala Manch. — TNS



From colleges

Ludhiana: The PCTE Group of Institutes organised its 5th annual convocation function on the PCTE Campus-II on Sunday. About 500 degrees were conferred on the graduates from different disciplines like PGDM, MBA, MBA-IB, MCA, M.Sc-IT, BBA, BCA, B.Sc ATHM, B-Pharmacy and BHMCT. VK Goyal, executive director and CEO, SEL Industries Ltd, was the chief guest on the occasion. Dr KNS Kang, director general, PCTE Group of Institutes, give away the degrees to the students and VK Goyal gave away the prizes and college colours to meritorious students.

During the convocation function, Ummi Calvin Marealle, student of MBA IB, was awarded with Wg Cdr HS Gill Memorial Gold Medal along with a cash prize of Rs 10,000 for most being the outstanding student of the college. The award was given for excellence in academics, cultural and extracurricular activities at college and national level. Prizes were given to students who bagged gold medal in the university exams. Kapil Sahni received college colours for exceptional performance in literary events. Lovely Kumar received college colours for performance in cultural activities and Sumit Lakhesar college colours for exceptional performance in sports events. Dr KNS Kang, while congratulating the graduates, said: “This is a crucial stage of a student’s life as they were entering the professional world.” He also wishes them luck for their future.

Entrance test on June 15

Panjab University, Chandigarh, will hold Entrance Test PU-CET (PG)-2013 for 40 seats of MCom (Business Innovations) on June 15 at Chandigarh Centers only. The Prospectus (including the application form) is available online at the Panjab University’s website: http://cetpg.puchd.ac.in.

Job fair

The management committee of the Guru Har Krishan College for Women, Phallewal, organised a job fair on the college premises during which around 100 out of 400 participants got jobs in various companies. Labh Singh Ahluwalia, chairman of the GHG Educational Trust, presided over the concluding session and SGPC member Raghbir Singh Saharanmajra was the chief guest on the occasion. — TNS



World earth day today
NGOs, religious organisations distribute saplings
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 21
Even though the administration might be lagging in spreading awareness about the pollution and promoting the culture of planting trees and saplings, social groups, NGOs and religious organisations are coming forward to spread information about the environment and are distributing plants to residents.

As the 'World Earth Day' will be celebrated across the world tommorow, some of the organisations have been working in the city each day to save the mother earth.

A social group is distributing 'Gloe' saplings free of cost at the Punjabi Bhawan.

"The 'Gloe' tree is known for its medicinal value and is good for health in the conditions of fever, increasing platelet count, curing from dengue, apart from other benefits," said Janmeja Singh Johl, member of the Punjabi Sahit Akademi.

"We are distributing the saplings free now. We have distributed flowersaplings free of cost earlier," he said.

"We have been giving away and planting fruit trees for years now," said Shravan Kumar, from the Nishkam Sewa Ashram, Daad village, Pakhowal road.

"According to an estimate, we will be really short of land cereals, and there will be lesser land in about 30 years. So, we are planting fruit trees. These have multiple benefits, including fruit, providing a habitat to birds, worms and rains. More fruit means healthy people, enough food and less crime. So it is not only important but critical to plant trees," he said.

"Otherwise, our future generations will have a difficult time," he said.

Efforts are being made by the management team of the Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Sarabha Nagar, to make the environment not only green but also beautiful. The team from gurdwara plants and maintains trees. "Although many plants are planted but these have a high mortality rate. We plant and maintain plants, so we have 90 per cent survival rate of the saplings we plant," said Jatinder Singh Sandhu, president of the gurdwara management. The management has been encouraging flowers by organising flower show competitions.



From schools

Ludhiana: A two-day training workshop on the continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) concluded on Sunday at Radha Vatika Senior Secondary School in Khanna. The members of Sahodya Schools (East), principals and teachers participated in the workshop.

The training agency, SREI Infrastructure Advisors, authorised by the CBSE conducted this training. Director of Sahodya (East) Gurinderpal Singh; Principal, Rara Sahib School and Principal Guru Nanak Public School, Doraha; DP Thakur, Treasurer, Sahodya (East); welcomed the resource persons, Radha Singh and Sushant Wadhwa, and all the deligates who attended the workshop. Radha Singh discussed various aspects of the comprehensive evaluation. She touched all the areas like enhancing capacity building, communication skills, soft skills, introspecting self as a leader, acknowledging, differentiation, understanding mindsets and creating a learning culture within the school. It was an interactive workshop where all members participated whole heartedly. — TNS



4,581 students take JET exam
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 21
Total 4,581 students, appeared for the JET, conducted by the Punjab State Board of Technical Education and Industrial Training, here in Ludhiana district. Over 6,500 students had filled the forms while 4,581 took the exam.

Paramjit Kaur Chahal, District Education Officer (DEO) and Santosh Kumar, District Guidance Counsellor, said the exam was conducted peacefully across all the 23 centres in the district. The exam was conducted from 10 am to 1 pm at all the centres.

Subheg Singh, a student, before appearing for the examination said he felt very nervous. "Though I have prepared it well, still I hope that it should be an easy exam. They can provide questions from any subject including maths, science, English etc and it has to be of Class X. If I get good marks in the test, I would like to do diploma in mechanical," said the student.

The examination was conducted for taking meritorious students for three-year diploma courses. An applicant has to be Class X pass-out.

While the examination was being conducted, the flying squad teams constituted by the DEO visited several centres to check if examination was conducted in transparent manner.

The District Guidance Officer said they visited many examination centres and everything went off smoothly.

The invigilators and superintendents, who were put on duty, said the payments were made to them during the conduction of exam.

"We have been made the payments. The invigilators have been paid Rs 300 while superintendents etc have been given up to Rs 1,000. It is good that payments were made on the spot, else the payments are held-back for two to three months," said a teacher, while performing duty at Nauria Mal Jain School here.



Lecture on liver function test delivered
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 21
Dr Neelam Mohan, a paediatric gastroenterologists and liver transplant physician, visited the city today. She was in the city to deliver a lecture on 'Interpretations of Liver Function Test'.

She said the results of liver function test should only be read in conjunction with the history of patient's health, as the results cannot be conclusive about the condition of the liver. She said increased SGOT and SGPT may not always be indicative of liver disease; it may also be because of muscle disease or bone disease.

She said that some of the children born with jaundice need to be checked for biliary atresia - a condition in which the bile duct is not fully formed. "One in 1,500 children are born have this condition," she said. "If a child passes dark or yellowish urine, and stool is light yellow in colour, there is a chance that the child is having this condition and if he is diagnosed early, there is 50 per cent chance that the child can be saved from liver transplant."” She said, “Other condition that is responsible for the need of liver transplants amongst children metabolic liver diseases. One of the conditions when copper is deposited in the liver can be cured with medicines if diagnosed early. Otherwise, need for liver transplant arises. Hepatitis can also cause acute liver failure.”



Police launches drug de-addiction drive
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, April 21
Identifying drug addiction as a root cause of all crimes, the Gill Circle Police has launched coordinated movement against the menace. It has also roped in office bearers, activists of social, religious and constitutional organisations of the region.

SHOs and beat officers have been advised to identify the addicts and persuade them to shun the evil by undergoing drug de-addiction treatment.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Gill Gupreet Singh Sikand said the movement against drug addiction had been launched under supervision of Ludhiana's Commissioner of Police Ishwar Singh.

"As desired by the Commissioner of Police, Ludhiana, SHOs have already advised the beat in charges to identify addicts of their respective areas and motivate them to undergo drug de-addiction programs being launched by various organisations," said Sikand. Sikand said camps will be organised at religious places and health centers of the circle.



90 units of blood donated
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 21
An NGO, Zindagi Live Foundation, organised a voluntary blood donation camp at the residence of Madan lal bagga, chairman, Punjab Traders Board. On this occasion, as many as 90 units of blood were donated to a team of doctors from the CMCH led by Dr Rupinder and Dr Justina Williams. Both the sons of Madan Lal Bagga also donated blood.

Earlier, Bagga and DCP Harmohan singh jointly inaugurated the camp. While Sanjeev Singh and Dinesh celeberated their birthday by donating blood. There were as many as 41 woman donors.

Yogesh Gupta General Secretary of the foundation thanked Bagga for the support to the foundation. Special contribution of Mintu Sharma, Raguvir Singh Toor, Krishan Kharbanda was also applauded by Bagga.



Six nabbed with habit-forming drugs
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 21
The city police has nabbed six persons in four different joint raids and seized a huge quantity of pharmaceutical drugs from their possession here last evening. The accused have been identified as Deepak Kumar and Hitesh Narula, both residents of Islam Ganj Chowk, Rohit Kumar, a resident of Khud Mohalla, Rahul, a resident of Islam Ganj, Kuldip Singh of Cheema colony, and Md Amjan of Sangrur.

In the first raid, the police nabbed Deepak Kumar and Hitesh Narula near the Civil Hospital.

In the second raid, Rohit Kumar and Rahul were apprehended from the Jail road. In third raid, Kuldip Singh was nabbed from Harbgobind Nagar, Focal Point while Md Amjan was nabbed from Dehlon Chowk.

The police found their activities suspicious and got hold of them and after searching their belongings, the police seized a huge quantity on psychotropic drugs including injections, cough syrups and tablets.

A case under Section 22-61-85 of the NDPS Act has been registered against the accused.

14 booked for running medical stores without licence

Cracking a whip on people running medical stores without obtaining a licence, the city police today booked as many as 14 persons in this connection from different parts of the city here yesterday.

The crackdown was made following the orders of Commissioner of Police, Ishar Singh. There have been several complaints that accused are running medical stores without licenses or on licenses on the name of other people. There have been allegations that in the garb of medical stores such people are selling habit forming drugs.

The accused have been identified as Deepak Kumar of Islam Ganj, Inderjeet Singh of Toka Mohalla, Ishwar Das of Hargobind Nagar, Raman Kumar of New Ashok Nagar,

Satnam Singh of Ram Nagar, Harvinder Kaur, Hardeep Singh and Jagdev Singh of SAS Nagar.

Sukhdev Singh of Gobind Nagar, Saurav Kalia of Shivpuri, Manpreet Singh of Azad Nagar, Davinder Singh of Bhagwan Nagar, Narinder Singh of Daba colony and Tejinderpal of New Janta Nagar.

One crushed to death

After battling for life for a day, a man succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital here last evening.

The victim was identified as Jatinder Singh, a resident of Model Town. Jatinder was hit by a speeding vehicle in the Model Town Extension area on Friday night. The accused in the case has been identified as Harvipanjodh Singh a resident of Shimlapuri.

Surinderpal Singh, who was riding a scooter along with the victim, Jatinder Singh, also sustained injuries and currently recuperating at local hospital.

A victim’s relative, Amanpreet Singh, said the duo was heading towards their home on their scooter. When they reached near the cremation ground Model Town, an over-speeding Hyundai Verna car driven by Harvipanjodh Singh, hit them from behind, following which they lost control of the scooter and fell on the road.

Both were seriously injured. After struggling for a day, Jatinder succumbed to his injuries last evening.

The police has registered a case against the accused under Sections 279, 427, 304A of the IPC for reckless driving causing death and started the investigations in the case.

One booked for opening fire

The Ladhowal police has booked one person for opening fire, here last evening. The accused has been identified as Harpreet Singh, a resident of Khehra Bet.

The complainant, Nirbhay Singh, said the accused arrived at his house at 8.00 pm and pulled out his .12 riffle and opened fire.

Nirbhay reported the matter to the police following which the accused was booked under Section 336 of the IPC and 25 27 54 59 of the Arms Act.

One booked for taking away RTI file

One person has been booked for escaping with the record file sought under the Right to Information Act (RTI). The accused has been identified as Narain of Ayalli Kalan village.

The police has registered a case on the complaint of Surinder Kaur, incharge RTI Branch of the Ludhiana police.

According to complainant, the incident took place on April 5 when she had kept a file of the RTI reply and went outside of her office to get a photocopy of some documents.

In the meantime, Narain allegedly fled with the RTI record. The matter came to light when she returned to the office and found the documents missing. She reported the matter to her seniors, following which a case has been registered and the police has started the investigation.



Retired teacher killed in road accident
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, April 21
An elderly man riding a two-wheeler was crushed to death by a school bus on the national highway near Jagraon last evening. The deceased has been identified as Sukhdev Singh (60), a resident of Malleana village in Moga district.

Sources said that Sukhdev Singh was a retired teacher. As per the information, the accident took place near Sidhwan Khurd village around six kms away from Jagraon on the Ludhiana-Ferozepur National Highway, when the victim (riding on a scooter) collided head on with a school bus coming from the opposite direction.

The sources added, Sukhdev Singh was returning to his village from Shekhupura village near Mullanpur Dakha where he had visited to meet one of his relatives. As soon as the victim reached near Sidhwan Khurd village, the school bus hit his scooter in a head on collision. The driver of bus was returning to his house after dropping schoolchildren therefore, there was no student in the bus at the time of accident, added the sources.

A farmer Kuldeep Singh, who was working in his fields at the time of mishap, informed that he heard a loud noise when the collision took place. "The collision was very powerful and when I reached the spot, the victim had almost died. The bus driver fled from the scene immediately after the mishap," said Kuldeep Singh.

The victim was rushed to the Jagraon Civil Hospital, where he was declared brought dead by the doctors. Soon after the accident, a police team reached the scene and impounded both the vehicles involved in the accident.

According to investigating officer, ASI Sukhwinder Singh, the police has registered a case of negligent driving against the bus driver who has been identified as Deepa and and further investigation is going on.



Police solves robbery case within five days
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, April 21
With the arrest of two youths, the local police has claimed to solve a robbery that took place in Jagraon five days ago. According to the police, the alleged robbers were arrested by a police team from near Gurduwara Nanaksar following a tip-off today morning.

The arrested accused by the police have been identified as Ravi Singh, a resident of Agwar Khuwaja Baju locality and Parminder Singh, alias Billa, a resident of Dhumal Mohhala, in Jagraon. Though two other accused wanted by the police in the same robbery case are still at large.

DSP Surinder Kumar, said: "The police received a tip-off that two accused have been seen near Gurduwara Nanaksar following which, a police team raided the place and arrested Ravi Singh and Parminder Singh."

Four persons had allegedly robbed a local trader, Tarun Jain, on April 16 evening. The accused had looted cash worth Rs 5,200, two credit cards and some other valuables from the victim. The incident took place outside a jewelry showroom when Tarun was going to his house after closing his shop in the Old Grain Market, Jagraon. Following this, the police had registered a case against four unidentified persons on the complaint filed by Tarun Jain.

DSP, Surinder Kumar, said during the course of investigation, it was found that the images of the alleged robbers were captured in the CCTV cameras, installed outside the jewelry showroom, where the robbery took place. The police obtained the footage of the CCTV cameras which helped the police in identifying the accused involved in the robbery.



Canada-based NRI booked for forgery
Mohit Khanna
Tribune news Service

Ludhiana, April 21
The city police has booked a Canada-based NRI for allegedly formulating a divorce with his Indian wife by submitting her false affidavit in the Canadian court.

Jasdeep Singh, a resident of Canada, was booked for fraud by the local police here today. The complainant, Charanjit Kaur of Konke Kalan village, alleged that Jasdeep Singh, her husband, had filed a false affidavit in the Canadian court and got divorce from her.The accused was booked following a probe conducted by the police, which indicated that he was misleading the Canadian court by filing forged documents.

Charanjit Kaur, in her statement to the police, stated that she ahd married Jasdeep Singh on March 2007. Soon after the wedding, Jasdeep started demanding money from her on the pretext of taking her to Canada.Her parents arranged the money and gave it to Jasdeep. Charanjit alleged that instead of taking her abroad, Jasdeep thrashed her and asked her to leave the house. A case was dowry harassment has also been lying pending with the Jagraon court. She said it was during the court proceeding held recently that Jasdeep claimed that he had no relationship with Charanjit Kaur. She said she was not summoned by the Canadian court for a statement. Neither she had visited Canada, She also claimed that an affidavit, on the basis of which the divorce was formulated, was false.



Two drug peddlers arrested
Tribune news Service

Ludhiana, April 21
In a major breakthrough the city police has nabbed two drug peddlers from two check points. A head constable suffered injury after being attacked by one of the drug peddlers.

Amandeep Singh Brar, SHO, Sadar Police Station, while giving information said the accused have been identified as Baljit Singh (30) and Paramjit Singh (46), both residents of Kaimwal village near Mehatpur area of Jalandhar, and both are brothers.

While 15 kg of poppy husk was recovered from the possession of Baljit Singh, 500 gm of powder, suspected to be heroin, was seized from the possession of Paramjit Singh.

He said the police received a tip-off that the duo was visiting Basant Park area near Dhandra road on a motorcycle to deliver a consignment of drugs. Following an information police laid a trap on Dhandra road.

While Baljit fell from the motorcycle along with a sack containing poppy husk, Paramjit Singh attacked the police officials with a baseball bat in order to escape.

Head Constable Om parkash sustained injuries in the process. The police has booked the duo for drug peddling and attempt to murder case.



Two held with stolen metal
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, April 21
In another case, the local police arrested Satnam Singh, a resident of Naktey, Sangrur district, and Varinder Singh, alias Lal, a resident of Mandi Gobindgarh, with 15 quintals of stolen iron. The accused were caught during a check point opposite to Gobindgarh Public School on the Khanna road. The police has booked them under Sections 379, 411 and 120B of the IPC.

Youth booked

A resident of Surjit nagar, Mandi Gobindgarh, reported that a youth allegedly caught her arm and threatened her. The police of Division No. 1 has registered an FIR under Sections 354A, 294, 506 of the IPC against the accused, who has been identified as Kamaljit Singh, alias Vikcy, a resident of Mandi Gobindgarh. The case is being investigated by the ASI, Narinder Singh.

Man held with knife

The CIA head constable, Daljeet Singh, during checking at Badinpur village allegedly recovered a Kamanni-dar knife during a search from Rajbir Singh, alias Raja, a resident of Shanti Nagar, Mandi Gobindgarh. The accused has been booked under Sections 25, 54, 59 of the Arms Act and the police has started the investigation.



NRI booked for bigamy

Phillaur, April 21
The police has booked an NRI, Sukhpal Singh, under Sections 406, 498-A and 494 of the IPC on charges of bigamy and harassing his wife for dowry.

Sukhjit Kaur, a resident of Rurka Kalan village, Phillaur, said that Sukhpal Singh of Kishanpura Model Town, Phagwara, settled in the Philippines, married her on February 12, 1999. She alleged that after the marriage Sukhpal got Rs 3.5 lakh from her parents on the pretext of calling her early to Philippines but even after several years she was not called.

“My husband kept making lame excuses of global recession for not calling me to Philippines. But I learnt later that he was married there and had two children, when a letter of an insurance policy in the name of his 'other family' fell in my hands,” she alleged. — OC



3 killed in different road mishaps

Phillaur, April 21
Three persons were killed and one sustained serious injuries in two different road accidents.

In the first accident, two motorcyclists identified as Karnail Singh (22) and Gaurav (20) of Masani village were killed when their motorcycle collided with a tractor trolley near Garhi-Maha village last evening. In the second accident, a motorcyclist identified as Ranjit Singh was killed on the spot while his pillion rider friend Gurpreet Singh sustained injuries as a brick laden trolley hit their vehicle on Goraya-Apra road. — OC



8-year-old girl raped in Daba area
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 21
An 8-year-old girl was reportedly raped by a man in the Daba area here today. The matter came to light when the girl went to her parents and narrated the incident to them.

According to sources, the minor was living in a migrant quarters at Daba area. The accused also lives in same quarters.

According to sources, the accused took the girl in a room on pretext of offering her sweets and raped her. After committing crime, he fled from there.

The victim has been taken to the Civil Hospital for a medical examination.



Cricket tourney
Ropar declared winners on the basis of 1st innings lead
Anil Datt
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, April 21
On the basis of lead of 92 runs in the first innings, Ropar district was declared winners against the hosts Ludhiana in the first match of the Punjab State Inter-District Cricket Tournament (U-16) for ML Markan Trophy being played at the SCD Government College ground today.

Batting first after winning the toss, Ropar made 211 runs in their first essay in which the main contributions came through Amrit Pal Singh and Manat Verma, who scored 92 and 38 runs, respectively. Other notable contributors were Rohit Sharma and Abhinandan who chipped in with 22 and 18 runs, respectively.

For Ludhiana district, right arm off-spinner Amrit Pal Singh was the pick of bowlers. He sent down 40 overs and captured 8 wickets for 59 runs. Raghav Sharma grabbed the remaning two wickets for 22 runs.In reply, Ludhiana district could muster only 119 runs in 68 overs. Skipper Deepin Chitkara top scored with 27 runs which came off 38 balls. He was followed by Vaibhav Kalra (23), Gurjot Singh (14) and Harkanwal Singh Makkar (13).For the visitors, Resham Singh and Raghav Bali shared the bowling honours. Resham claimed six wickets for 32 runs while Raghav took two wickets by giving 32 runs. Enjoying 92 runs lead in the first innings, Ropar district declared their second innings at 168 which came off 57 overs after losing 9 wickets.Their innings revolved around Manat Verma (31), Amrit Pal Singh (24), Akashdeep (22) and Resham Singh (19). For Ludhiana, it was again Anmol Sharma who excelled with the ball, securing four wickets for 50 runs. Vaibhav scalped three victims for 50 runs while Deepin Chitkara and Raghav got rid off one batsman each.

Needing 261 runs for victory, hosts in their second innings were 144 for 7 when it was called a day. Gurjot Singh and Raghav remained unbeaten on 76 and 8 runs, respectively to deny Ropar district an out right victory. Deepin scored 19 while Harnoor Singh made 13 runs.

For Ropar, Raghav took three wickets while Amrit Pal Singh and Paras grabbed two wickets each. Ropar district secured three points while Ludhiana district had to content with one point.



Maharaja Ranjit Singh Award
10 Ludhiana players to be felicitated on April 29
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News service

Ludhiana, April 21
As many as 10 players from the city will be awarded with Maharaja Ranjit Singh Award for their achievements in different sports categories. The Punjab Government is going to organise an award function at the Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh, on April 29.

The players who have shown their mettle in the international and national events will be awarded in this function.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Award is known to be the most lucrative award in the state.

According to the sports officials, the government will award each player with Rs 2 lakh.

It will be the second time when players from state will receive Maharajah Ranjit Singh Awards. The government has announced this award after seven years.

According to the sports officials, in these 10 players, four players were selected for their outstanding performance in cycling and three players were selected for their outstanding performance in basket ball, meanwhile one players was selected for the outstanding performance in athletics.

Kartar Singh, District Sports Officer, said: “It is a matter of pride for the city that as many as 10 players are going to get the award. We also appreciate the initiative of government to give recognition to these players. It will surely encourage other players to perform better.”



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