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Police failed to take timely action 
Aneeesha Sareen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
Even as the brutal murder of inspector Sucha Singh in the wee hours of Saturday continues to send shockwaves across the city, the incident has showcased an inefficient police force that failed to take timely action as a result of which the accused managed to flee.

Though the Haryana Police arrested the accused duo, the way the things were handled speaks volumes of the need for increased alertness and presence of mind amongst the force.

Right from the time the inspector went for night checking and rounded up the couple to his murder till the reaching of the PCR and the unsuccessful police chase, the incident has taught a lesson to the force and highlighted the increased need of better training and an effective response system.

Inspector was without service weapon

Inspector Sucha Singh was on night checking without a gunman and without his service weapon. The only person present with him was his driver and home guards volunteer Jatinder Singh. They rounded up the couple and asked the couple to sit in a Gypsy without conducting a search. A search would have led to the recovery of the weapon from the accused.

PCR was called thrice

Even as Home Guards volunteer Jatinder Singh called the police control room thrice when he and inspector Sucha Singh were being stabbed, the PCR Gypsy stationed a stone’s throw away from the spot of the crime in Sector 17, came only after the accused had fled in the police Gypsy.

Guard at court failed to react

A constable on guard at the old district courts complex in Sector 17 failed to react and rushed inside on seeing the two being brutally stabbed. The Home Guards volunteer screamed at him to fire, but he failed to react.

Weapons for show?

A UT police constable of the cheetah squad who intercepted the bike in Sector 38 twice called the police control room waiting for the orders if he could fire. DSP Baljit Chadha, who was supervising the operation, initially asked the constable not to fire and later asked him to burst the tyre, but by then it was too late.

6 PCRs on route

Though a wireless message to trace the Gypsy was flashed, none of the police vehicles could chase the Gypsy. There was a PCR vehicle stationed near the ISBT, in Sector 16, in the Sector 23 market and on Dakshin Marg, the route taken by the accused, but still they managed to flee.

Barriers, patrolling ineffective

The UT police has always been boasting of intensifying patrolling, but not a single PCR van could intercept the accused as he made his way from Sector 17 towards the Sector 16 stadium roundabout after turning left from the Sector 16/17 light point, then towards the Sector 16/24 roundabout before proceeding towards Dakshin Marg and then towards Dhanas. 



Son wants to don khaki to fulfil his father’s dream 
Aneesha Sareen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
Still coming to terms with the tragedy after the murder of his father inspector Sucha Singh two days ago, 29-year-old Parminder Singh said the incident does not deter him from joining the police force.

Though employed in Canada for the past many years, family responsibilities will now take a priority. Parminder is keen to settle in India and join the police force.

“I am proud of my father as he died a martyr’s death. He wanted to see me in khaki and I am keen to fulfil his dream. The brutal murder of my father will not deter me from joining the police. My father always held his head high and enjoyed a good reputation. I wish to carry on the legacy and plan to settle here as my mother will not shift to Canada,” he said adding that he was a graduate and will join the police only if he is offered a post, not less than that of an ASI on compassionate grounds.

Recalling the time he last met his father, Parminder said there were tears in his father’s eyes as he was wishing him goodbye when he was going to Canada on June 7, a day prior to his murder. “He wanted to drop me at the airport but could not as he had to go on duty. His eyes were wet when I last hugged him. He told me to call as soon as I landed in Canada,” said Parminder Singh with tears in his eyes.

“I reached Hong Kong and logged on to Facebook at the airport. I saw a message from my sister which read that I should return to India immediately. “Apprehensive as to what might have happned, I called home and got to know of the tragic news,” he said adding that he immediately took the next flight to India.

Asserting that the accused, Basant, who killed his father should be hanged, Parminder said his father was a huge support and the loss was irreparable. 

Rs 63 lakh for the family

In addition to pension and other benefits, the Chandigarh Police personnel have decided to donate their one-day salary which comes to ~30 lakh, to inspector Sucha Singh’s family. Funds from the welfare schemes, including group accident insurance of ~5 lakh, accident insurance of ~5 lakh, family pension of ~2,000 per month for 10 years and financial aid of ~1 lakh, will be paid to the aggrieved family. A senior police official said benefits of ~63 lakh would be given to Sucha Singh’s family. 



Accused to be brought to city on June 13 
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
Accused of killing UT police inspector Sucha Singh, suspended UT police constable Basant and his girlfriend Sarita will be produced in the district courts on June 13.

The Chandigarh Police today obtained production warrants for accused Basant Kumar from the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate Rajnish Sharma for June 13. The police had procured production for Sarita yesterday.

Basant was remanded in a day’s police custody yesterday and was sent to judicial custody by a Haryana court today following which the UT police moved an application for production warrants.

The accused was wanted by the UT police for fraudulently procuring his service self-loaded rifle (SLR) from the Chandigarh police lines. The accused duo had committed a double murder in Sonepat with the service rifle.

DSP Satbir Singh said the SLR used in the double murder was recovered. He said the knife, which was used to stab inspector Sucha Singh was also recovered.

The runaway couple was reportedly arrested from a hotel in the Paharganj area in Delhi by the Haryana police. They had committed double murder in Sonepat on April 18 when the accused, Basant, shot Sarita’s husband and her mother-in-law. He stabbed inspector Sucha Singh to death on June 8 as the latter rounded him up during routine checking. 



Respite in sight from sweltering conditions
Pre-monsoon showers likely to hit region tomorrow, says Met dept 
Tribune news Service

Chandigarh, June 10
Pre-monsoon showers are likely to hit the region by June 12, say experts at the Metrological Department.

Records of the department reveal that in 1998, pre-monsoon showers hit the region on June 16. The monsoon was delayed by a week for the next few years.

Met officials said normally the monsoon reaches the region by June 25. But due to the prevailing conditions, monsoon is likely to strike early in the region this year.

Met director Surinder Pal Singh said the city might receive the first pre-monsoon showers on June 12. It is expected that the monsoon will also reach the region early this year, he said. Duststorm or thunderstorm with light to moderate rain was expected in the city in the next two days. The maximum temperature in the city on Tuesday is likely to be 40 degree Celsius and the minimum 31 degree.

The city recorded a maximum temperature of 38.9 degree Celsius today.



MC councillors’ sojourn hits roadblock 
UT Administration seeks fresh proposals with answers to certain queries 
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
The study tour of the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation councillors and officials has hit a roadblock as the UT Administration has shot off a letter to the MC to send a fresh proposal with answers of certain queries.

In the past, the MC had faced criticism owing to futility and waste of public funds on the annual tours of the MC members and officials to far-off places to study different projects.

This year, the MC had planned to spend Rs 15 lakh on the study tour of 20 councillors and five officials accompanying them to various cities in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The MC had proposed that the councillors would learn about the working of the civic bodies in the south.

A senior official of the UT Administration said the initial proposal of the study tour sent by the MC was for April only, but to proceed on a study tour in June or July, they needed to send a fresh proposal. The official said the Administration had also sought details of the budget, names and consent of councillors and officials, places of study tour and purpose of study tour etc.

The MC has spent over Rs 1 crore on futile study tours from 2004 to 2011. Interestingly, major projects recommended by the councillors after study tours have failed to bear fruits. There are no detailed reports or follow-up action on the shortcomings of the projects while these were implemented in the city. The councillors did not even hesitate to visit Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok to recommend the proposals, which hold no relevance for the city. 

Study tours sans results

2004: Councillors, who had undertaken a study tour to Chennai, had proposed to have the rainwater harvesting facility on all government buildings. Interestingly, every year the MC authorities allocate funds in the budget to set up the rainwater harvesting facility on the buildings, but no progress has been made in this regard to date.

2006: Some councillors had met the adviser to the UT Administrator and had sought a ban on study tours, following which the Administration had denied its consent for such tours.

2007: As many as 19 councillors visited Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok after which they submitted a report suggesting setting up of a sensory park in the city. Interestingly, the park was developed, but not on the concept of the ‘blind park’ which had been proposed

2008: the UT Administration turned down a proposal for a study tour on the ground that no output or fruitful results had come out from the previous tours, so there was no need to send councillors on such tours 2009: the MC forwarded a proposal for a study tour of Europe to the Administration, which the latter rejected on the ground that the Union Government had asked all state governments to cut down on expenses 2010: two study tours were approved, one to Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram and another to Gangtok and Kolkata. The action-taken report of both the tours is yet to be prepared.

2011: A team of councillors was sent to Bangalore, Mysore and Coimbatore after which recommendations were made for proper segregation of garbage in the city, installation of a bio-metric system for attendance of employees, setting up of round-the-clock public grievances redressal cell, installation of GPS system in vehicles and separate dumping ground for e-waste. 

No record The Municipal Corporation authorities are clueless about the purpose of nine study tours undertaken by councillors in the last eight years on which crores of rupees have been spent. The fact came to light in 2012 in the reply to a query of BJP councillor Satinder Singh, in which the MC authorities had stated that they had no information about the purpose of the tours and the projects, which were proposed by the officials and councillors after the tour.



Northern sectors go powerless for 6 hrs 
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
Northern sectors of the city faced power cuts ranging between five and six hours following a snag in two transformers at the Kishangarh sub-station this morning.

Residents of Sectors 1 to 10 and Sector 17 had to sweat it out in sweltering conditions till noon when the power supply was finally resorted.

Rakesh Kumar, a resident of Sector 7, said there was no electricity from 7 am to 12 noon. Even after the power supply was restored, most of the electric appliances did not work due to low voltage, he lamented.

Ramesh Chand, a shopkeeper in Sector 17, said there was no electricity when he opened his shop this morning. Power cuts have become a routine affair in the city, he said.

When contacted, UT Superintending Engineer (Electricity) MP Singh said some of the areas in northern sectors faced five to six hour long power cuts due to a snag in two transformers at Kishangarh. The power supply was restored by afternoon, he added.

Around 20 electric poles and 14 transformers were damaged due to strong winds on Thursday. 


He named his son after me: Principal
Aneesha Sareen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
"As a 15-year-old, he came to me in 1975 and pleaded that I should admit him in my school as he wished to clear class X. I ran a private college in Sector 18 and he was enrolled in the class which he cleared," said Principal SS Prince who has been a mentor of Inspector Sucha Singh for the last 39 years.

"He was very passionate to join the police service and told me that his career would be doomed if he did not clear class X. I was so happy I helped him shape his career as a teacher," said SS Prince, adding that the Inspector named his son after him as a mark of his respect and love for him.

"The following year, only he was selected as a UT police constable and then there was no looking back for him. He used to be my favourite student, as he was so humble and polite. He was so punctual and hard working. He used to come to study from a far away village in Punjab, but used to be always on time," he said.

The principal added that even after Sucha Singh joined the force, he used to touch his feet whenever he met him.

"He was posted as in charge of the Neelam Police Post once and whenever he used to spot me in Sector 17, he used to come rushing to touch my feet. I was enamoured by his respect for me. He was like my son who always remained in touch," he said.

The principal added that he last met Sucha Singh a year ago and had spoken to him over the phone. "He told me he would come to my place and was looking forward to his retirement but destiny had other plans," he said.

"It pains to know that such a good soul is now not with us. It's a huge loss not only to the police force but to all those who knew him personally. He was a good human being and was very well mannered. He was always ready to help people. He was a
very popular officer," said the principal.



Panchkula police to conduct mock drill
To check response time of PCRs, patrolling parties
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, June 10
Following the failure of the Chandigarh Police in the response time when Inspector Sucha Singh was being stabbed, the Panchkula Commissioner of Police has decided to conduct a mock drill at night with the patrolling parties.

It was two days ago when Inspector Sucha Singh and his driver were stabbed by a Chandigarh police constable Basant, alias Bunty, who was already wanted in a double murder case in Sonepat. Bunty was with his girlfriend Sarita. The incident took place in front of the District Courts Complex in Chandigarh.

Despite repeted calls to the control room, the police failed to act within time following which the accused fled.

"Very soon we will be conducting a mock drill to check the response time of the control room and the PCRs after this incident," said Rajbir Deswal, Commisisoner of Police.

He further added, "To ensure the safety of police officials, we have an Assistant Commissioner of Police or the Deputy Commissioner of Police who is keeping a check on the patrolling parties." He said that all the patrolling parties were well armed.

Since criminals now a days are taking on the police, the officials have been directed to be careful whenever they are patrolling," added Deswal.

The mock drill is expected to be held soon.

Rajbir Deswal, Commisisoner of Police, said, "Very soon, we will be conducting a mock drill to check the response time of the control room and the PCRs after this incident." He further added, "To ensure the safety of police officials, we have an Assistant Commissioner of Police or the Deputy Commissioner of Police who is keeping a check on the patrolling parties." Deswal said that all the patrolling parties were well armed.



Even after upgrading transformer, P'kula residents reeling under power cuts
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

A family sits outside the house to seek relief from heat as there was no power in Sector 12, Panchkula, on Monday.
A family sits outside the house to seek relief from heat as there was no power in Sector 12, Panchkula, on Monday.

Panchkula, June 10
Even after the transformer was upgraded by the Electricity Department, the department has not been able to curb the power cuts in various sectors. Recently, the Electricity Department had assured a few sectors that after the transformer was upgraded, they would not face the problem of power cuts.

The transformer of 16MVA was upgraded to 31.5 MVA following an overloading problem in various sectors like 10, 14, 12 and 12A. Officials had planned to have a 36-hour power cut from June 8 to June 9 because the transformer was being upgraded, but the resident allege that even after that they are reeling under power cuts.

DS Dhanda, Executive Engineer of the department, said that the situation was under control and the initial problems have been solved now.

"We were given assurances that after the transformer was upgraded, the problems of power will be solved. However we are still groping with the problem," said Rakesh Aggarwal, general secretary of the Residents Welfare Association of Sector 12.

He further added, "Even yesterday, there was no power from 6 pm to 12 midnight. When we called the officials, they did not take our calls. How can they be so insensitive?"The residents also said that after several complaints, the department did not pay heed to them.

The officials of the Elecricity Department said that with the increasing load, upgrading was the need of the hour and it would benefit the whole township. It was also told that a proposal to upgrade the transformer at Mansa Devi Complex was also made.



Narcotics Control Bureau in tight spot
Saurabh Malik
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
Two years after a Nigerian and a father-son duo were convicted by a local court on the allegations of possessing drugs, a compact disc allegedly containing recorded conversation on their innocence has surfaced. It has brought the functioning of the Narcotics Control Bureau under cloud.

In a petition filed before the Punjab and Haryana High Court, petitioner Amarjit Kaur has claimed that the compact disc, in her possession, contained “video-graphed conversation”.

She alleged that the recording proved that a false case was planted on Baljinder Singh and Sukhjinder Singh, along with Nigerian John Kennedy Uzoigw. Going into the background of the controversy, she said her husband and son were convicted under the provisions of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act. They were sentenced to undergo 12 years imprisonment by the Special Court at Chandigarh, against which the appeals were pending before the Division Bench.

She added the duo was falsely implicated by the Bureau by planting six kg of heroin. The conversation recorded on a mobile phone of an advocate, Kuldeep Singh Chaudhary, in Model Jail, Burail, substantiated the contention.

Taking up the matter, Justice Rajiv Narain Raina turned down the plea for a CBI probe. But, Justice Raina directed that “the petitioner can take these pleas in the pending appeals in accordance with law”.

Justice Raina asserted: “This material has emerged post-conviction and is said to be a strong pointer towards their false implication in the NDPS case. A direction has been sought commanding the UT Chandigarh and the CBI to investigate the matter in the face of new evidence. I am afraid these prayers cannot be answered in writ jurisdiction….”

The court of Additional District and Sessions Judge, Lalit Batra, had in March 2011 awarded 12-year imprisonment to the three. According to the prosecution, the Bureau in December, 2007, had arrested Baljinder Singh of Ludhiana, his son Sukhjinder Singh and John Kennedy of Nigeria and seized heroin from their possession.

The operation followed a tip-off that heroin was being smuggled from Nakodar and would be delivered to a Nigerian national at Chandigarh. The NCB officials laid a trap near the Sector 43-44 roundabout and seized the contraband from their car, it was alleged.

False case planted, says petitoner

After three persons were convicted, a compact disc containing recorded conversations on their innocence has surfaced. In a petition filed before the Punjab and Haryana High Court, petitioner Amarjit Kaur alleged that the recording proved that a false case was planted on Baljinder Singh and Sukhjinder Singh, along with the Nigerian John Kennedy Uzoigw. 

Taking up the matter, Justice Rajiv Narain Raina turned down the plea for a CBI probe. But Justice Raina directed that the “petitioner can take these pleas in the pending appeals in accordance with law”.



Liquor being sold without paying VAT to Excise Dept
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
For over a month, ever since the new excise policy came in force from May 1, liquor in the city is being sold without paying the 12.5 per cent value added tax (VAT) to the UT Excise and Taxation Department.

The reason for this is that distilleries or the wholesalers have not been able to reach an agreement with the UT Excise Department on fixing of prices of liquor in the city. As a result, the wholesalers are selling liquor to the retailers without issuing any sale invoice.

On the other hand, the Excise Department is regularly issuing permits to the contractors to get the liquor issued from the wholesalers. By rough estimates, liquor worth over Rs one crore is daily purchased from the wholesalers in the city.

Though the Excise Department claims that VAT can be paid later, contractors lament that due to uncertainity over the rates, different brands of liquor and beer are being sold to consumers at different rates at different liquor shops.

Recently, Deputy Commissioner Mohammed Shayin issued a notice to the wholesalers not to revise the rates arbitrarily without informing the Excise Department. As a result, the increased rates by the wholesalers were put on hold.

But still, the rates of many brands have not been worked out. Negotiations are going on between the wholesalers and the department officials over the revised rates.

The department is already under scanner for arbitrary allotment of liquor vends for the fourth consecutive time without getting clearance from a committee headed by Finance Secretary-cum-Secretary Excise and approval of the Adviser to Administrator.

It may be mentioned that to bring the excise duty and assessment fee in its new excise policy (2013-2014) at par with Punjab, the excise duty has been increased ranging from 20 per cent to 300 per cent and assessment fee by 33 per cent.



GMCH-32 to have its own Rs 14-crore CT scan centre
Ritika Jha Palial
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
Giving a much-needed respite to patients from the malpractices and nearly 10-year monopoly of the private operator at the sole CT scan centre at Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Sector 32, the hospital will now have its own CT scan centre.

Despite being inaugurated two decades ago, the hospital failed to start its own centre. The Rs 14-crore project, proposed last year, is nearing completion now. The new centre is expected be set up in the department of radiology within next three months.

“We are working on the project sincerely, and will soon have the facility in place for our patients,” said Director-Principal Dr Atul Sachdev.

The hospital first called the tenders for starting its own CT scan center in 1999, four years after the hospital inauguration, but failed to complete the process. Sources in the GMCH administration said a supply order for the CT scan centre was sent to a reputed company, but the case was never pursued.

In 2004, the hospital outsourced the service to a private company without charging any rent. The centre that remained in private hands courted several controversies, ranging from fleecing patients to violating the terms of the agreement pertaining to the poor patients.

Last year, for instance, an inquiry conducted by a committee found that instead of providing free service to 10 per cent of the total number of poor patients, as mentioned in the agreement, the private centre had been waiving 10 per cent of the cost obtained from services availed by the poor patients. There was no check on whether the waived amount ever reached the poor patients. As such, the hospital had minimal vigilance over its functioning which ranged from high price being charged from patients to denying concessions to poor patients.

Sources said the hospital had been bearing with the cost of salaries being paid to the GMCH doctors for running the services at the private centre, while losing out on the revenue generated from the services, as the income went to the private company.

In December, last year, the authorities closed the private CT scan centre for three days owing to a dispute over rates of the services. The centre was learnt to have refused to reduce the rates, bringing them on a par with those charged at Government Multi-Specialty Hospital, Sector 16.

Later, a consensus was reached and the centre was reopened. The private firm agreed to decrease rates by three to 10 per cent on various CT scans.

Malpractices of private operator to end

An inquiry conducted last year found that instead of providing free service to 10 per cent of the total number of poor patients, as mentioned in the agreement, the private CT scan centre had been waiving 10 per cent of the cost obtained from services availed by the poor patients. There was no check on whether the waived amount ever reached the poor patients



Chandigarh railway station facelift on the cards
Proposal for multi-level parking lot chalked out
Aarti Kapur
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
For the facelifting of the Chandigarh railway station, the authorities have chalked out blueprints of all the major projects, to be executed after getting approval from the Ministry of Railways. Sources said the division had also earmarked land on the station premises for setting up a multi-functional complex, state-of-art-the kitchen and new booking counters.

An official said the departments concerned have surveyed the sites for the respective projects, but the higher authorities are yet to give the green signal. As per the blueprints, the authorities have proposed that the multi-functional complex will have a food court on the top floor, while rest of the floors will be utilised for the parking of vehicles. For the first time, a multi-level parking has been proposed at a railway station in India.

During an inspection of the railway station, former Union Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal had directed the officials to work out the feasibility of having a multi-level parking at the station, as there was a shortage of space and the number of trains was also set to increase leading to traffic chaos in the existing parking lot.

Railway divisional manager, Ambala, PK Sanghi said a 2000 square metre area was proposed for the multi-level parking at the station. After getting the approval from the Ministry, the work will commence on a war footing.

Another proposal, for which the authorities have chalked out a plan, is the state-of-the-art kitchen. An area of around 25 square feet has been earmarked for this purpose at the station.

Sanghi said recently the Ministry of Railways had decided that pantry cars in trains would no longer be used for preparing food, and instead they will be used for storing meals and snacks prepared in base kitchens. Only hot beverages such as tea, coffee and soup will be prepared in the pantry cars, the he said. As per the plan, the base kitchens will be set up on a Railways land near the stations.

The divisional manager said officials were working on the project, but they were still to submit the report for the approval.

Sanghi said the Ministry had decided to give land at a nominal rate of Re 1 per sq feet to caterers for setting up base kitchens near the stations. Other proposals in pipeline include the shifting of ticket booking counter, setting up of air-conditioned waiting room near the VIP gate and new parcel rooms.



MHA questions UT on construction outside lal dora
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has sought reply from the UT Administration on the regularisation of construction outside the lal dora, extraordinary increase in excise duty on liquor and other important issues.

The communication sent by Neeta Gupta, deputy secretary, MHA on June 5, reads, “During the review of issues of the Chandigarh Administration by the Union Home Minister, the important points like extraordinary increase in excise duty on liquor, levy of penalty while construction of houses in violation of norms, exemption from penalty when construction is done within the four walls of the house, regularisation of services of 1,600 temporary employees, regularisation of construction outside the lal dora and construction of more LIG houses, came up.”

“It is requested that status notes of the UT Administration on these issues be sent to the Ministry,” communication sent to UT Adviser KK Sharma read.

A senior UT official said the Administration was against extending the lal dora limit and had already submitted an affidavit in the Punjab and Haryana High Court. The Administration, however, had stated in 2007 that it had decided to provide basic amenities and facilities to the settlers who had raised unauthorised structures beyond the lal dora. Later in 2009, when it was realised that the earlier decision was encouraging unauthorised construction in the peripheral areas, a notification was issued in superseding the earlier notifications. The Periphery Act continues to be applicable in the areas beyond the lal dora. as earlier, said the official.

Recently, the Admininstration had also increased the excise duty ranging from 20 to 300 percent in the new excise policy. This move was seen as benefiting Punjab government as liquor prices were earlier higher in Punjab, but now these rates are almost equal in Punjab and Chandigarh.



Former club president blocking our entry: Union
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
The employees’ union of Chandigarh Club continued its protest for the second day. The union accused former club president Mukesh Bassi, also a Municipal Corporation councillor, of not allowing them to enter the club premises.

Union president Desraj Bharti said the club suspended another 19 employees, after the suspension of 50 employees for what the management had called “protesting in an indecent way”.

Mukesh Bassi called the allegations vague and baseless. He said he was not interfering in the club management after stepping down from the post in February 2012.

He said he did give suggestions to the club management whenever his help was sought, but all such suggestions regarding the working of the club were only verbal.

He accused the union of trying to defame him. Bassi said he will take legal action against the union members.



Surgeons to wear ‘space suit’ to reduce infection risk
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
City-based surgeons have come up with a unique method for bringing down infection levels in the operation theatres (OT). This will bring down the infection levels, during and after the surgery, to 0.05 percent—as recommended by the WHO.

As part of this system, surgeons will wear space suits while operating in the modular OT to avoid exposure of their breath to the patient being operated upon. The OT, moreover, has its entire equipment hanging from the ceiling, leaving nothing other than the OT table on the floor.

The entire equipment inside the OT works with voice instructions, doing away with the need to touch levers or other devices. Also, the lights inside the OT have in-built cameras, which offer live access of the entire surgery to senior surgeons sitting in their offices.

“The space suits block the exposure of the breath of surgeons and paramedics to the patient during surgery. Also, the air inside the OT gets filtered through 10 layers. The space suits have exhaust fans that help the surgeons breathe. Exposure to breath poses a high risk of infections to patients,” said Dr Manuj Wadhwa, director and head, Max Elite Institute of Orthopedic and Joint Replacement at Max Hospital, Mohali.

The cost of developing such modular OT and the suits is Rs 5 crore. As per latest research update, the infections level in common OTs (surgical site infections) is 2-3 per cent in private settings, and 15-25 per cent in government hospitals, said experts.



Officials take 3 years to seal illegal building

Chandigarh, June 10
It took over three years for the office of the Land Acquisition Collector (LAC) to take action against the builder whose 66-room three-storey building in Hallo Majra village was sealed three days ago.

The building had been raised by the buider, Hari Krishan Kakkar, in violation of the Periphery Act. When the officials of the LAC reached the spot to seal the building, they found that the land on which the building had been raised did not belong to him, but was owned by Narinder Kaur, a resident of Sector 48.

The builder had allegedly encroached upon the land to raise the illegal structure. Ever since the land was encroached upon, Bachitar Singh, landowner’s husband, had been running from pillar to post to inform the authorities about the illegal construction.

Since 2011, the work on building continued and no official bothered to stop the construction work. The building raised on an encroached land was converted into a budget hotel for daily wagers. In 2010, senior UT officials had directed the then DC to get the matter inquired into, but nothing was done. — TNS



Play on life of theatre actress staged
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
The play, “Nati Binodini”, on the life of legendary theatre actress from Kolkata, Nati Binodini, who played her first serious drama role in Calcutta’s National Theatre in 1874, was staged here at the Tagore Theatre.

Directed by Anita Shabdeesh, the play, a production of Suchetak Rangmanch, was based on the life of the one of the first South Asian actresses of the theatre who wrote her own autobiography.

The legendary theatre personality of the latter half of the 19th century started her career as a courtesan. In a career spanning 12 years, she enacted over eighty roles, which include those of Pramila, Sita, Draupadi, Radha, Ayesha, Motibibi and Kapalkundala among others. Her sudden retirement from the stage is insufficiently explained, but it was widely said that she left the theatre because of the patriarch attitude of co-artist and society. She died in 1941.



No office for Panchkula MC
Till now was running from a community centre in Sector 4
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

The community centre from which the previous Municipal Corporation was operating in Panchkula.
The community centre from which the previous Municipal Corporation was operating in Panchkula. Tribune photo: Nitin Mittal

Panchkula, June 10
In what can be termed as a surprise that though the new Municipal Corporation has been formed in Panchkula yet the body has no place to run their office. Till now the MC office, comprising the executive office and the chief executive officer, is being run from a Community Centre in Sector 4.

With the formation of the new body comprising 20 councillors, the administration is worried as to from where would they run their office. In 2001, this department was formed and since then they have been operating from a Community Centre.

Sources said the officials are planning to take some rooms from various departments in Sectors 2, 4 and 5 on rent or lease to make arrangements for the sitting councillors and the Mayor.

Till now, the executive officer and the chief executive officer of the MC, along with their staff have their office at the Community Centre itself as no particular building has been constructed for such an important department.

“Since we are short of rooms in the community centre, we have found that rooms in some departments are lying vacant in Sectors 2, 4 and 5. We have decided to either take them on rent or lease for the new body,” said a senior official of the administration requesting anonymity.

It was recently when the Haryana Urban Development Authority had approved 1.8 acres of land for the MC office in Sector 3, Panchkula. It was after the HUDA had asked the urban local bodies development to pay around Rs 10 crore for the land that the same was allocated. The office has been allocated near the field hostel of the HUDA which is also yet to be constructed.

Lily Bawa, a newly elected councilor from ward 14 said, “I just know that I am for my people and it doesn’t matter to me whether I have office or not since as a councilor I will be out with my people. Regarding attesting of the documents, that I can do it at my house also.”



Lobbying on as race for Mayor hots up in P’kula
6 Selja group–backed members join Bansal
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, June 10
In a major twist, six of the 12 members who were backed by the Kumari Selja group joined MLA DK Bansal's group with a desire to grab the post of the Panchkula Mayor.

Interestingly, the four other members of the Selja group, who were till now the biggest contenders of the Mayor’s post, were left behind after the other eight were presented before Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda for the same.

Two days ago, Panchkula MLA DK Bansal along with seven councillors went to meet the CM and recommended their names for the top post in the civic body.

Sources said that Upender Ahluwalia, Lily Bawa, Bhavna Gupta and Mamta Mittal, all from the Selja group, remained conspicuous by their absence. The other eight reportedly joined Bansal as they were told that the CM would decide the name of the Mayor. However, two still have to make their stand clear.



Mission Admission
Committed to empowering students
Post Graduate Government College for Girls, Sector 11, Chandigarh
www.gcg11.org, Phone numbers, 0172-2740614, Star streams Commerce, BCA

Established in 1956, the college is spread over a sprawling 40-acre campus, which has a botanical and a herbal garden. Right from its inception in 1956, the college has been instrumental in enabling the holistic development of young girls. Its motto, “Courage to Know”, inspires all its faculty and students to explore ever-widening vistas of knowledge and to equip them with skills, attitudes and values that will make them responsible, aware and progressive members of society.

Claim to Fame

PGGCG-11 is committed to empowering the students to actualise their dreams and face the challenges of life with dignity and self-confidence. The college has an excellent faculty of highly educated teachers who work to impart knowledge and also to help students in developing their potential in diverse fields, academics, sports or performing arts. It has a strong academic foundation with a long history of numerous merit positions in the university postgraduate and Honours exams every year.


The college has a sports ground and an indoor badminton court, wi-fi in the new block and the administrative block. A faculty research centre has also been set-up by the college to promote research. The provision of smart classrooms equipped with LCD projectors, digital podiums, desktop computers, Internet connectivity, etc, has also been made. An exclusive information technology block is being provided for students and staff. The college also has an air-conditioned auditorium and a gymnasium apart from food courts and a health and skin care centre. The college has a fully computerised air-conditioned library with over 87,000 books.

Illustrious alumni

Kiron Kher, Poonam Dhillon ; Padam Shri awardee Kamal Jeet Sandhu, former athlete, Gold Medalist in the 1970 Asian Games. Civil Servants, including Roopan Deol Bajaj, Meenakhshi Anand, Keshni Anand and Prerna Puri.

Hostel facility

The college has 3 hostels with a capacity to accommodate 580 students. The college also provides off-campus hostel facility.

  • Hostel for PG students in Sector 24
  • Home Science & Polytechnic College in Sector 10
  • Central Craft Institution & New Block of WWH in Sector 11

Career-oriented courses

Course Seats

Guidance & Counseling 30

Disaster Management 30

Web Designing 30

Floriculture & Landscaping 30

Mass media & Videography 30



Online registration goes up to 3,400

Chandigarh, June 10
A total of 3,400 students have registered online for admission to BCom to the city colleges and PU’s Evening Studies Department, so far. There are over 2,030 BCom seats in the city.

PU officials said applications started pouring as soon as the online registration was opened. The university also received a number of calls on its helpline from candidates having various queries.

“As there is physical counselling this year and there is no need to fill the preferences of colleges, the students unaware of the fact made calls on the helpline seeking details about the preferences of colleges to be given while filling the forms online,” the officials said.

Till last year, students while filling the forms online had to fill three preferences. Now, the candidates don’t need to give preferences.

The officials said the candidates having any kind of query regarding BCom admissions could send an email to the university at bcomadmissions@pu.ac.in

“In case of power cut while registering, students find it difficult to login with the same IDs again. We have been receiving queries seeking the help. They all are advised to write an email to us and we will revert within a day,” said admission coordinator Rakesh Gupta.

“The students are advised not to fill their college preferences for now, since it is not required as seat allocations will be done on the basis of merit,” he said. — TNS



Pvt schools, committee at loggerheads
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
Several local private unaided schools raised objections in their recent reply sent to the committee appointed by the Punjab and Haryana High Court on the issue of fee hike.

School authorities said the committee was going beyond the scope of reference. It had asked them to submit their accounts and financial details for the session 2011-12, when its job, as per the High Court’s direction, was to check the reasonableness of the fee for 2012-13 academic session.

The committee members refuted their concerns saying the objections raised by the schools were unwarranted.

A member said the committee was going strictly by the reference of the High Court judgement. “As directed by the High Court, the committee has to check the fairness and reasonableness for the session 2012-13, along with the new academic session of 2013-14. But for this, a benchmark has to be prepared and it is not possible without gathering the financial details of the schools for the session 2011-12,” he said.

Sources said except a few schools, the rest of them did not send the satisfactory response to the committee’s set of questionnaires sent to all UT private schools last month to seek their overall financial details, including annual fee charges, admission/re-admission fee, strength of their students and staff, besides their overall expenditure for the academic session 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14.

Several schools cited vacations as their reasons and others declined to give details due to the objections over 2011-12 financial details.

Taking the cognisance of the development, the committee on June 6 had again sent the set of questionnaire to the private schools and mandated them to submit the annual fee of students and annual registration/ admission fee for each class, besides any other annual charges of students for the session 2011-12, before June 28 along with the required details for the session 2012-13 and 2013-14.

The sources said the resending of the questionnaire was also important because some schools declined to directly submit their financial details to the committee and asked it to collect their details from their respective boards, since these details were being submitted by schools every year.

The committee members said even the schools had been asked to furnish the date of the submission of their records with their respective boards, but it was advisable that they should directly submit their account details to the committee. The court’s order clearly stated that the schools would render full cooperation to the committee by submitting their accounts and other necessary information as demanded by the committee.

Justice RS Mongia (retd), head of the committee, said in case the schools did not place on record their required information before the committee despite its repeated attempts, it would have no other option but to officially submit its status report before the High Court. He said earlier the schools were asked to submit their details before the Education Department, but now they had been directed to submit the details directly to the committee.



class XI admission
Sale of prospectus in govt schools from today
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
The sale of prospectus for admission to Class XI in UT government senior secondary schools will begin from tomorrow.

As per information, the Education Department has printed nearly 13,000 forms, which will be available for Rs 130 till June 20. They will be available at Government Model Senior Secondary School (GMSSS), Sector 10, GMSSS, Sector 28, GMSSS, Sector 37-D, GMSSS, Sector 46, GMSSS, Modern Complex, Mani Majra, and Government Girls Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 20-B.

As per the information, this year’s admission process is likely to shoot up the overall cut-off for various streams due to more number of students getting 10 CGPA.

Officials said the students were advised to properly read the prospectus and fill the choice of their schools and the stream in their registration forms.

The first common merit list would be put on the website and the notice boards of schools on June 28 at 11 am. Two days, July 2 and July 3, will be given for depositing fees in the school where the candidates have been allotted the seat.

Meanwhile, the department has also planned second and third counselling for the remaining schools and for those who want to change their stream and school.

The second counselling will begin from July 16 whose final list of allotment of schools and streams will be out on July 24. On July 25, students can deposit their fees in the school where they have been allotted seats.

The third counselling is being planned from August 13 and will be over on August 24.

The prospectus and the registration form will also be available on the website of the department, www.chdeducation.gov.in, from June 11 along with the cut-off CGPA of last year for all schools, streams and categories.

Availability of prospectus: June 11

Last date for the submission of duly filled registration form along with the choice of school/stream: June 20 till 1 pm

Display of common merit list: June 28

Selected students’ list: July 1

Fee deposit: July 2 and July 3

Commencement of classes: July 4



from schools
Summer camps

Gurukul Global School, Mani Majra, has tied up with Kooh Sports, a Mumbai-based sports development organisation, for the summer camp in the school. In the camp, students are being taught scientific methods for health and fitness through a number of sports, including basketball, lawn tennis and cricket. Besides this, experts in the field of media and theatre are conducting a workshop on acting for TV and films as well as TV anchoring. “With the age group ranging from 7 to 15, students are excited to be groomed through this workshop. They find the contents interesting and absorbing and feel totally engrossed while enacting plays,” said Aruna Bhardwaj, principal of the school. The workshop will conclude on June 30.


The last day of the summer camp, “Safari 2013”, by Kidzee, Sector 12-A, Panchkula, saw the tiny tots mesmerising the audience with their power-packed performance. Designed to allow kids the opportunity to increase their confidence, the camp had a number of activities like theatre workshop, dance, art & crafts, pottery, magic learning, movie play and pool party. Kids from all spheres joined hands and made new friends. Dance performances and plays based on environment to protect the earth were the main attraction of the finale.

SMD Little Champs

A 20-day-long summer camp concluded today at SMD Little Champs, Sector 2, Panchkula, amidst vibrant creativity of tiny tots. The school organised various activities, which include dance, clay modelling, pool parties, healthy tiffin, brush strokes and stone paintings. A total of 30 children participated in the camp, which was conducted under the guidance of the school principal Nivedita. - TNS 



A clarification

In connection with the news item “Association president re-elected’, PC Sanghi today clarified that his name has been unnecessarily dragged in the results of the elections of the Citizens’ Association, Sector 21, by the winning group and TC Mittal, the losing candidate, had no connection with him.

The statement has been issued by the ruling group to malign him, said Sanghi. 



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