Brand new attraction
With the presence of many first time brands in Chandigarh now, our shoppers are not just a happy lot but eagerly looking forward to more

We catch three beauties in an animated discussion on the entrance of Elante. Point of contention - Zara, Mango or Kenneth Cole - which one to go to first!

The newly opened mall has people, especially women, in tizzy because brands they hunt for abroad are available right at their doors. The euphoria is unmatched, going by the sheer number of footfalls the mall is getting.

Russel Negin, an Italian language trainer living in Chandigarh, has heaved a sigh of relief, "I don’t have to go to Dubai for shopping anymore. My favourite French perfumes are here finally!"

Her friend Renu Ghai, a homemaker from Sector 1, Chandigarh can't get over Bebe… "I am in love with the brand, having it right here, I just couldn't have asked for more."

We catch up with another gang of giggly girls entering Zara, their nth visit in the short time the brand opened their gates here. "Hanging out, shopping to one's heart's content, why should we wait for another trip abroad when we have Elante bringing Zara, Mango, Aldo, Gap right here," says Mini balancing daintily on her high heels. "What's more we needn't bank on our cousins, aunties and friends to bring us the latest each changing season," says Arpita, looking a killer in her Mango butterfly print asymmetric dress.

Just in time, we catch Sheena off with her shopping bags. The woman in question is only too happy. "Earlier I would make special shopping trips abroad. Not only I can do that now in the comfort of my own city, there is no more the need to horde. I can buy as and when I feel like," says this lady from sector 9.

And, it's not like that its only clothes crazy female gang that has gone gung ho over Elante…Apoorv Goel, dad to four-year-old is as much hooked on to Hamleys as his son. The European brand is known for the finest toys in the world and having it in Chandigarh certainly means a lot to doting parents. "I am happy that we can shop together now," says Apoorv holding on to his son's hand. "And, on my assignments abroad I no more have to make that customary quick visit to Hamleys anymore."

While most are happy there is much more left to be desired. The range available at Elante is limited. "I went to Chicco happily only to see just a small section of products on display," says Anu, a mum from Sector 11, Chandigarh. Gap is there but sans many of its basics.

It's still small but significant step for Chandigarh feels Rahul Sood, an entrepreneur, "Elante is a good mix of local and international business bringing variety of products under one roof. We still have just the affordable, mid range brands. There is no Louis Vuitton here yet."

So those who wish to flaunt their shopping abroad, still have their say! Meanwhile, our ladies at the entrance decided to have a meal first at the courtyard and use time to sort out which store to go to first!

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Spirituality of dance
Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant, classical dancer believes that the artistes need to lend themselves to the art
Manpriya Singh

She's put the pretty arm form on a pedestal and merged Kuchipudi with rich mythologies, historical chronicles and searing commentaries. "More than anything else, your passion needs to be your core," Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant, Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi dancer puts the classical forms miles beyond a genre. "By dance, I don't mean just performance. I engage with it in its entirety, I teach, learn, perform, choreograph," she adds as she takes you along on her intense spiritual journey. A journey on which she's battled all the stumbling blocks including breast cancer and gathered a couple of recognitions, including the Padma Shri. "I'm going to be performing Simhanandani, which is the revival of an old traditional dance that would be performed outside the Durga temples in Andhra Pradesh," she shares, while in Chandigarh, on an invitation by SPICMACAY and Chandigarh Administration, for a circuit of concerts in North Zone.

It's a journey that began at four and hasn't stopped ever since. "I went to a temple with my mother where a lady commented as to how my big eyes were suited to dance. She offered to teach me too and she was my first dance teacher," adds the Hyderabad based officer with Indian Railways. Ever since, she's danced her way through thick and thin and pretty much everything. "For me it has been a huge emotional and spiritual support system. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and I danced my way through the chemotherapies. In fact, I danced a few days after the surgery."

While it may not be a first visit to the city, it's a first performance. "I've performed at Amritsar and Ludhiana, years ago…I think, to any audience, if you are able to communicate, they are happy. For that, the artiste needs to lend themselves to the art and forget themselves in the green room." Decades in the industry has brought several and significant changes; some promising and others not so. "In the South, every dance teacher has a waiting list. So there is a lot of learning and teaching happening."

The initial solo and long performances have given way to group and thematic shows. Not to forget the experimental fusion art forms that she explores often. "I did this production called What About Me, where I looked at gender issues and symbolized Sita's burning with dowry and Draupadi's disrobing with rape." Perhaps, it is not sticking to traditional themes anymore? "I have never been comfortable with words like 'traditional' and 'modern'. What was modern yesterday is traditional today." Food for thought.

To perform at Tagore Theatre at 7 pm today.

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Money matters
Punjabi film producers are not only investing money today but associated with their projects in each stage
Jasmine Singh

There are all kinds of rules for business, all kinds of rules behind investing money. But the three basic things that are never supposed to go out of mind and sight - overwhelming, intimidating and scary. Indeed when it comes to investing, there is no harm in moving around these three words. However, the producers of upcoming Punjabi movie Ishq Brandy have trespassed these with their experience, faith and understanding. To them this is a new terminology for investment.

Produced under the banner of Future Cine Vision Pvt Ltd, it is for the first time in Punjabi cinema that a group of producers have come together to make a multi- starrer film. In Chandigarh along with the director, the producers Randhir Singh Dheera of SRD Group, Dimple Mittal, Baboo Mittal, Mahesh Garg and Amit Mann talk about growing professionalism in Punjabi film industry, the risks involved and how producers have a much more role to play than just giving money. And of course, why everyone wants to make a Punjabi film!

It was the growing graph of films that made them come to a consensus on producing films. Shares Randhir Singh Dheera, one of the producers, "I have been a great fan of movies. Observing that the graph of films made in Punjab is on a high, I along with others who share the passion decided to produce a film that would take this growth one step higher." The group's first choice was director Amit Prasher, from day one. Adds Amit Mann who has returned from Mauritius after a month long shoot for the movie. "I had dropped a message to Amit Prasher on Facebook. We saw his debut movie Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22, and we were pretty impressed with his approach. We did a number of meetings with him and handed him the project."

With just about everyone producing films in Punjab, the members of Future Cine Vision Pvt don't believe their decision of investing movie comes from following the popular trend. As Dimple Mittal, Baboo Mittal, Mahesh Garg share, "Firstly, we are a fan of Punjabi films and secondly we decided this because each one of us wanted to contribute something in its growth." There is no denying the fact that the number of producers have increased over the years, Baboo Mittal is quick to answer, "We also want to raise the bar by taking the budget to a level where the director is comfortable in making the movie."

Ishq Brandy has been written by Rupinder Singh. It is the director Amit Prasher that the producers have full faith in. As they laugh, "We know Amit Prasher is a fabulous director. He knows what he wants and is totally cooperates with us on money matters." The director smiles, "I have completed the first half in Mauritius. The movie will bring in a new angle of comedy and romance in Punjabi films."

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Understand your spouse 
Simmi Waraich

I request 10 minutes of quiet time from my wife when I get home but instead get accused that I don't have any respect for her problems which she wants to discuss with me. This has been going on for years. I try and avoid coming home till late as I dread it.

Prakash, Panchkula

Angry couples withhold affection from each other, resulting in bitterness, despair and hopelessness. Often such couple needs couple and individual therapy. They may be asked in therapy--'When you are at your worst, what do you do that antagonizes your partner?' Typical responses are blame, withdrawal, rage and sarcasm.

They are then asked-'When you are at your best what do you want to do that is effective?' Typical answers to this are — listen to my partner without personalising, apologise, give them time, not carry on if I am getting upset.

They are taught to stop pointing at each other's fault and identify each person's individual contribution to the negativity.

My son is 22 months old. Though he looks at me and plays, he does not use words and does not interact with other children. How do I know if he has signs of autism?

Vineeta, Chandigarh

As a parent, you're in the best position to spot the earliest warning signs of autism. You know your child better than anyone and observe behaviours that a pediatrician may miss.

Don't just wait and see. The earlier you catch the problem, the earlier it can get fixed. See a doctor or an Early Intervention Centre. Chandigarh has one in Regional Institute of Mental Health in Sector 31.

The earliest signs of autism involve the absence of normal behaviours-not the presence of abnormal ones-so they can be tough to spot. Some autistic infants don't respond to cuddling, reach out to be picked up, or look at their mothers when being fed. These are important signs.

Others are — doesn't make eye contact, doesn't smile when smiled at, doesn't respond to his or her name or to the sound of a familiar voice, doesn't follow objects visually, doesn't point or wave goodbye or use other gestures to communicate, doesn't follow the gesture when you point things out, doesn't play with other people or share interest and enjoyment, doesn't ask for help or make other basic requests.

By 12 months, lack of response to name, by 16 months, no spoken words, by 24 months, no meaningful two word phrases which are not imitations are all red flags.

In older children, impaired social skills, inflexible behaviour, stereotyped behaviour, lack of "pretend "play, lack of group games, reacts unusually to sights, smells, textures, and sounds. May be especially sensitive to loud noises,

repeats the same actions or movements over and over again, such as flapping hands, rocking, or twirling (known as self-stimulatory behaviour). Some researchers and clinicians believe that these behaviour may soothe children with autism more than stimulate them. Also, using language differently e.g., referring to themselves in the third person.

If autism is detected, early intervention is important. Get an assessment from a pediatrician and a psychiatrist and nowadays applications on the Ipad like proloqou 2 help a lot in developing verbal skills.

(Waraich is a Chandigarh based psychotherapist) 

Sweating it out

As the heat and humidity is on its peak, even 15 minutes without an air-conditioner or a fan will leave you sweating. Sweat is an important human secretion and each person has not only unique finger prints, taste buds but also a unique different sweat odour. But everything in this season goes haywire if this secretion becomes abnormally excessive.

Sweating is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, the part of the nervous system that is not under our voluntary control.

A person is born with about two to four million sweat glands. The glands start to become fully active during puberty. Women have more sweat glands then men, but men's glands are more active.


Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition in which a person sweats excessively and unpredictably. People with hyperhidrosis may sweat even when the temperature is cool or when they are at rest.


Those with hyperhidrosis appear to have overactive sweat glands. The uncontrollable sweating can lead to significant discomfort, both physical and emotional.

When excessive sweating affects the hands, feet, and armpits, it's called primary or focal hyperhidrosis. Primary hyperhidrosis affects 2 - 3 per cent of the population, yet less than 40 per cent of patients with this condition seek medical advice. In the majority of primary hyperhidrosis cases, no cause can be found. It seems to run in families.

If the sweating occurs as a result of another medical condition, it is called secondary hyperhidrosis. The sweating may be all over the body, or it may be in one area.

Bromhidrosis is a chronic condition in which excessive odour, usually an unpleasant one, emanates from the skin. Bromhidrosis, determined either by apocrine gland or by eccrine gland secretion, can substantially impair a person's quality of life.

Excessive secretion from the sweat glands that becomes malodorous on bacterial breakdown is the predominant cause of Bromhidrosis.

There is a significally difference between female and male odour. Males will develop much more odour, which has a masculine, strong characteristic because of the dominating testosterone hormone.

Studies have revealed that women's body odour contained high levels of sulphur, which together with dermal bacteria produces the chemical compound thiol that has a smell of garlic or onion.

(Dr Sharma is a Chandigarh based dermatologist) 

Treatments include

  • Antiperspirants: Some patients may be prescribed a product containing a higher dose of aluminum chloride, which is applied nightly onto the affected areas. Antiperspirants can cause skin irritation, and large doses of aluminum chloride can damage clothing. Note: Deodorants do not prevent sweating, but are helpful in reducing body odor.
  • Medication: Anticholinergics drugs, such as glycopyrrolate help to prevent the stimulation of sweat glands. Side effects include dry mouth, dizziness, and problems with urination.
  • Iontophoresis: This FDA-approved procedure uses electricity to temporarily turn off the sweat gland. It is most effective for sweating of the hands and feet. The hands or feet are placed into water, and then a gentle current of electricity is passed through it. The electricity is gradually increased until the patient feels a light tingling sensation. The therapy lasts about 10-20 minutes and requires several sessions. Side effects include skin cracking and blisters, although rare.
  • Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS): In severe cases, a minimally-invasive surgical procedure called sympathectomy may be recommended when other treatments fail. 

Stress buster
Tap your inner happiness
Renee singh

Have you ever accessed the joy within? I am talking of connecting with your inner joy and letting it glow from within you, from every part of your being. Stress has taken over most of the lives in today's world. No matter how much we may think we remain far from it, it does take a sneak peak at most of us once in a while.

Life I know is all about letting go of excess baggage and about letting your power, your happiness shine and illuminate the world around you. Instinctively we all want to be happy, to access our inner bliss and live in our natural state of true joy. But due to the excessive stress of day to day existence we have forgotten how to be happy.

Most of us try to feel that inner bliss through buying new things, toys, games, gadgets but if you see these people closely you realise that they only seem to glow from around themselves and not from within. Of course there is nothing wrong with acquiring beautiful things and it is also a level of gratification we all enjoy. But the only issue here is that this does not last. Here are the ways to give us that inner joy..

Being you

This means doing things you like to do. Buying things you want to buy. Doing stuff that makes your heart sing, that are fun and make you laugh.

New activity

Give yourself enough time and space and practice to gain a new skill. Enjoy the process.

Creative visualisation

This is an exercise you need to undertake, just imagine yourself doing something you love. Imagine how wonderful it feels, you can actually feel the joy inside you and the happiness. Feel it growing within.

Allow yourself the leisure of being happy and joyous. Remember doing something new which gives you joy will not automatically make you the best at it, but it's not about being perfect, it's about enjoying it. Feel the thrill of just simple joys life has to offer - a beautiful flower, lovely sun rise or compliments coming your way.

Once you have found that inner sense of the joy, you glow from inside and stress becomes a far fetched word.

(Singh is a Chandigarh based psychotherapist)

Kid zone

Gaming and food — a perfect recipe for kid's entertainment diet today. With perhaps this concept in mind, a new outlet of Kids Cafe opened in Panchkula-15 recently.

The ambience in the 1,000 sq-ft cafe is meant bring a sense of freedom to young guests. A venture of Nagpur-based Fylfot Hospitality, the store has three LEDs with X-BOX 360 and a Sony PS3 for gamers. The air-conditioned quick-service restaurant offers stuff ranging from burgers to pastas to sandwiches.

Young minds absorb the knowledge you impart in them. Hence Picture Encyclopedia, magazines, documentaries will all be an integral part of Kid's Cafe. This wills not only keep the youngster busy in creative pursuit but it will also help them with creative thinking.

"Combining gaming with food has been tried before, but this time we want to make sure that kids or say children up to 16-17 are catered to well. The place offer wi fi facility as well. The idea is to make sure that parents are comfortable leaving their child here for as long as they want. Female staff has been hired to tend to young children," says franchisee owner, Karun.

A lavish meal for two (taxes inclusive) will cost you only Rs 400. Gaming charges are extra. — TNS

Pet passion
Gift of wings 
Poonam Bindra

Renu Kumar finds a company in her pet birds Winged beings with furry bodies have always had great fascination for us humans and when we actually interact with them we wonder how the simile of anybody being bird brained came about. For the owners of these lovely creatures vouchsafe for their alert and sensitive behaviour. Owner of a fashion studio Renu Kumar was not much of a pet lover but being the quintessential loving grandmother she kept a few birds to entertain her grandchildren in their summer vacation. Post their departure these winged beings found their way to her heart and now looking after them, interacting with them and deriving pleasure from them is one of her favourite pastime.

Yours faithfully

"They are a big stress buster for me and now that my children are away they have become my companions the whole day long," says Renu as she looks on fondly at her collection at the apiary which house two Cucka Australian parrots with their creamy off white bodies and orange plumage and ten fine birds of the Indian Neel breed . We are told that those with the yellow colour on the head are females while those with green are males. Along with bird feed they like to nibble on coriander leaves. They sense it and draw near the wall of the cage as their mistress gets their feed.

Love me, love my birds!

"They start chirping at five in the morning and keep quiet the moment the lights are switched off," proudly quips Renu .They are mostly scared of strangers and try to sink into the corners and after hearing the bark of the dog it is complete silence for at least an hour. "We feel very happy that our mom has such a wonderful company when we are away," says her son Abhninav who also tell us of the many names they have all kept for the little ones. The silent conversation between Renu and her birdie friends sure makes a pretty picture.

star track
B-town, brands & big money
Bollywood stars are paid unbelievable amounts to endorse brands. Their fee includes attending events for the brand, shooting TVCs and print advertisements and the like. They are paid on per day basis. Read on to find out more

The big deals

Ranbir KapoorRanbir Kapoor: Believe it or not, but the young and vibrant superstar charges Rs 3 crore per day and gets it! Cell phones, watches, electronics, beverages are some of the products he lends his star power to. Moreover, his schedule is always packed.

Whopping sum: Ranbir Kapoor

One at a time

Aamir KhanAamir Khan: We do not know how much he makes in the movies but for brand endorsements he gets paid an unbelievable Rs 5 crore per day. He is very choosy about his advertisements and endorsements and takes part in planning the promotional activities also. He let go of many brands last year to focus solely on Satyameva Jayate.

Pick & choose: Aamir Khan

Marriage no bar

Kareena Kapoor KhanKareena Kapoor Khan: Marriage has not deterred her one bit and she gets better and bigger brands each year. She endorses a computer brand, a phone brand, a handbag brand, a shoe brand and some more. Her fee is Rs 1.5 crore per day!

Saying something: Kareena Kapoor Khan

Top of the list

Priyanka ChopraPriyanka Chopra: The sultry beauty endorses a camera brand, a coffee brand and some others and she gets paid a whopping Rs 1 crore a day for all the work she does for the brand. She recently launched her international music career and brands love her!

Hot favourite: Priyanka Chopra

No matter what

Katrina KaifKatrina Kaif: She has established herself in the top wrung very quickly. She endorses a beverage, a chocolate and a jewellery brand and some more stuff while charging Rs 1.5 crore per day. She is one of the most marketable names.

Cash rich: Katrina Kaif

Of Freida Pinto & Facebook

Freida Pinto Freida Pinto is joining Facebook, and will also upload her pictures on Instagram, to interact with her fans and share her experiences such as attending fashion shows, events, awards shows, film shoots and charity activities and events. People want to know about her exciting life.

Looking forward: Freida Pinto

Without a pause

Amitabh Bachchan has been keeping doctors busy, in hospitals near his place in Mumbai, as he underwent a stomach surgery. He also had a spasm in his lower back.

He has been advised to take it easy and take rest. He wrote that he will take rest only after completing his work assignments. Such dedication!

Way to go

Sonam Kapoor does not use glycerin for any crying scenes in her movies. She gets so deep into her character that the tears stream out naturally.

And she can cry just as much no matter how many retakes are done. That is impressive!

While the sun shines…

Govinda has eight to nine films coming up in the next two years, including one with Yash Raj Films.

This is going to bring him a lot of limelight and he hopes to promote his children as well, who want to get into films.

All’s well that ends well

John Abraham Saif and Kareena bumped into Sanjay Gupta and John Abraham at a restaurant’s opening. Saif spotted the duo and went to speak to them. Kareena also joined in and after some initial awkwardness, spoke to John quite nicely and cordially. In the past, Kareena has made of fun of Bipasha Basu and called John "expressionless" while John called her "inane people." All is well, it seems.

Past present: John Abraham

Emraan shakes a leg!

Emraan Hashmi overcame his phobia of dancing and did a hardcore qawalli song in Ghanchakkar. His director had to convince him really hard to dance as it was needed for the song and the movie.

Though Emraan has many chartbuster songs but there was no need for him to dance in most of them. He is really not known for his dancing.

chatter box
It’s show time!

Srishty Rode seemed to have disappeared from the television screens post the show, Shobha Somnath Ki. Now, the young actor bounces back on television in a new avatar as she essays the role of a woman, who is stuck in a loveless marriage in Punar Vivaah 2. She talks about her role and more...

What prompted you to essay the role of Sarita?

Sarita is a regular housewife, who craves her husband's attention and love. She is stuck in a marriage, which is not of her choice and her husband, Raj (Karan V Grover) ignores her. What I like about the character is that though she is vulnerable when it comes to her husband, she is not helpless otherwise. She does not put up with nonsense from anyone and even stands up to Raj's ex-lover, Divya, when she returns to the city.

Don't you wish to have played the role of Divya, who is a much glamorous character?

Not really! I like Sarita's role because her character has many shades and it is not one-dimensional. She is feisty and loving at the same time. I also like the fact that I would be wearing saris in the show, which I have not yet worn in any other serial.

This show is a continuation of its prequel, only with new storyline and characters. How do you feel about it?

Well, the first show was quite popular and now the makers and channel have decided to bring in a new story for its sequel. I only hope to live up to the expectation of the audience.

How does it feel like to be working with your co-stars, Karan and Rubina Dalaik?

They are cool and we all enjoy working together, which makes it all so much fun. After essaying the role of a romantic college girl, Manjari, in Star One's show, Yeh Ishq Haaye, and Princess Shobhana in Zee's historical show, Shobha Somnath Ki, this show is coming along pretty well too.

How do you look back at your career?

I am proud to have chosen the roles that were different and my talent stood out because of that. As an actor, I always want to try something different and I will continue with it. 

Ready to read

Adaa khan Adaa Khan of Amrit Manthan loves her i-Pad and smart phone and these days, she has taken to reading books. She has been reading a lot and she catches up on reading while commuting.

Romancing books: Adaa khan

Never had issues with Sanaya: Barun

After Farhan Khan aka Manav was replaced in the show, Chanchan that is telecast on Sony, the actor accused his co-star, Sanaya Irani, of being responsible for his untimely exit. In response, Sanaya called Farhan a "liar".

Now actor Barun Sobti, who has worked with Sanaya in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, likes her as a co-star.

When asked if he had any trouble while working with Sanaya, he said, "Not at all. I have never had any issues with Sanaya. She is a lovely co-star to work with. Beyond this, I don't think I have anything else to say."

Well, guess it's good for Sanaya!

Crazy about shoes

Jayshree Venkatraman Jayshree Venkatraman aka Navika of Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha has a crazy shoe fetish and her huge collection of footwear is a proof of the same. She has shoes for every occasion and she cannot resist splurging on them even when she is travelling.

Shoe-time: Jayshree Venkatraman

Recipe for drama

A still from Mad Men In the up and coming episodes of Mad Men that is telecast on Zee cafe and on Star World, Don runs into his ex-lover, and can not escape her presence.

Joan's husband, Greg, returns from his official tour in Vietnam only to reveal that he was being sent back for yet another year. Meanwhile, Sally, who is pertified after reading stories about Richard Speck murders, asks her step-grandmother to educate her on the concepts of fear and defence. Dawn spends the night at Peggy's apartment after being too afraid to return home, because of racial violence near Harlem.

Wedding bells

Akanksha Singh Akanksha Singh aka Megha of Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha will get engaged to her boyfriend Kunal Sain. The ceremony will take place next month in Jaipur. The sources claim that they will not get married immediately, but will keep the engagement for a year.

Knotty affair: Akanksha Singh

Astro Turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: The "Two of Cups" suggests that romance will dominate your thoughts. You may have to cancel a proposed trip to avoid friction. A minor incident can have dramatic effects in your life. Tarot message: Act righteously. Lucky colour: Pink Magic number: 57.

TAURUS: Taxation matters will be adjourned. Check the behaviour of your spouse secretly. Personal and professional life will be at odds. Stop compromising your values. Tarot message: Leave things open ended for best results. Lucky colour: Golden Magic number: 65

GEMINI: Co-workers will be helpful. Professionals: your clientele increases. A love relationship will be revitalised. Pursuing your romance into commitment makes for joyous celebrations. Tarot message: Take things slowly. Lucky colour: Red Magic number: 30

CANCER: "The King" brings joyous news. Share your interests with your family members. Legal matters will come to the fore. You need a break from hectic schedule. Tarot message: Get rid out of the negative feelings and stay possitive. Lucky colour: Crimson Magic number: 33

LEO: Check your e-mails and appointments before setting out this morning and you will not miss anything important. Your care and interest towards others will bring peace. Tarot message: Stay focused to achieve your goals. Lucky colour: White Magic number: 61

VIRGO: You need to be alert and responsive. An Aquarian person plays an important role in your life. Group efforts and projects will inspire you and introduce you to new and interesting friends. Tarot message: Health needs attention. Lucky colour: Mauve Magic number: 44

LIBRA: Focus on spirituality and meditation. You may find that the journey that you have undertaken will be a subject to delays. Avoid social gathering in the evening. Tarot message: Win the war with honesty, not by distorting facts. Lucky colour: Saffron Magic number: 29

SCORPIO: Work and domestic duty follow a familiar pattern today. You will find it difficult to reach agreement with loved ones. Family members will be quick tempered. Tarot message: Delays are the only obstacle in your way to success. Lucky colour: Green Magic number: 63

SAGITTARIUS: Employment affairs may be somewhat unsettled, especially in the morning. Factory owners: you will not be able to get co-operation from labour. Tarot message: Let bygones be bygones. Lucky colour: Yellow Magic number: 52

CAPRICORN: Mental work will be stimulating today. Be a little cautious about whom you get involved with. A new romance can bring changes in your life. Tarot message: Handle others carefully and don't antagonize anyone. Lucky colour: Purple Magic number: 36

AQUARIUS: Business matters will not proceed smoothly. An attempt to improve your health will be successful. Tension builds and tempers can fray. An irritating co-worker can push you to your limits. Tarot message: Change your normal routine. Lucky colour: Orange Magic number: 40

PISCES: It would be wise to keep work and domestic matters distinctly separate. Students: time spent on studying will not go waste. Today is a good day for tackling household repairs. Tarot message: Don't allow others to interfere in your way. Lucky colour: Peach Magic number: 26

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