Blinkered history of Kashmir dispute
Reviewed by B. G. Verghese
Kashmir: The Unwritten History
by Christopher Snedden
HarperCollins. Pages 466. Rs 599

Scholars are still looking at the origins, course and nature of the J&K "dispute". The latest perhaps is the just-published Kashmir: The Unwritten History by Christopher Snedden, an Australian scholar, who writes essentially of "Azad" J&K and the Northern Areas, now designated Gilgit-Baltistan, and the view from there. This is a rare look at Pakistan-administered J&K which has seldom received any attention as Islamabad and the world have focussed on "Kashmir," while India has strangely never turned the spotlight on the other side of the hill.

Champion of India’s wildlife
Reviewed by Lt- Gen (retd) Baljit Singh 
Tripwire for a Tiger: Selected Works of FW Champion
Rainfed Books. Pages 202. Rs 495

I had lost all desire to kill wild animals. Not that this has proved any loss to me because I have found that wildlife photography provides all the thrills and excitement of hunting without having to shed any blood at all`85. Such pictures hanging on one’s walls in subsequent years, bring back vividly, as no skin or head can ever do`85. one can half close one’s eyes and feel again the warm air and hear the hum of the insects`85.. one can see the living, breathing tiger as he lies, having no final vision of the magnificent king of the jungle lying in death agony or mar the pleasure of a wonderful experience".

Pulsating action all the way 
Reviewed by Vikrant Parmar
Blood Red Sari 
by Ashok Banker
Harper Collins. Pages 287, Rs 299

Three women, three locales, one situation; compelling action, breathtaking suspense, conjoined climax — pretty much defines author Ashok Banker’s novel Blood Red Sari, the first in his Kali Rising Series. The narrative moves along like great thrillers in different halls of a multiplex where the denouement is slated together in the main hall.

On movies, but without sparkle
Reviewed by Rachna Singh
History of Indian Cinema.
Pages 374. Rs 250
Indian cinema completes 100 years of film-making in 2013. This, undoubtedly, merits celebration and Renu Saran in her own small way pops champagne with her books History of Indian Cinema and 101Hit Films of Indian Cinema.

101 Hit Films of Indian Cinema.
Pages 272. Rs  195 
Both written by Renu Saran and published by Diamond Pocket Books